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Author Topic: Approved X'hos [ 30.09.2562 / Green Rider ]  (Read 1865 times)

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X'hos [ 30.09.2562 / Green Rider ]
« on: September 15, 2017, 05:58:59 PM »

Play By:

[ za-HOSS-kin ]
[ ZOSS ]
None. Unless you're Meyelthra, who calls him Sken. Which annoys him at times, but he doesn't care enough to fight about.
Date of Birth:
30.09.2562 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: The first thing many people will note about X’hos is how neat and clean-cut he looks; always clean-shaven, hair trimmed, freshly bathed. He’d iron his clothes if he had the ability to. And were there an abundance of crisp white shirts on Pern, they would be the staple of his wardrobe—and even more impressively, they’d stay clean. There’s very little that X’hos loathes more than being dirty, so it’s become part of his routine to bathe twice a day:  once in the morning before breakfast, and once in the evening after dinner. Additionally, with as meticulous as he is about his clothes, they tend to last him quite a while since he takes just as good care of them as he does his riding leathers.

Upon first glance, the more stereotypically minded would probably not guess that X’hos is a Green rider. He doesn’t look classically feminine, with a strong jaw acd nose that have very little of the girlish about them. While he won’t be towering over anyone, he’s well-built and just as fit as the rest of Jungle Wing’s riders. X’hos carries himself with all of the poise expected from his Wing, and his leathers are always polished to as near a mirror shine as he can get them.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: It sucked. People died. But the strong survived, and that’s enough for X’hos. Does he wish that he might have had a different experience growing up if Thread weren’t constantly falling from the sky? Sure. But wishing gets you nowhere, and he’s made his peace with it all long ago. He doesn’t feel personally slighted by the events of the Pass, because none of it was about him. Everyone was just doing the best they could.

Response to dragon color mutations: Perhaps strangely for someone that’s a member of Jungle Wing, X’hos doesn’t… really care. He figures nature will sort itself out in that regard, and there’s not anything they can do to change the fact that the mutations seem here to stay. The only thing they can do now is adapt to their presence and try to move past it with their best foot forward. He also doesn’t particularly blame the babies for what havoc they might wreak, since unbonded dragonets are notoriously chaotic to begin with. Honestly, he’s hoping some of that exuberant aggression will be useful in fighting the Hunters once the creatures are fully grown. The true issue X’hos has is with someone as inexperienced, young, and uppity as S’bok being Weyrleader; but there’s nothing he can personally do to change it, and he’s not part of the Weyrleadership, so for X’hos it’s largely out of sight, out of mind.

Who are you...

The Jungle : Dark, quiet (at least compared to the chaos of the weyr)—it'd be peaceful if it weren't for the damn Hunters and Snakes. X’hos feels strangely at home among the artificial dusk under the canopy, and would love to spend more time there if only it weren’t potentially fatal.

Cuddling : After two and a half turns, he knows better than to ask Meyelthra for such a thing, but the best part is most of the time he doesn’t have to. He’s not self-conscious about it like she is, but X’hos loves physical expressions of affections, so having her tangled up with him while he sleeps is the best thing, in his opinion. It’s to the point that sleeping without her now makes it difficult for him to actually rest.

Quiet Spaces : X’hos has very good hearing, which makes him easily distracted by background noise and chatter. Needless to say, the Weyr Hall is not his favorite place. And while the jungle might naturally contain a lot of noise, the animals there tend to quiet when dragons are nearby, just as they do with any predator; as such, it’s one of the reasons he loves it so much. He can easily focus there and put his good hearing to excellent use.

Conflict : He has never had a taste for it, which is one of the things that’s led to him being rather submissive and letting other people get their way. The way he sees it, it’s just easier if he doesn’t kick up a fuss. Arguments stress him out, and X’hos would rather avoid them.

Guilt : It’s X’hos’ most hated emotion, and he will do a lot to avoid it—pathologically so. It just makes him feel dirty and uncomfortable, to the point of anxiety. So if Meyelthra or anyone else wants to manipulate him, make him feel guilty first; chances are that he’ll go out of his way to smooth things over, to the point of doing something potentially stupid just so he doesn’t have to feel that way any more.

