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Author Topic: Approved Gavita [ 21.5.2564 / Apprentice Smith ]  (Read 1775 times)

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Gavita [ 21.5.2564 / Apprentice Smith ]
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:54:08 AM »

Play By:
Kiyomi Mccloskey

None. It's Gavita.
Date of Birth:
21.05.2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
None Currently

Your Reflection...

Gavita stands at a sturdy 5'5". She's not lithe and her mother never said she was pretty, but rather she was always 'cute' growing up.  Coming into her own, Gavita preferred practical clothing over the dresses her mother wanted her in and eventually gave up on trying to put Gavita in. Now, she wears tank tops and jackets when the weather permits. Always pants and a good pair of boots in leather. Something practical and well-tended.

There are several notable scars on her arms from her time as a smith from a stray ember or when she slipped with a tool but she barely even notices them and comes up with a different story every time someone asks about them - half of the time the story doesn’t seem plausible.

Gavita keeps her black hair cut short because she hates bothering with it - but don't let that deceive you. It's her weakness. She loves it when other people play with it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Gavita was one of those girls that 'lived in her own world'. Born into a family of crafters and expected to follow in her mother and father's foot steps as a healer, she was all too well aware that people died. When she didn't want to be a healer, got tired of hearing all the stories about how people were hurt, she found her own way. Was the Pass awful, yes. But she never saw it in the saw way that the dragonriders might, but through the too close perspective of the healers - an in that, she wanted to run. The farthest she could get was the Smith hall. That's where she found her quiet joy and her salvation.

Response to dragon color mutations: Gavita cares very little for the dragons. She understands their necessary, but she doesn't really understand that they're sentient. Not really. She sees them more as tools - like her own. She wouldn't get mad at her hammer for being an off color, so why would she be mad at a dragon for being black or red. Does it still function? All's good then.

Who are you...

Work : Gavita is a smith at heart, and has been her whole life. That being said, it's not just the smithing she enjoys. Give her a task, a job, and she's the happiest. Especially a job where she can use her hands or the strength in her arms.

Storytelling : In another life, Gavita could've been a harper. A bad one. She likes making up stories about just about anything. Mud monsters, big fairy flies, singing fish in the deep ocean, clouds that turn into dancers, and just about anything else. She'd get in trouble when she was an apprentice for wasting wax tablet margins by doodling these stories when she was working on classwork. Now, most that know her are likely to smile and shake their head once she gets going.

Compliments : Blessed Faranth, she'll blush as hot as an ember. Gavita has always been called cute when she was growing up, but that sort of pandered off when she distanced herself from some of her family and began to forge her own way in life. Dressing down in a more boyish style and being smudged in dirt doesn't help either, but genuine compliments make her blush something fierce and she likes it - deep down. Even if she pretends otherwise and insists it's all not true.

Blood / Injuries : While fully able to care for herself, don't ask her to patch you up or tend to you if you're feeling bad. Injuries and illness make her anxious and take her back to a time she'd just… rather avoid.

Meat : The lack of red meat doesn't really bother Gavita. She doesn't like the taste of wherry or herdbeast. Rather, she prefers all the veggies, herbs, and fish. Bring all that on.

Being Strong Armed : She doesn't like the phrase "because I said so". It's the worst thing to say to her to get her to do something and, much like the mountain she works in, she'll plant herself in place and become an unwavering obstacle until you tell her why. That's important to her.


* DRIVEN : Gavita is very motivated in the tasks she's given, and it's important to her that she does well. You won't see her half-assing a project or an assignment.

* COMPASSIONATE : She feels for people - people she doesn't even know - and she will go out of her way to help strangers if she notices they're in need. Though she's not really in a position to do much but donate her time, she will.

* HUMOROUS : Gavita can take a joke, and often makes them. She finds reasons to smile, though never at the expense of someone. Not to say she can't laugh at herself though. She'd rather laugh something off than take it overly serious. Life's too short for all that.

* IMAGINATIVE : It's just a past time, but it keeps her entertained and people seem to enjoy it. It can translate into her work, when it's allowed too, but Gavita has a very active imagination. It allows her to also see things from other people's perspective quite easily.

