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Author Topic: Approved Vickmarra [32/07/2540 9th Pass | Journeyman Fisher]  (Read 787 times)

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Vickmarra [32/07/2540 9th Pass | Journeyman Fisher]
« on: October 04, 2017, 01:23:07 AM »

Play By:

Vi v-eye, Vee, Marra
Date of Birth:
32.07.2540 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Paradise River Hold
All of them.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Vickmarra is a woman just bursting with an affection towards life. She wears whatever she pulls from her drawers, doesn’t mind getting dirty, and is always doing. She wants to be able to move, to jump, to run. Skirts are just as useful as pants, and her tops may or may not show off her curves. It is all inconsequential. It is her personality that people remember above all else. She walks into a room like a whirlwind. She knows everyone, greets everyone, gets what she needs and whirls on out, leaving the entire room brighter for having hosted her for even such a brief period.

Dark  hair, bright eyes and weathered skin do little to assist in identifying her age, her sheer energy sheering years off her. Sure she may have slowed down slightly from when she was a little more bouncy and a little less... Well. Old. But there is no mistaking who she is when one sees her. Truth be told she can be a little full on if you're not expecting her. A minor fault, at best.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Vickmarra was never going to be the person to dwell on the problems around her. In many respects, she had a rather centralised view on the world around her, and those in her inner circles were encouraged to live in the moment with her instead of dwelling on what could go wrong. In light of this, the catastrophe wasn'treally an issue. Not for her, in any case. She made do with her lot in life, never mind that she seemed to have a better hand than most. If anything, her main reaction was to do more to make the most of everything, and encourage others to do the same.
Response to dragon color mutations: She adores life among the weyrfolk, but that doesn't mean she shares all their traditions, and sees no reason to have an opinion about the mutations or the age and or experience of the current weyrleader. It is what it is and there isn't anything that can be done to change it. She's more than happy to listen to your opinions on the matter though - just don't be surprised if she finds your argument moot.

Who are you...


Swimming - one of the few recreational activities one could participate in outside during the catastrophe, and producing warm fuzzies thanks to not-quite memories of a childhood spent as much in the ocean as out, and warm voices that weren't quite her parents but that usually held the same weight as they cautioned her away from dangerous currents; there was never any reason not to enjoy going for a swim. And while it may be tempered slightly by the beachsnakes that lurk off the shore of Southern Winds, Vickmarra can still often be found wet, whenever possible.

Spicy Food - She can't tell you which of her parents were to blame, but some heat in her food was almost always a thing. Rather than shy away from the constant use, Vickmarra developed quite a taste for it, and will much prefer meals with a bit of a kick than just your usual seasoning. The hotter, the better. A taste that she managed to pass down to her son as well, which basically meant she didn't have to temper her own tastebuds tl make meals suitable for the boy. Win win.

Shipfish - She was a little too young to properly remember her father's companion, but she did manage to experience them first hand prior to their evacuation of Southern Boll. What she knows if them is mainly the stories her father used to tell, of kind ocean creatures who would lead fishers out of storms, herd fish into their nets and could communicate in their heads like dragons. Their voices could be used to determine pregnancies and if you were lucky enough to partner with one the oceans opened up to you in ways beyond imagining. Stories that she passed onto Vicymus with her own embellishments. There was certainly truth to them, and a subconscious recollection of her time toddling in the water with a couple watching over her, but nothing concrete. Just... stories.


Spinners - They just. They move funny, OK? Some of them can make you sick they hide in corners and just creep up to you when you're trying to sit down and repair a net. There's not much to love about the creepy little critters, and there is some small part of Vickmarra that wishes she could still rely on her various bed-partners to rescue her when one decides to make its home nearby. But no. Vicymus managed to develop an intense fear of them, and she had to be the adult. Actually killing them whenever they invaded her home because otherwise her dear, sweet boy would practically cease to function... Maybe. So she might overdramatise it a little bit, but long story short is crawlers are a nope. If it weren't for wanting to protect her son from them, while he was growing up she wouldn't deal with them at all.

