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Author Topic: Private Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak  (Read 560 times)

Offline J'dan

Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:22:53 AM »
Some days just didn’t work out the way that they were supposed to.

Being in Jungle Wing was inherently dangerous. Everyone in the Wing knew that. What that was usually in reference to were the Hunters they found, on occasion, in the jungle itself while they were hunting wherry and other various herbivores on the island. While many wouldn’t say it was a daily occurrence, Jungle Wing ran into Hunters often enough that they weren’t rare.

Attacks were. Generally, a Greenpair could draw off the occasional hunter to allow the rest of the Wing to continue to hunt. Even J’dan had dealt with Hunters before – fleeing from them in the jungle while a greenpair wingmate came to cover his ass. It was just how things were in Jungle Wing. Sometimes accidents happened, of course, and a Hunter might get a bite out of a dragon.

Like today. Not out of his dragon, but he heard through Brynioth that one of the Greenpairs had to retire early because of such an encounter. Nothing overly serious, but every hunter attack was still bad. She’d likely need stitches and some therapy before she’d be able to rejoin the wing. Damned beasts.

What J’dan and his bronze were not expecting to deal with were a pair of giant fuck-off wherry diving after them and their collective kills. It didn’t happen often, not nearly as often as Jungle was used to dealing with Hunters, but there were still these giant wherry on the island that were fearless. And obnoxious. They were quick, diving at Brynioth mid flight to try and snag one of the smaller jungle wherry tied to his harness while another harassed his face and neck. Or, even worse, dove at J’dan. While the giant wherry were a nuisance to the dragon, they were a very real danger to the Rider.

What started out as a cursing annoyance turned into a situation when the large talons cut through J’dan’s riding leathers and slashed down his arm as he was blocking his face. //Get us out of here,// he snapped, angry at the damn animals.

Brynioth reported the retreat to their Wingseconds as they rose up, still being harassed up until they went Between, and reappeared in the weyrbowl. The injured Green from earlier was near the healer’s hall, where the Bronze likewise made his way. He’d sustained some minor injuries but J’dan was really... really starting to feel a bit light headed from blood loss. That became all the more apparent when, as his dragon stopped outside the healer hall entrance to a sick weyr, he unbuckled himself and nearly fell off his dragon. At least by that time, two apprentices were there to escort him in.

By this time, news of a hunter attack had rippled through the weyr. Rumors of the severity only escalated when a bronze landed and his rider had to be carried in to the healer’s hall. Several names were passed around but invariably J’dan’s name reached M’dak – and the information that his brother had almost been killed and was in critical condition in the healer’s hall.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Inki So we'd talked about this a bit ago 8D And I finally got around to getting this started. I hope this works out. Lemme know if I need to change anything. <3 Poor J'dan is just having a bad day.
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Offline M'dak

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Re: Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2018, 06:00:08 AM »
M'dak had been minding his own business, as he usually did. The brownrider had never been the kind of person to casually socialise, and whilst it was easy enough to do so during their morning fishing with the fisher crafthall, M'dak enjoyed not having to. He'd joined Beach Wing straight out of graduation, and after 4 months or so his Wing mates had mostly figured him out. Quite but polite, mostly awkward and antisocial, but not a complete freak. At least, that's what he hoped people thought of him by now.

As such, he, Rudas and Dallarth had been working in companionable silence when word of the hunter attack passed around the beach... Well, M'dak and Rudas were working in silence, Dallarth was chatting away like he always did. Content to carry on a conversation all by himself, or socialise with their other wingmates while M'dak chose not to. But even M'dak noticed the rustle of words through the wing. Riders pausing slightly in their work to listen to their dragon's relayed message, before turning urgently to the rider or fisher they had been working beside. Tension seemed to ripple through the wing, and he saw a nearby blue rider glance anxiously over in his direction. Meeting M'dak's gaze, the blue rider seemed to shy away from the eye contact.

They're saying J'dan's hurt. He's in the healer hall. They're saying it's bad. Throwing his net into the nearest rider's arms, M'dak took off up the beach at a sprint, stumbling a little as the soft sand gave way beneath his feet.

A shadow passing over him meant Dallarth was on his way as well, but M'dak didn't want to slow to get on the brown's back. The Healer Weyrs were on the bottom floor anyways, it would just waste more time. Do you think the others know? Are they there? Should we tell them? I should've told Pa. No he was there on the beach, he would've heard as well. Did he hear?

Olaryth will know.

