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Author Topic: Flit Eggs and Fun! [03.09.2590] | Open  (Read 801 times)

Offline Arlais

Flit Eggs and Fun! [03.09.2590] | Open
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:42:36 PM »
Come on mine! We are going to be laaaate to the Gather! And I know you intend to offer up Marigold's eggs. The vibrantly colored green said to hers.

"I'm almost done!" Came the cheerful voice of Arlais as she finished putting the scarf around her throat and tying it, putting the knot to the side of her neck. Her deep gold skirt swirled around her ankles as she turned around to wrinkle her nose at her lifemate. "And I can bet your only interested in the Gather to flirt with a handsome male," she told the Green laughing softly.

Of course!

Arlais finished dressing by pulling on a slightly loose fitting tunic of the same dark gold skirt. She slipped on a pair of dark gold matching slippers before she went to check on Marigold and the clutch. "Hello, my little lovely," Arlais said as she walked over to the huge bowl that held the egg in it that Marigold had laid.

Marigold sent her pet the feeling of contendedness and amusement. She gave a soft chirp at Arlais' approach.

"Lets take the little one to the Gather and see if anyone would be interested in giving one or more of your babies a nice home," Arlais asked the gold. She knew that Marigold could be a bit protective of her eggs.

Marigold hissed. She did not like that idea.

"It has to be that. You are going with us so you can keep an eye on them."

Marigold settled a little bit more. Beryl chirped encouragingly to his golden mate. At which Marigold chirped back, and sent feelings of excitement and joy.

"Good, now lets get going!"

*A Little While Later*

Arlais stood behind the booth she had asked for when she'd heard that there would be a Gather. It was the perfect opportunity for her to find Marigold's babies homes. And what better time than during a /Gather! She put out a hide that had two columns on it, one was for which egg the person wanted and the other was for their name so she could send them a message letting them know when the eggs would be hard enough to pick up and take between. So far the eggs had been hardening since they had been laid two sevendays ago. "Firelizard eggs available to be claimed! Free to a good home!" Arlais called out as people began to arrive at the Gather.


Here is a look at the eggs! I will add them to the Firelizard Egg claim list as well. Will edit these as I get them done.

Candy Corn
This egg is roughly an inch smaller than the Jack-O-Lantern egg, and is nestle close to it by Marigold. This egg seems to be layered in bright colors. There is an orange color on the bottom, which colors the bottom and moves up the sides to 1/4th of the way up. And then yellow is the next color that moves up the sides. Where it stops, there is the white coloring. The shell of this egg is completely smooth all around it.
Jack O Lantern
This egg is easily the largest one of the clutch, and Marigold guards it most of all than the others in her clutch. This egg is on a goldish orange background on the top and bottom. But the rest of the egg seems to be a continual image of a Jack-O-Lantern that was carved into a pumpkin. There are a few places on the shell where it is slightly bumpy.
This egg is medium in size with shell that looks like the bottom half was dipped in dark green and the top was dipped in bright yellow. All around the egg's shell is a figure made of sticks and straw but wearing human clothing. The straw sticks out everywhere that there is a whole. There is a round head made of a sack cloth with holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. This egg has some ridging on it's shell around the top.
Black Cat
Haunted House
Dead Tree
Black Bat
Black Smoking Cauldron
Pieces of Wrapped Candy
Pumpkin Carving Kit
« Last Edit: September 30, 2017, 10:59:30 AM by SirAlahn »

Offline Isalia

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Re: Flit Eggs and Fun! [03.09.2590] | Open
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, 07:15:50 PM »
Isalia had heard about the Flit Egg booth and she walked over to it with her father and looked at the eggs they where all pretty she saw there where two list and seeing two she liked she put her name on the list for them. "Do you know when they might hatch?" She looked at the other Gold and the egg she was guarding. That was one of the ones she put her name down for if she got it that was up to the rider giving them out. "They are beautiful just like your gold. I hope when Lil here is ready to fly her eggs will be just as Lovely."

Offline Bekareni

Re: Flit Eggs and Fun! [03.09.2590] | Open
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 05:35:47 PM »
Bekareni was taking a break from her social pursuits to actually look around the gather. The official booths were all well and good but mostly child’s play, in her eyes. There was a handful of other stands boasting hand-made wares and… eggs? Beka eyed the firelizard clutch’s station with some mixed emotions. At the Hold there had never been a good time, or environment, to raise a flit. The Minehall was another story, nearly everyone she saw had at least one flitter to their name.

For the sake of fitting in she found herself drifting over to eye the columns and ponder. “I don’t get up to the weyr much,” she said, absently, in the direction of the Green rider that seemed responsible for all of this. “And I confess I don’t have much knowledge about these creatures.. But would it be possible for me to pick a pair up today? Toward the end of the gather, perhaps?” She put on her best smile, widening her eyes in a way that made her look a little more like an innocent child. “I’ll cherish them, I promise.”

Offline Arlais

Re: Flit Eggs and Fun! [03.09.2590] | Open
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2017, 12:01:20 PM »
Arlais looked up when Isalia walked up. She gave the younger girl a smile as she waited to see which eggs the young woman wanted. At her question, she gave a nod. "Yes, they will be hatching next month around day 28, I'm figuring." She told her. "I'm sure they will!" She agreed.

"Hello, there young woman," Arlais said to the new arrival. She didn't recognizer as a Rider or anyone at the Weyr that she knew. "Not knowing how to care for them is easily remedied. Feed them upon them hatching from their shell. Meat of course or anything you might have with you. They are almost like babies. Thankfully you don't have to change diapers though!" She said with a chuckle. "Then just keep feeding them as they grow to maturity. A name won't hurt, either. You will also want to bathe and oil them regularly as their skin will tend to dry out on them and create itchy patches."

At the young woman's question, she nodded. "Yes, you can pick yours up later today if you wish. I'll be here until then."

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