Solitude - Since she hailed from a large family, and the only time she was ever possibly on her own the brief period she was married (and even then, she tended to find company elsewhere instead of staying at home like your "standard" wife). It makes things... Difficult when she finds herself on her own, particularly since she'd spent almost two decades with a youngster sharing the house with her.

Silence - Tying into her dislike of solitude but giving her an entirely different set of heeby jeebies. Silence meant something was wrong, as far as she was concerned, and even when she knows there's little chance of something bad happening, she needs noise to calm her nerves. She's not afraid to be the one to break the silence either in whatever way she can. Singing, laughter, or just idle chatter about whatever takes her fancy. So long as there is no silence there is no need to worry.

* AFFECTIONATE : Vickmarra has so much love to share with those around her, there is very little chance of escaping an interaction with her without being practically overwhelmed by just how much she cares about you. This level can vary depending on how well you know each-other, but chances are she's going to shower you with love from the second you meet, to the day you part.
* BUBBLY : This woman is endlessly happy, practically bursting with energy and with an endless stream of optimistic possibility She can be exhausting with her up and at 'em attitude, but it keeps her moving forward in an exuberant burst of activity that belies her age.
* SPONTANEOUS : With a mind that is always going, Vickmarra doesn't tend to linger on the details. Once she has something in her head, she'll act on it without delay. There's many an occasion that she stumbles on a particularly pretty shell or trinket that reminds her of someone and thus needs to be taken to them, and while it may seem a little...distracting, it keeps people on her toes, and makes her a very hard-to-predict person. In her later years, it manifested more in surprising others than just... Walking away from a chore half done, one of the many things that came together to get her  journeyman status.
* ZESTY : Vickmarra loves being involved in everything. She's loud, lively and true, and will often be the first one to participate in an event. She doesn't want to miss anything and so is always there amidst the largest crowds. But she does not get lost in them. She's brings a certain bit of spark to even the most mundane of events, without brushing aside those that may be softer spoken or less... Exuberant.

