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Author Topic: Event A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event  (Read 1511 times)

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A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« on: November 02, 2017, 05:25:01 PM »

Riders Bet

Of the three JR Weyrwoman with dragons of clutching age, Eimerra was probably the most unobtrusive of the bunch. She was the wallflower of the group and it showed at any point in time when the spotlight was directed straight towards her and her dragon. Even though Eimerra shrank from the attention as much as her rank would allow, Imyth actually enjoyed the attention on an intellectual level anything else was just water under the bridge. While she might enjoy being admired and given compliments on some subconscious level, it was the conversation she enjoyed more.

This occasion would be no different.

Like every bet before, a table or two had been set up. Food had been placed about and alcohol was ready to wet the throat of any that attended. Due to the fact that the sands were shared between two dragons and that it was not very big, Imyth’s clutching spot was closer to the mouth of the sands, thus bringing her closer to those that were attending. The pale gold curled about her eggs and watched with bright whirling eyes as her Rider shifted her stance more than once waiting for those to arrive.

Eimerra’s long hair was braided over her shoulder and in true, Eimerra fashion, she wore her soft breezy clothing she had made just to her liking. The pants were a dark brown and her tunic top match her pants; fitting, she felt, given the fact that her Weyrmate was a brown rider.
She stood with a small drink in her hand, her position compared to everything else was slightly off. She stood just within the line of sight but where the eye would easily slide from her towards the glistening gold and her eggs.
You should stop hiding. Its not very becoming of a Jr Weyrwoman came her dragon’s playful tone in her head.
//oh sush… I am visible to everyone and I am not hiding// she said to her dragon without looking in her direction and took a sip of her drink.

She smiled towards her Weyrmate, a soft smile that lacked the excitement that other’s might have at such an event ”While I might have possibly enjoyed these once… I am not looking forward to it this time” she said honestly to him.
There was still a bit of displeasure when it came to her and her dragon. Their non-rider sympathies and the actions of her dragon the day of Riot still made her a bit of a pariah among some of the more traditional riders. A part of her wondered if they would even show to the Bet.

Spoiler for OOC:
Thanks for joining us for another Riders bet! The OOC thread is Here For those that need to check in and/or place a bet OOC :D

While this is all fun, don't forget about the Touching for your candidates and it's OOC counter part.
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Offline Faytona

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 04:19:12 AM »
It would never occur to Faytona that she might be seen as an oddity going to the Rider’s Bet. Instead, as soon as Bl’yx had mentioned it in passing the first turn they’d been together, Faytona had simply thought it was something they should do together. Since they were certainly a couple and had been since nearly meeting in her mind, it only made sense to her. Couples went to the Rider’s Bet, so they should go.

Even if Bl’yx was reluctant. The sad part, of course, was that P’run couldn’t go. The fact that he was a weyrling and was not allowed to go did put a bit of a damper on her spirits for all about a mark before Faytona decided she’d have fun, if only for Bl’yx’s sake. P’run wouldn’t want them moping around on his behalf anyways. Soon enough, he’d graduate and she’d be with two Riders! It was still something she had trouble wrapping her head. Really coming to terms with. While Faytona was certainly happy for P’run, and always proud of both of them, she just didn’t really have a firm grasp of what it all entailed all the time.

Good thing she was great at taking things in stride.

So it didn’t phase her that they were one of the few to arrive early to the Bet, her hand firmly in Bl’yx’s as though she were dragging the Blue Rider to the social event. Sometimes she felt like he’d much rather spend the night in their weyr rather than go out and about, but she also believed it’d be good for him to go out and have some fun.

As she was wont to do for such special occasions, Faytona had left her hair down and had dressed in the nicest dress she had. A simple gown of a cream fabric tailored to fit her. It’d be a sad day indeed if a weaver looked drab, especially to a social function.