Reading : Not that he often has to, but X’hos does not enjoy it when he does. If anything, it’s more because it gives him headaches rather than that he finds it tedious. The words just… don’t seem to take the shape they do for other people when he’s looking at them, and modern diagnostic medicine would probably label him dyslexic.


* AMBITIOUS : X’hos wants to be the best of the best, regardless of whether or not he’s actually recognized for it. His drive doesn’t need praise to feed it; rather, the self-satisfaction of a job well done, knowing that he’s doing the best that he can and that it’s enough pushes him to constantly improve. It was this sense that guided him to Jungle Wing in the first place, since Damerinth’s talents do not lie inclined toward Mountain. X’hos might not hold any particularly anti-Holder or anti-mutation sentiments—though most in his Wing probably assume he does, since he never speaks up to the contrary—but the reason he’s drawn to that Wing and his Wingmates is because, as he sees it, they’re the best at what they do.

* AFFECTIONATE : For people he actually does connect with, X’hos loves making them feel special and wanted. He enjoys gift giving, doing favors for them, being physically affectionate, and generally doing things that make them happy just to see them smile. And while he’ll never go into the Jungle by himself or do something to endanger his Wing… on the occasions he’s out gathering plants for the Healers or another Crafter group, he’s not above snagging some extra jungle fruits because Meyelthra loves them so.

* KINETIC : X’hos learns best with hands-on tasks that require muscle memory, athleticism, or hand-eye coordination. It’s always been where he’s thrived, which is one of the reasons he’s made such a good rider—since he sees the dragon-human bond as a sort of advanced hand-eye task. Typical rote academics may never have been his thing, but he’s good at ballparking visual distances or weights, the kind of sparring riders practice, and the drills and duties required of him in Jungle Wing.

* SELF-POSSESSED : For all that he’s quiet, and arguably dependent on Meyelthra, X’hos is still confident and poised. He has a good grasp on his own talents and abilities, as well as the areas he could still improve, so to that end he’s self-aware and not much given to personal doubt. There’s very little someone could actually insult him about that would cut him deeply, with the exception of calling him out on his delusions about his weyrmate. But then, you’d have to convince him that he sees the situation incorrectly at all, which is not something X’hos will budge on regardless. 

* OBEDIENT : Not everyone would see this as a strength, but X’hos definitely does. Weyrs thrive on people who will both give and follow orders, and this Green rider knows that he’s firmly in the latter category—which is perfectly fine with him. He trusts his Wingleader and Wingseconds to give reasonable orders, so he has no qualms about following them to both the spirit and the letter. X’hos is every bit the good soldier, and is content to leave the complicated political or ethical problems to other people. He has very little respect for those who rock the boat just for the sake of it; trust and cohesion is what carried them through the Pass, and the Interval isn’t any different.


* RETICENT : X’hos is quiet by nature, which tends to mean that he gets overlooked. He's not stupid, but he is a bit shy, and he doesn’t speak up unless he feels that what he has to say is really important. Very much the sort of person that enjoys companionable silences, a lot of his ‘socialization’ looks like him sitting quietly in a room observing everyone else, which doesn’t make for strong or many friendships.

* NEEDY : Most don’t know it about him simply because he never says anything, but X’hos is insecure when it comes to other people. Throughout his life, he’s never really had anyone close to him, either friends, family, or lovers. As such, the fact that Meyelthra pays attention to him is huge, and easily swayed him to being rather dependent on her. His greatest fear is her deciding to leave him.

* DELUSIONAL : Not about most things. But when it comes to the romantic arena of his life, X’hos is… misguided. He thinks Meyelthra is the sun, practically worshipping the ground she walks on, and is more or less incapable of actually seeing or understanding her flaws. He’ll defend her to anyone else regardless of whether or not she was in the right, and will bend over backwards to make up for anything he’s perceived as having done wrong, because clearly he’s the one that’s being difficult, not her.

