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Author Topic: Mature No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona  (Read 3019 times)

Offline Bl'yx

Re: No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona
« Reply #50 on: October 24, 2018, 05:44:52 PM »
The things that Faytona spoke of sounded like something out of a fairy tale. As much as Bl’yx had ever been one to fall hard and fast for others, he still didn’t believe in the kind of love at first sight more romantic people swore by. And while that wasn’t precisely what she had said, it still felt… odd. Knowing that in his own heart, that initial rush of affection was always dangerously dizzying infatuation rather than actual love, much less something that would be secure rather than painful and damning… Bl’yx couldn’t really believe that was how she felt.

But Faytona seemed sincere in her own belief of it, and that was worth something. Even if he doubted the true meaning behind what she said, Bl’yx didn’t think the girl had it in her to be purposefully cruel. Nothing in his interactions with her had indicated to him that she was the sort to string someone along or play petty games.

Above all, though, her last murmured sentiment was what freed him from the paralytic fear that had settled over him when she touched his thigh. But rather than bolting as he would have been wont to do in almost any other situations, Bl’yx actually relaxed. Just minutely, but it was still enough.

Faytona wasn’t demanding that he feel the same way. Whether or not he did, it didn’t seem to faze her. Was she truly that good, that secure, that the thought of it didn’t hurt her? That caring about him that way was enough, even if he couldn’t return it?

Bl’yx didn’t know what to say to that. But at least he didn’t feel guilty when he hesitated a moment and then leaned down to kiss her gently.

All powerplay by P'run and Faytona is allowed. <3
Family Adoptables

Offline Faytona

Re: No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona
« Reply #51 on: October 25, 2018, 12:03:55 PM »
Faytona wasn’t worried or nervous, wondering if Bl’yx would believe her or not. Words were frequently just that, to some people. Words. Actions then, would be what proved herself to him and she was fine with that. It’d come with time and everything would, eventually, sort itself out. In that, Faytona would and could be eternally patient and infinitely kind. Especially when it came to the two people she loved most in the world.

She’d waited so long to be with Perun, she would not likewise rush or ruin things between her and Bl’yx because he had his own worries and fears. Everyone did.

It wasn’t like Perun had believed her so long ago when she said she’d loved him too. Understandable, though. She’d been a little girl and drastically inexperienced in what life meant and had to offer. Faytona had grown and while she was still clueless when it came to some things, she’d only become more certain in others. This was one such thing.

Faytona knew what she wanted, who she wanted to be with.

Her eyes partially opened when she felt him move and smiled some when it was to lean down and kiss her. Which was lovely. One of her hands lightly brushed against his jaw and she encouraged him to linger in it, but she didn’t hold him to the kiss. Then, she murmured lazily, “Do you still want to have dinner with me?”

Any and all powerplay allowed by P'run/Inki and Bl'yx/SirAlahn

Offline Bl'yx

Re: No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona
« Reply #52 on: January 31, 2019, 10:22:06 PM »
That she could so easily switch from such a heavy, meaningful topic to a lighter one was yet another wonder to him. But at the same time that it made him curious, even a bit alarmed, it eased things between them too. She wasn’t going to demand that he claim to be anything other than what he was, or that he felt anything other than what he did. And the distinct lack of drama, the fact that Faytona didn’t seem broken up over it or even worried—it provided no fuel to stoke the potential flames of his panic or any other explosive reaction.

Neither did the way she responded to the kiss, sweet and lingering but not forcing him into more than what he wanted in that moment. Leaning back, Bl’yx just studied her for a moment, unsure what to make of her. Had this girl walked out of some Harper’s tale? She seemed too good to really exist.

He did give serious thought to her question when she asked it. Whether intentional or not—and he guessed it was—she was giving him the chance to pull away if he needed to. To put some space between them and think, if that’s what he required. But after a few silent moments of mulling it over, Bl’yx nodded. “Yeah, I’d still like that.” And he found that it wasn’t a lie, or even a half-truth.

There was an easiness to all of this that was as hopeful as it was terrifying.

All powerplay by P'run and Faytona is allowed. <3
Family Adoptables

Offline Faytona

Re: No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona
« Reply #53 on: February 01, 2019, 11:02:52 PM »
She wasn’t holding her breath or waiting for an answer. Faytona was still quite lazy and relaxed, on the brink of being able to drift off into the nap she’d been roused from just moments before. When he’d been stirred into action.

Dinner would need to be a thing, though. They would likely be able to meet up with Perun, who would be done with his chores, and then they could all come back to the room for the evening. Maybe even after a bath. Such thoughts were already making Faytona quite happy – assuming that was how their evening could play out. It wouldn’t bother her if there was a change to her ‘plan’, either. So long as she got to be around both of them, she’d be happy.

At the very least, she wouldn’t be sleeping alone tonight. Not when she was now moved into this room – weyr – with Bl’yx. She’d never have to sleep alone again.

Her smile widened more so when he clarified that he did want to go down to dinner. Reluctantly, Faytona slid off of the bedfurs. Unconcerned she was still naked, she took a moment to stretch and yawn herself into a more wakeful state. Then she fished around for the dress she’d tossed off. “Maybe after dinner, we can go rinse off in the bathing springs?” She glanced at him before she pulled on her dress. “Be nice and clean before bed, hm?” It shouldn’t excite her so much that she’d be sleeping next to someone, but it really was.

Any and all powerplay allowed by P'run/Inki and Bl'yx/SirAlahn

Offline Bl'yx

Re: No Brakes on the Train [ 33.3.2587; 6 PM ] || Faytona
« Reply #54 on: April 04, 2019, 08:06:21 PM »
Despite himself, Bl’yx couldn’t help but admire her as she slid off the bed. She was so pretty, so unmarked by the Pass, that she hardly seemed real. How did such a person exist, where she wasn’t visibly marred by anything like Threadfall, fights, or even malnourishment? Rather, Faytona just looked healthy. Vibrant. Like that inextinguishable light inside of her was shining out into her body too.

And when he had become a Harper, having such thoughts that he had no business having?

But though he felt silly for having them, Bl’yx still did smile some as he watched her. While she didn’t seem frail or fragile, per se, she did look… soft. Like someone that needed protecting, and Bl’yx found himself wanting to do so. No matter that in the past he had never felt so for another person—not since Zuraneth, really. It had been a long time since he’d allowed himself to get close enough to anyone to feel protective. But it had come out in full force around her, even after knowing her for such a short time.

Was he really truly losing his mind this time?

Shaken from those thoughts by her question, Bl’yx rose from the bed to retrieve his own clothes. He’d not go anywhere without looking utterly presentable, even if it was down to dinner and then… “That sounds lovely,” he said softly. Soaking in the warm water always calmed him in a way nothing else quite did.

All powerplay by P'run and Faytona is allowed. <3
Family Adoptables


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