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Author Topic: Info Canines  (Read 784 times)

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« on: August 22, 2017, 10:28:05 PM »
Similar to Earth dogs, the canines that inhabit Pern were brought across by the original colonists. They only brought a few breeds across, work dogs, tracker dogs, those which could survive what they were expecting to be a harsher environment and lifestyle than the domesticated dogs of Earth.

Sheep dogs, shepherd, kelpies, pointers, beagles, bloodhounds, greyhounds, mastiffs, all those that were frequently used in the medieval periods of Earthern times, were assumed to be the best breeds to bring across to Pern. They were brought across in various mutt or purebred forms.

As the turns passed however, these breeds became less and less as Earth would know them today. Pern breeds became trackers, hunters, runners and rounders. Which all had a variety of traits as you would expect of a modern mutt, but bred for specific roles in Pernese society.

Lapdogs are not something seen on Pern, all canines are working animals. Whilst they might have been raised by a family, they weren't a pet to be coddled. Frequently used by Holder families as farm dogs, rounding up chickens, woolbeasts, or hunting for wherries. The bigger Holds would have had kennels and kennel masters who ran the specialised hound breeding and activities for the Lord Holder and his family.

At Southern Winds
Unfortunately, like many of the animals on Pern, canines were deemed not neccessary to the continuation of life on Pern, and we either turned loose from homes to die in thread, or were used as food to save them from the horrible eventuality of thread.

They were lost in the catastrophe and on Fort Island, no canines can be found.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW.
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