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Author Topic: Approved Vorianna [21.06.2560// Sr Journeyman Healer]  (Read 914 times)

Offline RaynePOTM

Vorianna [21.06.2560// Sr Journeyman Healer]
« on: August 22, 2017, 04:54:36 AM »

Play By:
Bar Rafaeli

Vor (rhymes with floor) – ee – ahna
Vori, Annie
Date of Birth:
21.06.2560 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Igen Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse:
C’ryn of Brown Gerraeth (Ger (rhymes with air) – raith (rhymes with wraith)) [32.08.2558]

Your Reflection...

Out of all the children, Vorianna takes after her mother the most; her wild blond hair, her open smile, her tanned skin, pale green eyes that sparkle when she’s happy, all inherited from her mother and she proudly hopes to pass on to her kids. Her smirk, however, with that self-assured glint in her eye, is said to hold her father’s legacy. 

Although Vorianna has never really tried to keep fit, and isn’t as strong as the rest of her family, there’s something to be said for working on your feet almost 24 hours a day, with arms constantly raised and tensed with the pressure of a life in your hands. Childbirth gave her a few more curves than she’d had before, a few more stretchmarks too as Vorianna had always been small, but mostly she’s still thin and soft.

Her clothes are more form fitting, given the urgency of the pass, it wasn’t often that a Healer wasn’t ‘on call’, and it was far easier to wear appropriate clothes to throw a smock over all the time, rather than waste something genuinely pretty (she might be a tiny bit bitter about the first time she got blood all over her beautiful puffy sleeves). And given she spends so much time working, her clothes are as comfortable as they can get.

Given that she and C’ryn weren’t really married, there are no torques or rings, but she does have a necklace with a small locket that C’ryn found in the bowels of an abandoned weyr somewhere and gave to her.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Vorianna puts her faith in action, the only way to survive is to keep moving forward, keep working hard, keep working together. Although she is somewhat bitter about the causes of the 9th Pass, after all, she’s 2nd generation of people who have to deal with the mess begun so long ago by someone else, and she’s seen all the blood and hurt to come from it, she can’t allow herself to get hung up on it. The love of her life is a rider, who has flown thread, and will do so again if the need arises; the man she admired most gave his life fighting to protect them; and her family has managed to carve places for themselves, sometimes literally out of sheer rock, because they kept going even when the times were tough… she couldn’t do anything less. It… irks her somewhat to see people becoming lax at Fort Island. There’s still plenty of work to be done before they’re really safe and they Weyr is in a good place, and those that don’t work as hard as her to help that become a reality, if not for them, but for their children, don’t get a lot of respect from Vorianna.

Response to dragon color mutations: S’bok as a Weyrleader never bothered her much, she had no need to deal with him and nothing fell apart at the seams… well, not because of him at least. So she’d never paid much mind to the mutations, instead allowing her mate to vent his ideas, whatever they had been, with a polite smile and the occasional jab at how ‘they’d never be as good as Gerraeth anyway so what’s it matter?’ At least, that was until Kalestath’s 2590 hatching. The Blacks and Reds in that hatching, had caused so much death and pain. She was one of the healers who’d rushed the sands to help, and yet, so many had still died… and not all of them accidentally. Although it would never cause her to refuse them treatment, her Healers code was far too important to her, she’s been hardset to avoid the Blacks and Reds since.

Who are you...

* Her family – Like any family they argue, but they’re closer than most and supportive of each other in all endeavours… well… almost.
* Being in love – Obviously, everyone loves their weyrmate, it isn’t a shock or they wouldn’t be together, but Vorianna has always wanted to be a mother and a wife, even though she loves her craft, her family and her lover will always come first. She wouldn’t say she’s a romantic, because she thinks that has silly connotations to it, and she isn’t silly, she’s just always wanted to be in love, always wanted the family that comes from that.
* Her flits – Although this mightn’t surprise many others, it was a surprise to Vorianna. Thinking of having three small, chirping, flying, ravenous mouths to follow her around all the time wasn’t exactly Vorianna’s idea of a good time. Especially when she knew how well she’d have to train them (ie. Just how much work they’d actually be) before she’d be able to let them anywhere near her patients was quite daunting in her opinion. But, now, she loves them like her own children and might spoil them just a little. But only if they’re well behaved.
* Sunsets – Being locked inside during thread and then living within the mountain of the Weyr, not including the fact that her life as a healer never really has time for simply sitting, it’s not often that Vorianna actually gets to enjoy the beautiful colours of the setting sun. The times she has been able to enjoy it in her adult life, she was off visiting her mother and brothers. Combining being able to spend time with her family in the place where they are happiest, and the serene colours of the sky, they sit solidly in some of her fondest memories.

