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Author Topic: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event  (Read 1745 times)

Offline Wa'by

The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« on: November 23, 2017, 01:54:20 PM »
It wasn't exactly the best day for it though while the clouds certainly looked gloomy, there was no sign of rain, and it was likely that they would simply pass by before the end of the day. An entirely different sort of tension loomed, however, as Wa'by made the final sweep of the ground weyrs the weyrlings occupied, paying particular attention to those where possessions were bundled tightly together in anticipation of new room assignments.

Satisfied everything was in order, he gave a short whistle to summon his firelizards over, directing them to his weyr since they would bridle at being in too close a proximity to... Well... everyone else- before entering the weyrling barracks. He moved his own weyrling group on with only a few nitpicky details that didn't really affect the room as a whole but could lead to issues down the track. To the ones that remained, he gave a wide grin.

"Ready for a piss-up, boys?" he chortled, referencing the lifting of the restrictions that should follow the ceremony. He waited for the group to settle down before his smile faded, though his eyes still sparkled merrily. "Right, well. We got a bit of a shindig to get to first. So if you think ya gotta spiff yerselves up, I reckon you got two shakes of a woolbeast's tail before ya gonna miss it." A pause, to see if anyone did indeed need to leave before the grin was back.

"Aced that one mates. Wasn't lookin' forward to telling Big D any one of you lot were gobsmacked about what 'be in the weyrling barracks in formal riding gear' meant." he laughed before turning to lead them away. He didn't think to tell them they should be in their class formations, assuming that three years of the same thing would make it obvious enough for their last time together.

It was strange for Wa'by as he moved towards where the ceremony would be held. Not so long ago, it was almost a bittersweet moment. There was still fanfare, sure, but it was because so many of them may not survive the first year as part of a wing. There was still risks involved at Southern Winds, certainly, but most if not all of the weyrlings now following him would be there again to welcome his weyrlings next turn. It was heartwarming. Not only because he knew they'd(most likely) survive, but because it was a firm reminder that they'd not only sruvived the catastrophe, but were moving beyond it. And sure, these ceremonies had occurred previously, but never with his involvement.

They may not have been his group, but he was undeniably proud of the weyrlings following.

When he arrived, he stepped forward to join the rest of the weyrleadership, slipping into position between C'ren and W'um and giving the weyrlings an encouraging grin. This was their moment, afterall.

Spoiler for OOC:
Finally! The weyrlings from the 2588 clutch are graduating! Before they can celebrate, they have to participate in one more ceremony, where they will be given their wing assignments for the new year.

The OOC thread can be found at the link.
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Offline W'um

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2017, 01:56:10 PM »
A day like today truly was a momentous occasion, and despite the turns that had passed since his own graduation,  which had been admittedly a much less… exiting affair considering the lack of pomp and glamour which had come with their graduation to a fighting wing, W’um could still remember the day like it was yesterday. The fear, the apprehension, the excitement, the pride, the anticipation, all a little bundle rolled up together in such a small space in time.

They look like riders.

That they do.

Smiling down at the faces of the Weyrlings, and nodding respectfully at the riders who stood on the opposite side, facing the graduating classes, W’um walked forward to stand between them.

“Congratulations, Weyrlings of Kalestath, Oriath and Imyth. It has been decided that for all of you, your training is complete.” The looks of relief on some of the Weyrling’s faces was undeniable, and there were some that would have a close eye trained on them in Prairie Wing, but none the less, all were graduating.

“I say so on behalf of our Weyrlingmaster D’zel, your own Assistant C'ren, and the ever exciting Wa'by, that it has been a privilege to be able to work, hone, and watch such a fine group of young riders through your early turns.” There was nothing sad about W’um’s smile, but fatherly and proud of the Weyrlings they had, as a team, trained.

“However, our work with you is complete. There is still more to learn, there should be no doubt about that. Riders or Weyrlings, are constantly improving and honing their skills and for you it will be no different. Now you must join a wing, and do your part as a fully-fledged rider of Southern Winds Weyr.” He paused, significantly, before continuing.

“I will now read the wing assignments…”
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Offline K'rez

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2017, 08:49:28 PM »
K'rez stood straight and firm, the simpleness of his look and expression giving his slightly short stature no lack of the air of leadership that may someone who physically looked more impressive might exude. Instead, he looked collected. Hopefully not scary to the Weyrlings across from them, many of whom would be entering Prairie Wing is not too short a time, but definitely giving the ceremony the seriousness that it required.