* PERFECTIONIST  : X’hos likes for things to be just so, and gets out of sorts when they aren’t. First and foremost among these things are his and Damerinth’s performance in Jungle’s drills and duties, along with making sure that all of his gear is exactly the way it should be. If someone or something fucks with it, he can’t rest until it’s fixed. Unfortunately, this extends to relationships too, and is yet another reason he doesn’t have many friends. The exception to this rule is Meyelthra, since he thinks she’s already perfect, and thus any flaws in their relationship are his doing and thus his to fix.

* GULLIBLE : It’s just not in him to be naturally suspicious. The only thing that really saves him is that he just… doesn’t interact with a lot of people outside of his Wing, who he trusts implicitly not to lead him astray. That, and Meyelthra is loud and overbearing enough for both of them. But if she lies to him, unless it’s blatantly obvious and staring him in the face, he’ll believe her. Even if she were to ever cheat on him and then cover it up, he’d be blissfully unaware.

Describe Yourself:

* DEMURE: This Green rider tends to bow a bit under the influence of personalities louder than his own. He may not be weak, exactly, but X’hos has found it’s often easier to just let demanding people get their way rather than fight about it. This is particularly apparent in his relationship with Meyelthra, as most of the time he simply doesn’t resist when she takes the lead. Part of it is born out of his reserved, fairly submissive nature, and partly because he’s afraid that if he fights her too frequently, she’ll leave.

* FEISTY WHEN CORNERED: When it’s about something that really, really matters, and even X’hos thinks it’s worth fighting about, he’s surprisingly tenacious. There aren’t a lot of things that fall into this category, but when push comes to rough shove, he’ll actually get involved. It will be a surprising spectacle to most, since it’s different than his occasional explosions of temper, in that he won’t end up feeling guilty and backing down because of it. Underneath his quiet nature, he actually does have a spine.

* LONG-SUFFERING: X'hos will put up with a lot of shit before he snaps. His temper is a slow boil—very slow. That’s not to say that there aren’t little things that annoy him, but they tend to build up because he doesn’t say anything in order to avoid conflict. But you can be sure that he remembers every little grievance, even if it isn’t obvious, and eventually he’ll get so pissed off he explodes. Usually, this ends up with him fighting—either verbally or even physically—with Meyelthra. His anger burns itself out fairly quickly when it does surface, and afterward he feels so guilty that she typically ends up getting what she wanted anyway.

* DEVOTED: Once X’hos has given his word on something, it is very important to him that he keep it. He’ll never be the sort to cheat, lie, or otherwise deceive people, and he’s open and honest aout it when he makes mistakes. In that, there’ll never be any question to anyone that he’s anything but utterly loyal to Meyelthra, his Wing, and people who have earned his regard, affection, or respect. That’s just not who he is.

* UNDEMANDING: This Green rider has never been the sort to demand a lot out of other people. Whatever people are willing to put into their relationship with him, he will gladly take, but he just isn’t the type to order someone around or give ultimatums. He’s easy to get along with in that sense, because X’hos will always be more of a giver than a taker in relationships.

The Magic Touch: Contrary to everyone’s expectations of him given that he rides a Green, X’hos is straight. He’s never slept with another man outside of Flights, and would really just prefer it if Damerinth chose winners for her Flights that had female riders… not that he often gets his way in that regard.

Also, he's the only one that gets to call Meyelthra by the nickname "Meyel". And only when they're alone.


Mother: Xelanosa of Mosimoth. Born 2536. Impressed 2550. Died 2565.
Father: H’dos (Haddosken) of Woutaseth. Born 2542. Impressed 2558. Died 2565.

Siblings: Because of the nature of how he grew up, X’hos doesn’t know if he has any biological siblings, much less any way to seek them out even if he wanted to. In a sense, all the other children in the Creche were his siblings, but he was never particularly close with them, and hasn’t gone out of his way to keep in touch since being Searched.

If someone wants to toss a biological half-sibling at him, it’s a possibility. But any interactions between them will probably be stilted and awkward, and the only thing that would really link them would be the name of a long-dead parent.

