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Author Topic: Pending Olarissa [14.06.2574, Candidate]  (Read 349 times)

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Olarissa [14.06.2574, Candidate]
« on: December 16, 2017, 12:06:13 PM »

Play By:
Courtney Eaton

Rissa to those she deems worthy. And if she's in a good mood. Olly to those who are looking for a slap.
Date of Birth:
14.06.2574 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Job Before Search:
Drudge, Whore, Farmer
Color Preference:
Her Opinion: Olarissa expects, no, requires a gold for her plans, that is all.
Red: Though perhaps a little too friendly for Olarissa to understand, a red dragon would definitely be absolutely adored by her, considering her view on mutants in general. It would be an odd mix, her seriousness and calculating nature with something a little strange or excitable, but it could be interesting.
Green: Though she'd definitely see it as a failure on her part, Olarissa could probably get along quite well as a greenrider so long as the green's personality matched hers either in a complimentary or an opposite way.
Blue: If she Impressed a blue, Olarissa would most likely take on a teacher-like role, wanting to mentor or correct the young since she'd believe that would be the only thing she was able to do, and as such it could be quite a good match. The personality would also heavily affect how she develops.
Brown: A brown might be a little too hard for Olarissa to deal with: both so close and yet so far from her goals.
Gold: If she did Impress one, Olarissa would work exceptionally hard to make a good goldrider, though the personality of the gold would heavily affect how her aims shift and change, and what she'll eventually move towards.
Future Rider Name:
No change
Spouse or Weyrmate:
None currently.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Perhaps due to her drudge-upbringing, Olarissa has grown up to be very careful with how she presents herself. She no longer wants to look like a dirty, messy drudge of a girl, but instead she is sure to look put-together, smart, well-presented. She's an attractive woman and she is more than happy to play to that stereotype, opting to wear more feminine clothing whenever she can. Her hair is kept long, and down as often as possible. Her lips are almost constantly chapped from her terrible habit of chewing on them whenever she's thinking. It will quickly become clear that Olarissa isn't one to show too much skin, and though she'll claim it's due to preferring to keep that for more private friends, the reality is that she is ashamed of a collection of particularly nasty scars across her back from beatings as a child.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Truth be told, part of Olarissa resents the Catastrophe and all those involved. She blames those in the past who sought to destroy Thread when they were managing just fine. Naturally, she wasn't living herself back then, but she is unable to see how no one foresaw such a disaster happening: they must have been blinded by greed and a desperate need to be done protecting Pern. The destruction of Pern was avoidable in her eyes, and it's an awful loss that she can only hope will be remedied on day soon.

Response to dragon color mutations: She adores the mutations, seeing them as nature fighting back against what the dragonriders of the 9th Pass did to Pern. They seem to store all the resentment and hate towards what happened in physical beings and she loves that - though, she's not really been around all that many, so her opinion tends to be one from the outside looking in.

Who are you...


* CHILDREN: They're so honest, so full of life and promise. Children are perhaps the only people Olarissa immediately relaxes around.

* COMPETITIONS: True to her game-like view of the world, Olarissa enjoys a good competition when she gets the chance in one. Gambling, drinking games, board games: they're all rather enjoyable.

* NATURE: Olarissa loves the outside. She loves the sea and the beach, the grass and the trees. Everything seems so peaceful in nature.


* STORMS: She's had a fear of thunderstorms for as long as she can remember. She personally doesn't know the reason behind it, they're just awful.

* SLEEPING: Mostly, she doesn't like sleeping in the same room as other people. It's uncomfortable and there's no way she trusts anyone enough to sleep easily around them.

* STUDYING: It's not something she'd ever gotten much of a chance to do before coming to Southern Winds, and as such, she often feels like she's lagging behind - like she's stupider than everyone else.


* LYING: Olarissa has built her life off lies, and she fully intends to keep it that way. People don't have to know the truth, and she's very much happy to keep spinning webs of lies in order to keep reality as far away from crashing into the present as possible. She's become very good at lying over the years, quick-witted, smart, never one to forget a lie she's told and accidentally contradict herself.

* INDEPENDENT: No one has ever helped Olarissa do anything. She's worked for where she is today, worked to get out of bad situation after bad situation, and she will happily take the credit for it. She's become independent over the turns, and has come to trust and rely upon herself and no one else. She's not one to ask for advice or a helping hand, in fact, she'd rather struggle alone and in silence than let anyone see her as weak as that.

* MANIPULATIVE: It's pretty easy, actually, getting people to believe what you what them to. Getting them to do what you want them to. Her time in the whorehouse taught her how to manipulate people. She's prefers to do it subtly: to act like you're their friend, convince them you're on their side, that kind of thing. Whenever she's around someone who seems to be too difficult to manipulate, she does try and steer clear of them, however.

