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Author Topic: Closed Event [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather  (Read 1525 times)

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[ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:04:58 PM »
Gather at the Weyr

03.09.2590 // 09AM

That’s right. The Weyr is having a Gather. Unless your character has their head in the sand, dirt, or has been under a rock, they’re probably heard at least rumors. ESPECIALLY if they’re in a Craft at the Weyr, since each Craft has essentially come up with a booth or ‘station’ in which they’re doing something. This was all put together in a week and people really did try to keep it a secret.


This means a day off for the Weyr from 9AM until 8PM and will take place over the course of all meal times, which will take place out in the weyrbowl. The Weyrfolk have really put a lot into this, at great expense of the Weyr, who has also divvied out useless marks to be spent at the event.

Feel free to create separate IC threads for the event.
As some of our previous events, you aren't locked into JUST the IC thread linked below. Feel free to spread out, create your own IC threads should you like and let us know. We'll link them here if they're open to other people participating. <3

Want to see more booths?
While the booths are organized through the various Halls or those of rank, that doesn't mean we can't find a way to get them added if we feel like they'd be available at the Gather. Hit us up on Discord, in the #admin_help or #planning channel or PM Southern Records and we can talk about getting another booth added.

Special instructions for you? LE GASP. Halirina has made it abundantly apparent this is a campaign for the weyr to spread some good will and encourage some needed morale. So it’s up to the Leadership to, well, lead by example. Ensuring your Riders are attending, participating yourself, and having fun as well. It’s important to smile ( B'ron ), get those Weyrlings out of their shells and having fun, but most importantly, it’s up to the Leadership to make sure this goes smoothly.

Crafters / Weyrfolk:
Anyone can decide if they’re just arriving to have fun. If you are, you get 10 marks from the Weyr to play around with. If you decide your character had a hand setting things up, will be running a booth for a time, you get 15 marks between duties to play with stuff.

Dragon Riders:
Prairie Riders will be offering rides for those at the Mine Hall who wish to attend around 8-830AM to get them to the Weyrbowl, then of course taking them back home in the evening, probably as things die down around 7-8PM

You’re not ordered to attend, but it’s highly suggested. The Weyrleadership wants everyone to get along, rub elbows, smile, and have a good time. That means no sulking in weyrs, no hiding in the hot springs, and no dallying in your weyr with a loved one. Get out there, mingle, dance, and bet on the races with your marks.

Weyrlings / Candidates:
Free day? Free day. Not to say that small, friendly racing competitions for marks can’t be held between you gais either, eh? Same with the Riders though. You’re highly encouraged to mingle with the other weyrfolk, crafters, and the like. Play the games, test your newfound trained strength at the Smith/Miner’s tent ( and probably get laughed at ), and dance away.

For the map,
1 . Fisher’s fishing game – mostly for kids, they win shells and other pretties from the beach. 1 mark.
2. Weaver’s Painting – Anyone can get something painted on them. Not permanently, obvious. 1 mark.
3. Healer’s Wrap Game – While you can learn some bandage skills, you can also compete in fours – 2 ppl vs 2ppl to see who can wrap up one person the fastest. 1 mark to participate, winner gets 2 marks.
4. Miner/Smith Strength Test – 1 Mark to swing a pick axe to break one of their big rocks.
5. Harper’s Dance – They’ll be playing music all day. Snag a partner and dance away.
6. Runner’s Bets & Farmer’s Food – There will be Runner’s races all day. At this ‘booth’ is where you can bet marks on the various runners racing – Copper, Lady, Survivor, Coal, and Slick. Beast craft members will be managing bets. Also here are all the various food stuffs that the weyr has put together. 1 mark a plate so no one overstuffs themselves, though children eat free.
7. Knife Throwing Competition - A booth put together by the enterprising Weyrlingmaster Assistants C'ren, Wa'by, and W'um. Targets set at varying degrees worth different points. Competitors get three knives to get as many points - three competitors at a time. 1 mark to play, winner gets bragging rights and their mark back.

