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Author Topic: Pending F'yn [ Blue Rider / 2565 ]  (Read 496 times)

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F'yn [ Blue Rider / 2565 ]
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:03:57 AM »

Play By:

Kenneth Bek



Fin – ear - ann

Fynn, Fynny
Date of Birth:

01.01.2565 9th pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Hold

Dragon Color:

Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Wing Rider/Search Rider - Beach
F’yn wouldn’t necessarily mind settling but to the day hasn’t sound the right person to settle.

Your Reflection...


F’yns red hair is almost as vibrant as his spirit and his green eyes are as lively as he is. Though his natural color is pale and remains so despite sun exposure, his skin has garnered that thick almost leather quality that a constant deep tan manages to earn. Somehow the flesh remains wrinkle and sun spot free. Typical of a dragon rider, F’yn wears his hair in a short fashion that stays perpetually messy from his riding gear and an insatiable habit of ruffling his fingers through it and tugging the short strands when deep in thought. His face is kept clean shaven...mostly. It is not unlike him to forget to shave or altogether forgo the habit for days at a time. When unshaven, his facial hair barely grows beyond a shadow of red hue splashed across his chin and cheeks. His sideburns are unfashionably long but suit his long, lean face and narrow nose. F’yn tends to wear his emotions on his eyebrows, though his lips are also easy with expressions. Red eyebrows arc neatly, too neatly not to have been obviously groomed, over bright eyes that crinkle with lines when he smiles. Those well pressed lines serve as a good indicator of how often a smile creases his face.

Although F’yn is not very tall, his lean-toned musculature and long limbs help him appear taller than his below average stature. F’yn leans towards the current fashion: wherhide riding pants tucked into tall riding boots, the foot and soles usually heavy and thick, the leg secured by various straps and buckles, a loose fitting shirt tucked with a wide open neckline, and wherhide wrist bands adorned with beads and stones. Beyond the wrist bands and boots, he isn’t particularly a fan of fussy extras.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: F’yn is mildly devastated by the fall Fort Weyr. F’yn was born a mere two years before Southern Hold was abandoned and he took the trip from Southern Hold to Tillek Hold bundled in his mother’s arms, sleeping soundly and unaffected by the change. The fall of Tillek and High Reaches Weyr was more startling to the lad, having impressed and began his turn in the battle against Thread there. The fall shook him to his core, like losing a war. When Southern Winds Weyr was founded F’yn viewed it as a breath of relief. Fear and adrenaline had ruled him for so long that finding the tiny safe haven seemed like a small victory. Resilient, F’yn left the traumatic feelings at Fort Weyr and gladly moved on to embrace their new home.

Response to dragon color mutations: Resilient and easy going, F’yn lacked opinion on the new dragon’s color mutation. Their world was changing and evolving, their home had changed, why not the dragons themselves? F’yn accepted the dragon’s color and when the Black Neisoth rose to fly Kalestath F’yn was not particularly surprised. Whenever asked, he passionately admitted that he was sure the eggs lying on the hatching grounds would yield not only more black dragons but possibly new variations as well. It’s what the world does – adapt and change.

Who are you...


* Children : If F’yn hadn’t impressed he would have liked to have worked with the Fisher Crafthall and with children. F’yn, seeming quite uncomplicated and youthful himself, loved the pure innocence in children. He loved seeing the light brighten in their eyes as they comprehended new things. Oldest brother of four siblings and an uncle several, handling youth was second nature to F’yn, though he has no real intention of having children of his own despite the possibility that there may be one or two in the Crache unbeknownst to him.

* Attention : Though F’yn adores being looked at, touched, and otherwise showered in attention and affection he rarely seeks it. However, when it’s directed at him, he practically preens. F’yn would do almost anything for, or with, someone who gives him anything a little extra.

* Dominance : F’yn isn’t bias. If a woman showered him with attention he would do anything for and with her but his clear preference is for men. Regardless of gender, F’yn has a pliable personality flooded by submissive qualities and he enjoys being told what to do and how to do it, whether by words or actions.

