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Author Topic: Approved Mauddra [ 06.01.2556 // Halirina's Aide ]  (Read 1400 times)

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Mauddra [ 06.01.2556 // Halirina's Aide ]
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:19:49 PM »

Play By:

More - drah (with a little roll thingy on the "dr" sound - like a combo between "thra" and "dra")
Maud (more-d)
Date of Birth:
06.01.2556 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Mauddra is always well kempt in her general appearance, as she takes pride in her position and her status, and likes to wear clothes that are clean, in both the dirt variety and the lines variety. Not a fan of bright colours, she prefers to stick to matching shades and tones of greys, blacks and browns. The only thing that belies her professional appearance is her tightly curly but thin hair, which she attempts to tame in buns and the like, but can usually be found freeing itself in wisps around her forehead.

Not the kind to keep a constant smile, nor one with a resting angry or upset face, Mauddra is perfectly serious and professional, and she endeavours to keep her emotions from showing on her face. Anything else would be unseemly.

Tall and thin, but not lanky, Mauddra's size of 5'10" suits her, and her constantly straight posture means she never loses an inch. She enjoys the fact that it means she is taller than most people, she's not one to posture about and challenge people, but it sometimes just makes her feel a little more... secure knowing that she's not standing out for being the smallest and weakest in the room. Usually her arms are crossed in  front of her chest, holding a stack of records tight against her to keep them safe.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
The pass was terrible, there's no denying that. She lost family, children and friends, but just like everyone else, she simply worked until it was over. And now, she'll simply keep working, that's what she lives for, that's what she'll continue to live for.

Response to dragon color mutations:
S'bok is the Weyrleader, technically she should have no opinion of him. But she's mostly of the same mind as Halirina, the mutations are here, S'bok is Weyrleader, they'll just continue on working and moving forward, like she's always with everything else before.

Who are you...

*Minute details - Mauddra enjoys the little things, finding the smallest errors, spelling checks, or a misplacement of a numeral in records, it makes her feel... accomplished, like these little things are something that only she can find.
*Lists - Ah, the epitome of organisation. Lists. Whether she's making them, updating them, fixing others, they make her feel content that the world is being as organised as possible.
*Children - Contrary to what one might think given her more serious demeanour, she loves the unbridled passion and love that children can exude. They've been untainted by the horrors of the pass and the world, and they have an opportunity to truly live.
*Her job - So satisfying and worthwhile in her opinion.
*Being the "second" - She likes a little bit of leadership, and quite a lot of responsibility, but she could never be the creative one in charge of everything, and coming up with new solutions. She's a team player, not a team leader.

*Disorganisation - It's her job to keep things organised, to check everyone else's lists and their records, those who try and make it harder for her with their disorganisation are not going to be in her good books.
*Subordinates acting out - Everyone has their place and they need to learn it. They have hierarchies for a reason, because they work.
*Embarrassment - Mauddra prides herself on being right, being good and being perfect. She's not one of those people that can bounce back from embarrassment quickly.


* EDUCATED : Mauddra spent turns in an apprenticeship to the Harper Hall, and only her decision to leave and commit herself as Halirina's aide put a stop to her progression in the craft. She would have made a fine journeyman, or even a master one day. A good student, dedicated and constantly willing to learn, Mauddra has been able to utilise her training in her current position.

* CARING : The under-acknowledged, the silent workers, those that are forgotten about but continue without complaint, those are the ones that Mauddra had a soft spot for. Especially those in the Lower Caverns; The kitchen workers, the cleaners, the workers of the creche, they keep the Weyr going even if they may get frequently forgotten about in the chaos of thread and now with hunter attacks, riots and supply shortages.

* DUTIFUL : Born and bred for the Weyr, Mauddra is ever the dutiful one to Halirina. She understands what is needed of her position and will go above and beyond in all aspects of the role. However, not only is she loyal to the Weyr, but she's loyal to Pern. She wants the best for everyone, for everything, for all.

* RESPECTFUL : Mauddra will always be honest, but she'll be careful not to overstep her boundaries. She knows her place, and what is required of her, and first and foremost she is there to serve, and the best way to keep being able to serve is to be respectful.

* KEEN : Always keen to work, get more things to do and help out, Mauddra has never slacked from her duties. Going to "work" everyday simply makes Maud happy and excited to succeed.


* FIRM: Maud has frequently been described as "too serious" because she is simply so sure of herself and her goal. Not many things will deter her from a goal, or from an opinion, and she wont hesitate to let others know that fact. She's frequently the one to pull others into line simply because she'd rather do what's right even if it may hurt other's opinion of her.

* INSOMNIAC : With a constantly moving mind, Maud doesn't sleep much. Luckily, the woman can function on only small amounts of sleep, and her work never suffers for it. It simply becomes just a strange kind of habit she has.

