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Author Topic: rubi's gems [plotter]  (Read 1375 times)

Offline rubi

rubi's gems [plotter]
« on: August 11, 2017, 08:52:15 PM »
rubi's gems

If you're looking for some ROCK SOLID characters, you've come to the right place. Even though some of them are DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH, you'll find that they're MULTIFACETED, and if you look a little closer you'll find some real HIDDEN GEMS.

Rock puns aside, I've been writing and role playing for over ten years now. I'm a 22 (soon to be 23) year old Aussie, and I'm a masters / grad student studying writing, editing and publishing. I have a lot of free time, but a lot of it is spent writing for uni, so this is my fun outlet. I also game in my free time, which can be distracting

I will RP just about anything, and I don't really have any hard limits - have at it! As I'm new here, my post record has been exemplary ;) but I'll be sure to update you around areas of lower activity (usually the end of semester when everything is due).

Things I like: First and foremost, I like conflict in the things I write. That's not to say I need my characters in fisticuffs every thread, but I love writing things with points of tension. That said, it's good to get away from that too and have more relaxed moments too, making those conflict moments feel more tense and the relaxation ones more deserved. As such, I'm always on the look out for good antagonists to pair my characters with, as well as allies. Politics, intrigue, blackmail, they're all good shit.

I'm also a big fan of fluid character growth, which means I'm unlikely to specifically plot out romances with other characters (at least at first). I like to know how two characters will gel together before thinking about that stuff, and find it's more fun when it happens naturally. That's not to say we can't think about it now, just bear in mind I tend to respond to it better as a potential thing, in the overall scheme of how these two characters would interact.

Thread Tracker ♣ Wanted


Quenneca // Jedee
Catching up with old friends

Thiis // Thealdrae // Jedee
Candidate shennanigans

Y'vis // H'vier
Under New Management

Y'vis // J'thir
Tension is tense
« Last Edit: September 07, 2017, 04:18:34 AM by rubi »

Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 09:10:29 PM »

Y'vis of bronze Xnyeth
55 ⚜ Jungle Wingrider ⚜ Traditionalist
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Y'vis is a bit of a stickler for the old way of things, and is a relic from the last Pass when things were good and thread was falling constantly. Sustaining a few war wounds from the experience, Y'vis now finds himself surrounded by youths who don't respect the order of things, and mutant dragons raining from the skies. While not an ambitious man, the recent deaths of the Jungle Wingleaders and the general state of things in Southern has him actively looking to play his part in shaping the weyr, before it's too late.

Looking for: Y'vis is looking to reaffirm old friendships and find new allies in these troubling times. He will most likely get along with those over the age of thirty, or those who hold traditional views about the way the weyr should be run (aka down with the mutants). He also holds a greater respect and comradeship with those in his Wing, though he's not exactly the chummy type at the best of times. He's less likely to interact with anyone but the top of the Hold leadership, as despite their proximity he still considers the Holders as separate from weyr life.

With this in mind, there are going to be plenty that don't agree with his politics either. There's plenty of space for enemies, though he's unlikely to get into loud verbal arguments with people, prolonged struggles of politics and wills are definitely on the cards. Romantically, he's just a bit old for all that drama, and even green flights are beginning to seem tiresome and frivolous. Getting him to open up as a friend is going to be a struggle enough, as he's very focused on the weyr.

N'dar of bronze Balomuth
26 ⚜ Jungle Wingrider ⚜ Idealist
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Started at the bottom, now we're here. Born into a refugee family that abandoned him at a young age, it's unlikely that N'dar would have survived this far without Ivonai. Having lived on the streets into their teens, everything changed when N'dar was searched and they were able to join the weyr. N'dar is an idealist at heart with conflicting morals around the weyr, his duty, and his family. He just wants to save everyone.

Looking for: Enemies? N'dar is one of the younger wingriders in Jungle, but like other members of his Wing he's not the most social creature, albeit for different reasons. He spends most of his downtime with his weyrmate, Ivonai, and their children, which certainly hasn't made him overly popular, especially among the traditionalists in his Wing.   

Friends? The above means he won't necessarily be the easiest to buddy up with, though he's hardly an unfriendly person. A bit of perseverance will go a long way, as well as low expectations for prolonged social encounters. People he likes are people to whom he's fiercely loyal. He is as likely  to befriend weyrfolk as he is holders, and would be a good ally for someone with aspirations of the two becoming equal.

S'kelyn of blue Quaith
28 ⚜ Beach Wingrider ⚜ Larrakin
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
S'kelyn's an easy going Beach rider who likes to be on everyone's good side. Outgoing and chatty with just about everyone, he's thrived since the Pass ended and the move to Fort Island. If it's fun and everyone is doing it, S'kelyn will be right there along side them with an abundance of enthusiasm. He also has a strong connection to his family, especially his brothers and his sister, Jossekayne. He gets along well with kids, and is more than happy to spend any amount of time necessary helping out wherlings and candidates, or really anyone in exchange for company.

