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Author Topic: Approved Vestanna [ 01.10.2559 9th Pass // Searchrider ]  (Read 958 times)

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Vestanna [ 01.10.2559 9th Pass // Searchrider ]
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:25:44 PM »

Play By:
Gemma Arterton

First Name:
Date of Birth:
01.10.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Crom Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Vestanna is often marked first and foremost by her exhuberant smile. You would never know from looking at her that she’s seen and experienced just as much death and tragedy as everyone else, more so in some cases. She makes a point to generally dress with useful clothing, flight gear or comfortable trousers, but has a slowly growing plethora of dresses that she’s not above sporting when the mood strikes. Vess prefers to pile her hair at the back of her head, finding it irritating when free flowing, but sometimes a girl’s just got to let her hair down. She’s tall and slim and makes sure to stay in shape. Those pesky pounds really like to congregate at her thighs and she wishes to Faranth they’d pick someone else.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Vestanna has always been moving . A few years here and there in stable locations, but up until the Weyr she'd never known a real home. She doesn't know what it was like before … only that a world without Thread is a true blessing, one they had better appreciate.

Response to dragon color mutations: Sounds good enough to her. As a female bluerider she has absolutely no reservations about new colors and hypothetically new mixes of gender. Shards … maybe one day there will be a female bronzerider. And wouldn’t the Weyrleader just lose his nuts and bolts over that? Vess has absolutely no hangups about dragon colors or tradition.

Who are you...

Her daughter and her dragon: It may seem obvious, but they’re the two most important people in her life. Without them she wouldn’t be where she was today, and to her that’s totally unthinkable.

Gossip: So many people consider gossiping mean. That's when you put a value judgment on it; Vestanna doesn't. She just likes to be on top of all of the news about everyone and everything, and ... maybe spread it around to a few people. To her friends. Just keep her in the loop, always.

People in general: She really does like people. She likes their stories and their secrets and the way they talk about things they like, even the way they talk about things they hate. People are interesting.

Pranks: If Pern had cellophane, everyone would be doomed. If Pern had middle names, hers would be 'trouble.'

Flying: It just might be the best ever byproduct of being a dragon rider. To soar hundreds and hundreds of feet above the ground knowing you’re not going to fall…. There isn’t anything better.

Snacks: Vestanna likes noshing.

Hidden agendas: Despite her love of secrets she has no patience for people who keep secrets with the intention of hurting others, or people who hide their nature just to get what they want.

Assholes: If you’re a jerk to her, she’s going to be a jerk to you. Plain and simple.

People who hurt children: Her own experiences have made her very protective over children, particularly those not given the same benefits of title or rank thanks to their parents.

Sunburn: Pale skin is the bane of her existence on a tropical island. Woe is Vestanna.


* EMPATHETIC : Vess is very good at reading both people and situations. The mood of a room and the tone of a conversation to her are easily decipherable. It comes in handy during searches when she’s trying to decide whether or not someone would actually make a good rider. Conversely she is sometimes prone to getting caught up in people’s emotions and it can make her nosy if she doesn’t understand their reasoning.

* BRAVE : This strength fled her for a time in her youth, but it came back after she impressed and with a vengeance. There is very little that she will not at the very least attempt. She wants to be a role model to her daughter and faces the world head on.

* PERSISTENT : If you try and don’t succeed, try, try again. She’ll attempt it till she gets it, or until it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s impossible. Vestanna does not easily give up.

* FAIR : She’s willing to give people the benefit of doubt. In her book everyone is entitled to the same respect and deference. She refuses to play favorites, though her daughter would generally rank as #1 if anyone asked.

* PLAYFUL : Vess is more than willing to joke with the best of them. She has a playful streak that has been known to both start and end prank wars. No one is above this, except perhaps the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman.


* BLUNT : Vestanna tends not to mince words. She says what she means and she most definitely means what she says, unless it’s obviously a joke. Given this difference however sometimes her jokes have gotten her into trouble for just that reason.

* IMPATIENT : She doesn’t do well with waiting. If something is moving slowly she’s quite likely to jump in and see how she can speed it up. Generally her more empathetic nature balances this out,  but she’s been known to succumb to her frustrations.

