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Author Topic: Breaking the Ice...or the Glass [07/2587, 5AM] Vironethian  (Read 173 times)

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Breaking the Ice...or the Glass [07/2587, 5AM] Vironethian
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:42:06 PM »
In the small marks of morning Tolanna kissed Calen on the cheek, smiling when he mumbled something with a slight grin but didn't wake up. She carefully extracted herself from the large, makeshift sleeping area, carrying the small chest of glass working supplies inherited from her grandfather.

Anneal, the large bronze lizard she had similarly acquired, flew after her with her work apron and boots. He loved helping and glass, so helping sneak off to the Smith Hall made him quite happy.

Once the pair was clear of the temporary sleeping cavern and didn't need to worry about waking anyone, Tolanna pulled on her boots and tied the heavy apron around her waist. It, too, had been her grandfather's so the leather almost touched around the slim young woman.

In no particular hurry, the duo wandered and wound their way through the glow-lit tunnels, one or the other occasionally scooping some small treasure from the floor to deposit in a pouch at the girl's belt. When they finally did reach the larger cavern with the tell-tale red glow of forges, Tolanna sighed happily. Even though she had never been in this particular cavern before, the 19 year old apprentice was home.

Calen had told Lana and her grandmother, that the healers needed more jars since some had been broken in the move, so she planned on prepping a few molds. Hopefully, since it was such an early start, she could actually get a few jars in the annealing ovens over night.

Anneal chirped and quickly flew to perch on top of a large furnace. He sent little snippets of her grandparents working on a similar project, giving her a few of the core processes they used. The bronze's idea was a good one, so she set her case down on a prep table and quickly found a bit of char to scribble out rough plans for the jars on a fairly smooth bit of the stone wall.

The lizard hissed, still on his high perch when he noticed Lana had changed the ratio of some of the additives, then chattered at his human while bombarding her with memories of similar corrections. She insisted the particular ointment needed the change, so the two started arguing, mostly through their link, but punctuated with the odd screech or exasperated expletive.

They were so engrossed, they wouldn't immediately notice someone else entering the hall.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Inki but take your time!
Hopefully this is a decent start and in the right part of the forum...
Yay first private thread!
"She's like broken glass. Dangerous with sharp edges; but beautifully complex." ~Jordan Weatherhead

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Re: Breaking the Ice...or the Glass [07/2587, 5AM] Vironethian
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 06:36:13 PM »
Vironethian was up early as always. It was so much easier to be able to get work done before the majority of the craft had risen, then he could also scare away anyone who thought to just waltz on in to the dangerous smith tunnels.

With so many people shoved in to Fort Hold now, it became easy for unknowing civilians to wander into places where they weren't supposed to be. Even normal smiths couldn't seem to keep their grubby hands away from the glass-smith assigned forges. Sure, they had saved the glass smiths all those turns ago, but that didn't mean they could just ignore the carefully constructed schedules the Masters had set up all of them.

The presence of someone already working, and not just setting up was a surprise to him. Even more so when he recognised they were apprentice and not harper or journeyman. Face setting, he approached loudly, to not ruin the work the woman was doing. Despite her error, if the work she was doing was correct, then far be it from him to be the one to screw it up.

When sufficiently close, his voice couldn't help but come out in a growl. "You know you're not supposed to be working without supervision?" Regardless of how good she was or how limited the glass smiths were, apprentices worked with a Master or a Journeyman, and that was that. Besides, she had some obnoxious little firelizard who couldn't seem to keep his sharding gob shut.

All powerplay by SirAlahn/SanctifiedSavage by way of Jossekayne/Quenneca allowed

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Re: Breaking the Ice...or the Glass [07/2587, 5AM] Vironethian
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2018, 01:02:47 PM »
Spoiler for Hidden:
””With so many people shoved in to Fort Hold””
Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I was writing this in SWW's Smith Hall, just after everyone was moved to the island. I might have messed up the date. Only because Lana was at the Weyr and Vironethian at the Hold at Fort. It shouldn't affect much though...

Anneal was the first to notice Vironethian and he immediately stopped vocalizing. He wasn’t really an annoying flit most of the time- at least around other people. Maybe it was because he was old enough to be a Master Smith when so many firelizards were only a few turns. The bronze lizard sent Tolanna a glimpse of the man through their link, then curled back up on top of the furnace, happy to let the official human Smith supervise.

Tolanna finished a measurement and put a little mark by it on the plan, then turned to smile brightly at Vironethian despite the growly tone. Some people were just grumpy in the morning.

“I was just prepping molds and measuring out sand and salts, Sir; Anneal up there is enough supervision for that…” Mischief glimmered in her eyes for just a second as she added a silent jab at the flit. His only response was a dismissive flick of his tail and an image of the man again: it's not time for teasing, pay attention to the senior Smith in the hall.
“Gran-- er, Sr. Journeyman Seona should be along shortly. She asked me to get started since I'm always up so early.” Carefully, Lana stacked the prepped bowls right against her work chest while she talked, then used a small brush to sweep up any stray grains of glass from the workbench so no one would get cut or a splinter.

“I was actually about to take a quick break-- see if the Journeyman was on her way so I could really start work.” The blonde wiped off a bit of char with a rag before she held out a scarred and callused hand. “I'm Tolanna, but everyone calls me Lana.”

"She's like broken glass. Dangerous with sharp edges; but beautifully complex." ~Jordan Weatherhead


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