Looking for: Friendship is something that S'kelyn cherishes, and he's made a good case for trying to befriend everyone inside and outside the weyr. He's likely to have close connections among the Beach and Prairie Wings, as well as the Fishers his Wing spends so much time with. He's also likely to make friends wherever he is: at the dinner table, during drills, running errands, while in the bathing pools - no where is off limits and he makes no distinction between riders, weyrfolk or holders. 

He's less likely to get along well with people who are aggressive or negative or overly 'dominant' in personality, and he tries to avoid them where possible.

S'kelyn is also tentatively open to a relationship. Thus far he's had two serious relationships / crushes and neither have ended well, so he's somewhat cautious about falling that hard again. Though his past relationships have been with men, he's had flings with both men and women and is interested in either.

B'tun of brown Beyuth
45 ⚜ Prairie Wingrider ⚜ Protective
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Pass took almost everything from B'tun: his parents, his brother, most of his family. He rebuilt a life from what was left, and was as relieved as anyone to see the Interval ushered in. More than a little damaged, inside and out, he now spends much of his time trying to keep those he loves out of harm's way and himself in non-triggering environments.

Looking for: Friendship B'tun doesn't get out much these days, but he'd certainly know those in his Wing and Beach well enough. He'd probably get along best with those from his Wings back at Fort, where he flew thread for two decades between 2567 and 2587. He's not a fan of arrogance or reckless behaviour liable to get people hurt, so he's unlikely to look favourably on those types. 

As he's already spoken for by H'tay (available for adoption wink wink), he's certainly not looking for a relationship, and given his tenuous grasp on mental well-being won't be seeking out any enemies either.

Mentees B'tun is a patient teacher, and would suit a mentorship role for weyrlings and young riders, formally or informally.

19 ⚜ Candidate ⚜ Prickly
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jedee's had a rough life, as her family was upended from Tillek Hold the year she was born and never regained their footing. Raised in a life of crime in the underbelly of Fort Hold, she fled home at 12 to escape forced marriage and has been living rough ever since. She was eventually recaptured by the gambling boss her parents owned, and has been 'working' for him ever since. Stating his intention to marry her off for his own gain, Jedee  jumped at the opportunity to become a Candidate to escape her fate a second time, despite a deep seeded fear of dragons and their riders.   

Looking for: Candidate friends and enemies: Jedee is more likely to accrue more of the latter than the former. She's kind of hard to approach at first and can take a while to warm up to people. She's lonely though and naturally gravitates to people that are quiet, a little bit rough around the edges, and generally not too up themselves. She's a naturally combative personality that tends to get defensive around rude, loud or arrogant types and has a natural instinct for brawling when the going gets tough.

Old connections: Anyone who was having a rough time of it back at Fort Hold might have crossed paths with Jedee before, though they might not immediately recognise her. A familiar face is a comfort in these trying times, and she's far more likely to try and attach herself to someone she knows, even in passing.

Romance? Jedee is pretty much exclusively interested in girls at this point, but she's still exploring this aspect of her sexuality and has never been in a serious relationship before.

26 ⚜ Wherhander ⚜ Manipulative
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Londilia hasn't had the nicest of lives. Born at the height of Threadfall at Fort Weyr, she experienced the darker side of the Hold from a young age. Eventually winding up in the whorehouse her mother had belonged to, she's found the move to Fort Island to be all the blessings. A free agent with a gold wher, she's looking to make the most of her new found freedom and the opportunity for a new start. 

Looking for: Allies / People to exploit: She has a chip on her shoulder about her younger brother Tythinaden who's been tipped for Candidacy, and has her sights set on the top of the Hold leadership to try and out do him. She's been milling around for the past two years waiting for her wher hatchling to mature, and is now beginning to properly sniff around with the creation of the Mine Hall separate from the weyr. If you're influential, she wants to know you.

Friends: She's not made of stone, and she's quickly discovering that freedom can be awfully boring. A naturally chatty and curious person, she's far more likely to form genuine connections with people she thinks won't stab her in the back. She's out and about enough to consider riders, crafters and holders alike friends, and would likely have favourites from each walk of life.

Old connections: She knows some of the other former whores floating around the hold, and there are bound to be a few old clients too. She's doing her best to distance herself from that life and construct a new identity for herself however, so she's unlikely to act kindly unless you have something pretty impressive to offer in exchange.

Romance? The one problem with not being a whore anymore is the lack of sex, which is positively depressing. Londilia misses it, and falls into bed with people (mostly men, but she's been known to go for women too) more often than she'd probably care to admit.

