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Author Topic: Approved Meyelthra [ 19.06.2567 9th Pass / Former Wher Fighter ]  (Read 2031 times)

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Meyelthra [ 19.06.2567 9th Pass / Former Wher Fighter ]
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:05:52 PM »

Play By:
Taylor Momsen

Meyel, but only to Sken/X'hos, and only when they're alone.
Date of Birth:
19.06.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She stands at a wiry 5'6" with naturally platinum blonde hair she leaves long and partially wild. It reaches just past her shoulders.

Meyelthra prefers practical clothes. Comfortable boots she's had for turns now, pants, and a nice shirt. Nice as in comfortable - it's not nice by any 'proper' holder's standard. She'll wear wher-leather, cloth - whatever she can get her hands on, and she's not above pilfering clothes when the situation calls for it. Now that she's at the weyr, she frequently wanders around in a simple cloth shirt and wher hide pants.

Now that she's chummed up to a Rider, she lounges in X'hos's clothes when she's not prowling about getting into trouble.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Meyelthra saw the dark side of Fort as a personal challenge and quiet thrill. There was nothing like a rough night at the wher pits, where marks changed hands more frequently than hookers changed bed partners. To her, wher fighting was more a craft than anything her family did and took more skill and dedication than anything else. Fuck her uppity siblings and who cares about thread? If it's gonna kill them all, then let it come quick and fast. Until then, she was in the thick of it all, thriving as much as one might in the underbelly of Fort.

Response to dragon color mutations: Is she a dragon rider? Because last she checked, she wasn't and she doesn't really give a damn about the color of a dragon. To her, they're all big fire breathing blow hards that had it pretty good during all the mess that was the catastrophe - that was their fault anyways. One of the reasons she shacked up with one when Fort Hold was 'shut down' was because they had it so good. If there is some political trouble about all the mess, she thinks it's all in the Rider's heads.

Who are you...

Control : Meyelthra considers herself the 'queen of her domain' and likes it that way. Her domain being her room, her wher, her flit, and her immediate space. Don't get too close - she bites. And she encourages her wher and flit to do so too.

Fresh fruit : It's not exactly easy to come by BUT she has sorta claimed a Jungle Rider as her live in buddy - he says they're weyrmates. Whatever. If she can worm some fresh fruit out of him now and then, all the better.

The Little Details : She quite enjoys oiling her wher, her flit, and even X'hos's dragon. Small chores that keep both her and her bonded in shape sooth her mind. If she's in a shitty mood, you can bet she's breaking out some oil and someone is getting worked on.

Early Mornings and Late nights : Meyelthra has problems sleeping, mostly because one didn't sleep well back in the shitty tunnels of Fort. It's not insomnia, per say, but closer to bad dreams or simple restlessness. Not that she'd admit to it. She actually sleeps really well next to X'hos and is comforted by the fact that there's a giant dragon near by, along with her wher and flit. If he's not around, she gets irritable.

Riders : Funnily enough, for someone presently sleeping with one and has been for some time. But most riders get right up under her skin with their snobby attitude and 'better than thou' walk. It's quite a shame fighting has been banned because she'd be tearing a path through as many as she could. Flights are obnoxious too. Why do they happen so often? subtle glare at all the Greens in the weyr

Crafters : Any Crafter that seems to think they're better than she is - which is by extension some of her family. Meyelthra has an odd chip on her shoulder about not being a crafter, an in turn, thinking all crafters are snooty unless they act otherwise. Her family is the exception. All crafters in her family are waste of space know-it-alls. She believes they wasted their time learning dying crafts and wouldn't have lasted a day in the 'real' Fort Hold.


* FIERCE : From the time she was a little girl, Meyelthra has always felt that she had to fight the world and she's met this challenge head on - head up and ready to go. That's pretty much how she lives her life. Any challenge, any moment, is met head on.

* SELF RELIANT: You won't see her asking for handouts, favors, or relying on anyone for anything. She'd hunt her own food if the damn weyr would let her. She hates that she has to rely on others for even that - so out of a pure sense of wanting to be able to do for herself - she does help till the fields and clean fish with the other weyr folk.

* STABBY : Meyelthra is handy with a blade - definitely out of necessity. Any gang member that thought she'd be an easy target back in Fort quickly found out that she is not, at all. What she lacks in strength, she makes up in speed and willingness to down someone. Meyelthra doesn't play for fun, she plays to kill.

* STAMINA : With enough sleep and food in her, Meyelthra can go and go and go. Weyr life, for all her grumbles about the Riders, has been good for her and she's a font of energy.

