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Author Topic: A Little Learning Goes A Long Way [ 26.01.2591 // 8am ] Weyrling Lesson  (Read 643 times)

Offline W'um

W’um took a pull of water from the wher hide skin he’d hooked onto his belt this morning. It would a good habit to get into, this hydration thing, not that he thought of it for his own sake particularly, but for the sake of the students. They were young, needed to know how to keep themselves healthy, he was far too old to be worrying about it now. Besides, the winters on the island were dry and cold, and even the most forgetful person couldn’t deny the dryness of mouth and throat when the winds rose.

It was good enough weather for today he decided, thinking over the lesson plan. Oriath and Imyth would be sharing a lesson today, and it was likely they would see a similar pattern throughout their training. With the clutches only a month apart, the progress of the Weyrlings were quite similar, and, with only one assistant to a turn, it was nice to get them associated sooner rather than later.

The healer should be meeting him sometime soon. He’d given a brief summary of what he’d like her to cover in his lesson, but it surely wasn’t necessary. Weyr healers had been involved in the Weyrling training process since before he was one, so someone in their records they were bound to have a list of things to cover. But better to be safe than sorry, W’um had always enjoyed that phrase.

“Loressa is it?” He asked when the healer arrived, having received word back from the hall, but clarifying just in case anything had changed on him. “Thank you for coming in today. Is there anything you need from me before we begin?”

With the Weyrlings and their dragons gathered in the commons of the barracks to receive the specifics of their lessons today, W’um began. Kalestath’s clutch were going to be doing ground drills with him, continuing on from what they had already been doing the rest of the month, whereas Oriath and Imyth’s clutches were to be attentive and polite to the Healer joining them, and he introduced Loressa to the masses.

A final call for questions went unanswered and he dismissed the classes, some waiting for instruction from Loressa, the others grabbing their gear to head into the bowl. Kalestath's clutch would warm up by beginning the basic drills they had been running for the past few months. After he’d seen the younger clutches settled, he’d make sure Kalestath's started on the intermediate ones he had introduced a few sevendays ago.

A wind whipped through the tunnel from the bowl, and he pulled his lined riding jacket further around him, silently cursing himself for the barer patches which were so evident in chilly weather. Well, they couldn’t have everything could they?

Spoiler for OOC Info:
@Kalestath – I’m not going to go into the specifics of what the ground drills are. So you can take as little or as much liberty with it as you wish. They started intermediate ground drills on the 34th of the 10th. So do with that information what you will. (They are nearing the end of month 5 of training).
@Oriath and Imyth – This is Oriath’s first day of 3rd month classes, and Imyth’s are still undergoing 1st month classes. They would have received varying degrees of basic training about their bond, and rider etiquette.
@Weyrlings - Have a look at the Weyrling Guide if you’d like to know how little/much they know :3
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W'um oversees the Weyrlings of 2590, click here to find any Weyrling info you need.

Offline Droissa

Re: A Little Learning Goes A Long Way [ 26.01.2591 // 8am ] Weyrling Lesson
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2018, 06:03:49 PM »
Saebrith had been an easy going dragonling for the last three months. He slept a lot, to the point that it made Dro worried. Was he healthy? Would he wake up this time? It was, of course, all according to a dragon’s plan. She yearned for the day that they might be grown enough to really adventure together, but these moments were worth savoring, too.

The end of the first month was approaching and, with it, a signalled change to Saebrith. His naps grew shorter and more infrequent and she couldn’t seem to give him all of the activity he craved without adding on exercises in their free time. She wasn’t especially fond of running out in the weyrbowl, but the contentedness that she felt afterward, both from herself and her bond with Saebrith, made it worthwhile.

Dro was looking forward to a change in their lessons, to something more physical like Kalestath’s brood were allowed. It was difficult to keep a young weyrling on task and not feeling left out when the big kids had all of the fun. Today’s lesson, while interesting to the girl, would therefore be more trying than it ought thanks to Saebrith.

This was important for both of them, though, so she couldn’t just dismiss him to roll around in the weeds somewhere. She was glad they’d gone for a short jog that morning, before the sun was entirely up. Saebrith sat attentively beside her, still for the moment.

Offline Q'ellan

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Q'ellan was sufficiently excited about today's lesson. He liked the simple structure of the training the the Weyrling Masters provided. Most days, they were able to work on a set of drills or patterns which had been given to them a while previously. W'um supervised a lot of the time, allowing them at this stage to work out their own personal kinks. Practicing the things that they personally found difficult, rather than being forced to do the same thing over and over even if they got it right. In his mind, it was a perfectly efficient way of teaching large groups to self-direct.

