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Author Topic: Approved Galleweyne [ 17.06.2565 / Sr. Apprentice Weaver ]  (Read 1867 times)

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Galleweyne [ 17.06.2565 / Sr. Apprentice Weaver ]
« on: August 24, 2017, 12:28:56 AM »

Play By:

[ GAL-ih-wayne ]
[ GAL-lee ]
Date of Birth:
17.06.2565 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
None yet. He's putting it off.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Galleweyne looks somewhat more muscular than most people would expect of a Weaver, but it's something he prides himself on -- after all, looms, bolts of cloth, and dye vats are a hell of a lot heavier than they look, and mixing dyes or grinding ingredients is something of a work out. So while he's rather short (at 5'5") and not as bulky as, say, a Miner or a Smith, he can still hold his own and heave things around as needed. One thing he is careful of, though, are his hands, since being able to do fine detail work is necessary for his Craft. Even so, his fingers are typically stained with some kind of dye.

With an open, friendly face, Galle looks a lot more sweet and soft than he actually is in practice. Nevertheless, the width of his smile and the way his eyes crinkle up when he laughs promise lines in later age, which is something he'll probably fuss over once he gets there. His eyes are dark and expressive, not well-suited for masking his emotions or keeping secrets, which makes him pretty easy to read. While his hair is naturally a midrange brown -- a little wavy and usually kept respectably short -- it has lightened significantly under exposure to the tropical sun, leaving it a much dirtier blond in color. One of Galleweyne's most distinctive features is the sprinkling of small moles on the right side of his face and neck, which is something he was self-conscious about as a child.

In a sense, Galle always seems to be underfoot; not in the way exactly, but inserting himself into situations or conversations that don't organically involve him... yet. He doesn't stand still for very long, either:  if he's not pacing while he thinks out a problem, he's talking with his hands or pulling someone unsuspecting into a project. Beyond that, he's fidgeting with something. Those close to him will soon learn that while he's listening or talking, putting something in his hands will mean it'll either be fixed by the end of the conversation or torn to pieces. In terms of clothing, Galleweyne takes unashamed advantage of his status as a Weaver -- particularly as one specializing in dyes -- to have a slightly more colorful and exciting wardrobe. The one exception to this rule is a cream-colored, cableknit sweater he inherited from his father, and which is his favorite garment.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Having grown up in the thick of it, Galleweyne is honestly just glad it's over. He's heard horror stories about how bad things got in the worst parts of Fort Hold, but never had to confront those things himself despite his father's untimely death, since his family's connection to the Weaver Hall meant that they were rather well cared for. He regards the time before the Catastrophe with a sense of misplaced nostalgia, and mourns the loss of so much knowledge and expertise in all Crafts, but particularly his own. If anything, it just makes him all the more determined to help advance the Weaver Hall however he can. For now, Galle is doing his best to look at the future with a sense of hopeful optimism and leave the darkness of the Pass behind him.

Response to dragon color mutations: In a phrase, "not my problem". Galle is a firm believer that Weyr business should stay Weyr business. He disagreed with the lockdown on principle, but when it comes to who's actually leading the Weyr and what color dragon they ride, he doesn't really care. The fact that they've killed people is concerning, of course... but don't people who accept Searches understand there's a certain amount of risk inherent in trying to Impress and become a rider? Thus, callous though it may sound, he doesn't really feel particularly sympathetic to those who died. They knew the dangers going in.

Who are you...

Color : Galleweyne is not a man who cares for grey skies, stormy days, or monochrome clothing. After growing up in a Pass so characterized by rain, Thread, and ash, he's eager now to leap at the chance for a little more vibrancy in his life. It's a crime in his eyes that the jungle is so dangerous, since he's just sure there's a wealth of plants in there that could be used to make new and vivid dyes.

Keepsakes : While he isn't material in a selfish sense, Galle is a very nostalgic person and likes to have reminders of good memories. He may not have many, but the ones he does have, he treasures -- particularly former belongings of his father. Sometimes, he thinks this is why Alleshask attached herself to him after her original handler's death.

Acclaim : Honestly, everyone wants it; Galleweyne just isn't shy about that fact. He doesn't require praise, but he enjoys being suitably recognized for his efforts. He's easily flattered and doesn't even care that he is, because receiving compliments just motivates him to keep doing better.