* ACTIVE : In mind and body Vickmarra needs to be occupied. She is always moving, always doing, always working things out in her head. She's physical than theoretical, and works best with a hands on approach. Disinclined to stagnate, she'll always be pushing to do more and see more, always seeming to have the energy to do everything that is needed of her and still go for a run around the weyrbowl to get rid of that excess energy. She doesn't plod along, dawdling her way through the weyr. She's walking quickly, jogging and darting from place to place with all the energy of a younger soul.
* HEARTBREAK : She is always such a happy, vibrant person that pain and grief weigh heavily on her. She is almost nonchalant in her avoidance of it, and always seems to be surprised when she feels anything negative in her heart. It would be easy to think she fears loss... but it's more complex than that. She doesn't like to hurt, nor does she like to think she has hurt others, and to be frank she doesn't cope very well when it happens.
* IMMATURE : Vickmarra is definitely a little more adult than what she once was, but there are few who would say she acts her age. Excepting the focus brought about by her decision to raise Vicymus herself, and the subsequent attentiveness to her craft, she still tends to shy away from responsibility. She is rather happy that Vicky is older and less reliant on her, enjoying the minor shift in their roles from mother and son to something a little more informal.  Still avoids responsibility though not quite so badly as when she was younger. She has a bit of focus now, so she can still complete her jobs as required, though ultimately given free reign she’s going to go and do her own thing with little care as to whether it’s appropriate or not. She is just as likely to encourage Vicymus to just do what he feels like as to try and push him to focus on his studies. It really just depends on how she feels at that point in time.
* AGE : Her body is starting to betray her, despite her best efforts to ignore it. Her eyesight isn't quite as sharp, and her memory not quite the steel trap it once was. Even an active lifestyle hasn't managed to stop the tell-tale lines of age to decorate her body and while one may not realise quite how long she's been around for it's not too hard to guess she's getting a little on. She does not like these reminders, and will often push herself harder than she should to try and prove she's still perfectly capable, which works right up until a muscle gives way. An unfortunate side effect of growing up that she would rather nobody noticed.
* INTENSE : Vickmarra doesn't intend to be so in your face, but the intensity with which she does everything can be quite off-putting, to the point of being downright intimidating if you're not used to it. She loves hearing other people's opinions on things, and will throw herself entirely into a conversation just to hear what the other person has to say, which is fine if you realise that's what she's doing... It often comes across as her arguing her point because she is so there.
* FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS : She can complete tasks, but normally not in the way you would do it. She doesn't quite understand enough about other people's processes to be able to do things the way they would do them. She's going to have to do it her own way or not at all. It is a two way street, though, since she cannot seem to direct others to do what she is doing. Their best chance is to sit with her and mimic, because technical words be damned, she just does.
Describe Yourself:
* WILD: Vickmarra is very much the sort of person to forge her own path, and while there has been some tempering of this aspect of her personality since deciding to raise Vicymus as her own, it can become quite apparent that Vickmarra doesn't hesitate to go against the grain. She can be reckless in her desire to just do and has little concern for whether or not society agrees with her. She has complete faith in the protective systems in place both when thread fell and now, despite the dangers on the island, and as such can, and will indulge her impulses. Sometimes this means dragging a willing partner away from prying eyes for an affectionate romp when she feels so inclined while at other times it could just mean dropping everything to go for a swim because the weather demands it, and why not when there are dragonriders keeping an eye out for beachsnakes?
* EARNEST: Vickmarra is genuine. She doesn’t lie, is very upfront about everything, and thoroughly enjoys having a conversation with other people, regardless of the topic. She’s the sort to laugh when she encounters a stubborn wall of a person, out of a respect, oddly enough, that they feel so strongly as not to budge, and will often enter into debates purely to hear the other side.
* VIBRANT: She’s the sort of person to enter a room like a sunburst, dart around like a whirlwind doing what she feels needs to be done while still making sure to say hello to everyone she passes. Her personality is contagious and she has a way of meshing with (almost) everyone, all smiles and laughter and love
* INDULGENT: With regards to those she loves, she has a very laid back attitude. She’s going to let them do what they want, good or bad, and will be there for them if they fall. This was particularly prevalent in her upbringing of Vicky, and isn't likely to become any less of a dominant trait as the years go on. Similarly, she's willing to hear people out, and if someone feels strongly enough about something pertaining to herself, she's inclined to give it a go, especially if the request comes from someone she's particularly fond of, as was the case with her marriage. She had no opinion on the matter and it made her parents happy... for a time anyway. It just didn't end up being her cup of klah.
* POLYAMOROUS: Vickmarra wants to love everybody, be it sexually or otherwise. She doesn’t feel the need to restrict herself to one lover, and while she may have favourites, she’s never going to be exclusive. This isn’t based in a fear of commitment, more that she isn’t going to say no just because she’s tied up with someone else. If she can show you all the ways she loves you she’s going to do it, never mind whether a regular lover may be slighted. It’s not a malicious thing, and it’s not something that causes guilt in her. She is very up front about it, and on the same token she doesn’t expect you to only be faithful to her. Spread the love!
The Magic Touch: Vickmarra was tempted to call it quits early, when Vicymus got sick rather badly soon after coming home with her for good. Nothing seemed to work to settle him down, and out of desperation she started retelling one of her father's favourite memories of his first time with the shipfish, way back when before thread started to fall relentlessly. From the second she mentioned the telepathic sea creatures Vicky quieted, his young, tearstained face watching hers as she sat on the floor of their shared room, rocking him and talking softly. It is one of her fondest memories, and became her go to for how to settle the boy down. To this day she will still happily sit down and share a story with her son about the shipfish, and anyone else that cares to listen.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Vadana Journeyman Fisher, b. 2519.
Father: Vatarlon Ex Dolphineer now Journeyman Fisher, b.2519.
Siblings: (All adoptable, occupations have been left blank to make it easier to pick one up)

