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Author Topic: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590  (Read 1119 times)

Offline W'um

In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« on: August 11, 2017, 03:16:03 PM »
“Good morning everyone!” W’um said cheerfully, as he listened to the chorus of halfhearted morning greetings. He wasn’t the type of person who required participation, like they were 7 turns old again. It didn’t bleed lack of respect to him if they didn’t answer, probably just grumpiness, but he none the less enjoyed the few who responded. It was always interesting to tell which ones were “morning people” and which ones really wished they were back in bed.

With a smile at some of them, W’um continued, “Today we will be starting with the dragontoss! You know about firestone, what is good, what is bad, how much your particular dragon should be consuming when they’re old enough to start drills, and now you will get to start your first proper drill. Over the past sevenday, those strengthening exercises you have been doing, have been to prepare you for this toss.”

Hopefully they would be excited about finally being able to do a drill, their work out regime and theory lessons would probably have been grating on some of those who wanted to get started, wanted to really start to be a dragonrider. They were a long way off yet, and this drill would be the first that would really require teamwork and coordination between them.

“By the end of this month,” he projected out over the group again, “I would hope that we can all achieve the dragonlength toss. Today, we shall start small.”

They were out in the Weyrbowl, surprisingly enough for the season, the sun was shining behind thin, wispy clouds, although dark ones hung over the southern end of the island. The Weyr would see some rain that evening, or maybe the afternoon, but hopefully the drill would be saved from the discomfort of bad weather.

“Alright everyone, up you get, dragonets can stay here to watch, or stand beside your riders, be careful you don’t catch a sack to the face. Remember the drill we did with the ball a few days ago? Yes?” W’um had gotten them to stand in a circle, throwing the ball back and forth between them, calling out the receiver’s name. The ball had been weighted as the days progressed, each day getting slightly heavier until they were prepared for the sack of firestone they would receive today. It was only half full, and surely some would know, if they had paid attention in their theory lessons, but over the coming sevendays the distance of throwing would be increased, and the sack filled to capacity.

He gestured out into the Weyrbowl, “Make a circle then everyone, no more than a half a dragonlength across the middle.” It meant that no one would be able to try and show off too quickly, many of them should be able to throw a least a third of a dragonlength, and their egos would push many towards the half length. “Remember, you cannot pass to the same person twice! And never to the person next to you! Call out their name with enough warning please!” If they were smart, and new their limits, they would start close, and then end throwing to the person directly across from them, but that didn’t necessarily mean that would be their idea. They might start with the full half dragonlength and then end with the easy toss. It would be interesting none the less.

Picking up the sack, he chucked it at the nearest Weyrling when he saw that they were all approximately aligned. Due to the size of their class, they were quite close together, but eventually, when they had to start throwing across the diameter of the circle, that wouldn’t mean much to the length of the toss.

Spoiler for OOC:
Alrighty! So this is a Weyrling event for this month! This is Month 2 of Weyrlinghood with dragonets at 20% of growth.
Rules of the game: (if you didn't get it from the post)
- Say the name of the person you're throwing to
- Can't pass it to the people directly on your left or right
- Can't pass to the same person twice

Length 28.5m ~ Height 5.7m ~ Wingspan 47.31m
W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline T'rel

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 07:15:54 PM »
Early mornings weren’t a big deal to T’rel. He’d long since trained himself to a certain schedule and it meant he was quite bright eyed and cheery. W’um’s greeting was met with enthusiasm, at least from T’rel. Nynath was far too above that sort of behavior. He was awake and aware and so he acted accordingly, he didn’t need to put extra effort toward showing off.

T’rel did not excel at classwork and theory. It took him longer than most to memorize and to speculate. He wasn’t good with abstract thought, nor at recalling dates of events or why they were particularly important. He was looking forward to progressing outside of the mental work, which was another plus to Impressing. Dragons demanded physical work and he was looking forward to being able to show just how good he was at it. As W’um announced they’d be beginning drills today he let out a loud “WHOOP!”, followed by a fist pump.

You are embarrassing me. The Bronze said, his words clipped short.

As W’um gave permission for the dragons to remain behind, Nynath pointedly laid down and crossed his forelegs. He turned his head skyward, preferring to watch the adult dragons come and go than further associate with T’rel just now.

T’rel filed out into the weyrbowl as directed. His strides were long and loose, an athlete’s effortless jog. When he picked his spot he bounced in place, further stretching out muscles that weren’t even necessary for this drill.

He was ready, though, when W’um tossed the sack. It had probably been meant for the weyrling beside him, but T’rel wasn’t having any of that. He snatched it and then surveyed his options. A malicious thought lingered in the back of his mind when his eyes skimmed over the Black riders but he dogeared that for later. For now, “T’vye, buddy! Think fast!” T’rel tossed the bag toward his roommate, easy on the pass. Bronzeriders stuck together.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Offline S'ric

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2017, 10:00:22 PM »
The worst lessons were the sort that didn’t involve Dakrith. Of that, the difficult Black and his Rider were of the same mind. Though there were some growing pains as they learned to deal with one another – and S’ric bore the brunt of those pains as scars and scratches on his body – he still felt oddly attached to the Black beast.