* INDEPENDENT : Gavita doesn't need other people, even if she does enjoy their company. She's perfectly happy working alone all day - and has - because she loses track of time. But that's ok to her too.


* SELF-CONCIOUS : She's struggled a lot finding her own way in life, and still sometimes falters as she works to define who she is and where she really belongs. While the Smith Hall has largely helped with that, she's still figuring some of that out - if she'll have a family, if she'll find someone to be with - ya know… big life choices like that.

* UNDERESTIMATED : She's small for a Smith and sometimes looked over for certain jobs. Because she is self-conscious, Gavita doesn't speak up and this has left her as an apprentice even now. A hard working one, but it's perceived that she's lacking ambition.

* SHY : It takes a lot to get past the silly, story sharing girl that keeps so many at arm's length to get really close to her.

* IGNORANT : Her knowledge of the world doesn't really extend past the healer hall, the smith hall, and how crafters live. All she knows about Riders is largely rumor and conjecture, even though she was raised in a weyr, because she was never really part of that world. So she can say a lot of ignorant things - and thinks a lot of ignorant things.

* CLOSETED : Gavita keeps a great many self-truths to herself even though it wouldn't upset the weyr at large, because it would upset her more traditional family. While her choice in life of being a smith created a wedge between her and her family, the fact she's only attracted to women has subconsciously pushed her farther from them as well. This isn't something she's open about, or she actively thinks about - she just doesn't bring anyone she's interested in around her family. To be involved with Gavita is to be a secret.

Describe Yourself:

* SWEET: There is a sweet streak in Gavita. She wants to help people, almost to the point that she goes out of her way to find people to help. She wants to feel useful, needed, and productive. She wants to take care of people - perhaps it runs in her family, where some of them are healers, or she's just a good person, but she volunteers what free time she has to various places. Never fully committing to the creche, the kitchens, construction, etc because she's devoted to her craft, but always sticking her hands in places that need a helping hand. Anyone can rely on her for that.

* CRAFTER BRED: Born to healers in the weyr, it was instilled in her in an early age the importance of learning and joining a crafthall. Though they were more the traditional, holder style crafters so she's never really lived the 'weyr life' ever though she grew up in a weyr. As such, open sexuality and relationships are a foreign concept to her.

* SELF-INVOLVED: Gavita has a very narrow world view. She doesn't think grand scale. Just what she's involved in - what she can do, what she can change.

* THOROUGH: Between her two well cared for weyr, her small but well-kept room, and her own well-tended clothes. Though she doesn't have much, Gavita cares very much for the things that she does own. It isn't that things are inherently important, but the things she's in charge of should be cared for appropriately.

* SCRAPPY: She likes rough housing with her brothers - the ones she's close to - and even wrestling with her whers. Or racing them in the tunnels. Bumps and bruises don't phase her.

The Magic Touch: Though she keeps her nails short, she hates having dirt under her nails so she frequently cleans under them or picks at her nails.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Galeenahb. 2541 Journeyman Healer
     She should be a traditional-er healer. Well meaning, cares for her family.
Father: Penziel b. 2538 Journeyman Healer
     Holder bred crafter. Wanted his daughter to follow in his craft.

Passidel b. 2555
Prasensa b. 2559
Gondalan b. 2561
Garias b. 2568
Paetta b. 2573
Gesten b. 2577
Pronnen b. 2580

Will be creating a wanted ad for her family.

None, because she's never been married and she doesn't like boys.

Craft: Smith

Rank:Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2580 / 16

Specialty: Blacksmith

Education Details: Gavita was long in coming to the Smith hall so her education was a bit later than others. Regardless, she takes to her work with enthusiasm and dedication. It's something she legitimately enjoys and finds a great sense of fulfillment in.

Tell us a story...

2564, 0 Born into a family of Healers, Gavita is the fourth child. Though it’s a ‘big’ family, they aren’t necessarily struggling either. As healers, they are well provided for by the weyr even if they’re not exactly part of the weyr life – meaning they’re getting enough to eat and have clothes enough for the family.

