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Author Topic: Approved Elrethra [ 09.03.2562 // Senior Apprentice Healer ]  (Read 2028 times)

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Elrethra [ 09.03.2562 // Senior Apprentice Healer ]
« on: September 15, 2017, 08:13:28 PM »

Play By:
Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A.)

Ehhhhllll - rehhhhhth - raaaaa
El or Ra
Date of Birth:
09.03.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Elrethra like to look a little wild, changing up her look from clothes that are a little to big for her and hang off her muscular (but short at 5'5") frame, to outfits that cling to her curves and show up a little too much skin than what it neccessary. In current times, El doesn't get to experiment with clothing as much as she would want to, only owning a few variations of work and leisure pants and shirt combinations. (She's never been one to inhibit herself with a dress and skirts are only workable if they're worn over tight pants).

When she can, El likes to get her hands on bright colours, the catastrophe and subsequent lack of supplies has made that difficult, but there have been a few items here and there over the years. Without the ability to colour, she'll make do with complicated patterns, but can also enjoy the power that a well-matched and simple outfit can bring her. Elrethra doesn't wear clothes for the benefit of others and what they might like, but simply because of what makes her feel good.

El isn't a skulker or a cringer, she holds herself high, dominates a room with her confidence. Whilst she's not the most graceful perhaps, nor one that someone might look upon and think "pretty" or "elegant", one couldn't see fear or uncertainty in the way she holds herself.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Elrethra really didn't give a shit about the true meaning behind the catastrophe until her father died. As far as she cared before that, it had happened, people were dying, and it was a fact of life. As long as she and the other healers did all they could for the patients, she was okay with the inevitability of death. But she felt like her father had been failed, when after all, the end of threadfall had been so close.

Response to dragon color mutations:
They're just another dragon colour to dislike, Elrethra doesn't particularly see them as any different from any of the others. They all think they're better than the rest of the world anyways. But whatever, let them fight among themselves, it keeps their attention away from everyone else and butting into their business.

Who are you...

•   Succeeding - El likes knowing that her plan has paid off. The confirmation she forged meant that a patient was saved, her risk had been worth it. She doesn't take risks or break rules for the thrill, but rather for the feel of succeeding afterwards.
•   Working with her hands - Making poultices is one of her favourite things, because she loves doing minute little things with her hands. A very tactile person, Elrethra enjoys getting her hands dirty and working.
•   Maturity - Elrethra is a fan of maturity, not everything in the world has to be serious, but she's very quick to judge what she believes is immature and what is mature. She also enjoys being around people that have seen things, they weren't just holed up in their houses while thread took everything away from them. They were active, they did something. As such, whilst she'll always judge those from the darker side of hold life, whores and the like, she probably would enjoy hanging out with them.
•   Crafters - El just has a thing for people who are active and helping their community without all the "look at me look at me" of the Peacekeepers or Dragonriders. In her opinion, crafters are flawed, but they know it, they simply strive to learn and be better. As much as she was raised by holders, Elrethra considers herself a crafter through and through.

•   Dragonriders - El hasn't grown up in such a traditional holder family without some of their beliefs rubbing off on her. Whilst she won't hesitate to jump into an emergency for a dragonrider, they wouldn't be the kind of person that she would choose to hang out with when she is off-duty. She doesn't enjoy being beholden to them, but neither would she enjoy being under the thumb of a holder. Either way, healers get told what to do by people who don't know what they're talking about.
•   Candidates - Especially those that leave a craft to do so, what a waste of time. Crafts are more important now than ever before.
•   Bad jokes - Jokes need to be clever, have a little bit of thought behind them, those stupid kid jokes that don't really make sense, or just words that "sound funny" they just... don't make sense to her and she thinks they're stupid.
•   Children - They're just annoying. Let everyone else carry on Pernese society and just stay at home raising the things, Elrethra is not interested.
•   Pranks - Just... what a waste of time. It's not funny. Grow up.


* CURIOUS : Elrethra simply has a will to learn, which has caused her to be a good practical and theoretical student. The healer craft simply stimulates her brain, and she is constantly learning, something which the apprentice is very proud of. Any healer or otherwise who believes they're infallible or have learnt all they need to know are kidding themselves. In her initial turns of apprenticeship, she was quicker to learn than all the others, simply because she's naturally intelligent.

* TENACIOUS : Elrethra is tireless, she rarely feels the effect of overwork on her system. Possibly through a combination of pure stubbornness and a body that can naturally function incredibly well on small hours of sleep and relaxation. El is always one to perservere through a hard situation, simply because she is determined to succeed in whatever she does.

