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Author Topic: Approved Cinnacai [ 30.10.2564 / Apprentice Farmer ]  (Read 837 times)

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Cinnacai [ 30.10.2564 / Apprentice Farmer ]
« on: December 14, 2017, 01:27:14 PM »

Play By:

Sin - ah - kai
Cai (by most), Sin (by few)
Date of Birth:
30.10.2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Cai likes wearing clothes that flatter her figure, but she's not really afraid to get dirty. There's a specific divide between work clothes, and her clothes which she wears on her time off. However, both are consistent with the browns and blacks of the typical farmer outfit and easy-to-obtain colouration given the lack of resources this interval. Whilst most women still stick to skirts and tunics, Cinnacai prefers to go with well-tailored pants, that show off her leggy but still womanly figure, instead of hiding it under the pleating of skirts.
Never having been one to hide herself away, she walks tall, with a hippy swing in her step, but with face raised, not avoiding eye contact with those she passes whom may be ranked above her, of whom she may not know.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The catastrophe sucked, that was to be sure. Whomever made the original decision is perceived as far too hasty in Cinnacai's mind. And she only wishes that she were on whatever kind of discussion panel they had in the first place. But it happened, it's over, the Pass is in the past. Her attention is now focussed on the future, not playing the blame game.

Response to dragon color mutations: They seem pretty cool in her opinion, but she can understand some of the apparent worry. Sometimes in plants you can see colourful mutations appear, and occasionally they are paired with a decrease in productivity. But it seems to just be a random set of occurrences to her, and never something they'd be able to prevent, so she's not too worried about the colour mutations in all honesty.

Who are you...

*Scents - Cinnacai has a thing for scents and smells, they bring back memories, emotions, all with a single waft. It's pretty impressive what natural things can do.
*Colours - Her room is full of carefully selected plants, and whilst others may think it's a bit of a mess, they all have their proper place, bringing the outside colours of the sea, sky, jungle, and dirt into her place.
*Sex - Cai enjoys the dirty, sweaty, messy and simply primal act of sex. Male, female or otherwise, she doesn't really have a preference, just the individuals themselves and their ability to please her.

*Sleepless nights - She's a bit of a grump if she doesn't get the necessary hours of sleep. That doesn't necessarily make her "not a morning person", in fact, she's quite happy to enjoy the morning hours before sunrise, but it simply makes her sleeping schedule tightly timed.
*Boredom - Cai isn't one to waste her time, so a boring kind of person simply won't keep her attention for a long time. She'll try to... an extent to be polite, but is straightforward eventually to just leave.
*Death - It's not something she thinks about too often, but she doesn't like to deal with the thought of death. She's simply afraid of the moment of nothingness... which is why between gives her the chills as well.


* GREEN-THUMB : Obviously, she's a ruddy farmer, it would be a shame if she didn't have a green thumb. But for her it was a little different, ever since she was a child she's had a knack for knowing what plants "like". Whether it be her knowing that the fungi growing in the caves are getting too much light from a recently opened cavern, or whether a new garden bed is getting drowned by some overnight water-drains. Cai can simply "read" tiny things on leaves and in soil.

* ADROIT : Cinnacai has always been quite clever, and resourceful when it comes to complications. While she's not intelligent and quick at learning everything, she's able to think on her feet, and not get bogged down by issues and things going wrong, she'll stop, think, and use whatever she can to resolve it.

* CONFIDENT : Nothing if not confident in herself, and in her abilities, Cinnacai is her own best friend. Whilst she's not afraid of relying on other people, she knows that if worse comes to worst, she will to be able to everything she sets her mind on.

* CHARMING : Cinnacai is more than happy to use her good looks to her advantage. She doesn't think of it as cheap or unclassy as others might, instead, a flash of a leg, a batter of an eyelash, a little hint of something more, all to get what she wants? She's 100% okay with using that to her advantage. Even if she doesn't always follow through, she is none the less good at getting what she wants.

* DETERMINED : Once decided, Cai will stick to her guns. Making sure that whatever is put in her path can be achieved. There's little that someone can do to deter her from a previously decided path, once Cinnacai has put her mind to it.


