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Author Topic: Private Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca  (Read 1493 times)

Offline Jossekayne

Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:28:30 PM »
It was hard to believe that all of this was real—that they were celebrating the coming of the next turn in a new Weyr surrounded by greenery and life. Sure, it was the depth of winter, dry and foggy, but there were trees on the island. Grass in the Weyr Bowl. And the water and the jungle might be full of monsters, but there was game there too. A potential for the survivors of the Pass to rebuild and grow again.

After everything that had happened, they deserved this:  a chance to relax and forget about all the grief and pain for a while. They might not have enough food for a real feast, nor enough alcohol to have an absolutely wild party, but the fact that there was some made everything seem more…

Well. Not normal, exactly. The Pass had been “normal” for as long as most still living could remember. So better than normal, even for the dangers they still had to face and the uncertainty of the future.

Jo’s entire body felt warm. With a belly full of food and just finishing her third—fourth?—drink, a deep contentment had settled in her bones. But more than that, she found herself surrounded by likewise happy and laughing faces, and their good mood only further buoyed her own. Even her father had come to join her and her brothers for a while, slipping out of the kitchens between shifts of cooking so that he could share a meal and good cheer with them. When he’d had to return to work, Jossekayne had kissed him soundly on the cheek before releasing him.

The Pass had been hard on him. It was good to see him smile.

Finding her cup empty again, she rose and then laughed when she had to catch her balance on a seated wingmate’s shoulder. Heartily amused and lazy where she was sprawled out in their new weyr, Lyrisiveth purred, I think you’re a bit drunk, my love.

//You can hardly blame me for celebrating.// Once she’d steadied herself again, she slid over to where the wine was being served for another helping. As she waited in line, Jossekayne found her attention wandering over the crowd, those at the tables nearest.

This time, Lyrisiveth’s laugh was wicked. Do you see something you like?

Yes. Yes, she did. A woman nearby had, all narrow bodied with wavy blonde hair and brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Jo didn’t recognize her, but that didn’t mean much when the Weyr and Hold had been tossed together so recently. But though she didn’t know her, she wanted to. So when she finally reached the head of the line, she held up two fingers to the weyrfolk in charge of pouring the alcohol. “One for me and one for a friend, please.”

Hopefully by the end of the night, that wouldn’t be a complete twisting of the truth. It would be good to start her life at Southern Winds by making new friends.

Once she was holding both glasses, Jossekayne wove her way through the press of people and stepped up close to the unoccupied seat on the woman’s left side. Smiling easily, she offered the second drink. “Mind if I join you?”

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Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2018, 07:59:11 PM »
Getting settled into the new weyr had been a chore for Quenneca. It wasn’t that she’d wanted to be choosy about her new accommodations, but being a former Healer and current herb grower, she’d wanted a place with a lot of light and somewhere her wher could get to. Thankfully, because she had a wher it meant she could pretend to need the ground floor just because of Quensk and no one had been overly put out when she’d picked one with a large opening and lots of light. If it was breezy, Queeneca didn’t really mind.

She had a wher and two flits to keep her warm otherwise.

Her two tiny dragons were currents curled up on her furs, skipping out on the festivities. They weren’t really social creatures, having spent a lot of time during their stay at Fort keeping people away. Quensk was likewise snoring on her floor, ensuring that all would be well when she invariably stumbled her way back to her bedfurs.


Quenneca herself had a lot of catching up to do with former clients and old acquaintances. Someone in her line of work didn’t really have a lot of friends, but rather people she knew who she’d come into contact with frequently. They were friendly, but never close. They didn’t know of her family, of her son, of her situation. They’d just known her as someone to go to for a fix, or if they needed a night a way from trouble. She was help, and comfort, but never a close friend.

While that meant she knew people, and she made rounds like someone extremely social, Quenneca didn’t linger long anywhere. It was between such rounds that someone actually approached her – a strange, but friendly face, that asked if they could join her. Quenneca smiled, took the offered drink, and nodded to the space next to her. “By all means. Forgive my memory if we’ve met before but… You’re not jogging anything for me.”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2018, 08:46:51 PM »
When the woman took the drink and gestured to the empty seat, Jossekayne took it with a smile. “Nah, nothing to apologize for. We’ve never met before. I’m sure I would have remembered that.” Her smile turned a little sly then, playful and teasing. Maybe she would have been a little less mischievous if she weren’t tipsy, but this was Turn’s End. If she couldn’t have a little fun, even if it turned into nothing more than idle flirtation, what was the point?