It never bothered Faytona to be seen with either Bl’yx or P’run, even in something that she might otherwise be the outcast. Mostly because it didn’t occur to her to be bothered. As far as the small weaver was concerned, they were all weyrfolk. While she understood, at base, that only Riders and their weyrmates were invited to this particular event she still didn’t feel ‘the odd one out’. Nor did she feel any particular way about happily waving at the Jr Weyrwoman as they arrived. Per her understanding of it, the Gold Rider was like a craft master. Which... didn’t mean that Faytona shouldn’t be polite and greet her.

People would always be people to Faytona and rank really mattered very little to her. Unless someone was  going to tell her expressly that talking, or looking at, a Gold Rider was bad, then she’d treat the woman like any other person – with polite consideration.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SirAlahn I'm just havin' fun. 8D

Besides, this gonna be Faytona after >:3

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Offline K'eeda

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2017, 04:57:24 AM »
K’eeda rarely, if ever, needed an excuse to get drunk. She had her own supply of alcohol. But an excuse to get drunk, place obnoxious, meaningless bets with friends, and then eventually drag K’rez back to their weyr for some sloppy sex was something she would never turn down. Make it an occasion, and there was no way that K’eeda wouldn’t attend. The Rider’s Bet was a long standing favorite of K’eeda’s for that very reason. She’d even saved up on some of her marks just so she could sling nonsensical bets around, win or lose, and get absolutely runner shit faced.

They were celebrating, after all.

Though K’eeda arrived a little ahead of K’rez, who was doing something that Wingseconds did – work? – it was already well known that even if she didn’t really arrive with the Brown Rider, she’d end up leaving with him. Sometimes, K’eeda would get roaring drunk and even loudly declare that the Brown Rider could go kindly fuck himself. Right up until someone else happened to show any manner of interest in the admittedly handsome man. K’eeda was reasonably jealous sober. She could become violently so when she was drunk and a fight was a great way to spend the evening too.

K’eeda had no shame.

As she arrived, spying a Blue Rider and some girl that, while cute, she didn’t know, K’eeda immediately went for the table of drinks. Once she had a glass of something clear and burned on the way down, she went to pay her respects to her favorite Gold Rider. Even if Eimerra didn’t always make sense. Attractive women didn’t have to make sense to K’eeda. With a smooth bow to Imyth, so the Gold wouldn’t bite her, K’eeda then grinned at Eimerra and offered her a toast of congratulations. “You’d never guess that you were happy about the Bet, lady Weyrwoman. Smile a bit more so everyone can see how pretty you are, hm?”

K’eeda could hold a grudge, but only when it applied to things that affected her personally. She didn’t care about the riots – that had more to do with stupid holders and crafters – and neither did she overly care about the politics around the weyr. Not unless they were going to start promoting Blue Riders to ranks that could actually do things. Like Weyrleader. On that vein of thought, she did look X’kis over like she was sizing up a piece of meat. The Brown Rider didn’t really impress K’eeda, but no man of rank really did. Not even K’rez, when it came to rank. She liked him for other reasons. She supposed X’kis was a little better because he was a Brown Rider. Fuckin’ Bronze riders were too uppity. Too full of themselves. Too up their own asses. Usually Brown Riders were more reasonable.


K’eeda was still a little jealous this particular bastard had caught a Gold though.

You can’t be happy for anyone, can you? he rumbled while he curled up on Denoth, the Blue dragon’s place of choice when K’eeda was out making trouble for herself.

//Not when it comes to things like this,// she readily admitted.

Spoiler for OOC:

8D @Inki Feel free to toss K'rez in here if you wanna. <3
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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2017, 05:36:15 AM »
Meyelthra could count on one hand the number of times she’d willfully surround herself with riders. One hand. It just wasn’t usually her idea of a good time. But lately, there wasn’t really much to do around the weyr that didn’t involve riders. So when she found out that they were doing that little celebratory party thing where they drank and bet on whatever dragon would come out of eggs, she figured ‘why the fuck not’. She didn’t really have to interact with the Riders and she was granted a free pass to go and drink some alcohol just because she would be dragging X’hos there. Not like the Green Rider was going to be going with anyone else.

