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Author Topic: Approved J'sen [ 18.07.2561 / Green Rider ]  (Read 889 times)

Offline Inki

J'sen [ 18.07.2561 / Green Rider ]
« on: September 27, 2017, 01:20:04 AM »

Play By:
MIKA (Michael Penniman)

Juh - sehn
Whatever anyone wants
Date of Birth:
18.07.2561 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
"Retired" Mountain Rider (cause Utaith is disabled)

Your Reflection...

J'sen is a very long person. Tall (6'2") and thin, with long fingers that were very affective harp picking. He enjoys spreading himself out across surfaces, lounging in chairs, or leaning forward across tables, elbows and arms taking up lots of room and poking those who deem to get in his way. Because of this, he was a clumsy child, but J'sen quickly grew into himself and made the most of it.

Whilst he enjoys choosing his own clothes, and wearing what he perceives as nice things, he doesn't enjoy limiting himself to a particular style or colour. If he enjoys the look of something, then he trades for it, if a Weaver can convince him that they have the best idea in the world for a new tunic, then he'll be happy enough to go along.

J'sen's entire back is threadscored, on one side, the scars creep down his shoulder to the back of his arm. Unless he is wearing a sleeveless shirt, the scars are nigh invisible. However, they're not the nicest things to observe all at once. But J'sen hasn't usually had much of a problem with the partners he brings into his Weyr. Threadscore is a fact of rider life, his might be a little worse than some, but not than others. J'sen not-so-regularly visits the healer hall for physical therapy and pain relief. Utaith tries to convince him to attend more frequently than he does, but he doesn't particularly enjoy being reminded of the injury.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
J'sen has spent the majority of his life fighting thread. The catastrophe was his entire life and it coloured his every waking moment. He simply... never felt the need to think about what caused the catastrophe. It was here, it was happening, and he had to survive. Everything that happened, death, loss, pain, made him the person he is today, for good or for worse.

Response to dragon color mutations: They're just colours. We already had 5, why not two more?
 They're dragons. Who cares? Let's just all chill out. They're of more use to the Weyr than he is most of the time so good on them

Who are you...

*Work - He'd go stir crazy if he didn't have anything to do, he craves being occupied with mind stimulating work.
*Learning - J'sen would have made a good crafter, and he sometimes laments the fact that he isn't able to pursue academia as a dragonrider.
*Mountain Wing - Considers himself very lucky to be a disabled rider in mountain wing. Wouldn't fit in with the traditionalist or jungle nor the teachery types of Prairie. If J'sen and Utaith were capable of proper wing duties and drills, he would've hoped to be in mountain anyways.
*Utaith - Whilst yes, all dragonriders should like their dragons, Utaith is a very particular case. Without Utaith, without being a dragonrider, J'sen wouldn't have made it through the pass. She's been his rock, his guiding light, and his will to keep on living and keep on trying to be true to himself.

*Clinging - J'sen has always been a pretty lone wolf, as much as he likes other people, enjoys their company, and enjoys being social, he doesn't enjoy being forced into doing anything, and if someone just can't take a hint, he feels like they're trying to force him to be rude, or to be like them when he doesn't want to. They're taking away the little control over himself that he does have.
*Forgetting - As much as J'sen doesn't particularly enjoy remembering all the people he's lost, and all the pain he's felt. He's much more afraid of forgetting everything. Forgetting the day he impressed Utaith, the birth of his first child, his first flight. Some things may hurt, but they're a part of him.
*Runners - They're dangerous! Kick people's heads in, and run over them, not his cup of tea.
*Lazy people - How could anyone justify being lazy after everything that's happened? He can acknowledge how some can make the most of relaxing but being lazy is something that just pisses him off.


* INDEPENDENT : J'sen is always happy to work alone, he doesn't need anyone else. He enjoys other people's company sometimes, but that has grown more as he's grown. Throughout most of his life, he's been a bit of a loner. Not needing anyone else to help him achieve something, and he'll simply work harder alone than anyone else in a group would do so.

* TALENTED : He's always been just a little bit better than everyone else, whether it was at harper teachings and learning his letters, or in training, J'sen is just... naturally good at stuff. He actually is just really good at hiding how much effort he puts into stuff. Does extra training at nighttime, worked on his letters with private tutors.

* JOCULAR : Outwardly, J'sen is a social, good humoured, gossipy, happy-go-lucky guy. Whilst some of it is a facade covering his insecurities, J'sen does truly like company.