* NOSY : Vess loves the ‘who what when where and why’ questions and she is unfortunately rather good at figuring them out. While she makes a point not to spill secrets, she doesn’t generally have an issue with wheedling them out of people.

* OVERZEALOUS : Adventure? Absolutely. Vestanna heads into things quickly and with her whole heart behind it. She doesn’t always take the time to think it through before she does it, and  can find herself forced to face the consequences later.

* PROUD : Vestanna is essentially a drudge turned dragon rider. She is a successful Search Rider and one of only a few women to ride a Blue. As far as she’s concerned, she has every right to be proud. Even if the traditionalists might disagree.

Describe Yourself:

* SEARCH RIDER: Vestanna takes great pride in her place as a Search Rider. She couldn’t imagine how much worse off she’d have been had there not been someone out there like her to bring her into the Weyr. She wants nothing more than to offer that same opportunity to others.

* MOTHER: While her daughter is in the creche, she still makes a point to visit her often. She wants to be for Corianna what her own mother was never really able to be for her, and while she loves her very much, she is determined to provide a very different life for her daughter.

* OPTIMIST: Bad things happen to good people, and that’s just unfortunately the way life works. She knows that just as well as everyone else. But it doesn’t mean she has to go about life assuming everything will be bad. She much prefers looking for the good.

* COUNSELOR: Her empathy and personal experiences offer the unique ability to not only become an ear for another person should they wish to speak, but to provide uplifting, helpful advice. She’s not by any means trying to take the job away from a healer, but sometimes an outside source helps.

* TRICKSTER: Vess isn’t above a good trick, a joke, a prank, whether it be physical or made of words. Nothing that ever causes real harm, mind… but good natured fun.

The Magic Touch:She has a tendency to scratch at her head when she’s frustrated. It’s a definite tell.


Mother: Lairen, born 2534. Kitchen drudge.
Father: Unknown

Siblings: Brother, unnamed (deceased)

Corianna (b. 2582), daughter, weyrbrat still in the creche. Father is K'zol of Green Taizheth. 

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Born in Crom Hold right when everything was starting to fall apart, Vestanna is the daughter of a kitchen drudge and a man whose name she never knew and who her mother never mentioned. She was told only that she had one brother who died of hypothermia before she was born.

* 2561, 2 Crom Hold falls to Thread and Vess' mother moves them south, taking up a place in Ruatha where so many people seem to be congregating. Vestanna has no real memories of Crom and isn't too bothered by this departure.

* 2564, 5 Three short years after their move from Crom they’re forced out of their home in Ruatha when the Hall falls to Thread as well. This time Vess remembers the move and she desperately misses the friends she made there. They relocate to Fort Hold.

* 2572, 13 With the influx of people of all sorts into the same areas of Pern, her mother easily loses track of her, trying to balance taking care of a little girl and work. As a brave and highly fascinated child Vess takes to wandering the Hold on her own, regardless of time and company. It is a decision she lives to regret when she is grabbed, beaten, and raped. Her mother, frantic, finally tracks her down two days later in what functioned as the Healer Hall.

* 2573, 14 Nervous of nearly every shadow and person she does not know, Vestanna spends much of the year by her mother’s side. When she is Searched late in the turn it takes an hour for her mother to convince her that being a dragon rider means that she would never be in danger like that again. She cautiously accepts and moves to the Weyr.

* 2576, 17 The three years spent living in the Weyr are filled with some of the best and close to worst moments of her life. She is never again threatened the way she was in the Hold, finding that the weyr functions as something of a massive, protective, family. However, each turn that goes by when she remains un-impressed on the Hatching Sands weighs heavier and heavier on her heart.  Midway through her 17th turn, she impresses, much to her surprise and her mother’s delight. So far as Vess is concerned, there is no creature on the planet more perfect than Belzyth.

* 2580, 21 Belzyth is successful in a flight for the first time. It is the first flight that Vess has ever been comfortable letting him fly, and she is lucky enough to find herself paired with K'zol, rider of Green Taizheth. K’zol is a gentle, patient man and Taizheth plays to Belzyth’s active sense of humor. The pair is quite happy together, and remain close friends-with-benefits; Taylith is nearly always caught by Belzyth.