2531 - Viran
2533 - Vrubanessa
2534 - Valenes
2535 - Veduin
2537 - Vanathbarne
2538 - Viana
2541 - Verres
2542 - Vrougan
2545 - Vlacan
2546 - Vedewelleussa
2547 - Vogenus
2560 - Vertos


2557 - Vewena - Rider of Haudath - Raised by Dragonrider Father
2559 - Vehenia - Journeyman Weaver - Adopted by Mindara and Jenden
2560 - Vironethian - Journeyman Smith - Adopted by Mindara and Jenden, fathered by Brownrider N'ros of Inderath
2562 - Vormyur - Crèche Worker - Dragonrider father deceased, sent to the crèche
2563 - Vicymus - Apprentice Fisher, Son of C'ian
2565 - Valas - Stillborn

Craft: Fisher

Rank: Senior Journeyman
Date Apprenticed: 2552/12
Date Tapped: 2567/27
Specialty: Shallows Fishing
Education Details: Even after Vickmarra decided to apply herself fully to the fisher craft she struggled to find something that could keep mind and body occupied enough to maintain focus for more than a few minutes at a time. Teaching was a possibility, since she did manage to garner enough information about each specialty to cover the basics... until it was revealed that she was absolute rubbish at explaining how to do even the most simplest of things.

So too, had it been thought that diving could be a thing, what with her love of the water and fearless approach to the deeper parts of the oceans, streams and rivers that provided their food. But she was never quite settled enough to stay there.

It was the move to Tillek that actually opened her eyes to the intricacies of Shallows Fishing. Not just standing on the shore throwing a net out there were traps and spears and romps up and down the shore, always searching for possible food sources.  Then there was the maintenance of the tools used, and such  variety that should she get bored of say, repairing a net, she can get to work building a trap. Her ability to switch focus while still staying on task, and the dedication to the various aspects of Shallows Fishing, as well as her determination to succeed is what got her tapped, a little later than most but a proud moment none the less. For herself and her son.

Tell us a story...

* 2540 - 2544, 0 - 4 Vickmarra was born smack bang in the middle of the horde her parents would one day have. Child number seven of thirteen. With six older siblings and six younger ones to come, there wasn't much opportunity for some… Well. One on one time from her parents. Her mother was occupied with fisher duties when not tending to the horde, and her father the rapidly declining duties of a dolphineer. He was one of the last to have a dolphin partner at Paradise River Hold, and while her memories are few, a nice chunk of her upbringing was spent in the water with the remnants of the Paradise River Pod. There wasn't much of note happening during these early years, the constant threadfall meant that her only safe areas were the hold itself, or the ocean, but with siblings to entertain her (or the other way around, at times), suffice to say Vickmarra wasn't bored.

* 2545 - 2550, 5 - 10 Despite the exuberance of her youth, what parenting she had revolved around what was proper for a hold woman. Encouragement to follow either the Dolphineer or Fisher crafthalls and one day, to marry another holder or crafter of her parents choosing. With no firm notion against the ideas, and an innate desire to please her parents (and the rest of the family) Vickmarra didn't shy away from the restrictions given, few as they were, and had a comparably pleasant upbringing to what others may have suffered during the catastrophe. Surrounded by people regardless of the workload of her parents, Vickmarra was a happy, carefree child, who attended lessons and the like more because it made her parents happy as well than a need to know the ins and outs of Pern.
* 2551 - 2555, 11-15 With the dolphin's becoming scarce it was an easy enough decision for Vickmarra to enter into the Fishercraft as an apprentice once she came of age. Her mother was delighted, and unbeknownst to their daughter, there were even marks exchanged as her father conceded defeat to his missus. Her love of the dolphins from the stories and the brief flashes of memory she could piece together from her younger years had had her father certain she would join his craft, if only for the opportunity to continue venturing into the water unhindered. In light of her decision, her mother also got to seek out a suitable husband for her middle child, giving some grace to her husband by selecting a young man, only a turn older than Vickmarra and an apprentice in the dolphineer craft to be their daughter's betrothed. Jurathyrn was a delightful candidate, and Vickmarra did love him. However she also had a lot of affection for… well… everyone else, and while she was committed to their relationship so far as ensuring she met some semblance of wifely standards - making sure there was food on the table of an evening and hearing him out when applicable, there was no real… curbing her enthusiasm for the rest of the people she was surrounded by.