IC Thread

Halirina || S'ric || S'nis
Nieve || C'dus || Bekareni
Inanna || Q'ellan || Tresrissa || Paylae || Mauddra || Kenna
Galleweyne || T'ghen || Ophyonis
Sayel || Zarra || S'den
I'ryn || Notkerric
Londilia || B'tun

Checked In
A'srian || B'ryn || K'eir || K'ran || N'lyse || Thealdrae
Fisk || M'dak || Y'tol || W'um || B'ron || Iralye || Ysveta || Elrost || Vironethian || Daresik || P'run || Gwinn || Z'ryr || X'rine || K'rez
Droissa || Penderton || Saviavi || Nealros || F'erro || T'rel
Tythinaden || Lokin || Zondesh
Esclamonde || Isotarïne || Velatha || Thiis || T'vil || L'ren
Oarlen || Sokon || Nycolus || K'zaya || X'kis || Tayvelle || Berlya || Wa'by || T'vye || D'mir || H'riel || Testhinia || Nalata
J'hal || J'thir || Arrobella
O'sir || M'rek || L'nal || L'del || N'syn || Y'kin || Bl'yx || Finnmaghaine || S'bel || Seng || Jossekayne || Q'nys || A'lori || Erieen || R'kan || Tyldas || Niphredon || Vicymus || Tianaice
W'sar || L'ale || C'ace || Niema || K'eeda || A'yara || B'nyn || Yinaya || Seaphonellqua || J'dan || Haithen || Sethunya || Keassa || Daysepona || Loressa || Sevastjan || Ysmersa || Remira ||Gavita || Faytona || Tavianna || Ivonai || Quenneca || Domnitissa
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K'mar || Callista || M'kale || Z'tai || Phaedralena || N'iko
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Remmalthira || Murrinah || Ehrran || Ilse || Palissa || Albree || Eimerra || Tallorine || Yestine || Unavin
Janna || Calinaza
Y'vis || S'kelyn || N'dar || Sirana || Jedee

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 06:19:03 PM »
Just gonna throw my shit up and see who I manage to get posted before we all lose our minds. But for now, all my kids will probably be attending in some capacity or another.

Code: [Select]
[{asrian}] || [{bryn}] || [{keir}] || [{kran}] || [{nlyse}] || [{thealdrae}] || [{xydrie}]
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2017, 06:34:49 PM »
The ones I'll definitely post with:

Fisk is all about this, but secretly because he has a reputation to uphold. Thanks to Sanctified Fisk 100% collected some of the pretties for the kids fisher game, so he's going to be helping out on that booth with all the little kidlets.

Inanna will have the prettiest painted face out there and will be playing games and such

Paylae made a small collection of cupcakes for the foods. There weren't enough supplies to make a lot, so they'll run out quickly. She would've taken a flight over from the mine hall a few days ago when she heard about all this, to start prep. Just because she doesn't want to live at the Weyr anymore doesn't mean she's going to let an opportunity to bake cakes go by.

B'ron is contractually obliged to attend.

Kenna is more than happy to be the hollerer for the Miner booth "Step right uuuup, step right up, test your strength against some roooocks"

Ones I'll probably post with:

Gwinn will be at the Weaver's tent being all happy and shit.

K'rez will do his duty by attending, think it's a good thing.

Vironethian will be grouching around, but will attend.

Elrost will be helping with the runner betting

The rest:

Y'tol will be there having fun
W'um will be there having fun
M'dak will be watching from his Weyrledge until Ilse comes to drag him along
X'rine may be offsite?
Z'ryr will be there having fun
Iralye will arrive late. Just to show herself because it's her duty to attend.
P'run will hang out
Q'ellan will be around watching
Daresik will only bother if his family wants to go
Tresrissa will be keen to go but won't unless the family does.
Ysveta will be trying to figure out how people have fun XD

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2017, 06:53:55 PM »
I think everyone will be there in some capacity. I'll try to post them all but life n such.

Droissa will be attending, playing all of the games she can. Saviavi will be out, too, doing as much as she can and is allowed.

