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Author Topic: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!  (Read 1597 times)

Offline W'um

W’um’s morning so far had consisted of getting up early, a past-time which was a little strange to him, as he had usually taken advantage of Prairie’s more… lax instructions in order to get a little more sleep. But this was purely and simply rewarding for him. It made him want to get up in the morning, and even if his bones ached a bit, and his scars throbbed, W’um still wandered around the barracks, ensuring all his Weyrlings were waking for their morning lesson, with a spring in his step.

Life was good when you felt fulfilled.

The session they would be having this morning, was not something W’um had come up with himself. It was in fact, an ingenious game which had been passed down by Weyrlingmasters to D’zel, who had incorporated it into his own instruction, and in that, passed it on to W’um to teach his new Weyrlings.

With the last month introducing Oriath’s clutch into the barracks, training hadn’t been able to stop, but had simply been a little bit more complicated. However, there had only been a few days of overcrowding, before Wa’by had moved Kalestath’s clutch from the previous turn.

After that, the barracks had been a little subdued. Many friends had been made, even in the short time they had been there, and despite only being a few more dragonlengths away, it was hitting home that some were moving on a lot more quickly than this new clutch might like.

However, there were always ups when there were downs, with Oriath’s new clutch moving in, it meant that Kalestath’s were no longer the new kids on the block, and some inevitability felt a bit of freedom with being released from their “newbie” status.

Regardless, their dragons grew fast and large, and despite W’um having a new clutch of dragonpairs under his belt, there was no time to take a break.
“Alright everyone!” He called when Kalestath’s clutch had assembled themselves in a patchy bit of grass in the Weyrbowl. “The game today is pretty simple. Whilst you riderpairs have been connected for a few months, and by now, should be sorting out the kinks communicating with your dragons, talking telepathically to other pairs is not so easy. With this kind of communication it is sometimes a little too…” he paused for a moment dramatically, as if looking for the right word, “easy, to fill in a fuzzy relay with a little bit of info of your own. But that is not what we are looking for today. Accuracy. You can’t afford to kill in the blanks in threadfall.”

He stopped at one edge of the group. “Line up, front of the line next to me here.” Whilst they wouldn’t actually be communicating out loud, the visual representation of the line should help their conveying. When they had all shuffled into place, W’um continued, this time with a smile. “I will tell Liramyth a message, he will tell our first in line,” W’um smiled down at the keen Weyrling who had ended up next to him, “Who will then convey it to their dragon, this will continue, each pair telling the next pair in the line, as clearly as possible, until we reach the end.” He waved a scarred hand at the Weyrling at the end of the line, “You will then tell the class the message, and we will see how well you all did, any questions?”

Spoiler for OOC:
The OOC info thread is here. If you have any questions/just want to say what your Weyrling is doing before you throw them in ICly that's what it's there for. :3

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W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline Ya'lin

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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2017, 02:28:46 PM »
Ya'lin was first to arrive with Faromith right behind her almost picking her up with her head since the girl was so small compaired to her dragon. She laughed and smiled to the green. Lovey you can not carry me yet you have to grow more when W'um says you can pick me up then you can pick me up till then no trying to pick me up.

But I want you to ride me now mine. I am big enough and you are small.

I know I am small now but I will get bigger but not as big as you will get lovey so we wait you are not big enough. You can carry Shadow Sun and Nightmoon for now they are small enough. She likes you as well as me.

She placed the young gold on the back of the green who was in love with the gold and the gold just rolled her eyes as if to say okay this will do and fell back to sleep. The Blue was already on the green and chittering at her for her antics of trying to get Ya'lin to rider her. She then stood in line with Faromith beside her and smiled to W'um "Faromith and I are ready Sir." Night shut up and listened to the Weryling Master as well. He was not young like the Gold.
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Offline T'vil

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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2017, 11:19:52 AM »
T'vil was right behind Ya'lin, counting himself as arriving at the same time -- not early, but better than being late.

What are we doing today?

T'vil watched W'um carefully, but the weyrlingmaster didn't give anything away. He didn't see any equipment on the group beside him, nothing that could give any type of hint as to what their group would be learning today.