* MANUAL : J'sen is a very hands-on person. He'll be the first to want to volunteer (although perhaps he would hold off to be the second to actually volunteer for appearances sake) for any sort of grubby, boring, time consuming task that others may dislike.

* ASSIDUOUS : Both meticulous and hardworking, J'sen combines a natural talent for anything he comes across with a determination to do well. If he finds a problem, he won't stop until a solution has been achieved, and he will always volunteer to be on the fixing committee.


* EMOTIONAL: J'sen feels things keenly, happiness, sadness, empathy, he just finds it hard to open up about it to others and share those feelings with others. The only things he shares are things that he doesn't think will come back to bite him in the future.

* SCARED : Almost his entire family is dead. J'sen simply doesn't want to lose any more people that he cares about it. So he simply tries to hold people at a distance in his own mind. He can joke around with them, enjoy their company, call them friend, but if the time came, he'd be okay... right?

* SELFISH : J'sen loves people to be sure, and wants to put others above himself (when he can). But if worst comes to worse and it's him and Utaith for the life, or safety of anyone else. He will pick himself every time. As such, even without Utaith's disability, the green pair would not make very good Jungle Wingmembers.

* FROSTY : Outwardly showing that he doesn't like someone is a major copout for J'sen's continuous attempt to be true to himself. It's so easy to outwardly show someone you don't like that you don't like them, and it makes him feel a little better that it's just one thing he doesn't have to hide.

* FLIPPANT : Whenever someone tries to dig a little deeper, J'sen is always the one to try and shrug it off. Whilst he cares about others, and does want to hear about their problems and issues, sometimes, if he feels like it's getting a little too deep, he can be dismissive as he tries to disconnect and prevent himself from getting hurt.

Describe Yourself:

* TWO-FACED: ----- Outwardly, J'sen is easy-going and friendly to most, but inwardly, he's a little lonely, a little angry and a little scared. The disaster of the Pass has caused J'sen to set up a front to prevent himself getting hurt, but still being able to live as "happily" as possible.

* INDULGENT: ----- Good food, good clothes and good company is his motto. J'sen simply enjoy things that make him feel good. Whether they be little things, like the tickling breeze on a hot summer's day, or big things, like the feeling of companionship, J'sen enjoys stopping and making the most of it.

* STRIVER: ----- J'sen tries to be organic. He really does. He wants to be himself, wants to be happy, but he sometimes just finds it easier to pretend. Being nice and happy and jolly is easy, being scared is hard.

* APPRECIATIVE: ----- J'sen is thankful for his place at Southern Winds Weyr. He's alive, Utaith is alive, and they're occupying their time with good ol' useful work. Whether it be to the Weyrleadership, or anyone else who sought to get them to Southern Winds, J'sen is very grateful for the fact.

* HYPOCRITICAL: ----- J'sen is a big proponent of excusing bad behaviour if he believes it's justified. Considering his own harsh life and his less than sensible response to it, J'sen will usually try to excuse those who may have unsavoury habits. However, if J'sen doesn't know someone's reasoning, he will just think they're an asshole. If they can't get over themselves enough to tell him, then he can't excuse them. Which is incredibly hypocritical on his behalf considering as he is very closed off himself. In that, despite knowing that there's another side to every story, J'sen can definitely judge without knowing the full tale.

The Magic Touch: Perhaps a throwback to the Farmer family of his youth, J'sen has a thing for Crafters. Whilst he's enjoyed a fellow rider or two in the sack, he much prefers non-riders.


Mother: Juventha. Hold farmer b. 2546. d. 2577 - Birthing complications
Father: Lorennius. Journeyman Farmer b. 2543. d. 2582 - Heart attack

Ruvoran [Brother] Apprentice Farmer b. 2562, d. 2577 - Fever
Loressa [Sister] Junior Journeywoman Healer b. 2565 - Alive --- Played by SanctifiedSavage
S'anie [Brother] Brown Rider of Nevith b. 2567, imp 2584, d. 2586 - Thread
Sigebin [Brother] Apprentice Farmer b. 2569, d. 2582 - Thread
Lugalad [Brother] Never reached adulthood b. 2571, d. 2573 - Pneumonia
Lothsinix [Brother] Never reached adulthood b. 2573, d. 2578 - Wher mauling
J'lien [Brother] Green Rider Bellath b. 2575, imp. 2587, d. 2588 - Between
Jessansink [Brother] Never reached adulthood b. 2577, d. 2587 - Tunnelsnake

Jundia [daughter] Never reached adulthood b. 2578, d. 2584 - Tunnelsnake
Danylsena [daughter]Crechling b. 2580 - Alive

Tell us a story...