* Interruptions – It’s rude, it’s distracting, it’s entirely off-putting, and in plenty of cases it’s downright dangerous, just let a healer work damnit!
* Unappreciative people – Honestly, grow up. People who don’t appreciate what they have now and those who don’t pull their weight either, everyone needs to work together now.
* Arrogance – Being proud of your achievements is different than bragging and being confident is different than arrogance, learn the difference.


* SUPPORTIVE : Vorianna’s always been a person to help others. Although she does enjoy helping, watching that moment of relief in someone’s eyes as they realise that it’s been settled, she thinks it’s more than that. It’s about duty, about using your skills to make things better for others.

* ENTHUSIASTIC : She always leaps into whatever she is doing both feet first, determined to make a lasting difference and ultimately make things better for everyone at the same time. It means Vorianna is one of the more dedicated people when it comes to working to restore their knowledge about healing - among other things - and will always speak up for such efforts.

* HARD WORKING : The last to bed and the first to rise, not solely for her job this time but in respect of her family as well. The children are young and while she pushes herself to be an excellent Healer that doesn't mean she dismisses her children from her life or her mate either. In fact she puts in an extra effort each and every day to spend time with them.

* PRACTICAL : Vorianna has no problem in handling practical things, give her a task and she will accomplish it, whether cooking dinner or setting a broken bone, she is there at the front finding a solution and seeing it all the way through to the end.

* OBSERVANT: The easiest way to make people happy is to pay attention to them? It’s not that hard.
* CURIOUS: Vorianna is a naturally inquisitive person, she loves to learn and loves to help, so the Healer Hall, especially her specialty of Ointment Crafting, is the perfect for her.


* OVERLOADS HERSELF : Due to her need for everything to be perfect, not to mention when that is combined with her strong sense of duty, Vorianna can sometimes push herself too hard to make sure that everything goes to plan. It means others could abuse her willingness and have certainly done so before, which causes extra stress.

* UNABLE TO RELAX : Its hard sometimes for Vorianna to relax and unwind. She used to pretend she could relax ‘like everyone else’ when she was apprenticed to the Hall, in an attempt to show her friends she could be ‘cool’ (they loved her anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal) but really, her version of ‘relaxing’ is just different from everyone else. Give her a small task to focus on in her downtime and that will be enough relaxation for her, to actively try to give her no work at all actually just causes more stress.

* IMPATIENT: She really dislikes ever explaining anything once and if she prescribes a treatment you had better follow it through to the end otherwise she will not be amused at all. This mostly comes out during her emergency work; if you work with her to treat threadscore, you hear the instructions and you follow them, you wasting time not knowing what you’re doing is literally causing another person pain and might kill them. Which, ya know, makes perfect sense for someone to be impatient with you.

* EMOTIONAL: Because of how much she cares about others, how much she cares about her craft, how much she wants to do well and help everyone around her, she often gets a little dismayed and emotional, especially about the things she can’t change. Although she tries to shield her kids and her patients, it only means she ends up bottling things up and has a hard time processing them.

* JUDGEMENTAL: When you have such strong morals and strive for perfection, it’s hard not to hold people to your standards. Of course, in Vorianna’s case she’s more than happy to help people achieve those standards and perfectly understanding when someone has a good reason, but it’s inevitable in some cases, and hard to reverse.

Describe Yourself:

* MOTHERLY: Her family is her pride and joy, this extends to her brothers as well as her own children. She loves being a mother and while it might have slowed her career down a little she wouldn't be without any of her children.

