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Author Topic: Approved Loressa [ 2565 9th Pass / Journeywoman Healer ]  (Read 3397 times)

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Loressa [ 2565 9th Pass / Journeywoman Healer ]
« on: March 15, 2014, 02:13:41 PM »

Play By:
Pooja Verma

First Name:
Date of Birth:
17.7.2565 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Loressa is tan, with kind of a plump face. She is a very happy lady, so it’s unusual to see her without a smile. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is such a dark brown hue that it is almost black. She’s not very tall – only about 5’2”. Loressa is fairly curvy and soft-bodied; she is by no means athletic, but she’s grossly unhealthy either. One of her most prominent features is her hips, which are broad and roundly attractive. Loressa doesn’t have a really extensive wardrobe, so she tends to wear the clothes of a Journeywoman Healer and little else – thus, she has lots of purple, grays, and sterile whites among her clothes.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Most of what Loressa remembers of the 9th Pass is being busy – as any Healer worth her salt. So she’s very glad to see the end of it, since she’s tired of treating Threadscore. She simply put her head down, went to work, and didn’t do much of anything else for the duration of the Pass.

Response to dragon color mutations: Eh. It’s not really her business; Loressa figures that the dragons will figure it out, and so far as their anatomy and treatments are standard, she doesn’t really care.

Who are you...

Likes: Helping people : That’s sort of like the whole premise of her Craft. It’s what Loressa grew up doing, and that’s what she does every day, all day. If she hated people she wouldn’t be doing it. She’s one of the nicer people, and is often requested for her bedside manner.
Her husband : She thinks that he is probably the sweetest goddamn thing on Pern. Loressa is very loyal and very sweet to Niphredon. In her eyes, he can probably do no wrong.
Being clean : Knowing what she does about infections, bacteria and such, she’s paranoid about them. Her area is always clean, and she’s always insistent on other people being so as well. This would be her advice to anyone who comes to her asking for ways to ensure they keep in good health. She’s obsessive about it, but not to the point where it stifles functionality.
Team players : Because a lot of the things she works on require more than one hand, she likes when the people she’s working with are able to communicate and work together well for the good of the patient. Anyone not willing to work with her, she doesn’t want around her.
Dragonkin : Dragons, flits, watchwhers. She is particularly fond of these creatures, and this is the specialty Loressa kind of fell into because it’s what was needed during the 9th Pass. She sees them as animals, not people, but wants to ease their burden, since they are the ones upon the backs of which Pern has survived. She finds that it’s usually easier to deal with a dragon directly than their rider.

Dislikes: Neglect : Derelict work stations and people not pulling their weight put Loressa on edge.
People who question her knowledge : She’s a Healer. That’s her area of expertise. When she tells you to do something, she’s doing it for a reason. It’s not that people disagree with her – she doesn’t like when people end up hurting themselves because they’re not following instruction.
Disorganization : Loressa doesn’t like people who don’t bother to know where things are, don’t put things back where they belong, and don’t keep themselves or their work spaces clean.
Bullies : Loressa doesn’t like those who push others around and are needlessly mean.
Untrained flits : They cause trouble, make messes, and are a hindrance in the Healer Hall especially. She feels the same way about untrained whers as well.


* SMART : She’s taken to her Crafthall very well, almost obsessively so. She spends all of her time there. That is her hobby, her passion, and pretty much her life outside of her husband. Who is also a part of the Crafthall.

* AMBITIOUS : She wants to progress. It’s one of the reasons she spends so much time in her Crafthall. Loressa wants to be the Craftmaster – and looks up to Brigan as what the Craftmaster should be. She doesn’t want to kick him out of the position; but when he dies (if the man ever does), she wants to take it.

* LOYAL : Loressa is loyal almost to an insane amount. She will never be more devoted to anything more than her Crafthall and her husband. What few friends she has are the sort that she will cling to for the rest of her life.

