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Author Topic: Approved Cetorex [ 26.05.2554 / Jr. Journeyman Brewer ]  (Read 1723 times)

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Cetorex [ 26.05.2554 / Jr. Journeyman Brewer ]
« on: September 21, 2017, 01:28:50 AM »

Play By:

[ SET-orr-rex ]
[ SET ]
Date of Birth:
26.05.2554 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Cetorex might have a fair bit of grey and silver in his hair now, and laughter lines around his mouth and eyes, but his smile is still that of a much younger man. He looked far more awkward as a child, but with time he’s grown into his large nose and ears, with casual good looks and the genetic blessing of good teeth. Cet’s skin is naturally rather dusky, his dark hair comes in thick and full, and his eyes are warm and bright. Though he goes through periods of shaving it all off, he’s also predisposed to growing quite a lot of facial hair.

From the time he was young, he’s always preferred practical, comfortable clothing rather than anything else. Plain and even worn garments don’t bother him at all, especially since odds are he’s going to spill something on them anyway. Colors really don’t matter to Cetorex, and he’ll wear just about anything that’s lying around so long as it doesn’t look ridiculous on him. In all things, Cet carries himself with a certain relaxed bounce in his step—and for a man with large hands and thick arms, he’s very gentle.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Cet never really had the opportunity to be broken by it—nor the time to dwell upon how bad it was. From caring for his foster siblings to caring for his own family, he made the transition seamlessly, and has never resented any of the things that the Pass has meant for his own life. He feels bad for those who were truly shattered by it, but Cetorex quietly believes that the future is bright and will solve all in time, even if it may take generations for Pern to fully recover. He’d much prefer to leave it all in the past and just move forward.

Response to dragon color mutations: Cetorex isn’t really sure what to make of them, but he isn’t especially comfortable with them either. His own gentle nature makes him feel, in a way, for just how rejected they’ve been by mainstream traditionalists—and in an individual sense, he wishes nothing ill on the Reds and Blacks. But particularly after Kalestath’s hatching in 2590, he’s a bit terrified of what they might mean for the future given their rather bloody track record.

Who are you...

Beer : Perhaps predictable for a Brewer, but there’s a reason Cetorex chose to specialize in it as opposed to wine, rum, or another type of alcohol. It’s only a very strict of self-control that prevents it from becoming a vice, but he’s far too responsible to let it get the advantage of him.

Lazy Moments with Ossoketissa : They’re both busy people, as Journeymen Crafters and parents of eight, but there’s nothing he enjoys more than getting to laze about with her—either early in the morning before they get up, during a few stolen moments at lunch, or at night before they fall asleep. Just relaxing with her is a treat for him, even if it’s just both of them dozing next to one another or eating side by side.

Stability : Almost a craving, but Cetorex is not comfortable with chaos. As such, he’s rather content in his life since he has a devoted wife, they’re successfully raising eight children, and he and she are both well-regarded in their Crafts. All of this business with the conflict between Holders and Weyrfolk unsettles him more than he likes to let on because it threatens the way he thinks things should be.

Pollen : Unfortunate for someone gifted with plants and that is required to work with them on a regular basis, but Cetorex hates the stuff. It makes him sneeze like nothing else and makes his eyes water.

Ungrateful People : Nothing else irks him quite the same way. Despite all the horrors of the Ninth Pass, there was a lot of generosity too; and if someone does something nice for you and you fail to thank them, or return the favor by mistreating or taking advantage of them, then in Cet’s opinion, you’re reprehensible.

Helplessness : Cetorex is used to providing for the people he cares about. And in the instances where there might be a problem, threat, or other issue that he can’t solve himself, it will drive him up a wall. He wants to be able to protect, feed, and ensure the future of his family all on his own.


* JOVIAL : Ever since he was young, Cet has been a very upbeat and optimistic person. There’s not a lot of room in his life for pessimism, and he’s determined that even when things are tough, they can be overcome. He’s a man of a lot of smiles, and has no issue sharing that brightness with anyone else. His natural instinct when someone is upset is to cheer them up, and he’s not prone to dark moods himself.

