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Author Topic: Approved Niphredon [ 05.01.2552 / Sr. Journeyman Healer ]  (Read 4047 times)

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Niphredon [ 05.01.2552 / Sr. Journeyman Healer ]
« on: March 15, 2014, 05:17:13 PM »

Play By:
Mads Mikkelsen

First Name:
Niph – only to Loressa. He will not tolerate anyone else using this name.
Date of Birth:
05.01.2552 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Niphredon carries himself with a cool, deft grace. He seems utterly calm no matter where he's at or what he's doing, even if annoyance or white hot rage is boiling inside him. As such, he can be unsettling to some; his smiles seem artificial because he doesn't quite understand the impetus behind them -- which leads to him smiling at the wrong moment, or otherwise responding in ways not generally appropriate or logical to more compassionate or socially-adept people. He's fairly tall at 6', but only average in build. His hands are his most prized features, as they are long-fingered and deft. Niphredon dresses in little other than the clothes he wears as a Healer, so his wardrobe features a lot of gray, white, and dark purple. The man is capable of sitting still or in silence for hours, but when he does focus on something he does so completely and rather intensely. He has a number of Threadscores on his body from his work in the field as a medic, but managed to escape with his life and without any major maiming.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The tragedy touched Niphredon much less than most other people, because he never grew truly attached to much of anyone. He recognizes that the events of the 9th Pass were terrible for the people of Pern, and has seen that devastation first hand as a Healer. Even so, he knows this purely from a technical and logical perspective rather than an emotional one.

Response to dragon color mutations: Niphredon does not believe in the superstitions that lead many to think the mutations are unlucky. They're simply a new genetic color expression within the species, and nothing to get so worked up over. The dragons are smart enough to figure out what role the new colors will play within their hierarchy.

Who are you...

Likes: His wife : Niphredon loves nothing more than Loressa. His obsession with her is all-consuming, and might to others look rather unhealthy. He sees her as his, and will grow territorial over anyone who spends time with her other than him. Even so, he dotes on her and would never hurt or otherwise abuse her.
The Healer Hall : As far as he is concerned, he was born to work in this Craft. Like Loressa, he doesn't spend much time outside of it save on the few occasions that he pulls her away to spend private time with him.
Organization : Niphredon has a very particular way in which he likes to have things organized; everything has its own place. The fact that Loressa organizes in a system almost identical to his is one of the major reasons he fell in love with her in the first place.
Surgery : Niphredon is fascinated by the human body, and loves the opportunity to get to operate on a new patient. He sees people as giant, flesh and blood puzzles.
Quiet : He doesn't become dysfunctional in loud or chaotic environments, but he doesn't particularly like them. Silence suits him much better, and he could go days without speaking a word to anyone. He fully believes that it does not take words for him to express his love and affection for Loressa.

Dislikes: Crying people : He just... has no idea how to deal with them. He's bad at being compassionate even when someone has lost a loved one, and will probably only give them cursory, mechanical words of comfort. He'd never pat them on the shoulder because he thinks that's weird, and if they try to cling to him he's liable to extract himself and flee.
Disorganization : Niphredon is as much a terror about cleanliness and order in the Healer Hall as Brigan is. As such, many of the Apprentices are afraid of him, as he will very firmly and very intently tell you off for leaving things messy or out of place. He doesn't yell, but he does get deadly serious. Every second a Healer delays because of mess or disorganization is a second that they could fail to save someone.
Laziness : The only thing worse than disorganization is being lazy. He will not hesitate to tell people off for this as well. It makes you useless, and you might as well drop dead if you're not going to be productive. The world would be better off without you.
People prying into his private life : No, it's not any of your business that he hasn't had any children yet. He loves Loressa to death, but other people pointing out these facts are what ultimately lead to him courting and marrying her as a "mask" for his asocial behavior.
Other people talking to his wife : She's his. Back off. This is one of the few things that can turn Niphredon into an irrational monster. If you're not a Healer or a patient, what business do you have interacting with her? It takes him a very long time to accept friends of hers and be comfortable with them, though he would never outright tell Loressa not to see them. He will simply be incredibly watchful.


* PRECISE : Niphredon is not cautious, per se, but he is very careful and exacting in every area his life. He ensures that everything he does is always accurate and of an excellent quality. It has earned him the respect of the other Healers, and helped him excel in his Craft

* ARTICULATE : No matter that his worldview might seem odd to others, Niphredon has never had difficulty explaining himself or his ideas. He speaks very intelligently, with just as much logic and precision as the rest of his actions.

