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Author Topic: Two Roads Diverged [ 1.9.2590 / 8PM ] Tircin  (Read 89 times)

Offline Ysmersa

Two Roads Diverged [ 1.9.2590 / 8PM ] Tircin
« on: December 16, 2017, 11:32:47 AM »
Anyone that knew Ysmie would know that she was a fickle young woman. Though she was married and enrolled in the Fisher Craft Hall, she frequently found herself wandering around the Weyr. Sticking her nose in the other craft’s business. Most ignored her.

Others tolerated it.

Some shooed her out.

It was no small secret she wasn’t really progressing in the Fisher Craft Hall. Monotonous tasks were a bother to her. Not that she wanted to upset any Fisher that asked by saying that what they did was boring. She knew those like Tircin and Fisk were quite passionate about what they did. It just... didn’t suit her. She wanted to learn new things, she wanted to do things. Gutting fish and repairing nets didn’t capture her attention.

The teachers in the Fisher Hall would be hard pressed to recall the last time Ysmie had attended a lesson. It wasn’t that she didn’t find the material interesting – she did. She loved fish and thought they were quite fascinating. But as soon as the teachers started talking about things Ysmie already knew, or how to best catch the fish in nets, she started to day dream.

Now, she didn’t bother going. Why attend those classes when she could watch a weaver dye something?! Or watch a beast crafter mend a saddle. Things she had no clue about were the most fascinating. Unfortunately for her, the harper she’d liked to bother had impressed to a dragon and he wasn’t in the Hall anymore. As Ysmie made her way back to the room she shared with Tircin, she wondered if the weyrling missed his musty Harper Hall.


Any and all powerplay allowed by Tircin


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