Children: In a similar vein, X’hos honestly doesn’t know if he has any children. As far as he knows, he does not. Anyone who might have ended up pregnant because of a Flight hasn’t approached him, and his past partners have all been riders, so any pregnancies that might have come to fruition were probably ended in Between before they were even recognized. It’s his secret wish to someday have children with Meyelthra, but it’s a topic he’s not exactly sure how to approach with her.

I’m not completely opposed to someone claiming they have his child, with the understanding that he will probably be a bit cold an disinterested—especially if he thinks it would upset his weyrmate. He’s not going to be dropping everything and proposing to someone just because of a child they decided to have so many turns ago.

Tell us a story...

* 2562-2565, Birth-3 Born to riders from recently abandoned Telgar Weyr, Xahosken is quickly given over to the Creche so that his mother can rejoin her Wing. He’s cared for, of course, but the recent influxes of refugees have left the Creche workers strapped for time, and Xahosken isn’t one of the lucky few they manage to foster out to a family. His parents visit when they can, but it isn’t often, and his memories of them are little more than vague blurs. When he’s only three turns old, both of them are killed in Threadfall, leaving their son with no knowledge of the rest of his family. All he knows about them are their names and their dragons, as the Creche workers feel it’s important he at least know those things once he’s older.

* 2566-2570, 4-9 Growing up, then is a cramped affair shoved together with so many other children and orphans. Xahosken’s situation is hardly unique to him, and he learns early that everyone is struggling in their own way. This ultimately forms him into a quiet, almost passive boy that doesn’t have the loud and overbearing personality others do. He’s not exactly bullied, since he’s pretty quiet and stays out of the way, but he doesn’t end up close with anyone, and doesn’t often speak up when he’s overlooked for things. Rather, he watches out for himself just as everyone else is doing, but doesn’t begrudge others when he might get shortchanged on food or space. It’s not a painful time, and he doesn’t see it as traumatic, but it certainly left its mark on Xahosken, and it’s not an era of his life that he looks on fondly.

* 2571-2572, 10-11 Up until this point, riders have largely been something of a mystery to him beyond his lucky Creche siblings who still have parents to visit them. The move from High Reaches to Fort Weyr is the first time he’s seen a dragon up close, much less gotten to touch and ride one, and it leaves an impression. Despite his knowledge that his parents gave their lives defending from Threadfall, Xahosken finds that he wants nothing more than to one day have a dragon of his own. If anything, it’s born in part because he understands that a creature bonded to him in such a way will never leave his side, and he desperately wants to connect with something, if not someone. Things at Fort are a little harder, especially since he has to carve out a space for himself among another whole Weyr’s worth of children, and it’s at this age that he first exhibits his propensity to get aggressive when backed into a corner over something really important. Predictably, this doesn’t make him many friends either, but doesn’t earn him enough respect to change much since he isn’t consistently assertive. He’s distantly sad to have left High Reaches and its snowy peaks, but one Creche is much the same as another.

* 2574-2577, 12-15 Xahosken is desperate to get Searched when his twelfth birthday rolls around, taking as many chores as possible that will put him in the path of riders in the hopes that someone’s Blue will choose him as a Candidate. He’s shown no particular aptitude for a certain Craft, and working as a general laborer or kitchen worker just seems too much of a mundane future for someone with quiet ambition like his. But his fears prove misplaced when he’s Searched a few months after turning twelve, and throws himself into Candidacy with all the determination and drive in him. Nose to the grindstone to learn as much as he can as fast as he can, Xahosken isn’t particularly concerned with making friends. After all, many of them are people he grew up with in the Creche too, and it seems too late to change what prejudices they might have already come with. Instead, though he longs for the magical moment of bonding to a dragon, he’s largely given up on connecting meaningfully with another human, and is content for the time being to learn as much as he can about being a rider without actually having a dragon. Xahosken is overjoyed enough just to have the chance, no matter how long it takes.

