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Author Topic: Approved J'dan [ 6.5.2567 / Bronze Rider ]  (Read 2039 times)

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J'dan [ 6.5.2567 / Bronze Rider ]
« on: August 24, 2017, 06:01:16 PM »

Play By:
Jordan Barrett

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.05.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2583, 16
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wing Rider

Your Reflection...

J’dan is a stout 5’9”, and while he’ll never be a bulky man, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s weak. With the lithe body of a rider, he’s rather coordinated and quite strong for his size. Given his love for himself, and how much time he spends taking care of himself, J’dan is clean cut and fit. He doesn’t have much by way of extra clothes, preferring his riding leathers – and flaunting the fact he is a rider – but he does have a couple pair of extra cloth pants and a tight shirt or two he doesn’t mind lounging in.

He enjoys both dancing and sparing – both good for the body and it’s fun – and he’s someone who smiles often, but only if the humor isn’t at the expense of himself. He keeps his dirty blonde hair messy, because he thinks it makes him look a bit older, and brings out the blue in his very blue eyes.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: J'dan has been rather lucky in that the majority of his immediate family came out of the pass relatively unscathed. Most familial losses he was too young to really understand and doesn't really remember nowadays anyway. He did, however, join the wings early enough that he lost many friends and compatriots to Thread's onslaught. He deals with this by simply moving on. Life is too short to mourn for long. Sure, he members his friends fondly, but he doesn't dwell on the past.

Response to dragon color mutations: If he were in any other Wing, his thoughts might’ve been swayed a different direction. The strong opinions of Jungle have, however, convinced him that the mutations are more of a liability then a boon. He can see that the blacks seem to be rather unpredictable, and upsetting the redfruit cart of dragon ranks isn't a great idea. All in all, both could end up being more of a liability than a useful asset to the Weyr.[ He certainly doesn't think that one should be leading the Weyr until they've proved themselves.] Given how well Jungle functions, he’s inclined to believe them over anyone else.

Who are you...

Family – He’s quite proud to be part of a family that has survived and so, even if there are some differing opinions among them, he will still look out for them. Even if it’s just as an extension of himself. He has a very strong sense of family loyalty.

Exploring – J’dan has an interest in the rest of the world, and would like to see it for himself. Not that he wants to be a part of Mountain Wing, because he thinks they do fuck all, but he has a concern for Pern as a Rider. He wants to reclaim the planet, make it theirs again, and that involves knowing what’s out there and how to fix it. Personally. 

Acrobatics – He’s a dancer and he enjoys sparring, regularly. Not just because it keeps him in shape, but because he legitimately enjoys going through the motions of both. It’s fun responding to a partner, be it in song or in a spar circle.

Winning – Should be quite obvious, who doesn’t like winning? But J’dan can’t really turn down a challenge – and once issued, he’s quite determined to win. It’s quite important to him to prove himself to not only himself, but to his Wing.

Being alone – He’s a social man and finds joy in the company of others. He can be alone, he just doesn’t enjoy it.

Being injured/sick – J’dan is a shit patient. He doesn’t like being told what to do, hates being bedridden, and it can be a chore getting him to follow ‘doctor’s orders’.  He’s still got some growin’ up when it comes to understanding WHY it’s important to listen when one is injured.

People looking down on him – He’s a Bronzer and he fully believes that the world is his. People who think otherwise irk him and he’s quick to try and prove them otherwise. He flew thread, he is in jungle, he deserves the utmost respect.


* COMPETITIVE : J’dan is a naturally competitive person with a drive to always be better than those around him, especially when actually challenged. It’s pushed him to be a competent rider, a decent dancer, and even capable sparring Rider. Especially because he enjoys those challenges, meeting them, and occasionally overcoming them.

* LIGHT-HEARTED : Life should be enjoyed when and where possible. Though the hard times should be given their due respect and mourning, he believes that one shouldn't dwell on them for too long, lest they lose the ability to see the light. By all means, he puts his nose to the grindstone when needed, but to his perception others are so focused on working hard now that they've lost sight of what they're working for.

* RESPECTFUL : He's had it drilled into him by Isotarine his whole life, and it's not something that he intends to forget in a hurry. Even of S'bok. Though the prevailing attitude of his Wing to the Weyrleader has a heavy influence on him, he was taught that people would always be respected until they've given you a reason not to respect them, and S'bok hasn't yet done something heinous enough to be stripped of that, even if he has not done something particularly deserving of greatness either.