* ADAPTABLE: Another thing Olarissa has picked up over the turns is an adaptability that has helped her survive and push through almost any situation. She changes, adapts, edits everything about herself to fit into the new surroundings and get the most out of wherever she is. Get her guard down, make her feel comfortable, and there's a rather warm person under there.

* CALCULATING: Olarissa is a thoughtful person, and she's very good at thinking over problems. Even when she is desperate to jump into something, she is usually controlled enough to pause and take her time to think things through. Her emotions very rarely colour her thoughts, though her prejudices and beliefs certainly might. Either way, she's not the impulsive type.


* CHILDREN: Olarissa wants to be a mother. Maybe she's not ready for the full family picture yet, nor does she ever see herself settling down, but children are something she's desperate for. What worries her, however, is the fact that despite her past she's never once had a child. The only child she's carried to term was stillborn, a fact that still hurts to this day. She's managed to convince herself that she's simply young, and that children would appear in time, but she's growing less and less confident in that fact.

* LONELY: A fact that Olarissa herself isn't all that aware of, but she is lonely. She's never really had anyone as a friend, and even her own mother ultimately became someone she resented and refuses to think about. Her story so far has kept her mostly in situations where forming relationships isn't exactly easy, and that's carried over even to Southern Winds Weyr. She may deny it, but Olarissa does want someone. A friend. A partner. A child. Maybe that's why the idea of Impressing is so attractive to her. Not just because she sees it as a necessary step up in the world, but because she will at last have someone.

* WORLD VIEW: Olarissa sees the world as a giant game. A fight to the top, to a place where you can be happy and content. Part of her knows it's not realistic, that the world doesn't actually work like a cruel game, but it's the only way Olarissa has been able to survive so far. It's how she manages to function: thinking like a strategist, seeing the different players' and what moves they might make so she can counter them.

* UNSYMPATHETIC: People make their own destinies, make their own lives, and Olarissa doesn't have the time to deal with those who whimper and demand attention or affection because of bad choices they made. She can be quite cruel when she thinks someone is being selfish in their emotions, or worse, when someone is complaining despite all they have.

* SELF-DEPRECATING: Despite her personality and what she's trying to do, Olarissa recognises that she is not a good person. She believes her intentions are good, but understands her methods leave something to be desired. However, she sees it as a necessary evil: it's the type of world they live in, where cruel people get to the top of the food chain, and that's where she wants to be if she wants to do any good for the world. When she's truly comfortable and you start to see the more playful side of her, it's common for her to make self-deprecating comments of jokes about herself.

Describe Yourself:

* POWER-HUNGRY: ----- Olarissa needs power, she craves it. Pern has been destroyed, shattered, broken by those in power who clearly had no reason to be there. They've made mistake after mistake, and all Olarissa wants to do is correct them. If no one else is up to the mark of ruling the world then... well, she'll have to do it, won't she? Her ache from control doesn't come from selfishness, in fact, it's the very opposite in her opinion. Olarissa needs power because she knows that no one else can have it. She wants to do what's best for Pern as a whole.

* STUBBORN: ----- Not an obvious trait initially, due to the fact that Olarissa is very good at putting on a smiling face and convincing you that she's simply discussing options with you. However, Olarissa is set in her ways and her beliefs, and is incredibly stubborn and unlikely to move away from them. She never backs down, even if it appears like she is: often she's simply reassessing the situation and working out how to deal with it.

* VERSATILE: ----- An actress through and through, Olarissa is very good and switching roles in order to play to her opponent's weaknesses. It's from her younger days, working out what sort of partner her clients wanted her to be: from sweet and innocent, to naive and clueless, to mature and seductive. She's good at all sorts of personalities, so much so that part of her isn't all that certain where her true self lies.

* VAIN: ----- Her vanity manifests in strange ways. Olarissa believes she should be forgiven for being vain in regards to her appearance: after all, she spent her childhood looking awful, it's her right to want to keep that as far away from her currently reality as possible. But her vanity is more than just that. The very fact that she believes she can make a difference in the world is, arguably, vain. She believes she is one of the few well-meaning people in the world, and one of the fewer still to be strong enough to take the steps to get to where she needs to be.

* AMUSING: ----- Underneath a lot of that protection and the lies Olarissa has built around herself, there's actually a rather funny girl. She's sarcastic, loves teasing others and joking around, it's just... she's never really had the chance to show that off. There's no doubt that she's still independent and perhaps a little pushy, but her sense of humour is an attractive and honest one.

The Magic Touch: Olarissa has a habit of going on late night walks since she's not very good at sleeping through the night. She never goes far, but she enjoys the silence and the stillness of the Weyr at night. It gives her time to relax and think and not have to put on a mask for a bit.


Mother: Sarli, drudge, b. 2555, d. 2584
Father: Unknown dragon rider

Siblings: Probably many, but Olarissa neither knows nor wants to know about any of them. If the day ever came that one came to make themselves known to her, she would simply deny it.