So this lesson, while a nice change of pace from the theoretical, was still not quite what he’d have preferred. Even Dakrith eyed the Weyrlingmaster with yellow irritated eyes as they made their way out into the weyr bowl and from the classroom.

S’ric could appreciate that he wouldn’t be sitting in a classroom. Normally, he’d have been grateful for anything that had some physical activity. Maybe it was just his dragon’s mood rubbing off on him. He’d found that they affected one another more than S’ric was comfortable admitting to anyone aloud. In fact, it down right bothered him. For someone as carefully self-possessed as S’ric tried to be, to know that an outside source could alter anything about him was unsettling.

Get used to it and pay attention, the Black snapped. Moody that he’d be a spectator to the lesson, he actually bit at S’ric’s calf to get him to stop mulling over his own thoughts.

Another thing that bothered S’ric and earned the dragonet a swift kick to the offending jaw. Dakrith hissed in response but they managed not to break out into an all out scuffle. Doing so while W’um was trying to explain the lesson wouldn’t do. Not that it’d not happened before and earned them extra chores.

//Quit fucking biting me,// S’ric thought as he glared momentarily at Dakrith. It didn’t matter that the Black bastard had grown any. S’ric was still tall. Could still take him in a fight. For now.

Invariably, S’ric ended up standing in the circle with the others. He waited should his name be called while looking around trying to remember the names of the others around him. He probably shouldn’t just… throw it at someone’s face… W’um wouldn’t be happy with that either.

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Offline S'nis

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 10:25:16 PM »
If S’nis had enjoyed life as a Candidate, being a Weyrling had given him a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Masath in his life really was a blessing. It wasn’t so much that she made him a new person, but rather, the ever present companionship and her desire to always be doing something actually had S’nis smiling more than he had at any other point in his life.

He hadn’t ever understood what others had meant when they said Impressing was like finding the other half, the missing part. Masath was all of that and more to him. Though she couldn’t participate in all the lessons, especially the classroom ones, she seemed to involve herself through him. It had felt like a headache at first, feeling her rapt attention through his eyes and the weight of her in his mind. Though it didn’t hurt, not really, it was still a very poignant reminder that S’nis wasn’t really alone in his own mind.

Not anymore. Nor would he ever be. It might’ve been disconcerting to others, but to S’nis it was a great comfort.

This lesson was a more physical one. While S’nis wished he could excel at such a thing as he did the theory in everything, he was still greeting the day with a smile and a chipper ‘good morning’ to W’um. Any day he woke to Masath trilling and bouncing around would be a good one.

The lesson just drove the point home that he would require a lot of physical training to be worthy of being called Rider, though he supposed he still had time. Masath was still so small. She trotted around him as he took his place around the circle, ready should he be called out. Though S’nis was making a concentrated effort to learn those he was training with, some names and faces were still foggy.

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Offline Galve

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2017, 10:39:43 PM »
Galve didn’t reply ‘good morning’ to W’um, mainly because, to Galve, there was no such thing as a ‘good morning’ save the morning they woke up with Weyteleth snuggled close to their side. Not that they really spoke up much in class anyway, it wasn’t really their style, although Weyteleth’s curiosity had made them ask more than one question even in the short time they’d been weyrlings. Between the early start and one of their least favourite exercises, Galve saw very little ‘good’ in this morning.

You’re getting a lot better, though! Commented the little Red by their side as both got up to move into formation. Weyteleth knew that Galve didn’t like these drills, given they weren’t particularly strong or coordinated, and it was only made worse by the fact that there weren’t many things Galve didn’t like.

Usually, her rider would take the one lesson of inconvenience and shrug it off, after all, there were plenty of hours in the day and you’re only wasting more of them worrying about the things you don’t like. But after weeks of the same kind of drill, Galve had decided that this was a situation that warranted a little sulk. Weyteleth didn’t quite understand, she knew her rider didn’t like the drills, and why, but she could only see how much Galve had improved! To her, Galve was improving almost as fast as she was growing, and everyone said that she was doing good!

Though usually quite optimistic themselves, Weyteleth’s bubbly personality this morning was going to grate on her bonded’s nerves. However, after two months of working each other out, Galve knew the least productive thing to do would be to snap at the little Red, especially with nothing else to distract her from getting upset about it this morning.

Standing off to the side of one of the guys a little older than Galve, Weyteleth busied herself making a comfortable space on the grass at her bonded’s feet, while Galve tried to run over the names of the people around the circle, but only the ones within their throwing reach. Although W’um wouldn’t intentionally throw the sack at someone who wasn’t looking, Galve was only half paying attention and sorta flinched, sorta attempted to get their hands into a catching position as he tossed the sack. Thankfully, in Galve’s mind, it was intercepted by an eager Bronzer. At least they knew his name, not that it helped given they were standing next to each other, making Galve sigh softly.

