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Author Topic: Approved Gwinn [ 08.10.2518 // Master Weaver ]  (Read 1685 times)

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Gwinn [ 08.10.2518 // Master Weaver ]
« on: August 24, 2017, 08:21:47 PM »

Play By:

Gwin - tehl - anne
Gwinn (everyone uses this, it's just easier, Gwinntellan is old news. Call her Gwinn.)
Date of Birth:
08.10.2518 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Boll
Alshan - Weaver Craftmaster (Ranked Adoptable)

Your Reflection...

Gwinn walks almost as if she's gliding two inches above the ground, a breezy, sort of floating, unhurried walk. The kind that makes you want to watch, but it doesn't make you feel like she is constantly on her way to do something of the utmost importance.

Sure, she's a master of her craft, but Gwinn has never given off the scary vibe. Her expression is always open, happy, approachable, and she likes to lounge about on chairs and seats. She doesn't need to sit all prim and proper for others to know who she is, they just know.

Comfortable clothes are now the go to. Gwinn can't be bothered at her age to worry about the newest trends. The catastrophe took that love of things like that away from her. But she's slowly allowing herself to choose colours that she likes, take advantage of the lilac weaver colours that are now available to her as a Master.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Gwinn could never afford to stop and think during the catastrophe. She had a growing family and a dying craft to look after the entire time. The one time she broke, even she knew she could afford no more than 24 hours to wallow in her guilt and sadness. Now, she simply blames no one, wanting instead to look ahead and not back, and not get bogged down in 'Your people did this' and 'Your people did that'.

Response to dragon color mutations:
It's not her business to worry about Weyr politics, she just worries about people. So whilst she can understand the potential for the Red and Black dragons to hurt those in the Weyr (especially after the most recent hatching) she also feels for the little kids who impressed a dragon and are now hated by those they should be able to look up to, for something completely out of their control.

Who are you...

*Silkworms - they are her life, her obsession, her every waking moment, not a mark goes by where Gwinn isn't thinking about how she can better their arrangement.
*Family - Gwinn enjoyed being a mother, and she's a little disappointed now that they're all grown up and they don't need her anymore. She's more than happy to babysit whenever her children need.
*Wine - She remembers the good old days where a fine Benden red was a celebratory drink when times were prosperous.
*Smells/scents/aromas - Just something which Gwinn has always enjoyed, the smell of fresh bread, flowers, dirt, musty caves, all things that tingle her senses and makes her feel alive.
*Truthful people - people who cry when they're sad, say the wrong things when they're angry, those who try to hide who and what they are, are just wasting their time.

*Sleeping alone - Gwinn hasn't spent more than 50 nights alone in the past 60 turns, had she hasn't liked a single one of them.
*Drama - Just grow up. Please. Have fun, enjoy your life, chill out.
*Fellis - Gwinn doesn't like being ill, or getting hurt, because of the potential for the need to drink fellis juice to numb the pain. The ability for addiction and overdose terrify her, and at her age, she'd rather not have to be exposed to such medications, although perhaps it may be needed sooner than she thinks. Anything that dulls her senses it not something she wants to associate with at her age.


* DEDICATED : Gwinn isn't dedicated to her craft or her family because of some traditional rightness of the fact, she simply likes being dedicated, likes having things to do, likes things that need her, require her help.

* CALMING : Not only is Gwinn a calm person, but that exudes from her in a way that makes other people calm. She's quick to defuse situations, sooth emotions, and quiet busy rooms. Gwinn has lived long enough to know that you can always take the time to sort out a situation, because life is going to be far longer than you think.

* SMART : Whilst Gwinn has always been second string to Alshan, she is undeniably intelligent. Even at her age she has a solid memory, is an expert in language and conveying information accurately, and can simply pick up things quicker than what others would. This helped her a lot in her craft, and during her apprenticeship, she managed to be wanted by many of the different specialities. Gwinn's intelligence would also would lead her to be a good negotiator and political figurehead for the Weaver craft.

* STEADY : Gwinn has always been the rock which held others together, she's been secure in herself, her position, and has never once wanted to shake things up. One can always rely on Gwinn to be there for you, and be present in life.

* ORGANISED : As much as her husband Alshan can't exactly wrap his head around the need to be organised, or at least slow his thoughts enough to sort everything out, Gwinn is more than happy to follow everyone else around and organise their paperwork and their life. Whilst she doesn't do it out of an obsessive need to see things in their right place, Gwinn simply knows that it's easier to organise things as you go.


