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Author Topic: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event  (Read 185 times)

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Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:46:34 AM »

The day was, to say the least, not ideal for the first longer voyage of the boat. It was grey, and the day had started slowly, with no one wishing to get up in such frosty weather. Those who made their way across the Weyr bowl, would hear the snapping of frozen blades under their feet. A delightful crunching paving the way of everyone's footsteps to see off the boat.

It was unlikely that everyone would turn out. Not with it being such an early start, and the day just feeling so dismal. But it would hardly be a low turnout, with most of the Weyr likely wanting to see at least a glimpse of the boat before it headed out, on what many would think, it's first "real" voyage.

It would only be a few days, that was all the fisher's had rationed for, just an exploration of the waters surrounding Fort Island. Mapping and scouting the places which hadn't been considered of high enough importance to do adragonback. Not that the fisher's were complaining of course. Most wouldn't have even know where to start, seeing the world from the sky instead of the ocean.

Phenust stood on the bow of Southern Hope, overseeing the fishers which scuttled across the desk, ensuring the last of the supplies were packed away before they set sail. Making sure that none of the apprentices sought to hide themselves away for the trip. The boat after all, was only suited for 5 fisher's, and those had been carefully selected for their expertise this first time. It wouldn't be anything spectacular in his opinion, but it would be something.

With one final look over the preparations, a smile on his face for the excitement of the day, he made his way off the ship, and towards the awaiting crowd.

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Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 03:27:44 AM »
It’s sharding chilly, grumbled B’lye to his Green after she’d dropped him off close to the shore. The scarred Green was winging her way back to their ledge, happy to watch from a distance, given that plenty of people were expected to show. Well, perhaps not as many as were initially expected, B’lye mused looking up at the sky while he used his crutches to get close to the boat.

Fishers were moving back and forth over deck, off into the shacks, and back again with more supplies or equipment. Just watching them move, with swiftness, excitement, and purpose, warmed B’lye a little even as the frost crunched underneath his foot. He stopped just short of the dock, and looked over the boat. He wouldn’t pretend to know what he was looking for, if he was looking for anything, but it was in the Wingseconds curious nature.

The boat wasn’t as big as those B’lye had seen before, but most of those he’d seen from dragonback, and he’d never been this close to it. It looked both bigger and smaller than he’d expected from seeing the frame all those months ago, and given he’d watched the crafting of it from his weyr on the opposite side of the Bowl. It didn’t seem as… tall, but it seemed more hulking? It was very difficult to describe for a man who’d spent over half his life beside a creature that was considered dainty even though she was over 8 stories long.

He didn’t doubt the Fisher’s skills, but he gave it a critical look anyway, years of dragonrider training, and even more so, Mountain Wing training, had given him the need to give everything just one more once over. Would it withstand a Beachsnake attack? The Sharpfish? A winter storm? Could a five man crew handle the currents outside the cove in a boat this size? Even if B’lye wouldn’t know any of the answers, and knew men who knew better had already gone over those same questions, they sat in his stomach nevertheless. Swallowing them, he wasn’t going to insult any of the Fishers by grilling them, B’lye turned to smile at Phenust as he approached the growing crowd.

He had been one of the riders to go over the maps with the Master Fishers and was immensely excited to see the data collected by the 5 man scouting and fishing crew. Although he was trained to analyse the data collected from dragonback, he’d be there when the crew got back to look over everything they’d collected, after the Fishers had had their fair share of it of course. The excitement of learning something new, how the fishers would map from the sea, had made him eager to be more involved with the craft over the last few months and certainly over the next few. There was something humbling and exciting about having a Master sit him down and talk with him like he was any apprentice.

As Phenust approached, B’lye stepped forward and offered his hand. “Almost ready?” the Wingsecond asked, not bothering to hide his excitement. A small Brown head peaked out from underneath his tunic, not keen on leaving the warmth for the open air just yet.
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Offline Vicymus

Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 12:19:08 PM »
As a general rule, it didn’t bother Vicky that he hadn’t been Tapped. He held no ill will or resentment toward the higher ranked Fishers, and indeed even understood—in a way—why they didn’t think him suited to being a Journeyman. Besides, the amount of responsibility it entailed, including helping to teach apprentices, sounded far too stifling for his opinion. All power to those who could—like his mother and Fisk—but Vicymus just didn’t see that in his future. Where another might have found that reason enough to reform their behavior and buckle down further on their studies, it suited him just fine.

But there were some disadvantages to it all, like in this instance:  no matter how curious and excited he was about the first voyage of the Southern Hope, Vicky knew he had no hope of being included on the crew. Not when there were other Fishers, far more dependable and experienced, that were eager to be part of the five-person trip. Nevertheless, beyond a fleeting sense of disappointment, it did nothing to extinguish his enthusiasm.

