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Author Topic: Approved Xalven [03.03.2563, Jr. Journeyman Healer]  (Read 636 times)

Offline Comet

Xalven [03.03.2563, Jr. Journeyman Healer]
« on: December 16, 2017, 08:03:03 AM »

Play By:
Jamie Dornan

How about no.
Date of Birth:
03.03.2563 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Hahahahahahahaha, no.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Look, Xalven has more important things to do than fret over his appearance. He's a 'throw clothes on and leave' kind of person. Granted, Xalven would never stoop to the level of owning clothes that made him look grubby or unprofessional, and that's why all of his clothes are very boring, monochrome, and plain in order to make sure there are no bad matches when he pulls something out of his trunk to wear. His hair does its own thing, and he's okay with that, and for the most part he has no distinguishable features - unless you count the never fading glare on his face?

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: It is a fact of life. Xalven has less of an opinion on the Catastrophe itself, and more on the people still hung up over the damned thing. Really, it happened turns and turns ago, why is everyone still so stressed out? It's clearly non-reversible, so they should all just get their heads down and get on with life as best they could. Pernese have a long history of adapting, and Xalven can't understand why some people can't just do the same now.

Response to dragon color mutations: They're a pain. Naturally, it's the sort of things really turns his craft onto its head, and he could have done without that, to say the very least. Mutations happen in all creatures, he knows that, but 2500 turns without any mutation went by, only for dragons to pick now, in his lifetime, to mutate. Sure, they aren't any different in terms of physiology and stuff... but they're a different colour, and that's enough of a bother for Xalven who rather likes things staying nice and simple and easy to understand. It feels as if they're mocking him. So, yes, he is sick of them, but for purely craft and logic based reasons... probably.

Who are you...


* DRAGONKIN: Dragons, and all their kin, in fact, make sense. Xalven understands them, he gets them on a level he could never get people. If the world was made up of nothing but dragonkin, Xalven is pretty confident it would be a much better place.

* HEALER CRAFT: Perhaps it's obvious, but Xalven loves his craft. He was born to be a Healer: he's fascinated by the way people and dragons work and how you can fix them up.

* THE SEA: The sea seems like one of the few places on Pern that is still free and calm. Xalven appreciates that.


* PEOPLE: They're just infuriating.

* THE 'SYSTEM': Xalven wants to be a Healer. Xalven also wanted to be a dragonrider. Some idiots decided he couldn't stand as a Candidate and work on his craft at the same time, and that's not something he's okay with.

* COCKY PERSONALITIES: This includes show-offs, people who get high off positions of power, and such. Xalven would like to happily point out to them that we all bleed the same colour, and they need to get off their high horses.


* HARD WORKING: Xalven is by no means naturally talented in the Healer craft, indeed he might actually be naturally bad at it. However, his persistence, hard-work, and refusal to give up has meant he has passed the struggles he started with as an apprentice and become an exceptional Healer in his own right. To this day, when he learns something new, it takes time and effort before Xalven is apt enough at it, but his dedication really shines through in just how far he's able to go.

* PASSIONATE: Not a word you would generally put to Xalven, but anyone who has spent any time with him can agree that he is unbelievably passionate about his craft. He adores it, thrives off it, even if he doesn't actually show it in his moods. It's one of the few topics he is happy to chat away about, even if it comes across as more of a lecture.

* HONEST: If there's one thing Xalven is not, it's a liar. Whilst he's not the most open person, he's certainly honest in his actions and words. You're injured enough to never use your arm again? He's going to tell you plainly. He thinks you look ridiculous? Oh yes, you'll hear it. In the same way, however... If he thinks you've done a good job, he's going to tell you that too. In a way, his presence can be quite comforting, because frankly, what you see is what you get. There's no hidden meanings behind anything he does.

* FOCUSED: Xalven is the sort of person who can't be distracted at all. The moment he focuses in on his work, he is in the zone and can't be pulled out even if the room was on fire. It's just another reason why his hard work and dedication to his craft has paid off so much: it's practically impossible to pull him away from his work or make him make a mistake. The world doesn't exist when he's in the zone.