Pointless Risk : When it comes to actual bodily harm, Galle believes it should only be risked if absolutely necessary. He backs up this opinion by saying that they need everyone they can to survive as long as possible, but in truth much of his feelings on the matter are because he's afraid of losing people close to him as he did his father. His response to loved ones taking stupid chances is anger, meaning he may yell at them during moments he shouldn't. But it's really all just a mask over his fear.

Stains : Rather amusing, since he specializes in dyes and is bound to get some on him. But Galle is very careful to only ever wear his work clothes near the dye vats; as such, they're splattered with all sorts of colors, but at least in that case that's the point. If any of his "nice clothes" get dye or any other sort of stain on them, Galle won't rest until they're clean. And while his hands, at any given moment, bear the marks of his profession, he always makes sure there's no wet or active colorant on his fingers before he touches anything.

Rough Yarn : It's itchy, scratchy, and wearing it makes him want to scream. If it's smooth and soft, that's an entirely different matter. But Galleweyne is very picky about the texture of knitted items he wears, and may actually shed tears the day his favorite sweater is too threadbare to wear anymore.


* ENTERPRISING : Ambitious, driven, and resourceful, Galleweyne intends to be a Master Weaver one day. He's not fussed about the fact that he wasn't Tapped immediately at 19, nor that he's hit 25 and still isn't... for now. But there's a very clear path in his mind that he intends his life to take -- at least in terms of his Craft. While not cutthroat about his ambition, he wants to get due recognition for his efforts and accomplishments. In turn, he's generous with praise and help for other Weavers whose weaknesses can be helped by his strengths. He believes there's enough spotlight for everyone, so long as you don't deny him his.

* CLEVER : Possessed of a sharp mind, Galle is good at problem solving, untangling puzzles, and picking skills up quickly. He learns in such a way that he's naturally a good student, as the standard methods of teaching mesh well with how his mind works. There's a certain ability of his to think outside of the box that also lends itself well to adapting, and it's served him well in his specialty, since dwindling resources mean that the dyers have had to improvise a lot of their materials.

* CHARITABLE : Contrary to some people's expectations of him, Galle is very giving in terms of resources, time, and company. After the way that the other Crafters took care of his mother and siblings in the wake of his father's death, he feels it's his duty to pay this forward. As such, Galleweyne is firmly of the belief that the only way to a brighter future is by working together rather than fighting over resources. He may not always be patient, but he does his best to provide the best of himself for other people when they need it, and without expecting anything in return.

* IRON STOMACHED : Gross sights, smells, and sensations have never bothered Galleweyne, and it's almost impossible to make him nauseated unless he's actually caught some kind of illness. He might have been a good Healer in a different life. In this one, his lack of squeamishness has been a boon in his Craft since the ingredients that go into the dye vats do not always have the most pleasant odor. Being tasked with tending to the concoctions has never been an issue for him.

* PROTECTIVE INSTINCT : Though he demonstrates his affection in odd ways -- like calling someone an idiot when they make a stupid decision; teasing them almost to the point of cruelty; or bickering with them -- he's got the back of everyone he cares about. Some might even say that Galle has a slightly maternal bent to him, as he always makes sure that his loved ones are rested, fed, feeling well, and have a shoulder to lean on. He'd go toe to toe with just about anything or anyone to protect, shelter, and nurture them. Galleweyne is definitely the mom friend, though he's a bit acerbic and sharp about it out of a vague sense of embarrassment.


* UNCOMPROMISING : Ever since he was a child, he's had difficulty reaching agreements with people over points of contention. Galleweyne doesn't like giving ground in arguments, and if he's willing to stand for something, it's usually because he believes that he knows what he's talking about. That being said, he's pretty opinionated to begin with. It doesn't help that he can come across as combative when he's just amped up about something, which then devolves into bickering if he perceives someone else as snapping at him first. This isn't to say that Galleweyne is incapable of changing, just that it's incredibly difficult for him, and he'll resist the entire way. He can be something of an unintentional bully in running over more submissive personalities simply because they won't argue with him.