* REBELLIOUS : Cinnacai has never wanted to blend in, she's wanted to be noticed, to be important, to have attention. Being someone who was simply another one in the crowd had never been part of her plan.

* IMPUDENT : Cai isn't very good at showing respect to those simply because of rank.
Lord Holder Maeron - "Show some spine mate."
Ex-Lord Holders - "Tooooo bad, so sad."
Weyrwomen - "At least she has a ruddy great dragon."
Peacekeepers - "Yeah, I have a wher too, so what do you actually do?"
The only people that she actually understands the rank of are Crafters. Unlike all the other ranks on Pern (in her opinion), Crafters had to earn their spot through decades of hard work, which she too knows a thing or two about. In terms of Dragonriders, she thinks far more highly of the actual dragons than their riders, who just seem to come along for the ride.

* INDULGENT : Cinnacai likes nice things. Her bed is covered in as many furs that she could trade for, and clothes lined with soft furs. Some may think it frivolous, but Cai just thinks it's her making the most of her talents. She likes to be comfortable, to be compliment, to look good, Cai simply doesn't think there's anything wrong with that.

* GRATING : Cai's personality can easily rub people the wrong way, and she doesn't make much effort to disguise it in order to make others feel comfortable. If she's at the Hold, she's not going to avoid hitting on someone just because some prissy holder women might feel uncomfortable.

* SELF-CENTERED : Finding it hard to put other people first, she's not the kind of person that's easy to make long lasting relationships with if you need constant... reassurance.

Describe Yourself:

* SENSUAL: ----- Cai has always felt very at home in her body and in herself. Whilst her father and step-mother haven't approved of her freer take on their Holder customs, she doesn't particularly care. She hates her step-mother, and she feels that her mother's wishes for marriage for her children have been more than maintained by her older siblings when they were alive.

* WICKED: ----- Cinnacai has a bit of a wicked humour, fast, sharp, and sometimes a little too inappropriate depending on your persuasion, she's never been afraid of taking a gamble and saying what she thinks to get a laugh.

* INDEPENDENT: ----- Cai can enjoy the company of other people, but mostly she likes to rely on herself. She likes her siblings, and she liked her mother, but after being let down by her father, she's realised it's simply easier to work by yourself when things are important.

* PHYSICAL: ----- Enjoying work in the sun and in the fields, she'd much prefer to be outside doing rather than inside thinking or talking. That is her job after all.

* PROUD: ----- Cinnacai is simply proud of being a farmer. They do so much for the Weyr, and for the people of Pern, and honestly, without her fellow farmers, Cai believes they wouldn't have survived. She's proud to be part of such a group, proud to call herself one of them, and go to work hard every day.

The Magic Touch: Cinnacai's hands are surprisingly... beautiful. She takes care of them, moisturising with whatever she has in order to keep them soft, despite her days of hard work.

Personal History & Education

Father: Cirkernos, Holder Labourer, b. 2531
Mother: Lyrannaithe, Holder Farmer, b. 2535, d. 2570
Step Mother: Thaelira, Holder Wife, b. 2553, married Cirkernos 2575

Cirkaina [sister] Holder Farmer, b. 2548, d. 2575
L'thos [brother] Blue Rider of Kuradath, b. 2550, imp. 2570, d. 2583
Naithos [brother] Holder Labourer, b. 2553, d. 2580
Kyrrana [sister] Journeyman Miner, b. 2559
Irthe [sister] Holder Baker, b. 2562
Therkos [brother] Weyrbrat, b. 2578 (mother Thaelira)

As Cirkernos' infidelity comes to light, some fostered children may claim to be his.


As a farmer, Cinnacai has had reasonably quick access to herbs that... help make a pregnancy disappear. She's made the most of it over her life. So far, she hasn't suffered any consequences, but these herbs are not meant to be taken frequently.

Craft: Farmer

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2578/14.