* DECISIVE : It doesn't take J'dan long to make his mind up on something and usually, once made, he sticks by it. This has come in handy in the Jungle, where a moment's indecision or hesitation could cost the life of he and his dragon, or even another wing member.

* LOYAL : Once a part of the family, always a part of the family. He cares for them as much as he does himself and will do what he can for them – short of breaking any sort of law. He is very loyal to his Wing, as being accepted into the Weyr's most elite of fighting Wings is something that he is very proud of, and seeks to live up to the high standards and expectations of a Jungle Bronzerider.


* ATTENTION SEEKING : J’dan likes attention and will go out of his way to seek it. Sparring, dancing, doing extra work from the wing – whatever it is, he’ll do it to get noticed. From women, from his family, he’s not particularly choosy. That’s one of the reasons he hates being sick or injured – he hates laying around with no one to pay him any mind.

* FORGETFUL : If it’s not about him or his Wingly duties, it’s not important enough to remember.

* TRUSTING : It doesn’t occur to J’dan that those in his wing, or his family, might wrong him. So he accepts what they say without question.

* FOOLHARDY : In the same thread as needing to prove himself equal to others, J'dan can sometimes end up fooling himself into thinking that he's as good as others, even when this isn't necessarily true. He can, and has, overestimated himself which has landed himself in the infirmary.

* MESSY : In the list of things that J’dan does, cleaning up after himself is not one of them. His weyr is messy, clothes tossed about – some not his own – and riding gear tossed in a heap. While the gear itself is well maintained, he doesn’t care to hang it up.

Describe Yourself:

* AMBITIOUS: J’dan’s ambition takes a different flavor. He craves his place in Jungle and seeks to be the best Bronzer he can – and eventually a ranked Rider. He’d like to fly a Gold and so seeks to learn from those that have before him. Soon, he hopes to be a ranked rider but he understands he needs more experience

* SUAVE: J’dan likes to think of himself as a sought after bedpartner – and he can be quite charming and pleasant to look at, so he’s not often without someone to take back to his bedfurs. However, he doesn’t stick to any one person in particular and won’t respond well to clingy people.

* LIGHT-FINGERED: As nimble as he is sparring or dancing, J’dan is as adept at playing card games or getting dice to roll the way he wants. Call him a cheater, he’ll just laugh and say it’s luck. He likes the skill it takes to get things to work out the way he’d like.

* LOUD: J’dan isn’t afraid to be loud to be the center of attention – be it singing terribly, laughing at a joke, or humming to a song someone is playing. He’s not a wallflower and isn’t about to be the sort to hang about on the fringes. J’dan is a very rambunctious and active person.

* 'MOTHER'S BOY': J’dan loves his mother and is quite devoted to his family. He checks in on his mother in particular, probably more than is needed, and goes out of his way to entertain her by tugger her into dances when music isn’t playing, playing card tricks for her, or just chatting her up at all marks of the night.

The Magic Touch: His immune system isn't the best. You can bet your last mark that he gets the winter cold when it comes around the weyr.


Mother: Searchrider Isotarïne of Blue Hiraeth, born 2539
Father: Wingrider T'lor of Green Olaryth, born 2548

- Half-brother A'lin, born 2552, Impressed Brown Nevith 2569, died 2572 in Threadfall.
- Half-sister Albree, born 2554. Creche worker.
- Half-sister, Semunda, born 2558. Impressed Bronze Semusk in 2578. Fisherwoman.
- Sister, Tallorine, born 2565. Impressed Green shyuth in 2583. Jungle Wingrider.
- Brother, M'dak, born 2572. Impressed Brown Dallarth in 2587. Beach Wingrider.
- Brother, C'dus, born 2575. Impressed Green Tilioth in 2589. Weyrling.
- Brother, Terric, born 2579. Creche.

Children: He has two young boys (Geradan, born 2588, and Jaysen, born 2586) by different women that he visits as often as is practical. If he gets wind of another woman getting pregnant by him, he'll sniff her and the child out and do his best to be there for them outside of his busy Jungle schedule.

Tell us a story...

* 2567, 0 Jurdan is forced out of his mother's belly rather early due to the stresses that seeing her brother mauled to death on the Hatching Sands. Somewhat premature, the baby boy is nonetheless healthy by all appearances.

* 2568, 1 That is until his second year of life, that is, when baby Jurdan goes down with a rather nasty sickness. It's touch and go for several months, Jurdan being very weak and once on the verge of death, but he eventually pulls through.

* 2569, 2 Jurdan's eldest brother Acelin Impresses to a brown named Nevith. Jordan was rather young to quite realise what this meant, but the baby brown dragon was quite funny and Jurdan liked him.

