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Author Topic: Arinada [18.07.2556] Sr Journeyman Fisher  (Read 134 times)

Offline CatTiff

Arinada [18.07.2556] Sr Journeyman Fisher
« on: September 25, 2017, 04:25:51 PM »

Play By:
Kat Dennings

 Ari Na Da
Ari .
Date of Birth:
18.07.2559 9th Pass .
Place of Birth:
Southern Continent Dolphin Craft
Thoridan Wherhandler/peacekeeper.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She has Dark shoulder length hair that she keeps loose and is 5'7 with an hourglass figure with huge bust from all her pregnancies which only increased her bust size. She is average size around the middle even when pregnant. She loves to wear pants and shirts as they are easer to fish in and easer to work in. She will wear a dress for other occasions if she has to but pants are her go to items. As are boots.  She walks with dignity to her and when you look in her eyes you see the knowledge that is built up behind them.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She lost her Parents to this and knows what it is to loose everything she cares about to thread or moving. She also lost Dolphins and would love to see them again. She thinks that thread is something that should be dealt with and never come back.

Response to dragon color mutations: She does not think they are of any help to the Weyr as the Whers are in telling you when Hunters are around believes they are just more dragons to get more snooty riders to boss the holder and crafters around.

Who are you...

Likes: List of 3-5 likes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Nature: She loves nature and everything about it

Whers: She believes they are beautiful creatures and should be honored

Flits: She believes they are tiny Dragons and lovely even the one her kids have. She thinks they can do many things that most people have not seen yet.

Dolphins: She has loved them since she was little and learned as much about them as possible.

The Ocean: She would love to be on the Ocean then in the holds or Weyr as she would love to find the Dolphins again.

Dislikes: List of 3-5dislikes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Snotty People: Thinks they are rude and obnoxious

People who refuse to learn: She dislike them as they can learn

Dragons riders: She thinks they are to self-righteous

Strengths: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Memory : She has a Memory that can remember every detail of what she learns and what she sees.

* Likeable : She is very likeable to everyone as they can come to her with a problem and she will try to help them solve it.

* Strong : Even for a small woman she is very strong and can hold her own even when she was in the Hold

*Leadership  : She has great leadership skills and is ready to be a master of her Craft  so that she can teach anyone what they need to know about different fish

* Trustworthy : She can keep anyone secrets as she did her husbands when he was in love with someone else that was of the same sex as him. She still loves her husband no matter what and if he falls for another man again she will keep that secret as well

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Stubborn : She is set in her ways and will not budge when she makes a decision

* Hesitant : She is Hesitant to get into an argument with anyone but will defend her option.

* Intolerant : She is intolerant of people that think they are better than everyone else or do not think they need to learn anything.

* Strict : She is strict with her discipline on her kids and her studies. She wants to learn all she can learn about her craft.

* Fearful : She might loose her husband to an accident or even loose her nerve on the boats,

Describe Yourself:
* Loving: -----Very loving to her family and whers.

* Beauty: ----- She is a beauty beyond compare but it does not match her inside beauty which shines as she helps her craft and her children

* Passionate: ----- She is passionate about her work and her family.

* Smart: ----- She is very smart and she keeps mental notes of everything she sees.

* Reliable: ----- She will always be on time to anything she has to be at.

The Magic Touch: She loves to learn and also sing sea shanties if she can get away with it.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Alina Master Dolphiner, 2519 B

Father: Arida Master Dolphiner,2517 B, 2587 D.

Siblings: Narida B.2564  Sr Journeyman

Children: Aridan  2575 B (Crafter)
Thornada 2578 B (Crafter)
Unknown pregnant 2591 B

Craft: Fisher Craft.

Rank:  Sr. Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2568/12

Date Tapped: 2577/21

Specialty:  Fish Classification and Types

Education Details: She learned about Dolphins from her parents who are hall-less master dolphiners and wants to see them. She was a quick learner on the Dolphins and learned everything about them even if she could not be around them anymore after the fall of her island she had learned from an early age about them and she hopes to see him again if he survived the pass. When she joined the Fisher Craft she Learned fast all about the different types of fish and was taken under the wing of a master of the craft when she became a Sr Apprentice to learn more about the fish and types as he saw potential in her. She has a photographic memory. 

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2556, 0 Was born only daughter and only child to survive to two master Dolphiners. They spoiled her a bit as she was the only one to survive to birth her other siblings died before they where even born.

* 2560, 4 Her mother is pregnant with a little boy who is born but does not survive one day. She knows her mother is sad but is not sure why. She tries to console her mother as best she can.

* 2564, 8 Her mother Finally brings another child into the world another little boy and this time Ari is happy because will have a friend when her younger sibling grows up.

* 2567, 11 Moved from southern with the fall of the Dolphin hall to the Fisher Hall to keep with the fish. She was not happy about the move as she loved to play with the Dolphins even if they had to hid from thread from time to time.

* 2568, 12 Apperinticed into Fisher Craft started learning the names of the fish and also writing down all the information on different fish that are out there. She loved learning about the craft and had fun in there. Her Parents also told her about what little they could on the Dolphin craft since the Dolphins where in hiding.

* 2571, 15 Moved to Fort Hold as it was near water and the only hold left standing. She continued her studies as a fisher but did not like the move to the Hold. It was to crowded for her liking.

* 2574, 18  She meets Thoridan at this time through his mother and they do not hit it off right away but when his mother dies she is there for him and gives him comfort and soon they marry. She is happy about the marriage.

* 2575, 19 Her eldest child is born and she is happy to raise her child as it is the first one she has to raise. She sings to them sea shanties she learned and takes a few weeks off form classes but also works from her home to continue her studies. She is elated to have her child.