* APLOMB : The perfect healer, Elrethra has steady hands is good under pressure and is incredibly reactive to emergency situations. Always the first to respond, her quick thinking allows her to react to emergency threadfalls or cardiac arrests with no hesitation. Additionally, she's not one to let her dislike of another healer (of which there are likely many) prevent her from working with them, or fear of failure prevent her from trying.

* SECURE : Elrethra is incredibly sure of herself. She's confident in her abilities, confident in her decisions, and most of all, she doesn't want to change who she is for anyone else. For the most part, what you see is what you get with her. Her attitude is not just a front for her secret insecurities, she's not going to undergo a complete turn around when someone tries to connect with her. This is who she is and she's happy with that.

* FLIPPANT : Elrethra is entirely able to put her work aside when she's not in the hall. She's not always super intense or crazy, in fact, she's pretty chill in her every day life. However, she doesn't always put her work aside, El does like her work, if there's a problem, she'll probably stay up at night trying to fix it. She's simply not the kind to try and diagnose everybody and anybody and fix them all at any time.


* CALLOUS : Elrethra rarely hesitates to tell others what she thinks of them (as long as lying to them doesn't serve her some other purpose). As she has gotten older however, El has been able to recognise time and place a little better. And for the good of a patient, or her ultimate goal, or even her own sanity, Elrethra has learnt how to keep her mouth shut. But in general conversation, within the apprentice dorms, or in the Weyr hall, El doesn't mince words.

* RULE-BREAKER : Not because of the thrill of breaking rules, but simply because she doesn't believe that all rules are good ones. They're healers, saving lives and easing people's pain is supposed to be what they do, restrictions of supplies frustrate her to no end. "We'll find more" is her motto. They'll always fine a way if they need to.

* LIAR : Elrethra is more than happy to lie for something which she believes is right. She's quite good at it in fact, which makes her a bit of a formidable enemy, but also a hesitant ally. El won't hesitate to lie directly to a patient's face if she believes that it would serve her ultimate goal (which she believes is also their ultimate goal).

* LACK OF UNDERSTANDING : She's not selfish, or sociopathic, or narcissistic, she will just never undertand why anyone would choose to die and why any healer could let someone make that decision. To her, any life is better than no life, pain, torture or worse, it's still living.

* PRIVATE : El doesn't particularly like to let people in, because she a) probably doesn't really like them in the first place b) doesn't believe that it's really anyone else's business what she is feeling or thinking and c) perhaps most importantly, Elrethra doesn't want to get hurt. It would be a distraction from her work, all this emotion stuff, it's a waste of time.

Describe Yourself:

* PROTECTIVE: ----- Elrethra does care about people, they are simply few and far between. The people she cares about with know her kindness, her humour, her love for life, and her overprotective nature but they'll also hear her sharp tongue, her callous words, and be frustrated by her inability to listen or understand others.

* JUDGEMENTAL: ----- El forms opinions on everyone she meets. She can change them to be sure, but she just has a lot of things that can put someone in the "don't like them" category. If asked, Elrethra won't be shy about the fact that she's judgy, and can even acknowledge that it may prevent her from forming friendships, but she's simply of the "good riddance" mindset.

* CLOSETED: ----- She's not unsure of what she is, it's just a lot easier to hide it. She hasn't met anyone she cares about enough to share it with the world, and because she doesn't particularly like her family that much, she doesn't really want to talk to them about it. It's simply easier to be closeted for the time being. Elrethra has too many things going on to be getting all girl-crazy.

* TACTICIAN: ----- Elrethra is a strategist, she plans, she devises and she carefully considers. Others might call it scheming, but she can put it to uses for both the benefit and detriment of others.

* TOUGH: ----- El has never been the kind to break down, or give up when things get tough. She's been through a lot of shit, the death of her father, an expulsion from a craft, the likelihood of being ostracised for her sexuality, but she's not a quitter, not a crier, and Elrethra will take a pummelling before anything really gets her down.

The Magic Touch: Elrethra is quick to judge, but she's not always quick to hold a grudge. She's a little fickle in this sense. Some masters will automatically earn her respect due to work she's seen them do (despite perhaps not actually meeting them), and some Senior Journeymen/Masters will be required to earn it. Junior Journeyman and Apprentices are the equal to her, so they're always automatically assumed to have to prove themselves.