* FEAR : Gwinn is mostly afraid of... life at the moment. Everything to do with it, growing old, losing her children, losing her husband, losing her own life, everything she's worked for, the silkworms. Everything in her life is so important to her, and she can't help but feel that, after all these turns she knows that the world isn't under her control.

* SHORT-SIGHTED : Her age has caught up with her in few ways, but her eyesight has deteriorated in an unexpected way. The small details of weaver work are easy on her eyes, but ask her to look across the room to point out the apprentice who just walked in, and she can only vaguely identify them as "apprentice blob number 1".

* SHARP : Gwinn has a sharp wit which is usually too quick for others to understand, or it least, with a neutral expression is usually takes them a few seconds to realise that she was joking. Somewhat contrary to her zen demeanour, it's a little offputting to some.

* TRANSPARENT : Seemingly the opposite to her sharp wit. Gwinn wears her heart on her sleeve, so while what she's saying might sometimes be a bit too quick for people to immediately understand what she is saying, everyone usually knows what she is feeling. Whether it be happiness, sadness, pity, Gwinn wears her heart on her sleeve.

* NIAVE : Even after all these turns, all the disappointment, all the hurt, all the heartache, Gwinn still wants everything to be okay. She wants everyone to be nice, everyone to be happy, and to know that everything will just turn out alright in the end. Deep down, she knows that wishing this is unrealistic, but she can't help but just... want it.

Describe Yourself:

* ZEN: ----- Possibily the most evident and important personality trait of Gwinn, she is the epitome of zen. Rarely anything phases her, any she can take any situation and turn it good. It might take a lot of work, but she's not one to freak out when something doesn't go right, or break down in sympathy when she sees someone else broken. She's a comforter, a calmer, an encourager, and a worker, not a nitpicker, a worrier or a defeatist.

* EMPATHETIC: ----- Caring about people and understanding how they feel is just a part of what keeps Gwinn sane. If she felt that she was the only one in the world hurting, or crying, or struggling, she wouldn't be able to cope. But knowing how others feel, and trying to help them makes her feel like she's putting back into society even more so than just through her craft.

* TEACHER: ----- Her craft hit the jackpot when they apprenticed her all those years ago. Gwinn is a natural teacher, and knows how to explain many aspects of life or her craft, in ways that anyone can understand. She also simply enjoys the act of teaching, as it helps her to learn as well. Knowing her to rephrase something, or change tacts is all a part of constant adaptation and evaluation of ones techniques.

* CONTENT: ----- Gwinn has never had a desire for leadership, or for being the best of the best. For her entire life she had always been second string to the most intelligent man she's ever met, so she's simply been content with the best she can be. It's not synonymous to undriven, Gwinn likes to achieve, enjoys getting things done properly, and likes being the best with her silkworms, but she doesn't need to be the best at everything to be happy.

* CURIOUS: ----- Gwinn has always had a curious mind. Enjoying knowing how people ticked, how things worked, why things happened the way they did. Whilst Gwinn herself has never been an innovator for the sake of innovating, Gwinn enjoys learning how other people approach the art of problem solving, and has applied it to her own neccessary inventions for the silk worm craft.

The Magic Touch: Gwinn snores have been likened to a dragon's roar. Luckily, Alshan has simply gotten used it over the turns, but Gwinn has never been one of those graceful sleepers.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Gwinnen: Journeywoman Weaver, b. 2500, d. 2550
Father: Tellaweir: Holder, b. 2499, d. 2530

G'weir [brother] Rider of Green Throuth - b. 2515, imp. 2530, d. 2568
Tellawinne [sister] Holder - b. 2519 d. 2563
Nentel [brother] Holder - b. 2522, d. 2552
Gwindatel [brother] Journeyman Weaver - b. 2525, tap. 2549, d. 2550
Winna [sister] - b. 2528 - Adoptable
Lawen [brother] - b. 2530 - Adoptable