* MODERATE : Cetorex doesn’t tend toward the extreme in anything. That’s not to say that he’s passive or dispassionate, but rather that he is very much an adherent of ‘live and let live’. So long as what someone else is doing doesn’t hurt himself or his family, it perturbs him very little. Cet might not always agree with the actions someone takes or the lifestyle they live, but he won’t hold that against them unless they’re otherwise an unsavory person.

* FAIR : Cet has this way about him that allows him to avoid playing favorites without sacrificing the sense that he genuinely cares about other people’s problems or wants. He has more than enough energy to go around, and will do his best to be just and even-handed to those that are under his jurisdiction or that he has some responsibility to.

* MATURE : Growing up fast to help take care of his younger foster siblings, Cetorex started acting like an adult long before he was actually old enough to be one. He might have a bit of a playful side and be an optimist, but if there’s one thing that doesn’t go along with that, it’s childishness. Pranks or cruel jokes long ago stopped being anything near amusing to him, and just about as long since he last shirked a chore or duty.

* GENTLE : He just doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He’s very much the sort that would cry over a needlessly hurt creature and try to nurse it back to health. Only the knowledge that he has eight children to care for, and that they take precedence, has stopped him from bonding to as many homeless flits as possible. This extends just as readily to people, with Cet happily serving as a safe harbor for those in need of a friend or shoulder to cry on.


* EMOTIONAL : Simply put, he’s not good at masking his feelings, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite the outlook some other Holders might have, he doesn’t see this as a weakness even though it is one. Cetorex very much listens to his heart more than his head.

* NOT A DISCIPLINARIAN : Despite being very good at caring for and nurturing children, Cetorex finds it difficult to be stern with them. This was true of his younger siblings in the foster home, and is still true of his own and young apprentices. He’d much rather motivate someone with something fun or positive rather than having to dish out punishments for misbehavior.

* OBSESSIVE : Others might say workaholic. Cet gets very tunnel-visioned about projects, needs for the Crafthall, and related to matters—to the point that he sometimes loses track of time. In his personal life, he also has difficulty letting go of things even once they’ve been hashed out, if he’s not fully happy with the result, like going over old ‘debates’ or repeating himself when he’s trying to convince someone of something, even if there’s no hope of making them see his way.

* UNCEREMONIOUS : Cet doesn’t always know when he’s supposed to follow formal modes of propriety. He’s a fairly informal person—some might say over-familiar—and generally believes the best of people. As such, it’s a disadvantage for him when he comes up against those higher ranked than him that might be particularly hidebound or strict about things being done a certain way.

* CONFORMIST : For all that he might try to be nonjudgmental about the choices other people make—so long as it’s not hurting anyone—Cetorex feels bound by societal pressures and tradition. He’s not going to be the one rocking the boat in any major way when it comes to Holder ideals, and about the only aspect of his life where he might be a little more flexible is when it comes to innovations in his Crafthall. After all, they have to adapt to survive. But beyond that, he’s not the most progressive of people.

Describe Yourself:

* GREEN THUMBED: He would have made a good Farmer if he’d bene so inclined. Instead, the Vinter Hall gets to make use of his talents for their small, specialized plots of crops—be it fruit or grains. The man just has a way with plants.

* FAMILY-ORIENTED: Cetorex is defined by his family. First, it was his foster parents and foster siblings. Now that he’s older, it’s his wife and children. He’s connected to them deeply, and finds a sense of rightness and satisfaction in cultivating those bonds.

* PRINCIPLED: Though he isn’t bothered by more ‘harmless’ non-traditional lifestyles—such as mixed families or more progressive forms of relationships, Cetorex still has a firm sense of right and wrong. Don’t steal. Don’t be cruel to people or animals. Don’t lie. And this extends as well to things such as:  protect those beholden to you; be involved in the lives of any children you have; don’t break promises. While he might not vehemently call someone out on such actions, he’ll be quietly judging and will lose respect for those who violate these ideas. If anything, he’s more critical of Holders who fall into such categories; as Cet sees it, Weyrfolk just don’t know any better.

* ROMANTIC: Cetorex and Ossoketissa might have been married by arrangement, but that has never stopped him from loving her and trying to make it known. He likes being sweet to her in whatever ways he can, and isn’t shy about letting his affection be noticeable. He’s not going to try to make out with her in public like a teenager, but quick pecks on the cheek or affectionate nicknames are common.