She also knows that the healer hall is a place where sometimes you have two almost equally bad decisions, if a master picks one, and the patient happens to die, Elrethra will have to decide whether she believes the other option would have been the better option, and whether or not she believes the master made the wrong decision. But this is not something that she'll hold a grudge over, people die, it's the nature of the healer craft, as long as no one gives up before exhausting all her options, then she is unaffected by death.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Holder Remmerra of Remmesk - b. 2548
Father: Master Smith Elrethir - b. 2543, d. 2586

1st Sibling b. 2560
2nd Sibling b. 2565
3rd Sibling b. 2567
4th Sibling b. 2569
Remmalthira b. 2571 - Played by Beasty
6th Sibling b. 2575
7th Sibling b. 2577
Elremmiria b. 2579 - Played by RavenFlame

Holder Tavianna b. 2555 married to Peacekeeper Notkerric - Played by SanctifiedSavage and lacihparg respectively
Farmer Cibnius b. 2553
Hold Brat Elmisse b. 2558, d. 2563
Wife Cavaronna b. 2564

1st Cousins:
Holder Nycolus b. 2568 - Played by Kyya
Holder Tresrissa b. 2571 - Played by Inki
Holder Nealros b. 2575 - Played by Drewliet

Children: No children. She doesn't want them, and doesn't care for the act of procreation.

Craft: Healer

Rank: Senior Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2577/15.

Specialty: Chronic conditions, emergency

Education Details: Currently Elrethra is studying under the Turn 6 schedule, substituting 2 of her practical classes for "shadowing", 1 for work in the hall (which can usually is shadowing but sometimes taking stock and preparing poultices/medicines), and 1 for chores.

As much as she might have liked to be one of the highest ranking Healers, Elrethra realised early on that she didn't want to change who she was just to get a title. She can do almost as much good work as a dedicated apprentice, as she could as the Master of her craft, perhaps even more, as she is constantly working for the craft.

Elrethra has always been quick to learn, and took to learning the craft well. When it came to practically applying the knowledge, El founds the restraints and rules when it came to human life unreasonable. Masters and senior journeyman will both hate her and love her. Because her enthuasiasm can potentially pit them against one another, as well as have her as a valuable ally.

Elrethra will never advance beyond Junior Journeyman, and even that status is unlikely. She's intelligent and good in the field, but she's untrustworthy in today's current climate when it comes to resources. Due to the nature of supervised Junior Journeyman status in the healer hall, there is a potential for this advancement, if she can realise it herself and put the work in to convince the hall she can do what they need.

Tell us a story...

* 2562, 0 Born the second child to a Smith and his holder wife Remmera, Elrethra was right at the beginning of her mother's plan to seemingly repopulate all of Pern entirely by herself. A fussy baby, Elrethra found too much light annoying, too much noise overstimulating and too little attention cause for crying.

* 2565-68, 3-6 Their family continues to grow, her aunt and uncle even welcome their first child to the world. Elrethra doesn't particularly enjoy the lack of attention she receives now, with all these new crying, annoying babies being added to the household. But she soon gets over it when Harper lessons begin, she's a impatient especially when the other kids have no chance of keeping up with her, and they hold back the rest of the class with their ineptitude.

* 2571, 9 By the time Remmalthira is born, Elrethra is really starting to think that her mother should stop having children. They were going to burst out of the house that they live in at any time now, and they just keep having more? Sure they were well provided for, their father kept them safe, even at 9 Elrethra can see that. But her childlike mind can't really fathom the idea that they would want any more screaming useless things.

* 2574, 12 Tried to enter the smithcraft like her father, although they didn't find her to be the right suit for them. She didn't want to wait and have them teach her everything before she was even allowed to look at a forge, she was a very hands on learner and would sneak into the workshop at night. One night, she messed up, slipping and dropping burning hot coal down her arm. Then the smiths realised what she was doing, they apologised to her father, but none the less kicked her out. It pissed her off to begin with, getting kicked out for wanting to learn more, but when she realised how much it truly embarrassed her father, she stopped complaining about it.

* 2575, 13 Impresses her wher, because what better way to reward a child that had been kicked from a craft than with a wher egg? Whilst her parents didn't think it was wise to gift her with a Queen egg, because of favouritism and all that, they split the different very well with a perfectly average looking egg. Thrask emerged from within and Elrethra was pleased with the bonding, they took to each other well and have been steadfast bondeds ever since.

* 2577, 15 By now, Elrethra thought she had learnt her lesson. She was bored with the idea of waiting around for a man to find her and sweep her off her feet. After all, she felt no attraction to any of them who had tried for her hand before. When her parents started getting antsy over the men she denied, Elrethra tried again in a craft. This time the healer hall. With the catastrophe raging around them, Fort Hold filled with the refugees of the entire planet, Elrethra thought that she might actually be challenged in the Healer Hall. Having dealt with the disappointment of being kicked out of the smith craft, Elrethra managed to mostly dampen her need to move quicker than others and in any case, the theory was far more interesting, and able to hold her attention longer than she expected.

