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Author Topic: Approved Un'taigo [ 11.05.2570 / Brown Weyrling ]  (Read 2056 times)

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Un'taigo [ 11.05.2570 / Brown Weyrling ]
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:46:08 AM »

Play By:

[ oon-TAY-go ]
Taigo, which is what they'd mostly been going by prior to Impression.
Date of Birth:
11.05.2570 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Imyth 2590 Weyrling

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Un’taigo isn’t particularly tall, but they are rather lanky like they never quite grew into their proportions. This sense is further exaggerated by the fact that they’re observably awkward, tripping over themselves, knocking things over, and running into things rather frequently. Because of that, they’re usually littered with small bruises or scrapes from such mishaps. Naturally somewhat androgynous, they’ve since started encouraging that perception after moving to the Weyr, and rather enjoy when others can’t tell their gender from first glance, if at all.

From a long time of trying to disappear into the shadows, Taigo tends to have something of a slouched posture. Though their clothes are utilitarian rather than anything special, they keep them in good order, and always look put together despite their awkward movements. Rather free of distinguishing marks or scars since they’ve never sustained a major injury, their only real birthmark is a scattering of freckles across the top of their chest and back.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Growing up in it, Taigo has never really known anything else. A tiny wistful part of them used to wish they could have seen Pern as it once was, but they know that will never be. All they can do now is make the best of their current situation, and they’re hopeful that Southern Winds can grow and thrive:  if everyone can learn to work together and stop fighting.

Response to dragon color mutations: Un’taigo isn’t really sure what to think of them. On the one hand, they disagree with just how vehemently some people have been set against them, considering they haven’t really done anything wrong. But they’re a bit more afraid of them since Kalestath’s hatching of 2590, wherein Candidates and dragonets both lost their lives due to the mutations’ violence—intended or no. They won’t hold it against their riders now, but they aren’t sure how they’re supposed to fit into the hierarchy of the Weyr, which bothers them in an organizational way.

Who are you...

Belonging : It’s what often motivates them to repress themselves and fall in line—to fit in with others and thus not be excluded. They still haven’t quite accepted that the Weyr doesn’t care who or what they want to be, but they quietly hope that someday they’ll find those who accept and love them for that despite it all. Junosabeth seems the first step toward that acceptance.

Chores : Since they like feeling useful and previously have had no specific talents to lend to the Weyr that took them in, Un’taigo liked the Candidate chores as a way to give back. There will never be a task that they consider beneath them even once they’ve graduated into being a full rider.

Having Direction : They don’t necessarily know what to do with themselves when left to their own devices—at least when it comes to something that isn’t familiar. Taigo would much rather have too many instructions than not enough.

Shellfish : The texture, mostly. It just makes them feel queasy. They’re not a picky eater otherwise, but this is the one thing they’re pretty adamant about.

Thunder : The sound of it just freaks them out. It sounds like the entire world is going to come crashing down; and though Taigo was thankful for the rain that usually accompanied it and killed Thread during the Pass, wicked storms still make them uneasy.

Being Singled Out : Spotlights just aren’t something Un’taigo is well-accustomed to. They tend to freeze when someone calls on them specifically, and get even more awkward than they already are. It will take quite a while before they get over it, if they ever do.


* DUTIFUL : Never one to shirk responsibility, Un’taigo likes having a task to complete. They enjoy working through problems and take quiet pride in doing something well and in a timely fashion. Hard work has never fazed them, and neither are they one to buck the system or rebel just for the sake of it.

* LIBERAL : Despite being raised in a Hold, Taigo has never understood the Holder propensity to judge people that are different from them. They’re more aligned with the Weyr outlook on life in that regard, as they’ve never felt angry or uncomfortable around people of different backgrounds, beliefs, or identities than their own. At heart, they really just want everyone to live and let live.

* MORAL : While they don’t generally think in terms of black and white, Un’taigo has a strong sense of right and wrong. The things that they think are wrong boil down to rather simple tenets—don’t lie, don’t hurt other living things needlessly, don’t betray the people you care about, and so on. They might not publicly judge those who do those things, but they’ll lose respect for anyone that does.