* METICULOUS : Her penchant for organization, coupled with her fearful knowledge of what germs can do to people, means she spends what time she’s not tending to patients she is likely cleaning. Loressa doesn’t mind tending to other people’s spaces so long as she has the free time to do so.

* SOCIAL BUTTERFLY : Loressa is nice to people so long as they are nice to her. She’s one of those people that is really easy to be around. She keeps secrets because she’s not a gossip, she listens to people when they need to talk, and she has a great bedside manner. This Healer likes people, and interacting with them.

* DEFT HANDS : She’s really good with fine work, stitching, and surgical procedures. If a dragon wing needs mended or tended to, she’s generally the one that everyone goes to. Her steady hands maker her well-suited for things that are life-threatening as well.


* NOT PHYSICALLY STRONG : Loressa requires assistance for the heavier lifting. 

* OBSESSIVE : Everything that she does is subject to this, whether it be working, cleaning, organization, or even her relationships with other people. She’s “nice” obsessive, and not in a crazy way, but even so she throws herself whole-heartedly into things.

* ONE-TRACK MIND : Loressa is only very rarely aware of what’s going on around her, beyond what she is presently doing. This goes double for things outside the realm of her Crafthall.

* NOT PARTICULARLY BRAVE : Loressa has no problems attending to medical emergencies, but she’s not going to throw herself under Threadfall or into the midst of a Hunter attack. She prefers working in the Healer Hall, but not in the field as a medic.

* DOES NOT LIKE DEALING WITH PREGNANT WOMEN : They’re unreasonable and crazy, and she doesn’t really know how to handle them. She’s never been much of an intimate person herself, so she (so far) doesn’t have any children.

Describe Yourself:

* INNOCENT: For someone who spends all her time fixing people, she’s bizarrely innocent. She doesn’t realize how awful people can often be, because she always sees the best in them. 

* ROMANTIC: She thinks that everything around her is pretty and nice, and her husband is terribly sweet even though he’s kind of crazy and a big dick. She has a really pretty version of how life is and sort of sees it through a fairy tale – even though she deals with people who go through trauma and death all the time. It doesn’t really register for her.

* SURVIVOR: All of her family is dead, and yet she carries on. This is mostly because the rest of her family was adventurous, while she was more withdrawn and stayed behind to work in her Crafthall.

* WORKAHOLIC: She’s in the Crafthall all day, every day, and is never found much of anywhere else. The only time she goes home is when her husband makes her. If given the opportunity, she would stay at the Crafthall all the time.

* HOLD-BRED WIFE: Loressa is very traditional in that she does what her husband tells her, and he makes the decision. She doesn’t know any better, and coupled with all of her other personality traits, she is the picture of an obedient, dutiful Hold wife.

The Magic Touch: Loressa is remarkably innocent for someone who has lived through the 9th Pass and lost her entire family. She’s also optimistic, but this is largely in part of the fact that she rarely left the Crafthall. She was never really exposed to the hows and whys of the injuries she tended; instead, it was simply a problem to be solved, absent the context of the fight against Thread that nearly destroyed Pern.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Juventha. Hold farmer. 2546. Deceased.
Father:    Lorennius. Journeyman Farmer. 2543. Deceased.

Siblings: Ruvoran . Brother. Apprentice Farmer. 2562. Deceased.
S'anie . Brown Rider – Nevith. Impressed 2584. Brother. 2567. Deceased.
Sigebin . Apprentice Farmer. Brother. 2569. Deceased.
Lugalad . Never reached adulthood. Brother. 2571. Deceased.
Lothsinix . Never reached adulthood. Brother. 2573. Deceased.
J'lien . Green Rider – Bellath. Impressed 2587. Brother. 2575. Deceased.
Jessansink . Never reached adulthood. Brother. 2577. Deceased.

Craft: Healer

Rank: Jr. Journeywoman.

Date Apprenticed: 2577/12.

Date Tapped: 2584/19.

Specialty: Loressa excels in tending to the dragons in the weyr.