* 2568, 4 Garias is born. Another babe into the growing family. Gavita is actually quite excited and eager to welcome her little brother into the family. Though she’s not the best at ‘home work’, she tries to help out in taking care of him.

* 2573, 9 Paetta is born. A little sister! It becomes all the more important that Gavita help her parents take care of Garias while they tend to the new baby Paetta. More and more, they seem to be trying to groom her for the healer hall, idly trying to teach her things but she has no interest. Even less interest in chores too, but she does them and tries to teach her little brother too.

* 2576, 12 Galeenah and Penziel want their daughter to go into the Healer Hall – follow in their foot steps – but she doesn’t want to. Even so, they enroll their daughter and she lasts an grand two weeks before she has an explosive fight with them and stops attending classes. There’s some fall out with her parents now. She still lives with them, tries to take care of the house, but there’s a lot of distance between her and them as they effectively give up on her.

* 2577, 13 Gesten is born and Gavita uses that as an excuse to remain at home to help take care of the newborn babe. She’s able to semi-repair the relationship with her parents during this period, though it becomes damaged again when her parents want to get her married. This ends explosively again when Gavita actually uses a dragon rider to ‘run away’ to the Hold – taking up holder construction work to get away from her family and the weyr.

* 2578-2580, 14-16 Gavita’s time at the Hold is an eye opener. While she does get some ‘shelter’ staying with a Healer family friend, and has work doing construction in the Hold, seeing how bad life is at the Hold is just… shocking. Near appalling. Her work ethic, however, does draw the attention of what remains of the Smiths and she’s snatched up as an apprentice, something that she takes to with gusto as the lessons and learning is something she really, really enjoys. Being taken in as a smith, she's also gifted a wher egg that hatches into her best friend - Blue. Or rather, Gavisk.

* 2581-2587, 17-23 Gavita spends this time growing under the watchful eye of the Smiths that have taken her in and, in a way, she feels more at home with them than with her own family who she’s become estranged from. Though life at Fort Hold is, admittedly, awful Gavita feels a sense of giving back and she and the other smiths work to provide what tools and sense of order they can. She grows a lot in this time – becoming her own, independent person but she does miss her siblings. Especially Garias, who she helped raise more than the others.

* 2587, 23 When Thread ends and everyone will be going to one weyr, it seems like a weird dream. Gavita is very, very reserved because she knows this means she’ll actually get to see her family. Oddly enough, that’s what concerns her the most about the move. She helps pack everything up and they move. Sure enough, she does reconnect with her family with some varying degrees of success. There’s the initial disappointment that she’s not a healer, that she’s not married… but they’re happy she’s alive and she’s actually happy to see them.

* 2590, 26 Still an apprentice Smith, though she’s quite happy, Gavita has been slowly reconnecting with her family and working on the various projects around the weyr. While she’s happy that there is a Mine Hall being created, she’s quite content at the weyr – this time – and hesitant to move out and into the Hall.

There were few things to be excited about since she’d come to live at Fort Hold. The place was… in a word, rotten. Awful. Though she’d heard it from some healers that had done ‘time’ at the Hold, seeing it was believing. Gavita wasn’t certain she’d have had the courage to actually leave her family if she’d known what it’d actually be like.

Truthfully, she was lucky. Gavita had seen the thieves and whores that frequented the tunnels and pathways when the Peacekeepers weren’t about. Those that hadn’t had a place to take them in, as she had. Though Gavita had only arrived with a pack of clothes, she’d met up with some friends of the family in the Healer Hall and they’d taken her in.

Nice people. Though they didn’t have much, Gavita worked with the local construction crew to provide what she could in return. The scarcity of food was, well, a surprise. The weyr hadn’t ever seemed to have such a problem. Rationing was a thing, of course. But the sheer sense of desperation wasn’t… quite… the same.

Gavita had thought to go back. When a Search Rider had wandered the streets, or a supply drop had been made… She could’ve asked, or even begged. Said she had family, that it’d all been a mistake. Instead, she’d stuck it out. Worked. Struggled alongside everyone else. And now, in the dark quiet of her small room, she stared at the wher egg that had been gifted to her to mark the start of her apprenticeship in the Smith Hall.