* RESTIVE : He has very little patience for things, process, or people that are slow, and frequently interrupts conversations to tell people to get to the point. Which, understandably, doesn't always go over well. Galle doesn't like not having something to do while he's waiting, at the very least. But his energy can only be stifled so long; and while he doesn't lash out intending to be mean, his response to such is frequently sarcastic and thus not always well-received.

* LYING : Galle is miserable at it. He doesn't take a hard and fast stance against people doing it in general, since he understands sometimes there's a reason for it -- but don't ask him to. He has far too many tells, including not being able to look people in the eye, tugging on his earlobe, rubbing the back of his neck, and muttering. If you want him to not give away a secret or a surprise, best not to tell him in the first place, or after it isn't relevant anymore.

* EGO : For all his warmth and generosity, Galle tends to fall into the trap of believing he can do no wrong. His arrogance isn't as smothering or all-encompassing as it could be, but he definitely knows he's smart and good at what he does. Though he means well, it goes to his head and can be a source of friction between himself and other people. Really, he just needs someone to remind him he's not necessarily destined to be Faranth's gift to Weavers, though getting him to be a little more humble is a mountain few care enough to climb.

* BROODING : Though he does his best to remain optimistic and always pushing for a better future, Galleweyne has the unfortunate tendency to dwell on the negative. Most won't know this, beyond when he seems distracted and more waspish than normal. But Galle worries about the state of the world, with specific regard to how it affects his Craft and those he cares about. He enjoys being a confidant and source of comfort for his loved ones, but he then tends to worry about those problems himself. Sometimes it casts him into dark moods that it takes a while for him to dispel.

Describe Yourself:

* FRANK: Galle sees little point in beating around the bush, and would much rather deal with direct confrontations or problem solving rather than tiptoeing in the vicinity of an issue. He's not a complicated or contrary soul by nature, and would really just prefer if other people were the same way. He's never had any problem speaking his mind even if others are going to disagree with him; on the flip side, Galleweyne's inability to sugarcoat the truth isn't always good for his interpersonal relationships. And if anyone tries to bullshit him, he'll be quick to call them out.

* INDEPENDENT: Though he enjoys the company of others, Galle sees value in forging his own path. He doesn't want to just follow placidly in anyone's footsteps, but rather make his own way for better or worse. Those who seek to enforce rules he sees as pointless will find him argumentative and resistant. While this impulse for independence doesn't extend into the territory of being contrary just for the sake of it, nor breaking rules simply because they exist, he naturally gravitates away from anyone who tries to be too controlling or clingy.

* FORGIVING: While he has a naturally argumentative nature, Galleweyne doesn't hold grudges. In part, it's because he doesn't see the point; and in another, he just doesn't remember conflicts for long. Insults, disagreements, and even shouting matches are quickly forgotten and moved on from. There are no doubt those who hold a grudge against him for one reason or another, but Galle would be perplexed to find out about them.

* ZEALOUS: When Galle gets excited about something, he tends to stay that way. The things he cares about become a focus of his attention and time, to the detriment of aspects he finds less interesting. But for things or people that stimulate his curiosity, sense of adventure, or any other positive emotion, he will be committed and constant.

* EXTROVERTED: Unlike some, Galleweyne doesn't suffer for prolonged contact with other people; rather than having his energy drained by socialization, he finds himself revitalized by time with those he cares about. By the same token, he's quick to strike up conversations with those around him, even if they don't know each other yet.

The Magic Touch: Galle has to have his bed pushed up into a corner so he can wedge himself into it while he sleeps, and is usually holding a pillow so he has something to do with his hands while he falls asleep. His favorite colors are green and purple.

Personal History & Education

Grandmother: Gwinn. Master Weaver. Born 2518. Tapped 2541. Mastership 2572.
Grandfather: Alshan. Weaver Craftmaster. Born 2517. [ Ranked Adoptable. ]

Mother: Lallewyn. Journeywoman Weaver. Born 2549. Apprenticed 2561. Tapped 2573.
Father: Alleshan. Holder. Farmer/Field Hand. Former Handler of Alleshask. Born 2548. Died 2575.