* Sand : Strange but true, F’yn finds comfort in the warmth of the tiny grains between his toes. He could lie on the beach or even the hatching ground and be perfectly content.


* Sleeping Alone : F’yn enjoys a good romp but it isn’t necessary. What is necessary is a sleeping partner. He wouldn’t mind if he fooled around with someone and they sent him away as long as he had someone else to go to for cuddles. He rarely sleeps in his own bed and if he is in his bed, someone else is as well, preferably three or four someones.

* Being talked down to : The young man isn’t aggressive by nature and he’s very easy to get along with. What can bring his temper to a boil, though he rarely wields it, is being talked down to, reprimanded, or corrected. Being criticized raises his hackles and makes him feel defensive.

* Busy Work : F’yn is a man of idle hands. If he has a moment outside of his duties he will spend it in the arms of another, in the heat of the moment, or lounging where he shouldn’t. F’yn does not like being kept busy beyond his honor bound duties.


* Intelligent : F’yn has a quiet intelligence about him. He’s smart, witty, and had forethought but he’s wise enough, also, to keep his mouth shut and follow orders. He doesn’t aspire to climb ladders and tends to make suggestions in a roundabout way that lends the suggestion as someone else’s clever idea.

* Loyal : Above all else, F’yn is loyal all the way through. His loyalty lies with those closest to him. The weyr holds his loyalty but it’s bigger than he is in this immense, multi functioning way that if off putting. Instead, F’yn lives in his circle of friends and family and there is where his loyalty holds most true.

* Valiant : F’yn isn’t cut out of hero mold but he it wouldn’t occur to him not to step in front of a blade meant for another or to risk danger to help another.

* Dedicated : Once he’s begun something, F’yn sees it through to the end. He’s especially fickle about keeping promises, which he hands out with too much ease.

* Even tempered : Slow to anger, F’yn doesn’t take life and people too seriously in general. It’s tough to get under his skin and once there he’s a slow burn type.


* Emotional : While F’yn tries not to be too emotionally involved anymore it isn’t something that can be helped. He has a tendency to get emotionally attached to people but has a lasting fear of being disappointed and hurt and so spends an immeasurable amount of effort trying to stamp down emotional reactions.

* Reckless : F’yn is adventurous and thrill seeking, combine that with fairly youthful and it’s a combination for disaster. Often he finds himself in more trouble solving a problem then the initial problem itself by running off head strong and half-cocked.

* Straight forward : F’yn has a penchant for honesty that comes from a need to be good and true. This flair for honesty coupled with a quick tongue usually puts him in a bind, especially with a wind leader or a woman.

* Loose lipped : F’yn isn’t a secret keeper. He doesn’t go out of his way to let a secret slip but he often speaks at the thoughts occur to him and rarely thinks before the words come out. It’s a harmless quality that can become damaging quickly.

* Easily influenced : Bending to peer pressure isn’t something the free spirited, adventurous young man is proud of. He’s impressionable and while not necessarily bendable to social pressure, his nearest and dearest would not have to try very hard to sway him in a direction in which his heart was saying not to go. His passivity gets the better of him and he’s a natural born follower despite his wild streak.

Describe Yourself:

* Impulsive: ----- Living and breathing in the moment, F’yn makes decisions instantly and doesn’t pause to reconsider them. This also applies to his mouth. F’yn has an innocent but nasty habit of speaking without thinking his words and their possible impact through beforehand.

* Adventurous: ----- Falling hand in hand with being impulsive, F’yn is a thrill seeking, adrenaline junky. He likes to feel his heart racing and his palms sweating.

* Flirtatious and playful : ----- While F’yn won’t actively seek out attention, the moment attention is directed towards him he comes alive. He’s friendly and chatty and centers himself by touching. He flirts shamelessly and intensely.