Meyelthra knew that it was generally accepted that whomever the Rider went with, they were fucking. They were old news. At least amongst his uppity Wing. There was certainly no love there and she didn’t care to try and impress any of them. What’d she care what they thought about her? Were fighting allowed, she’d have already challenged the lot of them to a duel. But nooooooooooo. So instead, she led her Green Rider into the midst of ‘party’ as it was starting. Meyelthra certainly didn’t recognize Eimerra by sight alone, though she assumed the woman was important – or the Gold Rider – because of her proximity to the big shiny beast. So she steered away from them and drifted toward the alcohol.

After handing X’hos a cup, she eyed the eggs. Trying to think of a way that this could be fun for them. Marks were almost meaningless to Meyelthra at this point, unless she was going to start up a drug trade and find some whores to sell out to... well, who knew at this rate. Even so, she was loath to part with the marks she’d earned from her time in Fort. Especially on something so frivolous and meaningless. So, instead, she sipped her drink that tasted vaguely fruity before she asked X’hos, “What’s the deal with the bets? Like, what is normal? Do you expect certain things to climb out of the eggs or is it sorta... free for all? Like, can I just point at an egg and say ‘I think that one is gonna be green’?” Idly, she leaned against him. It wasn’t exactly a conscious possessive gesture, but Meyelthra didn’t exactly want any Riders wandering over and bothering them. All she wanted was something to eat, something more to drink, and then to drag X’hos out of there by the front of his pants. If she made it apparent with her body language that she didn’t want people to talk to them, maybe they’d get out of there without having to overly socialize.


From the looks of some overly happy blonde nearby, Meyelthra wasn’t certain that’d be possible.

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Offline Bl'yx

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2018, 01:41:16 PM »
Actively taking P’run and Faytona to a Rider’s Bet the first time had been a difficult step for Bl’yx. Not because he didn’t want to enjoy their company, but because it was a very public acknowledgment of their connection to one another. Even if it had solely been something physical, it was more open than the Blue rider tended to be with, well… just about anything about himself. What he thought, what he did outside of his Wing duties—that was all something that wasn’t anyone else’s business, as far as he was concerned.

But there was very little he could say no to when Faytona asked so nicely, and was so obviously excited. For really the first time in a long time, he’d learned again to enjoy making someone other than himself happy.

So even though P’run wasn’t able to accompany them this time—which was an absence that Bl’yx felt very keenly, used to that tall, sturdy presence looming close—he’d relented when Faytona had insisted. Even though, to an outside observer, it no doubt looked like she had more or less ordered him to go, dragging him along by his hand.

If nothing else, Bl’yx did at least look his best. Cutting a slim figure in his well-polished leathers, he certainly looked the part of a dutiful rider.

When Faytona openly waved to Eimerra, he did tug her closer a bit protectively. “Maybe we should get something to drink?” he suggested, not wanting her to think he was chiding her. But his hope was to distract her from starting up a conversation with the Weyrleadership. Bl’yx had no worry that she would say something inappropriate, but it still didn’t seem entirely wise.

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Offline X'hos

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2018, 01:41:29 PM »
There were certainly some members of Jungle Wing that would not be attending this Rider’s Bet out of disdain for Eimerra and her actions earlier in the turn. Truth be told, X’hos had long ago given up any real hope of attending one again. There was no way he’d be attending with anyone other than Meyelthra, and he usually relished an evening spent between just the two of them. It simply wasn’t her sort of scene, given how much she seemed to revile all other riders. At times, it made X’hos wonder why she had chosen to invest time in him in the first place.

Not that he was complaining by any means.