C'dus, ever the socialite, will probably be hanging around the dance floor mostly. He won't take many partners himself, but he'll joyfully tease and mock participants.

T'rel spends the day smashing rocks and toward evening he'll break out his instrument and try to make friends with the more practiced harpers. He hopes to gather some admirers but he's pretty bad at singing, poor guy.

F'erro is around, mostly observing. He'll spend the day with his sister and let her lead him around.

Nieve has wormed her way into a knife-throwing booth. She's promised the folk that run it that she can keep an eye on things so they can enjoy the gather. She'll challenge anyone that walks by to a competition. She'll also try to rope someone into being her assistant (put this apple on your head!)

Penderton is up for the day but only for a short while. Socializing is exhausting enough, gathers are like murder.

Nealros might go, might not. Having to leave Rossk behind won't make him eager. If the family decides, he'll follow, and then he won't leave their company. It might just be a nice day to relax in a relatively quiet mine hall.

Bekareni attends, of course. She'll be haunting the dance floor like a vengeful spirit.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Code: [Select]
[{Droissa}] || [{Nieve}] || [{Penderton}] || [{Cdus}] || [{Saviavi}] || [{Nealros}] || [{Bekareni}] || [{Ferro}] || [{Trel}]
I think this makes things easier?!

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2017, 07:56:06 PM »

Zarra Is gonna be posted. I'm throwing her at people apparently.

S'den is actually excited and will be there. Probably just to watch, maybe to chat. Throw people at him please.

Tythinaden oh hell yes. A chance to spend time with his daughter and cause chaos? Yes please!

Lokin Might actually go enjoy herself and stop being a moody fuck in the back of my head.

Zondesh He is in need of playing. Very much wants to have some fun. Maybe show off some nicer clothing?

Sayel excited. She finally gets to play and hang out with her son and just, yes. Lots of fun.

Essentially. I'm hoping to post everyone at least once. Some may pull me into it more than others (eyes Sayel, Ty, Desh and S'den), but all will be available.

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #5 on: August 31, 2017, 10:15:34 PM »
Updated the map for:
7. Knife Throwing Competition - A booth put together by the enterprising Weyrlingmaster Assistants C'ren, Wa'by, and W'um. Targets set at varying degrees worth different points. Competitors get three knives to get as many points - three competitors at a time. 1 mark to play, winner gets bragging rights and their mark back.

Also added for clarification:

Feel free to create separate IC threads for the event.
As some of our previous events, you aren't locked into JUST the IC thread linked below. Feel free to spread out, create your own IC threads should you like and let us know. We'll link them here if they're open to other people participating. <3

Want to see more booths?
While the booths are organized through the various Halls or those of rank, that doesn't mean we can't find a way to get them added if we feel like they'd be available at the Gather. Hit us up on Discord, in the #admin_help or #planning channel or PM Southern Records and we can talk about getting another booth added.
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2017, 10:21:58 PM »
Who I'll post with:

Esclamonde will go and make eyes at Y'vis all day.

Isotarïne will be with T'lor all day and poke around at her kids as she sees them.

Velatha will be with B'nyn and paint up his face and arms >:D

I'ryn will be there making doe eyes at a certain greenrider.

Notkerric will go in the interest of helping develop relations between the weyr and the hall.

Who I'll maybe post with (if other people mention them):

Thiis was baking. She'll be over at the food tables if anyone wants to mention her collecting marks for plates or serving food.

T'vil will be there.

L'ren is probably with Seaphonellqua in the healer hall with the baby. So he probably won't be there.