* 2571, 4 Jurdan's immune systems seems to fail him yet again, and he goes down with a fever this year. Though not as life threatening as whatever it was that plagued him as a baby, the toddler is nonetheless left quite weak. Not a few weeks after the fever breaks, High Reaches Weyr falls. His mother feared that he wouldn't survive the trip, but bundled up in her riding jacket and some fuzzy furs (which he rather likes) he survives the trip in once piece.

* 2572, 5 A'lin and Nevith die in Threadfall. Young and still impressionable Jurdan gets it into his head that as the oldest brother left it is his duty to protect his sisters and younger brother, though 2 of them are more than old enough to look after themselves. It takes him a few months to fully understand that A'lin has gone forever, and this realisation makes him very sad.

Prinna, Isotarine's gold firelizard, lays a clutch of eggs (as she frequently does), but one of the eggs is odd looking. It's small and kinda lumpy, and most of the family reckon that it's a dud. Jurdan, however, stubbornly refuses to believe that the egg will do anything other than hatch perfectly fine. In his head, the egg cannot die so soon after his brother died, it just couldn't happen. So the young boy paid special care to the egg that nobody else believed in, making sure that it had enough warm sand even when Prinna pushed it to the side in favour of her more likely looking eggs. And come hatching day, Jurdan's efforts may have been in vain, but the egg hatched. The little blue that emerged however turned out to be as odd looking as his egg, but little Jurdan didn't care. Thrusting a meat roll at the blue, which it gratefully chowed down on, Jurdan Impressed his first firelizard. Initially he wanted to call it Eggsie, since he'd been calling it Egg for so long, but everyone else took to calling it Buzz, due to it's haphazard method of flying, and the newer name eventually stuck.

*2572-2577, 5-10 Young Jurdan does his best to stand up for his sister Tallorine when she disagrees with other children, as a brother should, despite them not taking him seriously for being smaller than most other boys his age. It often results him getting pushed onto his ass and losing many scuffles over the next few turns but, though angry for his current inability to win, he's glad that he was able to direct the attention away from his siblings. When Tallorine leaves the creche to join the dragon candidates, Jurdan is very put out that he is not yet old enough to follow her.

* 2578, 11 Tallorine Impresses green Tulvieth. Old enough to understand Impression this time around, and having gotten over her leaving him to become a candidate, he is over the moon for her. It only strengthens his determination to become a rider himself, when he is finally old enough.

* 2579-2582, 12-15 Jurdan joins the ranks of candidates, filled with excitement only partially tempered by the boring lessons on the ins and outs of dragons that he knew already. Come his first clutch, he was sure that he would Impress right away so that he could join Tallorine in the weyrling classes, but first one hatching left him standing, and then another. And another. Another, and so many more over the next few years that Jurdan began to despair that he would never Impress at all. His eldest sister Albree had aged out, after all, it stood to reason that he might too. It became a very real fear for the young teen, especially when several of the other candidates teased him that no dragon would want such a small rider. Initially he told himself that this was just a test, that if he kept on standing something great would come and he'd Impress a bronze, a better dragon than any of those boys could, they'd see.

At 15, he receives a gift of a firelizard egg to try and cheer him up, after a particularly pessimistic streak of failed standings. He's told that it was the largest egg in the clutch, a fact that is confirmed when it hatches out a bronze. A bronze which turns out to be a rather demanding and stroppy creature which takes an instant dislike to poor little Buzz. Jurdan names him Thunder, after the storm the little bronze causes when he desires attention. Finding himself rather attached to both, J'dan found a new occupation in life then: keeping both lizards happy became an almost full time job.

* 2583, 16 Jurdan finally Impresses, to a bronze named Brynioth. J'dan is over the moons with this, not just that he finally Impressed, but to a bronze at that. That'd show all those candidate kids that said he'd never Impress, who all got blues to a man. Not that J'dan thinks the other colours are lesser beings, of course, but there's still that element of specialness to being chosen by one of the kings of the Weyr.