* 2578-2579, 16-17 A bit of a late bloomer, he finishes his growth spurt in Candidacy, finding that physical work suits him and he’s quick at learning such things in the way he was never skilled at the Harper classes taught in the Creche. His sexual fumblings as a Candidate have yielded no children as far as Xahosken knows, and he’s not interested in getting distracted from his true goal:  Impressing. Nevertheless, he’s stunned when Venaeth and Ikoloth’s clutch contains a dragon that confidently claims him as hers. Xahosken—now X’hos—had never thought he would fit the profile of a male Green rider, as he has no taste for men, but Damerinth seems sure that he’s meant for her. So beyond an initial misgiving, he falls head over heels for her and gladly moves into weyrling training with the disproportionate little Green at his side. He seems sure that eventually she’ll grow out of her big headknobs and feet, even a turn into her life—but even this concern is a distant and unimportant one compared to the sheer rightness he feels in being bonded to Damerinth. Now, he’s determined that they will be the best dragonpair they can.

* 2580, 18 Nevertheless, Damerinth never quite grows out of her odd limb proportions, and X’hos resigns himself to the fact that she’s just going to look like a baby wher forever. He still loves her all the same. Early in the turn, Damerinth rises for her first Flight, rocketing herself and X’hos half out of weyrlinghood. It’s an odd experience for him, especially since the rider of the winning dragon is a man rather than a woman; he decides it still isn’t for him, but he’s not going to begrudge Damerinth her choice of a mate when she Rises, so he endures it in good humor. Unlike some of his classmates, though, this transition does not signal a significant uptick in sexual activity for X’hos. As far as he’s concerned, he still has far more important things to worry about than who’s in his bed—such as finishing out weyrling training. He and Damerinth graduate at the end of the turn, and both of them are eager to join an actual Wing and contribute like the fully-fledged riders they now are.

* 2581-2586, 19-24 X’hos’ lack of real relationships, both in terms of friends and romantic or sexual partners, remains consistent even now that he and Damerinth are officially adult riders. He’s friendly enough with those in his Wing just as he was with his weyrling class, but where most of them end up splitting off into little cliques and friendgroups, X’hos is left standing on the outside. It’s a little lonely at times, but with Damerinth by his side it bothers him far less than it used to. About the extent of his “relationship” experience is her Flights once a turn. Instead, he focuses all of his attention on making sure they survive the Pass itself and that others don’t suffer for any of their mistakes. The two of them flourish surprisingly well in such a harrowing time, and come out the other side largely unscathed beyond a few slight Threadscores and close calls. Because he’s never especially close with anyone, all of the death during the Pass seems… unfortunate to X’hos, a waste more than anything, but he doesn’t grieve deeply for anyone. There just isn’t time for it.

* 2587, 25 The end of the Pass seems surreal, but X’hos is glad he and Damerinth got to live to see it. Moving to Southern Winds is even more exciting, given the new start it symbolizes for all of Pern—and X’hos is eager to jump at the chance to go into the jungles of Fort Island, even after the revelation of the Hunters and Snakes that prowl there. Damerinth, too, is excited to test their skills against them in Jungle Wing. He meets Meyelthra because of Imyth’s Flight that turn, which kick-starts their peculiar relationship. The woman just sort of… moves into his weyr, installing herself in his life like she’s always been there. X’hos finds that, despite her rough nature, he enjoys her company—and it helps that they’re very sexually compatible. His few attempts at asking her when she’s leaving never really get answered, and after a while X’hos settles into having her around, almost courting her in a shy way even though she’s already moved in, and finds that he doesn’t want her to leave. Neisoth hatching later in the turn doesn’t bother X’hos as much as it does many in his Wing, but he wisely doesn’t let his true thoughts on the matter be known. At the very least, he’s curious what the future will hold for the strange Black dragon and his volatile rider.