//I'm not sure. Do you see any equipment?// Findaeth peeked his head up, away from where he had been hiding somewhat behind T'vil. The dragon shook his head, curiosity beginning to get the better of him. The little black dragon had been at once shier and more talkative in recent weeks, trying to reach out to the reds in their bunk while also going into moods where he didn't want to talk to anyone.

He ended up standing next to Ya'lin and her green as W'um had them lineup. So they would practice speaking? Or at least, speaking to other dragons. On the surface, it didn't seem too difficult, but it did take a while for T'vil to not have to use his voice to reach out to Findaeth.

I am in a good mood, the black declared. T'vil patted his head happily. Hopefully that meant he'd be okay to get chatty.
Findaeth at 10.2590: 4 months old; 10.86m long, 1.95m tall, 16.8m wingspan.

Offline Ionei

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2017, 02:39:22 PM »
Quaoth was never first, but he was always amongst the beginning of any group of weyrlings getting together. Not because he was excited about lessons, but because he was excited ... ish ... about the gathering of his clutch and because he liked finding opportunities to climb on things. He was also getting too big to just climb on things, and Ionei was telling him off for it more often.

He would make a sly comment that made no sense right back, but he did behave, so that was helpful. The only being whose enthusiastic energy could beat out Ionei's own was her lifemate's and she was starting to see how she sometimes made other people feel.

Which Quaoth didn't care about one bit.

Opinions, to him, were entirely irrelevant unless they belonged to Ionei or Kalestath. He bounded in W'um's direction, leading Ionei to cringe preemptively, but Quaoth did manage not sliding and crashing into another dragon or bowling over a person. As quickly as he picked up his frighteningly speedy-playful run, he skidded to a stop and settled in a spot in line.

// Uh, //
Ionei thought experimentally, since she still usually talked to Quaoth out loud, // nice job? //

Gotta be good at stopping if you're gonna be good at going, he answered laconically.
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Offline T'rel

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2017, 04:20:08 PM »
The Bronzepair were on time. Not too early, certainly not late, but there when needed, as expected. Nynath was looking splendid as ever, although his growth had slowed some, despite what his hatching size had promised. He’d still be larger than most but these days T’rel was feeling the strain of having to compete further with the Black dragons. Nynath, per usual, afforded it no mind. He was as big as he was meant to be and he knew that size wasn’t everything, in the end.

He gave his sister a nod as he passed her, along with his roommates when he saw them and anyone else he deemed acceptable. That left about half the class in the dust. He didn’t care, this exercise today was going to be annoying enough that he didn’t want to spare the effort. T’rel did try to put himself toward the front of the line, just to get it out of the way. Nynath sprawled out beside him and took great care in watching what the other dragons were doing.

Most of them look like they’re feeling cooperative. This will be easy. The Bronze’s confidence was a little ill-placed. While he sometimes spoke to Faromith, Aitorith and Iaoth, his social circle ended there. He much preferred conversation with T’rel, speaking to others, especially strangers, was still an awkward and too-personal thing.

Don’t let me down. You know we’ve got to stay ahead. Yeah, no pressure.

Offline F'erro

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2017, 06:13:43 PM »
The three of them- Zhouth, Vicious the Blue flit, and F’erro arrived without much time to spare. Sometimes it was like herding felines just to get them all out the door and agreeable. Where Zhouth abided, Vicious rebelled, and vice versa. What’s more, even though the flit was making a name for himself as a kind of watchwher, he couldn’t be trusted to be left alone in the rooms just yet. F’erro had thought his days of tattered clothes were over with Zhouth’s hatching, but that was nothing in compared to the firelizard’s fury. He was so tired of begging weavers to mend his clothes that he had even taken up needle and thread himself, albeit clumsily.

F’erro gave W’um a lazy salute and then shuffled into line without really listening to instruction. Zhouth, from day one, had been very active about communicating to other dragons and quickly after that, other riders. F’erro knew it wasn’t the normal behavior of most dragons, but she was a Red. He couldn’t rope her in any easier than he could tame Vicious’s destruction. It was their nature.

The Red took her place, looking eager. I will be very good at this.

He didn’t doubt it, and nodded indulgently. I think we’re also supposed to learn that there is a time and a place, though.

It is always the time, and the place. I am the time and the place.

F’erro shrugged.