Looking up at her bonded, Weyteleth found the solution. You focus on the catching, I’ll tell you who to throw it to.
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Offline T'vye

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #5 on: August 12, 2017, 12:56:04 AM »
T’vye didn’t chirp a happy good morning back at W’um as he greeted them, instead offering a stiff nod of his head as he glanced around him at the other weyrlings. Nynath had certainly seemed to be growing larger than Aitorith in the last two months, and so far Iaoth seemed to be growing at the same rate as his bronze, and excluding the sickly looking black that had so brutally attacked Aitorith when he hatched, the rest of the blacks seemed larger… Though perhaps that was just their unnatural colouring warping his view.

Am as big as I need to be, T’vye. Do not need to compete with the others. Aitorith huffed in response, picking his way towards a sunny spot a little way away from his clutchmates where he could sufficiently spread out without missing the drill his bonded was about to partake in. His eyes whirled agitatedly as he settled down in the grass, wings, tail and limbs used to maximise the space he took up while his neck arched to keep an eye on T’vye. He may not agree with being compared to the others, but he wanted to see what this drill was about… It didn’t involve him, which was disappointing, but it was much better than listening to someone go on and on about things they would one day do.

T’vye himself didn’t waste time when W’um directed them to stand in a circle, pushing past a few of his younger peers to get his pick of a spot before turning to face the middle, smug smile creeping across his features as the weyrlingmaster assistant reiterated the instructions they had been following for the past few days. You know… Since some people were prone to never listening well enough to participate without fucking up. His eyes glanced to one of the more, absent minded red weyrlings before the firestone sack was thrown ad his fellow bronzer was catching it.

He wouldn’t admit easily to the fact he’d spent many a night on the weyrbowl working on his upper strength so as to ensure he wouldn’t falter as the drills with the weighted balls continue; and judging by the effort W’um put into throwing the sack and the solid sound it made as T’rel caught it, he was rather proud of his foresight in doing so. There was a reason bronzeriders were held in such a high esteem, and he had no doubt that the rest of the class were paying attention.

Should be paying attention The dragonet snorted, a faint tone of disapproval to his voice as he urged T’vye to start focusing on something other than his illusions of grandeur.

The delay wouldn’t be noticed, however, and only made the catch seem even more effortless than if he had been anticipating it the entire time. T’rel had thrown true, and T’vye simply had to reach out to catch the body of the bag, twisting his body as he caught it so the force didn’t hit him square in the chest and push an undignified grunt out as he took the brunt of the weight. “Piece of cake.” He grinned back at T’rel, testing the weight of the bag and scanning the circle of weyrlings.

His first thought was to throw it towards the other bronzer – It seemed logical. Show the rest of the group how the three of them were a united front, but was disappointed to find the other bronzer standing far too close to justify the toss – with only two people separating them. He dismissed the thought of throwing to one of the mutant pairings out of a similar train of thought – they may be tolerable when compared to the older mutations, but he wasn’t about to imply that he enjoyed their presence here, usurpers or runts both – and instead caught sight of the next best thing to a fellow bronzer.

“W’lleni, your turn!” He yelled before throwing the sack of ‘stones at the brown weyrling that was his other roommate. W’lleni had stood just shy of directly opposite to T’vye, which meant that the throw would be just this side of half a dragonlength. True to his sessions with the weights of an evening, the distance was within his capabilities, and he didn’t for a moment consider whether or not he would fail in the toss, nor weather W’lleni wouldn’t be able to catch it. He’d even given it a reasonable amount of height to make the trajectory easier to anticipate.

Spoiler for OOC:
@RaynePOTM  Ie it doesn’t work yell out. It’s not quite the easy pass T’rel threw to T’vye, but so long as W’lleni’s paying attention it should be on target. I tried to leave it open enough for you to do with it what you want xD

Offline W'lleni

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #6 on: August 12, 2017, 04:44:43 AM »
“Mornin’,” W’lleni called in reply, grinning and relaxed despite the early morning, he was just happy to be outside without being soaked. Not that he minded the rain much, but it was much better in the sun. His happiness only increased as W’um continued; although W’lleni wasn’t a bad student, not by any means, a physical activity was far more up his alley than hours of theory. The theory was cool, but W’lleni wasn’t super hard to distract.

Turning his head slightly to look down at Iaoth, the Brown thrummed quietly. I will sit in the sun to watch, you do not need me in these drills.

Okay, but make sure you don’t fall asleep.

And you make sure you don’t get hit in the face, said Iaoth in reply, eyes whirling with humour, as he moved off to find somewhere sunny to sit. The Brown didn’t mind if anyone joined him, he was perfectly happy to share the space and warmth, as long as they didn’t sit in between him and W’lleni, he’d be happy with company.

Smiling at one of his fellow candidates, W’lleni fell into step beside them. “At least we get to do this in the sun, I’m pretty sure the moment he gets us to try with a sack in the rain I’ll end up with a bruise the size of a flit egg on my forehead.”