Rare enough that he showed up anything near on time, but early? Most days, that was nigh unheard of. But this was worth it, he thought, so he’d made sure to get up early enough to join those watching on the beach for the ship to slip away into the Cove and beyond.

The apprentices had been shooed away from the ship itself, but that didn’t stop Vicky from standing as near as possible. Hands clasped behind his back, he bounced on the balls of his feet as he watched the crew making final arrangements on the deck. Any thoughts of the dangers they might face—like storms, snakes, or sharpfish—were far from his mind. All he could think about was the sense of freedom he felt sure would accompany being on such a vessel.

Offline Halirina

Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2018, 12:21:43 PM »
Halirina was no stranger to early mornings. Not just because she was Senior Weyrwoman, but because it was normal for her to be awake for the sunrise. She’d always been a morning person, even if that morning didn’t make her particularly chipper. Halirina just preferred not to miss out on too much going on during the day. Since dragon riders woke early, so too did their Weyrwoman.

Kalestath lazily landed in the weyrbowl and allowed her rider, bundled in a leather and fur coat, to slide off of her. Not quite a rider’s jacket, since Halirina would never participate in Thread as they did nor fly her Gold as all Riders flew their dragons, it was still a functioning jacket. Just... maybe not as well worn. Aged, certainly. Just as Halirina was. She held it close but didn’t complain about the cold as she approached the beach. Pleased to see that there were some Bronze dragons milling about to ensure that, even though there was a chill in the air, no desperate beach snakes would be ruining the occasion. She’d have to thank whatever Wingleader or Wingsecond thought that was a good idea.

Kalestath remained back in the weyrbowl. Unimposing but still curious. She certainly wasn’t a swimmer and had no love for the ocean, but anything that the people of the weyr were excited about was something she wanted to know about as well. Couldn’t very well have a Gold nosing at the ship though, so she remained out of the way and relied on Halirina to get a closer look.

It was more than a courtesy that Halirina arrived. She wanted to support the Fisher Craft Hall that, in turn, fed most of the weyr. Of the Halls that she would say pulled their own weight in the weyr, the fishers were certainly one of them. Rarely causing her trouble, unless it was to call for volunteers for work, they seemed largely interested in simply furthering their Hall – without bothering Halirina. She idly cast her attention about for her attendants, wondering if they’d be up and about at this time too, before she committed herself to being social. And smiling at the crafters present.

She really was happy for them. For their accomplishments. Now, if they could actually, successfully stay away from the island without needing the Riders to save them, she really would be happy.

Halirina offered a small smile of acknowledgement to B’lye, Mountain’s Wingsecond, who she readily recognized. Those in rank she generally did – even if he did ride a Green. An odd choice for W’sar, but Halirina didn’t dictate who was selected for such positions. “The ship is more impressive completed,” Halirina added to the Wingsecond’s question, idly looking over the aforementioned ship.

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Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2018, 02:09:10 AM »
Fisk was excited to see the ship off. The hall had been working their arses off attempting to get the boat finished by the scheduled date. Not that they had anything in particular that they needed finish it for, it was mostly just pure craft pride, but it had all worked out in the end.

As one of the Senior shallows specialists, he'd also been considered as one of the potential fishers to go out on the voyage, but with Isk and Yinsk still under a turn old, and Isk having already very clearly revealed his distaste for the deeper waters, Fisk had informed the masters of his wish to stay on land. Technically they didn't have to listen to his request, but they had, and now he was able to watch the incredible voyage from the beach.

Isk on Fisk's left, was sat strictly in the correct position, rivalling Yinsk's flopped posture nearish to his right, with tail dragging from side to side in the sand, making little ripples which engaged him far more than the large boat ahead of them.

With waking up next to Yinaya this morning, and watching this boat get ready for its first trip, Fisk was incredibly... happy. Some of the apprentices, who had been pushed back from the ship, would've likely been surprised by the genuinely happy smile with which he greeted the Weyrwoman, and whomever else glanced positively in his direction. Their gruff journeymen being positively mellowed by his new creatures, mate and successful craft events.

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Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2018, 05:48:36 PM »
It wasn't her the Senior Weyrwoman was looking out for, exactly, but it wouldn't be unlikely that when casting an eye out for her staff she might notice the presence of her oldest junior. Vanelwynne wasn't as much of a natural morning person, but Oriath was a sunrise-loving dragon, and made sure she didn't miss out on anything important. Like showing her support to such an endeavor by the crafthall that kept their Weyr as thriving as possible.

