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Author Topic: Jedee [28.01.2571] Candidate  (Read 584 times)

Offline rubi

Jedee [28.01.2571] Candidate
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:07:42 PM »

Play By:


zheh-DEE (soft j)
Je (zhey) - at your own peril
Date of Birth:
28.01.2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Job Before Search:
Holder Drudge
Color Preference:
Jedee's preference would be to not impress at all. That's lame. Here's where she'd fit:

-- Jedee is leaning towards the lesbian persuasion. Her traits could hardly be described as feminine in any way, and she doesn't fit a typical gender role here. Not suitable for Golds, and she doesn't want to be the dragon queen anyway, although her personality probably wouldn't be a terrible fit. Also not suitable for greens, as it would cause a fair amount of anguish during flights. Not suitable for a brown 'calm' doesn't really fit into her vocabulary.

--Her personality actually probably best suits a Black oops. Scrappy, fight first ask questions later, upstart outsiders. Check.

--Blue: A blue dragon would temper her personality, and possibly gel well with her in later life. Bonding with such a dragon may be difficult for her though, as she's never responded well to calming influences, as they clash with her need to be angry on her own terms. Her ability to read others well (if not communicate with them) may lend itself to Search riding. A good long term balancing choice.

--Red: Reds have both pros and cons for Jedee. She may find their scattered thought patterns irritating, or she may identify with the 'othered' status.  She may also take being impressed to one as a personal insult once she knows more, being the 'weirder' of the two mutations, implying she was also a freak herself. On the other hand, this could be a growth opportunity, and she definitely has the potential to empathise strongly with the right red from the get go. A red would likely empathise most with her loneliness, and at times conflicting states of mind. A good immediate return choice, but is unlikely to 'balance' her in the same way a blue would, but she might grow with a red in her own way.

She's not a perfect fit for blues or reds, falling somewhere between the two. Currently I'm leaning more towards red, as there's the immediate draw there that's important for Impressing and Standing.

Future Rider Name:
J'dee (If bonded to a male dragon)
Spouse or Weyrmate:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Jedee always has a rough and tumble look about her. She was never taught to care for her appearance as a child - there was no time - and she's now too old to care. Her hair is frequently matted, with uneven plaits that have been left in for weeks at a time. She's never had the luxury of regular bathing, so the habit never stuck: she might not always smell the nicest, and smudges of dirt are pretty much a given. Combined with ever-present cuts, scars and bruises, she looks more like a wild thing than a someone who's seen the inside of a house. Even under the dirt, her skin is dark from time spent in the sun.

Despite her best efforts to become invisible, she has never managed it. Personal grooming notwithstanding, she sprouted like a weed from the age of eleven and now stands an imposing 5'11", lean and long. Her posture is hunched in on itself, an effort to make her seem shorter, unless threatened. Her eyebrows also dominate her face, and it can be hard to look away.  Her dress sense is like her manners, nonexistent, however she favours loose fitting clothes, particularly shirts and pants. She hates skirts and dresses with a passion.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Jedee was born just before the chaotic final evacuation of Tillek Hold, and her lot in life didn't really improve from there. She holds the dragonriders responsible for the destruction of the world, even if she never knew it. Thanks to some very poor information and superstition from her time in Fort prior to the migration, she's under the impression that the dragonriders meant for there to be constant threadfall all along.

Response to dragon color mutations: Growing up a dirt poor holder, and a drudge at that, she has no working knowledge of what colour a dragon should and shouldn't be - as far as she's concerned they're all the same, just some are bigger than others. In that regard, she probably favours red dragons the most, because they're the smallest. More dragons should be like that.

Who are you...

Likes: Sweet things -- Jedee doesn't really know what good cooking is, so she couldn't be considered a connoisseur, however growing up hungry means you learn to love food, even if it's a piece of stale bread. Whenever she could, stealing sweet treats was enough to make her feel happy for a week and the sentiment remains. Fresh fruits and honey are also high on her list of secret loves.

Darkness -- It's easy to hide in darkness. Darkness is safe.

Solitude -- Company's been none too kind to her in her life. She rarely relaxes around other people, which is exhausting. Being truly alone and invisible to the world is bliss. 

