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Author Topic: Approved Nalata [22/08/2574 | 9th Pass] || Gold weyrling  (Read 2744 times)

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Nalata [22/08/2574 | 9th Pass] || Gold weyrling
« on: August 15, 2017, 03:07:22 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
None so far
Date of Birth:
22.08.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Gold Minath
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Nalata is all about comfort and efficiency. She doesn't spend time on looks and while undeniably beautiful, feels no need to accentuate her features in any way, shape or form. She is far too thin for her age, hard lines meeting softer curves as puberty starts to soften her features. Given a little more time and some care to eat properly and she will fill out somewhat, though will never be the robust, curvaceous woman she could have been had food in her formative years not been so scarce.

Long hair falls in soft curls about an oval face, providing a stark contrast to the pale skin only ever so slightly tanned in the turns since moving to Southern Winds. Her clothing choices always suit the task at hand, though she does prefer looser, thin fabrics when not engaged in drills or the like, excepting her riding gear, most everything she owns hangs loosely on her thin frame.

Since impressing Minath, she no longer appears as fragile as she once did, her head held higher, back straighter and seeming a little more capable than the comparative child she was as a candidate. She has taken to her role well, and it is only rarely that one would see her falter. She has not dispelled her fear of failure, and there are times of vulnerability still where she seems somewhat diminished, particularly without her bonded there to bolster her presence.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Having been born towards the end of the pass, Nalata found herself more affected by the cessation of threadfall than the catastrophe itself. Suddenly death was no longer a constant companion to everyone, rider or otherwise as they went about their duties, thread no longer stopped people from going outside in the sunshine and even though the population was tiny compared to what it once was, there was no reason to see anything but hope as the dragonriders went in search of somewhere more hospitable for them to start over again. It did not take long for Nalata to realise what a boon it was to have somewhere relatively safe to call home, and without a firm recollection of how things “should be” since she isn’t old enough to have such bias, she can only say with certainty that it is better than it was. While she had no doubt it would take time, the possibility that one day, they could return to the numerous holds, halls and weyrs they once had is all kinds of exciting.

Response to dragon color mutations: Neisoth's hatching was a curious event in and of itself, and without the prejudice born of age or tradition, Nalata treated it as nothing more than that. There was no doubt that his birth rubbed more than the fair share of people the wrong way, but it was an attitude she refused to share. It had to have happened for a reason, and she was in no place to judge.

When the clutch that produced Minath also produced three more blacks and three reds, her curiosity increased tenfold, and while she may have leanings towards the colours she knows, she is aware that there must have been some reason as to why the new colours appeared, and is certain that they will prove some benefit, if only because they are, still, dragons. Each and every one of them.

Who are you...


* Getting things done: She doesn’t need to have someone congratulate her each time she completes a task, just the knowledge that it’s done and dusted is enough to make her happy. The only thing better than that is having a list that she can mark off as things get completed. Each little item making up for one hell of a sense of self-fulfillment.

* Trying something new: While she’s not going to dive in to some half-cocked idea, Nalata is open minded and unconstrained by traditionalist tendencies. She’s going to want to iron out details but she’s not going to shy away from something just because it’s new. Succeed or fail, she’s all about having a go and loves having the opportunity to test out new things. At least once, anyway.

* Challenges: The harder the task, the more accomplished Nalata feels in achieving it. She’s always going to push herself to meet even unreasonably high expectations of her and thrives on knowing that so long as she applies herself wholly to arduous tasks, even being unsuccessful in completing them leaves her better off than had she decided not to try at all.

* Learning: Nalata is the last person to turn around and say she knows everything about everything, and is always eager to keep learning more. You’ll not hear her complaining about classwork, no matter how tedious it may be, it’s all just another lesson to tuck under her belt.


 * People who are closed-minded: She understands that not everyone shares the same opinion, but flat out refusing to even consider the other side to an argument or downright insulting someone with a contradictory belief is rude and uncalled for. So too do those who refuse to budge on proven archaic views frustrate her to no end. This is actually a huge pet peeve of hers that will frustrate her to no end.