Surviving another turn, maybe? Mellowed even further by her rider’s mood, Lyrisiveth was feeling playful too. She wouldn’t presume over-familiarity in speaking to another, but there was no reason she couldn’t needle Jo a little bit during the night’s proceedings. ’M sure not everyone’s here for that sorta thing.

//Oh hush.//

After pausing to sip her wine, Jossekayne held out her hand to shake then. “It’s nice to meet you, anyway. I’m Jossekayne, but you can just call me Jo. Are you having a good Turn’s End?”

It was an easy enough entry into a conversation, which she was very much interested in having with this woman. There seemed more to her than what might be indicated by her outward appearance—if for no other reason than the light of that dazzling smile. It transformed her face sunnily, lighting her eyes and quirking her lips attractively.

I think you’re getting distracted, darlin’.

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2018, 08:56:42 PM »
Quenneca sipped her drink and eyed the other woman. She had no idea what sort of person she was, but she’d been in contact with all sorts since the weyr had become home for everyone left on Pern. Riders, crafters, holders…

“Jossekayne, hm? Lovely name. But if you prefer Jo, that’s fine too. My name is Quenneca.” She took another sip while shaking her hand. “Weyrfolk then? Since I got to meet just about everyone about the Hold.” Then, to answer her question, Quenneca added with a smile, “Oh, yes. Very much so. I think it’s actually nicer to celebrate here with everyone than any of the times back at the Hold. Maybe it’s the fresh island air or… High spirits all around? New start? Whatever it is, it’s really nice.”

Another drink put her glass half empty but who was keeping track? Quenneca had already gone through her own fair share of alcohol. “It’s a lovely place we have here. I still can’t get over that there’s grass to walk in… though you’re probably used to being able to take walks around the weyrbowl whenever you want, hm?”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2018, 09:11:00 PM »
“Nice to meet you, Quenneca.” The words came out nearly as a purr, especially given the compliment to her own name. It might have been simple politeness, but she’d take it anyway. Hearing so was surprisingly nice.

Resting her chin on one hand, elbow propped on the table, Jo watched Quenneca as she spoke. “Yeah, I’m Weyrfolk—born and raised. Makes sense that we haven’t met, if you were at the Hold.” Which begged the question of what sort this woman was—Holder, Crafter… Since she wasn’t wearing anything formally associated with any Hall, it was difficult to say. But most Craftsmen present weren’t either, instead opting for nice clothing that wasn’t necessarily based on rank.

“There’s definitely something different about being here. It was kinda just another night before.” Of course, there had been some celebrations at the Weyr, but they were quiet things conducted mutedly in the Weyr Hall by those who were awake either at the beginning or end of their shifts. Here, the energy had an eager, almost desperate zest for life that was infectious.

Jossekayne chuckled a bit at the comment about the grass and the Bowl. “I’ve never seen so much green in my life. Even at Fort, there wasn’t much by way of grass in the Bowl. It was hard to maintain, I guess. And it was usually best for people not to go wandering outside as much as possible, just in case.”

They’d been dark days, and she took another drink to banish that specter. “It’s so lush here. Maybe the Farmers will plant some trees too.”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2018, 09:27:04 PM »
Quenneca wasn’t like a lot of the people that had moved from the Hold – or the majority. She didn’t hold any animosity toward the weyrfolk. They were all one and the same as far as she was concerned. When the other woman confirmed she was weyrfolk, Quenneca maintained her smile that easily reached her eyes. “What do you do around here?”

At the mention of all the greenery, Quenneca lifted her cup and gestured toward the exit of the weyrhall. “No reason we can’t go out and enjoy the greenery now, hm? No thread, no winter… Or at least not one that’s going to make us freeze. I think I’ve made enough rounds as is, anyways. If you’d want to go for a walk around the weyrbowl with me, anyways.” She added, already standing. So much talk of the greenery had put her in the mood to get out, away from the press of the people. Maybe not for the rest of the night, but at least for the moment. Her new friend seemed the perfect company too.

