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Author Topic: An Old Rider's Lunch | [08.08.2590 12:00 p.m.] | W'um  (Read 47 times)

Offline Calinaza

An Old Rider's Lunch | [08.08.2590 12:00 p.m.] | W'um
« on: August 11, 2017, 07:47:09 PM »
Tasunth lay in a large patch of sunlight in the weyrbowl basin, near where the farmers worked, her one wing spread wide to catch the warmth of the sunshine. Naza stood near her head, running her fingers across the eye ridges. ”Are you staying here, Tasunth?” she asked softly as her dragon’s eyes slowly lowered in drowsy delight.

Mmmm…. Yes. I think so. Go and enjoy your lunch with W’um. I am going to stay right here with Lucky

Naza smiled slightly at this. “Alright. You both enjoy your nap then. It is down to the docks with us after I am back.”

Then you better take a long time at lunch. Tasunth responded with some amusement.

“Cheeky,” Naza muttered back. With one last parting pat to her dragon’s neck, she said goodbye and began the trek in towards the main dining hall.  She was both looking forward to, and dreading the lunch with W’um.  She had not had much of a chance to sit and talk with the other dragon rider since he became the assistant weyrling master, so she was interested in hearing about how that was going for him. On the other hand, there had been the disastrous events which had resulted in R’sin’s death as well as the death of one of W'um's weyrlings which would have certainly soured any enjoyment that W'um might have found in his new position.

Naza shuddered a bit at the thought of it. She hadn’t been present in the weyr bowl at the time, but she had heard what had happened to the green dragon’s wing, and it had left both her and Tasunth uneasy.

As she drew closer to the hall, the rumble of voices grew louder. She finally passed through the cavernous opening to the hall and began scanning the tables. It was just the start of the scheduled lunch time for Prairie, and it showed by the number of familiar faces filtering in to get lunch before they were scheduled for more drills.

Naza moved off to the side and began scanning the multitude of faces, looking for W’um’s in particular and hoping that if he wasn’t here he would at least see her if she stayed near the entrance.


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