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Author Topic: Approved Qailyx | 19.06.2567 | Weyrfolk  (Read 1020 times)

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Qailyx | 19.06.2567 | Weyrfolk
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:07:30 PM »

Play By:
Lucky Blue Smith

Qailyx (previously Evgrohle – Clearly why it needed changing)
Kye (like Rye) - licks (like licks a rock)
Qai, Pretty Boy, he tolerates Ev from family only to avoid a fight
Date of Birth:
19.06.2567 9th Pass (I’m older)
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Qailyx is pretty, he’s always been pretty. Not hardened by the harsher side of the catastrophe, Qailyx has managed to stay youthful of face and soft of body. He always keeps himself clean and presentable, preferring expensive cloth that hugs and accentuates his form. His hair is longer than strictly appropriate for Holder men, but he’s found it adds to his attractiveness and youthfulness. He’ll never be heavy set, through rationing and genes, but neither will he ever be truly ‘strong.’ His almost platinum hair and bright blue eyes are exotic for Pern, which he’s always used to his advantage. He enjoys jewellery, has a rings that he wears always and an ear piercing, but anything else he may have once had has been sold since. 

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The catastrophe makes people desperate, desperate people are easy to manipulate. The trick is not to ever fall there yourself. There are plenty of ways to survive in a disaster and keep strong; family (he only really has his twin), wealth (hard to come by in a hold practically under martial law), allies… now allies Qailyx could work with, he just had to find something to offer. With charm, good looks, a quick wit, and knack for… entertaining, that choice came easier than he was expecting.

Response to dragon color mutations: Dragons are dragons, riders are just normal people. Although he doesn’t find the dragonriders particularly unfavourable, he does find the idea of letting the colour of an overgrown flit rule your place in life stupid. Some people could be worth so much more, but at least it’s an easy way of picking who he works with best.

Who are you...

* Pain – Pain is a way of life, rather than it being something that can break you, why not enjoy it? He can’t really say when it stopped being a punishment and started being a ‘spice of life,’ but he would, if he thought about it, consider it his rite of passage into manhood. All the other Holder signifiers of ‘real men’ didn’t really work for him, but this kind of passage is far more ‘him.’
* Sleeping In – Not something he was ever allowed to do among his family, it’s one of the greatest freedoms of his adult life. And finally being able to feel the sun on his bare skin? Totally worth giving up any possible trade by sharing his bed with a rider… well, maybe not every day, but enough.
*  Cleanliness – Mess is a way of life, but it doesn’t mean he has to put up with it for an extended period of time. He’s happy to get his hands dirty if it means his space is free of gross reminders of something gone wrong.

* Afraid of commitment – Qailyx doesn’t want to, and probably couldn’t ever, be truly committed to someone. Because being committed means sticking together even when times are hard, and Qailyx doesn’t do that, when times are hard and someone can’t take care of him the way he wants, he won’t stay around, he’s too afraid of falling low. Even if he did find someone he could be happy with, he’d always know in the back of his mind that he’d be out when the going gets rough, and that isn’t commitment, so that’s not what he’ll sign to.
* Mushy food – It’s for babies and the infirmed. One can’t be too picky on rations but if you know who to go to and have something to trade, he’s able to avoid it for the most part.
* Confrontation – The yelling and the fist shaking, occasionally the beating, all of it is just painful and, ultimately, worthless in his case. Unlike some of his more… volatile companions and his sister, he prefers to avoid confrontation, and all of the people who enjoy it. 


* INDEPENDENT: In comparison to his sister, many would say he isn’t independent. He would argue differently… well… if he thought you worthy of the effort of arguing. He doesn’t allow people to run his life, he simply delegates some of the tasks he doesn’t want to do himself. But he is the one choosing. Make no mistake, his life is his own. Instead of fighting tooth and nail like his twin, he’s much better at manipulation. Some might even believe it’s their decision to do these jobs for them, but really, it’s just easier to keep his figure while lounging in bed. Unfortunately, in many ways similar, but in so many ways different to his sister, this kind of independence is frowned upon by their holder family. After all, men are supposed to be the heads of their houses. 