As they came to a stop next to each other in the circle, W’lleni was still paying attention to them, hearing his name called before he recognised they’d already started. His head whipped around quickly, but he didn’t have time to acknowledge his partner as his eyes were drawn to the sack.

Given the height and weight of the toss in order for it to cross the distance, W’lleni didn’t have the same chance to catch the base with one hand and the slow it down with the other like T’vye had. Instead, rocking forward and back as he tried to judge where the bag would come down to him, he allowed it to fall into his curled arms. Weight safely cradled in his arms, he beamed, a stark contrast to the wide-eyed concentration look he’d had from the moment his name was called. Finding T’vye across the gap, he nodded at him with a grin. “You never start off easy do you?”

Adjusting the bag to better throw it, his eyes scanned the circle for someone who looked ready. He didn’t want to catch anyone off guard, especially if they were like his roommate and actually cared about not embarrassing themselves in class. Catching someone’s eye, not too far from him, but at a good angle so it was a decent throw and would need to be a decent catch, he called out, “Eireen, heads up, bud.”

Spoiler for Hidden:
Both my roomies were taken so I picked someone at random. <3 @SirAlahn

Also, anyone is welcome to be the person that W’lleni was talking to.

Offline F'erro

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #7 on: August 12, 2017, 04:25:27 PM »
F’erro was not a morning person. 8 AM wasn’t horribly early, but for F’erro he had just managed to wake up, roll out of bed, and grab a piece of bread before they had to be out on the field for lessons. His expression was lack and droopy up until the weyrling master’s assistant welcomed the class. Then, F’erro fixed a solid glare toward the bald man and pursed his lips in a way that clearly conveyed his feelings on that matter.

Zhouth, however..

What is bright and shines all over? What is made of blades, but only it gets cut? Per her usual nature, the Red was a mess of riddles and distraction. Two months into their relationship, however, F’erro was able to keep her voice separate, in a sense, from what he heard with his physical ears. The sun, the grass, he’d respond, with some cheer. The rain had dampened his spirit, as of late, and Zhouth knew sunshine and greenery, as opposed to the blur of blue and grey and brown mud, was bound to lift his spirits.

She was definitely a morning person. Or, rather, an all-the-time-until-she-passed-out person.

W’um was giving further instruction and F’erro placed a hand on Zhouth’s thin neck, stilling her. Let’s pay attention now, sounds like there’s a game to be played so we must get the rules right. The Red had never looked so focussed just then.

The pair filed over into the circle. Zhouth stuck close to her bonded’s heels. She was small enough to go unnoticed, assuming you missed the color of her hide, and she expertly tucked herself between F’erro’s legs as he took up a position. Neither of them realized that this made F’erro’s balance very precarious incase he had to extend himself to catch the bag. It was one of Zhouth’s habitual places, she liked to be very near F’erro and he found that he liked it, too.

Offline Ya'lin

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #8 on: August 12, 2017, 07:12:19 PM »
To say Ya'lin was excited about today was an understatement. She was the smallest weyrling in the group but held her own when it came to doing her work. She surprised everyone well everyone but Faromith who knew she could do it.

 Of course you can do it. You can do anything you set your mind to and I will help you.

Farenth knew she set her mind to everything. She was glad she was her and smiled at her green beauty. Go sit so you do not get hurt. We are not ready to be at this together just yet.

Faromith nodded and waited on the side as Ya'lin got in the circle opposite her older brother and looked across at him. She would show him she was a good rider if not better even if she was small.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2017, 07:36:30 PM »
Erieen’s own greeting to W’um was little more than a murmured, “Morning.” Not out of reluctance, really—just that he’d never been very good at getting up early. Doing so had gotten easier in his time as a Candidate, and it had only been reinforced now that it was all the more necessary to make sure that Sayimith was fed and cared for. But it still wasn’t his favorite thing, and certain other weyrlings were far too excited to be active this early in the morning.

What are we doing today? Small as she still was, Erieen yet enjoyed carrying his tiny Red around in his arms. And though others might think him silly for doing so, he didn’t care; it wasn’t something he’d be able to do forever. Sooner or later, no matter how small she’d been when she’d hatched, he knew Sayimith would get too big for this. One day, it would be her carrying him in a way. But that wouldn’t be for many months yet. So he would enjoy the time he still had when she could go with him everywhere, and when he could hold her squirming body in his arms.

//That’s what W’um is explaining now,// he relayed to her. Erieen still had to concentrate more than he felt he should to communicate with her in such a way. The odd almost-pressure of it was strange, far different than the experience he had with his flits. Their touches were lighter, less constantly present. But like this, he almost didn’t catch all of what the Weyrlingmaster was saying. And Sayimith, in that way of hers, was little help as her attention shifted to other things—her clutchmates, the clouds across the sky, the smells on the air.

People had never been her focus.

But the Blue rider did get her attention when it became clear that she and Erieen weren’t going to be doing their work together today. Why can’t I? she asked, not quite baring her teeth in a way Erieen had worked out meant she was impatient. She wanted to do things, and waiting did not count as doing something.