* 2582, 23 Vestanna and K’zol welcome their first child into the world. Corianna is given over into the care of the creche and Vess and K’zol visit her often; Vess is truly in love with Corianna, feeling intense love for her the way she never has for anyone except  Belzyth.

* 2582, 23 That same turn she is tasked to being a Searchrider, having pointed out with Belzyth nearly four children she thought might Impress over the past year, three of whom did. She has immense pride in Belzyth and in his selections

* 2583, 24 K’zol and Taizheth  are badly hurt in threadfall. K'zol survives but is marked by deep threadscore down his left arm and up his neck. Taizheth nearly loses her wing but in time and after months of healing she is able to fly again, though never as fast or agile as before. Vestanna is relieved since K'zol is one of the few important people in her life.

* 2587, 28 With the end of the 9th Pass, Vess is only too happy to pick up and move. She quickly falls in love with Southern Winds and Fort Isle and settles in with ease and a lightness of heart.

* 2590, 31 Life at Southern Winds persists; it has its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, but Vestanna has what she needs. Now she has to wonder if the flirting she has been enjoying is the start of something more or if it's all in her head. Vess is fairly sure that finding out will be fun, if nothing else.


RP Sample:
... Are you done hatching?

The dragon's voice broke through the haze of Vestanna's mind; he'd been keeping back, she suspected, because of the fact that she was in pain and it was a kind of pain she had no idea how not to share. But all that pain had been forgotten, as had all of the wetness around her and all of the blood, when the Healer put the baby in her arms.

Where she remained, half-asleep and half rooting her head around against Vestanna's chest. Too little yet to be entirely sure how eating worked, but that didn't stop the instincts. She wanted to feed her, but she was so tired, and she knew from her own mother and from the Hall that it wasn't always as easy as people made it look. Sometimes learning to feed a baby took time -- for the mother and for the baby.

K'zol had told her she'd be great at everything. He'd been sure, too. Vess couldn't have asked for a better friend,a  better co-parent.

She also couldn't have asked for a better dragon. Sure, sometimes Belzyth was a headache, but when he was asking her if she was done hatching … she couldn't help but laugh to herself, even if she wasn't sure that was meant to be a joke.

Apparently she was laughing aloud, too, as K'zol's voice was next to find its way to her: "Something funny?" He leaned over, kissed her head, and claimed a seat beside the bed to look at the baby, touch her face. Not take her from Vestanna, not yet. She wasn't ready to let go and K'zol wasn't pushing … even if she and the baby did both need a nap.

"Belzyth wanted to know if I was done hatching," Vess said sleepily.

"If you were done hatching? Shouldn't it be if she was?"

"She was born," was obvious, of course, but it was an important question. // You know I was hatched a long time ago, right? It was the baby who was hatch-- being born. It's called being born, like herdbeasts. //

Belzyth might have known that and might not have. Again, jokes that weren't always obviously jokes, and even Vestanna wasn't entirely sure which it was.

You did name the hatchling after us, right? Tailzy. It is a fantastic --

// Her name is Corianna. Like we already talked about. // Corianna for a girl, Corizann for a boy. That had been decided long ago, which hadn't stopped Taylith and Belzyth from making their contributions. The impressive thing was that they remembered. Or maybe it was that the humans kept mentioning it, or thinking of it, and thus the dragons had to remember.

She could feel Belzyth snorting, even if she couldn't see him. I guess that will have to do. When are you coming out? We should get to see her. You've been in there too long.

That, Vestanna had to agree with. She'd been there for a long time -- what had the healer said, eighteen hours? Wasn't that a ridiculously long time to be away from her dragon? Her pregnancy had taken her away from fighting Thread, and while that made her feel guilty, it also had been something to take her away from the horror for a while. And with so many people dying, she hadn't had to justify it. Flying Fall was important, but so was continuing Pern's population.

Even if some had told her it was awful to bring a child into a world like this, she couldn't wrap her mind around that.

The world had always had its horrors. Things would always get worse and things would always get better, and she may not have planned it, but getting pregnant despite regular betweening? That was a baby that was meant to exist. A life that belonged in the world. A world that wasn't ever going to always be bad.