« Last Edit: September 07, 2017, 05:37:23 AM by rubi »

Offline RedShoesWrites

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2017, 04:57:54 AM »
@rubi - Y'vis and Calinaza might be friends.  Naza is a bit uneasy regarding the mutations and might be a good ear for Y'vis to complain/ vent to regarding it. It could be assumed that they have known each other a long time as they both came from benden, and then moved to telgar. Feel free to take a peak at  naza's profile and let me know if she is someone you might be interested in getting a thread started with.   :bird:

Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2017, 06:19:45 AM »
@RedShoesWrites I'd definitely be interested in threading them together! Old Pass veterans need to stick together. Looking at their histories, I think Y'vis's brother died the same year (possibly the same time) as Naza and Tasunuth sustained their injuries, so lots shared experience.

Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2017, 05:48:11 PM »
Bumping - updated with two shiny new characters ready to meet the world. Come at me!

Offline SirAlahn

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2017, 06:40:18 PM »
*rubs hands together* Alrighty, now that I've got the flit clutch thread up, it's time to fall into your plotter.

So you said that S'kelyn would be inclined to either try to convince Jo to get a flit egg, or essentially press one on her. XD I think that sounds like a lovely place to start with them. My only question is -- would you prefer me to start, or are you willing to? I'm pretty open to any date with her, but I wasn't sure exactly how S'kelyn would be approaching this, so I didn't want to toss up a thread that would go against your plan. ^_^ Similarly, if you want to thread him getting the egg(s) from A'lori, I'm game for that too!
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Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2017, 07:12:30 PM »
@SirAlahn Both of these things sound good to me, depending on whether you really want Jo to have a flit or not, S'kelyn could forseeably pick up two eggs and try and convince her after the fact (in an 'it's too late now, it's already here' capacity. Alternatively, since it is a gold clutch, S'kelyn could pick out an egg for himself ahead of time but leaves Vanity to have her babs until they hatch and drags Jo along to hatching and things escalate from there - the possibilities are endless. S'kelyn I don't think would ever force one on her, but 'strong encouragement' would definitely be on the cards ;)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2017, 07:12:58 PM »
I mean... S'kelyn and K'eeda need to go swimming together. When it's storming. Because why wouldn't they? If he can tolerate how challenging and combative she is, they'll be the best of friends. But he's on a Blue, so he's already world better than most people in the world in her book.  :happy:

Offline SirAlahn

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2017, 07:20:37 PM »
@rubi I'm honestly open to either. Perhaps he tries to convince her after he's already picked an egg out for himself, and then ends up dragging her along anyway? (Even if he does take the egg to tend to it himself -- just to make sure he doesn't miss the hatching -- we could certainly do a thread when it hatches just as an excuse to play with them. <3 ) I could go either way on whether or not she ends up with one in this particular instance. So it really depends on how strong his "encouragement" would be. :3
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Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #9 on: August 16, 2017, 10:29:55 PM »
@SanctifiedSavage 100% needs to happen. I'm game whenever you are (and so is S'kelyn).

@SirAlahn That works! I'm happy to let RP decide whether she does or doesn't. I might grab a second egg with that in mind and see if he can't convince her when they hatch as well? Worst comes to worst he has two baby flits (definitely not the end of the world XD)

Offline SirAlahn

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #10 on: August 17, 2017, 10:17:49 AM »
@rubi Sounds lovely! If you want to do a thread of them chatting about it, or him showing her the eggs, I'm game. :3 I can get a starter up in a few days, but I probably won't be able to this weekend due to the family visiting Sanctified posted about in the Absences board. So if you don't want to wait for me, I won't complain. ^_^
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Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #11 on: August 17, 2017, 10:36:36 AM »
@SirAlahn I will get one started over the weekend hopefully - spending a bit of time away myself so I will see how I go!

Offline laceface

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #12 on: August 23, 2017, 08:48:50 PM »
For you!

[20.08.2590 / 5pm] Get My Mind Off - Y'vis // Esclamonde

Code: [Select]
[20.08.2590 / 5pm] [url=http://southernwindsweyr.net/index.php?topic=5820.0]Get My Mind Off[/url] - [{Yvis}] // [{Esclamonde}]

Offline Inki

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #13 on: September 15, 2017, 02:14:39 AM »
I think Ysveta and Jedee could have an interesting dynamic. Ysveta is just weird, so I don't think she's... socially adept enough to put Jedee into combat mode, but it's highly possible that Jedee might just find her naivety annoying.

I'd be curious to throw them together for some candidate thing :3

There might also be some other candidates around that we could throw together for a group thing, cause I haven't really got Ysveta in with any other candidates either.

I'm happy for whatever  :love:

Offline rubi

Re: rubi's gems [plotter]
« Reply #14 on: September 21, 2017, 06:19:04 AM »
@Inki sorry for the delayed reply! Yes, I'd love to throw these two together for some candidate shenanigans of some form, see how they get along. I reckon a group candidate thread would be cool too, since they're a bit of a disparate bunch. I wonder if we might be able to set up an impromptu game of cards in one of the candidate rooms after dinner and before lights out?


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