* STEADY: Not all that much makes Xalven panic. He's long since gotten used to the frenzy that can appear in the Infirmaries, and he's quick on his feet and fast to work out what he needs to do. He's the sort of person you want in an emergency because he seems to handle it as if it was just an everyday occurrence.


* IMPATIENT: If it wasn't clear enough from his feelings about people in general, Xalven has no patience whatsoever. He's not obvious enough with his emotions to be short-tempered, but it definitely takes no time at all to annoy him. In fact, people can just be around and he'll be annoyed by it. There isn't a soul alive who wouldn't be able to annoy Xalven within ten minutes - though that has less to do with them and more to do with the fact Xalven is a terrible person to be around.

* ACCUSATORY: Xalven is quick to find blame in riders whenever their dragons come to him. His natural affection for dragonkin leaves him unconsciously blaming their bondeds for any harm that comes to them, no matter what the problem is or how obviously blameless the bonded human is.

* BED SIDE MANNER: Unsurprisingly when you take into account everything else about him, Xalven's beside manner as a Healer was atrocious. He was snappy, didn't listen to patients, cared little if they complained about pain levels. It was in fact one of the key reasons he struggled to be tapped as early as he wanted to be. If it hadn't been for his talent when it came to dragonkin and his eventual habit of just not saying anything to human patients, he probably wouldn't have been made a Journeyman.

* PAST: As much as he's tried to stop it, Xalven is still very much a product of the past. The ghost of his former best friend still haunts him, and drives him to be all the more focused on his craft. Ironically, if it wasn't for Ha'llin, Xalven wouldn't have any sort of connection to the past - seeing it as another thing you just can't change and need to live with - but a loss like that is just a little too difficult to deal with. Primarily, Xalven rejects ever having a past. Those who knew him or bring it up (or worse, bring up Ha'llin) will immediately be placed on Xalven's idea of a 'blacklist' and will be ignored to the bet of Xalven's ability. There's no doubt that the past weighs him down, and even within the craft himself, he is left with a constant fear of accidentally letting a dragon be lost, well aware of what affect that ultimately has on the rider.

* COLD: There has never been a point in his life where Xalven was a friendly person, but he did used to be at least a little more agreeable with people. However, since the death of his best friend, Xalven has pretty much shut himself off from the possibility of being close to people. He is purposefully cold, and he only gets colder the more people seem to try and get close to him.

Describe Yourself:

* CONTROLLED: ----- A general misunderstanding is that nothing really bothers Xalven. On the contrary, pretty much everything bothers Xalven, he's just grown past throwing a hissy fit every time he gets angry (mostly because, if he did, he'd be exhausted...). He's had turns of practice keeping his true feelings and emotions, if not hidden, at the very least subdued. Of course, the main downside to this is his idea of being 'controlled' also includes any positive emotions, and thus, it appears as if he is a constant state of grumpiness.... though, that's not all that far from the truth. He'll never really lose his temper (aside from a few very rare situations), and he'll also never show when he's pleased.

* PERFECTIONIST: ----- Both his greatest virtue and his greatest vice. Xalven likes things to be perfect. He likes his work space to be neat and tidy, and likes his work to be done without a single fault. Perhaps it's a trait grown from so often messing up when he's learning something new, but Xalven hates when things are even slightly wrong. He tends to hide this trait for the most part, however, and you'll see it in the little things, like when he adjusts the position of a needle on his tray or his jaw tightens when a bandage isn't even.

* RESENTFUL: ----- Xalven will deny it until the cows come home, but honestly, yes, he is resentful that he didn't Impress when he was a Candidate. He's equally resentful that there came a time when he had to decide between Standing and continuing with his craft. He wants to have the best of both worlds, and the fact that he wasn't allowed infuriates him. Yes, in the end it had been his decision, no one elses, but that doesn't mean he doesn't fully intend to blame the rest of the world for it.