It was when the practical classes began that Elrethra realised the sad truth of the Healer craft. That people were going to die, and mostly, there was nothing that anyone could do to stop it. Elrethra took that as "there was nothing we were going to do to stop it" not that they couldn't. And so she didn't listen to instructions. Tried to cure those who didn't want to be cured, elongate the life of those who just wanted to die without pain, because she can't really understand the emotions of those around her. As far as she cares, more life is better.

* 2579, 17 Elremmiria is born and the child is the last deciding factor from Elrethra deciding that she never wants kids. Paired with watching childbirth in the healer hall, and being reminded of what screaming babies are like with the arrival of Elremmiria in the house, Elrethra spends less and less time at home. Emersing herself in her craft, and distancing herself from those simple holders in her family. She's a judgemental person, and she darn sure judges those Holder wives who just sit at home and pop out children all day.

Her aunt Tavianna on the other hand, Elrethra can respect that. Running her own business, even if it isn't a craft like her father, whom she still adores. Elrethra doesn't want to be the wife of someone important, she wants to be someone important. She doesn't care about titles or any of that, just pure and simple action.

* 2582, 20 Came to turns with the fact that it's unlikely she'll ever be tapped, because she simply can't follow orders she disagrees with. She'll forge papers for a surgery that hasn't been approved, she'll lie to the faces of patients to make them think they're on the same side. All because Elrethra can't consider any other opinions than her own. But, as long as she can continue being an apprentice, she won't have anything to worry about. When the hall finally gives up on her, then Elrethra was going to have a big problem.

* 2587, 25 With the move to Southern Winds Weyr, Elrethra calms down a little bit. She realises that she wants to stay a healer forever, she doesn't want to get kicked out. They have a new home, a new island, a new hall, and it means that Elrethra can have a chance to be considered a little differently.

And so she argues more and forges less. Simply tries to convince the journeyman and masters to take the risk on a struggling patient, or to allow one of the healers with a better bedside manner than her to go back in there and convince the patient not to allow themselves to die now, that they have another month, 2 months, 6 months, enough time to spend with the family.

* 2590, 28 Elrethra is mostly pleased at the present time. Working with the healer hal, trying to get her act together to convince them she's a little more trustworthy, and she supposes a few of them are turning around. But she's not holding out hope for Journeymanship, and she's not too offended by it either.

Living at the Weyr in the healer caves, El enjoys the freedom associated with more removal from her family. Sure she loves them still, in her own dutiful way, but it's on her terms when and for how long she sees them. Mostly it would involve taking the early Prairie run into the Mine Hall, and then returning that afternoon ready for more work the next day. The Hall allows her some free days off to visit, but most of the time it's tied in with other work. Working with the healers that are permanently stationed there, taking supplies across with her, inventories and the such.

Why did they want to live here again? Elrethra grouched to Thrask as they wound their way through the dustu tunnels of the mine hall, some parts were midconstruction, and the ringing and hammers and chisels echoed through the chambers like some sort of incessant bird tapping on the trunk of a tree made of hard, harsh stone.

It'd be so much easier if they just stayed living at the damned Weyr, you know, where everyone else was. If her father was alive that's where they would be. At the Weyr, with the protection of the dragonriders, and him just around the corner working in the forges.

But instead they wanted to be as far away from logical civilisation as possible. El kicked a rock in her way and it bounced off the wall and scittered down the hall. But she'd do as they asked, and scout out the future living chambers. It would be a while before they could even move, but Elrethra new her mother wanted out, and she was sure her aunt and uncle wouldn't be wanting to hang around the Weyr with so many watching eyes.

Not that El knew much at all about their business. Just the general idea of it, or at least, what it had been when they were at Fort Hold. Whatever her aunt and uncle's plans were now that the island had been discovered, Elrethra was not privvy to it. Nor did she particularly want to be. She was a healer, she was going to concern herself with healing, and that was just about it. 