* GOOD COOK: Cet has done a lot of cooking in his life, first learning from his foster mother so that he could help prepare meals for their large family, then honing the skill a different way as a Brewer, and finally getting to cook meals for his own family. Traditional Holder gender roles be damned, it’s something he enjoys, and he’s honestly sad he doesn’t get to do it anymore now that the staff in the Weyr’s kitchen prepare all the meals.

The Magic Touch: He drums his fingers on things when he’s thinking—tabletops, his own leg, and just about anything else. It’s a habit he doesn’t realize he’s doing, which could easily annoy others who require a quieter atmosphere or find the repetitive noise obnoxious.

Personal History & Education

Biological Mother: Ceortana. Drudge, later a Holder wife. Born 2541.
Biological Father: Vennex. Carpenter/Construction Worker. Born 2537. Died 2554.

Half Siblings:
Cehisek. Half-brother. Born 2558.
Tychana. Half-sister. Born 2561.
Tychitenna. Half-sister. Born 2563.

Ceortana married a Holder named Tychisek in 2557, and had three children. Their professions have been left open since they will be adoptable.

Foster Mother: Taiaming. Holder. Born 2537.
Foster Father: Koissen. Holder. Born 2534.

Foster Siblings:
Hanelon. Born 2559.
Tiriya. Born 2562.
Blateren. Born 2562.
Canera. Born 2564. Died 2571.
P'run of Salnoth. Born 2566. Impressed 2590.
Yun. Born 2567.
Ludara. Born 2568.
Halnae. Born 2570.

Ossoket. Son. Born 2572.
Ceketissa. Daughter. Born 2574.
Osoketis. Son. Born 2576.
Cetorissa. Daughter. Born 2577.
Cetoketissa. Daughter. Born 2579.
Osettissa. Daughter. Born 2580.
Ossokexia. Daughter. Born 2584.
Ossokorex. Son. Born 2586.

The professions for Cetorex and Ossoketissa’s children have been left open in the event someone wants to adopt them. :3

Craft: Brewer

Rank: Jr. Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2566/12

Date Tapped: 2580/26

Specialty: Beer/Ale

Education Details: Originally, Cetorex joined the Vinter and Brewer Hall in order to help provide for his foster family, after he learned from a family friend that they donated some of their crops—such as fruits and grains—to the families of their Crafters. But once he was officially apprenticed, and after the first boring year or so of general work, he discovered that he genuinely had an interest in and passion for the work. Where he once made the choice not to join the Farmers because he thought tending plants sounded boring, Cet discovered he has a way with them, and his love of them blossomed as a result. Mature and responsible, he’s been a diligent student, which has led him to being Tapped in an otherwise fallen Crafthall. He’s determined to make the best of what resources they have, and contentedly settled in a specialization with beer and ale.

Tell us a story...

* 2554-2558, Birth-4 Vennex and Ceortana had a rocky relationship at best, frequently on and off again over petty fights and a plentiful helping of drama. Nevertheless, they seem on the verge of uniting in a more mature and responsible way when Ceortana winds up pregnant -- but it isn't meant to be. Vennex is killed in a construction accident a few months before Cetorex is born, and his former fiancee elects to foster their child in the hopes he'll have a better life. She has her sights set on a more plush one for herself, too, but she can hardly try to get a marriage out of a higher-ranking Holder with a babe on her hip. As such, Cetorex is placed with another couple seeking to foster orphans and disadvantaged children. For the first few turns, its just him and his foster parents, and to this day Cetorex remains close with them, as he was their 'first' and later the older sibling of the other children they took in. While he may not remember much about these turns due to his young age, he knows that they treated him the best they could with their limited resources.

* 2559, 5 His first real memory is of his foster parents adopting Hanelon, because it meant that he had a playmate and a bit of responsibility, too, in making sure his sibling was taken care of. Rather than being resentful of the new addition, Cetorex is happy to include Hanelon in the family once Koissen and Taiaming explain why they’re adopting another child.

* 2562, 8 In the intervening years, Cet has started to take on more tasks to help around the household—including cleaning, taking care of Hanelon, and learning to cook from Taiaming. The addition of Tiriya and Blateren to their family makes things a little more crowded, but he adapts to the challenge and readily accepts that it’s his place to help his foster parents with providing a home for those who have no one else. Cetorex is proud to have a hand in that.

