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Author Topic: OOC Folk for the Weyr  (Read 864 times)

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Folk for the Weyr
« on: November 24, 2017, 10:31:19 PM »

Mauddra is one of Halirina's Aides and is focused, work-oriented and a little... cold and disconnected. She doesn't really mean it most of the time, she just finds it hard to switch her brain off and let go.

I haven't got much in mind for Mauddra's siblings. Mostly, since she's so work-oriented, I don't want them to be exactly the same. But only one of the remaining is a dragonrider, the other three have decided to stay with the Weyr and do their part as Weyrfolk.

Raised in the creche, these people wouldn't have had a deep connection with their birth parents, but all the siblings did know of each other and their parents, and therefore were aware enough of the major life events that occurred in their family. Mauddra for the most part takes pride in the Weyr-centric lifestyle of her family, whether the others are the same are up to you.

The only character I had any basis of a personality for was their deceased sister M'ryra, who was loud, bright, bubbly and courageous. The opposite of the sometimes cold Mauddra, but they just seemed to understand each other.

Surviving Siblings:
Weyrfolk Rydena b. 2558, 32 turns (sister)
D'nan of Green Oosyth b. 2563, 27 turns (brother)
Weyrfolk Marudden b. 2565, 25 turns (brother)
Weyrfolk Dauryn b. 2566, 24 turns (brother)

What they do as Weyrfolk is up to you, and those are simply their birth assigned genders, I'm open for anything else if that's what you'd be interested in.

Adoptability is not necessary


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