* WORKAHOLIC : Her work is everything to her. A weyrmate, a family, a life. She doesn't need anything else, nor has she particularly wanted it. It was her duty to have children and give them into the creche, and she did, but beyond that, she only really cares about her work.

* DETACHED : Mauddra is pretty emotionally detached from most ideas of relationships or people. Whilst she cares about others, she's not one to share or let others care about her in return. She's a fixer, she doesn't need to be fixed.

* STIFF : Mauddra is not the kind to let go or let loose. She hates dancing, drinking, just in general she is just... uncomfortable with showing such outward displays of exuberance. The only time when she let's her guard down is in her dealings with some of the more sensitive lower caverns workers. Mauddra simply finds it hard to relax, this can mean that others find her hard to approach if they don't truly know her and the true depth of her caring for fairness.

Describe Yourself:

* HONEST: ----- Tries to find the perfect balance between her need as a subordinate to not argue with those superior to her. But Halirina has requested honesty from them, and so she will address conversations will all the honesty she can muster. She will be perfectly happy, after the discussion, to follow orders she disagrees with. "Agree to disagree" is sometimes her saving grace. But she wont let anything go undiscussed.

* PERFECTIONIST: ----- Mauddra simply refuses to accept substandard work, or the idea that something can't be done. It can, it will, and it will be done by her if she has any choice in the matter.

* GROUNDED: ----- Not the kind of person to lament over every single thing, Mauddra is the one that keeps others calm and in line. Perhaps it's sometimes with a little too much seriousness, or from a sense of overstated duty, but usually it's simply because she's so sure that everything will just work out as long as they can all work together.

* FAIR: ----- Everyone contributes, everyone is needed, and Mauddra will never be one to simply take things at face value, she'll research, discuss and then decide, making sure that everyone is equal in her eyes.

* ARTICULATE: ----- Mauddra has always been well-spoken, in part due to her harper training, and in part simply because she believes it is her duty to sound professional on top of all other forms of professionalism.

The Magic Touch: Mauddra can frequently be seen with a stylus tucked behind her ear. A habit the Harpers tried to stop her from doing but it simply stuck.


Mother: Mauryna - Rider of Blue Yllinth b. 2531, imp. 2544, d. 2566
Father: D'den - Rider of Green Tiawyth b. 2536, imp. 2552, d. 2580

Maurya may have other children from a previous Weyrmate/flings, but these are Mauddra's full siblings.

M'den [brother] Rider of Brown Ghanysoth b. 2554, imp. 2569, d. 2572
Rydena [sister] Weyrfolk b. 2558
M'ryra [sister] Rider of Blue Yvaith b. 2562, imp. 2580, d. 2586
D'nan [brother] Rider of Green Oosyth b. 2563, imp. 2580
Marudden [brother] Weyrfolk b. 2565
Dauryn [brother] Weyrfolk b. 2566

Children: She felt she had some duty to have children for the sake of the human race, so in her younger years did her best with riders.
Tiadra [daughter] Rider of Green Lyeeth b. 2570, imp. 2583, d. 2585
Maorche [son] Weyrfolk b. 2573

Tell us a story...

* 2556, 0 Born to a Weyrmated rider pair, Mauddra is the second child of what seems to be turning out to be a large rider clan. 

* 2561, 5 A keen child, Mauddra takes to her letters and her lessons like a fish in water. It's hard for her to get along with other children sometimes, as her enthusiasm for learning comes across as a little too serious for the other youngsters to comprehend.

* 2566, 10 Mauddra's mother dies this turn, and whilst she was raised in the creche, with limited contact with the riders who were responsible for her birth. Mauddra decides that she's not meant to be a rider. She doesn't have the constitution necessary to fight thread day in and day out, she loved her parents in her own way, but they died. Mauddra doesn't want to die, she wants to live and work and continue on the life of the Pernese. As much as they need dragonriders, they need crafters and Weyrfolk as well, and Mauddra, after excelling in her studies, knows that she'll at least be good at that.

* 2568, 12 The harpers that trained her as a child offer her an apprenticeship, and whilst she is concerned about leaving the Weyr, Mauddra convinces herself that she can truly do good as a Harper. In order to begin her apprenticeship, she must leave her family, (although leaving her blood siblings in the creche was the hardest part), however, she does with limited hesitation, and beings her apprenticeship within a fortnight.

* 2570, 14 With Fort Hold located so close to the Weyr, Mauddra has her fair share of dalliances with visiting riders, and whenever a hatching occurs, she makes sure to take convenient breaks from performing and run off with an attractive rider or two. Whilst she isn't interested in raising children herself, nor did she ever meet someone she wanted to settle down with, Mauddra feels it's her duty to have at least some children, especially of rider blood. She births her first child in her 14th turn and travels to the Weyr to give it over to the creche, as she doesn't trust the slowly declining culture of Fort Hold at the time.

