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Author Topic: Private Hard to sleep after a day like today [ 27.6.2587 / 10PM ] Wallumlleni  (Read 311 times)

Offline Sethunya

All the rushed classes up until the day of the clutching hadn’t really prepared Sethunya for being on the Hatching Sands with the eggs. It was one thing to walk amongst them, to idly touch the eggs while they were still, and the day was calm.

Quite another while the dragons hummed and people watched expectantly from the newly carved out stands. Sethunya wouldn’t say that there was added pressure, but there was certainly an added sense of anxiety and… well. Fine. There was certainly pressure. Too many eyes, too many people. Even dragons crowding around the outside, peering in to watch the little dragonets break free and pick the one person out of the entire line up they wanted to be bonded to.

Of everyone selected, Sethunya had been left to walk off the sands alone. Not only her, of course. There was an entire class of Candidates that didn’t impress. There would, hopefully, always be more people than eggs. But that meant a whole batch of people far more disappointed than joyous.

It also meant she was too keyed up with disappointment to actually sleep. She should, she knew. While Sethunya was usually one for rules and fully understood the bedtime rule, she just… couldn’t. Being on the sands, so close to the small dragonets…. And being left wanting made her chest ache in a way it never had before.

So, she was sitting in the classroom. It was empty, of course. Lit by the single glow basket she’d snatched on her way in. O’sir would probably be upset with her if he found her, but she hoped – given the circumstances of the day – that he’d understand and cut her some slack. Or just assign extra chores tomorrow. Whatever the case may be.

Sethunya was still in her Candidate robe, sitting cross legged on one of the tables. Not really staring at anything in particular but just… lost in thought. She wasn’t really used to this odd feeling of rejection. Having worked in the Smith Hall previously, she’d certainly knew what it felt like to be told to redo something, or rework on a piece. But to be flatly denied in such a profound way was… well. Runner shit.

Spoiler for OOC:
@RaynePOTM Me hopes this'll do. 8D
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Offline W'lleni

Re: Hard to sleep after a day like today [ 27.6.2587 / 10PM ] Wallumlleni
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2018, 02:55:58 AM »
The sands were always hot, always, yet it seemed the heat filled the air and invaded the lungs on hatching day. Perhaps it was just coincidence that Wallumlleni felt excitement and embarrassment as heat in his cheeks and ears, and that he would have felt hot at a concert for the harper hall or an exam for the healers. Or perhaps, with the hundreds of dragons, audience and candidates, the air really did heat up and become heavy. Perhaps all the other candidates felt it too.

But he could hardly ask whilst standing. There were too many people watching, too much noise rushing in his ears as the dragons hatched, and all chose others. It had been drilled into them over and over again, O’sir always making sure the candidates knew that there would be many dragons they’d miss out on before they found theirs. But, it was different to hear it in a classroom and believe in likelihoods, than to watch hatchlings meet your eyes and then pass over you… unworthy.

Feeling empty in his stomach, and his smile painful as he tried to keep it up for those he considered friends, and for his family in the stands, Wallumlleni moved back towards the candidate barracks much slower than normal. He was always chipper, that was who he was. You can’t let the darkness weigh you down or you’ll drag all those connected to you under as well, that’s how he saw it. But there was something ringing in his ears that felt a lot like disappointment.

It stung his eyes for a brief moment and he paused before moving into his room to shake his head and try to cool down, blinking rapidly and rubbing his eyes with his hands. Yanking his hands away from his face, obviously he didn’t want anyone to think he was really crying, he anxiously flapped at the sleeves of his robe to cool off. The water that had built up in the corners of his eyes, which Wallumlleni was pretending wasn’t there, caught the light of a glow as it moved around a corner away from the candidate rooms.

Ears still buzzing and needing distraction from the emotions of disappointment and unworthiness, he followed the light as it wound its way through the dark caverns. Just as the lantern moved into the classroom, Woolly’s elbow crashed into the wall painfully. Of course, stone walls don’t make much sound when you bash into them, and Woolly tends to make faces instead of sounds, but there was a low hiss of pain as the young candidate grabbed his elbow and bounced around for a bit.

Fucking, sharding, runnershit day from the Jungle, thought Wallumlleni to no one in particular as he clutched his elbow to him.

It took a little while for the candidate to compose himself, annoyance chasing away lingering tears but not the hollow feeling in his tummy. Stomping in after the light, Wallumlleni didn’t stop to think about the fact that it was past bedtime and there would be trouble if he was found out late, he just wanted something to go right today, even if it was just him following some other disappointed candidate to a crying session.

Woolly only got half a pace into the room before he recognised the slouched figure on the table. “Seth? Oh thank Faranth, coulda been awkward if I walked in on some stranger having a cry,” he said with genuine relief. He moved quickly to pull over another table as quietly as possible, before lying across them with his head near his friend’s crossed legs.

“Did any get close to you? A blue got this far from me,” he added as he used his fingers to show the tiniest gap possible, “but it picked one of the older girls. Had brown hair and a little scar on her eyebrow? From a nasty flit or something? Can’t remember her name. Probs changed now though, so I guess it’s not a big deal.” In the presence of a friend, he felt much safer talking about it, probably a little too safe and it all came spilling out in a rush. 

Hopefully Seth wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.

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Offline Sethunya

Re: Hard to sleep after a day like today [ 27.6.2587 / 10PM ] Wallumlleni
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2018, 04:56:28 PM »
Sethunya didn’t have many friends. Most would say it was because she could be abrasive or that she was a tad too honest for her own good. Sethunya would say because she couldn’t tolerate the inane ramblings of other people. Wallumlleni was... odd. For whatever reason, the Candidate who wandered into the barely lit classroom and seemed relieved to see her wasn’t put off by the occasional scowl she shot his direction or her inability to process some basic jokes.

He might’ve been relieved to see her but Sethunya was reluctant to admit the same. It wasn’t that she wanted to be alone, per say. Quite the opposite, she found. Being alone was a stark and unpleasant reminder that she didn’t have a dragon, that she’d not been picked, but neither did she know what to do or say to someone else that was likewise in the same situation she was in. Having grown up without a mother, Sethunya was inclined to believe that she just didn’t know how to handle some sensitive situations. Not that her father wasn’t the understanding sort. It’s just... some things they simply processed in the quiet of their own time.

When Wallumlleni pulled a table closer to hers, she winced some at the sound of it grating across the floor. Not quiet at all, but it actually made her smile. Just a little, and not for very long. Right up until he laid across the table and pillowed his head on her lap. Invading her space as casual as you please.

It was actually nice.

His rambling quickly killed the oppressive silence and she found the small smile returning while she looked down at him. It wasn’t important words, not really, but Sethunya found the sound chased away the awful loneliness that had nestled in her stomach and had threatened to claw it’s way out her throat in the form of quiet tears. She shook her head a little. “None of them got close to me. Not really. No one near me Impressed.” Was that more depressing?

With nothing better to do with her hands, she idly combed through his hair. It was soothing, gave her something to focus on besides the sound of his voice. Maybe this was why people had friends?
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As of 1.6.2591 Tyrriath is 16 months old - 31.3M long, 6.5M tall.


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