“I’m still getting used to just being able to go out and look up, ya know? It’s hard to adjust to that much… Even after that long.”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2018, 09:44:30 PM »
“Oh, I’m a dragon rider.” The people of the Hold still had a lot of adjusting to do in living at a Weyr—just as the Weyrfolk had the same adjustments to make now that such a different way of life was coexisting in their mix. Jossekayne sincerely hoped that Quenneca wasn’t the sort that had weird, negative misconceptions about dragon riders. Wouldn’t that be disappointing? She’d do her best to make the woman see them differently if that were the case, but it’d be a bit of a hurdle to cross right away.

At the next suggestion, Jo grinned some and tipped back the rest of her drink, leaving the empty cup on the tabletop. “That sounds great.” This time she stood up more steadily, stepping over the bench without even tripping on it—which was good, since she didn’t really want to make a fool of herself.

“I know what you mean. I keep expecting to wake up and have to go for a Thread shift, even though it’s been… well, a turn, I guess.” That was a surprising thing to realize, and she shook her head a bit with a faint smile. “A long-learned habit to break.”

As the two of them made their way through the crowd of celebrators toward the exit, Jossekayne glanced her way again. “What about you? What’s your job?” Just asking if she was a Holder or a Crafter wouldn’t really illuminate much:  after all, Crafters each had specialties in their Halls, and both Holdfolk and Weyrfolk could come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations.

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2018, 09:52:03 PM »
A dragonrider? Well. Quenneca would have to admit ignorance, largely, when it came to the people she now shared a home with. In much of her life, she’d largely tended to Crafters, Holders – specifically gang members. But that didn’t seem the sort of information she should be sharing so she simply smiled as they walked through the crowd and into the hallway that would lead to the weyrbowl.

Though Thread had stopped falling – now a turn ago – Jo was exactly right. Quenneca couldn’t count the number of times she woke up expecting to see the sky overhead full of dragonfire and ash. It was refreshing to see the sky. Actually, it was quite beautiful and Quenneca hoped that she’d never take such a sight for granted.  After they were out in the weyrbowl, she took a deep breath. Buying herself a moment to figure out how to answer that.

Former healer sounded bad. Holder was vague. Drug dealer was certainly a no go.  With a small shrug, Quenneca gestured in the direction of the weyrbowl where space had been set aside to grow plants. “I consider myself something of a farmer, and self taught herbalist.” It still sounded stupid once she said it and she couldn’t help but laugh a little at herself. Quenneca wasn’t about to dump her life story on the rider though. “Been helping with the farm land.”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2018, 10:01:48 PM »
Jo hadn’t realized just how warm it was inside the Weyr Hall until they stepped out into the dark. Fort Island would never get anywhere near as cold as the old Weyr, but it was still significantly cooler—especially with a bit of a breeze sweeping through the Bowl, sucked down into the crater of the dead volcano as it swept over the upper edges. Filaments of grey and white cloud filtered lazily across the sky, swirling over the stars and the moons but not completely obscuring the cosmos. As Quenneca took a quiet moment, Jossekayne was content to look up at the sky and appreciate the sight of it clear of Thread.

Dimly, she could feel Lyrisiveth peeking through her vision to appreciate it too, though she didn’t move from her comfortable position inside their weyr. It’s a beautiful night, the Green crooned, and Jo couldn’t help but agree.

A suitable night for the start of a new turn.

“Farmer and herbalist? That’s a respectable thing.” Jossekayne ran her fingers through her hair, absently twisting the wavy strands of it. “The closest I ever got to working with plants was in the kitchens before I got Searched. I’m not sure I’d be very good at it. What’s your favorite thing to grow?”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #9 on: February 15, 2018, 01:18:42 AM »
Quenneca couldn’t help but lose herself in thought as she peered up at that blissfully empty sky. Or rather, the beautiful, threadfree, but full of so much to see, sky. She’d never realized looking up could be so lovely until Thread had stopped falling. Until then, only the rain had brought them peace.

She glanced at her evening companion and smiled a little. Moments like this, meeting someone new, made her fervently wish she’d never been forced out of the Healer’s Hall.  It wasn’t that Quenneca would admit that she’d do things differently... she just wished that things had turned out different. Her life was often so wrought with complications and things not to be admitted to that even casual questions turned into half lies. Like now.