* Compassionate: ----- If anyone were going to sit down beside a friend and let them have a good cry on their shoulder it would be F’yn. He has a softness about him that makes him a little emotional. He is happy to share ones emotional burden so they don’t have to carry the load alone. It’s not unlike him to bite off more than he can manage and get overwhelmed by someone else’s problems.

* Content: ----- F’yn is content to be exactly who he is, completely at peace with himself. He is unconcerned by changing who he is to accommodate someone else, much to his father’s ire. The world is what it is and you can’t change that and as much applies to himself. As a result there is a loose ease that surrounds him.

The Magic Touch:


Mother: Milliann, Kitchen worker, 02.02.2552.
Father: Fisher, Farren, 10.08.2550, 05.07.2570.


Renann, Crache worker, 02.31.2568.

Mianna, n/a, 05.33.2569, 03.06.2570

Farmil/F’mil, rider of green Avaseth, born 03.21.2571, impressed 2584.


At twenty-six years old and having spent nights with a handful of women early on when Hold life still ruled his conscience it is likely that F’yn has at least one or two children of his own but despite loving children he has no desire to sire his own. If there are children carrying his DNA he doesn’t know about them and probably won’t be seeking them out, as can be the way in Weyr life. As it is, in the past few years F’yn’s preference have gone the masculine route so if there are young F’yn running around none of them would be younger than nine turns.

Tell us a story...

* 2565, 0 Fynniran, Milliann and Farren’s first child, was born.

* 2, 2567 Southern Hold fell to the threat of Thread and the small family was relocated to Tillek Hold since his father was a Fisher. This move kept his father in the profession he was accustomed. Fynniran barely recalls his first dragon ride and rode out the event bundled safely into a sack on his mother’s back.

* 2568, 3 Settled in Tillek Hold as if they had never known another home, Fynniran’s sister, Renann, was born. Like Fynniran, Renann was a healthy, happy, easy baby.

* 2569, 4 By four turns along, Fynny was proving to be a good spirited, light hearted lad but had a penchant for trouble. He often wondered away from the family and found himself lost in the tunnels or sneaking snacks in the kitchens, doted on by some of the mothers there. In the winter, Mianna, Fynn’s second sister and the family’s third child was born. Unlike Fynny and Ren, Mia was a sickly baby, fussy and frail. Fynn’s father began allowing the lad to accompany him to the Crafthold and on the boats, removing him from the daily life at home in order to ease his wife’s day caring for a young child and a sick baby. He became a proficient swimmer within months and had a secret talent for weaving nets.

* 2570, 5 In the turn 2570, tragedy ran its course through their family. Everyone was surprised that little Mia made it through the winter and hopes strengthened for her survival only to be dashed in the early spring when she simply didn’t wake up in her cradle. Weeks later their father fell to thread while working ground crew. The man, distracted by grief, stepped into a Thread nest and was devoured quickly. Their mother found out only weeks later that she was with child. Instead of lifting her spirit, this seemed to compound her grief.

* 2571, 6 Farmil was born, another strong and healthy baby. Milliann began to work in the kitchen, leaving the two small children with other Holders and to their lessons on their own, taking only the baby because he still nursed. Ren was too young to be hurt by this but Fynniran was just old enough to feel abandoned. Thatate year, Tillek Hold, the Fisher Crafthall, and High Reaches Weyr evacuated to Fort. Without the ocean near and the vast lifestyle changes going from Hold to Weyr life, coupled with his mother dumping them into the Crache, this move impacted Fynniran to the core, leaving him shell shocked.

* 2572, 7 The lifestyle changes proved too much for the child and Fynniran earned the label of trouble maker. He wasn’t really trying to make trouble, he simply couldn’t cope with the changes the past year had gifted. He began getting in trouble for climbing the bowl walls, exploring off limit tunnels, and once even sneaking out of the weyr. He was put to work in the kitchens to restrain his idle time.