* EFFICIENT : Niphredon does not waste energy on extraneous or frivolous things. He will fulfill his duty and go above and beyond his responsibilities as a Healer, but you can be sure everything will be done neatly, accurately, and quickly.

* HARD-WORKING : This man has been a diligent worker his entire life, almost mechanically so. He doesn't understand people who are lazy or aren't interested in work, and thus they frustrate him.

* DEPENDABLE : When it comes to his Craft, Niphredon can easily see both details and the larger picture in terms of diagnosing, triage, and treatment alike. He moves incredibly well in systems, and works to streamline them whenever he can.


* DISTANT : He finds it difficult to connect to people, and typically doesn't really try. They work in mysterious and illogical ways, and frustrate him more often than not. Niphredon prefers to do as much work as possible himself, because that's easier than expecting other people to live up to his standards.

* POSSESSIVE : When Niphredon considers someone or something his, he will stop at nothing to defend or keep it. He has not expressed himself in overly violent ways before, but the seed of it exists within him. If something were to threaten or happen to Loressa, he would likely be moved to hurt or kill whoever was responsible.

* UNSETTLING : Most people are wary of Niphredon because he seems so peculiar. His unique and very aloof perspective puts off a lot of people and works to keep them detached from him. His intense focus makes a lot of people squirm.

* OBSESSIVE : Niphredon can easily become preoccupied by certain things:  his work, Loressa, and whatever else catches his attention. He becomes single-minded and all-consumed by that one thing.

* RUTHLESS : Because he's not attached to anyone, Niphredon has no problems being rather cold and ruthless toward them. He may not have the best bedside manner despite his skill as a Healer, because he's bad at being comforting and compassionate.

Describe Yourself:

* METICULOUS: He is careful, organized, and accurate in everything he does -- including how he dresses, conducts his personal life, and his work.

* KEEN: Niphredon is as sharp as a tack, and knows it. It's part of the three-fold work ethic, personality, and intelligence that have gotten him where he is in the Healer Hall. He absorbs knowledge like a sponge, and what he doesn't understand about people he more than makes up for in his attention to his Craft.

* ORGANIZED: He remembers where he put everything, how it should be organized, and how certain situations are to be handled. Niphredon has a protocol for everything but overly emotional people.

* PATIENT: If it takes him twenty years something, so be it. He's not one to get impatient or frustrated just because something takes a long time or he doesn't succeed on the first try.

* TRADITIONAL: Despite being raised in a weyr, Niphredon has the mindset of a Holder. This has less to do with his concerns over monogamy versus promiscuity and more to do with his possessiveness. If he's going to be with someone they are the only person he will be with, and vice versa.

The Magic Touch: Up until the move to Southern Winds, Niphredon had succeed in avoiding being pinned down and having any children. He simply didn't care to explore that part of life. After the move, however, people started poking about in his personal life and asking questions. It was no longer an acceptable excuse that he hadn't wanted to marry out of fear of losing a mate. As a result, Niphredon began looking for someone he could stand, an acceptable "mask" to get everyone else out of his business. The unintended consequence is that he fell in love with Loressa (as much as he could, any way), and proceeded to court her. Though it's arbitrary to other people, the thing that finally tipped him in her favor is the way she organizes; it is similar to the way he meticulously keeps his own life in order, and it won over his affections. He also found her ability to connect with people fascinating, and it drew him in as a curiosity. At that point, Niphredon began to court her in his own way:  by effectively entangling himself in her life. He would simply come and sit in the same place she is, arrange to work the same shifts as her, clean her tools when he cleaned his own, make sure she had other supplies, go out of his way to walk her back to her room at the end of their shift, and other such acts that would not read as courtship to anyone else. After a few months of this, Niphredon asked Loressa when she was moving into his room. Only at this point did the other Healer realize that he was courting her -- and things progressed from there. Rather than be put off by his peculiar brand of courtship, Loressa thought it was terribly cute.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Nippa. Green Rider of Emmeth. 2536. Impressed 2548. Deceased.
Father: R'den. Brown Rider of Xalinath. 2534. Impressed 2547. Deceased.

Siblings: Niphredon was never particularly close to his parents, and he was raised in the Creche. As a result, he has no idea if he has any other siblings. He doesn't know much of his parents save their names and ranks.

Craft: Healer

Rank: Sr. Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2564/12.

Date Tapped: 2571/19.