The Weyrlings may be graduating to their wings today, but they were still young, and had a lot to learn. It was K'rez, and his fellow Wingleadership's duty to teach them, help them, and support them. Prairie additionally had a lot of... extra pressure in this department. Beach and Jungle only received those who had truly shown initiative during their training, and Prairie received all the rest. It wasn't a bad thing. No. K'rez could never think of his wing as a punishment in any sense of the word. Simply a place where people who needed a little extra growth could stay and ensure they found their way.

He stood just behind and to the right shoulder of Z'tai, their other Prairie Wingsecond mirroring him to Z'tai's left.

A brief glance over the heads of the small grouping, as the Weyrlings were still situating themselves in their places, he spotted Denoth flopped over the edge of their Weyr ledge. Evidently disconnecting from the idea of K'rez having to do boring, official duties. The brown would much rather the celebrations that would begin to take place in only a couple of marks. A speck of darkness showed Ierne flitting about above Denoth, the bronze not too bothered by the current lack of attention from K'rez.

Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, K'rez's attention turned back to the ceremony at hand, as Assistant Weyrlingmaster W'um moved forward to speak.

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Offline C'ren

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2017, 06:20:06 AM »
C'ren had told his class it was time to get ready to graduate and to be ready Amsmith was keeping an eye on Hiakimth to make sure she did not mess up though he knew that Nalise had a hold on her Dragon at this point he also knew how Hiakimth tended to get into trouble and did not want her to cause any today of all days for the young rider.

C'ren listened to W'um speak and nodded his head. He was a man of few words and had ask W'um to do the speaking for him as he did not really know what to say. When he had graduated he was rushed into a fighting wing as for his class they would be put into three different wings if they made that at graduation but even if they did not they would get to the other wings.

He was proud of his class and now he would have a break and be able to help the other two assistant weyrling masters with there classes till he gets the next set of new weyrlings. He was glad for them to get to be in the wings and to be the riders they where meant to be.

Offline Nalise

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2017, 06:37:57 AM »
Nalise had brushed her hair and put it up in a braid before putting on her formal riding gear and with Twister on her shoulder she looked at him and spoke to him softly "I do not think you can ride on my should Twist so can you sit on the ledge and watch with Hiakimth she has to sit on her Ledge and be good you can keep her company while I am in the Bowl graduating. The little blue nodded his head and sat on Hia's head as all three of them made their way to the ground ledge before Hia stayed at the ledge.

Both Twister and Hia had been well oiled for this event and Nalise had bathed so all looked their best. Nalise fell into line and walked in formation with the rest of the graduating class she was in the Oldest class so the was in the first group that would be given wing assignments. She knew she was probably in Pirie but that was okay she was ready for that.  She would work hard to make it and who know she might make wingsecond in that wing to who know Wingleader material. She would be the first Green wingleader.

Yes you will mine.
Haikimth is 2 turns and one month as of 20.6.2590

Offline Zilanie

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2017, 08:01:30 AM »
Zilanie was ready to go her dark hair falling down her back as she slipped on her formal riding leathers she looked at Wes and Jungle all shined up she smiled at them both "Now you know both of you need to be good as I get our new wing and new weyr up higher okay loves." Jungle sent her a purr and nuzzled her cheek before going over to Wes and laying on her head.

Wes nodded her head gently We will be Zi do not worry we will wait on the ground until you know where we are to go and then we will help pack everything up and help you move. It will be okay.

Zi smiled and laughed "Yes we will lets get going all and stay near the weyr till I get back." They nodded and stood near the weyr as Zi got in line as one of the last since she was in the last clutch and she would be one of the last one to graduate it would start with Kalestath's clutch, then go to Oriath's clutch, and Imyth's clutch which was her group of weyrlings. She stood very patient as she waited.

Offline H'riel

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2017, 12:48:20 PM »
H'riel had realised what the day meant for him and his peers well before the weyrlingmaster had confirmed it. He may have been uncertain stepping from hold to weyr, but there was rarely any doubt about the schedule they kept. The outlier tended to be flights and hatchings, particularly where the gold dragons were involved, though even they could be predicted to a few days. The real challenge would be dealing with that once he was no longer under weyrling restrictions. The entire weyr had a rest day following a goldflight...up until now he'd just, kept busy with the rest of the weyrlings.

But that was a problem for another day.

With nothing else to attend to, H'riel had spent the day making sure his riding gear was immaculate before tending to Dwalath. The dragons may not be a direct part of the ceremony, but that didn't mean he would neglect him on his last day as a weyrling. The fact the brown so obviously enjoyed a thorough scrub and oiling also made sure that it wasn't something he'd easily forget to do.