Lalleshan. Older Brother. Born 2561. Miscarried. Died 2561.
Allewyn. Older Sister. Born 2562. Died in infancy. Died 2564.
Agwellyn. Younger Brother. Born 2568.
Gallesha. Younger Sister. Born 2569.
Linntella. Younger Sister. Born 2571.

I'm leaving his surviving siblings' professions open since they'll be adoptable, but I'd prefer they're Weavers, or at the very least Crafters or Holders.

Children: So far, Galleweyne has dodged getting married. This is due in part to the fact that he's not come to peace with the fact that he's interested in both men and women, given his Holder background. As yet, he's using his Craft as an excuse to put it off, saying he doesn't have time or at the very least should be Tapped before he marries anyone.

Craft: Weaver

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2577/12.

Specialty: Dyeing

Education Details: Galleweyne feels that being a Weaver is in his blood, and so far his time as an apprenticed has proven that to be true. He's been a good student even from his first year, easily grasping the more theoretical and abstract concepts that are taught to all Weavers before they're allowed to ever touch cloth and needle. He truly flourished once he was able to apply it to the physical, though his passion for all of it was ignited long before he was even accepted into the Hall. Now that he's deep into his apprenticeship, Galle has chosen a specialty in mixing dyes and administering them to cloth, which means that much of his time is spent in the Dyeing Room. He's very much looking forward to being Tapped sometime in the -- hopefully near -- future, and is determined to someday follow in his grandparents' footsteps and become a Master.

Tell us a story...

* 2565-2567, 0-2 Galleweyne is Lallewyn and Alleshan's third child, but is the first to survive infancy after a brother that was miscarried late in term and a sister that died of winter fever early in life. His apparent health seems like a stroke of luck for his parents, but they nevertheless fear for their son since they've already lost two children. The first two turns of his life pass with baited breath, and with many visits to the Healers for even the slightest of health complaints. Despite their worry, he proves to be a robust and happy baby.

* 2568, 3 The turn of Galle's third birthday, his parents have another son they name Agwellyn. He seems to follow in his brother's footsteps of good health despite being born slightly early, and their family settles into a routine of normalcy -- or as normal as anything can be during the Pass. Though things don't look optimistic for Pern as a whole, Lallewyn and Alleshan do their best to raise their two growing sons sheltered from the darkest parts of the Catastrophe, and things are fairly happy. It's at this age that Galleweyne has his first memories that he retains as an adult, of playing with Alleshask.

* 2569, 4 A turn later, his younger sister Gallesha joins the family. This pregnancy is harder on Lallewyn's body, keeping her bedridden for a time, and Galle vaguely remembers trying to help her in caring for his siblings. It's really more going through the motions of what few small tasks he can do at this age, but he means well. Already, he's starting to grow into the desire to make sure that his loved ones are cared for and protected. The entire family ends up doting on Gallesha since she's the first daughter and a tiny thing to boot.

* 2571, 6 It took some time for Lallewyn to recover from the previous pregnancy, so this time there's a two year gap between Gallesha and their next child, another daughter the couple name Linntella. Galleweyne remembers this event more clearly, as well as his mother's bout of post-partum depression. Later in life, he learns this was due in part to the fact that further complications from child-bearing have rendered her incapable of having any more; at the time, however, all he knows is that he's old enough to start doing more chores around the home, and enjoys bossing his younger siblings around just as much as he does taking care of them. The last settlements outside of Fort fall this turn, but it's an event that he doesn't remember well beyond his parents' concerns over even stricter rationing.

* 2572-2574, 7-9 These are some of the happiest turns of Galleweyne's life, as his family is whole, healthy, and successful. His paternal grandfather, Alshan, becomes the Weaver Craftmaster in 2572, and his grandmother Gwinntellan is voted in as a Master the same turn, marking a significant achievement for the family as a whole -- and one that is well celebrated by his relatives. A turn later, his mother Lallewyn is Tapped and advances in the same craft as a Journeywoman. It's during this time that Galle first begins to want to become a Weaver himself, seeing it as some kind of family destiny. He's still proud of his father's occupation too, but Galleweyne wants something more than to just be a field hand for the rest of his life.