She hadn't intended to hurt Jurathyrn, however when he found out that she was frequenting beds other than his own, he dissolved the marriage, unwilling to accept Vickmarra's unorthodox displays of affection. Her parents took it in their stride, appreciating the sincerity of the effort, and the genuine concern that she had hurt his feelings by being so open with others, and while she didn't stew on it, with the understanding that her marriage was no longer shackling her to Paradise River Hold, and with the blessings from her family, she commandeered a dragonrider to take her to Southern Weyr, where she had been told her… frivolity would be better appreciated. Not to mention the sheer exhilaration the idea of jumping in amongst the weyrfolk brought up.

She did have a miscarriage shortly after arriving, the trip between aborting the child she did not know she was carrying. It was a surprise, certainly, but one that she didn't stew over. It was what it was, and there were other things to concern herself with.
* 2556 - 2560, 16 - 20 Weyrlife turns out to be perfect for Vickmarra's exuberance, dividing her time between craft and various lovers - most of which happened to be dragonriders. With no aspirations to leave, she finds herself pregnant in 2557 to one such rider, and when he suggests he could raise the newborn Vewena himself, Vickmarra eagerly agrees. He was absolutely enthralled by her, and she couldn't imagine splitting the two apart. With such a caring an attentive parent, there is little guilt about her decision to let him raise her, and she does still end up in his bed enough times that she's at least known by the girl as she grows up - even if there's never really any point to telling her she's her own daughter.

One of her more unusual bedpartners (so far as her preferences to date had been) are a friendly crafter couple, Mindara and Jenden, who are more than willing to share their bed with her on a regular basis. On finding out they are unable to have children themselves, but wished they could Vickmarra delights in informing them during her next pregnancy that as the father didn't wish to stake a claim like Vewena's had, that the child would be theirs to raise should they want it. When Vehenia is born in 2559, the couple do not hesitate in adopting the girl, and as with Vewena's father, Vickmarra is still welcome to share their bed.

When she becomes pregnant again late in the turn, she again asks the couple if they would like a second child, having no doubt that Vehenia was in good hands and wanting to give them something more to thank them for their hospitality in the turns since arriving at Southern Weyr.

* 2561 - 2564, 21 - 24 The birth of Vironethian in 2561 is a joyful occasion, and he joins his sister in being adopted by the crafter couple, rounding out their family nicely and leaving Vickmarra overjoyed at how happy they were all were.

In 2562, a rider Vickmarra was extremely fond of fell to threadfall. While there were many regular bedpartners for the crafter, this one had been of particular significance, and news of his death hurt her greatly. When she found out soon after that she was pregnant with his child (for no other  partners suited the timeframe) she carried the child to term, though when Vormyur is born, she finds his features paralleled in the child, and so decides to give him to the crèche to spare herself further heartache. It is not done maliciously, and when Vicymus is born a turn later after a few nights with the Blue Rider C'ian, Vickmarra leaves him to the crèche as well, to join his half sibling and the numerous other youngsters being raised by the Weyr.