Swimming --  It's unclear if this is a genetic throwback to her coastal heritage, but since coming to Southern Winds, the exposure to the far more forgiving tropical climate has offered more opportunities for swimming in rare moments of vulnerability. Most have been at night, and never deeper than her thighs because she can't actually swim, but she'd like to learn.

The Sky -- Not being in it, per se, but having it over her head. She doesn't like living in caves.

Dislikes: The Caves -- They smell of sulfur and dragons and the walls are too close together. It may be her imagination, but the air seems heavier down there, it's harder to breathe.

Dragons -- Whoever decided that they wanted to domesticate gigantic lizards (okay, not lizards) should have been stopped then and there. For a time in her childhood, she believed that it was actually dragons that breathed Thread, not fire to burn it, but the latter didn't seem much more appealing once she knew. Despite the horror of forced proximity she has managed to give them a wide berth for the most part.

Men -- Much like dragons, this has a lot to do with her never having met any decent ones. Many of them have been big and loud and aggressive, traits that likewise she imagines dragons share.

Her Past -- It followed her across the sea like a bad smell, and she's been unable to shake it. Still indebted to some very bad people, she's in constant debate whether it would be safer to run. Were it not for the Hunters and the snakes she might well have taken her chances with the wilderness already.

Gender Roles: -- These have never served her terribly well either. She has long loathed the idea of marriage, and for a time posed as a boy to avoid it.


* RESOURCEFUL : With little to nothing to her name, Jedee has become very good at using what she has to her advantage. This includes material things as well as what knowledge she has gathered.

* INTELLIGENT : Despite what her upbringing, appearance and accent might suggest, Jedee has always been clever. She learns new things quickly, and has an intuitive knack for unfamiliar tasks.

* ATHLETIC : Though a wiry kid, she has always been fit, spending much of her time scuttling and running between places, as well as climbing, lifting and getting into scraps where necessary.

* DECISIVE : She is good at dividing up information and choosing a course of action quickly, both in a reserved situation and on the fly. 

* DOGGED : Jedee ascribes to the ride or die lifestyle, and no matter what gets thrown at her she can be hard to stop. Giving up is not an option.


* STUBBORN : It can be very hard to change her mind once it is made up: that's not to say she can't change, just that she often requires a push.

* UNEDUCATED : Growing up in a time of turmoil and few resources saw Jedee forego an education. As such, it has been a thorn in her side with regards to unspoken communication - she can't leave messages, ask for help, intercept information or progress her own standing. She also has to rely on questionable sources for information which can prove wildly inaccurate.

* BLUNT : While very good at reading people, Jedee's idea of courtesy is saying nothing at all. When she opens her mouth, it is often choppy and to the point. She lacks the verbal graces of someone brought up in a better environment, and come off as uncouth. Sometimes this makes her seem rude, sometimes it makes her appear unintelligent, it depends on the day.

* MISTRUSTFUL / TRUSTING : This is a revolving door, as every time she's opened herself to trusting others it has backfired (painfully) in her face. Both hurt her in one way or another. 

* BASIC HUMAN INTERACTION : Kind of emotionally stunted, Jedee often has trouble expressing more nuanced emotions - many of them come out as anger. She's quick to go on the defensive, and it can take her some time to cool off - though it's worth noting that she eventually will. It's not that she doesn't want to interact with people (sometimes), it's that she doesn't  know how. She is at least partially self aware about this issue, whether she acknowledges this to the person copping the brunt of her coping mechanism or not is another matter.

Describe Yourself:

* SURVIVOR: ----- No matter what happens, the one certainty is that Jedee will come out the other side of it. No matter the cost. There is very little she wouldn't do or say to ensure her survival. She's stayed with Kotam all these years because it meant surviving, even as she hated and feared him.

* CURIOUS: ----- Though she mightn't know it with no formal education, Jedee has always had a natural curiosity for new or strange things. This has gotten her into and out of trouble in equal measure. She's not one to easily let go of a thread.

* VIRULENT: ----- She's a hard person to approach and her first response is often fight before flight. Always being on the defensive means she's often actively looking for things that displease her, and it can be hard to talk her down from a mood.

* CUNNING: ----- Quick thinking in a fight and clever out of one, Jedee wouldn't be here today if she wasn't a master tactician of her fate. Despite being no sweet talker, she knows how to leverage people to her advantage. She might seem impulsive, she's always trying to be a few steps ahead of whatever is happening, always planning for what comes next and how to get out alive.