Added : SirAlahn
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #7 on: August 31, 2017, 11:30:50 PM »
Mulling this one over and I just want to post everyone. So we'll see how it goes. I've taken a fair few liberties with the descriptions. So please call me out if you need to. If you do want me to post someone specifically, please say so. X'kis, Nalata and Wa'by will definitely be posted IC. Just… Need to do their posts first xD

Gonna include the code to say that they're checked in - Can't guarantee who'll be participating IC yet:

Code: [Select]
|| [{Oarlen}] || [{Sokon}] || [{Nycolus}] || [{Kzaya}] || [{Xkis}] || [{Tayvelle}] || [{Berlya}] || [{Waby}] || [{Tvye}] || [{Dmir}] || [{Hriel}] || [{Testhinia}] || [{Nalata}]
Oarlen - This is exactly the sort of pick me up Oarlen needed to bring him out of his funk a little. He's gonna want to get his face painted, do a bit of fishing and maybe do a bit of dancing, but chances are you're going to find him over by the food - trying at least one of everything he can get a hold of. He's up for anything, really, if someone's game.

Sokon - She's gonna be a little overwhelmed, but she'll seek out a friend or two to calm herself down a bit and give her the chance to actually enjoy things. She'll be dressing up and trying to relax and enjoy the gather for what it is, perhaps even stealing C'dus for a dance if he continues to insist on teasing participants the entire day ( @drewliet by your leave, of course). You might find her at the knife throwing booth as well. She's going to want to enjoy herself as much as possible for this one, bolstered somewhat by Creath's presence nearby.

Nycolus - appearances are important, and there's no reason for him not to be attending. While he does have to leave Nycolussk behind, Lusk is still small enough for him to bring her with him, to assist in keeping an eye on his children. He'll have his hands full, and will most probably spend the entire time taking the kids around to the various stalls and trying to encourage good behaviour, while grudgingly accepting Lusk's skill in keeping the youngsters in a small easy to find group.

K'zaya - K'zaya is over the moon. He was perfectly content to shuttle people between the minehall and the weyr when it started, and will continue to offer a lift as required for a mark. Unfortunately his horrendous luck at riders bets meant he was quite light of pocket even after searching through every inch of his belongings for a stray mark or two. So he's keen to accrue an extra mark or two wherever he sees fit. Heck, he'll even offer a ride around the bowl on dragon-back if someone so wishes. Slow and low, to be sure, but a dragonride none the less.

X'kis - Even without Halirina's orders on the matter, X'kis wouldn't have been scarce at the gather. He'll mainly be observing - enjoying the enjoyment of others, as it were, but it will not be hard to coax him into… well… anything. For the ultimate nostalgia kick, he'll be inviting Eimerra to share a dance with him ( @Beasty ), and anyone else who may want a partner. You know. For the good of the weyr and all that.

Tayvelle - Tavlesk and Blue will not be very far from Tayvelle as she enjoys the gather. She was helping set up and while may spare a few marks for some of the more… novel games, she's going to end up at the Knife Throwing Stall whenever the other beastcrafters don't need her. If she's not up herself, you can be sure she's going to be making comments about your knife tossing abilities, rarely in a polite manner.

Berlya - will be at the Weaver's tent, mainly just watching and enjoying the exuberance of Youth, but may very well be coaxed into doing something a little less stationary by a silver-tongued devil or two.

Wa'by - Well! Wa'by's gonna be all over the knife throwing tent. What an amazing experience, eh? Nothing says "fun" like throwing pointy objects at targets, eh? If it weren't for the other assistants, one mightn't think he was simply an overenthusiastic participant and not one of the facilitators.

T'vye - will be doing whatever he needs to. He's gonna go and try to find someone to fawn over himself and Aitorith, and may try his hand at the miners tent. But mainly he's just going to remind anyone who looks his way that "This is Aitorith. He's my Bronze"

D'mir - Is going to be spending most of his time at the Runners Bets helping Keassa out wherever necessary. If he's not there. Chances are he's off to get her a treat from one of the other tents before returning.

H'riel - H'riel is quite pleased at the chance to dress up a little bit, selecting one of his more obviously decorated items of clothing to wear and spending a good deal of time at the weaver's tent trying to figure out what he can purchase that would help beef up his meagre cache of supplies. His biggest hurdle will be avoiding all the wher's that are accompanying their handlers, and you're likely to find him retreating to a quieter spot whenever the crowd become s a little too… draconic.

Testhinia - Is going to seek out Tythinaden, and will probably stick by him for the day, enjoying the opportunity to spend an entire day with him instead of just mealtimes, or crèche visits.