He checked his riding straps, made sure every bit of his meagre possessions were suitably bundled and ready for their final inspection before heading to the weyrling barracks to wait for the instruction to move to the weyrbowl.

He listened stoically as Wa'by spoke, only moving when the call to fall in line was made, and positioning himself  behind his bronze clutchmates and moving forward with the same steady deliberation as he did most things. He did not concern himself with worrying over where he would be placed. The weyr would decide where best he was suited, and there was little concern as to the why's.

So he simply stood, Dwalath's interest waning as W'um stepped forward to speak. He cared little for the ceremony, though he had expressed a desire to meet his new wingmates once they were assigned, so while he remained somewhat distracted, there was enough of a presence there for H'riel to be confident he would not have to repeat the wing assignment when it was given.

 He listened carefully as the names were announced, more to make sure he didn't miss his than anything else. But there were a lot of them, and with the polite applause that followed each announcement, there was a fair wait to be had, still.
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Offline Nishi

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #7 on: November 24, 2017, 05:24:04 PM »
Nishi, after the first few months of being confused to the point of annoyance at the gaudy Assistant Weyrling Master Wa’by, soon found that the older Bluerider’s sense of fun grew on oneself like a fungus. Although she wouldn’t admit it, there were still parts of his speech that evaded Nishi, but his honesty and quick wit weren’t hidden by much, and it had endeared him to the young almost-Greenrider, just in time for her to move on. But, considering the Bluerider wasn’t in Mountain anymore, and was most likely to stick around for a while, Nishi was sure she wouldn’t have to miss him.

Tightening her straps once more while he did the final inspections of their weyrs, Nishi couldn’t stop smiling. Yes, she was nervous, incredibly so, and she rocked up and down on the balls of feet, but the nervous energy was nothing compared to the elation of graduation. We’re going to be riders, we’re going to be riders. Beaming at the Assistant Weyrlingmaster after the younger classes moved off, she chuckled along with the rest of her year group, and at his ‘spiff yerselves up’ comment, Nishi discretely flipped the lower half of her hair over her shoulder.

She didn’t want her hair blowing in her face during the ceremony, and with the season, it was far too hard to predict the weather from the morning when she was getting ready after drills. So, she’d picked a crown of braids and let the rest hang free, suitably formal for the ceremony, yet she felt it was a nice change given she had to have her hair up every day for drills. And with that, they were off. Leaving the ground weyrs for the last time as weyrlings. It’s actually happening Xasheyth.

We are ready, Mine.

Standing proud and still as she listened to Assistant Weyrlingmaster W’um speak, Nishi had to blink back tears several times. And then he began to read the names and Nishi’s mind entirely focussed on the sound of his voice. Waiting for her name to be called, she could miss nothing, please be Jungle.
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Offline W'um

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2017, 04:14:50 PM »
"Once your name and wing has been read. You may cross to stand with your Wingleaders."

He smiled at the awaiting group, the clouds which drifted slowly across the sky today sending the sun down upon them in a hazy, dull sheen. Every now and then a lance of sunlight splitting across the packed earth of the Weyrbowl before being wiped away.

"D'von of Jabyth!" W'um called clearly and authoritatively. "Prairie Wing." Waiting patiently for the young man to cross in front of him and join Z'tai and his two wingleaders, W'um couldn't help the smile that spread across his face at watching the first of the turn to officially take their place.

Another name, another Wing, another Weyrling passing onto the next stage in their life. The next few who graduated passed by uneventfully. Joining their wings with an amount of grace and respect that Wa'by should be proud of. No tears, no scowls of complaint.

"Haithen," a pause, catching the eye of the Weyrling who was about to cross, "of Saissith... Jungle Wing." Someone who had obviously gone above and beyond during the last two turns to get themselves noticed by R'sin... at least when he had been around, and their new wingleader H'vier.

The Assistant Weyrling Master paused to allow Haithen to take their place behind H'vier, L'ale and L'nal, before continuing. "H'riel of Dwalath." The Weyrling who had been so devastatingly involved in R'sin and Ny'la's death those scant few months ago. It seems Wa'by, D'zel and the Weyrleadership had decided not to punish him for the accident, a fact which W'um would have agreed with wholeheartedly. "Beach Wing."

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Offline Nalise

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2017, 04:49:05 PM »
Nalise stood still and listened as two of her Clutch mates and then one from another clutch was called and given their wings. She was smiling and happy as she listened to everyones name and they move to their wings. She waited for her wing to be called all her items where packed and ready to be moved to the weyr that her wing gives her.