* Complainers: Having a bitch because something doesn’t sit right with you is no way to fix anything. If there’s a legitimate reason behind the complaint, find out how to fix it, otherwise, suck it up and move on. Wasting your time moaning about something you can’t or won’t change accomplishes nothing, and creates tension where it isn’t needed.

* Sitting still: Nalata needs to be doing something in order to be happy. She understands the need to sit still and be silent (mostly) but feels as though it is time better spent doing something else. Something important. So she fidgets. Constantly. Perhaps it's her time as a healer when the idea that sitting idly by could mean someone loses their life, but either way she hates to just. Sit.

* Being treated like she’s incapable: There are many reasons one may feel as though they need to take up a certain role or task over Nalata, but if that reason is anything akin to “She can't do it” you're going to find yourself with a very determined young woman trying to prove you wrong. It doesn't matter how correct you were in assuming she couldn't do something, by pointing it out you make her determined to achieve it, to the detriment of her own safety in some cases. She's not one to break rules, she understands there are restrictions for everybody, but if it's purely a matter of “Nalata is unable to do this thing” she will go above and beyond to try and prove herself, regardless of the consequences.


* HARD WORKING : Nalata is not satisfied until a job is done as soon as, if not earlier than required and will push herself to ensure this happens. She will always complete tasks set out for her, and is eager to accumulate more tasks wherever possible. If you need help with something, Nalata will not hesitate to assist, and can often be found stepping forward to volunteer if and when required with little delay.

* RESPONSIBLE : Even before candidacy and her subsequent impression, Nalata took to new roles with a certain gravitas. It is quickly apparent that she is dependable once assigned a role, and despite her flaws makes for a reliable young lady,  if slightly more serious when undertaking tasks than she needs to be. 

* STRONG  CHARACTER : While quiet, Nalata is a gold rider for a reason. She will not hesitate to speak up when she feels as though something isn't right and will put someone in their place with little hesitation. She enjoys a bit of verbal sparring, and will not be inclined to show emotional weakness in public. It is only when completely overwhelmed that you will find her visibly upset, and in such cases she will attempt to retreat to the privacy of her weyr instead of blubbering in public.   

* OPEN MINDED : Regardless of the topic Nalata is willing to hear you out. She will never reject an idea based on one exchange and will seek to cover all bases before deciding whether or not it holds merit. She's the sort of person you'd want to approach when you want to try something new and need a comrade to assist without bias, and while she's by no means a “yes man”, she will try to find more reasons to agree than not. Can't experience anything unless you're willing to try.

* LOYAL : Friendship comes easily to Nalata though not without reason. Once she counts you among her friends you will find an unwavering supporter, confidante and go-to person for whatever it is you may need. While not a pushover by far, there are many things Nalata will do for you if she counts you as a friend. 


* INCAUTIOUS : While she may be able to make informed decisions in calm situations, when other people may be at risk she is likely to throw caution to the wind in an attempt to save them. It's not that she holds no value to her own life, but that she holds higher value to the life of others than herself. She's not going to concern herself with worrying about whether her actions will cause herself harm, only whether her actions could save others.

* WORKS TOO MUCH : Nalata has the opinion that there is always work to be done, and can push herself to the point of exhaustion in an attempt to do everything at once. More often then not, it is someone else who reminds her to take care of herself, with even something as simple as eating a meal takes a backseat in light of something “more important” that she wants to finish first. 

* NOT PHYSICAL : Physically, what you see is what you get with Nalata, and while she may be strong in character, she is downright pathetic as far as any sort of fighting, lifting, or endurance work that she may find herself doing. Of all the things since leaving the healer hall the physical aspect of candidacy and now weyrlinghood have hit her the hardest, and while she's no doubt better than when she first started, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would say she's ”surpassed expectations” so far as the physical side of dragonriding is concerned.

* QUIET : For those who have yet to spend any actual time with her, the fact Nalata impressed a gold seems ludicrous. She speaks only as needed and much prefers listening to conversations, particularly in a crowd. Her silence can easily be mistaken for any manner of attributes not quite pairing up with what is to be expected of a gold rider; shy, placid, doormat; but she is quite the opposite. While she feels no need to talk your ear off, she can and will speak up when required, and isn't scared to make her opinion known... She just doesn't see the point unless it is necessary.