* 2575-2576, 10-11 Those turns of contentment are short-lived, however. When Galle is ten, his father is injured in Threadfall while helping one of the ground crews protect the crop plots at Fort Hold. The Threadscore he sustains is serious, and despite the best efforts of the Healers, it gets infected and ultimately compromises his immune system. He lingers for a few months, Galleweyne watching the once-strong man grow weaker and weaker, until a bout of winter fever claims his life as it had Allewyn's so long ago. Galle and the rest of his immediate family are at Alleshan's bedside when he dies, and the loss hits them hard -- particularly so for his oldest son, who knows it is now his responsibility, alongside his mother, to make sure his younger siblings don't suffer the ravages of the Pass. Wedging her huge head in his lap, Alleshask bonds to him shortly after his father's death, her love of the family and particularly Galleweyne preventing her from dying as well, and instead re-Impressing to her previous handler's son. It seems a final reminder that Alleshan would want him to care for them. With her husband gone, Lallewyn seems almost lost, just as distraught and listless as her children despite her best efforts to stay grounded. The close-knit Weaver Hall helps take care of them all, ensuring that they have enough food, clothes, and resources, and even moving them out of their original home deeper in the hold to a set of caverns just outside the Crafthall. Though he can't yet join them, Galleweyne essentially takes over their house instead, making sure that it's kept clean, there's always warm meals for his mother and siblings, and that other important domestic tasks are tended to. He's impressed by the generosity and community his family finds among the Weavers, and is even more determined than ever to become one once he's old enough. Even so, his father's loss is something that deeply affects Galleweyne, and still does to this day. Alleshan was everything he looked up to and could have wanted in a father, and his death unlocks his first real tendencies to brood and worry.

* 2577, 12 Two years of essentially caring for a family have quickly finished out Galleweyne's growth into an adult, and it's with both serious gravitas and a sense of excitement that he joins the Weavers this turn. He still does his best to tend to their home as well, but much of that responsibility falls to Agwellyn now that Galle has an actual job. There's a certain "right" feeling to finally being able to count himself among the Weavers, and Galle flourishes among them in a way he hasn't quite done so since his father's death. His aunt Shantella's death casts a dark mark on it all, but he understands better than ever now that death is just part of life, particularly during a Pass like this. It hits his mother and siblings harder than it does Galleweyne, and it's in part due to the fact that he's putting on a brave face for them, so that he can be a grounding point for their family in Alleshan's absence.

* 2578-2582, 13-17 The next four or five turns of his general apprenticeship seem to spin by at an alarming rate, but Galle has hit the ground running and adapts quickly to the things he's being taught. All this seems to at least partly fill the void left in his life, and Galleweyne soaks it all in like a sponge as he finishes growing into a young man. The fact that his mother has never quite recovered from the loss of her husband means that there's very little pressure on him to find his own wife -- for which Galle is very grateful, given that he still feels he needs to be the "father figure" of his family, coupled with the secret that he feels things for men as well as women. So he's more than happy to put all of that on a backburner while advancing in his Craft, intending to make his family proud and make a name for himself at the same time. These turns mellow him a bit, molding him into the sunny and extroverted person he is today.

* 2583-2584, 18-19 In his sixth and seventh years of apprenticeship, Galle is allowed to transition into a specialty. Over his turns as a Junior Apprentice, he's enjoyed almost every aspect of Weavercraft that has been taught to him, but his real love lies with the dyeing vats and mixing of ingredients. He happily attaches himself to the Journeymen that oversee that aspect of the Weaver Hall, and is thrilled at the chance to advance beyond classes to more hands-on, practical work. Galleweyne wasn't expecting to be Tapped immediately upon turning 19, and so isn't upset when that's an honor that passes him by; after all, as far as he sees it, all great Masters have to advance naturally through the Craft, and he's not concerned about not being immediately Tapped like some kind of savant. As an added bonus, he's allowed to further put off any family pressures to marry, with the excuse that he thinks he should be a Journeyman first before trying to start a family of his own.