* COMPASSIONATE : They naturally feel for people that are hurting or in trouble and want to help them. Taigo will always put forth their best effort to aid someone, even someone who has treated them poorly in the past, if they’re in need. They’d be very confused if someone refused their help thinking it was pity, as it’s more born of empathy than anything else.

* VALIANT : Shy and retreating they may be in their social life, but when it comes to things that matter, Un’taigo is as brave as they come—they just aren’t reckless or impulsive. They’ll leap to the defense of anyone who needs it, and would willingly put their life on the line to protect others no matter the odds.


* SUBDUED : They don’t speak up a lot, because they’ve never quite shaken the Holder sense of repressing feelings that are seen as abnormal. Taigo knows that a lot of their views don’t hold with their family’s, and even after their disownment they feel like it’s somehow their duty to uphold how they were raised. Nevertheless, it makes them unhappy, and one of their and Junosabeth key points to work on will be speaking their mind more often.

* SELF-SACRIFICING : Un’taigo is generally the first person that will go out of their way to help someone else, even to the detriment of their own health or well-being. They never established good boundaries in this regard, and have a hard time saying no when someone asks for a favor—even if they know they shouldn’t say yes.

* INDECISIVE : Partly because they’ve spent almost their entire life denying their own wants and feelings for the betterment of their family, Un’taigo finds it very difficult to commit to decisions they see as against the grain or inconveniencing other people in some way. Particularly since the one time that they stood firm on something, it resulted in being disowned from their family, they tend to hem and haw about important decisions and often end up talking themselves out of whatever course of action they really want to take.

* ANXIOUS : Taigo worries a lot about how other people perceive them; after growing up in an oppressive and traditional Hold family, they inherited their parents’ obsession with appearances and experience a lot of anxiety about them. It manifests most strongly when it’s also related to something they feel—or think they should feel—guilty.

* GRACELESS : In some fashion due to their lack of self-confidence, they don’t feel comfortable in their own body. It feels awkward to them, unwieldly and never quite positioned how they think it is. They don’t have a good sense of hand-eye coordination or spatial awareness when it comes to their own movements.

Describe Yourself:

* MODEST: Ever since they were little, they’ve been the type that’s a bit awkward about praise, or insist that someone else deserves the credit for everything. For those who Taigo becomes fond of, they’re even more determined that their friends and loved ones will receive recognition for their achievements, and will downplay their own contributions in favor of boosting up others.

* INVISIBLE: Un’taigo doesn’t think there’s anything remarkable about them at all. As the youngest child their parents had, they were often overshadowed by their older siblings and largely left to their own devices in terms of development:  taking care of five other children had given their parents a rather laissez-faire view of childrearing. They’re used to going unnoticed, especially due to their quiet nature and genuine attempts to blend into the background. They’re uncomfortable with having attention on them directly.

* ADAPTABLE: For all that they think poorly of themselves and their abilities, Taigo is actually quite capable. They’re a quick learner, and are able to roll with the punches and come out stronger for it. It’s that quiet but indominable sense that things will get better that has pushed them to keep trying when others may have faltered, and adapt to completely changing their life when they accepted Candidacy.

* STABLE: Un’taigo isn’t given to extremes of emotion, and will be a solid and objective ear for any friends that desire their input. While honest to the core, they also know how to soften bad news and will work to give constructive criticism on any problem—or just listen if that’s what’s required. They have the typical Brown rider stability of mind, even if they wouldn’t attribute such a trait to themselves.

* PATIENT: One thing this newly fledged weyrling is not is impatient. They’re always willing to wait their turn, help or explain something over and over again, and can be content waiting with little to no stimulation. They’ll be patient with others too, even if someone they care about is angry or needs space.

The Magic Touch: If there was such a term on Pern, Un’taigo would probably characterize themselves as genderfluid or agender. They’re comfortable with any pronouns, but tend to default to they/them/theirs.


Mother: Taigona. Holder wife. Born 2543.
Father: Unesskin. Peacekeeper. Born 2540.

Nessigona. Sister. Born 2558.
Kintaigon. Brother. Born 2560.
Tunesski. Sister. Born 2563.
Gakessen. Brother. Born 2566.
Saigane. Brother. Born 2567.

Leaving sibling professions open for adoptable purposes, but they should be traditional Holder things—Peacekeepers, Holder husbands or wives, etc.