With no reason to question the weyr's commitment to raising children in lieu of their parents, Vickmarra doesn't bother to visit the crèche to see how her children are faring
* 2565 - 2566, 25 - 26 After a prolonged labour fraught with difficulties, Vickmarra gives birth to a final child. Valas, as she named him, was stillborn, and while she is given the opportunity to bury him, the news that the tiny babe was her last chance to raise one of her own, her body too damaged now to be able to sustain any future pregnancies hits her much harder than expected.

Vicymus, having bene put in the crèche for no reason other than that his brother was already there had only been gone two turns. Too young for the knowledge of his time in the crèche to affect him (surely) and with a father who was very much still alive and well made him the perfect candidate for her last chance to raise one of her children, herself.

The decision to retrieve him from the crèche was as impulsive as nearly everything else Vickmarra had done to that point, but it was with an understanding of just what it had meant that she brought the toddler home with her. So started a period of slightly less impulsive living, where in light of the need to provide for someone other than herself, and a refusal to rely on others to do what she is perfectly capable of, Vickmarra begins to apply herself properly to her craft. An apprentice can only do so much for a family, and while hers may be small, having a young boy relying on her to make sure his life was a good one gave the woman the drive she needed to do that little bit more to further herself.
* 2567 - 2571, 27-31 Southern weyr closes in 2567, and instead of following the majority of the weyrfolk to High Reaches or Fort Weyr, Vickmarra returns to her routes and moves herself and Vicymus to the Fisher Crafthall at Tillek. She's more than old enough to be tapped, and she's determined to be a journeyman one day.

Surprising enough, this goal is achieved the very same turn, Vickmarra finding herself well suited to the varying requirements of Shallows Fishing. There was always something that needed to be done, and plenty of that which could be taken with her wherever she fancied being. While a little more restrained in light of the toddler who now accompanied her, Vickmarra still entertained a few different bedpartners, though nothing quite as near as to what it had been at the weyr. But it meant she could bring along the latest tool she was refining, be it spear, trap or net and still get stuff done while still having relative freedom, without falling quite so far behind in her craft as had been the trend in previous weyrs.

There is no mistaking her decisions had centred her, by this point, and while she was by no means acting her age, there was a certain weight of responsibility that leant itself to her features. She is good at her craft, and proves to be a good mother, if a little too indulgent by the standards of others, and finds pride in watching Vicky growing up.

When the call comes to move to Fort, Vickmarra again does not hesitate to move alongside the rest of the fishers, once more to a hold instead of a weyr. She delights in hearing of Vicky's escapades as he goes about the hold, giving him the freedom to explore however he saw fit and being sure to take him with her whenever he felt so inclined. She lets him help as she works, sometimes trying to direct him into something more structured, but more or less inclined to just let him "help" the way he feels he can… Which didn't really help anyone and was the least disruptive when Vickmarra wasn't actually trying to fish. Unbeknownst to them both, Vicymus's father dies the same turn as they moved to Fort Weyr, and by the time Vickmarra finds out, turns later, it is far too late for any-more than a sad sort of fondness for the man who helped bring Vicky into the world.

* 2572 - 2574, 32-34 Vicymus is proving to be quite the boon, spending his time at home keeping things neat and tidy. Since he's also showing interest in bits of the fishercraft that Vickmarra is bringing home, she does not hesitate to show him what she's doing if he asks, and letting him help where he's willing. She ponders, occasionally whether she wants Vicky to pick up a craft like her parents wanted for her, and finds herself unable to feel strongly one way or another. She enjoys the distraction her son provides her from the routine of craft and family, always quick to put aside her work should he want them to do something else. The fact that this often manifests in him helping her with her work anyway no-one worries about pulling her up on it. She manages to get things done, even if it means doing a few extra hours after the boy collapses in his bed, and while not quite at the same level as some of the other journeyman, there would be none who deny that she was ready to be tapped. She just has a different set of priorities to them.