She turned her attention back to the sky. What did she like growing the most? “Flowers, honestly. I’ve usually no occasion to grow such a thing, because it has no use, but they’re pretty. Some herbs, fruits, and vegetables have some nice flowers but... I like the idea of growing something because I want to tend to it, because it is pretty, because it smells good. Not because it’s necessary for survival. That seems to be all that anyone is doing, ever.” Quenneca laughed a little and shrugged a shoulder. “Perhaps it is the rebellious streak in me. Growing something pointless for the sake of doing so, because I want to be able to do so without feeling guilty. I tend the crops and the herbs because I know they’re necessary. I enjoy taking care of plants because I admire their delicate lives, but... I think flowers are my favorite.” Deciding that was enough of something so heavy, Quenneca glanced at the Rider. “What about you? What is your favorite about being a dragon rider? And you can’t say your dragon.”

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #10 on: February 16, 2018, 10:01:49 PM »
Jo listened attentively as Quenneca answered. She hadn’t had any preconceived notions about what that reply might actually entail, and she was genuinely interested in knowing. Growing things was so wildly different than everything she’d ever done in her life; sometimes, the sheer variety of jobs people did around the Weyr amazed her. Beyond working in the kitchens like her father, being a dragon rider was all she knew. During her life, she had moved seamlessly from cook to Candidate, and then from weyrling to fully fledged rider. Jossekayne had never entertained a different path for herself beyond those things.

Getting to know someone so different was exciting. Even if it wasn’t something “traditionally” thrilling or dangerous.

“That’s a good answer,” she said at last when Quenneca had finished, and glanced up at the sky too. The stars and moons were bright hanging in their black tapestry, and the clarity of the air was something she’d still have to get used to. After so long stuck in a Pass, the open horizon instinctively made her tense. Shaking the feeling, Jo looked back to the woman at her side. “I think that’s the type of thing all of this was for.”

She chuckled some then. “My favorite thing about being a rider? Probably… being part of something bigger than myself. I don’t mean that to sound pretentious.” Jossekayne smiled at Quenneca a bit quietly. “I just mean that doing what we do… fighting Thread, trying to protect everything on the ground… I like being part of that. Knowing that I’m doing something that actually makes the world a better place.” Her quiet smile turned into more of an earnest grin then. “Like making it so that someone like you can still grow flowers just because they want to.”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #11 on: February 17, 2018, 09:40:04 AM »
At the initial response to Quenneca’s answer, she decided she liked her new friend. Even if the dragon rider didn’t really mean it, that didn’t matter. It was a nice night and Jo was being sweet. With a grin, Quenneca hooked her arm through Jossekayne’s and began a slow walk around the weyr bowl with the other woman. It was a nice night, she was having a good time, and the company was just as good.

“It doesn’t sound overly pretentious,” Quenneca eventually teased, shooting Jo a grin as they walked together. “Not really. I think all Riders have to have some sense of grandeur and the desire to be apart of something more. Otherwise, I’m not sure the lot of you would work well together, hm?”

The pleasant burn of the drink made the evening all the sweeter. Not so much that Quenneca was drunk – but the tingle of a nice drink. “I can understand wanting to be a part of something more, of wanting to help. I’d... My family has a long standing tradition of being a part of the Healer Hall. I suppose I was just the odd one out.” It was the closest Quenneca could say without outright admitting that she’d been thrown out. Not many crafters were kicked out of the Hall – at least not many that she knew of – and it was still a sore spot in her history. Ringing with embarrassment and shame, Quenneca let that memory fade. Instead, she tried to turn the conversation to something more pleasant once more. “Don’t let me keep you all evening. If you’ve more entertaining prospects than me for the night...” 

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #12 on: June 15, 2018, 06:57:25 PM »
Quenneca’s grin was as warm as it was teasing, and Jo laughed easily at the accusation of having a sense of grandeur. “I suppose we deserve that label,” she mused, tugging the other woman closer by their linked arms. Not overly familiarly so, but companionably near. “Some riders more than others. I try to remember that not everything is so serious, though. And that being a rider isn’t all there is, nor the only important thing.”