Vicious, meanwhile, was off in the grass, looking for grubs and demolishing the blades of grass that were in the way. He looked like a feral firelizard but his well-shined hide betrayed that. F’erro let him be, too. If he was occupied for the entire lesson it’d be a nice thing.

Offline Galve

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #6 on: November 25, 2017, 10:13:00 PM »
Spoiler for OOC:
Weyteleth is: Just over 3m in length, 65cm in height, and has just over a 5m wingspan.

This morning had been great as far as Galve was concerned. Although mornings were usually rough before klah, honey had been harvested recently so there was plenty of sweetener that they were allowed for their morning cup, which certainly made up for it. On top of the fact that they were having to get used to it as Weyteleth seemed to wake up with the slightest bit of movement from one of their roommates. So Galve was up earlier and earlier for klah and drills.

Which only made them slightly regret becoming a candidate.

It was weird to Galve to think about how much Weyteleth enjoyed noise but woke up with the slightest bit of sound. And with the worsening weather as the seasons progressed, Galve was just plain shocked when Weyteleth spent her first storm awake all night to watch it, but then slept through the entirety of her second one. The discussion about it ended up more confusing than anything else, but Galve thinks they narrowed it down to, ‘if there’s lots of noise, Weyteleth can sleep really easily because she gets used to the constantly changing sounds, but if there’s no noise, any slight change catches her attention and she’s too inquisitive to ignore it and go back to sleep.’

That’s the assumption they were running on at least, they hadn’t really managed to notice much else that would help them figure it out. It was only because Weyteleth tended to sleep on their chest that they even noticed the little Red waking up so often. However, that wouldn’t be able to continue for much longer.

The little Red was still… well… little. But her colouring was already beginning to change as she grew, and she was about half Galve’s height… and twice her length. By this point, Weyteleth was basically a heated pillow for Galve to stretch out on, not the other way around. The dark Red that Galve saw on the day Weyteleth had first hatched had lightened along her torso and in splashes along her wings, leaving the majority of her form more pink than Galve could have imagined when she first hatched.

As Galve pondered the changes to their lifemate, W’um began to speak, and Weyteleth curled her tail around their legs. I get to join in today! We should be at the front, she added quickly as she went to push her way further up the line.

Or, we could just stay here, because he’s already walked around to one side of the group and we don’t want to push in.

Oh right. Pushing in is rude. I remember. The surprisingly deep voice of their dragon reverberated throughout their head as W’um finished his instructions, and the pink speckled tail once more wrapped around their legs, their favourite place to fit it currently. Galve hadn’t noticed when Weyteleth first started tucking her tail out of the way by wrapping it around Galve, but it had been one of the plenty of times the Red had knocked something over to Galve’s sigh. Rather than allow her tail to flap around and knock things over that get her in trouble, Weyteleth figured the safest place for it was around Galve. It was highly unlikely they would be in the wrong spot. To Weyteleth’s thinking that is.
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Offline W'um

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #7 on: December 04, 2017, 06:45:06 PM »
"Good good! Let's get started then." W'um smiled, his eyes sweeping over all the Weyrlings gathered in a line next to him. The physical act of getting in line would probably not do anything to help the relay, but in terms of making it easier for the dragonets to not cross signals, hopefully it would ease the difficulty.

Whilst some of the young Weyrlings might believe this to be an easy exercise, it was likely that they would be the ones who would falter. It was much easier to speak to the dragon you were constantly connected with, using the emotions that you felt from them to fill in the gaps. Instead of receiving the exact message they conveyed to you, instead just... knowing what they wanted to say. Regardless, W'um was curious how this would go.

Make sure you listen in to each pair as they go. Tell Ya'lin, 'The Jungle is quiet today. The beach is clear. The Weyr is full.' Three separate sentences, three important words, each would have to be conveyed exactly.

Liramyth passed the message on to Ya'lin, slowly and clearly, even he having to put in some modicum of effort in order to make sure that the inexperienced mind would be able to accept his words. She would then pass the message along to T'vil beside her.


Spoiler for OOC:
So please try and make this as... reasonable as possible.
If everyone's character does it word-perfect the thread will a) be boring and b) be simply unreasonable and inaccurate.
Tag the next person in line from the class when you pass the message along.