In any case, it was a surprise to him when Meyelthra had announced with no preamble that they would be going. But whatever solidarity he felt with some of the Wing in shunning Eimerra—regardless of the fact that he didn’t really care—X’hos wasn’t about to deny Meyel anything. Besides, he’d guess that the Wing leadership would end up going out of tradition. H’vier at least. So it wasn’t as though he was defying some Wing-wide ban on attending the event in the first place.

Dressed in his meticulous leathers, X’hos no doubt looked like he should have been the one dragging a non-Rider around the party. But instead, he was happy enough to passively follow Meyelthra’s lead, including shifting to accommodate when she leaned against him.

Voice soft—private enough that others would likely not be tempted to butt into their conversation—he explained, “It is a free for all, though often bets will be placed based on the size of a given egg.” That was really the only rhyme or reason X’hos had ever identified to the way other riders bet, since gambling had never been of much interest to him. After all, a Bronze or Brown was just as likely to emerge from a green-shelled egg as a Green. Only the usually larger numbers of Greens and Blues in clutches made them a safer bet.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #6 on: February 09, 2018, 10:09:38 PM »
Meyelthra listened to his explanation of the betting process before she took a long drink and scoffed. It was casual as you please and certainly geared toward just having fun with the entire mess. Nothing like the betting process back in the Fort tunnels.

She sighed after a moment, finished off her drink, and handed her empty cup to X’hos to indicate she wanted more. Not that she expressly asked. He was smart, he’d figure it out.

Meyelthra continued to watch the eggs for a moment more before she turned her attention to the Riders and those gathered around. Seeing if there were anyone familiar milling about. Not that she was particularly expecting many to be present. This was a Rider’s event, after all.

Once X’hos returned with a full cup of the fruity alcohol, she gestured to the eggs once more. “So, between you and I, would you like to make some bets? Maybe for some different things rather than marks? Massages?” Meyelthra couldn’t help but leer a little at her attractive green rider. “Or I could put your mouth to use.”

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Offline X'hos

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2018, 09:35:37 PM »
Judging by Meyelthra’s scoff, something about the situation or his explanation was not to her taste. X’hos couldn’t say what it was, since there was no indication—but she didn’t seem annoyed with him, per se, so ultimately it didn’t concern him. If it were something important, she’d let him know. Otherwise, as he’d learned over their turns together, it was better if he just didn’t worry about it. So the Green rider was happy enough to remain quietly at her side as she drank and looked out over the clutch laying on the Sands.

That was, until she handed him her empty glass. Another might have been put off by her wordless gesture that he serve her, but most people weren’t X’hos. Inclining his head to her, he stepped away from her side gracefully and moved to the beverage table to retrieve more alcohol for her.

Of course, he’d made note of which she preferred for exactly this reason.

On his way, he did exchange a few smiles and abbreviated greetings with those riders he knew—almost all from his Wing. Though X’hos did also notice that he hadn’t been wrong in guessing most Jungle riders wouldn’t be attending. But this was another advantage of keeping to himself, he supposed. The others were polite enough to him, but they didn’t attempt to stop him with more involved conversations. There were no social situations he would have to duck out of prematurely in order to do what Meyelthra wanted of him.

When he returned with a full glass and handed it to her, he tilted his head as she gestured out over the eggs. Betting might not have been his thing, but if that was what she wanted to do, so be it. And the way she leered at him sent a shiver up X’hos’ spine. “I would like that.”

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Offline Faytona

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2018, 11:29:45 PM »
Getting to go to the Rider’s Bet wasn’t that big of a deal to Faytona except it was getting to do something with Bl’yx. While she very much wished P’run could be with them, she wasn’t going to mope around either. That just wasn’t her way.

Instead, she would enjoy this date with Bl’yx just as she enjoyed every moment with one of her boys. They would definitely make it up to P’run when they could.

It didn’t occur to Faytona that she probably shouldn’t just be waving so openly to Eimerra or draw so much attention to herself. She was just being friendly. Her attention was easily drawn back to Bl’yx when he tugged her closer though and she offered him a sweet smile. Something to drink? Well. That was part of the reason they were there, she supposed. Nodding, she glanced around before she saw the table and promptly tugged Bl’yx in that direction.