Nalata - Will be present and socialising. Testing herself on her recollection of the various people and their ranks and working to smooth out any concerns people may have about her. She'll have Minath nearby, and will not hesitate to introduce anyone to her dragon who asks. It was only polite, after all.

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #8 on: September 01, 2017, 11:30:10 AM »
I want to post everyone in this, but I've got a busy week ahead of me and I'll have to see how it goes. Either way, here's what they'll be doing:

Arrobella will definitely have her face painted with something very attention grabbing and then will absolutely own the knife throwing because that's what she's best at weapon-wise. Feel free to include her as a crazy-haired extra hovering about the booth!

J'hal will head straight to the food, cram as many plates into his stomach as he can, and will then spend the rest of his marks on the runner bets or on knife throwing, for bragging rights, depending on who he ends up tagging about with (if anyone).

J'thir will attend for appearances sake, maybe get talked into joining in with some of the games, but largely playing wallflower.

I imagine Thoridan would also be about with his kids, but I probably won't have him ready to go in time to do anything but post really late, haha.

Code: [Select]
[{jhal}] || [{jthir}] || [{arrobella}]
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #9 on: September 01, 2017, 01:13:34 PM »
O'sir, M'rek, & L'nal - Will all be attending with various degrees of willingness. O'sir will be helping out with the knife throwing booth (probably) since it was discussed that one of the AWLMs might ask him to, though it's possible he'll take a small break if they're alternating shifts so that he can spend time with Sethunya. M'rek is all about this, and will be visibly participating in the games, probably get his face painted, and betting on the runner races. L'nal will show up and do his time, and maybe even enjoy himself.

L'del - I'm not sure how much of Mountain Wing will be in the weyr for this, but he'll make an appearance if he is. Contrary to what people might think, I believe he'd actually have a good time, though he'll likely hang around the older riders like himself.

N'syn - Will show up and have a great time, to the point he might even try to get other Jungle riders to participate in things they'd otherwise think are silly because that's the point.

S'bel, Finnmaghaine, & Jossekayne - S'bel might make an appearance, though he'll probably be stationary more than anything, and trying to stay out of people's way. He might be coaxed into moving around a bit more by friends, but he'll probably tire out fast given his leg. Finna will be happy to go and might even teasingly flirt with Gavita, and certainly try her hand at the Miner/Smith booth. Jo will also be thrilled to attend -- and this might be a good place for a slightly friendlier run-in with a certain Vironethian...

Y'kin, Bl'yx, Seng, & Q'nys - Helping with the rides to and from the Hall, predictably. Bl'yx has already been spoken for in terms of tagging along with P'run and Faytona. Seng will try to mingle, but may end up spending a fair amount of time around Elrost and the Herders and Farmers. If Se'qua has had her baby, Q will spend some time there with her too, but L'ren's presence might encourage him to go hang out with N'aen, Z'ryr, and K'ran.

T'ghen, A'lori, Erieen, & R'kan - All will be in attendance, of course, mingling amongst their classmates, older riders, and non-riders alike. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them (especially Sinestath, Sayimith, and Rinokan) end up in little unofficial races for marks too.

Tyldas, Niphredon, Galleweyne, & Vicymus - Are you kidding? This is their scene. Well, three of them, anyway. It's safe to say Tyldas will be performing for a fair portion of the day with the other Harpers, and Galleweyne will be enthusiastically calling for people to come get their faces painted, and then decorating them in all sorts of pretty colors and designs. Vicky no doubt had a hand in collecting the pretty things that the Fishers are giving out as prizes, and is happy to lend much of his time to that booth, though he'll also want to pull people into dances and cavort around the rest of the Gather. Niphredon, predictably, will be a bit more austere, though even he might get a bit into the Healers' bandage game... and I bet Loressa will want him to dance with her at least once.

Ophyonis - May actually go because Notkerric and Tavianna's family is, and something something appearances. He'll drag Domnitissa along for the ride, and will no doubt spend time at both the betting table and the knife throwing booth.