//Because this is something I have to learn to do myself.//

Sayimith just snorted, though she wriggled out of Erieen’s grip as he leaned down to set her on the grass. I already know you can do this. We should be doing something that challenges both of us instead.

Even as he moved to join his classmates in the circle, her words drew a soft smile from him. //We have a lot of that ahead of us. Don’t worry.//

I’m not worried. Huffing nevertheless, she moved away from the circle so she could sit on the grass, stretching her wings out some. Sitting regally like that, it struck Erieen again just how much she looked like some complicatedly-folded flower.

Physical things like this had never been Erieen’s strong suit, but he did his best to pay attention so he wouldn’t be caught off guard. Growing up the way he had, being fit had been a sort of necessity to make sure he could get away from people who wanted to hurt him, or fight them if it came down to it. Being a dragon rider, on the other hand, demanded an altogether different type of rigor. So when W’lleni called out to him and threw the sack, Erieen was concerned he wouldn’t be able to catch it at all.

He did, in the end, but there was no finesse to it. Oh well. At least he hadn’t completely fumbled it. But it was far heavier than it looked; and though he was sure they’d all be throwing bags like this the full dragonlength soon enough, for now he despaired of being asked to do such a thing.

Scanning the circle, he picked someone that was a respectable distance away without being too ambitious. “Q’ellan, your turn.” Erieen knew his throw wouldn’t be the neatest just as his catch had been, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too off that it hindered the other Red rider in catching it.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki Wanted to tag one of your weyrlings in. 8D So here we are.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #10 on: August 12, 2017, 08:47:42 PM »
Q'ellan muttered a good morning, mostly because he didn't really want to draw attention to himself with a bright and chirpy one, but it was turning out to be a good morning indeed. Little rain, but not too much sun with the thin veil of clouds, the perfect day to be throwing a sack around aimlessly.

It seemed they would be continuing with a drill they had done before, but now they had been given real equipment. Instead of a weighted ball, they were allowed to touch a sack of firestone. At least, he assumed there was firestone within, he wouldn't be surprised if it was just filled with rocks instead. They might not trust them not to pinch some firestone for some... advance training. If anyone would be stupid enough to do it, they deserved what they got.

'Ro, W'um doesn't need you today if you want to go and watch.

I'll watch the clouds. The red suggested happily, in his gentle tone, soothing any hidden apprehensions Q'ellan may have had about the drill today. Q'ellan was unsurprised, over the past month, Q had noticed Ooromoth's penchant for watching. Be it Weyrling, or crafter, or cloud, Ooromoth was more than happy to simply relax and enjoy himself. The feeling of contentment of being able to just lay back and watch the clouds flowed through Ooromoth and into Q'ellan, the little red struggling to temper his emotions still, and Q felt everything the red did intensely.

Q'ellan was particularly fussed where he ended up in the circle, and watched the circle intently, waiting for his turn. It was Erieen that threw to him, an understandable distance, one that Q would try to mimic. He wasn't the strongest, but he wasn't weak, and the training before had helped him build a little muscle, there was no need for him to try and show off and fail.

The slight wobble of the toss meant that Q caught it with one outstretched arm, and it bounced inwards towards his chest where he was able to wrap the bag up with both his arms. Not a very attractive catch, but he caught it, and Erieen's throw had been within his scope of catching.

"Here, S'ric." There was no real tactic as to why he threw it to the blackrider. The other Weyrling had simply been in a good not-too-long, not-too-short toss position for Q. It tested Q'ellan to be sure, however it was mostly on target, if thrown a little too hard than the distance required.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #11 on: August 12, 2017, 09:13:31 PM »
This was the part S’ric hated. The waiting. If he could’ve picked someone – say P’run – and they could’ve just stood off to the side and thrown it back and forth for the jist of the day that would’ve been preferable. Watching and waiting for the less adept people to figure out how to catch and throw was just… annoying.

Dakrith was a step or two behind S’ric and radiated the same annoyed irritation and waiting. Patience was neither of their strong suits. When it was finally tossed to S’ric, he caught it as one might expect. It was an awkward bag of rock, but his arms were long and he was already strong. He shot the one who tossed it to him a faint scowl since they’d lobbed it with more force than necessary, but S’ric managed just fine. He adjusted the bag in his arms so he could throw it appropriately, looked around the circle, and tossed it to one of the few people whose name he reliably remembered.


The man wasn’t at max range, but he was still far enough off. S’ric smirked and threw as he said the man’s name. Not quite as he should’ve. “P’run. Catch.” As the bag was already in mid air. With more force than necessary, certainly, but the other Black Rider should be able to handle the weight and force behind it.

Don’t get us in trouble, he sighed, but even Dakrith couldn’t blame his bonded for being ‘playful’. He was bored too.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #12 on: August 12, 2017, 09:39:15 PM »
How come we don't get to do anything? Again?