* 2561, 0 Born the first child (soon to be first of many) to Farmer parents, in a little house in Fort Hold.

* 2562-67, 1-6 Jallesen, the eldest in the family, is able to watch his family welcome more children. He's young yes, and so the attention that gets taken away from him little-by-little as each child is born, forces him to find other places for his attention. He isn't jealous of his other siblings exactly, but he doesn't really enjoy the aspects that come with more siblings; a smaller house, less food and more noise.

He becomes quite an adventurous young child, curious, and unafraid of what may befall him, simply because he has little capacity to think of consequences to his actions. But luckily, he turns out quite okay, a few scrapes and bruises, and a few scuffles with other young children who want to pick on a gangly boy, but Jallesen turns out all right.

* 2570, 9 Jallesen now has four younger siblings, which leaves him the one stuck at home looking after the youngest of them. During this time, he becomes close with his next youngest siblings, Ruvoran, and the two can't help but get into a little trouble together. Excelling in his harper teachings, there's always a bit of competition between the two, but it's healthy enough, and the two don't seem to resent each other for their different advantages. Jallesen simply likes having someone to be close to, and the two boys start to forge a friendship to last the test of time.

* 2573, 12 Jallesen was apprenticed to the Harper Hall, whilst Jallesen was excited, he hadn't really expected anything different. Having excelled in his studies, a bright, well-spoken and seemingly eloquent child, when he reached adulthood, it seemed like the only logical option for him. He would have done well in any craft, of that there was no doubt, but with such a talent for people he was going to be a formidable politician if the need ever arose.

He tried a few things in his first turn, and whilst he had a decent sounding voice, his talent was with the lute and harp. Both contrasting instrument, but they encouraged him to just pick one and stick with it, but Jallesen had never felt the need to limit himself, even if other's did, and so he simply went on having fun.

Studying at the Harper Hall was enjoyable past-time for Jallesen, not only was it seemingly fulfilling, but it also challenged him, made him work to be the best. And it was here that he started to learn the value of decent, hard work.

He hears... vaguely of the death of his brother Lugalad, but he hadn't known the child very well. His younger brother only born when he was nearing 10 turns of age. It's the first of many deaths in his family, and is the easiest to recover from.

* 2574, 13 His time at the Harper Hall didn't last long however, and as much as he had enjoyed his turn of further education, Jallesen believed, in his inexperienced and impressionable mind, that being a dragonrider was the most fulfilling duty he would be able to give back to Pern. One for adventure, Jallesen wanted to fly above the clouds, and soar with a big bronze spurting flame from his gaping maw.

Jallesen accepted the search without hesitation, and moved from the Hold to the Weyr, there was no fear from the uprooting process. Still, it was a big change from him, from a reasonably traditional household to the free, and even encouraging Weyr lifestyle. Especially when it came to aspects of sexuality that were mostly unspoken of in the Hold. But Jallesen eventually got used to it, and began to enjoy pretty much all aspects of candidacy and Weyr-life, after all, he was going to be a dragonrider.

He slept with his first man, and his first woman before he stood. Wanting to throw himself headfirst into the life of a rider. Jallesen quickly realised however, that his pleasure did not lie in the beds of women.

* 2575, 14 Jallesen only stood for a turn before he impressed, a gorgeous forest (although J'sen had never seen a forest before) green. All his dreams had come true, it wasn't a bronze that the younger J'sen had dreamed of, but after discovering his sexuality, J'sen had quickly and happily removed that dream from his mind. A dragon had become his dream, and Utaith was more than he could have ever wished of.

The two dove headlong into Weyrling training, J'sen seeming to pick everything up just a little faster than everyone else, and sneaking from the barracks at night to work on the things that didn't come easily for the greenpair. It was, J'sen would recall now, the happiest days of his life.

* 2577, 16 The happiness of his graduation is marred by fear and sadness. The entire class can't help but feel the weight of constant threadfall upon them, and this time is one of the most dangerous times for young dragonriders. Large percentages didn't return from their first threadfall, and even more didn't survive their first turn post-graduation. But J'sen, along with the unwavering support of Utaith, take the threadfalls with sheer determination.

This turn, J'sen also hears of the deaths of his brother, Ruvoran and his mother. With the two deaths so close together, these may be the hardest deaths he's had to deal with. Ruvoran was the closest in age to himself, and despite J'sen leaving for the Weyr, the two had kept more contact with each other than the rest of their family, to hear news of not just one, but two deaths, brings the horror of the pass, even more real, and even closer to home.