* 2575-2577, 35-37 Vickmarra is delighted when Vicky is accepted into the Fishercraft hall, more so because he seems genuinely happy about it than the fact he was following in her footsteps. She is less strict than the other journeyman, and though she tries to convince him to focus on one thing instead of all things, her heart isn't quite in it. He completes tasks at his pace, showing an affinity for the craft, even if he's not applying himself to it. The  parallels to her youth are not lost on her, and it is with fond indulgence that she listens to him regaling her with his latest discoveries. She doesn't care for the whispers around the fishercraft as to his future, needing only to know that he was happy to be content with how he wanted to go about his apprenticeship.

* 2576-2581, 38 - 41 While Vickmarra plods on with her own duties, Vicky continues to go about the craft in his own way, though she is rather intrigued by his fascination with free diving. There was no doubt that he loved to swim, and the eagerness with which he met the opportunity to dive brought an easy smile to his mother's face. She did fall into the trap of suspecting the joy would give him drive enough to specialise in it, but is not disappointed to find that he just tended to switch out of his regular duties wherever possible with other apprentices who did not share the same affection for the  water's depths.

* 2582-2586, 42 - 46 Vicymus is old enough to be tapped, but Vickmarra is neither surprised nor disappointed when the turns continue and her son remains an apprentice. He  is happy as he is, and that's about all that matters to the journeyman fisher. The disgruntlement that had been prevalent throughout some of the fishers regarding her son's carefree attitude towards his apprenticeship has died down, and there is no denying he is coming into his own. She is made aware of two more grandchildren, though with the first one being absorbed into the mothers family without complaint, and the grandson adopted out to a couple not unlike Mindara and Jenden, to say Vickmarra was anything but neutral about both decisions was almost an understatement. So long as Vicymus continued to be happy with his own choices, Vickmarra wasn't going to step in, regardless of whether or not those around her tried to convince her otherwise.

* 2587-2590, 47 -50 Threadfall ending was an interesting concept. Having lived so long with the threat in the skies, yet mostly unaffected meant that it wasn't so much a relief, as it was an understanding that a new phase in their lives was encroaching. There was a shift in the attitude of those around her, as people who spent a little too much time contemplating how bad things were instead of focussing on the good were finally given the beacon of light they needed to pull away from those thoughts, and when a new home untouched by the catastrophe was found, Vickmarra found herself celebrating not only for herself, but the rest of the survivors.

As vested as she was in her crafthall, it was difficult for Vickmarra to pay too much attention to the dangers of their new home. She simply accepted them as a necessary evil. Fact was, they were alive. Threadfall was no longer a constant danger and while people had indeed lost their lives to the various dangers on the island, many more were thriving. The fisher hall itself is growing by the day, and there is no doubting the increased demand being placed on Masters, Journeyman and Apprentices alike. With her own specialty coming to the forefront even moreso now that Beachsnakes made deeper diving somewhat more dangerous, Vickmarra really only worries about making sure she and Vicymus are safe and happy than the various tensions constantly going on around them.

Perhaps her favourite thing about the island thus far is the fact that she is once again part of a weyr, without any concern for having her craft fall to the wayside, nor the lack of bread and board with the way everything had been set up. Since Vicky is no longer restricted in his own movements, and more than capable of looking after himself, Vickmarra is able to enjoy a little more freedom himself - and with a home filled with dragonriders once more, this is an easier task than having to compete with traditional holder ideals that could make finding a bedpartner slightly more difficult.

Even with all this going on, she still dedicates a fair chunk of her down time to her son, in part because they still lived together, but mostly just out of affection for the boy. She may not quite personify the traditional holderwoman attitude to home and hearth, but there is something of a domesticated feel to her treatment of Vicymus at least. She enjoys having food ready for him when he's home, and can easily cater for any guests he may bring home (as well as any she may deign to bring home as well, of course). So too does she prefer to be home when he is, and while it can sometimes impact on the likelihood of having someone to share her bed with, she finds it does little to affect her personal life.