Gwinnalle [daughter] b. 2532 - Adoptable
Sh'lan [son] Rider of Brown Bryzoth  - b. 2535, imp. 2555, d. 2582 threadfall
Shantella [daughter]  Journeywoman Weaver - b. 2536, d. 2577
Tellawinn [daughter] - b. 2543 - Adoptable
Anetel [son] - b. 2545 - Adoptable
Alleshan [son] Holder - b. 2548, d. 2575
Winnshella [daughter] Hold brat - b. 2553, d. 2560 sickness
Gwinshen [daughter] Hold brat - b. 2554, d. 2554 miscarriage
Tellan [son] - b. 2558 - Adoptable

Surviving grandchildren:
Galleweyne [son of Alleshan] Apprentice Weaver - b. 2565 - Played by SirAlahn
Agwellyn [son of Alleshan] - b. 2568 - Adoptable
Gallesha [daughter of Alleshan] - b. 2569 - Adoptable
Linntella [daughter of Alleshan] - b. 2571 - Adoptable

Professions for Gwinn's surviving siblings, children and grandchildren have been left open for adoptable reasons. With preferences for Weavers, but at the very least Holders and Crafters.

Craft: Weaver

Rank: Master

Date Apprenticed: 2530/12.

Date Tapped: 2541/23.

Mastership: 2572/54.

Specialty: Silks. Silkworm care.

Education Details: Gwinn's education was pretty typical. Whilst intelligent, and good at what she did, Gwinn wasn't a prodigy, and wasn't tapped at the earliest possible time. Instead, she raised a family as she studied, and therefore, most of her advancements were longer than what one would expect for a woman of her calibre.

In her apprenticeship, she dabbled in the various aspects of weavercraft, but found herself drawn to the uniqueness of silks and the raising of the worms that came along with it. If the silkworms were to fade, Gwinn wouldn't want to choose a different speciality, although she showed a particular aptitude for tapestry design in her younger days, and perhaps her calm mind would be suited for more intricate pointwork.

Tell us a story...

* 2518, 0 Born to a Holder husband and Weaver mother, neither parent were particularly interested in their children. They liked the idea of them, the fact that it made them look like a big, wonderful, happy family. And they were... to an extent. Gwinn loved all her siblings, as their family grew, all the children became closer with one another as they realised they parents didn't particularly... care what they did one way or another. They felt out the world on their own and it mostly worked for them.

* 2519-22, 1-4 In the proceeding turns, Gwinn's parents welcome two more children, Tellawinne and Nentel. This is when Gwinn officially becomes... Gwinn. She decides pretty early on that her long name simply doesn't suit her, and her siblings are mostly in agreement. Gwinntellan becomes Gwinn and she hasn't heard the name since (except from her parents who couldn't be any less interested in learning about her life).

* 2523, 5 A curious child, Gwinn was playing with the bugs and spinners in the darker corners of her family home, when the 5 turn old was bitten. She swelled up like a balloon in reaction to the bite, more so than any of the healers would have expected, and the Healers of Southern Boll were able to prevent the blockage of her airways. From what she could remember, Gwinn was simply told to stay away from spinners from then on, and the memory of the fear of the moment kept her from breaking that recommendation.

* 2525, 7 Another brother follows this turn, and Gwinn couldn't be happier that their family continues to grow. She starts to become interested in her mother's work. Since her mother is constantly sewing while at the weaver hall during the day, she takes it upon herself to teach her children, so that the easy patching doesn't have to be done by her. She gets enough of it day in and day out at the hall. Gwinn enjoys this time, it's simple, and she is blissfully unaware of the hatching plot of detonations under the instruction of AIVAS.

* 2528, 10 Gwinn is informed by her parents that a marriage has been set up for her. She meets Alshan for the first time, a young man, only a turn older than her. Not the most attractive, but not ugly either, Gwinn is pleasantly surprised for her future with him. They court for a while, get to know one another, act like kids together. Gwinn is happy for him when the next turn he is apprenticed to the Weaver Hall, she expected nothing else from the boy who could pick up patterns faster than anyone she had ever met.

* 2530, 12 Following in her mothers footsteps, and her betrothed, Gwinn is apprenticed to the Weaver Hall. She enjoys it, calming work, but also something which can challenge her. Quickly becoming attached to the secluded silk worm caves, Gwinn starts a secret obsession. It would be turns before she was actually allowed to help, or do anything productive with the near-extinct silkworms, but she was going to do her darndess to make sure that eventually, she will be in those caves.