* KIND: Vorianna kinda has to be as a healer, there is need for someone able to listen without judging and assist in making things right again if, and when, that is possible. She does this generally well and with ease that might surprise some.

* GENTLE: Vorianna is a gentle person and occasionally fragile, though it’s not the first word anyone would use to describe her at all. She feels things very deeply and intensely and tends to overreach herself but when she is able Vorianna is a gentle sweet sort of woman especially with her children and flits.

* STRESS HEAD: Although it can jump from being an endearing quality to being downright painful, Vorianna’s constant striving for perfection and affirmation often leads to a stressful existence. It’s not so hard for her friends, given she loves them and doesn’t want to bother them with stuff they don’t need, instead shouldering much of the burden on herself, but it can lead to others (apprentices and the like) thinking she’s going to be hard to work with and stern when they stuff up.

* REACTIVE: Vorianna is always the first to lend a hand when things go wrong, the first healer onto the hatching sands to help an injured candidate, the first to the side of a threadscored rider, the first to come to a friend’s aid when they break down. She sees something happen and her reaction is instant and decisive. She isn’t ambitious and doesn’t care for leadership positions, but is often in charge in emergency situations for this reason.

The Magic Touch: Vorianna snores. Real bad.


Mother: Keassa, 19.4.2546, Sr. Journeywoman Beastcrafter/Brown wher handler of Dicuskt
Father: N’dicus of Brown Regormoth.  DECEASED

* Sebek, 17.4.2562, Sr. Journeyman Farmer/Gold wher handler of Sebisk
* Tinus, 01.19.2565 , Jr. Journeyman Farmer
* Tircin, 20.3.2570, Jr Journeyman Fisher

* Corniassa, 2582
* Haniwen, 2583
* Kallivale, 2585

Craft: Healer

Rank: Sr Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2572, 12

Date Tapped: 2579, 19

Specialty: Threadscore, Burns, Ointment Crafting, Flit aliments

Education Details: Vorianna arrived at the Hall when they were in desperate need, of well...anybody! She did however manage to take to like a duck to water as it were, passionate and determined. Just like the rest of the family. While it means that Vorianna has more than her fair share of experience when it comes to dealing with Threadscore and the like it also means she knows how to handle herself in a crisis as well.

Tell us a story...

* 2560, 0
Born the eldest and eventually only girl of her parents, she is a bright child and laughs early which is possibly a reaction to the stress of people around her at the time with the Threadfall happening.

* 2562, 2
Her younger brother Sebek is born, Vorianna doesn't really understand why her mother is not well and fusses a great deal until her father distracts with coloured beads outside of their home.

* 2565, 5
Vorianna gets another brother, even though she had been much more excited at the idea of having a sister and spends a week sulking about it.

* 2570, 10
While once again hoping for a little sister she ends up with another new baby brother, this time she doesn't pout but rather accepts it as being the way things end up being instead. Though she does ask her mother if this new baby will be less noisy than the others had been before.

* 2572, 12
Vorianna is taken into the Healer Hall to begin learning the craft there, it is something she loves a great deal. Largely as it answers many of her questions about things, even though the ultimate reason is that healers are so desperately needed.

* 2575, 15
Sebek is taken into the Farmer Hall, she celebrates with him and ups her letter writing as well to support him during the transition.

* 2577, 17
Tinus is taken into the Farmer Hall. She is just as proud of him as Sebek but teases him a little bit about following along, while also being keen to praise his skills as a farmer along with his green thumb.

* 2579, 19
While Vorianna is pleased to become a Journeyman and work towards her Mastery it is during this time that she is able to Impress a small number of firelizards when one of her fellow Healers has a clutch from her own gold. While Vorianna hadn't really planned on doing so but she has to admit that they are very adorable companions. At the end of things she ends up with three charmers whom she names; Twinkle, Tum-Tum and Truly in turn. Ending up with a gold was a surprise but Twinkle is certainly sweet and endlessly playful, not to mention cheeky, the brown and bronze are her main companions who enjoy sleeping on her when they can get away with it.