Tianaice - Will be running around with the other Crechlings and spending some time with her father as well. She's the sort that would have volunteered to help the Farmers, so she'll probably be helping them divvy out food some, or cleaning up after if nothing else.

Code: [Select]
[{Osir}] || [{Mrek}] || [{Lnal}] || [{Ldel}] || [{Nsyn}] || [{Ykin}] || [{Blyx}] || [{Finnmaghaine}] || [{Sbel}] || [{Seng}] || [{Jossekayne}] || [{Qnys}] || [{Tghen}] || [{Alori}] || [{Erieen}] || [{Rinokan}] || [{Tyldas}] || [{Niphredon}] || [{Galleweyne}] || [{Vicymus}] || [{Ophyonis}] || [{Tianaice}]
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #10 on: September 01, 2017, 07:34:59 PM »
Halirina will of course be there. Trying to socialize as best she can, followed around by her aides who should be very pleased they were able to get this all set up.

W'sar he'll be there. He'd have given his rider's the opportunity to come back to the weyr - and if they're at the weyr, they should be at the Gather.

L'ale being a good boy and attending. Meandering with his brother. He'll probably visit the various booths, stuff up on some food, and bet on races.

C'ace will want to dance. And eat. And bet. And get stuff painted. Most of him. People will need to tell him to keep his clothes on.

Niema will be with K'mar, of course.

K'eeda meandering with S'bel and K'rez. She'll get S'bel all painted up, convince K'rez to do the same before she ends up getting in heated betting matches over pony races.

A'yara will want to wander with her brother, Z'ryr and she'll insist he catch her pretty things at the Fisher's game. Probably dance with her too.

B'nyn will be with Velatha and submit to whatever she might want, to include getting painted. XD

Yinaya will linger around the fisher's booth, because getting to see Fisky-poo in this element is too good to pass up. She'll babysit his wittle baby whers.

Seaphonellqua will be with L'ren

J'dan will be dancing, having a good time, and eating good food. Ladies beware.

Haithen will seek out J'hal so they can dance and he'll try to get J'hal to get his face painted. Maybe they can go fishing together too? :3

Sethunya will dally around O'sir.

S'ric is surprised they'll let him throw knives - and will do so until he runs out of marks.

S'nis will invariably be bumping into someone that may lead to him getting into some manner of trouble.

Keassa managing her runners. Making sure the races go well with D'mir

Loressa helping with the healer games. :3 Eventually getting [{Nihpredon}] to dance with her.

Sevastjan will be singing. :3

Ysmersa she'll be working at the fisher's booth. ^_^

Remira She'll be helping at the food both.

Gavita Trying not to blush from a certain blue rider while helping out at the Smith's booth.

Faytona Dragging P'run and Bl'yx around, wanting to do all the things. Dance, fish for pretties, get them painted up, and watch the pony races - though she won't bet.

Tavianna She'll arrive with her family as a good show of face and spend most of the time watching the horse races - she finds them beautiful.

Daysepona Helping with the food - she might try and convince M'kale to dance with her.

Ivonai will be with her family, definitely at the fishing game.

Quenneca relaxing around the food and horse races. Gigging at the weyrlings.

Everalsie she'll be there with her family and husband - getting him to try out the rock challenge, knife throw, and even fish for pretties for their family.

Domnitissa lingering around Ophyonis, trying not to freak out about how many people there are.

I'm open to posting any of these things in the main thread, or doing a separate IC thread.

Checked In
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[{Halirina}] || [{Wsar}] || [{Lale}] || [{Cace}] || [{Niema}] || [{Keeda}] || [{Ayara}] || [{Bnyn}] || [{Yinaya}] || [{Seaphonellqua}] || [{Jdan}] || [{Haithen}] || [{Sethunya}] || [{Sric}] || [{Snis}] || [{Keassa}] || [{Loressa}] || [{Sevastjan}] || [{Ysmersa}] || [{Remira}] ||[{Gavita}] || [{Faytona}] || [{Tavianna}] ||  [{Daysepona}]  || [{Ivonai}] || [{Quenneca}] || [{Domnitissa}]
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #11 on: September 02, 2017, 01:42:45 PM »
All mine will be there in one form or the other

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Family for Isalia, Family for Nalise, Family for Raindon, and Plottage for M'lan, Plottage for Zilanie

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #12 on: September 02, 2017, 02:51:37 PM »
K'mar will definitely be there with Niema, maybe even playing some of the Crafter games and having fun.