Funny how things played out in the worst of places.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:

Mauling Permissions:

Bring it on
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by Sanctified.
Wher Details

Gavisk Nickname Blue.
Date of Birth:
2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A fat, squat egg full of wrinkles that immediately drew her attention to it with a dark gray shell.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3.5M
Mature Height: 1.1M

General Appearance...

Gavisk, or Blue, as Gavita likes to call him, hatched as a tiny wher with a dark hide and very small wings. He was quite happy and eager to eat when he was offered food and he grew to be as big and bulky as a blue could be – though that doesn’t stop Gavita from wrestling or racing him. They’re best of friends and that hasn’t changed a bit in the time he’s grown. From wrestling, racing, exercising, working – it doesn’t matter what it is, Blue is Gavita’s happy, eager shadow. 


Empathetic: Blue is a very vocal wher. He purrs, grunts, barks, and thrums. He doesn’t impress a lot of emotions on her, but rather, he’s a very physical creature. 

Rough housing : Wrestling with Gavita is his most favorite thing ever. Racing her in tunnels is the second best.

Mud : He doesn’t like water so much as a good mud bath. Oil is great and all, but he much prefers being out in the rain, finding a nice squishy patch of mud, and flopping in it.

Work : Putting his strength to work and hauling things is great. He wants to do things, feel useful. A working wher is a happy wher.


Being Dry : He needs a good oiling or mud bath, otherwise he dries out and his skin cracks. Makes him itchy and grumpy.

Red Meat : Much like his bonded, he likes fish over herd beast.


* WELL BEHAVED : Much like many crafter-trained wher, Blue responds very well to commands and can follow complex instruction – for a wher.

* PLAYFUL : Unlike most, he’s not really aggressive. He can be protective, but otherwise he’s quite friendly and easy going around people. Feel free to waltz up and pet him – he’s not inclined to bite.


* OBLIVIOUS : Blue doesn’t really pay attention to other people, which makes him a shitter for a guard wher. He’d protect Gavita if someone attacked her, but don’t expect him to protect an area.

* WEAK : Blue is not made for fighting. While he could certainly win in a fight against a person, any other wher his size or bigger is going to easily take him down.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
A blue wher that is called Blue. 8D.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Gavita [ 21.5.2564 / Apprentice Smith ]
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 08:51:32 PM »
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Re: Gavita [ 21.5.2564 / Apprentice Smith ]
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2017, 04:17:11 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

As it looks
Date of Birth:
28.10.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

Leaf looks almost like a leaf. Her hide coloring is a pretty soft shade of hunter green with much lighter shading of a jade green on her. She is average in size, falling right in the middle of the size range for a Green.


Mind Voice: Leaf loves to learn new words to mimic and sometimes might just pick up on words, just because she can. She prefers to use images mostly but will use feelings too. Her favorite word is 'no'.

Likes: List f 2-3 likes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Fish - Fish is a natural delicasy for this firelizard. She loves to eat fish but not excessively. She prefers it as a treat. Spiderclaws are her favorite, but will not touch packtail at all.

Rain Storms - This Green firelizard enjoys a good rainy season. She'll be out flying in the rain as often as she can. She doesn't like thunderstorms or lightning. The loud noise and flashes of sudden light scare her.

Music - She loves the sound of music and will often try and 'sing' with the Harpers when they play. She can't keep a tune most of the time if the song is too fast, but she can sing the slower songs.

Dislikes: List of 2-3 dislikes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Tunnelsnakes - She hates these things more than anytihng. She will be away for candlemarks to a few days, off hunting these vermin. She'll even bring a dead one back dead and leaving it for her pet's approval.

Being Dirty - She can't stand being dirty for very long. She will try and clean herself often if hers is busy, which means there will be mud or dirt all over the bedding or clothing in her pet's living space.

Beach - She doesn't like going to the beach and will not follow hers right away. She knows about the Beach Snakes and will reluctantly follow hers. She is fearful of the Beach Snakes, not just a dislike.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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