* LONELY: ----- Jedee has spend much of her life without meaningful emotional connection, and the people in it weren't the sort you wanted to spend much time with. She's missed out on a large chunk of her childhood and adolescence as a result, and though this often manifests as anger and vitriol, it's mostly her not knowing how to connect with people.

The Magic Touch: She bites her fingernails / skin when she's in high stress situations, and it's become an idle habit. She bites her lip when she's concentrating.


Mother: Bridni, Laborer, [2538]-[2583] Deceased
Father: Kenil, Fisherman, [2533]-[2583] Deceased
Siblings: Rozase, Unknown, [12.05.2567] - Unknown
Rusgon, Drudge / Thug, [12.05.2567]
Hion, Unknown, [06.02.2569] - Unknown

Jedee has had no contact with her other siblings since she as twelve. There whereabouts and fate are unknown.

Children: None. She has slept with a man but (thankfully) it didn't take.

Other: Kotam, Gambling Ringleader, [2545]
Gibric, Drudge enforcer, [2566]-[2589] Assumed deceased

Tell us a story...

* 2571, 0 Born into the traumatic dissolution of Tillek Hold, and given her family's connection to the sea they were one of the last to go. Were it not for the newborn, Kenil may have stayed behind to die on his beloved boat. In hindsight, he wished he had.

* 2576, 5 Jedee's family are living it rough in Fort, with no worldly possessions or skills to recommend them. The marriage between her parents is hanging by a thread, with her mother considering whether to try and get in with a richer, more affluent holder just to provide for her children. Kenil has turned to gambling and trading under the table to make ends meet and feed four growing children. He is only mildly successful, and on many days they go hungry. Jedee doesn't mind so much, if only because she doesn't know any different. The house they share with more refugees than they can count is overcrowded and Jedee's mother is frequently sick, leaving the children to fend for themselves. It's not so bad really, and the close quarters mean lots of other cooped up children with nowhere to go. It's not contentment, but it's not desperation either, and it's about as close to happy as Jedee can remember. 

* 2577, 6 Too old to be cooped up in the refuge any longer, and too young to work unlike her older siblings, Jedee spends more time away from home hanging around back alleyways. Her attempts to make friends with the other children from the hold are met with hostility, as her accent gives her away as an outsider. It was easier in the share house. Her older brother and sister are working as runners for their father, but her second eldest brother is left at home and takes his frustrations out on her. Jedee becomes adept at scaling walls to escape his fists, but even this becomes a game of sorts. She takes to making stories out of her misadventures, embellishing heavily, and retelling them out loud to herself, occasionally attracting the stares of Peacekeepers she passes in the street. She's lonely sure, but not old enough to be put out by it all, instead reveling in the new freedom, occasionally pretending she's a runner like her older siblings.

* 2581, 10 Jedee's father is firmly entrenched in the underbelly of the Hold, for better and for worse. The family move to more spacious housing, but move further into debts and promises to do so. Jedee is eager to be useful, and runs for her father like her older siblings. Passing messages, signals, and watching alleyways suits her fine, and makes for better stories. She starts telling them to other runners, other kids, and they believe them. It makes her feel bigger, bolder, more powerful. She's old enough to understand that marks don't mean anything anymore, and anything that does only means something because someone says it does. She starts paying more attention to the information she's passing, and pressing her ear against more doors, seeking more than simply made up stories. She doesn't know what to do with this newfound knowledge yet, but she's learning.

* 2582, 11 Jedee has a growth spurt and finds herself suddenly not a scrawny, invisible kid in the background. People at her father's workplace start to take notice, and she doesn't like the long stares. She develops a slight hunch to hide her height, and sink into corners like she used to. The issue is compounded when Rozase is arranged to marry a man of little repute in exchange for a portion of her family's debts. Jedee hears of this well before her mother and sister do, and tells them. Her mother slaps her for her impertinence. A week later, when the engagement is announced by Kenil, her mother is silent. Jedee was never particularly close to her sister, and their personalities were worlds apart, but Jedee remembers how free her sister looked when she ran through the streets with her hair flowing behind her. She'd smiled then. The night before Rozase leaves is the only time Jedee has seen her older sister cry. In the morning, she's gone, and the silent message she leaves behind is 'you're next'. Her mother ghosts around the home, crying often, and hurling spite at Jedee. When Jedee hurls it back, she's not met with more beatings, but silence. Silence is definitely worse. Her mother says nothing more to her, nor acknowledges her or anyone, often leaving her food uneaten at meals. Feeling increasingly like a stranger in her own house, Jedee finds herself crying in private, now that she has the bedroom to herself, the room too crowded by her sister's conspicuously empty bed. 