Before she’d arrived at the Weyr, Faytona hadn’t had any alcohol to drink. She’d been too busy in her studies, trying to find a way to contribute. To be useful. While most alcohol did not taste good, she did like the warm, fuzzy feeling that generally came with drinking it. So, to that, she picked up a cup for herself and Bl’yx.

Looking him over, Faytona said, “You look a bit tense.” It could’ve been any number of things with him – the fact P’run wasn’t there, that they were out in a group of people – and he was quite cute when he was being silly in such a way. Unthinking, Faytona simply touched his cheek. “We’ll have fun even though he didn’t get to come, hm?”

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #9 on: August 08, 2018, 11:36:15 PM »
With a fresh drink in hand, Meyelthra considered the eggs. Now that something was on the line that was a bit more fun, she was trying to think if there was any real way to tell what might actually be in the eggs. She suspected if there was, people wouldn’t be just betting on it and they’d just... announce what was in the clutch. The Weyr would be efficient like that.

Which meant the Gold was probably like a Gold wher, and her clutch was just based on whatever her other clutches might be like. Since Meyelthra certainly did not pay attention to Gold dragon broods, she leaned against X’hos and asked, “So, what’s Imyth’s thing? I’m assuming she’s got a color she likes to throw, hm?”

Or was that not polite to talk about? Meyelthra had no idea. Sometimes Riders could be touchy about the oddest things.

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Offline Bl'yx

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #10 on: August 10, 2018, 02:02:01 PM »
Bl’yx was relieved when Faytona didn’t protest his guidance, though he hadn’t really expected her to. She was so relaxed about most things that she was content to go with the flow most of the time. Particularly about suggestions that he or P’run made to her.

A little more at ease now that he’d steered her away from Eimerra, Bl’yx smiled at her a bit as she handed him a drink. “I’m sorry.” He was tense, even though they had been to Bets before, and by now no one would care whether they were together or not. He knew that in an abstract way, but still couldn’t shake the sense of discomfort at revealing something so private.

And Faytona didn’t miss her guess that he was upset P’run wasn’t with them. The two turns until he could join them again was going to be a long time. As far as Bl’yx was concerned, it couldn’t go fast enough. “Yes. We will.” Lifting one hand, he brushed his fingers against Faytona’s as she touched his cheek. And he did manage to avoid blushing too deeply even at the gentleness of the contact.

“I don’t mean to be uptight.” As fidgety and anxious as he might be, he still didn’t want to ruin the experience for Faytona. She deserved a chance to relax and have a good time. Bl’yx sipped his drink and then gestured toward the Sands. “Shall we look at the eggs?”

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Offline X'hos

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2018, 02:02:13 PM »
If they were discussing a different Gold, X’hos might have been more hesitant to answer that question. Some other riders might see the topic as a sign of disrespect. But since this was for Eimerra, and they were distanced enough from others he didn’t think anyone would overhear, he was comfortable enough to answer Meyelthra’s question.

“Greens,” he told her, voice still soft and demure. Since he was making no claim that Imyth was defective because of that fact, it was simply a statement of fact. She tended to lay that color more than any other. “And she only rarely lays Bronzes even when she’s caught by one.”

It wasn’t in his habit to attend Hatchings, but Jungle riders who did often passed the information on to their Wingmates. And since it was something that his fellow riders often discussed in the wake of a clutch, X’hos idly made a note of it. So that if he was engaged in conversation with any of them, he would at least be able to participate and have some inkling of what they were talking about.

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Offline Faytona

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #12 on: August 10, 2018, 02:17:21 PM »
Faytona shook her head, still smiling, and leaned to kiss the corner of his mouth. “You don’t have to be sorry. It’s sweet that you miss him too.” Then, she added with a playful wink. “I’ll be sure to tell him next time I go bother him early in the morning.” That was certainly a thing Faytona made a habit of. Bl’yx still got up really early and her craft work didn’t require her to be up before the sun rose, so that enabled her to sometimes slip in and say hello to P’run.