Sekesken. (Formerly Sitaigo). Son. Born 2584.

Tell us a story...

* 2570-2575, Birth-5 Unteraigo is the last child of Taigona and Unesskin, as they don’t feel like they can provide a stable environment for more than they already have. Since Taigona is already raising five other children, much of her youngest son’s childhood is under the care of his older siblings, as tasks around the home are divvied up among them to keep things running smoothly. They grow up somewhat fading into the background, as their parents are more concerned with finding professions and spouses for their older children. Not knowing any better, Taigo isn’t really bothered by this, since they at least have the insulating presence of their siblings.

* 2576-2581, 6-11 Older childhood is a little more fraught, as Unteraigo first starts to feel like what’s expected of them as a Holder doesn’t necessarily align with their own feelings. They try to bury those feelings, not letting on to their unease and instead striving to be the best Holder child they can be—doing chores without complaining, clearing their plate, parroting the ideals of their parents, and so on. Unesskin starts encouraging them to consider becoming a Peacekeeper once they’re old enough, but Unteraigo doesn’t like the violence inherent in the job and instead say that they want to go into a skilled trade like one of their uncles, even though they don’t have a passion for any of their particular fields either.

* 2582-2583, 12-13 When they turn 12, Unteraigo is unofficially “apprenticed” to one of their uncles, who works as a leatherworker. It’s the least brutal side of the wher butchery business, since they only deal with the hides after the fact. While not work that they particularly enjoy, Taigo is a good worker and listens well to their uncle’s guidance; they aren’t necessarily happy with this path in life, but their parents are proud of them for going into a “respectable” trade, and Taigo hopes that will be enough for them. This turn, their parents also arrange a betrothal for them to a respectable Holder girl named Sikesona, and they start courting under the watchful eye of some family chaperones. Unteraigo isn’t really excited about the prospect of marriage either, but they like Sikesona well enough, and is relieved that the two of them at least get along.

* 2584, 14 Unteraigo and Sikesona are married once they’ve both turned 14, though they’re still living in Unteraigo’s home since they aren’t important enough to warrant their own house or cavern dwelling—and it allows their families to make better use of all their resources. The romantic and sexual side of marriage is awkward for Taigo, but they do their best for their wife and try to be as good a husband as they were a son. At the very least, since they’re a hard worker and they don’t cheat or gamble, there isn’t much for Sikesona to complain about, and the two are tentatively friends.

* 2585, 15 Despite their mutual fumblings when it comes to sex, Sikesona ends up pregnant, and the two of them welcome their first son, Sitaigo, into the world. Taigo expected to feel something when they had a child, but beyond an anxious sense that they’re going to do something wrong, having a son just seems an abstract experience for them at best. They try to support their wife in raising him, but can’t really summon the feeling they think they should for a child they sired. A few months after the boy is born, Unteraigo happens to be in the right place at the right time, and is Searched by a visiting rider from Fort Weyr. Being a dragon rider was something they had never really considered for themselves before, but being offered the chance feels right somehow—and more importantly, appeals more to their sense of doing something worthwhile to help others in a way that leatherworking simply doesn’t. They cautiously explain to Sikesona that they want to accept the Search; but rather than responding supportively, she breaks down and flees to her in-laws, and the whole thing comes out a jumbled mess full of tempers running high and rejection. Unteraigo is terrified of missing the chance to do something that they really want to, and stands up for what they want for the first time in their life. In response, their family—including Sikesona—completely disowns them. They refuse to even speak to Taigo after the fact, and they end up going to Fort Weyr with the Search Rider in tears, and with nothing to their name but the clothes they were wearing. Sikesona is adopted into Taigo’s family, and they even go so far as to change her son’s name to Sekesken to remove the influence of his father’s name from his own. Lost and alone, Unteraigo clings to Candidacy since it is now all they have, and initially hope to Impress right away so that they don’t feel so alone.