* EXASPERATED: ----- Long story short, Xalven is tired. He's just... so very tired of everything. It's easy to appear exasperated when that's your constant mood and has been for countless turns. He's sick to the back teeth of people and their stupid decisions and Healers usually having to clean up after those decisions.

* BLUNT: ----- Xalven doesn't care about your feelings, and he certainly doesn't care about hurting them. He's never really been one to think about the consequences of his words before saying something, even when he was younger and arguably more bearable. White lies or saying something to keep someone's feelings from being hurt seem pointless to him, and he thinks everyone should hurry up and accept the truth that he is more than happy to give. He doesn't beat around the bush, and tells you like it is immediately. You could say he's good with his words, as he knows how to get a fact or meaning across in as few a words as possible whilst still keeping everything clear.

The Magic Touch: Whenever Xalven first meets someone, he takes them in fully. His eyes will wander all over their body, automatically reading them as a Healer - looking for injuries or hidden scars that he can use to work them out. It can be a little creepy, but it's a habit from his craft, nothing more.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Jermima, Holder, b. 2546.
Father: Unknown

Half-Sister: Viennia, Farmer, b. 2572
Half-Sister: Kyaxi, Weyrbrat, b. 2579
Siblings: Maybe others that he either doesn't know or care about.

Children: None, hopefully.

Craft: Healer

Rank: Jr Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2575/12.

Date Tapped: 2590/27.

Specialty: DragonHealing

Education Details: A dedicated student who wasn't put off by his initial lack of talent in healing, Xalven clearly enjoyed his craft and was passionate enough to stick to it. Though his personality made him something of a bother to work with, his focus and persistence paid off, leaving him talented in his  craft. Though he was unfortunately forced to take a break due to his Candidacy, even then Xalven tried to study as much as possible, though ultimately the pressures became too much and he had to pick one or the other. His decision to return to his craft presented him with mixed feelings, but he threw himself back into his work with a fury, as if to show just how serious he was about it. His ultimate focus on dragonhealing led to him being tapped at 27, and now he is reluctant to work on human patients at all unless he absolutely has to.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2563, 0 Born to a holder in Tillek Hold, Xalven never knew who his father was, nor did he know for certain that Jermima was his actual mother, but he's never really questioned it. She is a good enough mother to him, and that's all that matters to him.

* 2566, 3 Jermima receives a firelizard egg from her mother, it hatches into a sweet green firelizard. The flit, named Hopen, becomes infatuated with Xalven, and he in turn grows up with her nearly constantly around - and thus it stays this way until he leaves for the Healer Hall.

* 2568, 5 Jermima meets and becomes involved a man named Krevax. Perhaps without noticing, Jermima shows less interest in Xalven, a fact which ultimately led him to believe that he really wasn't her son. However, Xalven doesn't seem to mind much, seeing as time in the creche and in teachings seemed to be more important anyway, and to this day he doesn't hold it against her or imply that she was a worse mother for it.

* 2571, 8 Tillek Hold falls to Thread. Jermima escapes to Fort Hold with Xalven. She is scored badly during the escape, and is taken immediately to Healer Hall for care. She is scarred for the rest of her life, losing some use of her arm due to it. Xalven never talks about how he handled this, nor does he plan to, but it surely can't be a coincidence that he grew up so passionate to join the Healer Hall.

* 2572, 9 His first younger sister is born, Viennia. She is a weak and softhearted child, often sick, and Xalven quickly takes to acting protective of her. Many who know him joke that Viennia is the first thing Xalven seemed to care about.

* 2575, 12 Unsurprisingly, Xalven immediately apprentices into the Healer Craft as soon as he can. He struggles initially, finding the work far harder than he could have imagined, but the struggle only made him more determined to do a good job. He pushes himself, works over time, studies everything he can, until he starts to catch up with other apprentices and shows promise.

* 2578, 15 Xalven is Searched, and put into a position he'd never expected to find himself in. Without much thought over it, he immediately agrees and moves to Fort Weyr as a candidate. The prospect of Impressing excites him, and he focuses all he can on dragon healing until he realises just how little time he has as a candidate.

