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Author Topic: Event Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event  (Read 1465 times)

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Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:13:26 PM »
Properly reputable Holders would no doubt have you believe that they’d wanted to get away from the Weyr for noble reasons—to avoid having their way of life snuffed out and absorbed by that of the Weyrfolk; to prevent their children from getting dangerous ideas about how to live their lives; to get out from under the authoritarian thumb of the Weyrleadership. And for some of them, that was no doubt true; at least, they had likely convinced themselves that it was. If nothing else, they had certainly deceived themselves into believing that all of those who backed their cause felt that way for the same reasons, had the same motivations as they did.

But what looks like the most appealing, polished truth is not always so. Perhaps that was true of the Holders most of all.

Those in the know had no doubt seen the move to Mine Hall as a step in the right direction. Crafters could hardly bully them around as much as the dragon riders did, particularly given that so many of them came from Holder backgrounds or had married into Holder families. That, and they could only be so many places at once; with the back tunnels having been widened to accommodate the new flood of people, and construction continuing on the area beyond the Hall that would eventually be the site of First Hold, there were small, hidden nooks and crannies where the illicit could once again begin to take place.

It started slow, almost agonizingly so for those who eagerly awaited a return to how things had been at Fort. A few underhanded deals here, exchanges of alcohol there, maybe even some enterprising individuals looking to once again start up the market of drugs, wherfights, and flesh. So when a quiet ripple had passed through some parts of the Mine Hall, passed in hushed tones via word of mouth to those who could be trusted, who had been involved before…

To many, it would feel like coming home.

The cooperation of some of the Peacekeepers was key, looking the other way and perhaps even keeping their patrols a bit truncated this evening. Things were quiet, it seemed—normal—save for the scattered, unobtrusive trickle of people and whers going about their business. But that was not so unusual, and who was to say that they were all going to wind up in the same place?

But they did. In one of the rearmost tunnels, deepest into the mountain and away from the residential caverns, they gathered. Ringing the walls, people and whers had congregated to exchange bets and pass around wineskins. Yet the real draw, the real action was just about to begin. For it, there had been a rough circle marked out on the floor, in chalk that would easily be washed or smudged away when the night was done.

And as the small crowd swelled to its final numbers, the first two handlers led their fighting whers into the ring.

Hopefully the ichor would be as easy to clean up as the chalk.

Spoiler for OOC:
Wher fights are usually among the same color—but exceptions can be made for those who overlap in size categories. Queens are the only ones strictly adherent to that rule, given that they could simply use their will to dominate a lower ranked color. Beyond that, live your dreams! Whoever jumps in with their whers first will get the first slot. :3 But don’t let that stop you. Carry on with as many fights as you want. Our only courtesy reminder is to avoid powerplaying another player’s character; double check with them if there’s a certain way you want the fight to go.

If your character was involved in the seedy side of Hold life back at Fort, odds are they heard about this gathering; old gang members and previous wher fighters were prioritized, but it’s fair game beyond that. And, as ever, you can check in at our OOC thread here.
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Offline Nealros

Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2017, 07:17:22 PM »
It had been too long. Two turns of complacency, of keeping his head down had fostered a kind of agitation that this night alone wouldn’t be enough to shake off. But it was a start.

The pair of them, brown Rossk and surprisingly sober Nealros, made a handsome pair. The wher had been bathed and oiled and his scars shined wetly in the glowlight. He was chained and muzzled, sporting blinders to keep his attention on nothing except for Nealros for the time being. The holder himself was decked out in full wherhide gear. His gloves looked well worn but their green color still held true. His belt sports a heavy looking silver buckle, which complements the nice blue shade of the leather. The rest of his set, jacket and pants and his boots, sport the more classic dark-wash of a worked material.

As they approached the back caverns, Rossk began to pull- if just barely. The brown had been in his share of small, private spats but nothing like this. The crowd was already boisterous and still growing. Animal and man moved side by side, testing the waters. None seemed willing to throw down quite yet. Neal would change that.

It was Rossk that decided when the fighting ought to officially begin. Saliva drooled from his slack jaws, marring the chalk that he was trying to cross. The ring was his cradle, his home, and he missed it so.

Nealros was quick behind him, undoing the ties that kept Rossk’s restraints on. His muzzle came away, followed by the chain that tethered him. His harness was harder to work off and, normally Nealros would’ve left it. These were the big leagues, though. The harness was too valuable to watch it get torn to pieces. Each piece of gear was looped around the man’s neck and torso and he brought his arms up to snugly loop his fingers into the various bits of metal and cloth before stepping back and away.