We will do good in the wing no matter what.

I know we will mine. now jus listen.

She stood and listened for her name.
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Offline B'lye

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2017, 07:49:15 PM »
B’lye waited beside the other Wingleaders and Seconds. It was more of a show of respect and formality than anything else. Mountain didn’t take riders fresh out of weyrlinghood, it wasn’t a dismissal of their skills, well… maybe it was. But it was more important to have years of being part of the weyrlife as riders, than to immediately be removed from it. Mountain might be a valued wing for Southern Winds, but they were still dragonmen… and a whole continent… apart from the rest of the weyr for the most part.

Not B’lye, of course, but he was a special case.

At least he wasn’t nearly as intimidating as the other leaders lined up, awaiting their newest recruits. He simply didn’t have the stature or face to be intimidating, and the crutches might hamper it if he tried. Instead, he smiled at the excited and nervous men and women before him, awaiting so eagerly to join their ranks proper. Evermore proud of his fellow dragonmen as they continued to pull such fine men and women, and even others, into their ranks to overcome all the obstacles they’d had to, and would continue to face. The only thing left, as W’um opened the ceremony, was to find which Wing they would fall into to face such challenges.

Prairie’s numbers would always swell with the addition of newly-minted riders. Z’tai and K’rez making a perfect home to hone their skills and confidence, and many found a permanent home in Prairie because of the versatility and honesty of the wing. Beach and Jungle tended to get interesting new recruits, and this year didn’t seem to be different.

Although the Weyrlingmasters and the Wingleaders decided the progressions together, B’lye didn’t have much of a role, he just enjoyed hearing the insight of the Weyrlingmasters and the factors the Wingleaders thought most important. There were very few times he needed to speak, and any insight or opinion he had was often voiced far better by the Weyrlingmasters in any case, their experience and time spent with the weyrlings far more valuable than B’lye’s watching from his low weyr. Of course, this was helped by the fact that they had such competent Weyrlingmasters. Not that dragonriders tended to make habit of giving people positions they didn’t deserve, and Southern Winds had a very good track record in B’lye’s mind, but he had a unique respect for W’um, and of course, he was well acquainted with Wa’by’s unique way of looking at the world, which was far more shrewd than people would guess at first glance. B’lye hadn’t had much to do with C’ren before his change to Assistant Weyrlingmaster, but the crop of weyrlings he was in charge of had proven capable and he did have a hand in the more dramatic periods of their weyrlinghood, so B’lye was impressed by that.

Even if he didn’t have a hand in the choosing of the progressions the weyrlings before them took, he was still proud of all the work everyone in this room had put to preparing for this day, and would be happy to revel in the celebrations that followed, for the good of the weyr, and to celebrate the future.

With the first few names called, and the first few weyrlings moving forward, B’lye nodded at any of the, now fully fledged, dragonriders if they looked his way. Making special attempt to wink at the Greenrider chosen for Jungle. And nod to the Brownrider who had been a part of the unfortunate events of R’sin’s death, it was good to see he wouldn’t be unduly punished for what wasn’t his fault. Not that Prairie was a punishment, but to place him in a Wing for extra honing of his skills when they weren’t in question would have been a shame.

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Offline X'kis

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #11 on: December 01, 2017, 11:42:50 AM »
His time as weyrsecond was drawing to a close, but that did not mean X'kis would shirk his duty. He was ready promptly, escorting his weyrmate to the weyrbowl where they would join the rest of the weyrleadership in watching the ceremony that would take place shortly.

He watched with his usual stony faced stoicism, never one inclined to make light of a serious situation. Graduating weyrlinghood wasn't quite as dangerous as it once was, but with many of the weyrlings swelling the ranks within Prairie Wing, they would become in part his responsibility for the next few months. He had worked hard alongside the others in adding his thoughts on which weyrling should go where, and found he was pleased with what choices hands been made.

Now it was time to see how the weyrlings would react to their assignments. While it was frequently stressed that Prairie was the most probable wing for most of them, some had done what they couldn't try and work towards being noticed by the other wingleaders. Unfortunately, it didn't always pay off, and he was curious to see whether there would be any problems accepting the decision of the weyrleadership at all.

He gave Wa'by an almost indistinguishable nod, lips curving ever so slightly as the other man caught his eye. There may have been somw confusion initially, mainly because he could be very... confusing in his choice of words, but he suited his position and had done a fine job managing his weyrling group. Mountain may keep X'kis away a fair bit once he rejoined the Wing, but he was still rather keen to see how he would do once he started with a weyrling group from beginning to end.