* 2580, 20
Meets, C'ryn for the first time via her flits who elect to charge at him when he startles her at work. After explaining and checking him for injuries they spend the rest of the next hour just talking.

* 2582, 22
At the celebration for Tircin's acceptance into Fisher Hall, she brings her weyrmate home for the first time and announces her pregnancy at the same time. Her first child a boy she names Corniassa is born.

* 2583, 23
Vorianna is pregnant again and this time has a little girl, she names Haniwen. She vows not to have any more children for a little while and settles more completely into her Craft, working on learning all she can.

* 2585, 25
She accidentally falls pregnant again and has another girl, whom she names Kallivale. While upset initially she bonds well with the child and dotes on her and her other children quite freely.

* 2586, 26
Her father, N’dicus falls in one of the last threadfalls of the 9th Pass defending the remaining patches of Fort farmland. Vorianna mourns him deeply and ends up miscarrying her latest child as a result of the stress of the situation.

* 2587, 27
Her little gold Twinkle rises and in time ends up with her own clutch, Vorianna is keen to take it as a good sign, in light of the move to Southern Winds Weyr and what is going to mean for her whole family. She is worried but determined to make the best of it all. In order to make it more of a celebration she ends up giving her mother, Keassa a flit egg after the eggs are all laid.

* 2589, 29
Along with the rest of the Healers she continues to work hard to make sure that people have what they need and more importantly that they are prepared for what could happen in the future. While she is not as labour intensive in her craft as the rest of her family she maintains very close ties to them all, especially Sebek and her mother as well. 

Although her specialty wasn’t usually required, Vorianna enjoyed the atmosphere of hatchings and stood by the sands at as many as she could. Well, she enjoyed most hatchings. But as she passed around numbing and disinfectant salve, held wounds closed for temporary bandages, and helped yet another immobile candidate onto a stretcher, the healer found her jaw aching from the anger and pain of it all.

How could three lives be lost at a hatching? A hatching?

Of course, she knew that the young dragonettes could be dangerous, and this wasn’t the first time that blood had been spilt on such a happy occasion. But the occasional scratch and bruise was nothing compared to bleeding out children and the wrath of a Queen. Quickly moving over to a fellow healer calling for aid, she held closed the split calf of a young boy while her colleague wrapped. Although tears streamed down his face, he was being brave, and she smiled up at him, though it was tight.

“Doesn’t look too bad,” she said low, attempting to calm his frayed nerves and give him something to focus on. “We’ll get you off the sands in a minute, it won’t take long to fix up after--” but she didn’t get to finish. At her mention of leaving the sands, the boy’s eyes widened and he shook his head stubbornly. “I’m not leaving the sands, I can’t! What if my dragon is out there?”

Unable to reply, thoroughly out of her depth, and very unused to such a feeling, Vorianna merely nodded, moving her hands so the healer could finish wrapping. Spotting another who could use her attention, she squeezed the boy’s shoulder as she left, and sent a silent prayer that she wouldn’t see him with any more scars before the sun rose.

Once again, her job was to hold the skin together while another wrapped, it wasn’t what she was used to, but someone needed to do it, and her hands were quick and strong. Unbeknownst to the healer, so focussed on her patients and still uneasy as to why anyone would wish to remain behind, the last three eggs were hatching. She saw the Green and Blue, and breathed a small sigh of relief, comfortable knowing that those colours so rarely caused such pain, but could do nothing but watch as the Black emerged shortly after.

Close enough to hear the screech of the Green to watch out, tears pricked her eyes, but she couldn’t do anything, it happened far too fast for that. Not that she could have helped with much anyway, although the thought brought her no easiness or joy. With no more dragons to impress to, the candidate who she held let out a sigh, whether it was in relief or dejection, Vorianna didn’t know. But she patted them on the arm and offered her shoulder for support as they limped off the sands.