She listened attentively as her new friend continued talking; and though she was curious about why Quenneca had elected not to join her family as a Healer, something told Jossekayne not to pry. Her companion had gotten quieter following the reflection, and ruining the evening’s good mood didn’t seem like an ideal way to continue the evening.

So she seized on the change of topic instead. “You’re not keeping me.” Another smile quirked upward at the corner of her mouth. “I’m quite enjoying your company.”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #13 on: June 16, 2018, 09:22:57 AM »
Quenneca could appreciate anyone that didn’t take themselves too serious. Jo seemed such a person, at least in part by the way she behaved and by self-admission. She’d have suggested a lot of riders in the weyr try a dose or two of some shrooms if it wouldn’t make their dragons freak out, if only to get them to relax some.

Whatever it was about the connection between Rider and dragon couldn’t seem to handle the high. Was that a shame? Or was that an indication that there was something a bit wrong in becoming so detached from reality? Quenneca smiled a little as her thoughts drifted.

She glanced at Jo when she was assured there wasn’t anywhere else the Rider wanted to be. “I think that’s telling that you need better friends,” she teased, nudging Jo playfully in kind. “Though in all seriousness, I appreciate the walk, and the company as well. Reminding me that you lot can be fine to be around.” Then, Quenneca tugged Jo to the ground so they could sprawl in the cool grass. Or rather, that’s precisely what Quenneca did. Looking up at the brilliant sky overhead.

Wasn’t too terribly long ago they couldn’t have done so without ashes and flame filling the sky. Now? Now it was just beautiful.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #14 on: June 29, 2018, 10:04:23 PM »
At the jab about her friends, Jo just laughed. She knew Quenneca didn’t mean anything serious by it, and it was all in good-natured fun anyway. “Well, I was hoping you might end up being one.” She’d been interested initially for other reasons, of course, but that didn’t mean she had any issue with things turning out strictly platonically either. Now that the Pass was over, it seemed even more obvious to Jossekayne that getting to know other people was a good use of her time.

She’d never been one to close herself off for fear of getting hurt. If she got close to someone and then lost them, for whatever reason, she would still always maintain that her life was the richer for having had them, even for a little while.

Being pulled down into the grass drew another laugh, and she quite happily sprawled next to Quenneca. Much as her dragon was on the cool stone ledge of their weyr, absently watching them from above.

“I love seeing the sky so clear.” But it wasn’t just the sky that had drawn her attention either—since Jo’s eyes didn’t leave the other woman’s face even as she said it.

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2018, 09:16:48 AM »
Quenneca peered up at the glittering sky and the clouds that sporadically cut off her sight of the stars. “I never thought I’d see such a view. During the Pass… when all that was happening, I used to think ‘I know what stars are’. But now? On a clear night? Or even a night like this? Looking back, I had no idea.” Quenneca lifted her arms a little to gesture to the sky above. “This is a proper way to see the stars. To really appreciate the sky.”

Maybe she was a little drink. A little lost in her own words and thoughts, but it was a great feeling. Letting go. Appreciating the world without a care in the moment. Living without fear that a stray strand of Thread might fall through the dragons and kill everyone and everything.

Letting go was nice. “No one thought the Pass was going to end, when it didn’t end like it was supposed to, but I always hoped.” Quenneca said it so matter-of-factly before she rolled on her side and smiled at Jo. “Did you? Ever think it would end? Think we would be here?” For as heavy as the topic might be, Quenneca was relaxed and smiling just a little. The past, and all the terrors with it, didn’t bother her anymore. Certainly not when she’d had a fair bit to drink.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #16 on: July 06, 2018, 09:46:41 PM »
“It’s a whole lot different seeing them this way.” Jo agreed with what Quenneca had said, and tore her attention away from the other woman long enough to stare up at the sky too. It really was a gorgeous thing, with both Belior and Timor hanging low in it, surrounded by a swathe of stars that glittered like grains of white sand against velvet. Jossekayne didn’t catch herself cringing when she looked up at it all now, able to enjoy the sight of it and even get lost in the milky sweep of stars that passed like a belt across part of the night sky.

When Quenneca rolled onto her side to face her, she returned her smile and shifted a bit closer. “I always hoped it would too,” she confided, voice soft and a little husky for the volume of it. “But I don’t think I ever really thought that it would.”