Because us riders need all the help we can get. P'run sneered back at the black, who just seemed to be in an overly bad mood today. Whether it was because he saw the exercise as frivolous, or just because he could, the black was not amused by his riders words, and snapped a jaw full of teeth at him.

Don't mock me. He growled, before turning heel and settling himself on the ground with some of the other dragonets, engaging them in idle conversation about the drill and watching P'run with narrowed eyes.

Me? Never.

P'run took note of those that struggled, although they were all quite good at hiding it, each catching the bag so far, although the red rider had almost missed it. Unfortunately for them, most didn't have the training regime that P'run had started since the healer hall, he was fit and highly muscled, so whilst some were only now coming into their own, this was nothing for him.

Never the less, S'ric had the element of surprise with the throw, and despite vaguely paying attention, the move did have him slightly off guard. He caught the bag with an oomph, but his hands were locked firmly around it and he didn't sway on his feet. Barking out a laugh, he smirked across the circle at S'ric, and made a move as if to quickly throw it back to him, contrary to the rules. However, just before the sack left his hands, P'run brought it back into the circle of his arms, grinning across at S'ric. It was a little surprising to see S'ric playful, and in public too, but it certainly did make this drill a little more interesting.

After a brief moment to enjoy S'ric's reaction, and wave a hand at the admonishing look which came his way from W'um, he passed it gently onto a young girl not far away from him, calling her name, "Ya'lin", to grab her attention before he threw it. Despite his actions with S'ric, his throw was easy, accurate and soft, even if she looked like the wind would blow her away, at least she wouldn't be able to blame him for a bad throw if she dropped it.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #13 on: August 13, 2017, 05:48:43 AM »
Ya'lin heard her name and looked towards S'ric as he tossed the bag of firestone toward her. She caught it and tested its weight. It was not a full sack she wondered id she was the only one that noticed. Not a full sack but a good start. He mist be testing us./ she realied to her green who agreed.

She looked around the circle and smiled at F’erro tossing the nag to him. "F’erro heads up." She yelled making the toss sure so he could catch.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #14 on: August 13, 2017, 08:16:44 AM »
T’rel flashed Galve an apologetic, if not still slightly-cocky smile. “Couldn’t help myself, figured you wouldn’t mind.” That the Red rider had chosen to stand next to him was a mild annoyance, but nothing to be acted on. Weyteleth hadn’t joined her rider like so many other Reds had, and Galve was hardly a threat alone. He was more concerned about Ya’lin, arguably one of the smallest present. He would’ve preferred his sister to have picked a spot nearer to him, just incase a throw went foul, but he understood her need to independance now. He returned her glance with a grin, hoping to boost her confidence if she was having any doubts.

The bronzer followed the game with rapt attention then. There were a few shaky throws but all in all everyone seemed to be managing. When the sack was passed to the first Black rider, T’rel expected something to happen, but he was disappointed with the end result. He was further put off (though, admittedly, slightly relieved) when P’run picked Ya’lin and did not use any sort of gusto to throw her off balance. He was even gentle.

It’s like you want them to be monsters, his dragon commented idly. Two months had healed his hide well and a rather normal, if not boring, set of lessons and exercises had given him no further prejudice against the mutations beyond what he already had. Nynath would never trust the dragons themselves, but their riders seemed like a decent sort.

I thought you weren’t paying attention? T’rel’s annoyance was obvious. He, on the other hand, knew that a rider was just as capable of acting out. He was determined to make everyone else see that, too.

He hadn’t gotten the chance yet, though. Ya’lin passed the bag to another Red rider. He continued to wait and watch.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2017, 04:42:06 PM »
T’rel has it, now T’vye, now W’lleni, to Eireen, to S’ric, to P’run, now Ya’lin, to, OH, TO US! The Red dragon’s commentary allowed F’erro to focus better on the game, truthfully. His sleepy head still wasn’t awake enough to follow the motions. He’d been banking on avoiding his turn for as long as possible, not making eye contact and standing a little further back between the two weyrlings he stood beside, as if he could disappear. It worked for long enough, but all good things would come to an end.

Why Ya’lin chose him, F’erro didn’t really know. He’d never interacted much with the girl, nor did he particularly want to. Zhouth preferred her own kind when it came to socializing and she seemed especially rivalrous with other female dragons. It was easier to avoid unsightly interaction. He didn’t have time to dwell on it, though. The girl threw true but he wasn’t in a position to easily grab anything. F’erro fumbled, arms reaching out awkwardly, but the bag slipped through his hands, albeit slowing, before landing on the Red dragon below him.

You missed, Zhouth said, sounding neither hurt or particularly upset. It was a simple observation.

F’erro didn’t look too embarrassed. He bent down to pull the sack off of Zhouth, checking her to assure himself that she was, indeed, fine. “That’ll teach you the value of personal space, eh?” I am sorry, though, should’ve figured this would happen. Out loud he was cheery, joking, saving face. Zhouth felt the sincerity of his shame, however.