* ATTACHMENT : Nalata isn't exactly cautious when it comes to cementing relationships, and it only takes a few positive interactions before she finds herself counting you as a friend, and she will give you even the clothes off her back if you so needed it. She does expect the same in return, regardless of if you see their relationship that way, and can be easily hurt when the feelings aren't mutual. It opens her up to a fair bit of heartache, and can easily be abused if the “friend” keeps any ulterior motives out of plain sight.

Describe Yourself:

* HONEST: A liar, Nalata is not. She will speak openly when necessary, and will only take a less tactless route when the warping of relevant information will not affect the truth itself. She's going to tell you outright if she spots your “exclusive” weyrmate bedhopping with another outside of a flight, but she isn't going to be brutally honest and say it was because the other woman was prettier. Nor will she refuse to speak her mind purely to protect the feelings of others. Perhaps soften the blow somewhat, but never lie.

* COURAGEOUS: In every sense of the word, Nalata is a couragous soul, particularly when it comes to protecting or confronting others. She fears little for herself and this particular trait had only gotten stronger since Minath bonded with her. If she needed to fend off beachsnakes or walk unarmed into the jungle to do her duty she would, be that to weyr, family or friends. On a less life threatening note, it means she can shoulder larger responsibilities without being overwhelmed, confident enough in herself and her abilities with only the fear of failure weighing her down if and when she lets it.

* EMPATHETIC: There was, perhaps some opportunity for Nalata to have become a blue rider, with her ability to quickly assess and empathise with someone's mood. She will always have a minute for someone who wishes to just talk, without judgement or interruption and more often than not will try to fix whatever their problem with or without that persons consent and/or knowledge. This is especially true for her friends. If there’s even the slightest chance she can fix their problems, she will.

* APPROACHABLE: Maybe slightly lesso now that her steely-voiced gold has gotten quite large, but Nalata has always given off the air that you can come talk to her at any point. Even when occupied with chores or the like she isn't above someone initiating a conversation, and will never dismiss an attempt to speak to her, regardless of how she may be feeling at the time.

* STUBBORN: Nalata thinks things through as much as possible, so when she makes a decision based on the information on hand, she's not going to falter in carrying said decision out. It will be a warm day between when she gives up on something she'd set her mind on and your attempts to steer her away from her course of action will be met with as much resistance as this tiny waif of a gold rider can muster.

The Magic Touch: Nalata had never set out to be a dragonrider, having expected to ride out canidacy and return to healing when her time was up, so impressing Minath was as much a surprise for her as it was the other females who had stood at that clutch expecting to impress the golden baby. She feels as though she wasn't properly prepared to impress and has found herself on a steep learning curve, not only because of weyrlinghood, but the duties of a future (junior) weyrwoman, and a member of the weyr. Being holdborn and with no rider family to speak of has left her clueless as to what to expect, and she only hopes she will not fail to uphold that which is required of her.


Mother: Ketrianna, Master Healer, 03.05.2548 (deceased)
Father: Raoulen, Journeyman Smith, 20.09.2545
Siblings: N/A

Tell us a story...

* 2574, 0 Nalata is born to Ketrianna and Raoul. Her parents are thrilled at her birth since their first child was a miscarriage. She ends up being their one and only child, which made her all the more special to them. Ketrianna continued to have miscarriages for years after Nalata was born until they finally gave up on the hope for more children. Even with their almost overbearing love, they were both very busy individuals during the 9th Pass performing their duties.

* 2577, 3 She spends her childhood hearing stories of great Pern with all of its Weyrs, Holds, and Halls. She loves to hear about the hundreds of dragons and how they have always been there to protect them from Thread. This gives her a glorified image of dragonriders that she will one day grow up to expect from them, and herself.

* 2579, 5 Nalata starts shadowing her mother at the Healer’s Hall to follow in her mother’s footsteps. While her mother and father hardly have time for her (especially her mother, who is always helping those injured and hardly breaks for herself), Nalata loves them dearly and truly looks up to her mother. She dreams of being anywhere close to as caring and talented as her mother. Nalata really pushes herself to learn as much as she can from her mother while she's working.