* 2588-2590, 26-28 A turn seems to fly by, and Meyelthra is still living in his weyr. Cautiously, X’hos asks if this fact means she’s interested in being his weyrmate, since they spend so much time together and he hasn’t been seeing anyone else. Whatever the reality of her casual response might have been, he takes it to heart, thus begins their “official” weyrmateship, though as of the current day they’ve been together for two and a half turns. Neisoth catching Kalestath, the hatching of Blacks and Reds, the Holder turmoil—all of it pales to his complete adoration of Meyelthra, and ultimately his dependence on her. X’hos is terrified that she’s going to decide to move to the Mine Hall and leave him alone, which prompts him to pamper her even more in an effort to get her to stay.


Strange Bedfellows [ 07.04.2587; 7:50 PM ] || Meyelthra

All X’hos had wanted was his typical after-dinner bath. It had been a bit of a risky endeavor given that Imyth was so close to rising—but he was hoping that he’d be able to sneak in a quick soak before the pale Gold took to the evening sky to call for all her suitors. Or even better yet, that she’d wait until the next day to do so; that would mean they’d get almost the entire day off, since there was no Thread in the sky and no reason to kick people early and unceremoniously from their beds.

So it was in good faith that the Green rider had made his way to the Bathing Springs after dinner and slid happily into one of the geothermally heated pools. A quick scrub to get off the dirt of the day, and he was nearly dozing in the warm water. Just a little while longer. That was all he wanted. Some time to relax in the wake of all the rush, getting people and supplies sorted with the entirety of Pern’s move to the new Weyr.

But it was not meant to be. And soon enough, in her rushed way, Damerinth was telling him, You’d better hurry up, X’hos. I think she’s about to Rise.

On cue, X’hos felt the force of Imyth’s challenging bugle to the sky, calling all the males of the Weyr to chase her against the sunset. “Fuck.” He’d pushed the timeline too far, gotten too lazy in his hopes of having a relaxing evening. And now he was going to have to get back to his and Damerinth’s weyr hopefully without running into anyone else overtaken with the Queen’s Flight Lust that slipped over the Weyr like a heavy blanket, waterlogged and stifling. Even Damerinth’s eyes were faintly limned with purple, strangely off-setting the mingled green and annoyed red. I can pick you up, but you have to get to me first.

Not an insignificant task, given that there would no doubt be others in the Bathing Springs and in the tunnels leading out to the Weyr Bowl.

//It might be better if I just walk,// X’hos reflected as he climbed out of the pool and frowned at his clothes. Dirty as they were, he could hardly put them back on after just having a bath. Which left only one other option, and it was not an appealing one.

Navigating a Weyr overcome with Flight Lust in little more than a towel around his waist was not an appealing idea. But there he was, with no other alternatives.

“Red Star take it.” Swirling the fabric around his legs so he could tuck it tightly around his hips, X’hos picked up his riding leathers and bundled them up as tightly as he could. The coast looked at least… mostly clear. Hopefully he would be able to get out of the Springs and to the back tunnels before he was tempted too much even for his own self-control. Damerinth herself might only Rise once a turn, but Gold Flights were nearly as bad with how much they projected their desire—even for riders of female dragons like himself.

Though it was at his own expense, Damerinth didn’t bother to stifle a snicker that echoed bouncingly around in his skull. Good luck, X’hos.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Hahahaha fuck you
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable since he's Meyelthra's weyrmate.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It the fuck On
Anything Else:
Yep. This is happening.

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Re: X'hos [ 30.09.2562 / Green Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ DAM-err-inth ]
Date of Birth:
2578 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20.8M
Mature Height: 3.89M
Mature Wingspan: 35.6M

General Appearance...

For a creature born during the ashen greys and fiery reds of the Pass, Damerinth looks like she was meant to be in the jungle. Her body is the deep waxy green of the huge trees that can be found in the deepest parts of the forest on Fort Island, with a particular darkness down her face, spine, tail, and the limbs of her wings; from above, especially with her wings folded, these and the stripes down the length of her back make her blend in with the trees themselves quite well. There are a few lighter spots on her body of emerald green, especially along her underbelly, ridges, and the curves of her legs. But the truly brightest areas are her wingsails, which are a brilliant lime and neon green, almost one sheer color on the upper stretches, but mottled with darker smudges on the bottoms.

