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Author Topic: The Dragon Flies... [ 15.2.2588 / 09PM ] X’hos  (Read 240 times)

Offline Meyelthra

The Dragon Flies... [ 15.2.2588 / 09PM ] X’hos
« on: February 15, 2018, 11:53:53 PM »
Meyelthra stretched out on her stomach, content that the ‘work’ she’d done for the day was done. Wher, dragon, and flit oiled, she’d volunteered with the fishers, X’hos was now back in their weyr... The day was winding down and it was turning out to be quite a nice evening. Cool but not too cold. Comfortable enough that she didn’t need to bother with clothes as X’hos straddles her hips and ran his hands over her back, idly massaging her.

He had such lovely hands – hands she’d become quite used to in their time together. He never had ended up chasing her away. Not yet and Meyelthra was quite certain he wouldn’t. Not now. Not that he was attached to her. If he ever did get feisty and think to throw her out, Meyelthra was pretty confident she could just tell him no and he’d accept that. That was how their lives worked, and she rather liked it. He was attentive, obedient, didn’t go anywhere else... It was the closest thing Meyelthra ever had to a relationship. Shards, even Snap liked the man. The Blue flit dozed at the end of the bedfurs, as content and relaxed as his bonded.

Meyesk had long fallen asleep after being oiled.

This was, for all intents, home. Meyelthra wouldn’t readily admit it aloud, but she’d become quite used to it. And happy. Though it wasn’t the action packed, chaotic life she’d had in Fort, there was certainly a draw to knowing she’d have a bed. A place to sleep. No one rifling through her things if she didn’t have Snap or Meyesk watch over them. Not having to pay for sex was nice too. While whores had been fun for a time, having X’hos do whatever she wanted was just as good. Only now he just... did what she wanted. Generally without prompting, though Meyelthra did mix it up. If only for good measure. For the thrill of ordering him around. Because she liked it. Because he complied.

Though the evening was only just becoming late, Meyelthra was beginning to drift off. Her muscles were lax and lazy from the hot springs earlier, where she’d had her fun with X’hos. With all her needs taken care of, she wasn’t really resisting the lure of sleep.

Length: 4.5M | Height: 1.7M Powerplay allowed by X'hos / SirAlahn

Offline X'hos

Re: The Dragon Flies... [ 15.2.2588 / 09PM ] X’hos
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 09:22:34 PM »
It hadn’t taken long for X’hos to settle into a routine with Meyelthra, but after nearly a turn in her company he’d well and truly become ingrained in it. She was not a woman most would ever have associated with stability or dependability, but he had found that at least in this, she was. Not that he would ever tell her that. No doubt that would prompt a spitefulness from her that would end… whatever this was. X’hos still wasn’t sure whether to call it a relationship or not, though privately he had started thinking of it as one, in a way.

Part of him had worried many times over the last months that one morning he’d wake up and she’d just be gone. They had never really talked about her past, but he’d gotten the impression she wasn’t one to stick in one place long, so to speak. But whatever she saw in him, it seemed enough to keep her around for now.

But it all meant there was a conversation he’d never had with her before—and that still needed to happen. That day, he’d felt the first itch of what would no doubt turn into proddiness from Damerinth, which meant he couldn’t put it off any longer. All he could do was be honest with Meyelthra and hope it wasn’t enough to drive her away. This wasn’t like during the Pass, when the threat of a messy death to Threadfall had more often than not kept Damerinth from the skies for anything but their shifts with fighting Wings. X’hos couldn’t, and wouldn’t, stop her from something she wanted, no matter that it concerned him what his… companion… might think.

Do you want me to talk to her about it? his Green asked from where she was lazily coiled on the floor. She wasn’t watching them directly, but he could feel her attention sharpen on him. As much as X’hos didn’t want to stifle her, Damerinth didn’t want to make things unduly complicated for him either.

//No.// X’hos couldn’t even imagine how angry Meyelthra would be if his dragon were the one to instigate the conversation rather than him. //I’ll take care of it.//

As you wish. And she settled into dozing again.

Continuing to massage Meyelthra’s back and upper shoulders, X’hos gently ventured an entrance to the dialogue. “There’s something we need to discuss.”

Damerinth | 20.8M Long | 3.89M Tall | 35.6M Wingspan
All powerplay allowed by Meyelthra // SanctifiedSavage.

Offline Meyelthra

Re: The Dragon Flies... [ 15.2.2588 / 09PM ] X’hos
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2018, 09:26:47 AM »
Snap and Meyesk were well on their way to sleep and their own groggy minds were trying to pull Meyelthra with them. She wasn’t much for resisting either. Not even when X’hos spoke. It took her several long moments to even process the words that he’d said.

When he said they should talk, she couldn’t even imagine what it might be about. Dragon rider stuff, probably. Schedules? The fact he woke up at an unearthy time? Maybe he’d sleep in and leave well enough alone for once? Probably not. Had to go save the world or something. One day at a time.

After, what was probably to him an uncomfortably long silence, Meyelthra grunted that she was awake and probably coherent enough to respond. That was as good as he was getting from her at the moment. Unless the world was ending and he needed her to be awake this instant, she really couldn’t be assed. Nor did she really want to be. Meyelthra just wanted to drift off with his hands on her, lulling her to sleep.

The only way it’d be better is if he did say that he wasn’t going to wake up super early and leave the warmth of the furs. Not that it’d really bother her overly much if he did. Because she was going to sleep in if she wanted to.

Length: 4.5M | Height: 1.7M Powerplay allowed by X'hos / SirAlahn


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