She already knew that Bl’yx could be self-conscious about being in public with her and P’run. It was just who he was. Faytona didn’t take it personally. Rather, she pressed herself closer to his side, slide her free arm around him, and held him closer. It was moments like that Faytona took cues from P’run’s behavior – just be a little more assertive. Bl’yx sometimes needed reminding, physically, that the people who loved him did. Quite dearly.

So, before he could distract her with the eggs she did kiss him. Really kiss him. A thorough reminder that even though they might be surrounded by a bunch of Riders, Faytona certainly didn’t care. Granted, she never did. Faytona only had eyes for her two men.

She pulled from the kiss and slid from Bl’yx with a sweet, bright smile and then promptly skipped off toward the eggs. She so wanted to see the eggs! It always amazed her that such big dragons came from such tiny eggs. Well, tiny by comparison. Some of the eggs were quite big.

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Offline Meyelthra

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #13 on: August 10, 2018, 02:21:46 PM »
Meyelthra grinned a little at his answer. Well, then that should make this a little easy then, shouldn’t it? She might not know a lot about dragons, but she certainly knew that there were far more Greens in the Weyr than there were any other color. So if she were to bet that most of these were Green anyway, she was likely to win and get whatever she wanted out of X’hos.

It was still a fun game even if she could get him to do whatever she wanted regardless. Meyelthra liked to win.

“Alright. Then. Just to be nice, I’ll let you take the first bet. What would you want from me?” The last bit was said sly and playful, her hand slipping up the side of his shirt so she could touch his skin. To be honest, Meyelthra was curious what he would bet. What did X’hos want?

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Offline Bl'yx

Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #14 on: August 11, 2018, 03:17:27 PM »
Had it been anyone else -- perhaps even P’run, if he was feeling particularly on edge and combative -- Bl’yx would have shied away from being pulled closer. With Faytona, though, he found that he didn’t mind. It wasn’t a gesture of possessiveness with her so much as just affection, and it was affection that he desperately craved. As ever, she was eager to remind him that she wasn’t going anywhere. That things would be okay.

Especially when she kissed him like that. Bl’yx knew what those thorough kisses of hers meant. And embarrassment and private nature be damned, he leaned into it before she pulled away. Expressing without words just how much her reassurances meant.

And he couldn’t help but smile as she skipped off then, moving to the respectful perimeter around the clutch from which they could observe. Drifting after her, Bl’yx took up a place next to Faytona and slid his free arm around her waist. Other people already knew they were together. He might as well take some advantage of that to touch her idly while they talked. “Do you have any guesses about colors for this clutch?”

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Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2018, 03:17:50 PM »
X’hos had fully expected Meyelthra to lay out her terms first. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and had no problems saying so. But this was a certain kind of teasing, and he was happy to be part of whatever game she liked. Even so, it did surprise him when she offered for him to name his bet.

“Very well.” He leaned into her touch when she slid her hand under his shirt, looking out over the clutch while he mused. What did he want? Much of what he wanted, X’hos already got. Nor was it in his nature to usually ask things of Meyel. That just wasn’t how their relationship worked.

This was a unique opportunity, and X’hos wanted to be careful as well. Both not to waste it and not inadvertently say something that would upset her, or push the terms of their casual betting too far. Part of him wanted to ask her not to go to the Hall for a certain length of time. But X’hos knew that wasn’t really practical. Meyelthra would go where she pleased when she pleased, and she would probably only resent him for making such a request in the first place.

So he chose something he wanted, but that was also safe. “I would like a massage,” he told her softly. It had been a good suggestion. Usually, X’hos was the one to tend to Meyelthra when the day was done. But he liked the idea of her hands on him after a long day of hunting and drills.