* 2564, 10 Cet is now eager to reach adulthood so that he can do more to provide for his foster parents and siblings, and two turns seems like an age. He’s taken up the mantle of protective older brother, housekeeper, and any other thing that his loved ones need of him. With Canera added to the family, Cetorex is even more aware of just how important the work they’re doing is. There are so many children with nowhere else to go—if anything, he wishes they had the resources to take care of more, but he understands taking in too many would be irresponsible.

* 2566, 12 For the preceding two turns, Cetorex had been weighing his options for a future; ultimately, it was the advising of a family friend that turned him toward the Brewers and Vinters—not in small part because they give a tiny percentage of their fruits and grains to the Crafters in their Hall. With the promise of learning a skilled trade as well as having extra food to bring home to his family, he joins their ranks the same turn that his parents adopt Perun. The first turn or so is a lot of general work and theory, or even doing the dirty work of making sure the plants were weeded and fertilized. But though he’s not necessarily the most passionate of students, Cet is devoted; and even more than that, he feels a sense of pride at being able to earn a living. With the Hall rather disadvantaged, they don’t have rooms for their apprentices to move into, but he’s more than happy to stay with the foster family and care for his younger siblings when not tending to his classes or Craft chores.

* 2567-2569, 13-15 Past the first turn of his apprenticeship, Cetorex discovers that he actually… really, really likes what he’s learning. He has a certain way with plants, despite his apparent allergies to some of them, and the slightly more advanced things he learns over the course of the next two turns ignite in him an actual passion for the Craft that he eagerly pursues. With the additional resources he’s pulling in now, his parents decide to add two more children to their home, in the form of Yun and Ludara. For now, for Cet, this is enough. In his own small way, he’s helping to make the world a brighter place, and he’s content in that.

* 2570-2571, 16-17 The same turn that Halnae is adopted, Koissen and Taiaming manage to arrange a marriage for Cetorex to a young woman named Ossoketissa. She’s the daughter of a family of Miners, and the match is judged as a good one because Cetorex will be able to provide for her as a Brewer. They court for a few months before getting married in the traditional Holder way; and though Cet was initially just going through the dutiful motions, he finds that he genuinely likes her, and starts to fall in love with her. Now that he has a wife, he moves out of his foster family’s home to a small chamber he will share with Ossoketissa, and which is near the more established Mine Crafthall. It’s bittersweet, to be moving out of the place that has been his home for all of his life, but Cetorex feels ready to take this step in his life. Nevertheless, he feels guilty when his younger sister Canera dies the next turn when illness sweeps through the foster home.

* 2572-2573, 18-19 In 2572, the same turn that Ossoketissa officially joins her family among the Miners, she reveals to him that she’s pregnant, and Cetorex couldn’t be happier. He’s thrilled at the prospect of having a child, and throws himself into helping to prepare for the coming baby when he’s not at work. He ends up bartering for a pair of flit eggs from one of the other Brewers, in the hopes that he and his wife will be able to train them to help keep an eye on their child—and eventually, he hopes, their children. Cet is thrilled he manages to snag a Gold egg for Ossoketissa, and knows he’ll be more than happy with whatever hatches from his own. What he gets is Hop—a Brown who he mistakes for a Bronze at first, but who proves perfect for what Cet had in mind. Later that turn, his wife gives birth to their first son, Ossoket, and Cetorex feels like his life has firmly balanced out into something stable.

In 2573, however, his younger foster brother Perun gets kicked out for getting into a fight with Hanelon. Cet is sad that his parents have to make the choice to kick him out, but he understands why. Nevertheless, he wishes that he could have done something to prevent it all—even if he now has his own family to take care of, and can’t afford to help his foster parents with their own children so much anymore. He remains close with them even so, but things seem a little sadder for them with the earlier death of Canera and now Perun’s ejection from the home.

* 2574, 20 Ossoketissa and Cetorex welcome their second child and first daughter a turn later, naming her Ceketissa. Cet is wrapped around her little finger from the moment she’s born, finding the experience of fathering a daughter somewhat different than a son, though he loves them both equally. He’s doing his best to be patient with waiting to be Tapped now that he’s old enough, but Cetorex knows the likelihood of it might be diminished given the standing of his Hall. And for now, he’s just happy to be starting—and continuing—a family with Ossoketissa. With time, he’s only come to love her more, and the two of them have settled into the routine of married life with few bumps along the way.