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Weyrsecond B'ron
Prairie Wingsecond K'rez
Assistant Weyrling Master W'um
Jungle Wingrider Y'tol
Beach Wingrider M'dak
Mountain Wingrider X'rine
Prairie Wingrider Z'ryr
Beach Wingrider Inanna
Jungle Wingrider Iralye
Weyrling P'run
Weyrling Q'ellan
Master Weaver Gwinn
Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter Elrost
Senior Journeyman Fisher Fisk
Senior Journeyman Smith Vironethian
Halirina's Aide Mauddra
Candidate Ysveta
Senior Apprentice Miner Kenna
Peacekeeper Thug Daresik
Baker Paylae
Holder Tresrissa
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Adoptable - because fambam
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
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Re: Elrethra [ 09.03.2562 // Senior Apprentice Healer ]
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 08:13:49 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Wher Details

With an "a" like "apple"
Date of Birth:
16.05.2575 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Perfectly average sized, not incredibly colourful just lightly contrasted to the sand around it, had about... half of a lucky fold. It split weirdly into two on one side as if it had just changed it mind and refused to conform to lucky standards.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3.5m
Mature Height: 1.3m

General Appearance...

Thrask is almost grey in his colouring, ashy brown in hue, but with intimidating looking dark-black claws and ridges on his back, (which he enjoys Elrethra scratching.) Definitely not the overly bulky kind, Thrask is none the less slightly terrifying to behold due to his constantly sweeping eyes and tense stature.

When he was younger, his head grew a little too fast, and the rest simply never caught up. Elrethra thinks he's handsome, but most wouldn't hesitate to call him one of the less attractive of his kin. By the time his growth finished, he was of average length, but with long legs, which at full extension makes him taller than one would expect.


Empathetic: Elrethra and Thrask bonded when she was still a young adult, and she wasn't entirely the best master. But they've grown together, and learnt the healer craft as a pair. It's a reasonably strange thing, a healer with a wher. Elrethra wouldn't have chosen to bond to a wher if she was already apprenticed, it just happened, and now Elrethra wouldn't go back. Thrask would be a very good working wher if he had to opportunity to do so more than currently, but for now, he helps where he can, and the rest of the healers are able to make use of him as well. Elrethra isn't possessive over her brown, if a healer needs help carrying something, she's more than happy to send him away with them for the afternoon.

As such, Thrask is very good understanding vocal commands, however he's not particularly expressive in response to them. Elrethra is really the only one who would truly understand, as she can feel the slight changes in his emotions. Neither of them really "push" emotions onto the other, they're simply there all the time, constantly shifting and changing in reaction to what is going on.

*Cuddles - Thrask is surprisingly affectionate, he'd sleep in Elrethra's cot if it was still big enough for him, but he contents himself with placing his head in her lap whenever he gets the chance, he simply likes physical contact with her.
*Scratching things - He enjoys leaving his mark on things, and the simple act of tearing up a piece of material or scratching his dark claws through dirt.

*People that Elrethra dislikes - Not one to form his own opinions of people, Thrask relies solely on Elrethra to size up others. They're so in tune now, that sometimes Elrethra finds out from Thrask where she likes someone or not.
*Meat - If Thrask had a choice, he'd be a vegetarian. Elrethra has told him he must eat meat in order to be strong, so he's simply gotten used to it and doesn't complain as much anymore. As such, Thrask doesn't find joy in eating likes others might.
*Intimidation techniques - Why anyone would try to intimidate him seems useless, he'd do anything for Elrethra, it annoys him to see other whers trying to threaten and intimidate them. It's just offensive.


* INTELLIGENCE : Thrask is quite capable of understanding commands, complicated and simple, from anyone, Elrethra or otherwise.

* DEVOTED : Thrask's life revolves around Elrethra and the healer hall, he's known barely anything else, having grown up in the hall as much as El has. He'd do anything for Elrethra, as many whers would for their handlers, but Thrask would die for her without question.

* OBSERVANT : Reminiscent of the stone creatures that prevent wherries from roosting on hold heights, Thrask likes to sit in corners and observe all the goings on of the hold, taking note of every little thing in case Elrethra ever needs the recollection.


* VOCALISATION : Thrask rarely makes noises aloud considering Elrethra can understand everything he's thinking at any given point in time, he feels no need to thrum or trill happily. Occassionally, El can feel a vibration when he's sitting up against her legs while working, but he makes no sound. This makes him particularly discomforting around those other than Elrethra, as none can understand what the wher might be thinking.

* BROODY : Thrask likes to sulk whenever he gets told off for doing something. He doesn't like messing up you see, and in his younger days, he would frequently be seen slamming doors shut with his growing body and throwing himself loudly into a corner to stare.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Thrask is fickle when it comes to runs, usually he prefers to chase greens, but sometimes golds will strike his fancy.

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Re: Elrethra [ 09.03.2562 // Senior Apprentice Healer ]
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2017, 07:03:04 PM »
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