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Author Topic: Approved Allevaithe [ 30.09.2565 // Weyrfolk ]  (Read 1052 times)

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Allevaithe [ 30.09.2565 // Weyrfolk ]
« on: September 28, 2017, 04:26:39 PM »

Play By:

A - leh - vayth
(A like Apple)
Allie (Her "name" in the whorehouse, did not go by Allevaithe at all during that time, at Southern Winds she has never used that nickname.)
Date of Birth:
30.09.2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: After turns of keeping her hair long and silky for her clients to pull on and play with as they wished, Allevaithe was convinced in the newfound freedom of candidacy to cut her hair off. Now, she revels in the feel of it swishing at shoulder length, and the lack of hair available to be tugged and used as a weapon against her.

Despite losing everything that ever made her happy, made her worthwhile, Allevaithe has at least been blessed by still being pretty. In the harshness of Hold life and thread, Allevaithe bares porcelain, white skin, untouched by scars or threadscore, only occasionally tainted by the redness of sunburn due to her Weyrfolk gardening and tilling duties.

She likes to express her freedom in a few subtle ways. After turns of skirts and dresses, she now only wears pants, enjoying the freedom to move that it gives her. Still just a drudge, but at least at the Weyr, where they are well looked after, Allevaithe doesn't have elaborately tailored or stitched clothing. Greys, browns, with the occasional blacks, her outfits are working clothes, there's no luxury afforded to her status. These clothes age her, make her look older than she is, which pleases Allevaithe. Much of her client enjoyed her because she was young, and looked younger, so now, at 25, she doesn't mind the fact that she may look older than her age.

Whilst one might expect Allevaithe to be a sloucher, or a huncher, what better way to hide herself? If she is seen or addressed directly, she usually stands rigid, simply because she is uncomfortable at being the focus of attention of someone else.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Allevaithe has been broken and remodelled many times over again by the catastrophe and the subsequent fall of society, and their morals. But she's survived, that's all that matters to her in the short term. Honestly, she doesn't believe that her opinion is important, whether or not she believes in how or why the catastrophe was begun, and regardless of her opinion it doesn't matter anymore given their current situation.

Response to dragon color mutations: Allevaithe enjoyed the idea of the mutations for a short time, the idea that more dragon colours might mean a better chance of impression for her, but alas, she did not succeed, and now her opinion of the colours doesn't matter. She wasn't good enough for them, and that was all she cared about. Politics mean nothing to her.

Who are you...

•   Gardening - Allevaithe enjoys the simple act of keeping something alive and watching it grow from seedling to adulthood.
•   Animals - They never seem to expect you to be perfect, as long as you feed them, you don't need to be the smart one, or the strong one, or the most popular. You just need to feed them, give them water, maybe a little pat, and they'll love you. It's so... simple and Allevaithe just loves it.
•   Bugs - Little spinners, trundlebugs, all the creatures that most others don't like. She sees them as kind of the downtrodden of the animal world.
•   Violent/Explosive People - Already afraid of most things, those people that can be easily riled to anger, shouting and violence just scare her. Allevaithe simply thinks they cannot control themselves and are therefore dangerous to those around them.

•   Failure - Currently, it manifests in her disliking responsibility, but it's really that she simply believes she is not good enough, and she is going to fail. It's irrational, because she works hard when given a task, but she has grown up all her life thinking she is trash, and she has never overcome it.
•   Politics - Her opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, so she cares not for Weyr or Hold politics.
•   Surprises - Allevaithe hates to be surprised. Whether it is people coming up behind her with no warning, or simply not being told something in order to be "a surprise". Luckily, she doesn't have that many friends who would try to surprise her with anything.


* MENTALITY : She has been able to survive this long, so many upheavals, so many breakages of faith and of trust. It's a miracle that she hasn't completely snapped and gone off the rails. Yes, her past has made her a timid, and broken women, but she's alive, she's still kicking, and that's something in this world.

* PUNCTILIOUS : Allevaithe is very careful to show attention to detail and proper behaviour. Anything less would draw attention to herself. She'll act and do exactly as her rank would be expected to do, which does make her a reasonably hard worker, and one who is well liked for her ability to do what is asked of her.

* THOUGHTFUL : For so long being disregarded, Allevaithe knows what it's like, and so, she'll make an effort to be thoughtful about helping people with their needs and wants. If someone in her unit needs a new set of clothes, she'll try to go out of her way to find them and deliver them anonymously to those in need.

* VERSATILE : For all Allevaithe's lack of education, she's done many things in her life. Learnt how to work a room in the whore house, how to manipulate a scene with lights, angles and sounds for her clients, she's excelled in many aspects of candidacy, enjoying each and every chore and the opportunities to learn about crafts. There's been so much change in her life, that she finds it easy to just... continuing going along with the flow, as much as she wishes she doesn't have to.