* Tenacious : When she wants something, she wants it, and she'll do whatever she has to to get it done. From applying herself to working with the weyrfolk to feel more self-sufficient, to training herself with a blade, to training a wher and flit on her own. Meyelthra believes she should be able to do it on her own and would much rather bash her face against a wall over and over to learn something.


* NEAR SIGHTED : She doesn't understand 'big picture' plans because she's very much an 'instant gratification' kinda girl. What's the point in living for tomorrow if today sucks?

* SELFISH : She's spent so much of her life looking out for herself that, well, she's really only got herself. Having pushed away both family and any manner of friends, she really only has X'hos.

* VIOLENT : Meyelthra's go to response to something, or someone, when a situation becomes too much is violence. Blades solve problems faster than words. This has cooled down a bit since she's been in the weyr but, if moved to it, she can be prompted to such actions again. Easily.

* EXPLOSIVE : She's got a temper to boot. Irrational, angry, and willing to use her wher as a blunt instrument to get things done.

* UNFRIENDLY : Meyelthra doesn't believe anyone is out for anything but themselves - and in that vein, she doesn't want anyone close to her. Fuck the world be her motto, unless someone can do something for her. Otherwise, what's the point?

Describe Yourself:

* LEECH: Meyelthra is a user. She likes taking from people. It makes her feel powerful, like she's somehow 'one upped' life. In that, she's loath to let go of things or a position of 'power' or comfort. That's one of the reasons she's been with X'hos for so long. He's been able to provide her with a lot of creature comforts. In that vein, she'll be quite protective of this comfy situation she's found herself in.

* COMMANDING: Meyelthra trained her flit and all the wher she's had in her life. She's not a passive person - nothing about her personality is - and she's not afraid to go toe to toe with a wher. She probably SHOULD be, but she's put down enough of the creatures in her life she feels like she has their lives easily in her hand. In that, she expects her flit and wher to be completely obedient.

* CONFIDENT: She's been through some shit and she's still alive. If Meyelthra told the sun not to rise, she's pretty sure it wouldn't. When she's committed to a thought, a phrase, an idea - she's behind it 100% and it doesn't occur to her that she might fail or falter. That's just not in her nature.

* SADIST: Meyelthra has a cruel streak and pain doesn't bother her. If anything, it's a learning tool. The harshest lessons stick with you and the ones that leave a scar are not easily forgotten. If someone is willing to hurt someone over something, then she understands just how important it must be - and she's willing to do the same over things that are important to her.

* CONTRARY: For all her anger, violence, and sadistic tendencies - for all that she's kept the world at arm's length, there are two people that have managed to get close to her. X'hos, just through sheer time and some odd sense of attachment the Rider has to her, and her twin. Meyelthra is very attached to her twin - and not even she can really say way. Some days she chalks it up to a narcissistic echo that her twin is 'like her', other days it's because she wants to cling to some sense of family and she feels like her twin is the only one that could possibly understand her. Whatever it is, Meyelthra loves her twin with all of her tiny black heart.

The Magic Touch: No one would guess it, but Meyelthra is a big cuddler. She likes sleeping tangled up with X'hos. She doesn't like to talk about it.


Mother: Holder Evelthra 2550
Father: Taygrohle Peacekeeper, 2548

All adoptable. They can be what you want:
2563: 27 Turns
2565: 25 Turns
32.09.2570 : Tayvelle, played by Kyya
2571: 19 Turns
2573: 17 Turns
2576: 14 Turns
2578: 12 Turns
2580: 10 Turns

Nameless. B 2582. Presumed dead.
Nameless. B 2585. Presumed dead.


Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2567-2576, 0-5 Meyelthra is born a twin into a well off enough family. From the moment she's able to, though, it's rapidly apparent she's quite the independent individual. Crawling around on her own, trying to get into everything. Exploring fearlessly with no care or concern for her siblings. She grows up with much the same mentality, wanting to know more about the world and resenting being stuck in the home and being taught to be a 'good holder girl' - something she wants absolutely nothing to do with. She resents her siblings that are well behaved and sees it as some sort of competition to be better than her siblings that aren't behaving - better in all the worst ways. Who can get away with more, who can see more, who can get out, etc. She's not exactly a terror, but she's not well behaved by any stretch. Each additional sibling is just another distraction for her parents that will hopefully free her up to get out of the house.

* 2572-2576, 5-9 She ends up 'befriending' some of the wild orphan kids in Fort, who teach her all manner of terrible things. How to steal, how to sneak around, how to pick pockets. In turn, she sneaks food out of the house for them. They become more like kindred spirits than her family ever was and invariably teach her far more about the underbelly of Fort than a child should ever be exposed to. Rather than being afraid, her and her little band of terror friends see it as a challenge and some fantastical place to explore.