* 2584, 10 Ketrianna dies from exhaustion. She didn’t take care of herself well enough while treating her patients that she collapsed one day and never woke again. Nalata is in shock and her studies suffer this year.

* 2587, 13 Since her mother’s death, her father has tried his best to raise her in any time that he has. Nalata recognizes his effort, but is pretty much on her own. She has thrown herself back into her studies at the Healer Hall since her mother passed away. She was accepted as an apprentice healer the previous turn. D’mir finds Fort Island and they are all relocated to Southern Winds Weyr. Nalata is intrigued by the change in location and being so close to weyrfolk, but she keeps to her studies. She seems quiet to others as she takes everything in and keeps herself busy rather than taking the time to make friends.

* 2589, 14 Nalata is Searched at the beginning of the new Turn. She doesn’t turn down the opportunity, although her heart is torn at the idea of leaving her dream of being a Master Healer. She keeps herself to the back of the Candidate classes over the next few months, keeping mostly to herself. At the Hatching she still stands towards the back, thinking there’s no way that she will Impress any dragon when there are so many candidates who clearly know so much more about them and the life of being a part of the Weyr. She still feels like somewhat of an outside since moving into the Weyr. Nalata thinks she will go through the experience, count it as an experience, and then go back to her studies. After the Gold hatched, everything changed. It was like her entire world shifted focus. She still loved the healing craft, but it was now like a hobby in a list of her priorities. This dragon was her world, and so was the Weyr. Minath gave her a sense of purpose she never felt with the healing craft before. Now she is an excited weyrling ready to take on any challenges, lessons, and chores. She is determined to keep up with or surpass the rest of her class to prove herself good enough even though there are no dragonriders in her lineage.

* 2590, 15 This turn has been... trying. There have been advances towards the future of the weyr but there always seems to be a negative counterpoint. They have the beginnings of a boat, but there was a riot in the hall. More dragons have joined the world, but multiple deaths have occurred. A new food source, but at what cost? To her credit, Nalata has managed to focus enough on the present so as to not be overwhelmed by all the happenings around her. A good thing too with her one on one lessons becoming much more significant in light of holder/weyrfolk relations. 


Ahh shards.

There is nothing to worry about. What is class for if not to help you improve? The gold was striding towards where the pale blue was waiting, but spared a soft glance for her bonded before focusing on the task she was about to undertake.

Right. Learning. Nalata responded with a determined nod, glancing at her classmates before beckoning one of them over. There was no doubt that someone would have chosen to partner her without prompting, but she needed to take the lead – to show her commitment to the role that would be hers once they graduated.

“You might as well grab a stick on your way. Wa'by said lower rank goes first.” She called quickly before the other weyrling had moved to far away from the pots of makeshift paint. It wasn't meant to be rude – a needless reminder that she outranked all her peers, but a clarification of the sometimes confusing way the assistant weyrling master spoke. It had taken her a while when he took up the mantle after Isotarine, however she only really struggled when he was overexcited now, and even then found him expressive enough to fill in the gaps.

As per the instructions prior to lunch, Nalata wore her riding leathers, and since she was only defending at the moment, spent the time waiting for her classmate to try and loosen up. An archaic, but important skill, bladework, and one she'd known they would eventually have to start learning, but she had hoped there would be a little more flying before they had to work on the advanced hand to hand combat drills. Hopefully she'd manage to not make a complete fool of herself this class. She had to have learnt something in this last turn and a bit.

Minath offered more encouragement over the bond before she was fully attentive to Vicith's instructions, taking into account the visual aid he provided for what formation they were to be flying and how the drill would be carried out. She did not hesitate as she took up the lead position, rustling her wings as she prepared for the order to take off. They were still working on their endurance, and would only do two sweeps at a time before resting, but Minath expected her clutchmates to perform flawlessly, and would expect no less from herself, either, nevermind the fact they'd need a good deal of practice to get this spot on. No. Set the bar high and aim higher. Nothing less was acceptable to the youngest queen of Southern Winds.

Member Info...