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Offline T'vil

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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2017, 12:20:04 PM »
As W'um announced they were beginning, the chatter around the front of the line died down. It was unusual for them, he thought. Though they listened intently whenever W'um gave instruction, there was inevitable quiet whispers passed back and forth. But, each pair seemed to know the importance of silence during this exercise. T'vil waited quietly as Liramyth passed the message along to Ya'lin and Faromith.

He waited, then, for Findaeth to perk up and receive the message. It was getting easier every day to clearly talk to his dragon. The two of them could anticipate the emotions and pictures behind the words, which helped them understand each other clearly. But pickup up whole sentences from another dragon? That'd be a challenge.

Findaeth stilled beside him and T'vil could tell he was talking to Faromith.

She says "the jungle is quiet, the beach is clear, and the weyr is... he paused, unsure of himself. T'vil waited, prompting him gently to remember. Crowded? Full? Something about lots of people and dragons.

//That's fine, Findaeth,// T'vil encouraged, scratching his headknobs lightly. //You got the message. She probably said "full." Why don't you pass that on?//

Findaeth turned his head to look at the next dragon and reached out hesitantly to brush their mind.

The Jungle is quiet. The beach is clear. The weyr is full.

//Good job,// T'vil said again, glad that they were at least first.

@Aster @Ionei

Spoiler for OOC:
I did drop a word from the phrase. I hope this works for being realistic! I guess Aster is after me since Ionei posted next so that's who I tagged. If someone else had themselves after T'vil, lemme know and I'll fix it.
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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #9 on: December 05, 2017, 03:22:35 PM »
S’ric hated mornings. Dakrith did not. Anything that put them at odds was quick to cause a fuss. For the sake of not having to fight the growing Black dragon, S’ric was quick to roll out of his bed in the morning, get dressed, and get ready for the day. It was a mechanical motion even though his brain didn’t really feel like it was functioning. Just going through the motions so he didn’t get bit.

In a way, Dakrith had won whatever battle this was. There was just some things S’ric didn’t want to fight him over, and whether or not he woke up on time was one of those things. Why the Black was so eager to face the day, S’ric would never understand.

They arrived at the lesson on time – since Dakrith would have it no other way. He was excited right up until he found out what they were doing for the day. Communication exercises. Dakrith literally thumped onto his belly slightly behind S’ric with a faint huff, no longer interested in the day while S’ric was slowly waking up, listening half heartedly to the instructions. Hear a message, pass it along. How... how hard could that really be?

Granted, getting Dakrith to listen to anything that he didn’t want to was a pain in the ass.

Dakrith huffed again, breathing a short, hot breath out of his nose in frustration. He wanted to run around. Wrestle. Try to fly. Things of that nature. “You’re the one always insisting training is good for us,” S’ric grumbled as they lined up.

Dakrith shifted enough so he remained near his rider, then yawned. Bored already. I don’t need help communicating.

We’ll see, S’ric thought, mostly to himself, though he suspected Dakrith picked up on it.

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Offline Ionei

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #10 on: December 14, 2017, 07:11:33 AM »
Quaoth sat, back on his haunches like a well-trained animal might, awaiting his turn as the message passed from Faromith to Findaeth and on to him. Curiously whirling eyes watched the others to see if there was any change in their body language, or ... well, whatever else dragons saw when they looked at each other, Ionei supposed.

It took him a little while, a minute or two, to sort out exactly what he wanted to say without relaying it through Ionei too much. He didn't want her help anyway; he didn't need help to find words! They were just words! Words were easy! Words were ... more difficult than he thought. Concepts were easy.

It's silent in the jungle, he told Nynath, and the beach is empty and the weyr is full.

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Offline T'rel

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #11 on: December 16, 2017, 05:53:33 PM »
Nynath seemed agitated to have Quaoth interact so intimately with him. His tail lashed the ground and the rest of him stiffened still as a statue. T’rel grit his own teeth and tried to instill some patience into his Bronze. Their position in line was ideal in the sense that their turn would come quickly, but it also put them beside unsavory neighbors. They couldn’t pick a friendly face this time, they had to obey the law of the line.