* 2583, 12 It's only a matter of time. Her sister's marriage was not enough to pay off the family debt and her parents are getting desperate. Jedee's father organises to marry her too, despite her protests, locking her under house arrest. Jedee flees the house through an upper story window, across the awning and into the night. The moment is one of strange numbness, none of the anger she expected, or regret at leaving her home, or triumph at escaping. Mostly, she just feels cold and hungry.
 She chops off all her hair and poses as a young boy to escape detection, taking up begging on street corners. This goes about as well as expected, as no one else has food to spare either, and she spends nights freezing in doorways with little food. Finding different people to work for proves difficult, reputable or not, especially when she's constantly watching over her shoulder. The gambling den her father worked for was one of the larger ones in the district, and she had no idea if there was prize offered for her return.

She eventually falls in with some of the drudges running an illicit fighting ring, and serves as their front of house, and finds herself participating in more and more fights for extra rations. She never much liked going near the wher fights, and the sounds they made keep her up at night more than the hunger pangs do. She wonders where her brothers are, and what happened to her mother, but every time she drifts closer to that part of town she turns back before she can be discovered.

It's hard, unforgiving, joyless work, though getting to punch people from time to time was an added bonus. More often than not though, she was on the receiving end, with everything from bumps and scrapes to open wounds. She traded healing skills for food with a woman who might be a healer, it's hard to tell, but she can stitch a wound and that's what's most important. Quenneca is one of the first people Jedee hasn't lied outright to since she started running, and it feels good.

* 2585, 14 After the fighting ring goes sour - someone tipped the Peacekeepers off about a big fight - Jedee is once again without a proper way of getting food, and falls in with a street gang as thugs for hire - mostly teens like herself and some younger adults who were in charge. The food is good but the company is not. When they work out she's not a boy, she has to move on again, and she loses track of Quenneca in the process. The loss of companionship hits Jedee surprisingly hard, and she hadn't felt lonely before, but it starts spilling in the cracks. In the end, the void it leaves is still not as large as the one left by an empty stomach, and she finds work with a wher butcher. At least the creatures don't scream for long.

* 2586, 15 Jedee runs into her eldest brother while guarding a butcher's door. Rusgon doesn't recognise her at first, and she slips away before he comes back. Abandoning her post, she follows him back to his place of work - the same gambling mob her parents worked for. Watching them becomes her new obsession, until she gets caught. Her brother nearly breaks her jaw, and she discovers that her parents were killed shortly after her leaving. Killed is a kind word. Executed is another. Fed to the fighting whers was most accurate. Rusgon leaves her in a locked room, and she expects the worst, until she convinces the gang's leader, Kotam, that she came looking for work. It's a blatant lie, a desperate one, and Kotam laughs, declaring her his property as repayment for her parents debt. It means she's fed, and she has little choice, but thoughts of running away don't even cross her mind, not when her brother is here, and unlike Hion, he never beat her as a child. He's the only family she has left, that must mean something. Rusgon refuses to acknowledge her existence except to offer glares whenever they pass, and won't speak to her when she tries. When he finally pauses to listen, she doesn't know what to say. Sorry and it's not my fault got all mixed up so she said neither. When it's clear her brother wants nothing to do with her, and blames her for her parents death, she's alone again, but the lonely feels bigger this time.