Education Details: Loressa pretty much never left the Crafthall. So if she wasn’t doing her lessons, she was cleaning. If she wasn’t cleaning, she was sleeping in the back. And since it was during the 9th Pass, nobody really cared that she never left. This is the reason she was never married off, nor had much social interaction outside of the Crafthall. But she is very good at what she does.

Tell us a story...

* 2565, 0 Born to a Farmer and a supportive wife. There was quite a bit of celebration in that Loressa is the first girl born into the family. But it rapidly cools in the stresses of the pass and the fear that she won’t be able to do as much as her brother.

* 2567, 2 S'anie born. Fall of Southern Holds; abandonment of Southern Weyr.  She doesn’t remember much of either of these events, but her family is very excited to have another boy. She’s often carted around with her mother during household chores.

* 2569, 4 Sigebin born. Another boy and what starts to turn into a bit of neglect in regards to Loressa. Not outright – she’s still cared for. But she’s quickly turning into her mother’s extra hand as opposed to a child. She doesn’t play much, certainly not with her rougher brothers, and instead is tasked with helping care for the house.

* 2571, 6 Lugalad born. Fall of Tillek Hold; abandonment of High Reaches Weyr. An influx of refugees and another baby boy. This leaves her to spend most of her time cleaning, cooking, and caring for her younger siblings in an effort to help out her mother. When she’s not helping around the house, her mother ‘lends’ out her time to help neighbors and their families. Whatever childhood she might have had is lost at this point – she’s turned into an assistant for whomever needs her.

* 2573, 8 Lothsinix born. Lugalad dies of pneumonia. She’s rather detached from her family by this time. While the death and birth register for her, she’s actually rarely around to be a part of either event. She didn’t even know Lugalad was that sick nor her mother pregnant until both events happen. She spends a lot of time amongst neighbors, who praise her for her help, hard work, and willingness to do what is asked of her. She sometimes stays with others to help in the morning and isn’t really missed at home. Except when her mother needs help with the new baby.

* 2575, 10 J'lien born. Loressa is actually home for this birth, but only because the healers have her act as an assistant for the event. Which leaves Loressa both horrified at what a woman goes through to have a child and fascinated at what the human body can withstand. She is certainly not eager to participate in an event like that again. Loressa spends more and more of her time apart from her family, helping out everyone else. Occasionally touching base with them, but she doesn’t really fit in.

* 2577, 12 Jessansink born, though Juventha dies giving birth to him. Ruvoran dies of a fever several months later. Taken into healer craft hall. Meets Niphredon. Her mother’s death is taken as hard as some of the other deaths she’s dealt with – in that it is very unfortunate. What catches her off guard is her father’s expectation that she fill in and care for the baby that her mother died giving birth to. Of which she actually hates. Not because she dislikes the boy, but because she hates the theft of her freedom and the ability to wander around and cater to other families. This means she’s home for Ruvoran’s death, of which her father blames her for, and effectively kicks her out of caring for her siblings. She’s scooped up by the Healer Craft as soon as she is of age. They’re eager to have her, knowing the rumors of her rounds amongst the crafters.

* 2578, 13 Lothsinix dies getting mauled by a wher. She’s in the healer hall when he’s brought it and she doesn’t even recognize her brother. She rarely leaves the craft hall, except to make her rounds for some of the nicer neighbors she’d dealt with and to practice some of the basics she’s learning.

* 2582, 17 Sigebin dies during threadfall. Lorennius dies of a heartattack at the tail end of a threadfall. She’s told the news via vellum while she’s at work in the craft hall. She never sees them, isn’t around for their death, and doesn’t really register it on an emotional level. She’s very involved in the craft hall and, given how busy she is, Loressa isn’t given an opportunity to dwell on it.

* 2584, 19 S'anie becomes Brown Rider of Nevith.  Loressa is told of this news via vellum while in the craft hall. The name isn’t actually familiar to her, given the honorific, and she can’t remember if this is her actual brother or one of the kids she’s helped raise. But it’s met with minimal acknowledgement and she buckles down into her work.