Ah. But W'um was speaking now, and his attention returned to the weyrlings, offering a small nod when he caught someone's eye and overall pleased by the reactions. He gave each Prairie graduate a somewhat longer look than the others, trying to ensure he did not forget their faces in case he needed to deal with them in future. He would be forgiven for not remembering the names of those weyrlings stepping straight into Beach and Jungle, but he'd like to be certain about the Prairie wingmembers, regardless of whether they are wearing their knots or not.

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Offline Haithen

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #12 on: December 02, 2017, 06:20:16 AM »
For the longest time, Haithen had felt like this day wouldn’t come. Now that it was here, it felt rushed. Too fast and too soon. Where had the last few months gone since Saissith had Risen? So much like dragon flight, it was quick and now... now there they were. Dressed like Riders in their gear, everything packed up from their weyrling weyr. Haithen’s flits, acting like adults, were perched on his things and acting like the well behaved darlings they could be. Depth and Dusk understood how important today was, and how serious. So they’d just sit on his chest of personal effects – clothes mostly – and wait for it all to be over.

Not that Haithen nor Saissith were expecting it to last overly long. Really, the nerves leading up to it all would likely kill them. Haithen had worked himself and Saissith as much as he dared, dreaming so much that he would be placed in any Wing besides Prairie. Not because he thought less of them but because... that just wasn’t the Wing for him. Haithen’s heart didn’t soar with those that were still in training and neither did it belong with those that were cutting and gutting fish. If he was told to, Haithen would do whatever he was ordered. Duty to the weyr above all. But... The jungle called to him. He wanted to serve the weyr. He wanted to feel like he was really contributing to the future of Pern. Ideally, he’d never fly Thread in his life. So if facing the dangers of the Hunters was what could be asked of a Rider, Haithen felt like he was ready.

Not to say he wasn’t afraid. Anyone with half a brain would be terrified of a monster bigger than a Green with a mouth full of teeth. But the world wouldn’t function if those that could didn’t do what they must.

Haithen took his place with the other Weyrlings he had trained with. Dressed appropriately with his long black hair braided back as he might for training. Saissith stood back, as was expected, with her head held high and expectant. Nervous but she hid it well.

The list of names was long. Obviously, but with every name Haithen felt like he was going to jump in place. The wait would kill him. He gripped his hands in fists at his side but that was the only outward indication he was anxious. He remained still, waiting.

Then W’um called his name. Then Saissith’s. Then.... Jungle. Jungle?! JUNGLE?! Jungle. she confirmed softly. Sweet and shy all at once. It actually took Haithen a moment to process the information before he suddenly started moving. Like in a dream, he had to remember to breath. To move. Not to trip. Blessed Faranth, if he fell walking to his new wing?!

Then he was there. It wasn’t a dream. He had been assigned Jungle. Haithen ran a hand over his face and swore to himself over and over he wouldn’t cry. Not now. He’d scream and cry and dance around in his new weyr when it was all over. For now, he stood. Stoic. And tried very, very hard not to grin like an idiot.

He half succeeded.

Spoiler for OOC:

Haithen on the inside :

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Offline H'riel

Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #13 on: December 03, 2017, 04:10:59 PM »
As expected, most of the weyrlings who preceeded H'riel were being assigned to Prairie. Some of the allocations he understood completely, particularly if they were part of his specific clutch group.  It had been drilled into them that graduating to a wing other than Prairie was a rare feat, and that there was no shame in being placed there.

Dwalath rumbled a soft agreement through their bond when Haithen's name was called and he was assigned to Jungle. Approving the decision and watching as the new rider moved in a different direction to the majority of the newly graduated weyrlings.

H'riel, however, was less invested in his placement, though had he been one to hope for things based on other peoples experienced he may have done so knowing nlfor certain that not everyone was ending up in Prairie Wing. As it was, his part in the death of Jungle's Wingleader had cemented the idea that he would be unable to follow suit, despite the rumours to the contrary. Dwalath was vehement that it shouldn't affect their placement, but it had seemed logical so far as he himself was concerned.

Further speculation was impossible as he finally heard the one thing he was listening for. He straightened as W'um called his name, making eye contact briefly before looking just past as he listened for his wing assignments.

The surprise that crossed his features was brief, but it wouldn't be hard to miss. He searched the faces of the weyrleadership for a moment, stopping when he found Meek and I'm at. His new Wingleader and second.

Go. His brown urged, the dragon's voice a mix of pride, amusement and even a light scolding. It would not do to hesitate now that they had been given their wing assignment.