* 2576, 22 The trend continues with the birth of a second sone, Osoketis. Things are busier, a bit more harried for them both with so many small children, but Cet thrives on it all. Now working with younger apprentices and a bit friendlier with the Journeymen even though he isn’t one himself, he enjoys a good working atmosphere as well as a stable home life. Even the harsh realities of the Pass going on around them do nothing to diminish his joy.

* 2577-2578, 23-24 Ossoketissa’s pregnancy with Cetorissa, their second daughter, is a little harder than her previous ones, which prompts them to take a little break of having children for a while after the fact. But with Ossoket a little older now, their eldest son is able to start helping around the house—and Cet is thrilled to be able to pass down the things that his foster parents taught him as a child. This turn, he also happens to catch word of his biological mother—that she married a Holder man and had three children. He has mixed feelings about learning his information, and wars with himself for quite a while over whether or not he should approach her at all. Ultimately, he does so just to get some closure; and while the meeting is awkward, and they will never be close, he feels… more at peace than he did before, having forgiven her for her choice and banished some of the childish resentment he once held that she’d given him up.

* 2579, 25 In the wake of that, things couldn’t seem to get any better. He and his wife have yet another daughter, Cetoketissa, and Cet is starting to resign himself to the fact that he’s going to have a lot of female children—not that he’s upset about it at all. He’s just happy that all of them are happy, healthy, and that he and Ossoketissa are able to provide for their family. He knows well enough there are those who aren’t so lucky.

* 2580, 26 Things didn’t seem like they could improve, but apparently they could. This turn, after Osettissa is born—a joyous enough occasion on its own—Cetorex is Tapped and joins the ranks of the Journeymen Brewers and Vinters. He officially claims a specialization in beer and ale, even though he’s been working almost exclusively with those things for the past several turns, and feels like this is yet another step completed in his life. He and Ossoketissa decide to take another break from children—longer this time—so that she can focus on her Craft as well, since Cet doesn’t want her to feel as though he values hers less than his own. With a few older children now able to help around the house, their flits, and a sense of marital teamwork, Cetorex wants his wife to achieve her own dreams too.

* 2582, 28 Things pay off two turns later when she’s Tapped to become a Journeywoman Miner. Though they decide to extend their hiatus of children for a little while longer so she can get settled into her new rank, Cetorex couldn’t be prouder of his wife. No matter how some among the Mine Hall might regard architects, in his opinion Ossoketissa is amazing and her work incredibly important. The only things his friends and coworkers hear for quite a while after the fact are Ossoketissa’s praises.

* 2584, 30 In time, though, they happily decide to have at least one more child. They have yet another daughter that they name Ossokexia, a seeming bookend to Ossoket’s twelfth birthday and transition into adulthood. Cetorex first feels… old this turn, though he knows—and hopes—that he has many more turns ahead of him. But with one son now old enough to make his own path in life, it’s a very visceral reminder that time stops for no one, and eventually all of his and Ossoketissa’s children will flee the nest to start their own lives.

* 2586, 32 A bit of a surprise baby, their son Ossokorex is welcomed into the family nevertheless. With eight children already, Cetorex isn’t sure they should have many more, else they run the risk of not being able to provide for them all—but if Ossoketissa decides she wants more, he’s not sure he could deny her regardless. Whatever the case for the future, he’s thrilled to have such a large family and continue to be advancing in his Craft by honing his skills and teaching the few apprentices that do join them.

* 2587, 33 Cet isn’t really sure what to make of the end of the Pass, since it was something that he’d just quietly accepted he’d never see. Realizing just how desolate the rest of Pern has become is a humbling experience, and makes him all the more grateful for the life he’s had up until that point. Moving to Fort Island seems a decision fraught with danger and uncertainty, but he’s cautiously hopeful that things will improve somewhere that everyone has a chance at a better life. The upheaval among the dragon riders touches Cet’s daily, personal life far less than someone more tied to the Weyr, but he’s unsure about it all regardless. If anything, it makes him cling to his family all the more and do his best to make sure that they aren’t going to suffer for anyone else’s stupid decisions.