* 2585-2586, 20-21 By the time he turns twenty, Galleweyne has more or less been fully accepted among the other dyers even though he's still not a Journeyman. He's more than happy enough just being taken seriously as a Senior Apprentice, and continues to hone his skills, knowledge, and expertise whilst also taking on some responsibility in helping out the more junior apprentices. He may not be able to officially teach just yet, but Galle finds that he enjoys sharing tips and tricks of the trade. Galle manages to secure some firelizard eggs when a fellow Weaver needs to get rid of a clutch, divvying them out to his siblings and mother; he keeps the Gold egg for himself, and names the narrow creature that hatches from it Needle. She becomes his darling just as much as Alleshask is, and he trains her to both help in his Craft and assist around the home. His dragon rider uncle, Sh'lan, dies in Threadfall in 2586; but as with the death of his aunt a few turns before, it affects Galleweyne less than it does the rest of his family -- at least outwardly. Particularly since he didn't know the man well, it's difficult to really grieve meaningfully when he has his own worries to tend to. His grandmother's brief grieving period only drives it home for him all the more that it simply isn't a luxury they have time for.

* 2587-2588, 22-23 The end of Threadfall is like something out of a dream; Galle had more or less accepted that it was never going to stop at all, so the sudden absence of it from his life leaves an odd void. He still tends to look suspiciously at the sky, preferring to keep indoors rather than risk a turn of bad luck that brings everything crashing down again. Seeing just how ravaged Pern is depresses him, as news from the Weyr makes it more and more clear that there is almost nothing left. The discovery of Fort Island rekindles the fires of his optimism, though the revelation of Hunters and Snakes just seems... typical, really. Why can't they catch a damn break? Neisoth's hatching and Impression to S'bok doesn't really matter to him, beyond that it's an interesting piece of gossip for the first few months. But beyond being thrown together with Weyrfolk he previously didn't know, Galle doesn't really see it as his business.

* 2589-2590, 24-25 Even when Neisoth then catches Kalestath two turns in a row, Galleweyne maintains that it's the dragon riders' problem to worry about, not his. The disasters the turns bring make it almost feel like they're in the Pass again, and Galle honestly finds that far more comforting than he should since it at least seems more normal. He's happy that construction is progressing on the Hall and making space for the Hold... but he's starting to wonder if he'll want to move at all. The more open nature of the Weyr appeals to him in a certain fashion, given that it doesn't require marriage and doesn't care who he is attracted to or isn't. And given the fact that the Weavers seem pretty ensconced in the Weyr, he's finding himself more and more reluctant to move -- not that it's a conversation he's yet had with his family at all. For now, his attention has been focused more on the recent rediscovery of supplies at the old Weaver Hall at Southern Boll and the new crop of bamboo in the Weyr Bowl. It makes him excited about the future of his Craft, and he's now starting to get a little impatient and antsy about being tapped as a Journeyman. Galle feels like it's been long enough, and is ready to move on to bigger and better things.


[ Written as a response for this thread. ]

One of the advantages of being a Senior Apprentice was that Galle didn’t really have to take classes anymore. He’d long since moved past the regular apprentice schedule even though he hadn’t been Tapped, now able to attach himself to the Journeymen and even Masters’ projects if they’d let him. And with all that, he had a bit more freedom in his daily schedule too. For example, if he wanted to take his lunch later than normal—once a batch of dye was actually done stewing, and it was time to soak fabric in it—he could do that too.

As he’d done on this particular day. Though much of the Hall had eaten during the typical hour between noon and the first mark of the afternoon, Galleweyne had stuck around in the Dyeing Room to test their latest concoction and then make sure that the fabric it was meant to be dyeing was properly submerged and the first hourglass set to make sure it came out in time. By then, most of the others had returned too, and he’d escaped to the Weyr Hall to seek out what leftovers there might be to sate his hunger on.

But he still had about twenty minutes before the next mark rolled over and he was expected back; so rather than return early, Galle elected to make the most of the pretty day and soak up some sun in the Weyr Bowl. Even Needle decided to join him now that he was no longer in the Dyeing Room, and thus away from the smell that always drove her off.

With his dye-stained hands stuffed in his pockets, he’d really only been meandering aimlessly across the grass until a voice nearby had him slowing to a halt. At first, Galleweyne had thought the young woman had been talking to him—but as she continued to talk, it became clear that she was addressing the Brown wher who had his head in her lap.