We've been getting much better at the drills, 'Ro. I think today might be the day.

Of course it will. We have been working hard. Scratching Ooromoth's eyeridges at the simplistic confidence in his dragon's voice.

They certainly weren't the worst of the group. Personally, he thought helped that he was on the older side of the impression pool. He'd already done turns of hard work, changing it into firestone tossing and constant drills was in fact much nicer than the things he'd done in his youth, even if not particularly easy.

Joining a few others of his clutch, they began the easier drills which they had been working on for some months. Weyrling and dragonet would weave in and out in the pre-decided pattern, close enough together that no tail, wingtip, or leg would even glance the other pairs. "Wanna start slowly and speed it up each time we do a rotation?"

@any Kalestathians

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Offline Araena

Araena stretched her arms up and backwards, expansively. Several soft pops resounded from her back as she looked at Q'ellan with a big grin. "I think Ceryth would like that." She looked over at her young, red dragon and let out a bubbly laugh. The cantankerous little snot was laying flat on his back, staring up at the sky. "What in the First Shell are you doing, Ceryth? We should be training." With a gust of hot air from his nostrils, the little red rolled over and got to his feet. Shaking his head and neck clear of any dirt, he walked over and bumped his snout against Araena's stomach. I'm making sure that you'll have to bath and oil me tonight.

With an overly dramatic sigh and a roll of her eyes, Araena looked back to Q'ellan. "He says that he was making sure that I'd have to bathe him tonight. It's not like I don't wash this vain creature every time he asks, anyway," her sarcastic tone was evident and she hoped that the false exasperation was easily interpreted. She was trying to get better in social situations; being surrounded by people in close quarters every and all day tended to force a change on people.

She motioned for Ceryth to take position next to Ooromoth and looked over to the other rider. "Ooromoth has a good color on him today," she said with a smile. "His markings always amaze me." She had learned that complimenting a rider's dragon was a good way to greet each other; it showed deference to their life-partner and showed that she intended no ill-will for either part of the dragonpair. She was trying to get Ceryth to understand that when he speaks to other dragons, he should always compliment their rider, but the vain thing could only talk about himself. Luckily, dragons weren't apt to think less of someone being proud of their appearance. And shells, little Ruby does have a good look to him.

She felt a warmth of emotion from the other side of her bond. Of course I do. You always tell me that I am your gemstone.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Offline W'lleni

After W’um dismissed them to their groups, W’lleni and Iaoth sauntered their way over to the gathering group of his classmates. Much like Q’ellan, he liked the freedom of being able to just work. They knew the drills but were able to pick whichever ones they wanted to work on, no pressure other than the future graduation, which was still a fair way off, just being able to get down to business and work with your dragon, your way.

It was great, structure without structure. And it wasn’t like you could feel alone either with so many of your classmates around. Kalestath’s clutch wasn’t small, and it was guaranteed that there would be someone else in the class struggling with the same thing and struggling with something you’re good at. It all worked out to keep people humble, but not dismal. And W’um was never really far if you seriously needed help.

Smiling at the two red riders gathered, Iaoth rumbled a greeting to the smaller weyrlings. Even though they were still all young, he’d outpaced most of the smaller dragons within the first month or so. He was a… rotund dragon. Even through the rigorous daily exercise, Iaoth was nowhere near close to thinning out. It wasn’t exactly surprising, even well into adulthood now, W’lleni still hadn’t lost his baby fat, but compared to the smaller Reds, his Brown’s proportions were still noticeably off.

Still, it would be doubtful that anyone was call him pudgy to his face. A full 2 feet taller than any of the human weyrlings, he was more… immense… than the cuteness of an overweight flit like Iceman. W’lleni was more than ready for Iaoth to be ready to fly. The flying might still be a way off, but very soon he’d be climbing all over his Brown, rather than the other way around.

That’s part of the reason why W’lleni and Iaoth wanted to work with this group as it begun to form. The smaller dragons were faster and more agile, working with them forced Iaoth to do better and be better.

This is true.

’Cos you try harder when you’ve got others around.

I am not lazy, we all work together.

Oh suuuuure, says the dragon that’s only been awake 5 minutes.

I did not need to be awake before we were needed. And you had the little Blue.