* DETERMINED : Allevaithe has a strong sense of duty to those that have helped keep her alive. As much as she hated working in the whorehouses, she knew without them, Allevaithe didn't have the education or talent to be accepted into a craft. And so, she worked hard in the house, and did her job the best she could. The same extends to anyone she meets now, if she believes that someone is responsible for doing something good for her, she'll believe that she owes them, and will be determined to do right by them.


* SELF WORTH : Allevaithe does not think much of herself. She barely got an education, was a whore with the lowest of the lowest, and doted upon those who feasted on the weakness of others. The opportunity of a lifetime, to rid herself of her past, and everything she had been, was granted to her and she failed. Allevaithe doesn't think there's anything good about her. She's trash, always has and always will be.

* FEARFUL : Beaten for pleasure, selling herself for money, and almost dying at the hands of those who thought she was little better than an animal. Allevaithe is constantly in fear of returning to the life of a whore. She is not someone who was happy for the life she lead, and was able to thrive in such an environment. Whilst she climbed the ranked into a good house, and earned good money, it didn't mean that she could think that made her any better than those who earned half as much. Once a whore always a whore.

* WEAK : Allevaithe is small, and has never had a particular interest in working out. Whilst the work she has conducted had lead her to be healthy, getting the right amounts of food and exercise, she isn't well muscled or strong. She would never be able to protect herself from harm, both because she would choose not to, and she physically couldn't defend herself.

* JUMPY : Loud noises, sudden surprises, being touched without warning, people coming up behind her, all the sort of thing that would cause her to let out a squeak of fear and freeze. Allevaithe, is unfortunately, neither fight nor flight, she simply freezes in place.

* DETACHED : Allevaithe tries to be as removed and detached from others and things as much as possible. She doesn't want to let anyone down, nor be let down, and she doesn't want to get attached to objects, work, or a position that can so easily be taken away from her.

Describe Yourself:

* BROKEN: ----- Allevaithe didn't enjoy being a whore, but what truly broke her opinion of herself was her expulsion from candidacy. Yes, they were as nice as they could about it, but it simply cemented her growing feelings of not being good enough.

* UNTRUSTING: ----- Allevaithe has been let down and hurt many times over, and so she simply doesn't trust anyone anymore. In her younger years, she would have been full of optimism and the ability to trust and love unconditionally. The the world has slowly beaten herself down, and she can't trust anymore.

* EXCITABLE: ----- As much as she tries not to enjoy things, and tries not to get excited about things, for the mere fact that Allevaithe constantly anticipates disappointment, she inevitably does. She wants to be happy, wants to enjoy things, so she'll hide her excitement just bubbly under the surface.

* LONELY: ----- With no family, no craft and no draconic companion, and recently being kicked from candidacy, Allevaithe does feel lonely. She desperately craves getting to know people, but can't bring herself to do it for fear of failure and hurt.

* SENSUAL: ----- Allevaithe enjoys sex, but she didn't enjoy being a whore. She didn't like not having a choice, not being able to have her pleasure focussed on, and over time, the opinions of others believing that she was trash for selling her body in such a way, rubbed off on her. Allevaithe likes to be pleased and to be pleasing, but she hasn't had the self-confidence in a long time to believe that she is worth it.

* QUIET: ----- Preparing to keep to herself and not make any attachments, Allevaithe is a naturally quiet person. There are some candidates who would swear that they have never heard her talk, despite being part of candidacy for two turns, much preferring to ask questions of O'sir privately, and not admit any shortcomings that could be held against her by others.

The Magic Touch: Allevaithe was once addicted to smokeweed.


Mother: Allenora of Blue Mydarith, b. 2540, imp. 2552
Father: Apprentice Weaver Vaitherax, b. 2549, d. 2570

Siblings: Allenora would have some children about Weyr and Hold, born anywhere from 2554-2590, but Allevaithe would have no knowledge of this, with her mother not sticking around after dropping her off on her father's doorstep.

Children: After a pregnancy soon into her adulthood, Allevaithe had some major complications which has left her infertile.

Tell us a story...

Warning for dark themes.

* 2565, 0 Allevaithe was born to a dragonrider mother, with a penchant for not telling the father's about the conception until after the child's birth. She brought the newborn Allevaithe to her father's door, and gave him the option, him or the creche, there was no in between. And so, despite knowing nothing of children, and having no family of his own left alive to help with the child, Vaitherax couldn't stand the idea of knowing there was a child that belonged to him that he wouldn't be able to see.