* 2588-2590, 34-36 Things at Fort Island are… chaotic, which he doesn’t really appreciate, but Cet is doing his best by his family and Craft alike. He doesn’t want to seek out fights with Weyrfolk, so he tries to stay out of the brunt of the debates and let things run their course. But with just how strange and unpredictable things have gotten, he’s not sure what to think—or what the best course of action is. Every decision seems a risky one, and he’s less than thrilled with just how divided and extremist each side has become with regard to what should be done.


A Meeting of Great Import [ 13.4.2570 / 8 PM ] || Ossoketissa

Cetorex wasn’t often the sort to be nervous, but this evening… he was. It was no mystery that he was now of marriageable age, but somehow he hadn’t suspected his parents might be seeking out such an arrangement for him. Which had probably been part of the point—them making such overtures to other families rather secretively until they found someone they thought would be a good match for him. With Cet deep into his apprenticeship now, telling him of their intentions might have done little more than distract him from his work.

And he was happy, really. It was another step in life that he was curious and eager to take. But that didn’t change the fact that he didn’t really know what to expect—that, and Cet wanted to make a good impression. He didn’t want Taiaming and Koissen’s efforts to be for nothing.

But what if he messed up the introduction? What if he offended the girl? What if they just didn’t mesh? So many variables, and some of them ones that he truly couldn’t control.

Having far too much energy to sit down, he’d remained standing in the little meeting chamber where they’d been directed:  and where Ossoketissa would be soon arriving. Wasn’t it more respectful to stand anyway? Such social cues had never been his forte. So he barely registered, with his arms crossed over his chest as he waited, that he was drumming the fingers of his own hand on one arm again.

Really, Cetorex just wanted this to go well. Even if he and this girl might not marry out of love, he wanted them to be friends at least.

Maybe she would be as nervous about it all as he was, and that mutual awkwardness might break the ice for them.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, since he's one of P'run's foster siblings and is married to [{Ossoketissa}]
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Cetorex [ 26.05.2554 / Jr. Journeyman Brewer ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SanctifiedSavage
Flit Details

Like it’s written
Date of Birth:
2572 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

When Hop first hatched, Cetorex thought he’d gotten a Bronze; particularly with amniotic fluid covering his hide from the inside of the egg, he seemed particularly shiny in a way that didn’t seem to match any other color. With time, though, his color evened out once he was dry, and now that apparent shine is little more than a trick of the light. He’s a bit pale, which deepens the illusion, almost a golden-wheat in hue—thus the origin of his name. Mid-sized for a Brown, he still shines like a Bronze on the occasions that Cet or Cet’s children oil him.


Mind Voice: Clear and sweet, Hop’s presence is like a refreshing drink of water. There’s nothing at all grating about him or his voice, and he’s even a bit demure for a Brown. Though he’s not trained on the level of a Mountain rider’s flit, Cet has trained him to be obedient, carry messages, and check in with visual ‘updates’ about things that might concern Cet’s children. He’s also a great baby sitter.

Children : Cet well and truly lucked out with his choice of flit, since Hop adores children as much as his bonded does. Furthermore, he’s always relished his added responsibilities as baby sitter and guardian, taking pride in his little duties as the minder of Cetorex’s children.

Chin Scratches : It’s something Cet used as a ‘reward’ for him when he was training Hop, and it stuck. Sly children who want something from him will have learned to pet him this way in order to butter him up, so to speak.

Being Alone : He simply hasn’t been, since the moment he hatched, and Hop doesn’t handle it well when he’s separated from Cetorex or his children. Fortunately, given that he can Between, it’s not something that happens often. But he can be bothersome if he’s got separation anxiety because there was a member of his family he couldn’t locate.

Grains : Contrary to his name, this flit has no interest in things that aren’t made of meat or fruit. He’ll happily chow down on sweet bits of plant, but anything grain-related, he has no interest in. Probably for the best given his bonded’s occupation and specialty.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
From when he hatched, Hop has been trained to help Cetorex and Ossoketissa mind their children, and he’s quite good at it. He’s the clutch brother of Ossoketissa’s Gold, and will always chase for her Flights.

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