* 2578, 17 An aftermath of one of Utaith's flight, the bluerider who won approaches J'sen telling him she's pregnant with his child. Together, they decide that she wants to continue the pregnancy, and J'sen is surprisingly happy about the idea. He'd never really considered children before that, after deciding that he preferred men to be his sexual partners, so this turned out to be quite the happy coincidence.

When the child, a girl they name Jundia, is successfully weaned, the two decide to raise them in the creche. J'sen visits quite often, he likes children and enjoys the idea of one of his own that he can perhaps... help shape into a better person when she get older. It's not that he doesn't trust the workers of the creche, in fact, he has complete faith in them, he just feels that the more contact from a parental figure in Jundia's life, the better off she'll be.

During this time, J'sen also hears through the grapevine of his brother Losthinix dying, it makes him fear for his own newborn child's journey through life, but after the death of Ruvoran the turn before, he hasn't heard much from his family. As such, he's quite... disconnected from the news.

* 2580, 19 Enjoying the ease of fatherhood, J'sen makes the decision to find a woman to have a child with. He approaches the mother of Jundia, as whilst she knows for sure that he isn't really interested in having sex with her. They decide to have another child together. A few planned trysts, with an added bonus of sometimes a third, open minded individual thrown into the gray, and she becomes pregnant again.

Later they welcome their second child together, another girl they name Danylsena. Once again, the two co-parent with each other and the creche, and J'sen is seemingly... content with his life. He is unsure whether another child would be in their future, given the severity of the pass taking away everything he seems to love and hold dear, but his bluerider woman seems open minded to another opportunity.

During this time, the bluerider's Queen firelizard clutches, and she offers a firelizard to J'sen, thanking him for being with her and helping her with another beautiful baby girl. It hatches not long after and J'sen becomes the proud bonded of Cyprium.

* 2582, 21 It seems the pass will not leave this family alone, and another brother and his father are taken from him. J'sen shuts down now, pushes the hurt aside, and simply focusses. He can't afford to be distracted from threadfall and his duty to Pern. Pushing it all aside, J'sen begins to change, he becomes a little... strained, and starts to withdraw from those around him.

* 2583, 22 During a fall, J'sen takes a patch of thread to his back, and it's the beginning of a long line of scores which will soon dot both his and Utaith's hides. He spends some time in the healer hall after this, Utaith encouraging him to attend his physical therapy, but understanding his need to be free from the more dangerous forms of pain relief. It doesn't keep him down for long, but of course, he feels a little useless at the time, a dragonrider who can't even recover from a threadscore?

* 2584, 23 When it seems like it couldn't get any worse, his daughter, Jundia, dies of a tunnelsnake bite. Playing in some of the deeper caverns of the Weyr, and adventurous curious little thing not unlike J'sen, Jundia had managed to slip free of the cavern staff supervising her.

J'sen wants to blame the creche, he really does, but even full of hurt, pain and despair, he can't bring himself to do so when he knows the true story behind it all. They must be feeling as much sadness as he, and so, he cries himself to sleep, lying up against Utaith's belly, before he stands up, walks out of his Weyr, and continues on.

* 2585, 24 Only two turns before the end of the pass, A threadfall over Fort Hold goes astray, and Utaith takes a swath of thread onto her back. Thread eating through her wingsails, nerve endings, and her wing joints. For all they've fought, all they've flown, this could have been the end of the green pair. J'sen spends sevendays in the healer hall, waiting for Utaith to recover enough strength to being physical therapy. The healer's prognosis... wasn't good, but through sheer single minded determination, Utaith recovers more than any could think.

It takes turns, before the green reaches her full potential but she can fly. Long flights are painful, and extreme physical feats push her to her limits, but she can between, land, and even fly once a turn. It helps in this time that he reconnects with his sister Loressa. He tries to distance himself from her, but he realises he loves her too much to do so. She's a caring, loving woman, and their sibling bond does flow strongly between them.

* 2586, 25 When his brother S'anie dies in his first threadfall, J'sen simply... feels that it's not a good thing to lose another dragonrider. Still currently undergoing physical therapy with Utaith, J'sen doesn't really have time to think about anything or anyone other than his dragon. She is his world, his everything, and if he's not careful, they could be another dragonpair lost.

