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Author Topic: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event  (Read 352 times)

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Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« on: November 23, 2017, 01:55:25 PM »
Clouds had been crowding one another across the sky all day, making the world seem soft, muted, and even muffled with the mist that hung over the island. Only when the sun began to descend past the horizon did it start to clear up, the cloud cover dissipating even though the mist did not, shrouding Southern Winds whilst revealing the stars that began to peek out from the blackening sky. Pern’s moons started to rise too, casting their own pale light down onto the world.

It had been an unusual day for the Weyr in that beyond those support staff needed to keep the place running, and those preparing for the evening’s revelry, most had it off. The eve of the new turn was famous for it now—a marker of the new era that Pern had entered, since during the Pass it wasn’t a celebration that all of them had been able to afford. Now that they could, the Pernese looked forward to both this day and the next, since chores were largely suspended for the first day of the turn as well.

With ample food prepared and the Brewers making available their stores of alcohol, the Weyr was ready to get the celebration underway. Even some from the Mine Hall had made the journey for the night’s celebration, leaving those behind to have their own much quieter festivities. And, per the norm, the night would begin with a feast—maybe not one by the standards of their ancestors, but certainly one to the residents of Southern Winds. For this day, at least, the rations had been relaxed enough for all to enjoy themselves.

Though it didn’t directly celebrate them, this was an exciting time as well for those who had newly graduated Weyrlinghood to become fully fledged riders. With this meal, they would first join their assigned Wings and officially meet their Wingmates.

The Harpers, too, were prepared to give everyone a show; working in shifts so all had the chance to enjoy themselves, groups of them were scheduled to serenade those gathered in the Weyr Hall—and, once dinner was over and some of the long benches were pushed more toward the side of the room, to provide music for dancing to.

One thing was no doubt shared among all the disparate Pernese this night:  that the next turn would be better, and brighter.

Spoiler for OOC:
Next week, we’ll be in a new turn! :shock: It’s hard to believe we’ve come so far. We hope you’ll enjoy the festivities and let your characters mingle with one another. As ever, you can check in at the OOC thread too.
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Re: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2017, 05:47:14 PM »
Tiy was on running duty for the kitchens, given she didn’t really have a set job for most of the turn, she didn’t really consider it appropriate for her to have the turns end all to herself. She would have plenty of time to enjoy the celebrations with her family after dinner and in the morrow, but until then, she’d put as much effort into her work as the Headwoman demanded… and rightly so.

Even if there was a lot of work for the kitchens to do, the atmosphere was that of fun and celebration. Rations hadn’t been lifted, but there had been scrimping and saving thanks to the genius of the headwoman and the head cooks that allowed this to be a proper feast, for at least the whole of Tiy’s life. This was more food than she’d ever seen at once, and it smelled like heaven.

Possibly the overall air of celebration, possibly the actual ability to do something new and fresh, possibly the thought of tucking in to all the food, but it made the work all the easier to do. In some corner of the kitchen, probably where some of the younger women were washing and peeling greens, people were singing together. Not all well, but it made lugging more posts and pans straight from the smiths, a delight as Tiy got to pass the loud and joyous noise.

As she passed, her hands full of the stack of kitchen tools, people simply came and grabbed what they needed from her hands, eventually leaving her arms devoid of work. Tiy was used to taking orders, but sometimes people needed a bit of forward thinking, this was a busy time and the cooks couldn’t look after each and every helped that had been conscripted to work this afternoon. Instead the bulky ex-peacekeeper headed over to the vegetables station. Cutting, peeling, washing, they didn’t require much skill, and most of the people there were Tiy’s age or younger, so she felt happy to pull up a seat and join in the work.

This was indeed where the singing was coming from, and although Tiy wouldn’t consider joining in, she did bob her head in time with the tune that was well known to her. Wansor was tucked safely into the folds of her tunic, but he stuck his dark head out to listen to the fun and noise. She'd considered asking him to stay back with Tiynnalsk, but her Bronze had plenty of company with her families whers today.
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Re: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2017, 03:43:52 AM »
A day off?! It still felt like some odd miracle. Granted, Faytona had now spent three such celebrations with Bl’yx and P’run, but they always seemed so few and far between, nigh magical, that she was overly excited every time. Every. Time.

She was trying very hard not to be a bit down and out because this would be the first time that P’run wouldn’t be celebrating with them. Not really. Not in the... well... traditional way that the three of them might take an entire day to celebrate. How often did they really get an entire day to themselves?! Especially with so much forewarning? While a Gold Flight would give them some time off, that could happen at any time during the ‘scheduled’ day. Even if it was fun.

Faytona was a positive ball of energy. From the moment she woke up next to Bl’yx, helping him oil down Zuraneth so the Blue was tended for the day, then all she wanted to do was fetch P’run. A day of celebration wasn’t complete without all of them being present. So much to the chagrin and probable irritation of some of his fellow weyrlings – certainly S’ric – Faytona was there early to help P’run tend to his darling Salnoth. The sooner simple chores that had to be done every day were done, like dragon care, the sooner they could have some fun together.

Like eating breakfast! Lounging in the weyrbowl! Dancing! The harpers started early and Faytona was more than delighted to drag both of her boys into song and dance, or shove them together so she could watch. She was never opposed to watching them together.