Initially, Quaoth’s words rang clearly in Nynath’s head. It’s silent in the jungle and the beach is empty and the weyr is full. He repeated it back to himself a time or two, and then shared it with T’rel when he felt confident. It translated to his bonded seamlessly, he may as just have said it to himself again.

Less easy was his next task. Nynath’s head swivelled down the line. He knew that Dakrith was next but it didn’t hurt to check again.. Just to be sure. Nynath had never spoken to the Black dragon, mostly because he had made a point not to. He was not sure if there was a difference between choosing to speak to a mutation compared to a ‘normal’ dragon and that made him pause further. No, they were all the same species, a language barrier would be silly.

The Bronze made a noise somewhat akin to clearing his throat and then reached out with all of the confidence he could muster. It’s silent in the jungle, he knew he got that part right, also the beach is empty.. He hadn’t meant to add ‘also’, but it was too late now. He had to stick to his dragonguns and save face. And the weyr is fine.

T’rel felt Nynath’s wavering emotions. He’d gotten it wrong and he knew it, but his pride kept him from correcting himself. Dakrith would, hopefully, be none the wiser.


Offline S'ric

Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #12 on: December 17, 2017, 09:25:27 AM »
Dakrith was barely paying attention. The only reason an argument could be made that he was at all was that he wasn’t about to sleep in class. Even if he happened to think this class was pointless.

S’ric had a sinking feeling this wasn’t going to end well for either of them. He was smart enough to know that his dragon was proud and that there wasn’t much reason for it. Not now, anyways. Dakrith was still small and had a lot to learn.

When Nynath spoke to Dakrith, the Black snorted in the direction of the Bronze before yawning. S’ric clenched his jaw then felt compelled to ask, //Did you pick up on what they said?//

The Black then shifted, sitting up and looking at his bonded with red tinged eyes. Of course I heard them. I’m not broken. he answered, then nudged at S’ric’s calf enough that the tall bonded nearly tipped over.

//Stop it and pass along the damn message already,// S’ric snapped, keeping himself upright. But only barely.

Next inline was some slender, whip thin of a boy and his red. S’ric didn’t care to remember his name and neither did Dakrith. The Black yawned again and passed along the ‘message’ to Sayimith. His thoughts weren’t exactly ‘soft’ or ‘quiet’, but dominated the poor red’s mind as he said, Something about a beach, the jungle, and there’s a weyr.

S’ric had no idea just how little his dragon had actually paid attention and how careless he’d been passing it along. He was still pissed that his dragon had almost pushed him over.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn I almost feel bad for Erieen >_>
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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
« Reply #13 on: December 17, 2017, 10:35:10 AM »
Sayimith was a peculiar mix of eager and focused at Erieen’s side, her head craned to watch further up the line as she waited—hoping to catch some indication of where the message was as it made its way through their classmates. Her attention never wavered, eyes whirling a bright and excited green, but she was simultaneously a ball of energy. The lesson wasn’t as active as she would have liked, but it was still important:  a chance to learn, to prove that she was the best, and that Erieen was too. She didn’t even seem aware of the way that her tail was lashing impatiently behind her, and that was endearing all on its own, at least to her rider.

A shyer or demurer creature might have been cowed by the volume of Dakrith’s voice, but Sayimith was not such a dragon. Even as the Black’s voice and presence filled up her head for the moments he was speaking to her, all the little Red cared about were his words, determined to remember them in their entirety.

What she did receive was… not what she had expected. Doubt flickered across her thoughts for just a second, but long enough Erieen noticed. Looking down at her, he quietly ventured, //Is everything alright?//

Yes. For as quickly and confidently as she answered, he figured she must be telling the truth.

Sayimith herself was determined to relay something useful along to the next dragon. Dakrith’s message had been annoyingly vague, but she was hardly going to admit to Erieen and their classmates that she didn’t know what she was supposed to pass along. So the Red lady latched onto what her brother had told her, and made up a sentence she thought sounded right. So it was with all the blustery self-confidence of a much larger Bronze that she reached out to Salnoth, her own voice lilting and loud, but melodious too. The wher was on the beach, but now it’s in the jungle.