H'riel did just that, moving at Dwalath's urging without needing to think about it, taking long, certain strides towards his Wingleader. He turned sharply when he got into position, standing tall and staring straight ahead as W'um continued to give the assignments.

It was Nishi who drew his attention once he's properly wrapped his head around what had happened, and while he remained the picture of a perfect recruit, his eyes flickered to his friend and stayed there. He had no doubt she would be placed somewhere other than Prairie, and she's never been shy about her aspirations for Jungle. She was still a fair way along, though H'riel didn't mind the waiting. Aside from waiting for her name to be called, his only other interest at that stage was remembering the names of any others who may end up in Beach Wing as well.

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #14 on: December 04, 2017, 05:18:36 PM »
Good on them. If W'um had managed to spare a brief glance in the direction of his blue behind him, the pride and curiosity Liramyth felt would be obvious. They hadn't even always trained these ones. But we were part of the process. Liramyth added in, not at all phased by his rider's doubtfulness.

W'um resisted the urge to laugh, and instead called the next rider's name, an "Ianathe of Ashineth," to "Prairie Wing". The girl crossed to join the steadily growing group of Prairie Wingers without delay, and he continued on to read a few more. Iayla of Moskelath also joined the majority of her classmates in Prairie Wing, and interspersed between the next few names which made their way to the Prairie side was another Beach Rider, joining H'riel who was standing tall.

"Marika of Kelith to Prairie Wing." He smiled as now Green Rider made her way across to stand with Z'tai, K'rez and the other Prairie Wingsecond. "Nalise of Hiakimth." Ah yes, the Weyrling who had taken her first flight across the cove and given near everyone involved a heartattack. She'd gotten a stern talking to by Vanelwynne, and many a meeting had been had to determine her faith. Regardless, he did pause before reading out a wing. "Prairie Wing." None of the Weyrlings would be left behind this turn, but the Wingleadership would be keeping a close eye.

Halfway through the ceremony, and the Weyrlings standing seemed to be getting a little antsy, some shuffling from foot to foot, others standing stock still, awaiting their fate, although there were no wrong placements here today. Inexperienced as they were, W'um knew that his old wing was the right place for the majority of new graduates to go. Whether the Weyrlings were accepting enough to think the same was a different story.

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #15 on: December 05, 2017, 11:55:36 PM »
Barrago chattered in an almost conversational tone to his ragdoll, Scraps, perched on top of the small pile of Rinneir's neatly gathered possessions. His head tilted back and forth like the thing was actually responding.

Deyith, from her ledge, rumbled deep in her chest and directed some irritation at the little blue flit, mostly to cover her amusement. The green considered him almost as humans considered their clutch mates-- No...the word is...um…’They're a bother’...Brother! That's the word! When he just looked up at her and hissed, then went right back to his ‘conversation’, Deyith mentally nudged their human. Are you sure we can't leave the squeak-toy for the next Weyrling in here, mine?

Wa’by was just joining the other Weyrleadership so the Weyrling gave her green most of her attention for the moment. Rinneir couldn't help but smile waiting there in formation as she imagined just what her tiny flit was doing. Probably being ‘talkative’ since the dragon called him squeaky. //I'm sure, Dey. Besides, you wouldn't know what to do with the quiet after this long. Just remind him of that little bit of twine on the bed- I have to pay more attention here.//

Indeed, W’um was speaking and with only a brief preface began calling wing placements. It was constantly pressed upon them through their training that most would go into Prairie wing, and she would be happy enough there to start. Rinneir loved exploring and new experiences too much to be actually content to stay there permanently, though. What the greenrider really wanted was to join Beach, and maybe-- though she usually didn't allow herself to entertain the thought for long-- eventually prove herself worthy of Mountain.

Amusement washed over Rin from Deyith, but she contained it admirably. If you want Mountain, mine, you need to find another mini to train; Barrago will not cut it at all. A glimpse of the little blue tangled hopelessly in the short length of twine flashed in Rin's mind and she bit her tongue to stop the laughter from bubbling up. //Certainly, but Barrago would be good entertainment out there in the wastes. You certainly have the wings for Mountain, though, dearest. We're just not really ready yet.//

I know, mine. A couple turns…
They should call you soon; I want to see the new Weyr and you should go...what did Wa’by call it?...piss-up. I don't really know what that means, but it sounds fun and you deserve some fun.