* 2587, 16 Jedee spends most of the year in a haze, working as a runner again, but mostly thankful she's not been forced into prostitution.The Hold is in turmoil, slowly migrating away from the dying continent. Kotam makes it clear in no uncertain terms that the move changes nothing. It turns out however that he was wrong, and the new world has no place it seems for Fort's underbelly among it. Kotam has to fight tooth and nail to try and restart his gambling business under the watchful eye of the weyr. Trying to find customers of influence - and any kind of wealth proves difficult and times are hard. Kotam's power is all but a name, and a wiser man might have realised the new start for what it was. Instead, Kotam clings tighter to those under his thumb to validate his own power, trying to find any point of leverage. Finding little to no purchase, he rages frequently, cutting heavily into his cache of illicit spirits from the old continent that would have been better used currying favour. He asserts his power through threats of violence if anyone dare undermine him, or go to the weyr, not with the promise of fists but instead the kind of permanent punishment that would see someone in the belly of a Wher or floating in the ocean with the fishes.

Escape seems the logical option, but there's no where for Jedee to go, the weyr is far too close together, but Kotam was half stupid, half clever, and sadly he knew as much. She does her best to placate him, and desperately seeks for any connection that might give him at least the impression of influence he'd once had, anything to curb the violent outbursts. However, if all Kotam had was his name, she had nothing. No connections, no friends, and the only family was her brother in the exact same boat as she. The thought of killing him had crossed her mind a dozen or more times, but each time ended in a gamble. If she tried and failed, she was dead.

* 2588, 17 Cards for unofficial bets is small fry by Kotam's standards, but it's better than nothing. Clawing back customers means Kotam is happier, but less distracted. Jedee spends most of her time on lookout duty for any of the weyr members or their blasted dragons sniffing around. She hates it, and sticks to alcoves and smaller rooms that overlook the weyrbowl. Even that's too close. Rusgon tries to leave to join the construction workers and Kotam brands him for it. His business venture is trying to get into whers so he can breed them for fighting, but finding a gold to bond with proves near impossible. This means moving within the butchery circles, and increasingly unsavoury characters. Even with her shaggy hair and the lanky body of a lifetime of malnourishment, it's becoming increasingly dangerous for Jedee as the boys around her begin to bulk up and she remains thin and obvious as a growing bartering chip. While she'd like to see Kotam dare arrange her a marriage, she also wouldn't put it past him to find a way for force her compliance. 

* 2589-90, 18-19 Business is still slow, and Kotam  is looking for something he can monopolise - no easy task on such a tiny island. He's got it in his head to capture a Hunter - something about the crowdsizes he could pull with a couple of them going at it. Everyone he tells this fervent plan to thinks it's insane, but no one's suicidal enough to say that themselves. Jedee's not sure whether Kotam has finally lost it or he's simply bored of the small time and needs a project that will never be finished. Kotam's still intent on getting whers and bonding them to his workers as some form of protection when they venture into the forest to set traps. The problem remains: a lack of wher eggs. Stealing them seems one option, though an incredibly risky one, as no one wants to cross the wrong wher handler, and it would be impossible to hide that he'd gotten a clutch, it would be discovered immediately. This doesn't stop Kotam from trying however, targeting instead what he describes as 'easy targets'. Jedee disagrees, with so few gold Whers on the island and as a result so few cluthes, none are soft landings. Instead of smuggling out the gold from the approved mark, Kotam's chosen minions instead opt for the evening off, stealing away some of Kotam's moonshine to get drunk and swim at the beach. Jedee is brought along, and experiences her first and hopefully last time with a boy, one of Rusgon's friends, Gilbric. When Kotam finds out they disobeyed orders and stole from him, two of the boys disappear, Gilbric one of them.

Further delays ensue, as Kotam quickly discovers that intimidation doesn't work under the watchful eyes of the weyr and the newly reinstated Peacekeepers. Kotam finally manages to arrange a meeting to barter for a gold egg with Jedee's hand in marriage. It's a holder's son, and Kotam is pleased on many accounts to finally be getting his hands on an egg. Jedee knows he'll probably discard the notions of Hunters in favour of setting up somewhere near the new settlement and its newfound privacy. She considers her options, none of them appealing, and the island's proximity again leaves her with few options: running after the egg had been handed over might work, Kotam would have what he wanted, but it was unlikely she would escape the eyes of the law. They might side with Kotam, or her, it would depend on which way the wind was blowing. No outcome offers a situation where she isn't completely and utterly fucked, and time is quickly running out for her to find a way out of it. Though the clutch wasn't due until sometime in the next turn - and even then, there might not be a gold - the threat of marriage hangs over her like a storm cloud, promising violence. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

RP Sample
The stone was cold against her back as she leaned against the cave entrance. It cut into her shoulder blades, so she had to readjust every few seconds to try and find the one nook that might offer some reprieve. Kotam's voice boomed out the opening, clashing off the walls. Jedee had rather preferred it when they had doors.