Sure, she’d done her best to remain optimistic. To think that maybe someday, Pern would be a better place once again—different than the place that had taken her mother from her, and so many friends. That she and her family would be able to be happy, even carefree… and this new Weyr was looking like it could be that place. Even for the new dangers that they’d discovered there, it was alive. That in and of itself was a reason to be hopeful about the future.

“I suppose now we get to figure out what an Interval is all about.” So many of the other riders she knew hadn’t thought they’d live to see this day. And Jo suspected that after so long of constant Thread, adjusting to a new way of life like this was going to take some doing.

But she, at least, was more than happy to try.

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #17 on: July 13, 2018, 03:02:12 PM »
Quenneca supposed that it would be really hard for a Rider to see an end of Thread. Especially when they lived and breathed it every day. Quenneca had always been so far removed from it. Beneath it every day, but she’d never seen it or fought it. Not like the Riders had. She’d certainly appreciated what they’d done and didn’t believe, as some did, that the Riders were the cause of the whole mess.

That just didn’t make sense to her.

Quenneca smiled at Jo at her answer, and that they’d get to figure out what the ‘Interval’ was. That really was the truth. Having no idea what an Interval was but ‘no Thread’ and now, a dead Pern, all they really had was eachother and the island. Quenneca hoped that the planet would eventually recover.

“What do you want the Interval to be, for you?” Quenneca had no idea what it would be, for her.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #18 on: July 20, 2018, 03:54:18 PM »
Quenneca’s next question was one that didn’t entirely take Jossekayne by surprise. Nearly everyone had been discussing what the future might hold since the end of the Pass, and she’d spent a fair amount of time thinking about it too. Dwelling on the past had never been her thing, nor was planning so much she forgot to live in the present—but a little bit of direction certainly didn’t hurt. And there were certainly things she’d wanted that she’d put aside to do her duty as a rider.

“I want to spend more time with my Dad and brothers,” she began thoughtfully, absently plucking at some of the grass. Feeling it between her fingers made the fact that it existed seem all the more real. “We tried during the Pass, but it wasn’t easy.” So many different schedules, including juggling different Wings’ shifts, made for a difficult time for it. More often than not, at least one of them was busy or sleeping at any given time, regardless of whether it was day or night.

Jo only considered a moment before adding—prompted by the looseness of the alcohol she’d consumed—“And I’d like to have children, some day. There never really… seemed like a good time, before.”

Summoning up a smile once more, she glanced back to the other woman. “What about you?”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #19 on: August 30, 2018, 11:22:50 AM »
To hear Jo talk about family brought a small smile to her face that didn’t quite reach her eyes. Such a thing was always hard for Quenneca to think about, even with the dulling help of alcohol. It didn’t matter how much time had passed, the loss of her father was a hollow ache in her chest.

Never mind her own baby boy had passed too. Which made Quenneca look away from Jo and up at the sky when the Rider brought up wanting to have a family. Ever since she’d lost her son, Quenneca had tried not to let such a thing happen again. That feeling of helplessness was not something she was sure she’d survive again. Babies were too fragile, too innocent, and she’d not have the heart in her to lose another.

She chewed on her lower lip while settling the fluttering in her stomach. The Pass had the nasty habit of taking things from people, whether from Thread, illness, or unfortunate accidents.

Rather than ruin the right mentioning any of that, Quenneca eventually looked back at the rider with the same, small, quiet smile. “I’m not really sure. Probably start up gardening, since that’s what I really like. Work with the farmers so I feel useful.” She shrugged a shoulder and let out a long, low breath. “Find ways to make life fun. I’m not sure what that’s like. I’ve heard it’s great.”

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Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #20 on: October 24, 2018, 07:11:49 PM »
Jo could definitely understand the sentiment of not knowing what to do with the Interval. Beyond the two relatively simple aims she’d already listed, it was entirely alien to consider that she would never have to fly Threadfall again. Of course, she knew that the Weyr would make sure its riders remained fit, ready, and disciplined. But she would lose no more friends or Wingmates to those silvery filaments. Things were such that she couldn’t imagine the lot of them getting a full retirement, but surely all this would mean they would have more time to relax, to breathe, to live.