Callista will be there having a good time with anyone in her Wing.

M'kale will be brooding somewhere and making sure he's in sight of at least one of the three Wingleaders and 'Seconds before slipping away to do something productive.

Z'tai will be there making sure everyone else is having a grand 'ole time and his Wing is staying on top of Mine Hall transport.

Phaedralena will be there with childish excitement.

N'iko will have picked up his kids from the creche and will be escorting them by the booths since Mountain is in town.

Aldrekayn is only there because Notkerric is going to be there. He'll likely pick a spot close to Remira to perch and sit in silence, looking as disinterested in everything as he is.

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #13 on: September 02, 2017, 09:23:06 PM »
V'len will definitely be there. He would proudly lead his Weyrmate around with their child ( @Beasty we need to figure out what they had)

Kaladesi, T'lor, T'nax, T'veck, Calladren, U'thar and Araena will all be there as well.

Kyohei for once, will come to the Weyr, if only to glare at riders and eat free food.

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #14 on: September 05, 2017, 12:24:25 PM »
Remmalthira – She will no doubt want to join in the fun.

Murrinah – She will be right in the mess of things, being a beastcrafter, when it comes to the Runner races

Ilse – she will no doubt be dragging M'dak down to part take in the festivities. There is no way she is going to miss out on it.. and a chance to try to drag him into a dance or two.

Ehrran - Will be there, with her Weyrmate, V'len, and their young child

Palissa – Will no doubt be right in the middle of all the fun with her husband

Albree – Any excuse to have fun with her lovers and children is perfectly ok with her

Eimerra – She will be attending. The typical unobtrusive spirit mingling with all of those she can. And of course dancing when drug out on to the floor by her Weyrmate or any one else for that matter

Tallorine – Now that she is finally all healed she will be glad to partake in the festivities

Yestine & Unavin – will no doubt be there. One happily mingling and the other being a judgy b**ch watching the happenings lol

Code: [Select]
[{Remmalthira}] ||  [{Murrinah}] ||  [{Ilse}] ||  [{Palissa}] ||  [{Albree}] ||  [{Eimerra}] ||  [{Tallorine}] ||  [{Yestine}] || [{Unavin}]
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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2017, 05:19:17 PM »
Janna will be there participating as a Harper, playing music/singing/etc. During her free time will have lots of fun running around the gather. Will try and get her posted!

Calinaza will be there, and will enjoy the festivities with her family. Likely won't be posted because have lots going on and still haven't managed to get her into the last event thread I said she would be participating in.

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Re: [ 03.09.2590 ] Weyr Gather
« Reply #16 on: September 14, 2017, 07:37:04 AM »
All of my guys will be there, I'll see how many of them actually get posted.

Code: [Select]
[{Yvis}] | [{Skelyn}] | [{Ndar}] | [{Btun}] | [{Sirana}] | [{Jedee}] | [{Londilia}]
Y'vis - Will be attending for free food and brooding, expect him to hang out with other weyr snobs and confuse himself with something vaguely sentimental for Esclamonde.

S'kelyn - Will try to interact with literally everyone at some point in the day. First things first though, he's getting a wherry painted on his face.

N'dar - Will be going with his kids and Ivonai, with whom he's going to dance (maybe not well, but he's going to try, it will be beautiful).

B'tun - Will be going with H'tay and his daughter Isalia.

Sirana - Sirana will be hanging around the musicians when she has free time.

Jedee - Will be extremely keen to be let loose. Possible shenanigans with Thealdrae and Thiis.

Londilia - Is ready to mingle and keep an eye on things. Mostly she's just desperate to talk to people in a casual situation. 

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