It is this same turn her father dies, her mother, pregnant to what would be their last child. Gwinn felt... strange about this. It was now she realised that she didn't particularly... like either of her parents, although admittedly, she did love them. It was hard to not love the people who raised you, regardless of how good or bad they were at it.

* 2531, 13 Gwinn and Alshan finally get married. Even at 72 turns, Gwinn will fondly recall that this was one of the happiest days of her lives, and the beginning of a life of love, happiness and yes, at times grief, that she would have never expected on that rainy day when she was 13. The two stood together in front of family and friends, inside of course, Gwinn never got to achieve her dream of a wedding on the beach with the sun rising behind them.

* 2532-36, 14-18 Gwinn never wanted to wait for children, and so, not a turn after their marriage, she gave birth to their first child, a bouncing, healthy baby girl, who they named Gwinnalle. This marked turns of ignorance. Partly on purpose, and partly by mistake, Gwinn simply raised her children, and worked in her craft. Three turns later, she gave birth to her first boy Shwilan and the turn after that, another girl named Shantella. With the weaver hall, her husband and her children, Gwinn was able to... almost block out all the horrors of the world outside, as slowly, everything she had ever known began to fall apart.

* 2537, 19 It was at this time that Gwinn knew she had to get more serious about her craft. Being both a mother and a wife to her steadily growing hoarde of children, was a full time job, but in order to devote the time she needed to to be a constructive member of her craft, Gwinn knew she had to step back. Her younger sister Tellawinne, by this time, discovered that she was infertile, and after her husband leaving her in the dark of the night, Gwinn welcomed her sister into their house. Tellawinne was sweet and kind and the children took to her quickly. Gwinn was still the mother, she came home, did the disciplining, the cooking, the cleaning, Tellawinne was simply an extra set of eyes and hands. It worked for them, and so Tellawinne and Gwinn both had the family they always wanted, without having to sacrifice their happiness.

* 2541, 23 With her sister now looking after the children during the busier working hours of the day, the craft noticed Gwinn's dedication and she was tapped. Now, she was able to pursue her academic studies into the silkworms. The Weaver Hall was still going strong, and the silkworm caves were as prosperous as ever, but with Halls and Holds beginning to be abandoned with more frequency, Gwinn knew that a contingency plan needed to be devised. She hoped it would not have to be implemented, but she need to know that the silkworms would survive, no matter what the future held. 

* 2543, 25 With the of another daughter, named Tellawinn after her aunt, Gwinn kept growing her family. She found the perfect balance of mother and teacher, nurturer and disciplinarian, all while keeping her family tight knit.

* 2545, 27 Alshan was excited when the next child proved to be a boy, their second of five children so far. Gwinn had no intention of stopping, and she was eager to see what the future would be like for all her bright and happy children.

* 2548, 30 It was with the birth of Alleshan, her third son, that the pregnancies began to take their toll on her body. Not obviously at first, but the simple symptoms of pregnancy became more pronounced, more difficult to ignore. Gwinn would be lying if she said it didn't effect her craft for a time. It was hard to be focused when your entire body was screaming at you to just lie down. But, in her naivety that everything was going to turn out okay, Gwinn simply... carried on, content and happy with her lot.

* 2549, 31 Gwinn's eldest son is searched for the Weyr, and she watches him go with apprenhension. Knowing that potentially she might never see him again, as he would need to go from Weyr to Weyr, wherever duty calls, that was, if he did indeed impress. But she wishes him well, with the words to let him know he could return to her whenever he wanted and she would always welcome him. As she leaves, she implores him to seek out his uncle G'weir, so at least he would have some family in a foreign place.

* 2550, 32 When Gwinn's mother died, she passed reasonably quietly in the eyes of all her children. Whilst they spent their time to acknowledge her passing, and the woman who had brought them to the world, it was more of a time to reflect on the closeness they had found with each other. The brothers and sisters, with their own growing families, which had pulled together in all of their hardest times.

* 2553, 35 With her pregnancies getting more and more confusing and difficult, the next child was an unwanted home birth. She simply... never made it out of bed and to the infirmary, waking in the middle of the night to the familiar pain of labour, and before too long, she welcomed Winnshella to the world. The child a little premature, small for what was healthy. But she cried as was expected, loudly and without tears, so Gwinn was told that as long as she fed, everything would be okay, and with little to give her reason to worry, Gwinn was reassured.