Rin couldn't argue with that. It had been a busy, eventful few years. Everyone needed the festivities and a good dose of fun.
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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #16 on: December 14, 2017, 07:03:24 PM »
Nishi’s eyes widened at the calling of Haithen’s name. Someone had done it, someone had actually done it, a weyrling going straight into Jungle, and a Greenrider! Although it had been an express possibility, it was still rare. You couldn’t just be good, you had to be great. You had to be, in order to be noticed for Jungle. And Haithen had done it. Nishi beamed for her, although they were more of ‘friends’ in the ‘both social, good natured people who know each other,’ rather than actually being close confidants, Nishi couldn’t have been happier for someone else getting into Jungle.

Well, there might be a few, her siblings or H’riel maybe, possibly even A’lori, but from the bubble of happiness sitting in her chest and threatening to lift her off the floor, she couldn’t quite tell how much happier she could be.

Until H’riel’s name was called. Beach. BEACH. H’riel got Beach Xasheyth! He did it! Of course, she’d told him about her youth with the Fishers and the interactions with Beach Wing, how those were the riders she’d grown up knowing and idolizing. The young almost… so close… to Greenrider felt the telltale sting in the bridge of her nose and had to breath deeply to hold it back, but she was beaming as he stepped forward with long strides. He’ll do so well there.

Even though it wasn’t Jungle, and that Nishi had convinced herself that the adventurous Wing with a cursed leadership position was were she belonged, Beach had always held such a special place in her heart and her admiration of the riders. The knowledge that her friend was actually counted among them, had grown into one of the people she’d always revered, was acutely emotional. More so than she’d convinced herself it would be.

Sniffing delicately, the water in her eyes receding by sheer will, took a moment to straighten her shoulders and flip her hair into a more comfortable position, hands still laced tightly behind her back for respect to the ceremony. After H’riel had taken his place, she caught his eyes and winked at him, before turning her attention to W’um.

Green Xasheyth
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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #17 on: January 07, 2018, 04:53:43 PM »
More names were called, more moving from one side of him to the other. Each one leaving their spot as a Weyrling, and stopping as a fully fledged rider of Pern.

The numbers of new riders standing around the Prairie Wingleader's were increasing significantly, and none in the class so far had joined Haithen by H'vier. Beach received a couple more, those who had shown a particular interest in extra-curriculars and had drawn the attention of the team who chose the assignments.

One such was a young greenrider, and W'um watched her with a smile as he called out her name. "Nishi of Xasheyth." He paused, momentarily, enjoying keeping them waiting just significantly enough to make their hearts race. "To Beach Wing."

N'ves joined the other riders of Prairie, along with two more after him, all of them maintaining significant grace and pride as they made their way over. Good. They all seemed to understand the importance, and inevitability of Prairie Wing so far, Wa'by had done his job well. "Rinneir of Deyith." Another young greenrider, W'um met her attentive gaze with a smile as he called her wing, "To Prairie Wing."

The next was a blue rider, Ver'dar, and he joined the waiting ranks of Prairie Wingers, along with the brown that followed him, and the green rider after that as well. "Xydrie of Meonaith!" A pause, just enough, "To Prairie Wing."

So far down the alphabet, the ceremony was nearly over, and only Zilanie of Weskath remained to join the ranks of Prairie Wing. W'um smiled down at all of them, giving the Wingleaders a nod to each wing before he spoke again.

"Your journey as Weyrlings is over. Your responsibility as dragonriders just begun." He needed to pause, to allow that to sink in, before he broke the silence, his now loud and jovial tone a stark contrast to the more serious one he had been affecting for the majority of the ceremony. "Now go! Be merry! Your wing awaits without!" And he cast a hand back towards the Weyr entrance, Wingleadership and new members dismissed as he stepped towards the other Weyrlingmasters.

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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #18 on: March 14, 2018, 09:11:18 PM »
The line next to her disappeared as more and more weyrlings officially graduated. And then, it was her turn. With a smile, W’um met her eyes and read out their names. She gave a shaky one in turn, for the briefest moment all of the feeling left her body, so completely focussed that everything fell away. All feeling, breath, thought… just left her in the pause between her name and the name of her new Wing.

And then suddenly everything came flooding back, sound first, “to Beach Wing,” and then the rest else all at once. Beaming instantly at W’um, Nishi had to remember to breathe before she could manage a step to move towards the small group of new Beachriders.

In that moment, she felt small. Not in a bad way, and not because she was intimidated, but because she looked out on the crowd around the room and… fell into place. She wasn’t a weyrling fighting for a place or to prove herself, or a candidate trying to do the same… hell even before she was a candidate she was fighting to get noticed by a searchrider. Now… now she was one. And in Beach? She’d… she’d reached the level of all those she’d admired as a child.