* 2586, 21 S’anie dies in his first thread fall. She’s actually there to try and tend his wounds but his doesn’t survive the treatment and his dragon goes between. It’s the first time she was close when a Dragon loses it and that, more than the death of the Rider, shocks her. To hear the big beast keen with such pain before simply disappearing has left an impression on her, and it’s really motivated her to save Dragons and their Riders.

* 2587, 22 Move to Southern Winds. Jessansink dies from a tunnel snake bite in the first months after arriving. J'lien becomes Green Rider of Bellath. Unbeknowest to her, Niphredon starts courting her. All she’s aware of is seeing him more often, giving her ample opportunity to learn from one of the more quiet, severe Journeyman. It’s several months later when, after he seems to spend every day with her, he randomly asks her to move into his weyr with him.

* 2588, 23 J’lien doesn’t come out of Between during training. This time no one even bothered to tell her, and most assume that all of her family is dead. ( At this point, they all are. ) She’s no worse for wear given this information as she’s pretty much spent every day since she was 12 in the craft hall, focusing on helping others ( as she did when she was younger ). Now, Niphredon is more a part of her life. And if he seems to be inserting himself, all the better. Not that Loressa would know what to do if he didn’t just make decisions. Much of her daily schedule hasn’t changed though. They both spend an obsessively large amount of time in the Healer’s Hall.

* 2589, 24 Loressa is married to Niphredon at the beginning of the Turn. It’s a surprisingly large affair, since everyone in the Healer’s Hall, recent patients, and some of the Dragon Riders she’s healed actually show up to attend. And she’s surprisingly delighted to have a visual reminder of all the people that she’s helped or have worked with for some time.  The event is held close to the Healer’s Hall.

She didn’t used to note when hatching occurred. Two turns ago, the humming would have woken her and she’d have just gone to work early in the craft hall. It would just be another day, albeit a noisy one, in which she went on with her schedule. If the people around her were excited or happy, it was no different than any other day that spirits were usually high. That had all changed since Niph had asked her to move in with him. A hasty, almost random question that hadn’t seemed serious until he’d pointed out just how much time she’d spent around him. Not only since moving to Southern Winds, where his schedule had mirrored her own, but the entire time she was in the Healer Hall they’d worked around one another. It landed some credence to what he had asked, but she was still timid. Unsure. Moving in with someone was a big decision, after all, and her history with people and attachments didn’t bode well for Niph.

But the man was thoroughly persistent. When she had feared they might grow a part or things become strange and weird between them, quite the opposite was true. She saw him all the time. Both at the Healer Hall, where his schedule remained the same as hers, and now when he walked her back to their room at the end of every shift. They slept together, ate together, and went to work together. It was oddly comforting for someone who had been displaced from their family for so long.

So when Niph woke to the sounds of dragons humming, he woke her. Her particular skills as a dragon healer wouldn’t be needed, not usually for hatchings, but his as a field medic might be. Maulings, she’d learned, happened. Which was hard to envision since Loressa thought that dragons were about the nicest things on Pern. But they were more like violent accidents. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a pair of skilled hands and she wasn’t about to let Niph go alone. It seemed natural at this point in her life – where her husband went, she went to follow.

She dressed in her simple clothes – her healer’s outfit that immediately designated her in the white and purple of her craft – before making her way to the craft hall with her husband. They arrived at the same time the Rider did, panicked and wide eyed. Demanding a healer to the Hatching Sands.  Given that neither of them were ever without a kit of supplies, it was only natural Niph went with the Rider to access the situation and she dashed into the Hall to collect additional supplies. She’d arrive shortly after her husband and would be able to handle whomever he deemed not immediately in need of his more skilled attention.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Halirina, Sethunya, Sevastjan, L'ale, Keassa, Niema, C'ace
Inactivity Preference:
Kill her off like the rest of her family. :C
Anything Else:
Yay dead people
Niph, her husband, is allowed all the power play allowances a sociopath would need.

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Re: Loressa [ 2565 9th Pass / Journeywoman Healer ]
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