The little dragon backed up without further comment, shaking herself off and tiptoed over to where Ooromoth lay. She flopped down beside him and asked, Wherever I go, darkness follows me. What am I?

F’erro corrected his stance and hefted the sack firmly into his grip. Trying to look more alert and purposeful, he looked for a target. “Alright, Galve, you’re up. Try to catch it so I don’t look like a complete failure, deal?” He tossed it with a little more coordination and care.

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Offline Galve

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #16 on: August 14, 2017, 02:42:59 AM »
Turning to T’rel, Galve gave a snort, “it was practically a rescue, want to catch it for me all the time? I would be happy to hide behind you for each and every one of these drills.” The offer was meant to be humourous, but with an undertone of ‘please help me,’ that wasn’t entirely meant to be heard. Although, it was Galve, and their tendency to overshare meant that it probably could be heard from all the way on the Continent.

You said that even if we didn’t like the lessons, we had to learn all of them eventually to be true dragonriders, piped up a mindvoice that was a little irritated that her bonded was trying to shed their turn when she wasn’t allowed to.

It was a joke, the ex-kitchen hand added with a little chargrin, looking down at the dragonette currently sitting on their feet. It wasn’t a position with the greatest athletic advantage, but it had become commonplace for the little Red to do so. Something about not liking to see Galve’s feet twitch, which was a coping mechanism that they’d learnt so that they could fidget without getting in trouble. In an attempt, when it first happened, to dislodge the Red without hurting her feelings, Galve had continued to wiggle their toes anyway.

Which failed miserably, because the Red ended up finding it funny, and now the habit was made.

Oh, sorry. Pausing for a bit, before the tiny Red head lifted to look directly up at Galve, it wasn’t very good.

You get mean when you’re bored, aren’t you supposed to be paying attention to who is catching and throwing?

I am, are you?

Oh, yeah, right.

Galve didn’t concentrate very well so it wasn’t really the first time Weyteleth had pointed it out, which actually worked very well between the pair. They might both be impatient, but at least Weyteleth could pay attention through her boredom, Galve tended to just find something else to hold their interest.

Looking up, Galve began to scan the circle for who had the sack, head turning as they did so. A prod from Weyteleth, who just said Ya’lin,, had their head swivel just in time to see the sack fly through the air to F’erro.

Smiling at F’erro before he threw it, appreciating his humour, Galve’s face quickly transformed into a comical grimace as they followed the sack through the air. Catching it with one hand before the other, because coordination was overrated, Galve quickly pulled the sack to their chest to save it from falling. An overcorrection that caused an ‘oomph’ when the full weight of the exercise hit their chest, but they did catch it.

Smiling back over the circle at the other Redrider was the full extent of Galve’s reply, before they looked expectantly at the Red at their feet. Masath’s S’nis, the little dragon replied in her surprisingly deep mindvoice, with a rough impression of where he was in the circle.

Looking back up, relieved that he was within what Galve considered to be their throwing range, they simply called, “S’nis,” and lobbed it with both hands.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #17 on: August 15, 2017, 06:52:42 PM »
L'anna hated mornings her twin had to lug her out of bed to get her to this lession so she stood by him her dragon behind her getting attention from the flits. She watched the sack as it was thrown. Her hair a mess and falling in her eyes. She would not be able to catch it as she was not fully awake.

She tries to keep track but was falling asleep on her feet. Yep she was not fully her this morning. She would most likely fumble the sack like she had the ball on many occasions because she was half asleep.
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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #18 on: August 25, 2017, 03:58:36 PM »
N'lyse wouldn't have called himself a morning person before Kalestath's Hatching; he'd never been the type to grumble and grouse about having to get up early, but he was definitely less than bushy-eyed and bushy-tailed on those mornings that were particularly early. That hadn't changed since his Impression, and while he certainly wasn't one of the more outgoing members of their class, this morning was a particularly silent one for the blackrider.

The pair listened rather intently to W'um's instructions, and though Izelith was near trembling with anticipation (despite his lack of participation in this exercise), N'lyse was less than excited. It wasn't that it was a stupid exercise or anything, just…unengaging, in a way. At least so far it was, but that was more a matter of chance than anything. His name had yet to be called, and until then he was rather content to retain only the vaguest amount of attention on the circle of his classmates.

Hey, Izelith prodded, and N'lyse had to resist the impulse to glance over his shoulder where the young black was sprawled on the ground. Pay attention. His tone of voice left the impression that he'd been doing just that, following the path of the sack of firestone from weyrling to weyrling to a much deeper degree than N'lyse himself had been, and was vaguely chagrined at his rider's lack of attention. 'Alright, alright, I'm watching.'
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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #19 on: September 02, 2017, 04:37:21 AM »
S’nis didn’t particularly enjoy mornings, but he did make an effort to be alert for lessons. When he wasn’t Masath was sure to nudge at him with her snout or nip at his fingers.

That always perked him up.