* FLEXIBLE: Both physically and emotionally, there are very few things that Qailyx gets stuck on. For the most part he flits through life, not so much rolling with the punches, but dancing past them with a smirk. The things he enjoys are fleeting for the most part, materialistic treasures, lazy mornings and good alcohol, so when things are denied or even destroyed, it’s mostly very easy for him to just move on to something else. There are only three things that are set in stone for him 1) his twin is the only one he can’t replace, 2) he doesn’t like being in charge, but always likes being in control and 3) comfort is a material possession.

* CHARMING: Qailyx is a good natured guy, he’s sweet and calming. He enjoys a laugh and a good time, doesn’t take things too seriously and rarely starts any drama. He doesn’t care about your family or your background, he doesn’t care about your allegiances to Hold, Craft or Weyr, he’s just generally an easy guy to be around. And that’s when he’s not trying to get on your good side. 

* OBSERVANT: Qailyx likes to watch. He likes to watch dragon rider drills, he likes to watch people cook, he likes to watch two people facing off in a battle of wits, or any kind of battle. As long as he’s able to be on the sidelines without any danger for him, he’ll enjoy it. When you enjoy sitting back and watching, it’s easy to notice trends that you can’t see when you’re always in the limelight.

* GENEROUS: Because Qailyx cares so much about presents himself, he’s often giving the excess to others to gain favour. Qailyx’s mindset is very much to look out for him and his, but any excess that he doesn’t particularly care about he finds easy to give away. Sometimes he might regret it later, given how swiftly his whims change, but to everyone around him, the easy ability with which he gives is an endearing quality.


* EMOTIONALLY DISTANT: Qailyx likes company, and he doesn’t go out of his way to offend or upset people, it’s just not in his nature to enjoy that kind of confrontation. He just… doesn’t care about other people’s emotions. The important part about a relationship to Qailyx is not how someone feels about him, but how they treat him, he really doesn’t care about people’s motivation in treating him well, or how they view him, as long as he’s set. He’ll try to comfort someone when they’re upset, but it’s a reciprocation bet, and when it becomes too much effort to maintain someone else’s emotions, he’ll just… not.

* FICKLE: Qailyx gets bored easily, he’s always chasing something, whether it be a new shiny thing, a new bedpartner, a new skill, or just a rush of adrenalin. Ideas and wants can be set aside quickly as his whims change with the wind.

* PASSIVE/PACIFIST: Conflict is not Qailyx’s jam. Never has been. If he can’t get someone else to handle it for him, he’ll avoid it until it goes away. Which can be painful, and some might interpret it as cowardice, but he just really doesn’t do conflict. 

* CRASS: He likes to swear, overshares a little about his sex and work life and doesn’t have much of a personal space bubble. It was something that some tried to stamp out of him so that he’d fit in better in his former Holder life, and therefore is now something he revels in.

* FAR-SIGHTED: Although not so much an issue when he was young and learning to read, it did come on fairly early in his life that Qailyx gets headaches from reading and often has to hold messages about an arm’s length away for him to read it properly. Thankfully, given the lack of paper messages around the Weyr (given the lack of paper) it’s not so important, but can still be difficult if he needs to do some close up work like sewing.

Describe Yourself:

* SELF-ASSURED: ----- Qailyx has met a great many people, he’s seen many ways of coping, many ways of living, and of them all, he feels his way is best. He knows he isn’t perfect, but he’s never found a person whose choices he admires more than his own, and he’s never seen a walk of life he prefers to the one he’s carving for himself. Wherever he’s going in life, he knows he can handle it, because he’s handled everything so far and he’s handled it well (in his opinion).

* MATERIALISTIC: ----- Presents are great, not only because someone thought of you enough to get you something, which is flattery in the highest, but also because they thought you were worth something. Although Qailyx believes he’s ‘left’ the Holder lifestyle, he hasn’t really. In the Holder mentality everyone has their place in the hierarchy, measured by how other people view you and your family. He’s still in that midframe, he still measures his worth in how others treat him, he isn’t as free as he thinks he is. Presents and material goods being traded for his company validate him, which means he doesn’t hold friendships well when those people don’t give him that kind of validation… instead giving him things like love and loyalty, they simply don’t mean much to him.

* MANIPULATIVE: ----- It’s the backbone of Qailyx’s personality and success, if he hadn’t been so good at getting people to do what he wanted, he would never have been able to carve out the life he wanted for himself. He would instead have been stuck with his family, following all of the orders and rules of Holder life,

* AMBITIOUS: ----- Not ambitious in the sense that he wants to be a leader, or he wants to be ‘the  greatest,’ Qailyx just strives for what he wants and what helps him and his. It isn’t about recognition or power, it’s about security and comfort. He’ll do anything to get it and anything to keep it.

* METICULOUS: ----- : Well organised, clean, detail oriented, and a little on the vain side as far as his appearance goes, Qailyx could easily be described as meticulous. It’s not something he’s annoying about, it’s just something he does.

The Magic Touch:
Qailyx isn’t his given name, Evgrohle was the name given to him at birth, and it’s just plain ugly. As a child and then into his early adult years, he would go by his nickname Ev, often never telling people his real name if he could help it. But eventually, once he’d become a man, his parents refused to allow it. Thinking it some childish fancy, and that it was time for him to embrace his adulthood and use his proper name. This didn’t fly very well. And when he left his childhood home, disavowing all of his family bar his twin, he chose the name Qailyx as it was the furthest from his birth name as he could find.


Mother: Holder Evelthra 2550
Father: Taygrohle Peacekeeper, 2548

All adoptable. They can be what you want:
2563: 27 Turns
2565: 25 Turns
19.06.2567 (twins) : Meyelthra played by SanctifiedSavage
32.09.2570 : Tayvelle played by Kyya
2571: 19 Turns
2573: 17 Turns
2576: 14 Turns
2578: 12 Turns
2580: 10 Turns

He doesn’t know of any. If a woman came to see him while he was working, it wouldn’t be his problem, nor does he really care.

Tell us a story...

* 2567-2576, 0-5 Childhood
Born a twin in a well off family, Ev was baby who needed attention, and cuddles. He wasn’t quite a clingy child, because he was happy to receive attention from anyone so it was easy to palm him off, but he never enjoyed being alone. Curious by nature, he wasn’t exactly the fearless explorer his sister was, but he’d always be following someone around to watch what they were doing or where they were going. He learnt to talk earlier rather than later, needing to express what he wanted more adequately because apparently people didn’t pay enough attention to get it quick enough, which is really where his temper tantrums came from. Surprising, given his usually relaxed nature as an adult, there were a great many temper tantrums as a child.

* 2572-2576, 5-9 Siblings
Younger siblings are more of a pain than anything else. Sure, eventually there’s love and friendship, but before that there’s just screaming and bad smells and less attention for you. And, because of the masses of people being stuffed into the remaining Hold’s as Pern was devoured and left desolate, there wasn’t any real place to escape the overbearing noise and responsibilities of having younger siblings. Well… he supposed there was, his sister had seemed to find one well enough. But it would take him far longer than her to find the courage to escape. Instead, Ev threw himself into his school work, the small praise he got enough to make it through the next few years. Given Ev’s drive to make other people happy and his penchant for meticulousness, he found schooling meshed to his talents nicely and he was happy to spend his time there away from the noise and smells.

* 2576-2582, 9-15 Manhood has a price
After school was no longer an option, however, things became more difficult. Ev doesn’t like pressure, or responsibility, or authority, all of which are the proper ‘duties’ of Hold men. You must take care of your family, adhere to strict morals and never act in a way that could stain the family name, learn how to properly discipline your children and those under you… most of these ‘lessons’ were often given with clenched teeth and sideways glares at his sisters. Could his father not really see the irony in that? You can’t give a lesson pretending you know best when your example of bad behaviour is one of your own daughters? But his father had never, nor would ever, admit this was his wrong doing. Obviously, some people were just bad, they were born to be bad, and there had to come a point where you just gave up on them. Let them rot in the slums. Ev seemed to take to lessons very well… but he really only learnt one thing. Sometimes it’s easier just to ignore a problem or give something up before it became a hassle. Ev just saw things that were ‘worth’ the hassle, differently than his father.

* 2582-2585, 15-17 Fall from Grace or a Graceful Fall?
“It’s Ev. Ev. Call me Ev. All my friends call me Ev. Call me Ev. Ah, you can call me Ev. It’s Ev.”

“Just. Call. Me. Ev.”

Those four words had passed his mouth more times than please or thank you over the next few years of his adulthood. At almost every new meeting, every time his parents called him by his full name, every time a harper called on him in the hall lessons, every time he had to treat with aunts or uncles or family friends, he found himself saying them over and over. They became his least favourite thing to say, but not saying them was worse in his opinion.

His father and he argued about it often. His father always made it seem like ‘Evgrohle’ was who he really was and ‘Ev’ was just him pretending otherwise. It took a long time, and both Tayvella and Meyelthra left before he’d figured it out. But in the end, Ev found he agreed with his father, that he was pretending he wasn’t really Evgrohle, son of Evelthra and Taygrohle, Holder and dutiful son.

He just clearly wasn’t pretending well enough.

So, he left, he went to bed early one day and then the next morning he simply wasn’t there. Disappeared into the night. From then on, he decided he wanted to be Qailyx instead. Qailyx was so far away from Evgrohle that it would be a lot easier to pretend. Qailyx wanted different things, hung out with different people, and felt no pressure of holder morals and sensibilities. It was freeing, liberating, and it suited him. So that’s who he became.

From the almost constant feeling of being a disappointment, of being an outcast in his own family, of being alone in crowded rooms and being half of what his potential said he could be, the sudden liberation filled him with joy and purpose. It wasn’t easy, but for months he felt as if he was walking on air, simply because he wasn’t being tied down to the name Evgrohle.

* 2584-2587, 17-20 Made Anew
He went to Meyelthra. Well, not to her exactly, he crawled into bed with one of her other gang members and slept the most fitfully he has in a long while. Jumping between beds was easy enough for a short while, as Qailyx thought through what he’d like to be. He considered the crafts for a time, but nothing sung to him, and jumping back to taking orders wasn’t an idea he relished. Next came the possibility of his position in the gang… it wasn’t that he didn’t think he could fit, more that it was his sister’s gang, it wasn’t really his. No, he’d have to pick something else, something he was good at. What was he good at? He was good at making friends he supposed, people generally liked him, if they weren’t looking down their nose for some ‘moral’ reasons. And he was pretty…

Being a prostitute isn’t easy, but it beats being a Holders son.

There’s a degree of independence that Qailyx had found lacking, and given he wasn’t part of a Brothel, more an independent contractor, he had a certain degree of control over his clients. It wasn’t easy to start up, it took him a while of wrong choices and unfulfilled promises before he found his niche and learnt some safety tells. And he has some scars from not knowing his own limits or how to enforce them in the beginning. But Qailyx has found he’s a lot more tenacious than he thought, and now that he’s able to choose his own path, the downfalls are worth it.

It was pretty early on that he accepted a firelizard as payment, he’s been given plenty of eggs since then, and mostly used them for food, even though he dislikes the texture of egg, but it was one of his first that he let grow and hatch. Of course… he told everyone that it was pragmatic, if it was a girl he could constantly use her eggs as a source of extra food and trade, but he’d really always wanted one of his own, he’d just never wanted to ask for it. An elegant, if small, Green had hatched. Her chirp was high pitched but sweet, and her body was disproportionately elegant in length. She looked regal, and cute, and he’d named her Queen. After all, if he could carve out a life pretending to be someone he wasn’t, so could she. And she adapted to it well.

* 2587-2590, 20-23 Weyrlife
After starting over only a few turns before, to have to rearrange was… annoying. But Qailyx is a lot happier with his lot in life, happier with who he is, and is now used to getting what he wants, which means adapting to the new time and place is the only option. Getting annoyed over it is, natural, but largely a waste of time, so Qailyx doesn’t spend too much time on it.

He’s still finding his way around the issue. Moving to the Hall at Fort Island might be an easier way to get back into the life he had before, but it’s a bit too close to family for him to be truly happy about it just yet. And, at least at the weyr, no one starves from not working. And although the weyr isn’t the kind of place that can actually earn him anything from jumping from bed to bed, he’s still able to make friendships to curry favours. It’s not as lucrative as he’s quite used to, but there are other benefits at the weyr, and he’s largely happy with where he sits in weyrlife.

His head bowed, his shoulders hunched in their tension, it’s not that his father was yelling or threatening, in fact, it was probably one of the tamer fights that had graced the family table. More than that, it was that two sisters had already left, and neither were likely to return, so he had to bear it alone without any hope of kindred feelings.

“It’s time to take responsibility for the way your behaviour reflects on this family Evgrohle.

And there it was again. The way his father had put the emphasis on it, like every time he used Ev he was disgracing the family or pretending to be a different person than he ‘should’ be. Like ‘Evgrohle’ was who he really was and ‘Ev’ was just him pretending otherwise. He drew in a deep breath to correct his father again, one more act of defiance, that’s what his sisters would do… and then simply let it out… and a peace settled over him... perhaps his father was right. “As you wish,” he said softly.

Ev was always calm, always measured, but this was a new level for him. Usually there’d be a tick in the jaw, or a tightness in his arms, but there was no sign of that as he rose from his chair. He looked totally at ease, as if in that deep breath he’d released all the anger and frustration that had been growing within him every time someone had used his name in the last 5 turns.

If it was possible he looked… healthier? His fragile frame was now just thin, his gaunt face now delicate? He rose with grace, elegance, smoothly, like the felines of old. He pushed in his chair, no scraping on the hardwood floor, picked up his dish and cleared his place at the table. As he left the crowded family dining room, he kissed his mother on her forehead. “I’m going to retire early, thank you for dinner.”

He walked to his room without hurry, back straight, chin up, clothes immaculate, the picture of a dutiful son. For a last glimpse of him, it was a pretty good one.

He simply wasn’t there in the morning.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, or ask Savage.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On.
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by: SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the word.
Date of Birth:
34.02.2586 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Queen stayed small, even for a Green flit. She mightn’t be the smallest firelizard, but she will never have reasonable sized clutches, only ever 3 or 4 eggs, because she’s simply not big enough. She looks longer than she is, slim even in her miniscule size, and her wings are longer than what they ‘should’ be, giving her an air of regal elegance. She’s very much like Qailyx in that manner, although where he is pale, she is deep and rich in colour. She has lighter patches that perfectly fade into her deep emerald colour, leaving her skin looking slick and well-oiled all the time.


Mind Voice: Qailyx never really bothered to train Queen. Obviously she comes to him when he calls, and she’ll be quiet when he asks, but she never really took to any other tasks, and he didn’t need her to. She can’t parrot any phrases, and she only sends images when she wants to, which is rarely. Her voice is higher pitched than some might appreciate, but she prefers to croon than chitter, and prefers silence to screeching.

Lazy afternoons – unlike Qailyx, who prefers to spend his mornings relaxing and his nights working, Queen prefers the calm of the afternoon. She’s up and ready when the sun is, and ready to nod off as soon as it begins to sink below the edges of the weyrbowl, Qailyx doesn’t mind as long as she keeps out of trouble, which isn’t hard as she avoids most humans who aren’t hers.

Firelizards – Queen is a real socialite with her own kind, she likes to play and croon and is very physical in her affections with other flits. And she’ll get really upset and moody if they don’t like her in return.

People – She just doesn’t like people, their hands that pull on tails and their voices that can go from whispers one second and then bark with laughter the next. They’re abrasive. If they didn’t talk or touch her it wouldn’t be too bad, or if they were gentle and sweet like Hers is, but most just aren’t. Thankfully, Queen isn’t the confrontational kind, much like Qailyx. Instead, as soon as there are too many people paying attention to her or getting to close, she’ll just disappear and find somewhere less annoying to play.

Woolbeasts – much like her dislike for people, Queen avoids going anywhere near the fuzzy, loud, smelly things for any reason. Her bonded may enjoy helping out the Beastcraft to earn some of his keep, he might even like the tiny ones that he calls ‘cute’ but there is no way she’s going anywhere near them. 

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Will fly on the 5th of the 6th month, and is not a force catch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Qailyx | 19.06.2567 | Weyrfolk
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Re: Qailyx | 19.06.2567 | Weyrfolk
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