* 2587, 26 The move to Southern Winds Weyr should have been a joyous time. Utaith is mostly recovered, they were accepted into Mountain Wing as part of their "retired" division, but once again, some of the happiest moments of J'sen's life is married by tragedy.  Despite losing contact with most of his surviving family, when he hears of his brother Jessansink's death, he can't help but feel that it's a horrible mimicry of his own eldest daughter's death, and it rocks him more than he would have expected. The memories of the girl he once was able to hold being brought to the fore again.

* 2588, 27 When his brother J'lien dies, J'sen simply shrugs it off, and adds another tally to his family he's lost. The more shocking moment comes when he realises it's only himself and his sister, Loressa, left. He sticks a little closer to her now, being able to truly be thankful for the friends he has obtained and the family he has left, on their new, beautiful island.

* 2590, 29 J'sen is slowly trying to come out of his shell, most days are a little better than the days before, he's a little surer of himself, a little more comfortable with the friends he has, knowing that they've all suffered in the Pass and come out of it very different people than how they entered. Theoretically, he knows that he should worry about the mutations, and S'bok as Weyrleader, but they haven't shown any extreme problems that J'sen can see. The hatchings are terrible things, and the deaths of candidates are terrible, but he's seen candidates die on the sands in the past, he's seen Weyrlings between into stone, and he's seen riders plucked from the sky. Death is simply a part of the rider life, and they are far from safe on the island, with Hunters and Beach Snakes on their doorstep.

Blah blahblah blah blah. Does he ever shut up?

J'sen closed his eyes, as his bed mate from the previous night kept prattling on beside him. He was talking about his children... or his firelizards... Either way, J'sen didn't particularly care. His blue had one Utaith, and was still snoozing on the ledge, much to Utaith's distaste considering she had woken up earlier than him and to his rider's incessant prattling.

Can't you just tell him to leave?

I can. But where would be the fun in that my dear. He'll run out of things to say soon

You hope.

He heard Utaith shift outside on her ledge, possibly a little louder than necessary in hope that the blue next to her would be woken from his slumber. Ugh. Evidently it didn't work.

J'sen didn't particularly mind the drone of the man lying next to him. It was kind of nice to have someone around that didn't need anything in return. Literally, the man had been talking non stop for a solid quarter of a mark. Soon he would get annoying, or Utaith would throw him wholly off her ledge, either way, for now he was easy company.

You picked him.

He ran into me. Just sheer dumb luck. Utaith would certainly be complaining about that for weeks. She only got to fly once a turn, and this one had been a lazy, sleepy, clumsy blue? No, she was definitely not happy.

Next time, you could choose him?

A hiss was all he got in return. Evidently that didn't sit well with Utaith, they were going to rip her from the sky or not at all. Unfortunately, this time a cute little blue had seemed to have luck and weather on his side, just not Utaith.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Anything Else:

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Offline Inki

Re: J'sen [ 18.07.2561 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2017, 01:20:37 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Oo - tay - th
Date of Birth:
2575 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 23.6m
Mature Height: 4.5m
Mature Wingspan: 40m

General Appearance...

With her height a little bit shorter than what her length should dictate, Utaith looks lithe, long and a little snake-like. Whilst her hide already had a splotchy pattern, she's now dotted with threadscore, in patches anywhere from palm-sized to the size of a large platter, and they're mostly concentrated over her back, where her wing joints meet torso.

When she was young she was a rich, deep green, completely smooth across her hide. But by the time she was 5 turns, her splotchy pattern had appeared in full force, and by 10 turns, her wingsails had lightened to the colour that can be seen today, and her threadscore injury had accentuated the splotchy hide pattern.

Her injury:
Utaith can between, fly short distances, and carry a small amount of stuff (after all, a whole dragon and a human, what's one more human worth of baggage?) The two can go out into the field for Mountain Wing with a reference point to between to, as short distances are no problem for the pair, however, J'sen and Utaith are not commonly needed to help. Officially, they are classified as "retired" and are not "full" members of Mountain Wing, as Utaith cannot pass the flight test.


Mind Voice: Utaith's voice is a very expressive voice, it's very easy to tell her sarcasm, her disdain, her passionate all from little (and sometimes large) timbre changes. If Utaith was human, she'd probably be a young woman, with a reasonably husky voice, and an expressive face to match her expressive (and judgy) words.