“I think that sounds like a great idea,” she added with another easy smile. What could be a more worthwhile, relaxing pursuit than learning how to really have fun? Jossekayne herself was looking forward to taking advantage of that opportunity too. She and her brothers had always been the kind to enjoy the present for what it was, and find enjoyment wherever they could, but a far more relaxed atmosphere sounded… amazing.

Her smile did turn into a bit of a grin then. “And I think tonight seems like a good start for all of that, don’t you?”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #21 on: October 25, 2018, 02:49:28 AM »
it was actually going to be an effort for Quenneca to figure out how that worked. Relaxing. Having fun. Doing something because someone enjoyed it rather than it being a necessity. Figuring out how to start up a right, proper personal garden sounded like a lovely project though.

And a particularly challenging one, given where and how they lived. It as a far better challenge then some of the other things she might be doing with her time. It wasn’t as satisfying as working at the Healer Hall would be, but Quenneca had long ago dropped that particular aspiration. Since the gangs had more or less dissolved and there weren’t so many unfortunate accidents at the weyr, her services as an unquestioning healer hadn’t been needed.

It was both good and bad that she wasn’t.

So it was time to move on. Find a thing she liked doing that made her feel good. “Tonight being a good night because it’s Turn’s End?” Quenneca asked playfully. Clearly she’d already started somewhat because her head was fuzzy and the drink was well on its way to helping make poor decisions – if there were any poor decisions to make. Thankfully, she was safe and sound in the weyrbowl, on the grass.

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Offline Jossekayne

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #22 on: January 14, 2019, 11:38:59 AM »
“Well, yeah.” The other woman’s continued playfulness again prompted her own. “What better time to start over and try something new?” She knew some people liked to make resolutions for the new turn, when it seemed that the next ten months of time were stretched out before them all pristine and full of promise. Not that there had been much promise or hope to hold onto during the Pass, but she hoped that would change now.

And previously, Jo had always been more about the present. That wasn’t likely to change, but maybe a little bit of planning for the future wouldn’t go amiss. “So what d’you think?” she prompted then, thoughts swirling some from the alcohol that she’d consumed—but she held on tenaciously to the train of thought they were pursuing now. “What’s your craziest wish for the next turn?”

Offline Quenneca

Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #23 on: January 14, 2019, 05:46:32 PM »
Quenneca stretched out on her back, arms over her head, while she peered up at the brilliant, open sky. Wondering just what she would say. What was her craziest wish for the next turn? There wasn’t a lot to wish for. There were some regrets she had, but couldn’t do anything about, and things were as good as they seemed they were going to get.

She had her own room, of sorts. She’d start growing things once again and she’d started helping in the weyr bowl. It was hard work, but satisfying in its own way.

After a moment of contemplation, she shook her head. Thinking wasn’t all that easy in that moment. “I don’t really have a crazy wish. Maybe for a broad stroke thing. Fewer deaths. A peaceful turn. Things like that.” Quenneca really only had herself and her brother to look out for. Everything else was... well. She didn’t have any other family left alive to think about or hope for.

At that, Quenneca’s head rolled to regard the Rider. “You’ll have to come up with something crazy for me. I’m not good at this.”

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Re: Here’s to a New Life [ 37.10.2587; 11 PM ] || Quenneca
« Reply #24 on: January 31, 2019, 10:33:39 PM »
Jo simply watched Quenneca while the other woman thought, her own mind drifting a little on the bubbliness of the alcohol in her system, and the joy of good and easy company. When Quenneca answered, though, she did purse her lips in a playful scowl. “Psh. All good wishes, but nothing really crazy.” Surely most on Pern would hope for such things after the sheer destruction that the Pass had wrought.

“Let me think.” Making more of a show of it than she strictly needed to, she made sure there was a thoughtful expression on her face and tapped the side of her jaw thoughtfully as she shifted position onto her stomach and cupped her chin in one hand. Then, she grinned, eyes brightening, and offered with yet more playfulness, “Fall in love a little, maybe?”

She had no idea what history Quenneca might have, or if she was already in love with someone. But it was a joyful, happy thing, and the sort of matter that it was impossible to predict:  in her mind, a worthy ‘crazy’ hope for the future yet to come.


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