* 2572, 16 Her brother M'den dies as High Reaches Weyr and the surrounding countryside is abandoned to thread. Amongst her studies and her childbearing, this event goes mostly unnoticed in her life. When she hears about it, Mauddra feels only brief sadness for the loss of a man she once knew, and then she just continues on.

* 2573, 17 Mauddra decides again to continue a pregnancy from a rider father, and gives birth to a boy she names Maorche. Once again, the situation within Hold foster homes is dire, and with Fort Hold and Weyr the only places left standing, overpopulation, crime and disease is rife within the Hold. She makes the decision again to travel to the Weyr and place the boy in the creche, believing beyond a doubt that his best chance will be growing up as Weyrfolk as she did.

* 2574, 18 Throughout her Harper training, Mauddra had become recognised as an incredibly dedicated student, and she spends more and more time working with the Harpers stationed at the Weyr. Perhaps it was in preparation for being tapped, but it simply reminds Mauddra of how loyal she is to the Weyr and how important she feels it is to the safety and continuation of life on Pern.

* 2576, 20 An opportunity is brought to her, to be an Aide for the Weyrwoman Halirina. Whilst she could have potentially continued with her Harper training, Mauddra decided she wanted to be committed to the role heart and soul, and so she made the decision to leave the Harper Hall. They were disappointed in her to be sure, but Mauddra's heart had always been with the Weyr, and she simply felt so privileged to be granted the opportunity to work under Halirina, the most influential person on Pern.

* 2580, 24 Despite being happy, excited and just... fulfilled by her position as one of Halirina's aides, Mauddra's life isn't free from sadness. She loses another family member, this time her father whom is lost not from thread as one might expect, but from illness. He simply injured himself during training, the wound became infected, and the rider they all once new slowly wasted away until his green screamed her way into between.

* 2582-83, 26-27 Her eldest Taidra is searched for the Weyr not long after she turns 12, and Mauddra, despite never wanting to be a dragonrider herself, feels a strong sense of pride in the young woman, knowing that her duty to produce children to benefit the Weyr is beginning to come to fruition. She's even more proud when a turn later, she impresses a green, so reminiscent of her recently departed father's.

* 2585, 29 Unfortunately, Mauddra's happiness over the occasion would not last long, soon after graduation, Taidra's dragon is seriously injured by thread. The green goes between, while her rider is left in the Healer Hall. Taidra can't stand the loss, and kills herself only hours later. Mauddra, by now, is used to the savagery of threadfall, and feels... almost nothing at the loss. Or at least, that's what she tells herself, when in reality, the fear and the pain simply gets buried deep.

* 2586, 30 Of course, Mauddra must suffer one more loss before threadfall stops, and at the end of the turn, in one on the final waves of thread, her sister M'ryra perishes. A simple mistake, a patch of thread on her back, and a between that never arrives back. After the death of her daughter, Mauddra simply pretends that she's okay with it, although really, it saddens her to know that her bright, courageous sister will never see a time where thread has ended.

* 2587, 31 The move to Southern Winds Weyr is a welcome one, and Mauddra enjoys the not-so-simple organisational feat that they must undergo. Despite everything, Mauddra believes that with enough work, enough effort, and enough dedication that this is truly the place to be, and everything will turn out right in the end.

* 2590, 34 Halirina's fact checker, Mauddra feels content in her position. Each of Halirina's aides fulfill a different role for the Weyrwoman, and they all seem to get along quite nicely. With all their individual personalities, they're not always the perfect little group, but they always work it out in the end. After all, they have things to do.

Well, this seemed to be going swimmingly.

Mauddra was quite proud of the way this day had turned out, it had been Halirina's idea of course, but as her eyes and spare hands, the Aides had been pleased to carry out the tasks assigned to them to get the ball rolling on the "Gather". There had been something quite naughty about keeping it mostly a secret from those not directly involved, and the response so far, Mauddra deemed quite acceptable.

As she had been... encouraged by Halirina to do, Mauddra was making a show of participating. Whilst she appreciated the work all the crafthalls had put into their individual stalls, the food booth that the lower caverns had turned out was almost feast-like. Yes, you still had to "purchase" food with marks, but that was more for control of supplies anyways, as marks were essentially useless for anything other than things like this, and the rider's bets.

So far, despite not knowing anything about runners, she'd bet on a race or two, obviously Survivor had been her choice every time. A small rose was painted on her hand, Mauddra didn't take the risk of a potentially embarrassing and eye-catching facial piece, but she was contributing.

There were only a few more booths that Mauddra had to make an appearance at now.

Member Info...

Created By:
Concept by SanctifiedSavage; Created by Inki
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable - or kill her off/fire her, as Sanctified sees fit
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:
*Harper Hall Speciality: Records
*Described as: "The Firmest"

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Mauddra [ 06.01.2556 // Halirina's Aide ]
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2017, 03:41:49 PM »
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