Rossk was a young wher still, but my was he grown. He was as big as they came, for a brown, and Nealros’s ‘training’ ensured his body remained in top shape. Add a bit of rock hauling for the wall work and he was a perfect boulder himself. Short legs kept his belly low, his center of gravity equally lowered. His skin, thickened by fat and scar tissue, bore evidence of his rough life. The noise of the crowd fueled his excitement and he bellowed out short grunts, as if revving himself up.

They didn’t have to wait long. Another fighter came forward with her Bronze. Good. The first match wouldn’t be boring, then.

Offline Meyelthra

Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2017, 08:23:31 AM »
Of course Meyelthra had not told X’hos why she wanted to go stay at the Mine Hall again. The nice thing about being with the Green Rider was that she rarely had to explain anything she did. Meyelthra had simply told him that she’d be staying again. After a handful of times doing this, he’d simply gone along with it. Part of her wondered if he agreed without complaint because he feared she’d leave otherwise. The other part of her didn’t care to think any more on the subject.

She’d heard about the event from a friend of a friend who knew Aselm, who’d relayed the information through a fire lizard who had just popped into her weyr.

This is the sort of excitement that Meyelthra had been waiting for. Walking through the dark tunnels, hearing the pick up of the crowd as she approached with her friend Aselm in tow, the familiar rush of adrenaline greeted her.

This wasn’t Fort, but the feeling was similar. Meyesk was chained and leashed, if only for appearances. Events like this could create all sorts of rowdy encounters and it was generally accepted practice to chain your wher. He tugged occasionally, eyes bright and green. Meyesk didn’t remember, most wher didn’t have a great memory, but the excitement in the moment sang to him. He obediently followed her when she directed him with the chain – it was familiar, following orders was second nature – but he was amped up.

So was Meyelthra. She’d skipped out on the offered alcohol when Aselm had wanted a drink before the event. While she’d normally be drunk for such things, Meyelthra wanted to remember this first fight. This first night. Win or lose, she didn’t really care.

She just wanted to be here.

When there was talk about who would fight first, Meyelthra shoved her way toward the circle. No way on Pern was she not going to be first. Meyesk sensed her intent and helped clear a path. He was infinitely better at it than she was. People moved for a big bronze. As big as they came.

Meyelthra looked across the circle to the boy she’d be going up against. He was familiar, but in the vague way that most Holders were familiar. She’d seen his face before, but she couldn’t place a name. Meyelthra looked a rough and tumble girl holding a massive beast at bay, dressed in a ratty shirt and leather pants that gave way to well worn boots. Fort Hold attire. Far less impressive than the boy across her, but Meyelthra had stolen from pretty boys like that.

Meyesk might not remember much, but the wher knew the circle. He knew what the wher across him meant and he did pull this time. Just a little to get himself in the circle. To get ready. He was a mass of muscle that easily moved Meyelthra forward, prompting her to bark a laugh. They were ready. Large claws dug into the stone, searching for purchase as he braced himself in his position. Tensing as Meyelthra dutifully unbuckled the collar around him. If Meyelthra returned to the weyr with a destroyed harness, X’hos would ask questions.

She didn’t want that.

Meyelthra tossed the chain and collared harness to the ground, outside the circle, and took a step back next to it. Her hands came to rest on her hips as she flashed the boy across from her a smirk. Bronze against a brown? Was this even fair? She wasn’t blind, though. Meyelthra saw the scars of a fighting wher, scars that Meyesk himself bore. Around the shoulders, the face, and sides of battles fought and won.

Meyesk’s eyes bled red as he looked only to his competitor. His rival. Thick lips pulled back as he hissed his own challenge. A quieter creature than his nemesis, Meyesk’s head leveled out with the ground as his massive body tensed. Waiting. Always waiting for the go ahead.

There was the roar of the crowd, like some monster outside the circle. Bets being placed, marks being tracked, odds being shouted. The circle was the eye of the storm, a place of peace where Meyelthra felt, all at once, at home and on edge.

How she’d missed it.

The Ring Master stepped forward – not between the wher, never between them – and called out the terms of the fight. First wher down. Not to the death. It’d be hard to dispose of a giant wher body. Then he brought a long whip thin switch down between the wher to mark the start of the match.


Meyesk had been raised for that moment when Meyelthra let him go. When there was a wher across from him, when there was nothing holding him back, and the aggression bred into him was released. The switch went back up, Meyelthra released him, and he exploded forward in a rush of aggressive drive to kill the other wher. He had size on the other wher and fully intended on using it, driving straight at the Brown with all the intention to overwhelm and bear him to the ground.

Spoiler for OOC:

._. I hope this is all good. Lemme know if I need to adjust anything. Also, I'm thinking we can roll for winner in discord?  :love:

Length: 4.5M | Height: 1.7M Powerplay allowed by X'hos / SirAlahn

Offline Nycolus

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Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2017, 03:55:08 PM »
Nycolus would not be gambling tonight. Too much had changed since the pits had closed down to trust previous knowledge of fighter capabilities, and he would not lose what little he had managed to keep from Fort Hold in a poorly-judged fight.