Specialty: Garden Grower - Herbs, cultivating, small plants

Education Details: Cinnacai has done well in her craft so far, but only in her speciality. She's not a prodigy of everything, and so she's had to work just as hard, if not harder than others when it comes to studying the things she's not naturally good at. Despite this, the more fluid learning experience of the Farmer Craft have done her well, allowing her (and her teachers) to guide her learning towards what work and don't work for her. But she's never shied away from the things that are hard, she's worked at it, and made sure that none of her learning has been left to the wayside.

Tell us a story...

* 2564, 0 Born to a Holder couple, who worked trying to better the Hold through labour and food production. Cinnacai would be the youngest of her full siblings.

* 2569, 5 Cinnacai had a lovely childhood. Older siblings which she liked... most of the time... The most beautiful and kind mother that any child should want, with a drive and a dedication to better herself, without the need to gain rank or recognition. Lyrannaithe just wanted to be a good person and wanted her children to be so too, and she felt like that would come by not telling lies, not hiding them away from the catastrophe, and letting them explore their own lives. Cinnacai didn't realise how much Lyrannaithe would shape her until later on in life, at 5, Cai simply knew how happy she was.

* 2570, 6 When Lyrannaithe dies of an illness with steals through her body more quickly than any of them could have imagined, Cinnacai realises how much they all truly relied upon her. And how much they needed someone who just loved unconditionally. So when her brother impresses at the Weyr. The moment is tainted by the lack of their mother. She would have been so proud, but instead, their father was distant. Giving no more than a nod in the direction of his son before stalking back to the Hold, dragging the rest of his children in tow. Cinnacai, for the most part, was proud of her brother, but incredibly saddened by the loss of Lyrannaithe.

* 2575, 11 Her father remarries not two sevendays after the death of his eldest daughter in childbirth. And this is when Cinnacai actually starts to realise something is wrong. The death of Cirkaina leaves her terrified for the prospect of having children of her own, and her father's inability to show anything to his children means Cinnacai distances herself from her family. She likes her siblings, but prefers to spend time on her own, exploring the Hold, meeting new people, drudge, gang-member and Lord's child alike.

* 2578, 14 Over the past few turns she'd simply been enjoying a life of a young adult with no responsibilities. Her father distanced himself from his children, and basically let them roam free, not forcing them into work or a craft, he was too occupied with his new wife and her need for things and so he had to work harder in order to provide for her the way she wanted. Cinnacai enjoyed that for a while, however when step-mother birthed a son, and made moves to force Cinnacai to raise him, she searched for a way out. Coming across the remained of her farmer craft, Cinnacai basically invited herself into their craft and moved in with some other young farmers who had made their way into the fallen craft. Her step-mother and father were definitely not happy about it, because Cinnacai obviously couldn't give a shit.

* 2580, 16 When Cinnacai hears of her brother Naithos' death, it's more of a distant memory of the family she once new. Each of her siblings having reacted in their own similar ways to their father's new lifestyle and they too removed themselves from him and the rest of their family. It saddens her, and she makes an effort once again to try and at least keep tabs on her siblings, the apathy she felt for her brother's death reminding her too much of her father's reaction in her younger turns.

* 2583, 19 Her studies had been going well, Cinnacai enjoyed studying in a Hall where there were few people. It allowed her to tailor her learning in a more fluid way, lending her skills to what is most necessary at the time. For her, it was sometimes frustrating how little attention the remains of the Farmer Craft receives from Hold and Weyr. But without viable land, there wasn't anything anyone could do other than just try and maintain what they had left. Her dragonrider brother L'thos falls in thread, and Cinnacai is glad that none of her other siblings chose that dangerous life.

* 2587, 23 The move to Fort Island is a welcome one for Cinnacai and she can't help but feel a little bit of hope for the future of her craft which has become close to her family over the turns. Hunters, Beach Snakes, Sharpfish they don't scare her as much as they should. She just wants to see more people joining the craft and working hard. If it wasn't for the chaos of the Farmer Craft, Cinnacai would likely be looking at getting tapped soon given her talent, however, she's unsure whether that will be something she'll see without many journeymen to make the decision.

* 2588, 24 A fellow farmer grants her the opportunity for a wher egg, and given the lack of members of their craft, Cai decides that a wher would greatly improve her work-time ratio. She bonds to Cinnask later that turn, and is quite pleased with the green, despite her small size.