Created By:
Original concept by SirAlahn
Original profile by Lyndi
Edits by Wren
Secondary edits by lacihparg
Kyya Did some editing as well
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Make them an adoptable NPC
Mauling Permission
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Anything Else:

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Gold Minath
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 03:10:24 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
29.6.2589 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Halirina’s Kalestath
Clutch Father:
S'bok’s Neisoth
Mature Length: 40 meters
Mature Height:  9 meters
Mature Wingspan: 67 meters

General Appearance...

Minath is a rich gold, pebbled with the lighter hues of her mother, Kalestath, and a darker, burnt gold, almost orange in tone. Her wings are much darker than the rest of her body, making her wingsails a stunning contrast to the rest of her body. As an adult, she will carry herself with a severe grace, though while she remains a dragonet she is as clumsy as any other. It will take a while for her to grow into her bulk, but she will always have the personality and force of will to be intimidating no matter her age.


Mind Voice: Minath’s voice carries with it all the steel of her personality, strong but adaptable to a variety of tones. When she speaks it is clearly as a Queen addressing her subjects – save to her Nalata, with whom she adopts a slightly gentler tone.

Likes: New experiences : This Gold will push her rider outside of her comfort zone, looking to help her grow. She loves adventure, new things, and excitement. The best Bronzes (or Blacks or Browns), in her opinion, are the ones that are cunning and adventurous as well.
Responsibility : Minath knows how to play as well as work, and she will thrive best in a situation that challenges her and forces her to grow to meet new obstacles.
Dislikes: Insults : Minath will passionately, frigidly, and unmercifully respond to any insults, perceived or otherwise, against herself or her rider.
Cowards : Minath can’t stand people who are too afraid to go through with an action. She especially loathes people who are lazy and deceitful in addition to cowardly. Own up to your mistakes.


* ADAPTABLE : Despite the undeniable authority of Minath’s personality, she is not static nor stuck in her ways. If she needs to adapt to a situation, she will do so without a fuss. While not exactly humble, she will have no problems admitting when she is wrong.

* RELIABLE : That being said, Minath will reliably make good decisions for her weyr and rider. She is not one to shirk her responsibilities nor lie about something to a superior.

* ADVENTUROUS : This pretty Gold, for all her steadfast authority and apparently icy personality, loves adventure and excitement. She is no shrinking violet, nor a coward.


* INCAUTIOUS : The unfortunate side of Minath’s adventurous aspects means that she will often look before she leaps in terms of her and Nalata’s personal life. She will carefully monitor any decisions she makes for the better good, but for herself she may get herself into tight situations.

* DEMANDING : This dragon does not know when to stop holding people to standards they cannot live up to. She will constantly demand better, and can be quite icy and disappointed when someone doesn’t live up to her expectations.

* STEELY : She is not very free with her affection, save to Nalata. This queen is more of the distant type, without the overly maternal instincts that Kalestath has developed.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like.
Background: #9D7C19; Text: #F5F97F

Member Info...

Anything Else:
This was Minath’s egg.

When she is sexually mature, Minath will fly on 30.01.

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Re: Nalata [22/08/2574 | 9th Pass] || Gold weyrling
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2017, 08:20:15 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Nalata [22/08/2574 | 9th Pass] || Gold weyrling
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2017, 12:21:47 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Nalata [22/08/2574 | 9th Pass] || Gold weyrling
« Reply #4 on: July 19, 2018, 07:39:39 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured by SirAlahn

Minath's Adult Image
There's no doubting Minath's a gold - she is one spectacular queen  :love:

New Relationships:

Minath & Queriluth // Minath pays very little attention to Queriluth, though her tone gets a touch haughty when Nalata goes so far as to openly respect the green. Most of Minath's half of the relationship is simply ignoring Queriluth whenever they're around eachother, deigning not to acknowledge the other dragon's presence unless a training exercise forces her to. She's just a lesser female after all.

A'lori // A friendship forged over weyrlinghood, and bound to continue onwards past graduation, A'lori is one of the few people Nalata feels she can be herself around. Not a Junior Weyrwoman. Not a Gold Weyrling. Just Nalata. Nevermind that their dragons don't get along... It's not really a necessary aspect of their relationship. She;s just as happy to listen to A'lori talk about his bondmate as A'lori is to hear about hers.


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