Specialty: Because of his cool head and steady hands under pressure, Niphredon makes an excellent field medic. He is quite skilled at performing life-saving surgeries even during disasters, and his ability to dispassionately triage situations has probably saved more lives than lost them. Now that he is working within the Healer Hall itself, he is focusing on becoming a master of more complicated surgeries.

Education Details: Niphredon has always thought of people as puzzles, and he found his true passion for the Healer Hall on the occasions that he worked there while still a Crecheling. When he turned 12, he jumped at the chance to be Apprenticed there, and proved a wise choice as he quickly became quite skilled at his studies. He far prefers working on people to animals; while he could passably make his way around their anatomy, his true passion is surgery on the human form.

Tell us a story...

* 2552, 0 Niphredon is born to Green Rider Nippa and Brown Rider R'den at Fort Weyr. He's placed in the care of the Creche workers, since his parents are fighting dragon riders and his birth was the result of a won flight. They are never very close with their son on account of being so busy, and so he grows up a weyrbrat.

* 2555, 3 Fall of Paradise River Hold. He doesn't really remember this event since he was so young, only that the increased amount of refugees means that there was less space and less privacy.

* 2556, 4 His mother dies fighting thread; Niphredon vaguely remembers being informed of her death, but since he never knew her it doesn't leave much of an impression on him. She was really just a name to him.

* 2558, 6 Fall of Southern Boll Hold. Niphredon remembers this event much better, but again takes little notice of it save that he has less privacy and begins to get even fussier about keeping what small space he is allowed clean and meticulous. It's become obvious to the Creche workers at this point that he seems incapable of making any friends, but attempts to draw him out of his shell ultimately fail. He seems perfectly content being alone.

* 2560, 8 His father dies fighting Thread. Like with his mother, this doesn't effect Niphredon much. He simply takes the knowledge in stride. After all, people die all the time.

* 2561, 9 Fall of Crom Hold; abandonment of Telgar Weyr. This event leaves a bit more of an impression on him since he's begun doing chores in the Healer Hall. Seeing all the injured refugees and dragon riders come in fascinates him, and be begins to be truly passionate about joining the Healer Hall once he's old enough to be an apprentice.

* 2563, 11 Fall of Nabol Hold. This event only serves to frustrate him, as he's eager to join the Healers -- less so that he can help people, and more so that he can learn the secrets of the human body and give his over-active mind something to do.

* 2564, 12 Apprenticed to the Healer Hall. Up until his marriage to Loressa, this is the happiest day of Niphredon's life. He has known this would be his calling since his much younger years, and truly excels once he's joined the ranks of the Crafters. He learns quickly, and is soon asking questions far more advanced than an apprentice of his age has any right to ask.

* 2564, 12 Fall of Ruatha Hold. While he's been treating Thread-scored riders and generally learning from the others in the Hall, the influx of yet more refugees offers Niphredon's first true opportunity to begin treating people himself. With so many people coming in, the Healers are short staffed and need every pair of hands they can get. Niphredon is trusted with duties traditionally past his age, such as stitching wounds closed. While it marked him as odd in the Creche, his calm demeanor and steady hands make him an asset in the Hall.

* 2567, 15 Fall of Southern Holds; abandonment of Southern Weyr. The fall of yet another weyr worries Niphredon, not on account of the lives lost but because Pern is growing ever smaller. He realizes that this is a bad sign for the human race, but recognizes it in only an abstract way.

* 2568, 16 Fall of High Reaches Hold. This event flickers by, almost completely unnoticed by Niphredon save to note that Pern is getting yet smaller. The true event of the turn for him is his assignment as a field medic for ground crews. He shines here as he did in the rest of the Hall, proving himself a capable field doctor and surgeon.

* 2571, 19 Tapped to be a Journeyman. His experiences as a field medic ultimately earn him the rank of Journeyman when he's nineteen. He's then "promoted" to more dangerous ground crew assignments, and begins to gain yet more scars for his troubles. Even so, he's luckier than some in that he's not permanently maimed or killed.

* 2571, 19 Fall of Tillek Hold; abandonment of High Reaches Weyr. Thus, Pern has been reduced to two settlements. Niphredon understands that this is a bad sign for the future of his planet, but it doesn't change his duty -- to be the best Healer that he can be. He continues to throw himself into his work, living and breathing what he does day in and day out with little room for anything else.

* 2574, 22 Has sex for the first time. He kind of falls into the experience by accident, as another Journeywoman corners him in a storage closet and things progress from there. Though he'd been aware of the act before now, he'd never expressed much interest in it. Niphredon discovers that it's actually fairly enjoyable, but he has much more important things to do with his time. His indifference ultimately leads to a broken heart on the part of the Journeywoman trying to pursue him.

