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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Seashells by the Seashore - [01.07.2590 - 12:30 p.m.] - Elremmiria  (Read 118 times)

Offline Janna

Janna tossed her shoes to the grassy edge of the cove’s beach and scrunched her toes up in the hot sands. Glancing down the cove, she could see that there were a number of fisher folk towards the docks still, and a few more playful dragons that were taking advantage of the beautiful day and lunchtime hour to cool off in the water.

Janna wasn’t here for the water though. She was here for the little treasurer’s that could sometimes be found along the tide lines. It was the little seashells that speckled the sands that she was looking for today. For she had recently come into possession of some fine cord from a weaver that she wanted to use to fashion a necklace out of, with the centerpiece of her masterpiece to be at least one beautiful seashell.

She didn’t have too much time to look, however, as she had lessons in less than an hour, but she could put off lunch one afternoon in favor of finding the perfect shell. Because of this, she didn’t stop to admire the rising cliff sides that sheltered the cove from the sea or the crystalline waters that lapped gently at the shores. Instead, she turned towards the long expanse of sands.

With a small woven pouch to drop her finds into, she began to stride with purpose towards the high tide line that ran along the beach, the sea debris marking a dark contrast to the bring sands that lined the beach. There had been a storm last night, and the agitated waters had thrown more debris along the beach than was typical.  Walking along this line, she slowly began to come across various potential additions to her shell collection. While she tossed the majority of those that she inspected, there were a few undamaged shells that she dropped into the small bag.

It was only when she had reached what she considered her halfway point, based on the amount of time that she had available to her for combing the beach, that she noticed the slightly younger girl that was nearby. ”Hello,” she called out, raising her hand in greeting.


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