* 2583-2585, 16-18 Weyrling training is a somewhat rocky road in the beginning. Although Brynioth started out the same size as most bronzes, it quickly becomes apparent that the young dragon isn't gaining weight anywhere as near as fast as his brethren, and by the end of his first month he looks somewhat like a starved brown. Worried that his dragonet will suffer the same teasing that he himself did in his youth, J'dan goes against the strict advise of the Weyrlingmaster and overfeeds Brynioth in an attempt to get him to gain weight. This plan is foiled when the poor bronze throws up mid-class, and J'dan is given a stern talking to and punishment for being so careless. Brynioth is also told not to listen to J'dan about being too small, and that no amount of extra feeding will make him bigger than he is destined to become. In other words, the two should stop complaining and accept their differences. After a week of moping, the pair both eventually agreed that it was probably a bad idea, but not to be defeated by this, make a pact between them to make the most of their predicament and become the best sharding bronze pair acrobats that Pern has ever seen (except of course the first bronzes, of course, who by all accounts were tiny).

* 2585-2587, 18-20 Graduating Weyrling training and joining a Fighting Wing threw J'dan and Brynioth in at the deep end. The pair had been more than aware of the situation that the extended threadfall had put the riders in, having lived in a Weyr their whole lives it was hard to ignore the rate at which riders and dragons were dying. But seeing those whom he had come to consider Wingmates and friends killed off at a hideous rate really brought it home to the two usually carefree ex-Weyrlings. The almost constant fight for the survival of not only themselves, but their Wing and Weyr and really everything that was left of Pern (which by that point wasn't much) forced the pair into taking life a little more serious view on life.

* 2587, 20 One day, when J'dan and his Wing are all geared up and fly out to meet the days onslaught of Thread, they arrive at their destination and... the Thread never comes. Dumbfounded, the Wingleader bespeaks another Wing, who left earlier to catch Thread at another location, and the report is as intriguing; Thread just stopped falling. Puzzled, though somewhat glad for the unexpected rest, they returned to the Weyr with the news. Though the dragonriders remained vigilant for a while after this, it son became apparent that Thread was no longer a Threat. J'dan could have died from relief, but he didn't, because there was no fun in that. Instead, he decided that the best use of his time was to join the celebrations as get himself as paralytically drunk as possible.

Later that year, J'dan and Brynioth pack up with the rest of the Weyr and move camp to the newly discovered Fort Island. In the resulting wing reshuffle, the pair see their hard work and determination to excel recognised, not in a leadership position, which they both know they're too young for and do not want anyway, but in being chosen for the Weyr's most elite fighting Wing: Jungle. Greatness thus affirmed, the two do not wallow in victory, but aspire to new heights, still seeking to better themselves and their Wing, not to sinking below Jungle's high standards. It's a matter of pride that they end up being the first line of defence against the new enemy, and provisioner of the only source of meat to the Weyr.

---It was getting late, pushing the time when J’dan would normally be asleep. He wasn’t now just because the threat of the storm. Between Thunder and Buzz, neither were allowing him proper rest. Thunder was wide awake, trilling with excitement while Buzz was quite the opposite – wanting nothing to do with it.

“Just heat lightning,” J’dan murmured, feet dangling off of his ledge as he watched. Not a true storm, mind. Just a reaction to the warmth that had settled over the island. He thought it was quite pretty. Shirtless, leaning back on his hands, he opted to enjoy the show before heading to bed himself. As a jungler, he’d have an early morning.

A Green rises, the Bronze remarked, shifting to stand as the call went out. Pulling to him.

J’dan made a face. This late? That was going to severely cut into his sleep…

It’d be nice to fly in the night sky, his dragon remarked, glancing down at him. Thunder trilled his agreement.

“Bah. Fine. But if either of us are tired tomorrow, I’ll have no one to blame but you,” he said even as he rolled to his feet. Buzz was quite unhappy as he was displaced and trilled as much, flapping haphazardly over to the bedfurs to hide from the heat lightening. J’dan climbed up on his dragon so he could be dropped off. Getting dressed at this point was moot, he could be dropped off in just his pants.

Brynioth thrummed his pleasure that they’d get to participate and landed near the ground weyr, just touching down long enough J’dan could slide off, before he was quickly air born. Quick and graceful for his color, he crooned to the green, Fly fast for me, pretty lady,

J’dan stretched and rolled his shoulders as he sauntered into the weyrling’s weyr, letting the thrill of it all start to burn through his veins. He supposed a fun romp would be a good way to end the day.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by lacihparg; original profile by Spiffy,
Most recent by SanctifiedSavage
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider  A'yara
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
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JW Dragon Healer Loressa
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AP Fisher Ysmersa
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Weyrfolk Daysepona
Drug Dealer Quenneca
Lady Holder Everalsie
Former Whore Domnitissa
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Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
 Anything Else:
Nothing much.

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Re: J'dan [ 6.5.2567 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 06:40:10 PM »

Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
8.1.2583 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 35
Mature Height: 6.5
Mature Wingspan: 56.5

General Appearance...