* 2570-2574, 5-9 When Allevaithe was only 5, her father died. Which no family, relatives, or any friends with large enough hearts to be able to take her in. Allevaithe ended up on the street, scared, alone, and still wondering when her father would come back from the healer hall. She had to grow up fast scrounging around for food by stealing, killing tunnelsnakes and crawlers, before finally running into a gang. Despite their rough nature, they took in all they could. As long as the children could pull their own weight, and contribute somewhat to the functioning of their gang, then they would have food, and some sort of shelter, even if it wasn't constant or ever actually comfortable. Allevaithe lived in constant fear during this time, but she also developed a strong sense of duty, she owed her life to this gang, and even if she lived in fear of them beating her for doing wrong, he knew that she owed them all the determination and hard work that she could spare.

* 2575, 10 The gang rescue a gold firelizard which had gotten caught in threadfall and was lying in pain after betweening inside their makeshift home for the time being. They did what they could to fix her wounds, but the firelizard was weak, and her healing process was slow. Eventually, the little flit laid a small clutch, only 5 tiny eggs, before dying that afternoon. Allevaithe managed to end up with one of the eggs which hatched into the smallest Gold possible, stunted from her mother's final days, she was weak, but Allevaithe raised her, and eventually little Shine got a little stronger. Pleased with herself and the work she was able to achieve, Shine became her protector, her friend, and the one that made her feel just a little bit stronger, and little bit more worthy.

* 2576, 11 As much as the gang provided some safety and protection, the Peacekeepers were quick to disband them if they caused too much trouble. One day, after calling too much attention to themselves, the Peacekeepers turned them out of their temporary lodgings. A couple of the young girls were approached some recruiters for a whorehouse, and they began that day. It was unsanitary, bad pay, and without much screening or punishment of abusive or stingy clients, but at least they were alive and they had a roof over their heads at night, and so Allevaithe supposed she was grateful, when she first began. It was here that Allevaithe became known as "Allie". Allevaithe was too long, too classy, and too boring, and to be honest, Allevaithe preferred being able to switch off and become "Allie".

It quickly became a nightmare, beaten and abused, and not being paid for their services, but most of the girls had no where else to go. If they tried to stand up for themselves they would be beaten, and if they tried to leave, they would either die without a place to go, or be killed for betraying their "family", as their owner liked to refer to his house and the girls within. It was here that Allevaithe begun to hate herself, and the seed was planted in her mind that she was no better than trash for doing this. Perhaps if her situation had been different, a different house, a different gang, even a different area of Fort, but alas, it wasn't, and Allevaithe began to get beaten down, slowly but surely.

* 2577, 12 Allevaithe had a few regulars, some she liked more than others, but here, it wasn't any of her business to like or dislike them. She let them do what they wanted to her, and wasn't supposed to have an opinion of it. That was what she forgot one day, she had a client which she was afraid of. He liked to beat her, and over time, he had been getting more and more violent. Allevaithe approached the owner one day, asking for him to not let the client book her again. Instead, he let the guy in the very next night, and before he went up to the room, they had a nice chat over some alcohol about how Allevaithe had asked him to not see her again. Whilst her client had been all happy, drunk and joking about it with the owner, he was pissed when he arrived upstairs, and this time, as she feared, he beat her within an inch of her life for her insolence.

"You think you can order me around, Allie? You think you're better than me? I own you, I paid for this. You'll do whatever the fuck I want."

It was Shine that came to her aid. Not the other girls, not the owner, but Shine. Unfortunately, after a few well-placed claws near the eyes, and bats of her wings to his head, her client pulled a dagger from his bag, and slashed her clean across her breast. The firelizard fell to the floor with a dull thump, and the client enjoyed Allie's tears that night.

* 2578, 13 Surprisingly, Allevaithe wasn't kicked from the house. She continued to work, and became pregnant to her first child during this time. The pregnancy was tough, she bled a lot, and experienced incredible pains throughout most of it. Although it wasn't until 20 weeks in, that Allevaithe lost the fetus. It was in the middle of the night, and she woke screaming in pain, the rest was a blur, until a few days later when she woke. According to the other girls in the house, she faded in and out of consciousness, when she awoke, she had been in so much pain, before she passed out. Allevaithe had no idea how or why she had survived, and all she had been told by the other girls was that they had buried the baby the next morning. She visited the grave every day for the next month, until suddenly, Allevaithe realised she couldn't grieve anymore, she didn't have enough time. The child was better off anyways without her, she wasn't worth the privilege of a child to call her own.

* 2579, 14 With a turn of luck, Allevaithe was bought for a very large sum of food and supplies in trade, for a higher class and expensive house. She had a very particular look, she was young and looked even younger, and this house thought that she would do very well with them. Allevaithe should have been excited, she should have been proud to be bought for so much, but she didn't notice. All she knew what that she had been told to go somewhere else and fuck different people. It was all the same to her now.