This time, though, it wasn’t necessary. S’nis didn’t want a bag of firestone flying at his face when he least expected it, so he made an effort to actually follow where it was going and who it was going to. More than that, he wanted to learn the names of the people who had impressed alongside him. Mostly because he’d been shit at getting to know people so this seemed like a great way to learn names without actually talking to people.

That’s cheating, she quipped, sitting just behind him and watching with the same amount of intense interest. She wanted to attack the bag, though. It was just bobbing around in the air, teasing her. Would W’um be really upset with her if she caught it?

S’nis glanced at his little Red as though he could read her mind, just as his name was called out.

Look out!

Sure enough, he turned in time to take the bag to his chest. Grunting, he managed to catch it but it was slopping and he took a moment to catch his breath.

Sorry, she chirped, eyes shifting a muted blue. She’d not meant to distract him.

With a small smile for his Red, S’nis glanced around the circle before he tried to – nicely – toss it toward another. “L’anna!”

Maybe he should’ve picked someone that looked more awake?

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #20 on: September 12, 2017, 10:42:30 AM »
L'anna was not paying attention as the bag came at her but Gyoth was.


At Gyoth's yell L'anna looked up to see the bag but still fumbled it. The bag falling to the ground. She picked it up and looked around the group to see who she could throw it to. She tossed it to T'rel. "T'rel your Catch." The toss was not the best but it was sure.

Offline T'rel

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #21 on: September 12, 2017, 06:56:48 PM »
Another time he might’ve continued to banter with Galve, but things were different now. A game was being played, well two games if you included this firestone exercise, and T’rel saw himself on the opposite side of Galve. Nynath couldn’t even sway him from that thought. Surely they weren’t destined for the same wing and T’rel would never let his Bronze chase a mutation when the day came. No, it was best to keep things short and not waste time on the interaction.

He pointedly turned away from her, angling his body in a way that feigned he was better tracking the bag of stones. There was something satisfying in how F’erro fumbled, followed by Galve’s less-than-graceful save. Yeah, definitely not the same wing, he thought with a smirk. The game continued, but he didn’t have to wait too long for it to finally come his way.

His name was called and he had ample time to prepare himself. The throw was caught and in the same motion, using the momentum of his arm swing, he let it fly to its next target. “N’lyse,” T’rel clipped, hurling it with force toward the Black rider.

Between watching passes he had been concocting some juvenile plan. Unfortunately for N’lyse, he looked the least awake of the Black riders present and T’rel was, of course, hoping to catch him off guard with the rushed throw and delayed heads up. The smile on his face was an eager and twisted thing.

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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #22 on: September 12, 2017, 08:10:40 PM »
Lessons, lessons, lessons. Lessons are boring. The Red complained to hers as she lounge slightly apart from her other clutchmates.

Yes, well, its necessary for survival, love. If we don't train, we die. We can be easily killed. She listened to W'um as he spoke about their lesson for the day. This will be interesting, she thought as she moved with the others to form the circle.

I don't want to die. She said plaintively. I don't want you to die either!

That is why training is important. Now, hush love so I can concentrate. Saidra said to her lifemate soothingly as she put herself fully into the Lesson. She would not be the one that was taken unawares.

Offline T'vil

Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #23 on: September 12, 2017, 10:17:16 PM »
"Good morning," he called to W'um, giving him a cheerful grin. Waking up early didn't bother T'vil at all. He was normally up around six in the morning anyways, enjoying some time in the bowl before joining the other weyrlings for breakfast. He listened attentively as W'um shared their drill for the day, excited to finally be doing something.

I'm not, his dragon huffed. T'vil just patted Findaeth on the head. //I know. But hang out here and help me out with names. You know I don't know everyone.// The black leveled an eye at him but settled to the ground as his rider circled up with the other weyrlings.

T'vil found himself by two weyrlings he didn't recognize right away. His roommates, S'nis and Eireen, were across the circle, which meant he could at least throw to them if need be. For the moment, he waited and watched as the bag was tossed around the circle.

Why are they ignoring you? Findaeth asked. T'vil sighed and spared a glance at the black, who admonished him to keep an eye on the bag. //Because we're different, Findaeth, and most people don't like different.// It was the best explanation he wanted to give at the moment. Being with S'nis and Eireen helped. They had also Impressed one of the new mutations, so they got it. He didn't know what life would be like if he was stuck rooming with T'rel or the other more...traditional minded weyrlings. Life certainly wouldn't be easy. But he liked to think that their whole room got along as classmates at least, if not the start of friends, and that was what they needed.
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Re: In The Beginning [16.08.2590 // 8am] Weyrlings of 2590
« Reply #24 on: September 13, 2017, 06:21:35 AM »
Ya'lin watched the bag as it was tossed. She looked at her brother and shook her head he was being mean to the black riders and she was not sure why other than he was a stickler for the traditional colors.

Why does he not like the Blacks and Reds?

I do not know Faromith. I guess it has to do with how we where raised but I do not mind them. T'vil impressed a Black and he is a nice person. I knew him from before and a Black has not changed him.

She looks over at T'vil and smiles to him. He would be the next one she would throw to if she got the bag back.


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