The temptation as Nealros stepped forward to participate in the very first match was undoubtedly present, however, both out of affection for his brother, and knowledge of what his wher could do. But a somewhat familiar face stepped forward with their Bronze, and Nyc was much more interested to see how the match would pan out than betting on the outcome.

He'd tried to keep in touch with the wher fighting community, but with the loss of Caleah and everyone else occupied with the new lifestyle, it had become more difficult to get away. Moving to the hold had made it somewhat easier, and his occassional session with his cousin had helped keep him in the know, but so far as tonight, with his brother squaring off against this person who he should remember, he hadn't realised just how far outside the loop he had gotten.

Well... that was going to change.

Lusk remained at their room, keeping a diligent eye on the children as had been her wont since she'd hatched. Slow to pick up on some lessons, her guarding of his kids had been instinctive. Though with Tavisk never far away it was moot... no harm done letting her guard. It certainly made it easier to watch them she  there were two wher looking out for them.

Nycolussk stood beside him however, bristling at any who wandered close and dressed in the chain and harness getup common to the wher fighting population. It wasn't necessary, but there was a tradition to the pits that Nyc would not sully. He intended on having them participate in a match, though thankfully would get the chance to take measure of the other fighters first. They had waited a long time for this night, and as he waited for the Ring Master to start the first match, he found himself searching for Remmalthira to enjoy this revitalization of the Fort they remembered with her.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I posted so I can feel a little less Terdy >.> tag for @beasty  for Remmalthira if you wanna bring her in. And then just technically he's doing nothing > >

Offline Ryneppa

Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2018, 08:03:13 PM »
Ryn's walk had always been a sort of saunter, and today was no different. The air was tense, and it made her shoulders relax. This was home for her, the stink of sweat and blood floating about, with shouts and growls and screams of pain. Occassionally there was the ripping of flesh, or the thud of fists when a payment went astray. Usually muffled by a door as they tried to do it out of sight of the general populace.

There had been a moment when Ryneppa had wondered whether this day would ever come. Whether her old life had been permanently buried by time and space. The further away their lifestyle had gotten from her youth at Fort Hold, the more she'd worried about her prospects. But that was definitely not something she wanted to think about now.

With Eppask and Ynesk flanking her on either side, she enjoyed the undoubtedly confusingly intimidating figure she would pose. A slight, boyish woman, flanked by one huge and grizzled bronze, and a brown which was larger than any wher his age had reason to be.

Ynesk's hide rippled as the sounds of the room swamped over him, and she narrowed her eyes at the younger wher's body language. A little bit tense, good, but not scared, no, that was evident when she scanned through the emotions emanating from him. The tenseness of muscle seemed to be more of... anticipation, and a little bit of over-stimulation from all the excitement. For his first time, Ryn wasn't too worried, but she'd keep an eye on the red which was tinging his eyes, making sure it stayed firmly focussed on opponent whers.

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Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2018, 12:25:36 AM »
Much like her sister, Kindolin had been eager to resume the way life had been at Fort Hold. She’d never thought she would miss those old days of brutality, but they were far simpler than the future she now found herself in, when she had to bother worrying about Weyr politics and how they would affect her as well as the Hold ones. It was annoying more than anything else, and she’d been glad when her family had officially moved out of Southern Winds and they could all breathe a little easier.

The reforming of the Peacekeepers had been something to keep her eye on too, but it had gone better than even Kindolin could have expected. Some of them were idealists, and she didn’t know what to make of the new trainees yet—but there were enough older, bribable Keepers that she could already see where things were starting to mirror Fort.

For a strategist like herself, it was an exciting time.

As she stepped into the room where the fights were taking place, Wherry launched himself off her shoulder and found a place to perch high above the goings on. He was her vantage point, a choice bit of surveillance when Kindolin bothered to focus enough to see through their bond. Clinging to the rough rock like a bat, the narrow Blue pressed back against the shadows and settled in to simply observe.

This was a familiar sight for him, just as it was for Kindolsk. The scarred Brown was calm at her side, radiating protectiveness and snapping at those who didn’t get out of her way fast enough. Dolinsk, on the other hand, seemed on edge, a bit nervous for all the tense aggression emanating from those around. It was out of consideration for her sweet Blue that Kindolin chose a place along the sidelines to watch, idly scratching Dolinsk’s head as he pressed against her legs.

With Kindolsk sitting by her side, a thick presence barring others from getting too close, Kindolin felt at home for the first time in a long, long while.