Brynioth hatched a small, bronze/green dragon with a long tail and darker stripes down his back. A clumsy hatchling, he’s grown into a ‘tarnished green’ bronze with lighter wings. Though he’s smaller for a bronze, he’s filled out quite nicely for his size. Mostly tail and neck, his body is quite slender for a bronze and always has been.


Mind Voice: Rich in timbre, with a playful edge.

Drills : It’s always been a thing for Brynioth. He likes flying, running, and pushing himself as much as his Rider does. Any day he’s exhausted is a great day.

Aerial Acrobatics : Being small for a bronze means he tries things in the air that others of his color might not be able to do. He’s certainly clumsy in comparison to Blues and Greens, but he’s still a sight.

Firelizards : They’re an inspiration for aerial fun and he enjoys chasing them. He also doesn’t mind being their perch.

Uptight Bronzers : Brynioth is a nicer dragon and he wants to learn from the dragons older than him. Anyone that rebuffs his attempts at learning earn his distaste.

Sadness : He doesn’t understand when his Rider gets upset and tears from other riders tend to be too complex for him to understand so he simply shuffles away.

Rain : Particularly cold rain. Especially the cold storms that pour on the island and make flying extremely difficult – it stings his eyes, pelts at his body, and all in all turns everything into a cold mess. Warm rain showers don’t bother him.


* OPTIMISM : Brynioth is a very pleasant dragon and can see the good in everything. He helps drive his rider, and himself, in just about anything they set their mind to. In that, he’s also very confident in himself and his rider. Nothing phases him.

* AGILITY : Brynioth is always pushing himself in aerial acrobats. Learning from both Green, Blues, and flits, he’s eager to try out new maneuvers and push his bigger self to new moves. Because he is a smaller Bronze, he tries to use that to his advantage in flight.

* PROTECTIVE : This Bronze is very much one at heart – protective and courageous. He wants to keep people, and the weyr, safe. This means braving the Jungle every day without fear to feed people. This also means that Brynioth is not afraid to speak up when he feels like someone is being treated unfairly.


* MEMORY : Brynioth is cursed with a better memory than some other dragons, so he remembers friends he’s lost to thread. While he tries not to wallow, it doesn’t help that both dragon and rider can remember thread and those lost to it. Deaths are felt quite keenly by the pair all the more. 

* STAMINA : Because he is smaller, Brynioth can’t keep up in sheer stamina with other, larger bronzes.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #4e4f37; Text: #FBEC5D

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Teeny tiny bronze <3

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Re: J'dan [ 6.5.2567 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2017, 06:51:37 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

As usual
Date of Birth:
01.04.2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Medium and chunky, much darker bronze than Brynioth, kinda greenish in tone, like shiny sludge. He's not the prettiest bronze about.


Mind Voice: Likes to share pictures, especially when he wants something.

J'dan : He's pretty possessive of his human, and quite demanding also. He can become quite stroppy if he doesn't think he's getting the attention he deserves. He's not above butting into a conversation with the Weyrwoman if he feels the need to.

Storms : Opposite of Brynioth, Thunder likes to go out and lose himself in high winds, thunder, and rain. He enjoys being tossed about by the wind. If it gets too bad, he’ll just go between back to the safety of the weyr.

Other bronzes, because they’re potential competition.

Being ignored. He’ll crawl all over J’dan if he must to get attention.

Buzz. The Blue is oddly affectionate with Thunder and it annoys the Bronze.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Needy little bastard.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

As usual
Date of Birth:
29.09.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

A motley sky blue. Wings are rather short and a little undeveloped, as are his front legs, neck is a bit chunky, tail a bit limp. In flight he tends to buzz around haphazardly rather than gliding gracefully, since he has to beat his tiny wings rather fast to generate enough lift. This also means he can't fly very far and tires easily, so he tends to zip between a lot. Not the best specimen of his kind in the world.


Mind Voice: doesn’t share much, but he thrums and purrs a lot.

Likes: Cuddles. Especially Thunder or Brynioth.

Food. He likes hunting on his own, though he tries to get Thunder to go with him.

Playtime. And anyone willing to play with him.

Cold. He'd much rather cuddle up with J'dan or Brynioth, or Thunder. Storms are especially bothersome so he’ll hide under the furs.

Solid objects. Not the best flier and he’s not adept at carrying things so he doesn’t bother playing fetch or the like.

Being shouted at. So please don’t.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's a bit, well... simple.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: J'dan [ 6.5.2567 / Bronze Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 07:51:10 PM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! | Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate!