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Author Topic: Flight Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]  (Read 1511 times)

Offline Callista

Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:09:29 AM »
Ariyath’s proddiness began earlier than usual this month, and while another rider might complain about being subjected to a near-constant state of lust for an extended period of time, Callista followed along with the green without any resistance. Ariyath had remained grounded the last time she was supposed to rise, due to how close Callista was in her pregnancy. Pushing it off had made the both of them a bit irritable and so far, only their return to regular Wing duties had soothed them.

Now they could make up for lost time, and Callista did just that in the days leading to Ariyath’s flight. She wasn’t particularly picky who or where, so long as it was after Wing duties had been completed. Ariyath spent most of her free time with Illoth and Skeleeth whenever she could, sandwiching herself between them and flirting mercilessly with them. Even encouraging them give her chase before it was her time. Callista, while obviously preferring the company of her Wingseconds, hadn’t been so selective. If either of the bronzer twins were occupied, she quickly moved on to others.

In this time, Callista didn’t want to share. Even if it were with her closest wingmates and friends, Yestine and Iralye, she found herself pulling away that full sevenday, selfishly wanting any and all attentions focused only on herself. She wanted, no, needed to be the sole focus of her bed partner during these days.

But after a full sevenday of riding on Ariyath’s lust, Callista was beginning to feel impatient for the flight. Her blood ran heated through her veins until she felt like her body might burst into flame. She tried to force the bedfurs from her and was met with resistance. She shoved again, throwing the arm of whomever had tumbled into her bed for the night off of her with the furs. She breathed a small sigh of relief as a firm breeze swept in from the ledge and caressed her bare skin. The fellow beside her tried to roll back over onto her and she slapped his arm away. “Get out,” she murmured softly at first, then louder when he didn’t seem to listen. “Out!”

She needed to stretch out and sprawl on her bedfurs. Maybe if she didn’t feel so claustrophobic all of a sudden, she could get back to sleep. The man—she couldn’t recall his name—was spitting curses at her for kicking him out at whatever time it was, but she didn’t care. Now that he was gone from her bed, she could stretch her legs and arms wide and breathe easier with the chilled wind sweeping over her. Even after he’d left, she couldn’t completely remove the feeling of being cramped for air.

A shiver of a chill jolted through her, jarring with the sensation that her body was on fire. And then it all clicked into place. The hot, burning desire of a Flight surged through her. Callista pushed herself upright in her bedfurs to see swirling purple eyes staring back at her. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood, uncaring that she would be naked when others arrived. She needed to stand and to keep from touching anything or anyone until Ariyath was caught. The green dragon took to the edge of the weyr’s ledge, planting herself as strong winds whipped around her. It would be a challenging flight with these severe winds, and Ariyath wouldn’t have it any other way. Only the strongest, the best, should catch her.

Come and get me! Her mind voice broadcast to the male dragons of the Weyr. It didn’t matter who. Bronzes, browns, blues. Whomever would be strong enough to fight the winds to catch her. Ariyath launched herself into the sky as a rush of wind slammed into her side. She turned herself into it, using the wind and her wings to throw herself into the sky with abandon. There was no waiting for the others to follow. They would either catch up or fall behind.

Spoiler for OOC:
This is an open Flight. Next post on Sunday.
See OOC Thread here for Flight details.
« Last Edit: September 05, 2018, 02:04:07 PM by SirAlahn »

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline L'nal

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 04:56:17 PM »
Ariyath’s flirting with them had only made the Wingseconds’ Bronzes all the more eager for her. That was not to say that the pretty, attentive Green didn’t flirt with them most of the time anyway. But there was a difference to how she was normally and her behavior before a Flight. And since her last Rise had been delayed because of her rider’s pregnancy, it was high time they got to chase her again. The little mock Flights she led them on were simply diversions prior to the main event.

L’ale and L’nal could have Callista whenever they called her. And while Skeleeth and Illoth could summon Ariyath dutifully to their sides in much a similar fashion, they were both eager for her to Rise, and to compete with others to get a chance at claiming her once again.

So when her call woke them early in the morning, the two Bronzes were awake in an instant. Ready. It was Illoth’s turn for a head start, so he took to his wings after only a moment, arcing into the dark and windy sky to chase after her. Skeleeth, impatient, shifted on his claws while the twins rolled out of bed. But at least he didn’t have to wait long.

Soon enough he was dropping them at Callista and Ariyath’s weyr, joining his brother and the other males in the air all vying for the Green’s attention. He rumbled to her over the sound of the wind, a deep purr. Fly far and fast, pretty one.

As accustomed as he was to Callista at their beck and call, all of this held a certain allure for L’nal as well. She was as gorgeous as ever, even rumpled from sleep, and knowing he or L’ale would have to earn her attention this morning only added to the lust flooding through his bond with Skeleeth. The others around, they didn’t matter, not even for a cursory glance—Wingmates, those from other Wings, he didn’t care. His focus was wholly and solely on Callista, just as Skeleeth’s was on Ariyath.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline U'kir

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Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2017, 03:02:41 PM »
U'kir was in his Weyr just waking up for the day and getting dressed he did not mind sleeping alone which he did a lot as he had not found anyone yet and his Bronze wanted to catch a gold sooner or later so he was not going to be mated to just one person yet till he catches a Gold. He ran a hand through his hair when Goranth stirred and he felt the first sturrings of dragon lust. "Where at Gora buddy?"

Ariyanth Rises. I want to chase even if I might not win as she is one of the Twin's greens.

"We will go Buddy if you do not win I can find someone don't worry about me. You have caught before so that is no problem you just fly your best."

He pulled on his pants and mounted Goranth as they stepped onto the Ledge when they got to Callista's Weyr Goranth dropped him off and was into the air.

Fly Beautiful one and I will come to get you.

U'kir walked into the weyr and saw both wing seconds and the rider of the Green. She was beautiful as ever and he knew she was the twins. But in a flight anything could happen.

Offline T'stann

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2017, 08:27:12 PM »
T’stann woke to the sharpness of Nerenith’s voice. So used to the deep, rumbling drawl, the hiss didn’t often grace the Bronzeriders mind. A little when they were grounded, Nerenith thinking it an insult to their abilities, but not usually in the middle of the night. Groaning aloud, T’stann just rolled over to shoot a questioning glare at his agitated Bronze.

Get. Up. Or. Walk.

“Ugh,” not the most eloquent of phrases for T’stann, who was so accustomed to flowery words, but suitable for the truly sudden change between the lovely dream he was having, and the orange swirling eyes of irritation that almost seemed to glow in the dark, the form of the Bronze almost invisible in the dark weyr. Now, of course, he recognised the dream was being fed by the lust sweeping through their bond in waves, but T’stann was still plenty happy to complain about the change, and would continue to do so until they won.

Pulling on trousers without much grace as he moved across to his dragon, and grabbing a shirt quickly before vaulting up a leg and onto the unsaddled back, T’stann briefly enquired, who?


Clutching his Bronze with his thighs, T’stann pulled the short sleeved shirt over his head as they sailed to Greenrider’s weyr. Of course, he wasn’t in Jungle, and hadn’t been as privy as the others to Callista’s and Ariyath’s proddiness and lust, but this wasn’t the first time Nerenith had chased the flirtatious Green, and both were excited for what the early morning would bring.

Even if T’stann wouldn’t admit it just yet.

Enjoy, remarked T’stann as his dark Bronze landed, only giving him just enough time to jump down before taking off again, buffeting his rider with wind as he raced to chase after the already soaring Green. Turning back from watching the Bronze take off, he noted Callista’s state of dress, or more accurately, undress. I know I will, he added after a brief moment.

Shooting a wicked grin to the Greenrider, he nodded at the other gathering competitors, all in various states of dishevelment. Though most seemed to ignore him, which he wouldn’t take personally this morning, there were clearly more important things to be watching.

Nerenith managed an annoyed rumble at his rider, before all his attention honed in at the Green above him. The winds, and the Green’s known agility and high standards, would make this a plenty interesting flight. More, Nerenith enjoyed going up against solid competition, the Jungle Wingleaders would be worthy competition for him. And he planned to be a worthy winner for Ariyath. Instead of pretty words or phrases, like his competitors chose, Nerenith instead opted for a bungle to answer her call. It rose above the noise of the winds, but only just. In his mind, it showed he was plenty happy to rage against the sky to win her.
Bronze Nerenith
37.7 m long | 7.4 m tall | 61.45 m wings

Offline R'ael

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2017, 06:50:18 PM »
R'ael and Uramaeth were sleeping up until a Green's call stirred the Brown. R'ael, nestled against one of his legs, was delicately maneuvered around so that Uramaeth could safely stand without crushing her. Ray, Ariyath rises. His voice was gentle but urgent, in its way, and the power behind it was enough to bring the woman to. Her grumbled response gave some kind of consent and, as if sleepwalking, she pulled herself astride her Brown so that he could bring her to Callista's weyr.

It was cold in the open air and she was suddenly quite aware that her night clothes weren't the best defense against the winds that whipped them both. Uramaeth was quick, at least, as he touched down for a breath that allowed her to slip down to the ledge. At least the brisk weather had her more awake. She shuffled into the weyr and snuck toward the bed so she could grab a bed fur and wrap it around herself. There, that was cozy.

Uramaeth had vague notions of who Ariyath was and, also, who her usual mates were. He didn't mind the competition. Every Green was worth chasing, even when the weather was so foul. The wind is trying to outshine you, he told her, drawing whatever warmth he had into his words, but you are too swift. It screams its jealousy and I will fight it for you.

Offline J'thir

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #5 on: December 07, 2017, 04:50:09 PM »
J'thir was in the midst of pleasant dreams when a large bronze head intruded on both his mind and body space all at once. Wake up. Ariyath rises, Adakhanyth announced with a characteristic sense of urgency that rarely failed to bring his rider to full consciousness.

Still, J'thir protested the rude awakening. "Lemme sleep ye great brute," he cracked an eye open and peered outside - or where it would be, if it weren't dark outside - and let his head fall back onto the pillow with a small thump, "'s the middle of the night." If he listened hard enough, he could even hear the wind screaming outside. She could have chosen a better night, he thought bitterly to himself.

Would you not appreciate the chance to fall into the bed of a beautiful woman tonight? the bronze teased.

I had a beautiful woman in my arms until you just chased her away, he grumbled, finally giving up on any chance of recapturing the dream and hauling himself out of bed and into a pair of shorts. Alright, you win. Go play your chances.

I have the best chance, Adakhanyth chuffed to himself, J'thir giving him an affectionate slap on his shoulder as he mounted for the bronzes towering pride. It was only a quick hop to Ariyath's weyr, though he had to vie for a chance to drop his rider off in the crowd of bronze and brown wings that were all clamouring to be off. Ariyath had taken flight already, and each second was precious.

As was the woman who awaited them. Naked and beautiful, Callista stood on her ledge unheeding of those gathering around her. At the very least, if Adakhanyth didn't win Ariyath tonight, he could say that he had an attractive view. With Adakhanyth's record with greens, that could be quite likely, he just wasn't agile enough for many of them, particularly those that were less inclined to choose a mate on strength and prowess alone. Ariyath would be a long shot for, but J'thir knew that the bronze would enjoy the challenge of battling the fierce winds regardless.

Adakhanyth, of course, wasn't thinking about all that as he leapt back off from the ledge and caught the gusting wind in his wings. He had priorities, and self doubt was never one of them. Neither would he waste mind on pretty words and praises. He knew that wasn't what would win him Ariyath. Instead, he focussed his wind on his wings and the wind, on pushing forward and on the myriad little adjustments it took to ride each gust and not get blown under by it. And on Ariyath, bright and shining, tantalisingly out of reach.

Spoiler for Hidden:
R'ael's post reminded me this was here. Better late than never, eh? Hope you don't mind me throwing him in so late on! <3

Offline Callista

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #6 on: March 28, 2018, 07:11:17 PM »
Callista was lost in Ariyath before the first competitor arrived in her weyr. She’d succumbed to the green as easily as giving in to sleep. It felt like falling into place. Here they were one. They were whole. The weyr fell away from view, and she was no longer thinking of the challengers who would enter her space or who might claim her tonight as a prize. Her feverish body stood by the bed, its only movement caused by the thick, excited breaths that tasted like fresh mountain air.

Ariyath didn’t waste any time waiting to see who would follow her. The more air she put between herself and the others, the more of a challenge it would be to make it to her. It wasn’t only her speed and agility as a Jungle green, who spent most of her time weaving through the Jungle and trying to catch wherry, but the wind that would make this morning a true contest of strength and will.