* 2586-2589, 16-19 Despite their hopes, Unteraigo keeps Standing and Standing without Impressing. While at first they are disheartened by this experience, they eventually move past mourning the loss of their family and manage to make a few idle friends, as well as accept that sometimes, dragon riders must Stand for turns upon turns before finding their bondmate. They give back to the Weyr that took them in as best they can, taking to any chore that’s given to them in an effort to repay the kindness of those who gave them a home when they had nothing. The end of the Pass is a surreal experience for them, since they were born and raised during it, and moving to Southern Winds seems even stranger to them. They’ve never seen so much green before, and the wonder at how beautiful the island is almost outweighs their anxiousness about running into their family. (And when they inevitably do, their former family simply pretends that they don’t exist at all.) Taigo doesn’t know what to make of Neisoth when he hatches, but quietly wonders if the mutations are what they’re meant to Impress to—since they hadn’t so far. They try to look at the whole thing optimistically, but know they’ll feel more comfortable about it all once they know what rank the new colors are actually supposed to be.

* 2590, 20 This entire turn is up and down in terms of triumphs and tragedies, enough so that it leaves Taigo feeling almost dizzy. Kalestath’s hatching really, genuinely shakes them, to the point that they’re almost afraid of Standing for another one of her clutches when they might possibly lose their life to errant dragonets. But despite that fear, nothing quite drowns their desire to Impress, and they’re determined now to still make the most of this if they can; even if they never Impress, Taigo thinks maybe they’d be okay with joining the ranks of the Weyrfolk. At least they’re more accepting than the Holders are. But late in the turn, completely unexpectedly, they Impress at Imyth’s clutch—to a gorgeous Brown named Junosabeth who is everything they didn’t know they wanted in a dragon. Now dubbed Un’taigo, their entire life seems turned upside down, and they’re somewhat in doubt of the fact that they’ll be able to live up to the potential Junosabeth seems to believe they have—but they’re damn well going to try.


Watching the sickly-looking little Blue struggle to hatch, Taigo’s heart had gone out to him. Any hatchling like that was always a tense thing, particularly after the debacle that had been Imyth’s last clutch. Desperately, they wished that the little creature wouldn’t Between—even if they weren’t destined to Impress to the Blue, Taigo hardly wanted to see its life end in such a quick death. Such as it was, they practically held their breath waiting for him to move. To go forward and claim someone as his.

But he didn’t. Nevertheless, Unteraigo breathed a faint sigh of relief when they saw another Candidate step forward toward him. But she stopped just the same, which meant… they hadn’t bonded?

Remembering Kalestath’s hatching that turn, they tensed again. What was she doing?
Taigo could hear their heart pounding in their ears, each moment seeming to drag onward into eternity. Another dragonet hatched—this one a Green—and then a Brown. He was a beautiful thing, all dark glory and subtle markings, and Unteraigo found themselves smiling as he moved over to his Blue brother, sniffing at him initially and then nosing at him to coax him to stand.

Watching the two of them make their way across the Sands was adorable, and Taigo had to resist clapping, not wanting to distract them or draw attention to themselves. Nevertheless, it was a weight off their heart to see the Blue finally Impress, even if it was with the help of their clutchmate.

It seemed very in keeping with the spirit of the Weyr, they thought.

As much as Taigo admired the helper Brown, though, they didn’t pay him much mind as he made his way down the line of Candidates to find his own intended. Such a gorgeous thing couldn’t possibly want anything to do with them. Unteraigo wasn’t sure what sort of dragon would really Impress to them—maybe a Green?—but that one seemed destined for someone far braver, far more social and flashy, even. A strong personality to go with a strong dragon.

Who else would I choose but you, Un’taigo?

Though they’d noticed the Brown drawing closer, Taigo still jumped at the sound of a voice that wasn’t their own, deep and mellow, resounding in their head. “M-me?” Their own voice practically sounded like a squeak, almost breathless. Looking into the eyes of the Brown that had paused before them, they saw the rainbows of Impression swirling there, and felt the sensation of something strong and stable clicking into place against their own mind—like half of a puzzle they hadn’t even known was missing.

Of course you. Always you. The Brown thrummed then, low and reassuring as he had for the Blue he’d led across the Sands. I’ll never leave you behind. I’m Junosabeth.

“Junosabeth…” It sounded so right somehow, and Taigo nearly sank to their knees, wavering a moment but managing to stay upright. Gingerly, they reached down to run their fingers over the Brown’s headknobs—their Brown’s. “We should get you some food…”

Please. I’m very hungry.