* 2577, 25 First meets Loressa. He makes note of her only because she's a good student, and almost as meticulous as he is. Beyond that, she's another apprentice to teach -- albeit a respectably skilled and passionate one.

* 2579, 27 Receives a particularly nasty Threadscore along his right arm that leaves him unable to function as a field medic for a few months. While he's dutiful about his physical therapy in the interest of being able to use his arm with full functionality once more, the few months leaves Niphredon frustrated and eager to get back to real work. He spends the intervening time doing what he can to help around the Healer Hall.

* 2582, 30 Promoted to the rank of Senior Journeyman. This marks a distinct achievement for Niphredon, and the next step in his goal of becoming a Master Healer. He allows himself a day of celebration by resting, before immediately throwing himself back into his work. After all, he didn't get this far by taking days off.

* 2587, 35 End of the 9th Pass; move to Southern Winds Weyr. Niphredon sees the move as a new start for the survivors, and steps up to take on extra responsibilities to ensure that everything the Healers need will be available at the new settlement. He may not be particularly nervous or excited, but he does see the abandonment of the Northern Continent as a necessary step toward their people's recovery.

* 2587, 35 Begins courting Loressa after the move to Southern Winds Weyr, when people start delving into his personal life. Her meticulous nature is what stands out to him, and be courts her in a rather non-traditional way by slowly insinuating himself into her life. He's ready to marry her as soon as he's decided he will be with her, but it takes a little longer for their romance to blossom on Loressa's part.

* 2589, 37 Marries Loressa. After two turns of constantly pursuing her, he finally succeeds in securing Loressa's hand in marriage. This then replaces his apprenticeship the happiest day of Niphredon's life. It was a surprisingly large affair -- more so than Niphredon had counted on or even wanted -- since so many of Loressa's colleagues and past patients decide to attend; none of the guests were there for him, only his wife. The affair is held in the Healer Hall.


He'd thought they would have hours. Usually, when the humming of the dragons woke him, Niphredon would make his way down to the Healer Hall, make himself a quick breakfast of black klah and whatever else he had on hand, and ready himself for the day's Hatching. As one of the best surviving field medics at Southern Winds, he was usually one of those who saw to whatever maulings or cursory bumps and bruises befell the Candidates who gathered on the Sands with the confused, hungry, and often clumsy dragonets.

But this particular morning, once he'd woken his wife and they'd made their way to the Healer Hall, there had already been a panicked rider waiting for them there. From what he'd been able to get out of the man, there had already been some fairly severe maulings and a Candidate that the Gold had injured for disrespecting her clutch.

In the interest of doingas much as he could, Niphredon agreed to go with the man now, whilst his wife retrieved more supplies and would arrive a few minutes later. As a field medic, Niphredon did his best work under pressure, under short notice, and when time was of the essence.

As such, he slid quickly off the dragon that had ferried him down to the Sands, and his long strides soon ate up the ground as he entered.

And this, this picture of only vaguely-contained chaos, was where he thrived. A cursory glance at the other Candidates told him that they were either not badly wounded or already being treated -- no, it was the downed girl several yards away who rocketed to the top of his triage.

Setting his field medic's kit down next to her, Niphredon quietly knelt next to Sethunya and all the while unobtrusively nudging aside those who had begun to tend her with a soft, "I'll see to her." Selecting a knife from his bag, he expertly slit what remained of her robes open over her stomach to reveal the wounds.

It didn't appear as though any of the fabric had been snagged into the cuts themselves, which was in her favor. He would need to inspect them before actually sewing her up, but it didn't seem that she would be permanently damage. Stitches and bed rest would be all she really needed provided the dragon hadn't nicked anything vital -- or opened her stomach.

"Talk to her," he directed the two near him. It would be best if she didn't slip into unconsciousness and a possible coma until he finished evaluating her. Even as he did so, Niphredon took a topical anisthetic from his kit and began to (as gently as he could whilst still in the interest of time and efficiency), applying it to the wound. Once the Candidate could no longer feel the pain, it would be simpler and more humane to assess her wound and begin to stitch it closed.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
O'sir, M'rek, Finnmaghaine, L'nal, A'lori, Erieen, Tyldas, Tianaice
Inactivity Preference:
Deeeeaaaathhhh. If his wife dies he may lose his shit and kill whoever is responsible.
Anything Else:
He's a crazy dude. 8D

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Re: Niphredon [ 05.01.2552 / Sr. Journeyman Healer ]
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