This, this was finally a place that fit. A place that could take everything she was. Not too loud, or too precocious, not too ambitious, not too bubbly. Beach could embrace everything she was, and still be just the same. It brought tears of pride and belonging to her eyes, even as humbling as it was.

A little later, Nishi would realise it wasn’t the end. She can’t help who she is, there will always be something she needs to strive for, and Xasheyth wouldn’t have picked her otherwise. But for now, Nishi felt truly humbled by her position in Beach, quite the opposite reaction than most would have expected from the young Greenrider.

She would also later notice that there was a small, subconscious, part of her that even when she could feel nothing else, there was still a warmth and certainty that held still in the back of her mind. Clearly from Xasheyth. Her Green believed in them even more than Nishi did, and that was saying something. It wouldn’t be until later that Nishi realised that she’d felt it though, probably long after the revelry of tonight.

However, as the rest of the weyrlings were named and assigned, Nishi’s main focus was not on crying from happiness.

Once W’um dismissed them, Nishi couldn’t help throwing her arms in the air in glee. Bouncing on the spot, she moved over to hug those other graduates she considered friends, words of congratulations to everyone.

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@Kyya – for H’riel for a likely hug
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Re: The Moment of Truth [ 37.10.2590 / 4pm ] Event
« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2018, 10:18:47 PM »
It wasn't like H'riel had failed to get acquainted with his fellow classmates, but he'd not exactly clicked with many of them, and certainly not the way he'd clicked with Nishi. She understood him, and he enjoyed her company. She made him a better person and was an infallible safety net. Her dedication to her own training and constant push for bettering herself helped a lot, and there was a mutual determination there that made it easy to stick around wherever she went.

So while he listened to the other placements, trying to match the names to the faces as they moved forwards but not really caring much beyond those who were assigned to Beach or Jungle, few and far between though they were. Beach riders were to be his new wingmates... And there was a sense of importance to trying to know who they were by name at the very least. But it was difficult to care beyond those few people he had become acquainted with over the turns as a weyrling.

There was going to be an adjustment period to be sure. A new weyr... A new group of people to associate with... He knew Nishi wanted to get into Jungle, and his own aspirations had him hoping, as much as he could, that he'd get there as well, but with his Beach placement, there was a small part of him that wanted Nishi there just so he had some semblance of consistency. A bridge between the lifestyle he was about to leave and the one he was going to begin.

If Xasheyth's bonded is in Jungle, we will simply work to join her there. the brown interrupted H'riel's thoughts, his tone as stoic as ever, offering reassurance in the confidence it instilled. The uncertainty remained, however, and H'riel found himself staring intently as Nishi as he finally heard her name called.

The pause lasted an age, but H'riel didn't mind. He'd wait as long as he needed to hear what Wúm would say next. When it was Beach, and not Jungle, H'riel was surprised and... Disappointed? It was an interesting feeling. He understood that it meant she needed to improve, that she wasn't quite ready to enter Jungle Wing in much the same way he was, but it was... Odd. She was so certain of it herself, that he had been certain of it too.

Her face when she registered the announcements brushed aside that feeling almost instantly, his own smile, reserved, but no less happy spreading across his face at her excitement. She moved into place just a little way down the line, and he found himself wanting to step out of line to join her. TO know she was actually there with him. He would not, of course. That would be disrespectful to the ceremony they were a part of, but that didn't quite ease the itch to do so.

He didn't quite know what to do with himself when W'um dismissed them, turning to his neighbour a little hesitantly and offering a hand. A congratulatory handshake was appropriate? With his weyrling who would join him in the first of his wing duties now they were done.

A nudge in his mind was the only warning he had before he was being embraced, his own arms wrapping around Nishi with an extra squeeze as his own excitement was finally allowed to rear its head. "We still have a way to go, don't we?" He chuckled, his smile less retrained now the official part was over. "Do we meet our wingmates now?" The turns end celebrations would be starting soon, and he figured it would be a good time to learn the names of his peers, if nothing else... But there was also his new weyr to consider, and should he go thank Beach's wingleader for selecting him to join their ranks? Was that something they needed to do. Should that be done first?

One step at a time, H'riel. the brown rumbled, no scold or comfort to his tone, just a matter of factness that immediately reassured the new rider.

"Do we meet our wingmates now?"

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@RaynePOTM for you if you wanna respond. But it's not necessary. I'll probably be popping H'riel into the turns end celebrations now :D But by Now I mean later. More posts to do first!


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