“I— I know.” That was a startling realization too, coupled with the ghostly sensation of their stomach rumbling, but really it was Junosabeth’s. Hand still on the top of his head, Un’taigo led them off the Sands, past the other Candidates, unaware of anything else in the world but that warm presence at their side.

As they crossed into the feeding pavilion, they saw tables set with bowls of raw meat nearby, with some other weyrlings already feeding their dragons. Abruptly unsure, Un’taigo glanced around until they saw one of the Weyrlingmasters. “Uhm. Excuse me. Can I just… take one?” They gestured to one of the bowls, and felt Junosabeth laugh echoingly inside their skull.

I don’t see why not. But it’s adorable you asked.

Member Info...

Created By:
The MenaceTM
Other Characters:
Hnnnnnnnngh, no.
Inactivity Preference:
NPC with no death plz
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
Shall be listed in the Nonbinary group.

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Re: Un'taigo [ 11.05.2570 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 12:46:17 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ june-OH-suh-beth ]
Date of Birth:
33.10.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 33.4M
Mature Height: 7.2M
Mature Wingspan: 55.5M

General Appearance...

When he first hatches, Junosabeth is such a dark brown he almost looks black in low light, save for the faint fuzz of chocolate on his feet. While he’s still young, the most notable of his markings are his pale, bone colored claws. Even when he grows, this Brown will never be drastically patterned. But he will develop some hazy markings as he matures, including of a softer taupe on his underbelly and neckridges, as well as on his wings. He’ll have some faint mottling on his body as well, but it will only be visible under the sun.

In terms of build, Junosabeth hatches as a bulky and sturdy thing, but will eventually even out into a mid-sized Brown. He’s tall at the shoulder considering his length, but his wings are average and not built for prioritizing a certain kind of flight. He’ll be athletically built in adulthood, but without being overly bulky.


Mind Voice: Junosabeth’s voice is mellow and level, with occasional flashes of brightness when he’s especially pleased. His presence is sturdy, almost fatherly in a way, and endlessly free of judgment. His diction does get a little lazy when he’s sleepy.

Other Browns : Junosabeth will never quite appreciate other colors as much as he does his own. That’s not to say that he holds colorist attitudes, but rather that his personality meshes best with others like himself. They’ll no doubt be his closest friends as he grows.

Neck Scratches : Even when he’s big enough that Un’taigo will have to use both hands, and clamber around on him unceremoniously, they’ll still be his favorite thing. There’s a particular place just under his jaw that makes him thrum like he’s purring.

Leeches : As in, people who take and give nothing back. If your abilities are such that there’s a limit to what you can do, that’s different; but if you’re perfectly capable and just lazy, there’s nothing that’s more reprehensible to him—since you’re taking advantage of everyone else’s good will.

Complainers : Just… shut up. If you have a problem with something, act on it. But don’t spend all your time bitching.


* NURTURING : Endlessly encouraging and supportive, Junosabeth likes being able to lend his strengths towards helping others and bolstering their weaknesses. He chose Un’taigo in part because they’re a project—someone he can forge into something better than they are now, by raising their confidence and helping them be who they truly are. (He’ll go so far as to keep an eye on his brother Blue for the rest of their lives too, since now he sees the other dragonet as something of his ‘charge’ after helping him at the Hatching.)

* STOIC : This Brown isn’t the most laidback of dragons, and getting him to loosen up can be something of a trial. But it also means that he’s unflappable, in that he’s not shaken by much and will keep a cool head when the chips are down. True to his color, he’ll be dependable, reliable, and responsible.


* POSSESSIVE : Protective to a fault, this Brown can get rather jealous over those he cares for. He will go so far as to question the motives of those who want to be close to them too, which ends up making him a bit of a buffer for his rider against those who might take advantage. Junosabeth isn’t a violent dragon, but he’ll fight anyone who means harm to those he loves.

* WILLFUL : Junosabeth thinks he knows best, always, and isn’t very good at listening to the opinions of others. He can even be a bit patronizing at times as well, though he doesn’t mean to be, because he doesn’t budge once he’s made up his mind.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #110901; Text: #4F2A17

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Meaning to snag him as the helper Brown because I apparently can't help myself.

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Re: Un'taigo [ 11.05.2570 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2017, 12:49:08 AM »
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Re: Un'taigo [ 11.05.2570 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2017, 02:46:37 AM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

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