More presently, with the overfishing of the shallows, Vickmarra has felt the pressure of needing to supply an entire weyr (and hold) with food, despite the lack thereof. She lends her skills as much as possible to ensuring a constant supply of well-maintained fishing tools for any who need them, and remains hopeful despite the strain. She understands they'll pull through the supply shortage eventually, and is determined to pull her own weight in much the same fashion as she had since she committed to raising Vicymus.

"Nothin' to it. Just keep your hand against it, then loop the whatsie through the doovalacky and then just-" Vickmarra tugged firmly at the rope with a soft grunt, a sound more because she had been talking and cut off too quick to not make a noise than any actual effort in the motion. "Tadaa! Easier than baitin' a hook." She proclaimed, holding the small trap out to the gathered apprentices with a face-splitting grin.

Without any further warning, she tossed it to the closest youngster, before doing a quick shoing motion with her hand. "Pop it down now. Should be able to catch somethin' now that the hole's gone." She explained with a  chuckle, paying little mind to the puzzlement on their faces as they tried to understand exactly what she had shown them.

There was a reason Vickmarra wasn't a teacher… She never really did something the same way twice, and it had only been because of the struggle they'd been experiencing as of late that had her trying to teach a few tricks of the trade to the youngsters tasked with helping with the day-to-day fishing. How much they actually managed to glean was an entirely different story.

Any further questions that may have been forthcoming were pushed to the wayside, however, with the commotion starting on the sand a little way away.

She arrived in time to hear the anguished statement, and having only the vaguest recollection of such a creature from a childhood many turns ago she found herself drawn forward, creases lining her forehead as her face contorted into an expression it rarely had reason to - a frown.

It was definitely not the most glorious of sites to be met with, three carcasses each large enough to compete with that of the larger wher's and varying shades of colour despite the blood that marred them. She tried, for a moment, to picture them in the water, a fuzzy overlay for the companion now long lost at a small hold now well and truly gone, but could find no comparison. She listened to the exclamations around her, the words "Sharpfish" and "Shipfish" used interchangeably by the various people who had suddenly become experts in what was and was not applicable to the hall her father had once hailed from.

But there was no comparison between the pointy toothed, armoured beasts, no mention of any attempt to communicate with the fishers who had hauled them in. Shipfish were meant to assist fishers in their hauls, but the dominating statements seemed to be that these were not doing that. They didn't reach out to communicate as the shipfish in her bedtime stories had, nor did they show anything but aggression towards those pulling them up. Surely a shipfish would have communicated, and surely they would have done so before now. Fish were fish. And food was food.

She turned to Fisk when he spoke, the frown deepening for a moment as he indicated that they needed to return to work. He was right, of course, and shipfish or not, there was nothing to be done about the dead  creatures being moved back towards the hold. What more was there for her to do than listen to him?

"Vicky!" The affection to her voice would be hard to miss, and there was every possibility that the exuberance of it may cause some irritation, particularly from those who were caught up on the idea that the Sharpfish were, in fact, Shipfish. But Vi didn't concern herself with anyone else, striding towards her son with little care about whether some might deem it inappropriate.

The fish were dead. They would help alleviate the food issue in weyr and hold. Fisk had said they should return to work, and sitting around arguing about who's right and wrong seemed far less entertaining than finding out how the apprentice had been faring.

"Faring any better on your side of the lagoon?" She asked him, the accompanying hug the sort one would expect to see between two people who hadn't last seen eachother that morning.

When she pulled away, she gave his arm a quick squeeze before turning back towards her designated fishing area for the day. There were nets that needed repairing and she could easily do that while catching up with Vicymus. Chances were something of a more relaxed attitude to the rest of the days fishing would be easily missed in light of the events thus far, and company was always preferable to woking on one's own, rain or otherwise.

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