She projected the message to Erieen after the fact, not yet sure how to pass something along to more than one person at once without broadcasting it to everyone in the vicinity. Her rider, for his part, frowned faintly. //Are you sure that’s what he said?// The message didn’t make much sense to him; why would a wher be in the jungle? Or maybe that was the point—for them to have to relay something specifically odd enough they would need to pay careful attention?

Of course. Pleased with herself, Sayimith coiled her tail around her legs. I wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t sure.

The swampy Black next to her didn’t know what a favor she’d done him in cleaning up the message, as far as she was concerned.

Spoiler for OOC:
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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
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Whilst P'run found the concept of this entire exercise mildly interesting, the sheer amount of time that the dragons seemed to be taking to pass the message down to Salnoth made his attention waver. Not because he wasn't dedicated to the lessons they had to learn in Weyrlinghood, but it was simply hard to stay alert of focused on the nothing that was happening around him.

Salnoth however, seemed to have no issue with that. These were lessons, he was required, he must focus. P'run knew that once Salnoth set his mind to something, there was no point in trying to get him to relax about it. The creature thrived on willpower pure and simply, and had never been able to take the few lessons where he was involved as anything less than the most serious occasion that he had been involved in to date. P'run usually informed the black that if he took the lessons any more seriously, then he wouldn't have anything to spare in the future... but Salnoth usually ignored that.

In any case, when the message did finally get to them from Sayimith, Salnoth was beyond ready for the message. He didn't stop to think of how strange the message was, that wasn't his job, his job was to pass it on completely. He just... tried a little too hard to do so. Are you ready? He asked Weyteleth, his mindvoice even more precise with the importance of this task. The wher... He paused to make sure the words had been clear. Had been on the beach. Another paused, rechecking the phrase over in his head to ensure the accuracy. Beach. He clarified... just in case. Before proceeding, and is now within the Jungle.

P'run, not having heard the previous message, did think the all the pausing and clarifying was likely going to be a little confusing to the little red beside the swamp black. But Salnoth seemed just so... proud of himself, and he knew Fayt would probably have something to say to him if he ruined the blacks fun so quickly, so he decided to wait until the final result, instead, giving Salnoth a brief scratch on the eyeridges in reward, which the black accepted oh so properly.

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Re: Communication is Key [ 05.10.2590 || 8am ] Kalestath's 2590 Weyrlings!
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Waiting, ugh, maybe they should have let Weyteleth go to the front. Of course, they would have been forced to wait anyway, but at least they’d have something to contemplate while waiting, instead of the not knowing and waiting. Galve contented themselves by rocking back and forth on their heels, their little Red curled up on top of their feet, amused by Galve’s fidgeting, which made the wait a little easier to bear by having someone to talk to.

It tickles the tummy.

Eventually you’ll be too big for it, you’ll squish me.

I’ll just use my head, you can tickle my chin instead. We don’t know how big I’ll be.

That’s true, are you paying attention to who is supposed to be sending you the message?

The really long, grey and black one with the big rider who you think is really smart and old.

He is smart, he was a healer. And I don’t think he’s old old, just old for a candidate… and weyrling.

That still means you think he’s old.

And his name?

If the little Red could have made a face, she would have. Peering up at Galve like this was a second test within a test and was unfair in some way.

If you don’t know it then…

Salnoth and… P.. P’run.

Giving a short nod instead of replying, Galve fell silent again, but didn’t still in their rocking. Even with Weyteleth’s talkative nature, and although the ex-cook had come a fairly long way in their usual reticence, they still often ended conversations before most would.

It was immediately felt when Salnoth contacted Weyteleth. The little Red body lying on their feet when still and alert in an instant, anticipation and forced focus swept through the bond between rider and dragon.

I am, she said to Salnoth, her deeper than expected voice brimming with excitement at finally being able to play the game. But as the Black continued, her excitement turned to… mild horror. This was… more words than she was expecting. Big words. Words she didn’t like using, and neither did Galve. And was beach said twice? Why? Is there two beaches? IS THERE A BEACH SHE NEVER KNEW ABOUT?!

Turning to the dragonette next to them, attempting to pass on… what she’d heard at least, even if she didn’t really understand so well. Umm, okay, she said to the Bronze weyrling, Aitorith. The wher on the beaches. Right, it was two beaches? Is… proceeding, continued the little Red, with emphasis on the word she didn’t often use to make sure the next dragonette got it, within the Jungle… No… Yes… Okay.