Damerinth is deceptively chunky for a dragon of her size, with large feet and headknobs like a puppy that never quite grew into their proportions. X’hos was always hoping that she’d smooth out with age, but she’s maintained these features well into her adulthood—and they’re the only things she’s even relatively self-conscious about. Small in length even for a Green, Damerinth puts on muscle easily; if anything, it’s been an effort to keep her slim for their duties in Jungle Wing. The fact that she’s a little short only increases this impression of her, though her wings are perfectly proportional, if even slightly longer, and Damerinth is still a very maneuverable creature.


Mind Voice: Damerinth’s voice is like sunlight through a canopy of leaves—a bright splash against dull surroundings, and always with a sense of vibrancy to everything she says. She talks fast, especially since speaking telepathically means she doesn’t have to stop for breath. An easy soprano, her voice has slightly too much of an edge to it to be truly melodic, but avoids being unpleasantly nasal.

Hunters : Yes, Hunters; Damerinth likes them because they’re a worthy opponent in a way that Thread never quite was for her. She thrives on the risk of her position as a Jungle Green, and loves the thrill of knowing she’s outsmarted or outflown something just as cunning as she is. And the day she and X’hos can no longer do so, she’ll greet her death knowing she’s been bested by an intelligent challenger.

Winter : Frankly, she misses snow. When the winter months roll around, it’s not uncommon for her to cajole X’hos into taking her back to Fort or even High Reaches just so she can roll around in it. Being able to do so without fear of Thread is worth it for how cold she always is afterward—but at least they can flee back to Fort Island’s milder winter temperatures when things get too chilly.

Apologizing : Not only does she hate when X’hos forces her to admit she’s wrong, Damerinth really loathes having to apologize for it. As such, they’re usually brusque and clipped because her heart just isn’t in it, and she resents having to say sorry for damn near anything.

Long Claws : At a certain point, she just chews the tips off so they’re shorter, though she also tends to leave them jagged and sharp so they can still be used defensively if necessary. But Damerinth would rather they be slightly ragged than too long, which is something she and X’hos have idly fought over in the past since he thinks it looks sloppy.


* DAREDEVIL : Damerinth is the sort of dragon to do flips, barrel rolls, and free dives, her laughter echoing in X’hos’ head all the while. She’s not afraid of sharp turns or tight squeezes, and uses these things to her advantage when she’s distracting or diverting Hunters for Jungle Wing. She knows better than to do these things during drills unless they’re ordered to, but she’d much rather be practicing this than Threadfall formations.

* SWEET : Underneath all her bluster, this Green really is a darling. She’s compassionate, affectionate, and friendly, to the point that she doesn’t really understand people who are mean for no reason. As such, she’s fully supportive of X’hos’ relationship with Meyelthra because the woman makes him happy, but Damerinth doesn’t really… get her. But she means well, and has enough love to go around with whoever wants her attention.


* PICKY : About food, oiling, riding straps, Flight suitors… Damerinth has never understood the need to deny herself the very best of anything she wants, and she’ll deny things out of hand if they don’t pass her strict sense of quality control. X’hos would be more annoyed about it all if he wasn’t a perfectionist in his own right; as such, he’s just learned to go with what she wants, since it’s easier than arguing.

* HEADSTRONG : As far as Damerinth is concerned, she can do no wrong. No decision she’s ever made has been a bad one, and it will take her rider’s quiet guidance to get this Green to admit that she might have made a mistake or has areas in which she needs to improve. Left to her own devices, Damerinth is an arrogant little thing that thinks others should recognize how great she is.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #03c64e; Text: #163f2b

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Damerinth only Flies once a turn, on 22.02. Contrary to an average Green, she flies so infrequently because of her rider's lack of interest in Flights. There have even been turns in the past when, due to Threadfall, she did not Rise at all.

She is not a Force Catch, but likes to be impressed. Bring your best, or don’t bother chasing. She also tends to fly in the morning just after the sun has risen.

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