Children: Rikae (stillborn), b/d. 2590

Tell us a story...

* 2574, 0 A Flight Lust baby, Olarissa was born to a drudge of Fort Weyr and an unknown dragon rider. She was never told who he might be, nor does she want to know.

* 2576, 2 After 2 turns of looking after Olarissa on her own, Sarli is told by other drudges that she should give Olarissa over to the creche for her upbringing to give her a better chance at life. Sarli refuses, too attached to the baby, and thus Olarissa is brought up in the lower caverns and expected to pull her weight as soon as she is able. It's something Olarissa has forever held against her mother: the selfishness to hold her back, down at the lowest level of life.

* 2580, 6 Whilst working and moving around the Weyr, Olarissa is often picked on by the creche children, and even more so, by some of the new weyrlings. Olarissa begins to form the opinion that dragonmen are a tainted lot: the years of Threadfall has made them cold and heartless, and she is certain that Pern will only fall further if they are left to run the world. This is also what makes her even more certain she never wants to know her father's identity.

* 2582, 8 As she grew older, Olarissa began to become aware of just who she was. To be precise: a nobody. A drudge. A piece of dirt in the eyes of many, and invisible to others. Growing increasingly paranoid and self-conscious about her appearance, Olarissa tried to keep herself cleaner, neater, and eventually stole some clothes from a dragonrider in an attempt to dress nicer. Furious and not knowing what to do, Sarli beat Olarissa for the act, which was the final nail in the coffin of whatever strange and strained relationship they had. Olarissa avoids her mother entirely, ultimately shutting herself off from everything as she tried to work out where she was supposed to go.

* 2583, 9 A recruiter for a whorehouse spots Olarissa on a visit to the Weyr, convinced that she would grow into a pretty enough girl for the work. Capturing her attention was easy enough, and it just took a few words of clean clothes, a nicer home, and a better job than drudge work for Olarissa to beg him to take her with him when he returned. Perhaps a stupid mistake, but Olarissa still counts it as the best decision she's ever made: it was her first step out of the dirt of society and towards the top.

* 2585, 11 After two turns of being allowed to do more drudge-like work in the whorehouse - cooking and cleaning, but with an ability to wash more and wear clothes that Olarissa could tell were at least nicer than a drudge's - she was finally pulled in for the real work. It was a shock, to say the least, and Olarissa tends to shut those earliest memories out entirely, but she kept quiet and did her job because that was all she knew how to do. The more she worked, the more different clients came. Some were nice, some not so much, but it was still a help. She met all sorts of people, learnt all sorts of things from them, and found that whilst the job itself was one she despised, what she got from it would certainly be invaluable.

* 2586, 12 A particular regular who had taken a liking to Olarissa begins to talk more to her about the world. She learns a great deal from him, and solidifies a number of her own presumptions about the world from what he told her: such as the uselessness of those who started the endless Threadfall, or how Pern was without a true and powerful leader. It got her thinking. Thinking of ideas that would thankfully come into play the following turn.

* 2587, 13 The move from the mainland of the Northern Continent offers a new opportunity to Olarissa: the next chance to crawl up the ladder of the world. In the confusion and hurry of the move, she leaves the whorehouse, and the moment she finds herself in Southern Winds Weyr, she volunteers as a farmer. Perhaps they were just desperate for workers, because no one questioned whether she was an Apprentice or not, and Olarissa was soon seen as a crafter by a number of people. It was definitely a step up from the life of a whore, though it did take some acclimatising before she felt comfortable enough.

* 2590, 16 Olarissa had been pregnant before, but had miscarried. Carrying a baby through to term was oddly exciting for her, however after a difficult labour, the daughter she eventually had was stillborn. It was heartbreaking, and it hit Olarissa harder than she'd thought it might, leaving her shut away in her room for days. The thing that ultimately forced her mind away from that trauma, was being Searched a few months afterwards.

* 2590, 16 Being Searched had never been on Olarissa's plans, but the moment she was, things began to fall into place. Of course it made sense that she become a dragonrider herself. Dragonriders seemed to be in the best position to make changes in the world, and once she was presented with the opportunity to maybe become one, there was no doubt it was everything she wanted. And for Olarissa, there's only one dragon that's right for her plans. She needs a gold. That's what she must Impress.

Sitting at a dining table in the very centre of the room, Olarissa listened to those around her. The conversations were important, and it was in that Weyr Hall she found out all the important information for the day. Such trivial matters might one day be incredibly valuable to her, and so she always sat, and she always listened. Even when someone sat opposite her, her eyes and smile would be on them, but her mind would be on the rider behind her, complaining about his latest wing assignment. Her smile always stayed soft, polite, never coaxing too much from them nor making them stop if they were talking to her. Invites to sit with her were never handed out, but requests were never denied. It was how every mealtime worked.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:

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