* 2576-2582, 9-15 Turning into a little lady was hard for Meyelthra. She was one of those wild little girls that didn't want to grow up and had a hard time as she slowly realized that the world began to see her differently too. It's one thing to be a wild kid running around as a 'gang', pilfering from pockets, and quite another to be a young girl. Her and her little band of friends stumble on a flit nest and in true 'grungy holder fashion' plan to eat the eggs - but there are a couple left that she and another end up keeping. Thus Snap is born.

It's not lost on her that even her parents begin to treat her differently. To this, Meyelthra's reaction is... Extreme. She flees her harper lessons, refuses to talk about any manner of craft, and essentially loses herself quite readily in the underbelly of Fort. Sometimes for days at a time. When her parents seem determined to marry her off, Meyelthra's rebellion is extreme - she ends up pregnant with an unknown gang member. And she readily tells her parents she doesn't know who the father is.

This heavily ruins any chance of her getting a reasonable marriage and she invariably carries the child to term in one of Fort's brothels and gives the babe up to one of the whores there without even naming it. Again, to the great displeasure of her parents.

Talk of marriage, however, stops.

* 2582-2587, 15-20 If there was any question about Meyelthra's fall from her family, these turns certainly clarify that. She essentially moves out of her family's house and want nothing to do with them. Her orphaned 'gang' eventually is consumed by a larger one and she readily becomes a part of it. Wher fighting seems to be the thing of this gang - as well as gambling and whoring - but she doesn't have an interest in the latter two. Instead, she sleeps with a gang member for a wher egg to get herself started. It hatches into a tiny, sweet green by the name of Elthrask but she doesn't last long. Meyelthra's rough in training and puts the wher in an ill advised fight before she's even an adult and she's killed. Some fights and marks later, Meyelthra ends up with another egg that hatches into a bulky blue by the name of Elthsk.

He lasts a bit longer than Elthrask. He dies from injuries he sustains in winning a fight, but the payout is enough that she secures herself a nice gold egg, one that hatches into a pale, pretty gold Meysk. For this, Meyelthra has big plans. She wants to sell the eggs, really set herself up nice.

However, she's jumped early in Meysk's life. Though Meyelthra barely survives the encounter and robbed of most of what she has, the young Gold wher is butchered in front of her and left for dead. Leaving Meyelthra to start over.

She recovers slowly, relies heavily on a hook up with a gang member she knows, and falls pregnant from his attentions. While carrying the babe to term, she is 'gifted' a blue wher by the name of Elthrask who she trains while pregnant. When the babe is born, she gives up the little girl to the brothel and jumps back into wher fighting. The Blue does well for a handful of fights, dying to earn her a bigger egg that promises to hatch a better wher.

Sure enough, riding on the earnings of Elthrask and doing odd enforcement jobs for the gang, Meyesk hatches and she immediately sets on training him.

It's a good, lucky two turns for the pair of them before Thread stops falling and wher fighting in shut down. Pissed off, Meyelthra is invariably hauled off to the weyr with the rest of the Hold.

* 2587, 20 Moving to the weyr is a trying time for Meyelthra. Having nowhere to stay, and refusing to be crammed into the collective caverns with the rest of the 'family-less' holders, she flits from Rider to Rider until she ends up quite literally running into X'hos. Lucky for her, since she'd just been kicked out of her former partner's weyr. Latching on to an opportunity when presented itself, she simply inserts herself in his life. He's easy, her weyr is infinitely more comfortable than some big cavern with other people, and he listens to her. Works for her.

* 2590, 23 Time flies when you're having fun. She's still with X'hos and she's managing in the weyr. Bored but there's not much to be done about that. The idea of moving to the Mine Hall is idly alluring, but she's not quite willing to leave her cushy life in the weyr.