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Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #16 on: August 11, 2018, 04:27:46 PM »
Meyelthra wasn’t rushed as she turned her attention back to the eggs and sipped her new drink. Obviously she was going to bet that most of them were going to be green. If that was the norm, it’d be silly to bet otherwise. Especially since she knew nothing about dragon eggs. Even if X’hos knew next to nothing, he still knew more than she did.

In that, this was weighed heavily in his favor. Odds she’d not normally take, but this was… a nonsensical thing. Done for fun. So that was fine. It was sort of letting him win, or at least willfully giving him the upperhand and being fine with the disadvantage.

When he said he wanted a massage, she chuckled a little but nodded once. “Well, ok. I can’t promise it’ll be a good one.” Meyelthra hadn’t given anyone a massage… ever. She understood the basic premise, of course, but that didn’t mean she really knew what she was doing or that she’d be any good at it. But that was fine. She enjoyed touching X’hos and he was certainly pleasing to look at.

“And if I win, I think we’ll spend some time in the weyrbowl. Just you and I.” Her smirk was quite telling about what she wanted to do in the weyrbowl.

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Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #17 on: August 12, 2018, 01:31:33 PM »
It never even occurred to Faytona she should be private about her affections. She was far too busy celebrating how much she adored the people she loved that it didn’t bother her at all if other people knew it. She was just too happy a person to mind.

Getting to see the eggs was lovely too. They were all fascinating in that they contained dragons. It still baffled her, in a thrilling way, that they would hatch and shape other people’s futures. Grow to be big dragons to protect the Weyr.

When Bl’yx moved up to her, she smiled at him and leaned against him. “I honestly have no idea. How would I go about guessing?” Then, because it seemed all in good fun, she gestured to the nearest. “That one? I’m sure it’ll be a healthy baby blue.” She might have thought as much because she was with Bl’yx and he was a Blue rider, but that didn’t really matter.

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Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #18 on: March 28, 2019, 10:17:05 AM »
Though to a certain degree there was always a war inside of him—wanting to pull others closer and push them away in the same breath—Bl’yx did calm yet more as Faytona simply leaned against him. Her easy companionship didn’t grate on him the way that others had in the past; she was devoted and attentive without being clingy in a way that invited drama. And though she was not as aggressive as P’run, she could be assertive at times:  often in the moments that he really needed her to. Whatever sense gave her insight into when that was, he was grateful of it.

Even if the idea that someone could read him so easily did make a shade of panic rise inside him. But Bl’yx pushed it away, and just laughed softly as Faytona more or less answered her own question.

“You guess just like that,” he explained, and then added, “Some people bet marks or silly favors too. But that’s really all there is to it.”

He surveyed the eggs then, taking a long drink from the cup in his hand and enjoying the sweet burn of the alcohol in his throat. “A Blue, hmm? I think that one next to it will be a Brown.” A bit playful, and he was considering coaxing Faytona into betting something with him.

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Re: A Riders Bet of Brown and Gold [22.10.2590 8pm] || Event
« Reply #19 on: March 28, 2019, 10:17:18 AM »
“I just like you touching me,” he confided lowly. There was even a flicker of a smile that accompanied X’hos’ words. Whether the massage was truly skillful or not didn’t really matter to him. No matter what kind of contact it was, being around Meyel relaxed him. And it would be nice to feel her touch him that way, even if she was unpracticed.

A faint blush did rise to his face given what she wanted in exchange. X’hos didn’t doubt for one second what she actually meant, but he could never tell her no. And as potentially risky as such a thing could be, the thought of it thrilled him too. “Yes, Meyel.” She, of course, would know that he was hardly opposed, by the low pitch of his tone and the faint shiver that ran through him.

Just don’t get in trouble with the Wing. Damerinth herself was amused, but she certainly didn’t want to jeopardize their assignment by acting too uncouth. Though in the grand scheme of things, this was relatively harmless—depending on when and where in the Weyrbowl the two of them got up to mischief, anyway.

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