* 2554, 36 Gwinn's next pregnancy did not go well. Complications, a miscarriage and a subsequent infection had the healers informing her that this had most likely been her last chance. And so, with her husband Alshan, they eventually came to terms with the idea of no more children. They had a large family which they loved, and so, they were content for this to be the end of her pregnancies.

Later in the turn, Gwinn is offered firelizards from a fellow Weaver's clutch. Perhaps it was pity when they realised she had given up on having any more children, or perhaps it was just a coincidence. But Gwinn was open and accepting of the idea, and even accepted two eggs. They hatched into two lovely green sisters, and Gwinn hasn't been able to imagine her life without the two of them since. It simply worked, they fit together.

* 2558, 40 Despite the warnings from healers, Gwinn did manage to get pregnant again. It was a surprise to be sure, and she definitely wasn't expecting to carry the fetus to full term, but she did. There were complications throughout, a few rushed trips to the healer hall, but 37 weeks later, she welcomed her final child to the world, whom she named Tellan. She was proud and content in the idea that her family was complete.

Just after the birth of Tellan, the Weaver Hall was finally evacuated along with Southern Boll. Their entire family was uprooted, and moved to Fort Hold. No one died that she knew, although, she watched a few dragonriders take injuries while fighting thread above them. But by now, it was something she expected, it not something she had been personally before. With the entire Weaver Hall moving, Gwinn didn't feel like everything had changed. She still went to work everyday, her sister still looked after the children when she wasn't there, and life simply continued as normal.

* 2560, 42 Winnshella had never been a particularly strong child. She was prone to sickness when the weather turned, and seemed to get weaker and weaker after each bought of illness. With so many people starting to be crammed into Fort Hold, contagions were rife throughout, and Winnshella was a sad and unexpected casualty. Just like every other turn of her young life, Winnshella had gotten a sniffle, then a cough, then slowly deteriorated from there.

It was Gwinn's first real exposure to heartbreak. But she had to be strong for her family, her sister, her husband. The weaver took her grief and then moved on, keeping her child's memory alive, but not letting it halt the progress of her life.

Gwinn had always hoped that her children would want to follow in the family footsteps and become apprenticed into the Weaver craft. But when her son Alleshan approached her and Alshan in his 12th turn, and tells them he wants to be a Holder, a field hand and to raise a family with a woman he loves. Gwinn can't deny him the want to be happy. Alshan and Gwinn gift him a Gold Wher egg, with their blessing to choose his own path, as long as he is happy and healthy, and they will always be there for him.

* 2563, 45 But it seemed that Gwinn's life wasn't going to continue on the way she wanted. Her sister succumbed to an illness as well. Not something she had contracted, the healers said that it wasn't contagious, just an inevitable illness that Tellawinne was going to die of eventually. It didn't mean much to Gwinn, she had never really dabbled in the other crafts, so she simply watched as her sister faded away, a husk of the vibrant woman she had been, before she died peacefully in her sleep.

Or at least, that is what Gwinn convinced herself, that it was peaceful, that she wasn't in pain, when really, she had no idea. It was a blow, but she had to carry on. The children were mostly grown up and could look after themselves, but her sister had been an incredible help to their family, and so the loss was keenly felt by them all.

* 2568, 50 And then her older brother G'wier fell in threadfall. After he had impressed, he had grown apart from the family, but Gwinn's son Sh'lan had impressed 7 turns earlier, and her brother had kept a keen eye on him since the boy had moved to the Weyr.

Whilst she missed her brother to be sure, the death opened her eyes more to the danger her son Sh'lan was exposed to and made her worry more for his safety. It wasn't a constant thing, Gwinn was a pretty calm person in her every day life, but in the marks before sleep, Gwinn felt the weight of the catastrophe pressing down on her and her family.

* 2572, 54 With the arrival of the rest of Pern in Fort Weyr and Fort Hold, the Weavers were entirely reunited again and the need for leaders and masters became apparent. Her husband was voted to Craftmaster and she was promoted to her Mastery. Gwinn was so proud of her husband, and herself to be sure, although she wasn't entirely surprised about either event. It became her little obsession, and despite the inability to create silks with their limited resources, Gwinn would not allow the silkworms to die even given their current obsolete status. Whilst the hall couldn't devote large amounts of apprentices to the raising of the silkworms, Gwinn was content to handle them mostly by herself, and starting teaching in the meantime.