After having passed on the message, realising it wasn’t as hard as she thought, she practically beamed at the larger Bronze, incredibly proud of having done her job for the day.

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Spoiler for OOC:
Oh my I failed completely at responding to this one! Apologies for the delay guys!
Spoiler for Spoilerception:
Aitorith is.... 10.56m long, 2.1m tall (wow) and has a 16.5m wingspan (4 mth)

Four months into weyrlinghood and Aitorith was growing at a pleasing rate. He asn't as big as some of the other dragons, but that didn't matter. He was towering over most of their clutch, and while he never seemed fully capable of getting from point A to point B without stumbling in some way, shape or form, T'vye simply took it as the dragonet coming to terms with the rapid speed with which he was growing. It would be difficult to cope with growth spurts so close together, and Aitorith certainly had a lot of growing to do yet.

Unfortunately... it was starting to slow down his ability to be the first person out of the weyrling barracks... Or anywhere really. Which, together with the Bronze's request to sit near one of the smaller dragons instead of next to a more appropriate bronze, or perhaps even a brown had landed the pair of them next to Galve and their red.

Need the extra room, and she is not using it. the bronze justified as he stretched out between T'vye and whoever was next in line, forcing T'vye to stand that much closer to Galve, while simultaneously blocking his line of sight for the person on their other side.

It could have been worse... They could have ended up next to one of the black weyrling pairs. He didn't altogether trust the small red's ability to relay the correct message to Aitorith, but it was a sight better than what he assumed would come from the mind of one of the blacks. The less interaction between Aitorith and his mutant brothers the better. Besides, the weyrling next to him, was most likely thrilled to be graced with Aitorith's. Bronze weyrlings were outnumbered almost two to one in his clutch group, so it was always a good idea to mingle with the others - remind them why Bronze dragons were the best match for the golden queens.

Not that he'd cared much about who settled in beside he and Aitorith, too occupied with glaring up the line at the mutations that had managed to get in before him. Poor T'rel had managed to get a place near the start... but so too had many of the mutation pairs, and with so many between the two of them, T'vye's doubts about the message that Aitorith was going to be receiving shortly.

Will be fine. Just need to wait for Weyteleth to - Aitorith's reassurances were cut off by the touch of the unfamiliar mind, the connection between he and T'vye almost cold with the speed at which he'd pulled away to listen to the message.

T'vye frowned at the feeling, not at all comfortable with being excluded from Aitorith's mind, no matter how brief, relaxing only when Aitorith rumbled an acknowledgement and allowed his mind to be open to T'vye once more.

Exactly as you were told Aitorith. We won't be the one's to ruin the message. Had he been next to T'rel or W'lleni, T'vye might have announced such a thing for the benefit of the rest of his group, but the red dragon cast a shadow on his usually infallible confidence, and he didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to say that he was the one to ruin the message.

Yes, T'vye Aithorith rumbled as he turned to see who it was that was beside him, not unfamiliar with inviting other dragons to join his conversations in general, and perhaps slightly more at ease than others in his class at the unfamiliar brush of another's mind to their own.

Are you ready? He asked first, his mind voice as bright, and perhaps overwhelming had the dragonet next to him not experienced it before. Compared to Weyteleth's voice, Aitorith's was rather high pitched, though the message he sent once given the OK from his sibling would be unmistakeable... If perhaps not at all like the original one Liramyth had started with.

The moment he was given the go-ahead, he reiterated, word for word, what Weyteleth had said, not aware that some of the words should have been ommitted and rather pleased with himself once he had managed to do so.

Ummm, Okay. The wher on the beaches. Is proceeding, within the Jungle... No... Yes... Okay.

T'vye's features darkened slightly at what Aitorith passed on, wishing for the first time that lesson that he could see who the bronze was addressing.

Was that not correct? At his bonded's uncertainty, Aitorith had swung his head around to look at his bonded, eyes whirling in concern as he sought clarification.

No, Aitorith T'vye said, speaking for his bronze alone before adding aloud "Well done. You passed it on perfectly" . He didn't need to know what Weyteleth had said to know that Aitorith had done well. His dragon wouldn't fuck something up that badly.
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