Turning back for one last look at the sands, hoping to see somewhere she could move to next, she saw the young man launch himself at the Black, saw their tussle, the sprays of blood as the dragonettes claws pierced his skin, and in the end, saw them walk off the sands together. How could he walk side by side with that thing? It had no care about the lives it just ended, and clearly cared nothing about hurting his own bonded, what kind of dragon was that?

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by SanctifiedSavage; Original profile by Wren; Previously Played by Dezzi
Other Characters:
Meh, too many
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable… again… really people
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On!
Anything Else:
I’m hungry.

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Re: Vorianna [21.06.2560// Sr Journeyman Healer]
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 04:58:54 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the word...
Date of Birth:
31. 02.2579  9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr

General Appearance...

She has a wonderful warm colour of gold and Vorianna loves the way it catches the light. Twinkle has grown into a solid little Queen and she knows it, at least the Queen part of it all. She thrives on attention is often seen preening or otherwise looking to be adored in her own cheeky sort of way. There is a smoky quality to her colour on her wings but it is a subtle thing and may darken as she gets older. 


Mind Voice: Cheeky, she is very, very cheeky and not a little bossy as well.

* Preening - after all who doesn't want to adore her? Twinkle is a cheeky little lady and loves to flaunt her presence to others.
* Swimming - its actually more like diving but she does it in an elegant way.
* Sleeping - Twinkle actually loves to snuggle, not so much with Vorianna as she often has company but certainly with other flits.

* Being ignored - while generally sweet-tempered Twinkle does not like being ignored, so its best to fuss over her as much as possible and get it over with.
*Children - while she will tolerate Vorianna's anyone elses is ignored and occasionally hissed at if they don't get the message.
* Missing meals - Twinkle is a creature of habit, and her meals needs to be served up on time or there will be consequences.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flights will be the 19th of the 5th month pretty please.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
31. 02.2579  9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr

General Appearance...

Well fed, he has bulked up a lot but that doesn't stop him being one of the ones most likely to snuggle. Tum-Tum is a bright shade of bronze, very metallic and it makes him shine brightly in the full light of the noonday sun. 


Mind Voice: Rumbling and slow, he is a deep thinker...well...about food at least if nothing else.

* Food - its how he got his name, even among flits he has a large appetite and it certainly took more of the food to satisfy him which remains true even now.
* Eating - Tum-Tum when not asleep can usually be found snacking on something, often a treat but usually something he has found.
* Hunting aka locating more food - He has an excellent sense of smell and will bring back food...for himself at least.

* Being kicked out of bed - he loves to snuggle with Vorianna but when she has company in bed he is regulated to their own bed, this makes him sulk.
*Big, loud noises - it upsets his digestion and disturbs his rest, so definite no-no in his book and that is the end of it.
* Not being given attention - Tum-Tum loves to be petted and if Vorianna is too busy will go to the children for the snuggles he craves.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
31. 02.2579  9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr

General Appearance...

He is a muscular chap, very agile for his size and has wonderful shading on his scales too booth. Vorianna thinks him truly handsome and that is how he got his name too boot. Truly has a longer neck than his brother and is generally more active to as well. He is still able to curl up on Vorianna's neck when he wants too as he is less weight than Tum-Tum is and far more settled than Twink usually ends up being.


Mind Voice: Chattering and quick, much like he is.

* Other Flits - Truly is really quite a social little character and enjoys being out and about, either with his own fairs or other peoples as well.
* Exploring - While he sticks close much of the time he is the wanderer of the group and spends more time off on his way looking about and seeing what is there.
* Hunting aka locating more food - like his brother he goes out of his way to find more food but sometimes comes back with others things that Vorianna has managed to tell him she needs. Its getting better but is still hard.

* Snoring - he only sticks around until that starts and then he heads off for better places to sleep. Its the one noise that upsets his calm.
* Fish - he much prefers red meat over a more piscine diet and will always seek out meaty chunks as a treat over fishy ones.
* Failing Vorianna - Truly gets upset if he doesn't fetch the right thing, which is why he is so keen to learn to understand what she wants.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Vorianna [21.06.2560// Sr Journeyman Healer]
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Re: Vorianna [21.06.2560// Sr Journeyman Healer]
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