* 2575, 57 Gwinn has to watch her son, Alleshan slowly waste away. Their family is there to watch him go and ease his pain, but he leaves behind a wife and four young children. Gwinn and Alshan do what they can for the family, but their eldest Galleweyne steps up to the plate, bonding with his late fathers wher, and staying behind in their family home whilst the Weaver Hall takes in his Journeywoman mother and younger siblings. She's proud of them all, the way they recover, the way the Weavers came to their aid, and the way young Galleweyne accepts the responsibility without question.

* 2577, 59 Her daughter Shantella is the next to fall. A victim of a bad miscarriage, Gwinn is reminded of her own close call with a pregnancy. Shantella had followed in her footsteps in the Weaver Craft, and left behind a horde of children just like her own. Those that could were adopted by Gwinn's other children and Gwinn did what she could to babysit when needed. However, most of Shantella's children were older and able to take care of themselves, so despite the loss, there were no children lost to the darkness that enveloped most of the Hold by now.

Galleweyne starts in the Weaver Hall, Gwinn keeps an eye on her grandson, as she does with all her relatives. But she's far too self-aware to hover over them, treat them differently, or coddle them just because they're related to her. Whilst she can't help but be secretly proud when any of the relations choose to follow in family tradition, she wants them all to make their own way. If they're happy as Weavers, so be it, she'll help guide them if they need, but Gwinn isn't the kind for nepotism.

* 2582, 64 Grandchildren are welcomed into the world, her children advance in their craft, her husband maintains his rank, and her silkworms are still alive. But her family is not safe from the horrors of the catastrophe. She loses as many grandchild as she gains and her dragonrider child Sh'lan, as she feared, falls to thread. As much as Gwinn has always tried to be the rock, the solid one, someone unphased by the catastrophe around her, it all became a little too much. Gwinn had a short, one day long breakdown. She refused to leave her room, left the silkworms to fend for themselves for the day, and told Alshan to let her apprentices know that she wasn't coming in. Gwinn needed a whole day to just cry, grieve for her loved ones, and steel herself for the inevitability of more death to come. The next day, she was back to work, as if nothing had happened, but with a new fear of death which she had to keep bottled away.

* 2587, 69 Gwinn was excited for the move to Fort Island, but she couldn't help but feel it was tainted by the memories of all those that hadn't made it. Her son Sh'lan, who had died only 5 turns previously. He had been so close. They all comparatively, she supposed, had been close in their own way. All of them lived closer to the end of the catastrophe than the beginning of it.

* 2590, 72 Life on Fort Island hadn't been all sweets and rainbows. Hunters and Beach Snakes were ready around every corner, and the mutations were causing havoc, pitting rider against rider, but Gwinn couldn't deny that her life was... okay, at least. She was happy, her children seemed to have some modicum of safety here, and despite it all, Gwinn liked it here. So she had hope for the future of their people, the craft and her family.

Gwinn had to blink her eyes a little at the more blinding light of the late afternoon. The angle of the sun coming through the Weyrbowl entrance at just the right height to hit her bang in the middle of the eyes.
 The Master had heard of the commotion a little late. Having been occupied in the silk worm cave for their afternoon check up, in which time had just seemed to run away from her.

But eventually, an apprentice had found her. A little breathless, and a little out to date with his information. Gwinn had indeed known of the trip to Southern Boll that had been taking place today by Mountain Wing, as there was little that went on in the hall she didn't hear about. It did pay to be married to the Craftmaster occassionally. But it seemed that they had found a great deal more than what had been expected.

It seemed that most were being organised by the riders outside, apprentices, candidates and the like being taken adragonback across to the hall. Gwinn wished to go, if only just to remember her youth there. The days of crying babies and rowdy toddlers, along with the hubbub of a filled fall. But she knew she would be of better use here. She trusted her apprentices, the journeyman that would inevitably be in the forefront and even the Mountain Riders, after all, they did this day in and day out.

Alshan would inevitably be around, but Gwinn didn't feel the need to seek his out. His scribe would be with him, and that was all the man should need. This kind of chaos was exactly the kind of thing that would thrill his constantly whirring mind.

Instead, Gwinn sought out Berlya. The two were friends, having spent quite a deal of their life on similar paths. The other woman was almost 10 turns younger than her to be sure, but they had been mastered within only a few turns of one another, and in their more advanced age had come to appreciate their constrasting personalities.