* 2583, 18 Allevaithe even had clients that were nice to her, that tried to care for her own pleasure when they slept with her. After a few turns in the new house, a very well-for man tried to purchase her for his own, to go live with him in his house. He was old, and a little lonely, but he was kind to her. The house gave her the choice too. She was allowed the freedom to choose for herself, stay or go. Allevaithe's spirits were lifted for only a short amount of time. Choosing to go, she moved into his home. He spent most of the day working, and when he returned home, they sat down for a dinner Allevaithe had prepared, and he asked her how her day was, and she asked him, then she slept with him at night, after all, he had paid for her to be his live in whore. Allevaithe never thought that he actually might enjoy her company, and not just the convenience of a woman. One day, he never returned home. His addiction to Passion Vine had taken its toll on his aging body and he overdosed. Too detached to be sad, Allevaithe simply went back to the house he had bought her from. However, it had been an eye-opener, and she decided to stop her consumption of smokeweed. Her withdrawal was intense, but it was quite popular in her house, and therefore there were many that knew how to deal with her withdrawal breakdown.

* 2587, 22 The move to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr was a big change for Allevaithe, it was her first real and close encounter with dragonriders, but the things she had been told about their corruption and hubristic tainted her first opinion of them. She was afraid of them, and afraid of what they would do to her when they potentially heard of her previous vocation. Allevaithe was woefully uneducated with true Weyr life, and it took her a while to understand even a little beyond what she had been brainwashed to believe.

* 2588, 23 Her life was truly changed forever when she was searched. The ability to finally believe that someone or something thought she was worth something, slightly pulled her from her fear and her puddle of self-hatred. She threw herself into her studies, worked hard in her chores, and overall enjoyed her time spent in candidacy, slowly building up her confidence bit by bit.

* 2590, 25 But the constant failure paid a toll on her, and she had been searched quite late. The turn she turned 25, Allevaithe was politely, but sternly informed, as she had been reminded each turn by O'sir, that her time would soon be up. If she didn't leave voluntarily, Allevaithe would be ejected. With her birthday later on in the turn, Allevaithe kept going for as long as possible. She had nothing and no one to go back to, no craft waiting for her, or a family to raise. But she did not impress. No dragonet wanted her. And so, after Oriath's hatching, Allevaithe was ejected, and started again her work as a drudge of the Weyr. Anything she may have built or recovered during candidacy was all lost, and she returned to her scared, shell of a human.

No... No. It wasn't happening. There were no more eggs to hatch, no more dragons to come, no more chances for something, someone, anything to choose her. Nothing left to make her worthy. She was done.

It had been simple, knowing that this was her last clutch, her last chance and it had taken all her strength to simply believe that this was the day, that this was going to happen. A little dragonet, her dragon, was just going to pop right out and make their way over to her.

And then a haze seemed to creep across her vision, as if her own body was trying to shut out the view of her failure, maybe if she couldn't see the hatching sands anymore it wasn't real, or at least the pain that was building up inside her would go away. But it didn't. It felt like a bubble in her chest, slowly but surely filling up with noxious gases, the perimeter pushing against her heart and her lungs, her vessels, her nerves, which turned to stone at the idea of being squished by her failure.

When she opened her eyes again, eyes she didn't even know she had closed. Allevaithe was on her knees. The hot sands burning her fingers as they buried themselves in the fine grains, but it was nothing in comparison to what her own body was doing to her.

She was going to have to face O'sir. It was the proper thing to do after all. Not just slink off like a thief in the night. A thief who had stolen O'sir's precious time, his knowledge, all for someone who was worthless.

But slowly Allevaithe stood. There was nothing else for it. It was either roast alive ever so slowly on the sands of the hatching grounds, or leave. And it would just be a mighty inconvenience to the Weyr if they had to remove her body from here. She might as well take her husk away for them.

How did this work now? Allevaithe would move her things from the candidate barracks and then what? no craft would accept her now, she had no talents, no skill, the only thing she'd ever been good at was fucking, and even the hold would look down on her for that now. More so than they had done before. But she wanted away from that life. Wanted away from the people who had hurt her, the Holders who just accepted it, and the Peacekeepers who stood by and watched it happen. She liked it here.

The Weyr had cleaners, cooks, people like drudges in the Holds but actually treated well. Or so she thought. Honestly, it didn't matter if she was treated well. She wouldn't have deserved it anyways. She'd failed the Weyr by not impressing, Allevaithe had no way to give back to the people who had drawn her from darkness.

She was not above cleaning peoples sheets, their floors, their dirty dishes. If that was the only place for her, then that was where Allevaithe would be.

Member Info...

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Other Characters:
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Peacekeeper Daresik
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Kill her off (or ask associated parties if she gets connected to someone)
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em Up
Anything Else:
Fuck it, just post all the characters

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Re: Allevaithe [ 30.09.2565 // Weyrfolk ]
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Re: Allevaithe [ 30.09.2565 // Weyrfolk ]
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2017, 09:11:15 PM »
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