Cinnacai rolled restlessly in bed, her dreams tainted with splashed of red, brown and grey. Things which she couldn't quite make out in her unconscious state. When she awoke, Cinnask was not on the floor beside her cot, instead, missing from their room, and the general vicinity all together.

Reaching out with her mind, she questioned the disappearance of her green, and was met with a shockingly familiar reminder of her nightmarish dreams. She urged her green to return, not understanding the distressed half-images she was receiving.

Quickly rushing to put on clothes and boots, she sprinted from the room, exiting into the Weyrbowl, the only place she knew with the greens that had flashed in her vision. "Cinnask." Cai called sternly when keen eyes spotted the green hide, her voice only quivering slightly with the fear that something bad had happened to her wher, and she watched as the green came loping back towards her, however, with head continually cast over her shoulder to watch the place she had been.

With Cinnask finally within the safety of her arms, Cai took the time to inspect the Beastcrafthall in the distance. As she watched, dragons flew overhead, diving straight towards the barn, and large, feather bodies poured flapping from the open doors.

"What on Pern is going on here?"

Member Info...

Created By:
The List Enforcer
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Kill her off
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em up
Anything Else:

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Re: Cinnacai [ 30.10.2564 / Apprentice Farmer ]
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2017, 01:27:25 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured by Kyya
Wher Details

Sin - a (like apple) - sk
Date of Birth:
21.08.2588 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Cinnask's egg was not incredibly striking, without the lucky ring fold at the top and just a simple plain beige in colouration.
Mature Length: 2.7m
Mature Height: 0.9m

General Appearance...

Cinnask was small and awkward, but quickly grew to fill out her frame. A beautiful swirling pattern of green and yellow-ish green flows across her hide, reminding Cai distinctly of the venation of the large Jungle leaves.


Empathetic: Cinnask's presence is like the brush of leaves stirred by wind, usually soft and calming, but sometimes fast and stinging. She would rarely use images to communicate with Cai, instead preferring emotions of success, pleasure, and contentment.

Textures - Cinnask likes rubbing herself up against leaves and tree trunks, and take dirt baths just to feel the different textures that nature produces. Cai has to remind her to be gentle sometimes, but the green is usually quite good about not damaging them in her nosing.
Work - A very proud wher, she's always pleased to be out and about doing things.
Mashed Tubers - Whilst she'll always enjoy meat, (she's not a complete freak), this wher does have a thing for variety in her meals.

Ocean - She's a farmer's wher, not meant to be within the neverending expanse that is the ocean.
Aggression - Not the kind to posture and growl, Cinnask simply doesn't understand those kinds of constantly angry whers.


* ENTHUSIASTIC : Cinnask is just a big fan of everything Cai suggests. She'll attempt everything once, and is always keen to start the day with her handler.

* SENSE OF SMELL : Identifying people, plants and things simply by scent is a talent of Cinnask's. Honed by Cai in her younger years, they used to play little games in which the wher had to keep her eyes closed and guess what she was smelling.


* SENSITIVE : She doesn't like negative emotions, whether they be from getting in trouble from Cai, or from when she can tell that other people judging her, or telling her off. Cinnacai has learnt to temper herself, and instead try to teach the wher, not just order her. However, if other's try to take a stern tone with the wher, Cinnask will get a little jumpy and uncommonly aggressive.

* ATTACHED : Unlike her handler, Cinnask can find herself getting attached to people very easily. It makes it hard for them both when Cai just wants to sneak out and move on, and Cinnask has become attached. The same goes for plants or creatures, she can find herself making friends with herdbeasts about to head to slaughter, and enjoying the company of the bamboo fields readying for harvest. Luckily, the reasonably short draconic attention span means that it doesn't affect her for days, only marks.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
01.03 is not a force catch and prefers whers who woo/impress her, instead of trying to intimidate her. She'll definitely sacrifice the length of a run and throw herself into the arms of someone more... tame if she has to.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Cinnacai [ 30.10.2564 / Apprentice Farmer ]
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2017, 10:07:44 PM »
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