*Flights - It really is a shame she's limited to one a turn, but she worked hard in physical training to even be able to fly that. J'sen is actually the one who has forced her to only once a turn, on the recommendation of the healers. Currently, flights are quite painful for her by the end, as she usually pushes just a little too hard, but she still can't help but enjoy the thrill of it all.
*Relaxing - As much as Utaith enjoys her work, she loves making the most of her time off. When she's not required for wing duties, and she's finished her extra training for the day, Utaith can be found spread out in the sun of her Weyrledge, almost hanging off the side.

*Sensitive people - Utaith tries to be nice, she's really not a naturally mean dragon, but sometimes she messes up. Those that can't acknowledge that she messed up and just... move on frustrate her. There's only so much she can do to say "sorry".
*Poetry - Those males that wax all poetic and shit when they're trying to compliment her just annoy her. Why can't they just straight up tell her what they think? Do they think she's stupid and needs the words to be prettied up?


* INDEFATIGABLE : Despite being disabled, Utaith has never been one to let the world get her down. Constantly full of energy and enthusiasm, Utaith could keep going even after the rabbits have settled down for the night. This proved her to be formidable when tackling complex drills, and her own physical therapy.

* PASSIONATE : Never one to hide her emotions, Utaith has been the guiding force behind keeping J'sen grounded while he tried to break. Loving and affectionate, but all the while, not hesitating to let someone know she dislikes them. For a dragon, she feels deeply and expresses it even more so.

* LOYAL : If Utaith and J'sen ever did settled down with a permanent Weyrmate, the dragon couldn't find a more loyal mate than Utaith. But not only does she feel it for those she loves, but also those she respects. She'd speak out against any wrong words or thoughts said against her superiors in the Weyr (and Mountain Wing specifically).


* DISMISSIVE : Utaith can come across as... well... quite rude to those that she doesn't believe are worth her time. Whilst she doesn't try to hurt people, she just doesn't always understand how to temper things as to not hurt more sensitive sorts. Luckily, she can get away with it by playing the "dragons don't talk to people other than their rider" card when dealing with non-rider types. However, with male dragons trying to get her attention, she doesn't feel the need to temper her disdain if it exists.

* SNIDE : This green likes to say a lot of horrible things behind people's backs. Simply because she enjoys the fact that there will be absolutely no repercussions from anyone other than J'sen. This can be anything from "Well she looks like she needed a little more beauty sleep" to "Does he listen to himself when he talks, or just turn his brain off like everyone else must when confronted with his runnershit?" Again, it doesn't really hurt anyone, and she wouldn't say anything to anyone's face, she simply finds herself quite amusing.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what Utaith's voice will look like. Background: #055941; Text: #59D9AA

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flies on 01.02 is a force catch.
Utaith only flies once a turn due to her threadscore injuries.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: J'sen [ 18.07.2561 / Green Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 01:20:51 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

(sigh - pree - uhm)
Date of Birth:
2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Cyprium is one of the smaller firelizards of his colour, making him fully capable to take any equipment that might need to be delivered by a firelizard, but leaving him mostly out of the running for catching any gold. Well proportioned, there is nothing incredibly interesting about his physical appearance other than his incredible colouration. Whilst he doesn't have the telltale metallic sheen of the higher ranked firelizards, Cyprium is no doubt handsome with his almost sunset-esque colouration.


Mind Voice: Cyprium uses whatever form of communication he needs to in order to convey what he needs to say. Whilst he is perhaps more vocal with twitters and trills at inopportune times, he excelled in his image recognition and conveying training with J'sen. Emotionally, he's more than willing to keep J'sen well informed, but he doesn't do so actively, it simply comes as second nature to him.

*Being occupied - Acknowledging his own lack of attention span, Cyprium likes having things to do and being occupied with work.
*Utaith - He loves the beautiful, scarred green, even if she pretends to not like him in return.
*Catching crawlers - Trundlebugs, spinners, crawlies, Cyprium enjoys finding them and bringing them as gifts to Utaith, even if she doesn't particularly enjoy the display of affection.
*Delivering things - Cyprium really likes seeing and visiting people, the change of environments, the new socialisation, he finds it very satisfying.

*Getting in trouble - Cyprium has a pretty short attention span, when he's not working, he'll constantly change seating positions, shift his body, tap his tail on things, in doing so, he can be quite... annoying. But he really just strives to be loved, and be good.
*Finishing an entire meal - Instead choosing to only eat little bites of everything J'sen gives him, Cyprium simply likes getting to experiment with everything in the meal.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He took a while to train to be a working flit, however he is now a helpful member of Mountain Wing.

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Re: J'sen [ 18.07.2561 / Green Rider ]
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