* 2576, 11 When a clutch was lay on the sands it was always cause for excitement but Fynniran only viewed it as that, exciting gossip. When he was searched at eleven turns, it came as a surprise. The boy couldn’t get his head around the event. When the eggs hardened and hatched, however, Fynniran was left standing on the sands with several other boys and a girl, dragonless and flushed with annoyance and shame. Determined to shrug off the event, the boy began to rebel again, stealing drinks, hiding in tunnels with friends, climbing the walls.

* 2577, 12 Having earned a reputation for being fearless and wild, a few people groaned when a blue crawled from the egg and sought out Fynniran with a single minded purpose. His name was Avaseth and he dubbed Fynniran ‘F’yn’. Like all other things in life, F’yn threw himself into his newfound weyrling training and doted on his dragon to the point of spoiling Avaseth. F’yn took to Dragon riding like he took to water. What the lad did not take so easily to were the weyrmates. He had spent several years in the Crache, surrounded by other children, but being put into a room full of other young boys rose feelings that F’yn felt were wrong, unpleasant and unwelcome. He struggled in the evenings when the boys spent their free time roughing, showering, and dressing for bed. What made this all worse was the knowing eyes of his dragonet. Though Avaseth reassured him, F’yn couldn’t shake the feeling of being judged.

* 2578, 13 Suppressing his feelings became more difficult when F’yn found himself drawn to another boy, Ipnorad, and he began to get in trouble for his penchant, which Avaseth didn’t disagree with, for flying wild. Several times in the course of a Turn, the pair found themselves grounded for days at a time for stunts. On the ground, F’yn avoided many of the boys and began to pour his attention and charm into the girls.

* 2580, 15 If F’yn fathered a child at all, this was the turn. F’yn and another weyrling, Melisaun, snuck away from a feast together. Only two short months later she lost a baby they didn’t really know she’d been carrying. The young man didn’t particularly want to be a father and he certainly didn’t want kids before being attached to a wing but the events left him with a sense of deep sadness that Avaseth responded to with an overflow of love and reassurances. Somehow, the events calmed F’yn. He still took impulsive risks but he became more withdrawn and quiet, less attention seeking and trouble making. Though he and Melisaun remained friends, they never slept together again. Later that year they would fight when she confessed to him, and then during their resulting fight accused him, of being a lover of boys. They eventually made up but their friendship remained strained. Grudgingly, he admitted his unwelcome feelings but Mel was as encouraging as Avaseth. She reminded him that the Weyr and the way of life was not the same and did not hold the same expectations that the Hold life had. Besides, she has reasoned, there weren’t any more Holds left to feel Hold Bound too and he was a Dragon rider now. Between her reasoning and Avaseth’s adoration and calm acceptance, F’yn finally found a slow, quiet peace within himself, if not actual acceptance.

* 2582, 17 Ren, who F’yn barely ever saw anymore between her new duties in the wash room and his own training, announced to him that she was marrying. This simultaneously shocked and pleased F’yn because he hadn’t wanted a life along or an arranged marriage for his sister. However, only a few short months after marriage she lost her first baby. Saddened for her and by the events, F’yn turned to his friends Melisaun and I’rad (now a Brown rider). Sorrow turned to drinking, drinking turned to giddiness, and blissful unawareness turned into a sloppy night with his best friends. There was regret on his part, and then anger, and then I’rad became angry with him because of his regret, and then finally there was calm. Melisaun made it clear that this would be a one-time event for her but I’rad began to peruse F’yn with gusto until, with Avaseth’s encouragement, he gave in to his own longing.