Kindolsk | 9 Turns | 4M Long | 1.1M Tall | Dolinsk | 1.5 Turns | 3M Long | 1M Tall

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Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2018, 01:57:24 PM »
Three Turns, he’d been cautious. Three Turns, he’d forced himself and his brother to remain under the radar from the Weyrleadership’s control. The riders thought too highly of themselves and their authority over the rest of them, but also wasn’t a fool. No man stood face-to-face with a dragon and could live to tell about. At least not with his balls intact.

If not for the dragons, the Weyrleadership wouldn’t be such a force to stand against. Regardless of that matter, he’d had to wait. Day in and day out, he’d been forced back to the doldrums of daily life without any sort of power to keep himself above the rest. He was just as dirty and insignificant as the drudges that pulled weeds or slapped whatever food they had onto others’ plates.

He’d tried to keep in contact with the members of the gang and the whores that had worked for him. Most of them had decided to try things their own way, in knowing that any chance they had at reviving their “business” would be quickly squashed by the Weyr. Some had remained loyal. Some continued to exchange secrets with his promises of a future. Or if he had anything to spare, he’d offer it to them. Material items were of no use to him.

Now finally, they were apart from the Weyr. The Mine Hall was like a breath of fresh air. An air of hope. He and his brother wasted no time in identifying who from their old gang was still around and who had decided to stay at the Weyr versus who moved to the Hall. It didn’t matter where they were. They could be useful in either location. The next weeks were spent planning and celebrating, a hidden container of alcohol never far from his reach.

Once he caught wind of the underground wher fight, it confirmed all of his hopes. He may not be a wher fighter himself, that was more his brother’s sort of thing, but it would be good intel to see who showed up, which Peacekeepers were aware and let this slide, as well as who didn’t show up from the old gang. There was plenty for him to gain by attending, even if only as a spectator, so he passed the word along to those he knew could still be trusted and waited for the event.

He arrived shortly after the first fights had already begun, having checked the perimeter to see which Peacekeepers were on duty nearby first. Now he stood off to the side, clearly not involved in the evening entertainment, but close enough to show him as an interested party. Byrd was curled firmly against the back of his neck, his head perking up every so often at the sound of a particularly nasty scuffle from one of the fights, before trying to ignore it and get some sleep. Slade, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. Sal had him on patrol duty tonight, consistently checking all of the entry points to this area so he could alert Saleizo of any unwelcome visitors that might ruin this night.

His brother was already here, likely just as excited as the rest for his whers to get some “exercise”, as he called it. There were a few others he recognized, like family members to a certain person—whom he doubted would show considering the night’s events, some old members of the gang, and other contacts he’d come across in the past. He made no move to interject himself among any of them, though, as he was here to gather information, not socialize.

Offline Nealros

Re: Hush Hush [ 19.1.2591 / 11:25 PM ] || Event
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2019, 07:35:30 PM »
The tension of the moment hung between himself and Rossk like the frailest of threads, each fiber gradually fraying until the whole thing threatened to snap. The ringmaster had the official say when things started, but Nealros was sure he wasn’t going to argue if a wher got a little overeager.

Not them, though. They knew how this went.

Their opponent was intimidating in the sense that his size far exceeded Rossk’s, and likely his experience, too. Nealros knew, however, that what made his Brown special was not the amount of battles, nor the bulk of his body. It was his resistance to pain, his thoroughly stubborn and steadfast rock-headedness that kept him biting and ripping when other wher might’ve tucked tail and fled the arena. Meyelthra and her Meyesk had the number advantage, but Neal and Rossk had time on their side.

The terms were stated. They were a little vanilla for Nealros’s taste, but he wasn’t going to argue this moment away. It did, however, drastically reduce their chances of winning. At least he’d been smart enough not to bet, not this early into the game.

Rossk’s eyes spiralled toward red and no verbal command from Nealros was needed. With the flick of the swish, the Brown was pure muscled momentum as he charged to meet Meyesk halfway.

The Bronze’s intentions were obvious. Had Rossk been a more agile beast, he could have dodged and taken advantage of Meyesk’s speed to inflict damage on his unguarded back and sides, but such wasn’t the case. Rossk could only brace himself as the Bronze’s height allowed him access to Rossk’s own back, and head and neck. He wasn’t going to let it happen easily, though. As Meyesk loomed, the Brown turned his fat head up and let his gaping jaws rake along the Bronze’s flesh as he moved. If the other beast dropped his weight down, it’d certainly leave Rossk at an uncomfortable angle, but it’d also drive his teeth into the other’s hide.

Spoiler for Hidden:
oof. I think we discussed the outcome of this and it was either Meyesk wins or they draw? Idr, but I’m fine with either outcome. Let me know if anything needs changed <3 @SanctifiedSavage 


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