It wasn’t unusual for handlers to talk to their wher, he knew—rambling on to Alleshask oftentimes himself—but he was never the sort to skip making a potential friend. And, well… he had twenty minutes to kill.

“Is he saying yes or no?” Galleweyne was grinning a bit with the question, genuinely curious about her answer. Of course, he’d already heard about the surprising events at the wher hatching a few days prior; he and his family might not be living at the Hall, but news moved quickly, especially for something so exciting.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Candidate Master O'sir
Wing Leader M'rek
Wingsecond L'nal
Wingrider L'del
Wingrider N'syn
Wingrider Y'kin
Search Rider Finnmaghaine
Search Rider Seng
Wingrider Bl'yx
Wingrider S'bel
Wingrider Jossekayne
Wingrider Q'nys
Weyrling T'ghen
Weyrling A'lori
Weyrling Erieen
Master Harper Tyldas
Sr. JM Healer Niphredon
Sr. AP Fisher Vicymus
Peacekeeper Ophyonis
Candidate R'kan
Weyrbrat Tianaice
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, since he's Alshan and Gwinntellan's grandson.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:

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Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ aly-SHASK ]
Date of Birth:
2560 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Alleshask's egg was surprisingly smooth for a wher's, save for around one end where it bore twisted, ripple-like markings. A dull and tarnished gold under all but the brightest of light, it bore glittery flecks that looked like bits of polished copper.
Mature Length: 4M
Mature Height: 1.33M

General Appearance...

Rather vibrant even for a Gold, most of Alleshask’s hide is a bright lemon yellow, faintly lighter on her limbs and underbelly. It darkens more toward marigold or goldenrod along her spine, shoulders, and the digits of her wings, while her ridges are a much paler hue. The webbing of her wingsails strays in a gradient from a similar goldenrod near the joints, to an almost peach color, and then to a pale cream at the trailing edges. She seems to shimmer even in dim light.

Alleshask is pretty tiny for a Gold wher, smaller than some of the bigger Bronzes and with a rather sleek build to match. She's never been a powerhouse, more skilled at domestic duties or more nuanced jobs, which suited her original handler just fine. While small for a Gold, she's still a big wher, and was quite good at hauling a plow in the fields or dragging around harvests. Her natural talents are more given over to speed and agility, however, as well as directing other wher -- though that isn't something she's called on to do often.


Empathetic: Alleshask's mental presence is warm and encompassing, like the glow of a fire deep in winter. She's constantly supportive of her handler and his family, and knows how to 'talk' with them via impressions of certain objects, scents, or textures. It was something Alleshan had originally trained her in, and which Galleweyne now uses as well. She doesn't make a lot of noise for a wher, preferring to communicate mentally rather than with growls, but sometimes Galle can get her to purr when she's relaxed by scratching under her chin.

Eggs : Alleshask has never been a Queen who dislikes clutching and brooding over a nest of her babies. She has very strong maternal instincts over them, and is the sort of wher that will only allow people she approves to approach her nest, much less take an egg to bond to the wherling inside. It's one of the few things she could truly become aggressive about if pushed.

Her Own Space : Like any loyal family pet, Alleshask has a certain place in her family's home that is solely hers, which contains her sleeping couch, a few ratty old furs that have been donated to give her a more luxurious place to sleep, and a few old toys Alleshan had made for her out of rags when she was young. She spends much of her time here, pressed against the geothermally-heated floor, essentially relaxing and being surrounded by Galleweyne's family.

Illness : Alleshask gets antsy any time Galleweyne or his relatives have so much as a sniffle. She remembers that it was sickness that ultimately took Alleshan from her, and it has left an indelible mark on this wher. She fusses over her favorite humans when they seem to be falling ill, and will be even clingier and more affectionate than normal until they're better.

Bare Stone : After years of being more a pet than anything else, Alleshask has grown accustomed to having a bit more of a plush lifestyle than most whers. She's long past being used to simply laying on the cold and hard stone of a typical sleeping couch, and will outright pester Galleweyne until he supplies her with something a bit softer to line her bed with.