And the day flew by so fast! Too fast! Where did all the time go?! Before Faytona knew it, evening had fallen on the weyr and they were in the weyrhall for dinner, drinks, and more music. Dressed up in one of the nicest gowns she had – a simple affair of a pleasant, well tailored cream color – and she’d left her platinum hair down today. Though small, she was a ball of radiant joy. All smiles, all sweet, affectionate touches for her two boys. Though she did try to behave for P’run, it was so difficult. Curbing affection was not Faytona’s strong suit. Only a couple of drinks in, and that’s all it’d take for someone as small and slender as Faytona to feel the telling buzz of being a bit beyond tipsy. She’d never been a master of alcohol, but she didn’t really feel a need to temper herself either.

So when the harpers started up a song she knew, Faytona promptly climbed up on the table – and she wasn’t the only one! – and sang along.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki @SirAlahn I warned you.

Any and all powerplay allowed by P'run/Inki and Bl'yx/SirAlahn

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Re: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2017, 09:39:05 PM »
Jaklyn had heard about the festivity's. Well she heard about it long before it was actually happened. She was beginning to think that it was all just talk, but a day off. She was defiantly okay with that and she wouldn't mind drinking some alcohol although she knew she would have to be careful though maybe she should warn Nattonth. She didn't want him to freak out she knew what could happen. She sighed...  Maybe it was better that she didn't drink.

She had two day off after all. The day of festivity's and the day after, maybe she would bring back some meat for Nattonth.

She had heard it was all going down in the Weyr hall. So that was where she was heading. The Weyr hall. To have fun, maybe not drink but she was defiantly going to have fun.

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Re: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2017, 03:31:17 PM »
Whilst this time of turn was traditionally a time off for everyone, Elrethra knew that the work of healer's never ceased. Not that she would likely be called to lend a helping hand if anything went wrong, given the number of Masters and Journeyman that could be requested before her, regardless of her talent. Even then, there weren't any official shifts in the healer caves either. Simply the understanding that there were some patients that needed to be checked up on throughout the night.

So, for one of the very small parts in her life, for a full day, Elrethra could sit back and not think about her work. It was pretty easy for her. She'd realised quite early on that if you didn't find a way to leave your work in the cave, then you'd spend your life simply exhausted. Or at least she would, she respected those... in a sense, who had the mental acuity to never shut off. It was those who overestimated their ability that made it dangerous for others.

Her day so far, had been spent lounging in the surprising sun. Enjoying, just to be contrary, the typically annoying wind, with Thrask pressed up against her side. His thick brown body warming her more than anything else could. It wasn't often they just got time to sit and relax with each other. No interruptions, no study, no work to do.

In the back of her mind all day, there was the brief reminder that her family would likely have flown over to the Weyr, and she'd have to see them on her turf. It felt... different, than when she flew across to the Mine Hall occasionally, checking up on her parents, and at least greeting her siblings. The Weyr had always been less... stressful without her family nearby. Elrethra was at least free to sleep in the beds of whomever she wished without worry that anything would be... revealed.

She sighed, lifting herself up to head into the Weyr Hall, seeking out the familiar dark heads of her family, wondering about what kind of excuse she could use to extricate herself from them quickly when they starting to get undoubtedly annoying.

Spoiler for OOC:
Soooo @RavenFlame @Beasty and I guess the rest of the Butcher fam as well? @Drewliet  @SanctifiedSavage @Kyya @laceface 
If you weren't intending on posting with your chars, all g, just wanted to post with Elrethra.

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Re: Greeting the Future [ 37.10.2590; 6 PM ] Event
« Reply #5 on: January 04, 2018, 10:21:34 PM »
X'kis smiled as he pulled up a seat next to his weyrmate, savouring the moment of somewhat quiet observation as the end of turn celebrations started to pick up. It had been an… interesting turn, and one that he would forever be grateful for. Nearby, newly graduated riders were interacting with their new wingmates, many of them unable to quite shake the delight from their faces. Many had moved to Prairie, but of them, very few seemed to resent the choice. There wasn't as much fear in graduating nowadays, and many seemed to understand that. Prairie let them hone their skills with more experienced riders. There would be much excitement surrounding the lack of restrictions set, and X'kis found himself looking away rather quickly when one of the observed riders decided to embrace the now non-existent relationship boundaries.

He didn't quite stop the chuckle though, and shifted towards Eimera, the noise too loud by now to allow soft words to be heard. "It's hard not to be proud of how far we've come." he said to her, the words encompassing not only the weyr community, but the holders too. And it was the truth. For all the pain they'd endured, and all the bickering, they had survived. Their third year since thread last fell had finished, and despite the horrific losses over the turn, they were still there. Still thriving.

His position in Mountain Wing meant he wasn't always witness to many things outside the more significant weyr events. But a turn as weyrsecond had certainly been… Enlightening. There were only a few months left, though he already knew he wouldn't be able to return to the somewhat solitary life he'd led previously. It was… heartening, to say the least. They would, as always, chase Imyth when she rose again, though neither one of them believed they'd pull off a second term. It was time for the Bronze Riders to step up and take on that responsibility, never mind their prejudice towards Eimerra. His time with her had shown a genuine affection towards the weyrfolk and holders, and bleeding heart or not, she had done nothing in the time they'd been weyrmates to cause him concern.

Halirina and Kalestath would no doubt have several years as leaders of the weyr still, but there was comfort in knowing the future would be left in competent hands, with Vanellwynne and Oriath, Eimerra and Imyth and even the youngest queenpair, Nalata and Minath to pave the way for the Weyr and Hold.

"Perhaps you would care to dance once the food has settled?" he added with a nod to the space the harpers had cleared for just that. It was nice to have someone to dance with again… even if only a few months more.

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