* 2583, 18 Finally! Finally F’yn (and I’rad) were assigned to Wings and allowed to join the battle against their airborne enemy. F’yn and Avaseth had never felt so in tune with each other and never quite so free. Unfortunately tragedy struck again in his life. Returning from a flight feeling powerful and puffed, the blue rider was brought to his knees in shock to find that I’rad and his Brown had been badly thread scored. With I’rad lying in bed in pain, his Brown went between and did not return. I’rad became a husk, lost in his sorrow. F’yn tried to support him and be tender to him but I’rad was bitter and lost. He pulled away from F’yn who, in turn, became quietly frustrated. Then, on an evening after a flight, F’yn returned to I’rad’s quarters to find the man hanging. Grief and a sense of betrayal sent F’yn into a spiral that only Avaseth could seem to bring him back from. F’yn couldn’t sleep alone without being plagued by nightmares and he began to throw himself into others beds to sleep. Sleeping turned into other things with many men over time and sex turned became reckless abandoned. F’yn was changed. He was no longer timid with men but also no longer boisterous and attention seeking. He’d become a subtler man who let attention come to him as it would. While subtler in friendships and relationships, he was still the wild, impulsive, adventurous Rider and Avaseth was pleased to have his rider revived. This new acceptance of himself and his preference came at a good time because, though Avaseth had risen before, he had never flown another to that point. Avaseth flew a green with a male rider and, though the flight lust was subtle it was there. F’yn was happy to turn himself over to the lust. Late in the Turn something good finally came and his sister carried a baby to term. This baby was healthy and strong.

* 2584, 19 Farmil, F’yns brother, was searched. Farmil impressed on his first stand on the hatching ground, a sweet tempered Green called Arineth and became F’mil. F’yn was ecstatic but his mother was not. She didn’t want her tame, quiet son to become like her older, wilder son. F’yn, who by this point had had enough of his mother’s temperament, severed his ties to her, much to peaceful Ren’s and easy going F’mils dismay.

* 2587, 22 The 9th pass finally ended. The dragon rider was seasoned and exhausted, worn to the core by the way the world had become, stunned by the losses of both lives and land. They hadn’t won, the Thread had stopped. F’yn and anyone with sense knew it would come again one day and there was almost nothing left to defend. When the Southern Islands were found and Fort Island is founded his spirits were lifted. Given a choice, F’yn chose to join the Beach Wing, no questions asked since the opportunity would bring him back to the ocean he so loved.

When Neisoth is hatched F’yn feels so removed from the whole thing that it barely registers. His opinion is practical: the world changes and the creatures and plants on it adapt. That’s what this new chapter in their lives was all about, right? Adapting and overcoming.

* 2589, 24 When Beach is assigned to protection details at the new Hold site F’yn is passively pleased because, though thread doesn’t fall the Beach Snakes and Hunters present some much needed actions. When construction detail comes, his dismayed but as usual compliant.

As the Fisher Crafthall begins to rally for a space of their own, F’yn finds himself lending voice, even though the last thing he would like to do is more construction detail. His heart is with his Dragon but his roots are with the Craft. When the trip to the Crathall near Tillek results in Hunter and Beach Snake attacks, both F’yn and Avaseth come away with shallow wounds that would leave scars on their bodies but bolster their spirits need for excitement. Later in the year F’yn begins to lend his down time to the Fish Craft hall in the construction of the dock while Avaseth lounges lazily in the hot sand. He works alongside his tiny nephew, who will likely apprentice in Fisher Craft. F’yn continues to seek comfort in the beds of others though hasn’t settled into any single relationship since he lost I’rad.


The thread was falling erratically, swirled out of its predictable pattern by unexpected and irregular gusts of wind. The Dragon Riders were blinking in and out of the Weyrbowl like lightening, collecting firestone and leaving far too many injured behind. The thread scores caused F’yn’s stomach turn and made him more glad then he should be that he was on firestone duty and would never have to treat or wrap those wounds. The burned wings and scored haunches made his heart ache and he instinctively reached out to Avaseth.

I am here, the soothing voice responded. Right where I should be, whole and healthy. His dragon’s voice was weighted with sadness for his fellow dragons though. F’yn promised himself to give Avaseth an extra-long oiling the very next chance he got. Avaseth purred in response.