M'dak didn't have time to berate Dallarth for not actually answering his question, nor telling him whether or not he was relaying the message, as he skidded to a halt through the domed entrance of the healer hall. Sand clung his to pants, shaking off obnoxiously onto the floor as he strode to the nearest journeyman.

Composing himself, although he felt like his inside were roiling up inside him, he followed standard healer hall procedure and the nearest journeyman directed him to his brother. Eyes quickly assessing his brothers injuries M'dak could help but let out a slightly annoyed. "Shards, but they were telling me you were dying!"

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry for the ugliness of my sentence structure today. But I tried.
« Last Edit: April 13, 2018, 07:16:27 AM by M'dak »

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Offline J'dan

Re: Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2018, 02:25:43 PM »
J’dan was brought into a curtained area and made to sit on a cot, where he was then stitched and bandaged up. It didn’t take all that long and, in the process, one sweet apprentice brought a cup of juice and sweet roll. He needed to get some food and sugar in his system since he’d lost some blood and seemed faint.

Or so they said.

That’s how he was found by his dear brother, M’dak. Sweet roll in hand with a cup of fruit juice on a near by table. He certainly didn’t look like he’d nearly died of a hunter attack. Rather, it looked like his leathers had sustained more damage. Granted, his arm was now neatly bandaged.

J’dan made a face right back at M’dak. “I mean, I nearly fell off my dragon dismounting...” Well, that sounded down right childish and overly dramatic. Then, as a way to... apologize?... for not dying, J’dan extended the last bite of the sweet roll he’d been brought. “Thanks for running to my death bed though.” Grinning a little, he patted the cot next to him. “I’m not allowed to get up and move around just yet. Something about the risk of blacking out and bashing my head open on something. Care to keep me company a moment?”

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Re: Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2018, 06:03:42 PM »
M'dak heaved a sigh as his heartbeat started to slow, it wasn't what most people would call a 'dramatic sigh' but it was certainly more dramatic than the... less than expressive brown rider usually exhibited.

The sight of his brother, almost lounging on the healers cot, with sweet roll and juice in hand, certainly did a lot for getting his system back to normal. "Faranth only knows how much the Weyr can change a story." He plopped himself lightly on the cot beside J'dan's own, and grimaced. "You stay right there, I don't want to be the one cleaning you up this time."

News of a Hunter attack always spread quick within a Weyr, and he was briefly concerned about Brynioth's safety. Before realising that if anything had been wrong with the bronze, J'dan would be by his side rather than allow himself to be detained to a bed.

"Hunter got you then?" He asked J'dan even as he asked Dallarth to subtly check on Brynioth. M'dak knew that if he didn't add that he wanted Dallarth to be discrete the brown would probably wax eloquent about how worried he was. As it was, Dallarth seemed to have just scanned the Weyrbowl for the bronze, and assured his rider that the injuries look minor.

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Offline J'dan

Re: Haven’t you heard? He’s dying! [ 22.04.2590 / 11AM ] M’dak
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2018, 10:39:06 AM »
J’dan might’ve been talking a good game, but he did look a bit pale. Maybe the healers knew what they were talking about when it came to blood loss. Not that J’dan was about to say as much. It felt silly having to sit on a cot, arm neatly stitched and bandaged, just waiting because getting up could be more harmful.

He wasn’t a healer, so he didn’t really understand how it all worked. J’dan just knew that he didn’t exactly feel all himself and that healers generally knew what they were talking about. Leaning to pick up his cup of juice did require some slow movements so he didn’t tip to far unnecessarily. It wasn’t as bad as when he’d first arrived, when his legs had given out from under him, but there was still some sense of vertigo. Like free falling without being attached to Brynioth.

After a sip of the sweet drink, he answered, “Ah. No. Wherry. Big... big fucking wherry.” J’dan stretched his arms as far apart as they could go to give in idea of size. Still wasn’t quite right, but still. He didn’t want his brother thinking he’d been downed by one of the rabbit sized wherry. “There are some big ones on the island that get brave and come after dragons when we have kills on us. My arm got cut open protecting my face...” At that, J’dan shot M’dak a rueful smile. “The important part of me, ya know?”

People from the kitchen staff had come to collect the meat attached to Brynioth, who had been nice and polite – laying on his belly so that those climbing up wouldn’t have as far to go. Now, he relaxed outside the healer’s hall and waited. While he’d initially been worried about his bonded, now that he seemed to be getting better and in good company, he wasn’t. There were a couple of scratched on him from the wherry, but they were extremely superficial and barely oozed any ichor. For a bronze, it they were very minor cuts. He’d heal just fine without any stitching.

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