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Author Topic: Training a Flit [15.08.2590 - 1pm] Open  (Read 297 times)

Offline S'den

Training a Flit [15.08.2590 - 1pm] Open
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:37:34 PM »
The big bronze was laying on the grass near his rider, his eyes whirling in green and blue amusement as the older rider practiced hunting with his golden flit. The sleek creature cooed as the short haired man tossed a piece of meat far away from him. From his shoulder the queen watched it then turned her head to stare at him. He pointed at the meat and sent her an image of herself ripping it apart. She squeaked in excitement and leaped, using her wings to glide over to the piece of meat. Her wings flared up as she ripped the meat to shreds.

I never though of her as bloodthirsty.

S'den turned his blue gaze on his dragon. The big creature was not being of any help. This was one of their few days off. S'den had reached out to his son and his mother to see if either was free, but it seemed tonight was the first time he'd get to see them in a while. S'den knew they probably should have been doing something more exciting than just training Prim, but he had a feeling he would need his lovely queen to hunt small game for herself. The need for food was strong with the weyr, and while he and Rayrth didn't mind feeding her, it was something to do.

"you must've forgotten 'er flights."

S'den called the flit back to him with a whistle. It took two of them before she moved back to him, her long wings carrying her quickly to his arm. He stroked her neck before tossing another piece of meat. She leaped at the chance, catching it before she landed, again mantling over her food.

I never give any thought to her flights.

S'den enjoyed the light banter, as it was relaxing. The big bronze shifted a bit his wing popping out and putting all three of them in shadow for a moment. Long enough to piss off Prim and cause her to hiss at the bigger beast. He growled in return before moving his head to blow a bit of air at her. That caused the gold flit to growl back and arch her back. If she'd been facing anything but a dragon she'd have been a little impressive, but Prim was not, and Rayrth didn't even seem to care.

S'den sighed and walked over to the queen, putting his boot between her and his dragon. She was only moody around food or her Flights, and he knew he had a couple of months before that.

"Up, you monster."

He tapped his gloved arm again, and this time she brought the food with her.

Monster is correct.

"And you could have stopped that tantrum at any time, yourself."

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