F’yn began to pack yet another sack of firestone, preparing to hand it off to another Rider. One day it would be he and Avaseth fighting this seemingly losing battle against their long-time foe. He found himself anticipatory and simultaneously terrified right down to his bones. For now he did his Weyrling duty. Glancing around he noted his fellow weyrlings equally struggling to keep up with their assigned duty. This fall had to end soon, everyone was showing signs of fatigue from their tasks. How would they ever keep this up?

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Make them an NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it On (with a possible move to No one lives forever)
Anything Else:

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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ Ah - v - uh – seth ]
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:

Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 29 Meters
Mature Height: 5.5 Meters
Mature Wingspan: 48.72 Meters

General Appearance...

As a dragonet Avaseth was long and gangly and perhaps a touch too lean with awkward wings and a tail that swished and whipped entirely too much. His coloring was nearly silver, the blue was so pale. As he grew, Avaseth’s coloring settled into a muted blue-gray color like very blue steel. His wing span and his length stretched awkwardly long still and he remained lean and thin, making his an incredibly agile flyer, able to fold his wings against his body and swooping through narrow spaces or maneuvering tight turns mid-flight. Though he is a magnificent flier his takeoff and landing are inelegant and sloppy, most likely due to the length of his wings and body verses his height. His eyes sit deep beneath his eyes ridges which gives him a perpetually surprised expression. Avaseth’s forked tale has a deep cut fork which can be a pain as he swishes his tail often and wildly, much like he had as a dragonet.


Avaseth is a calm dragon, laid back and easy. Though not particuarily adventurous himself, his riders penchant for excitement and thrill can rub off on Avaseth with little difficulty or resistance. Avaseth could easily be a voice of calm reason except his rider is already an easy going man. As a pair they may as well be permanent beach bums. The only thing that would please Avaseth more than lazing around in hot sand all day would be a good scrubbing and oiling.

Mind Voice: Chirpy. Speaking in a high alto, his voice is light and airy and his laugh is twittering. It’s a pleasant, if unusual, sound. When fearful or angry his voice rises to a low soprano becoming shrill.


* Hot sand : Avaseth is a very loungey dragon, given over easily and quickly to a lay in the sun heated sand.

* Greens : Avaseth is a blue, what else could you expect from a blue. He likes a good chase but he also enjoys their company because of their unpredictable nature, so different from himself. As of yet he’s undecided on what he thinks of reds.

* Beach duty : Along with loving the sand, Avaseth enjoys beach duty because he loves the salty taste in the air and the itchy feel of salt water drying on his scales. It helps that he loves the bath and oil afterwards as well.


* Bronzes : Ok, he doesn’t really dislike the bronze dragons but he does feel intimidated by them. They’re much larger and more powerful then himself and he doesn’t like the way he feels small and fragile next to them.

* Firestone : The effects of the firestone are necessary but he dislikes the way it makes his stomach feel rumbly, his nose feels hot, and, of course, vomiting it back out after a flight when he’s already worn weary.

* Confrontation : Avaseth is an easy going creature and dislikes anything that disrupts his peaceful nature, including arguing going on around him, even if he isn’t personally involved.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Calm : Avaseth is unflappable. He doesn’t stir into angry and annoyance easily and his calm transfers to his rider. He’s a soothing presence for other dragons and riders as well. It makes him a natural born peace keeper.

* Searching : Avaseth is a very good searcher. He enjoys the task and rarely searches someone who does not impress.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Lazy : Avaseth would rather lay in the sand and sleep with his side pressed against another then get up and go. It takes him a long time and a lot of nagging to wake up. Once he’s up he is ready to go but he’d almost always rather be sleeping.

* Landing and takeoff : Because of his length and narrow whip-like body, Avaseth is a superb flier but a very shaky lander and has ungraceful lift off.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #HEX code; Text: #HEX code

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: F'yn [ Blue Rider / 2565 ]
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