She’d been here before. Kicked out, without a place to go. Overstaying her welcome was something Meyelthra was used to. So when the Blue Rider she’d been bunking with had quite literally stuffed what clothes Meyelthra had called her own in a bag and tossed them out in the hall, then bodily shoved Meyelthra out next, it’d taken everything in her not to go after the bastard.
If Meyesk had been near by, it would’ve been a fight. Unfortunately for her, and luckily for the Rider, her blasted weyr and flit were both several tunnels away chewing on some bones she’d been able to barter from the herders after a day’s work. They didn’t give a runner’s shit about Meyelthra or the fact they were, effectively, roomless.
Homeless? How did that work in the weyr?
Fuck him anyways. She hauled her bag up on her shoulder and stalked the tunnels, wondering if she could hit up some old acquaintances from Fort Hold. Not something Meyelthra wanted to do, mind. Most people she knew would just as well stab her while she was sleeping than take her in. Neither did she want to crawl into that pit of a cave they called the general sleeping cavern.
Fuck all that too.
Maybe a good scrub to improve her mood, then she could sort things out while she soaked. Surely there was somewhere...
The Flight Lust and Gold’s call hit her, making Meyelthra both curse the timing and wonder at her good fortune. At the very least, she could shack up with a Rider for a bit. They were infinitely less discerning about who they took back to their weyr.
That’d give her at least a day or two. Maybe three.
When Meyelthra saw a particularly handsome man – presumably a Rider – making his way from the bathing springs in nothing but a towel, she knew she’d found her first target. If he didn’t work out, well... there was an entire weyr being enveloped in Flight Lust. She was bound to find someone. That he was already so close to being undressed just made things easier, in her opinion. Letting her bag drop in the tunnel, she sauntered up to him with a faint smirk and pushed him back against the cold tunnel wall.
She could say the Flight Lust made her do it if he protested too much. Not that Meyelthra gave him much of a chance to protest before she gripped his jaw and drug him into a heated kiss, her other hand tugging at the towel.

Member Info...

Created By:
What you would like to be called on the board
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Kill me
Mauling Permissions:
Roug'em Up
Anything Else:
Can't stop, won't stop

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Credit in picture. Colored by SirAlahn
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
04.04.2585 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A nice, fat egg with a lot of wrinkles she won as a prize from a fight. She promptly 'retired' the Blue that had won it for her to the Butchers since she saw the big egg as an upgrade.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4.5M
Mature Height: 1.7M

General Appearance...

Meyesk hatched a burly, dark burnt bronze and pretty much remained that coloration as he grew. What pleased Meyelthra the most, however, is how big he was at hatching - and how that's also been pretty consistent. You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger Bronze wher, and he's just as muscled as expected of a fighting wher. Just a shame one had to die for him to be bonded to her. 


Empathetic: Meyesk and Meyelthra are not what you'd call 'best friends'. More like working associates. They don't share much and what communication is shared is often either physical on his end or verbal commands on hers.

Food : Of any kind. Flit, wher, runner, herdbeast, human. It doesn't matter to Meyesk. If it's living, it can be killed, and he can eat it. Best to keep tiny creatures away from him.

Fighting : He's a monster and he likes being one. Give him any excuse to throw his weight around, and he'll use it. Meyesk needs very little prompting to become violent, and he whole heartedly loves it.

Complicated Orders : He's a simple wher with simple pleasures. Don't complicate tasks for him or he'll get easily frustrated.

Wher in his personal space : While he has to be told to fight, he has a 'bubble' that is his. Don't invade it.


* FIGHTING : Meyesk was bred for, and has lived a lot of his life as, a fighter. Since he's survived this long, one could argue he's good at it. Being big and strong helps.

* OBEDIENT : He has no problem following commands from Meyelthra. He understands that they're connected, that she's in charge, and listens to what she says.


* UNCARING : Meyesk is obedient, but he doesn't care about Meyelthra. There is no love between them and he will not act on her behalf out of a sense of duty or desire to 'protect' her. They take care of themselves. If she wants him to do something, she'll tell him. Otherwise, he'll passively watch her get stabbed.

* NOT TERRITORIAL : It's been trained out of him. Meyesk doesn't care about other wher unless they're in his personal space. Other than that, so long as he's not told to fight them - or he's not defending himself - they're just props. So he's a shit guard wher.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Great fighter, shit guard.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art. Colored by me.
Flit Details

Just like it sounds.
Date of Birth:
2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Snap is a pale purple blue with one teal wing. He's always had that odd Wing and for that reason alone she didn't try to eat him. Since he's so small, she didn't think he'd eat much either. Snap's always been small and retained his blotched blue coloration. If drunk, Meyelthra will admit he's pretty.


Mind Voice: Snap is a quiet thing and will only show pictures to Meyelthra if she asks for something specific. Otherwise, he rarely makes much noise at all. He doesn't like drawing attention to himself.

Cuddles : It doesn't happen often, but he likes being held and petted by Meyelthra. He especially likes when she lets him sleep with her.

Bones : He likes chewing on them. They're a nice treat for a job well done.

Whers : They have been known to try and eat him. Meyesk isn't an exception.

Men : X'hos is an exception. The company that Meyelthra generally kept at Fort was a rough, mean lot and Snaps generally hated them all. He'd hiss and snap. But he does like the Rider his bonded has shacked up with.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's cute, so cute not even Meyelthra can deny it.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Meyelthra [ 19.06.2567 9th Pass / Former Wher Fighter ]
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