"I don' care if they've got a whole dragon Wing watching their outhouse, just tell me how to get in!"

Jedee didn't hear the quiet reply, but she could guess someone just said 'It can't be done'. That was definitely a mistake. Kotam wielded his voice like a fist, and even this far away from him she flinched. Kotam often wielded his actual fists as well. There was a bang from inside, indicating that he'd slammed them on the table.

"Nothin's impossible unless I say it is. An' I say, there's a way in an out of that cave without no one noticing. An' there's a way to hide 'em, because I say so."

The trouble with hiring yes men to work for you was that you never really experienced the word no. That might have worked back at Fort, might have even been a virtue, but brute strength didn't mean much if it had no weapon to weild, and now that starvation no longer cut like a knife, Kotam was disarmed, well and truly. They'd tried this already, and it was pointless.

Swearing accentuated loud pacing, and a few choice comments about 'The Butcher Bitch', a fellow lowlife who happened to hold the monopoly on the local wher population, at least as far as Kotam was concerned. Jedee was less convinced, but she was hardly going to say so. Getting the man's hopes up was by far the easiest way to make a week worse.

The room had gotten increasingly quiet, save for some feverish muttering, and Jedee leaned closer to the door to try and make it out. Quiet was rarely good. Begging, pleading, lots of long hmmmms. Silence. Laughter. Jedee almost peeked her head around the corner, when abruptly Kotam's bulk marched round the corner. Jedee stood straight to attention, then slouched a little so she wouldn't be seeing over the top of Kotam's head. He didn't like that.

"What yer doing standing there, girl?"

"Nothin', boss."

"Nothing costs me profits," he snapped, and Jedee maintained a neutral expression.

"Sorry, boss." They hadn't been making profits for quite some time, and they both knew it. 

Kotam straightened up then, drawing himself to his full height so they almost saw eye to eye. Almost. And then he grinned. The gap where he was missing two teeth glared back at her. If quiet was a bad sign, this was worse.

"I've got a job for you, girl."

If it was snatching wher eggs, she was dead meat.

"Need you to be a nice, sweet girl, you can do tha' can't you?"

Jedee had been described as many things, but nice and sweet were sorely lacking from that list. Kotam paused for effect, and Jedee held her breath.

"My friend here tells me he can get me a meetin' with the Wher handler, butter 'im up for an exchange of sorts. My goods for his."

Jedee's cheeks paled. Kotam's smile widened so she could smell his breath through the gap in his teeth.

"You'll be a good girl now, wontcha? Wouldn't want you gettin' hurt now, would we?"

"No, boss."

Kotam's smile widened while he savoured the victory. "There's a clever girl. You migh' even clean up nice in a weddin' dress. Cover you all up."

He laughed, and it echoed off the narrow walls like a bell peal.

Jedee hovered on the spot, and Kotam raised an eyebrow. "Got a problem with that, girl?"

"No, boss."

"Good. Cuz I'm expectin' the pitter patter of little Wher feet, and I hear the little buggers eat a mighty lot."

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
No one lives forever (50 posts)
Anything Else:
A brief spiel as to why the hell this character should be a candidate (a candidate that hates dragons whaaaat?). My reasoning is thus:
-- Her alternative choice is forced marriage, and she'd rather face a dragon than a strange man's bed
-- She has the right personality traits to be a dragonrider: resourceful, athletic, hardy. Distrust of dragons can be unlearned.
-- She has the right traits to be a dragonrider the weyr needs right now: as a Hold born and raised outcast, she has no prejudice against dragon colours
-- She would likely, without hesitation, accept a Search on the spot. Candidacy is just about the only thing guaranteed to keep her safe and away from Kotam and marriage, and she rationalises that she can just remain a candidate long enough for Kotam to inevitably get himself killed so she can move on with her life.
-- Similarly, she has a very strong incentive to tow the party line and not stuff up, lest she be kicked out and right back where she started.

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