* 2577, 21 She is Tapped to be Jr Journeyman Fisher with her knowledge of Fish and Dolphins her parents handed down to her. She is happy to finally be tapped.

 2578, 22 Her next child is born and she is happy to be able to keep another one to term and to be able to give her first born a sibling. Her husband is also happy to have the addition to the family. She continues her studies and excels in what she is doing she is showing masters that she is a Progeny at what she learns. 

 2581, 25 Gets a Firelizard eggs from a friend for each of her children to keep them company while she is at work. They hatch into little browns and each kid loves on there flits. The kids and her are all elated to have the little flits.

 2586, 30Gets a Wher egg from a friend who had a gold and takes care of it. She is not sure what is in the brown and sand color egg that has a green band around the end of it but she is happy to have one. When it hatches a Brown Wher is what comes out of the egg and she does what she was taught to do holding her bloody hand to the Wher and he bounds to her. Taking the name Nadsk she is happy to have the brown thing to help protect her and her kids.

 2587, 31 Move to Southern Winds Weyr is a strange move for her family. She is Proud of her eldest and hopes they will do good in what ever they choose to do be it in a Craft.  Her Wher is with her.  Though she looses her Father in this move which saddens her family. She is happy everyone else is okay. She does not know what to think of the Beach snakes as they are large and they also are a threat to her way of life which is fishing. 

 2590, 34 Is given the chance to get a Second wher egg and smiles as she does not get a gold egg since she does not want that one she is hoping for a Green or even a Blue to help spot when the Hunters are in the area. When it hatches it is a Beautiful Green who takes the name Arisk. As for the Weyr she does not know what to think of all the different dragons that are born other than they add to the riders that think they are better then everyone else.

Arinada is in her room when a friend tells her they are about to giveaway a Wher egg. She goes with them to the place where their gold is and smiles at her. She looks at all the eggs and sees one hidden in the back behind the queen. Approching the Queen she bows to her which makes the queen respect her and she goes to the egg in the back. Looking at the egg she smiles at it and brings it forward. As she is holding the egg it rocks and hatches into a beautiful brown wher. Holding out her hand she lets the brown sniff it with that they bound and she smiles at the Brown little thing. She smiles at the brown thing and reaches out to touch him on the head. "You are a good Wher aren't you." The Brown looks at her and tells her his name is Nadisk. "Nadisk is it well lets go show you to the kids and to the husband."

Walking back to her home with her brown she smiles to the little cute thing and then walks into the room. "I am home everyone. I have a surprise." The kids run out and see the young brown and squeal. The young Brown looks at the little girl and boy and then sniffs them. He then sends an emotional feeling to Arinada that he loves the kids already and she smiles at him. "He loves you already my loves. Which means he will protect you when he gets bigger." The kids smile and hug her as they pet Nadisk. "His name is Nadisk."

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
No-one Lives Forever (40 posts)
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make. If you would like your character listed as nonbinary, please note it here.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:Dashin
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Na Disk.
Date of Birth:
05.05.2586 9th Intervial.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold .
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
This egg was hidden by its mother and only when one looked did they see it. The egg was slightly bigger than the other eggs and was very wrinkly on one end the fold looked like it had color to it. The egg itself was a sandy color and the fold a darker sand color
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4
Mature Height: 1.3

General Appearance...

He fell out of the egg all dark and gangly looking. He was not the best on his feet as he first started to walk but as he grew he grew into a beautiful brown wher with darker colored wings and underbelly but a light sand color over all.


Empathetic: He gives out anger in his voice as he tells of hunger or even mating. He is full of anger all the time at different thing and the only one he loves is his Handler, her mate, her kids, Ellevask and Arisk.

Likes: List of 2-3 likes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each
Flits: Likes them and thinks they are interesting things

Kids: Loves Kids and does not mind them climbing on him

Dislikes: List of 2-3 dislikes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each
Dragons: Thinks they are big Bullies

Anyone trying to hurt his family.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Strong: He is a great example of strength as he pulls in the nets full of fish. He has helped fish since he came to the Island.

* Swift  : He may be bulky but he is swift in running and will be turning a corner left and right with ease.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Simple : You have to give him simple instructions or he gets mad

* Females : They can sometimes get him off track of what he is doing.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He is handsome for a Wher or at least his Handler thinks he is.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:rubi
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Ari Isk
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590  9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southerwinds Weyr. .
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
This very light very wrinkly mint colored egg was smaller than the other wher eggs and one would think it was a dud but it turned out that the egg was not
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3
Mature Height: 1

General Appearance...

She is small for a Wher with light green color, with patches of lime green on her wings and tail that fade into a jade color on her belly.


Empathetic: She spoke her name and it was the only thing she said. She sends out feeling of love and devotion to her handler she is little so that is all she knows and Arinada hopes that is all the tiny wher will ever know.

Likes: List of 2-3 likes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Dragons: She thinks they are interesting things and wants to know what they are

Fish: Wants to eat them instead of catch them as they are play toys to her she is young.

Flits: They are little things with wings and she wants to pounce on them and smell them. Are they Toys, Friends, or food?

Dislikes: List of 2-3 dislikes here, with at least one sentence of explanation for each

Anyone that would hurt her Bounded she does not like at all

Golds: Any golds be they Wher or Dragon they are way to bossy and mean

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Loveable : She is very lovable for a young wher and Arinada hopes she stays that way

* Smart : She is smart for a Wher and learns quickly just like her handler

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Weak : She is not strong for a Wher and can't do much yet but she might get stronger with age

* Males : As she gets older she will start to notice them and they will get her attention.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
01.06.  (Force)

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Arinada [18.07.2556] Sr Journeyman Fisher
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Re: Arinada [18.07.2556] Sr Journeyman Fisher
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