* GENTLE : Alleshan originally trained his wher to be careful not to harm the plants they worked with in the fields, and this extended to his family as well. Alleshask's nature is a rather gentle one to begin with, and since it was fostered and encouraged, she's one of the most mild-mannered, unflappable Gold whers out there. She'll be protective of Galleweyne and his family if it's absolutely necessary; but having lived through the childhoods of all of her first handler's children, her temper isn't quick, and she knows the difference between someone just roughhousing or actually having ill intent. It would take a lot for her to react violently to someone.

* FINESSE : For a wher, Alleshask is rather graceful. She's not a lumbering creature, always very cognizant of where she puts her feet and the space her body takes up. She was the perfect wher to protect Galleweyne and his siblings growing up, as she's ever careful not to knock things over or inadvertently hurt those smaller and more delicate than she is.


* SENSE OF SMELL : Where others of her species have very keen ones, Alleshask missed out on this skill. She's never had a particularly good nose, and it has only gotten worse with time and age. Only truly powerful scents, or ones that she's intimately familiar with -- are recognizable to her. As such, it can take a while for her to learn to recognize people that she doesn't regularly interact with. And while Alleshask doesn't usually react violently or suspiciously to strangers, she can become somewhat agitated if she's surrounded entirely by smells she doesn't recognize.

* INDOLENT : Alleshask would much rather act as a pet than a working wher. Helping her first handler in the fields wasn't her favorite thing, and she's since settled into her role as previously a nanny for his children and then a protector of his family. Particularly since there isn't a real application that Galleweyne can use her for in his Craft, Alleshask spends much of her time simply as a companion, being pet and showered in affection simply for gracing people with her presence. These long turns of such have turned her into a rather lazy Queen, and she becomes moody when she's asked to actually do any work.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Alleshask Runs on 34.10; and, being a gold, she is a Force Catch

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Re: Galleweyne [ 17.06.2565 / Sr. Apprentice Weaver ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

As the word.
Date of Birth:
2585 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

There's very little by way of actual shine to Needle, really more a dull glint than anything else, which might make some think she's a Bronze at first rather than an actual Gold. When she first hatched, almost all of her body was a deep gamboge in color, nearly brown or tarnished bronze; with time, parts of her -- especially her tail, the tops of her wings, and her head and neck -- have lightened to true gold, deep and rich. There's even some dusting of topaz around her head and wing joints.

Galle named her for how narrow and sharp her body appears, and Needle hasn't bulked up much since hatching. She always has been and always will be a narrow creature, with bony wings and a long neck and tail. Even so, she's not very large for a Queen flit, barely topping 1.8 meters fully grown.


Mind Voice: Needle is quiet and rather serious, only rarely communicating with anyone beyond Galleweyne and Alleshask. When she does, her 'voice' and presence are soft, almost silky, but with a faint rasp to it like fabric pulled over stone. She doesn't make a lot of noise just as Alleshask doesn't, preferring to stay silent and observe rather than input her opinion.

Fabric : It's something she's often been exposed to, considering Galle's own Craft and his family's legacy. She's long ago learned that there are certain things she can't touch for fear of damaging them by snagging her claws in the threads, but Needle loves when Galle gives her otherwise worn and unusable scraps. She has a small nest in a hollowed space in the wall that she lines with the things he's given her.

Being a Scarf : Needle got very used to draping herself over Galleweyne's shoulder and winding her tail around his neck when she was small, and has never quite realized that she's now too big to do so. The fact that she's now heavy enough to stagger him when she does so and he's not expecting it never dissuades her.

Being Solitary : Needle longs to have a mate to call hers forever, and gets somewhat moodier even than normal after her Flights when whatever Bronze that's caught her that turn doesn't stick around. This may eventually lead to her encouraging Galle to bond to another flit of that color in the hopes that she'll have someone to fawn over her all year round even if said hypothetical Bronze doesn't always catch her.

The Dyeing Room : She might like helping Galle when his tasks in the Craft keep him away from there, but this Gold makes herself scarce when he actually has to tend to the mixing dyes in this chamber. The smell of it offends her, and she'd much rather avoid it than have to deal with the odor.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Needle flies on 26.07 and is a Force Catch, since she's a Gold. Needle typically has rather small clutches.

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Re: Galleweyne [ 17.06.2565 / Sr. Apprentice Weaver ]
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