* 2579, 16 His second younger sister, Kyaxi, is born. A bright and bouncy child, she often seems to annoy Xalven, but there's no doubt that he puts up with her more than he puts up with others. Xalven isn't sorry that he doesn't get a chance to see her all that much.

* 2580, 17 Even after only a few turns, it becomes quickly apparent that Xalven grows impatient and irritable without the comfort of his own craft to fall back upon. Despite the request that he get more time to work on his craft, his wishes are mostly laughed away. Frustrated, but too stubborn to give up on either, especially now he has grown so attached to the idea of a dragon, Xalven continues.

* 2581, 18 Meets Ha'llin, a greenrider, for the first time. Due to Ha'llin's overly-friendly and persistent nature, a sort of friendship is formed rather quickly. The friendship isn't something familiar to Xalven, having not made many in his time, but it's something that he quickly grows quite attached to - for better or for worse. These days, Xalven wants to resent the friendship, but he can't bring himself to.

* 2582, 19 After an impossible amount of struggling over his decision, Xalven finally chooses to leave Candidacy to refocus on his craft. Partially due to the growing belief that he must not be fit to be a rider if he still hasn't Impressed, but mostly due to the fact that it becomes clear that more healers are needed with the state of Pern as it is. Perhaps a clear sign of how he never really felt like he had closure on his Candidacy, Xalven returns and focuses almost entirely on dragonhealing as much as he is allowed to.

* 2583, 20 After returning to his craft, it quickly becomes apparent that dropping out for Candidacy has left some sort of stain on his name, and considering how far behind he feels to be compared to the peers he begun his apprenticeship with, Xalven stresses out a great deal in an attempt to catch up and prove himself again. Only Ha'llin's support and reassurance gets him through and calms him down.

* 2586, 23 Ha'llin and Prospith are injured during Threadfall, and vanish Between. When the news reaches Xalven, he becomes too horrified to do anything. As he's left alone, Xalven retreats further on himself, mind racing as he tries to find anyone and everyone to blame. He ultimately spends most of his grief looking through his teachings, desperately searching to find if there was something he could have done to save them both.

* 2587, 24 The move to Southern Winds Weyr is still a blur to Xalven, still shaken from the loss of Ha'llin. If anything, the move does him some good, putting distance between him and the ghost of Ha'llin - not enough, by any means, but some. He sees the move as Pern finally adapting once again, something he is grateful for. The extra creatures that were discovered in this new land were just another thorn in Xalven's side. He didn't want to have to do more research to try and understand them: they weren't interesting, and now it was as if people expected healers and other crafters to magically have all the information about them. More injuries for humans and dragonkin alike from these vile things were just as problematic.

* 2590, 27 After nearly eight more turns of work and rebuilding his status, Xalven is finally tapped and allowed to walk the tables to become a Jr. Journeyman. He is by no means happy with the promotion, considering how long he feels he was denied it, but he bites his tongue and says nothing.

Nothing felt right. Ha'llin never came to the Infirmary, yet Xalven could somehow still feel his absence there. It was better than returning to his weyr though, or the dining cavern, or anywhere else that he and his best friend had spent time together. Ha'llin haunted this place. Haunted Xalven. Haunted his mind and his life and everywhere he turned, he could see the empty gap that he was no longer around to fill.

Someone had brought in their firelizard, a hatchling with a leg at an unnatural angle. Xalven worked,
his hands delicate and soft as he tended to the poor green creature, and he tried his best to ignore the wittering on that the firelizard's bonded woman was done. He tuned her out fast enough, not interested in listening to her woes of how none of the firelizards in the clutch looked strange aside from this one. These things happened, and she needed to stop blubbering on about it.

He splintered the leg, giving it back to the woman with a bunch of instructions for the care and recovery process, and walked away before the words 'thank you' had finished forming on her tongue. He didn't want thanks. He wanted... Well. He wanted lots of things that he couldn't have.

Member Info...

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Re: Xalven [03.03.2563, Jr. Journeyman Healer]
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Re: Xalven [03.03.2563, Jr. Journeyman Healer]
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