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Author Topic: A world full of silver and pain [31.02. 2582 3pm] K'mar  (Read 128 times)

Offline Morhea

A world full of silver and pain [31.02. 2582 3pm] K'mar
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:00:51 PM »
She knew it had been a bad idea but Braylynn had made such a convincing argument and she was right, there had been a consistent break in the thread fall the last few days. Plus, the clutch was not too far out of their reach. Between the three of them they could shimmy up the mountain side, retrieve the eggs and be back within the safety of the Weyr with none the wiser… or so they had thought.

While half way up to retrieve the eggs that silvery menace began to fall again. Braylynn and Mericalli were both farther up the mountain than her and when the silver thread landed on Braylynn first, the blood curdling scream is something she would never forget.

Dragons launched into the air, bellowing flame from their gut fighting the thread while the three children fought their own battle against it.

Braylynn released her hold on the mountain side, sliding down it’s face as another thread landed on her, she tumbled past Mogs as she reached out to grab her friend. The momentum carried the smaller brunette with her friend.

As they tumbled Mog’s felt the sear of burned nerves as thread tore through her clothing and touched her skin. Through her own cries of pain and Bray’s she heard Meri call out in pain, his voice cutting through their own as her tried to climb down safely with the thread falling all around.

It was so thick that the dragon’s above fought to keep it from hitting the ground but in places it was just too thick. They were in one of those places.

In their last tumble down the mountain a sharp piece of rock cut into Mog’s beautiful face and hitting her eye. She cried out as the pain exploded in her face and eye and liquid began to run from her now hurt eye.

Once they reached the bottome Mog’s grabbed Bray and turned to see Meri limping, blood running from his own wounds as he found a sage crevasse in the cliff face. She would come back from him, once she had Bray taken care of and she had gotten help.

”Help! Please!” she called out as they stumbled into the Weyr close to the healer hall. Men and woman rushed to their aid and as they tried to usher mog’s towards a bed she brushed them off
“Your injured, you need help”
”no, I can’t Meri.. he is still out there”
“Someone else with help him”
”no! I can’t leave him.” she said defiantly and pulled away before racing back to her friends aid. An older apprentice rushed after her, hot on her heels, intent on bringing her back to the healer hall to be looked after. Before he can grab her they are outside the Weyr and heading for the small safe spot that Meri had found.

”meri!” she called out
“I’m here!” he responded from a just around a rock. She raced to help him up, he leg badly injured. The ‘prentice arrived just a few moments after and lifted the young boy over his shoulder and raced towards the healer hall.

Once Mog’s was sure her friends were taken care of she allowed them to usher her onto another bed. It did not take them long to clean and dress her wounds, one of the healers clucking with uncertainty on if she would see again from that eye.
With Numbweed packed into her burns and cuts and fellis tea settling into her belly she felt tired and relaxed. She slipped into a light sleep in her bed as she listened to the sound of flames and calls from just outside the healer hall.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Lyndi I really hope this is ok :D lemme know if I need to change anythign <3
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