A burst of wind ripped through the mountain, tearing down and forcing her to the right. Her wings angled and pushed into the current, using her wings as sails to propel her forward before she barrel-rolled out of it. Ariyath climbed through the sky, bringing herself higher and higher over the sea now. She could finally see those that followed, though she’d heard a few of them at the start of her flight.

Her two favorites, Illoth and Skeleeth, were present, and although she enjoyed their company above any others, that favoritism played no part in her Flights. They knew that they would have to fight equally as hard as the rest to catch her. She wouldn’t be satisfied until the best dragon that chased her pulled her from the skies. She would not give in easily to any of them and would have to be forced to give in for this flight to end.

Another Jungle bronze, Goranth, sang sweet words to her. He was younger, but a Jungle rider and dragon were always counted as fierce competition. A brown, Uramaeth, praised her skill and taunted the wind. Had the sun been awake, Ariyath would have likely glowed momentarily from their attentions. However, it was the quieter dragons that drew her attention. Those who would take her flight seriously and know that any effort spent should be in finding the best way to catch her. Whether it was by speed, strength, stamina, or even strategy to catch her unsuspecting. The bronze from another Wing and the familiar Adakhanyth, who showed their intent by the force of their wings and silent conviction.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline R'ael

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #7 on: June 24, 2018, 06:27:40 PM »
The Brown’s big wings weren’t going to work in his favor tonight. The large sails weren’t as aerodynamic as some and with the wind so vicious, it was a struggle for him to even keep in a straight line let alone follow whatever path Ariyath set. In good skies he was a beast of stamina, but fighting so hard against the winter gusts meant even his greatest strength wasn’t going to be of much help. Whether these thoughts passed through his mind, it didn’t deter him in the slightest. The chase was more thrilling and if the flight was to be difficult, that just upped the ante.

The gust that caused Ariyath to swerve to the right had a greater effect on Uramaeth. He faltered, midair, and tried to pull his wings in to regain control. His momentum and body dropped some feet down before the air felt safe enough for his sails to again unfurl. The Green was already high above and his shoulders already ached with the effort. Somewhere, like a distant itch, he felt R’ael scoff. She’d surely be in a sour mood if his pulling her out of their warm bed proved to be such a fruitless venture.

He’d try harder.

Unconcerned with what Ariyath thought she needed, and mindless to how his competitors might have already gained an advantage, Uramaeth continued his pursuit in the only way he knew how. Tradition sang to him as clearly as any female in flight and his tradition dictated that he continue his sing-song serenade. You are a Queen of the night, your siren’s call spells me forward even as Pern tries to tear us apart, there was no strain to his voice, nothing to suggest his physical struggle.

Within the weyr, R’ael was indeed becoming an impatient onlooker. She clutched the furs with whitening knuckles and her eyes passed between the reality in front of her and the vision of the dragons, out there somewhere in the skies. This was the part of flights that she least enjoyed. The waiting, the eerie environment of a room full of people all with the same, lost and lusty expressions. She supposed she could find someone in here to pair with but she didn’t want to show her doubts in Uramaeth’s attempt.

Offline L'nal

Re: Airborne [ 20.10.2590 || 3 AM ]
« Reply #8 on: July 02, 2018, 11:04:03 PM »
Skeleeth knew, in a distant sort of way, that the wind would not be his friend this night. Not in this Flight. Like the other larger dragons, dwarfing Ariyath in size, his bulk made him less an aerodynamic beast and more an awkward one. But as stubborn as the Bronze was, he was determined to make good on his chase of the Green even so.

He’d gotten a slightly later start than some of the others, including Illoth. So when the gust of wind pushed all of them, and Ariyath used it to shoot forward and then up, Skeleeth didn’t fight it. Spreading his wide wingsails, he allowed the wind to take him along for the ride, simply angling his wings to make it work for him as best he could. It pushed him a little further from her initially… but his gamble paid off when he found another gust of wind that this time carried him upward instead.

Not directly behind and below her, he was able to move unhindered higher into the sky. As Ariyath climbed so did he—and Skeleeth was confident that his powerful wingstrokes would be able to close the distance between them when the time was right. If it came. For the time being, he just let the air buoy him upward, the breadth of his wings combating the weight of his body somewhat.

It wouldn’t just be speed that would catch this Green, nor fighting the wind to be close to her. His best chance, given the conditions, would be in trying to outsmart her and gamble with the weather.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.


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