Gwinn was calm and breezy, Berlya intense and iron-willed, but the two made a good pair. And they would do so again today. Taking a seat next to her, Gwinn's two greens amusingly seemed to unconsciously echo the position of Berlya's own beside her. "Hello my dear. It's all very exciting isn't it?" She asked, patting her friend's hand beside her.

Member Info...

Created By:
Choccy Milk
Other Characters:
Weyrsecond B'ron
Prairie Wingsecond K'rez
Searchrider-AWLM W'um
Jungle Wingrider Y'tol
Beach Wingrider M'dak
Mountain Wingrider X'rine
Prairie Wingrider Z'ryr
Beach Wingrider Inanna
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Re: Gwinn [ 08.10.2518 // Master Weaver ]
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 08:22:06 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Sweet Pea
Like the two words sweet and pea
Date of Birth:
27.08.2554 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Weaver Crafthall

General Appearance...

Sweet Pea is thin, and a little weak. Not because she was undernourished, or because she didn't have enough work to do, or even because she wasn't trained properly. She simply doesn't put on muscle like other firelizards do. Length wise, she's medium size, the exact same as Hellebore.


Mind Voice: Sweet Pea is a very emotional flit, but she's more than happy to trill and purr when she's happy. Her pictures aren't the best, but not for lack of trying, they simply lack focus, and are a little blurry around the details.

*Humidity - It's all sticky and hot, and makes her flying a lot harder than usual because all the air is so heavy.
*Cuddles - Sweet Pea is a very physical firelizard, she likes cuddles, rubs and scratches.
*Gwinn's family - She enjoys attention, and the fact that Gwinn has such a large family means that she always has people she and Gwinn love around them.

*Being alone - Luckily, it's not too common with such a large Weyr and a big family, but Sweet Pea doesn't enjoy being sent to do things by herself, or being told to stay in the Weyr by herself. She shakes and freaks out a little bit.
*Anger - Sweet Pea is far too pure for this world, she hates confrontation and anger and will want to be as far away as possible.

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Re: Gwinn [ 08.10.2518 // Master Weaver ]
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2017, 08:22:25 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Hell - leh - boar
Date of Birth:
27.08.2554 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Weaver Hall

General Appearance...

Hellebore is definitely a strong looking flit, well-muscled, maybe even a little too thick, given her penchant for eating as much fruit as she can get her hands on. Despite being the exact same medium-sized length as her sister Sweet Pea, Hellebore weighs significantly more, and is quite a lot more intimidating to behold, with her dark, mottled colouration.


Mind Voice: Hellebore is quite adept at all forms of communication. She won't hesitate to exihibit a variety of vocal trills and barks to grab someones attention, but neither will she shy away from emotions and pictures. Well trained and well focused, Hellebore's pictures are clear and precise.

*Fruit - The fresh bursting taste of fruit in her mouth is so lovely. Something that the firelizard sorely missed out on when on the main continent and she was incredibly excited to have her first taste of fruit when they came to Fort Island. Occassionally, she'll overindulge and fall into a sugar coma.
*Protecting - Hellebore likes having a job to do, looking out for things, people. You can frequently find her with her wings covering some secret present or something and hissing at anyone that comes near.
*Letting people know she's there - Hellebore isn't a quiet flit, she's not one to fade into the background and wait for her turn. She's loud, abrasive, and present.

*Being petted by anyone but Gwinn - Why would anyone else touch her? Who do they think they are? This means that Sweet Pea and Hellebore frequently have to go deliver messages together. Because Hellebore doesn't want anyone touching her when they take the message from her bag, but Sweet Pea hates going by herself to deliver them. Hellebore will keep Sweet Pea company and on task, and Sweet Pea will kindly allow anyone to take off the message and give her a scratch as a reward.
*Personal Space Invaders - Just... why? Hellebore will never understand Sweet Pea's love for affection and constant connection with someone or something. Additionally, Hellebore doesn't mind hissing when she feels like someone is invading Gwinn's personal space either.
*Strangers - They're all untrustworthy, they haven't been screened, they haven't proved themselves, they could be any form of riff raff. No. :C

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Re: Gwinn [ 08.10.2518 // Master Weaver ]
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 08:27:31 PM »
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