Vestanna would see to it that there was always joy in the world, no matter what people said. Joy for her and her loved ones, her dragon -- her new little girl.

Corianna resettled in her arms, took a quiet breath that was in no way reminiscent of the lung capacity that her first post-birth cries had boasted, and seemed to doze off again. Vestanna touched the top of her head, the knit hat wrapped around her soft skull to keep her warm. Her mother had made it for her, excited to finally get a grandchild, something she'd expected would never happen with Vestanna her only offspring.

Busy, playful, boisterous, never-settle-down, Threadfighting dragonrider Vestanna.

And her baby.

"Mm," she murmured, "sleep now, yes. Daddy's here, too. I'm here. Taizheth and Belzyth are --"

Outside, disgruntled.

"-- outside and you'll meet them soon, after we sleep. You sleep, Corianna."

Vestanna wanted to sleep, too, more than anything all of a sudden. Even more than seeing Belzyth, or cooing over her child, or squealing at K'zol that look at this they had made a person and she was real she was really right there in front of them and, oh, that was going to take way too much energy. That was taking too much energy to even think about. She wanted to do all of those things, but goodness, she was exhausted.

And, come to think of it, filthy.

Blood on her thighs, on her face -- that was from a nosebleed, she remembered distantly -- and weird fluids on the bed and sweat everywhere. Everywhere. Her hair stuck to her face and hte back of her neck. She was completely disgusting in pretty much every way,a nd needed a bath as much as she needed air.

But at that point, Vestanna didn't care.

She had her baby, alive and breathing. Her baby's father, by her side. Her dragon, outside, belligerent but adoring (and all set for a nap himself).

Being clean was just going to have to wait until everyone had gotten a good … afternoon's sleep.

Member Info...

Created By:
Original Profile by Hart; edits by Wren, more edits by Aster
Other Characters:
Ellariel, Ionei, H'vier, N'aen, Noa, Pythia, Syrena, Vanelwynne
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em up
 Anything Else:
Vestanna is basically the anti-damage. She probably has the most terrible backstory of all my characters now and LOOK AT HER BOUNCE.

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Re: Vestanna [ 01.10.2559 9th Pass // Searchrider ]
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 12:26:16 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
05.07.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30 meters
Mature Height: 6 meters
Mature Wingspan: 49.8

General Appearance...

Gangly indeed. Belzyth was all limbs and wings when he was little. Vestanna spent 50% of her day worried he was going to put a claw through his wing or poke his eye out from the sheer number of times he tripped over himself and went face first into the ground. Thankfully grace was something he grew in to, as were his limbs and wings. As an adult he is lean and wiry with a deep blue hide that speckles lighter like light on the ocean. 


Mind Voice: His voice sounds like a low ripple.

Children: both human and dragon. Belzyth has a soft spot for the little ones that he and his rider are able to indulge in as a Search pair, or as a jungle gym.

Water: He likes to float in the cove, but he’s always nervous about beach snakes. The rivers aren’t much better. Someone should get on that.

Over strenuous activities: One of the great things about no thread is he doesn’t have to train for it… right?

River/Beach Snakes: They freak him out. Seriously… someone should do something about them. Just make the Hunters eat them somehow, get them all to sort one another out.

Mockery: Just because not everyone got the joke doesn’t mean people have to be rude about it. :c


* SEARCH DRAGON : Belzyth generally knows beyond a shadow of a doubt if someone will impress. He's been wrong only twice now out of more times than he or Vess can keep track of.

* FAST : Speed is something he’s very proud of. He’s quite fast and can even give many of the larger dragons a run for their money.


* LAZY : Where his rider is a go-get-‘em sort of person Belzyth would much rather watch from the sidelines while she figures it all out. He’s a big fan of naps.

* HUMOR : He thinks he’s funny.  Sometimes it’s just painful to watch.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(12283D); Text: #(2A787A)

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Vestanna [ 01.10.2559 9th Pass // Searchrider ]
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 08:17:23 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Vestanna [ 01.10.2559 9th Pass // Searchrider ]
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2017, 09:51:56 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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