She could give some credit to the others, of course, but the fishers did a lot. And a girlish part of her liked watching sailors work. This sort of celebratory occasion also did a lot for her more mercurial moods, and Oriath had been as curious as Kalestath.

"Ma'am," Wynne fell into actually standing next to her Weyrwoman with a deferent smile, not unrealistically expecting one back — and a welcoming one for B'lye, from whom she did expect one back — "Wingsecond. It is a sight, isn't it. I hope this weather ..." She trailed off, not wanting to taint the moment with pessimism.

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Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2018, 06:26:43 PM »
Mauddra slipped silently through the slowly building crowd. Dragonrider attendance wasn't as high as it could have been, but that was to be expected, this wasn't their boat after all, and the invitation hadn't been extended through any official correspondence.

Regardless, those whom she saw spattered throughout the waiting crowd were all interested in the goings on of the crafthalls in one way or another. Through their pasts perhaps, or through loved ones, perhaps simply through a new found love of being connected to the other aspects of Pernese life. Whilst her heart had always lain with the Weyr, Mauddra could understand the appeal.

A shape in the sky brought her gaze up to the Weyrbowl, and Kalestath's incredible figure lazily landing to deposit Halirina for the event. The sight of Queen and Weyrwoman always made Mauddra's guts tighten, sure, the other Golds had their beauty, and in different ways from the aesthetic of Pern's Weyrwoman, but there was something different about Kalestath. Something... which spoke of the horrors, the trials and tribulations of the Pass, all tied up with the success and prospering of their island. The awe of Pern's golden queen had never faded for Mauddra, even if her appreciation for Halirina had changed over the turns. Not lessened, no, not by any means, but changed. She was human, just like the rest of them, an extraordinary one to be sure, but human.

Weaving her way through the crowd, and pulling her jacket tighter against her frame to ward off a particularly frigid gust, Mauddra kept one eye on Halirina, and the other on the boat. She'd compare notes with Quitrix later, after all, crafter relations were the younger woman's expertise. Five fishers it seemed, unless Phenust was intending on travelling with them, then that would be six. No apprentices, no they'd been shooed away from the set up not long after she'd arrived. The supply list had been reasonable, and it seemed that the right amount of sacks and crates had been packed away.

Fingering the stylus behind her ear, she resisted the urge to take more notes than necessary. A tally of fishers and supplies had already slipped their way into her wherhide journal, she didn't need to be using up any more of the precious space contained within.

By the time she made her way over to Halirina, the Weyrwoman was occupied, and so Mauddra thought it best to not approach. She prided herself on always being present when needed, and discreet when not, so she simply caught the Weyrwoman's eye, nodded, and waited to see whether or not her presence was required.

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Re: Hope in the Sails [6.2.2591 // 5am] Event
« Reply #7 on: Today at 07:58:22 PM »
B'ron scowled as Leremith deposited him at the edge of the Weyrbowl. He had not intended on attending this event so early in the morning. Not because he particularly disliked the early hours, but because he knew that it was likely to be loud and exuberant. With apprentices running about and getting in the way... Laughing... Cheering... All the worst ways to begin his day.

It had been Leremith's pointed remark that had forced him to attend. The simple, 'It looks like Kalestath is taking the Weyrwoman to see the boat off,' had so eloquently portrayed the bronze's own opinion on the matter. Whilst he knew B'ron disliked other people, that didn't mean Leremith had to, and in fact, he thought that this ship was quite an interesting development. It wouldn't hold his attention for very long, but it was enough for the mean time. The typical dragon memory was very much evident in Leremith.

At B'ron's darkening mood, Leremith had added; 'It'd likely be expected.' The expletives aimed in the direction of his weyr ledge had the bronze chuckling, and moving towards the edge, knowing that B'ron would be emerging in not too short a time. And the banging of chests and drawers was all Leremith needed to confirm.

Ruddy interfering dragon.

But think about how nice it would be to see all the fisher's hard work come to fruition. B'ron simply scowled.

His mood didn't change at the cold temperature and the wind which stung them all to the bone. Couldn't they have picked a better day to ship off?

I doubt that mattered much to them. And B'ron felt his head fill with the typical draconic rumble of laughter, and Leremith kicked up dirt behind him, heading back to their weyr.

Spotting Halirina, Vanelwynne and B'lye was not a difficult task. The knot of ranked dragonriders seemed to hold themselves differently from everyone else there, and that wasn't because one of them was missing a leg. They just seemed... confident, even standing on a beach where they didn't belong. This was their island, regardless of who else had decided to come with them. Approaching them, he joined, knowing that this conversation would likely be painful.

"Weyrwoman, weyrwoman, wingsecond." He greeted them all with a stiff nod.
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