Snorting, W’lleni looked down at the front pocket of his overalls, where the light Blue flit was curled into a ball, snoring. To be fair, W’lleni would also like to be asleep if he could, but food was more important, and so was being a dragonrider… Most days…

“Can we join up?” W’lleni added as he sidled up on the other side of Q’ellan to Araena. As Ceryth finished his dust bath, the friendly candidate let out a laugh. “Ceryth, don’t give Iaoth any ideas, he already just refuses to move if I don’t oil him when he asks.” Looking over to Araena with a commiserative grimace, he added, “if any more of the weyrfolk come ‘round the corner and see his giant butt just looming there, I’m going to lose my ears.”

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Inki and @Red sorry for the lame post

At month 5, Iaoth's measurements are:
12.18m long
2.59m tall
20.37m wingspan

BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW the size difference between a month 5 brown and a fully grown red. It's important to me.
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Offline T'ghen

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In the months since Sinestath had hatched, T’ghen had found that joint exercises were far preferable to ones only he had to do. The scrawny, pushy Black dragonet hated being left out, often going out of his way to insert himself into everything his rider did. Already far too big to accompany T’ghen for meals, he was even impatient while the man ate. Sinestath might not sulk, and he typically didn’t comment since he knew it wouldn’t make his bonded eat any faster, but his impatience and restless energy was readily apparent through their telepathic connection.

So it was something of a relief that they would be doing drills that day. T’ghen appreciated the regular schedule of them, and they gave his dragon something to focus on that would occupy his physical need to move around. The skinny thing could be borderline lazy—in T’ghen’s eyes—when he was done with training for the day, but at least the rest of the time he was happy enough to do it.

Even if getting him to focus on it was sometimes a trial.

Initially, Sinestath had been making his way toward a pair of his Red clutchmtes, intent on joining them and trusting that T’ghen would follow. (He didn’t have much choice, after all.) Though the Black was downright dismissive of most other dragons, he enjoyed being social with others like him:  other mutations, and a few choice Greens, though T’ghen knew he as yet had no idea why he might be interested in them. But when he spotted the bulky figure of a familiar Brown joining them first, Sinestath stopped dead in his tracks.

T’ghen almost tripped over his tail, hissing through his teeth rather than cursing him aloud.

We’re going over here instead, the Black announced, turning at a sharp angle to join another nearby group. He wanted to outdo Iaoth, of course, but Sinestath was not about to be grouped with him if he could help it.

Spoiler for OOC:
Any other Kalestath weyrlings wanting to jump in can be in the group they’re heading to join. :3
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Offline Ionei

If you can't have those reds, Sinestath, how about some other ones? How about one you live with? He wasn't completely sick of Quaoth yet, was he? Hopefully not, because T'ghen and Sinestath were headed for Ionei and Quaoth's group.

Ionei was also pleased with the fact they were doing ground drills, because that meant Quaoth could run and jump around and climb on things without doing things like trying to climb on her. Or up trees. Or up the sides of mountains. Things a weyrling, things a dragon should definitely not be getting up to. Things on the ground were good for Quaoth, who was probably always going to be more of a ground dragon than a sky dragon considering his apparent lack of real interest in flying. Anytime Ionei thought about it, Quaoth was really more meh than anything else.

He was happy to see his brother, though, even if he couldn't resist his usual ... colorful humor. Sinestath! Hello! Not interested in showing Iaoth who's boss? Or maybe just interesting in showing those browns who's better. It was a teasing tone, but it was also not a disagreeing one: obviously, the black was going to be better than a brown. That was the way of things if you asked him, even if Ionei tried as often as she possibly could not to.

"Sorry," she breathed at T'ghen, rolling her eyes in Quaoth's direction. "He doesn't know when to shut up. I'm probably supposed to be teaching him but people usually tell me I don't know when to shut up either," she usually didn't, though she at least managed to not be offensive unless she was really trying whereas Quaoth just thought things were funny that not everyone thought was funny, "You okay there?"
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Q'ellan smiled politely at Araena, adding a concise, "To be sure," to Araena's affirmation that she cleaned Ceryth often. It was one of the delights of being a new Weyrling, the physical connection of just spending some old fashioned time with their dragon. They spent every moment being mentally connected to one another, but it was a privilege to be able to bathe and oil and dragon. Q'ellan didn't think that would personally ever change for him. He'd be grateful for Ooromoth every day.

Thank you! The red added to Araena before turning back to his cloud-watching.

"Ceryth too." Q'ellan added. "He's becoming more ruby-like every day." They'd been in the same Weyrling-class long enough for Q'ellan to know that Ceryth would likely appreciate the compliment, even if his colour-blindness meant that Q'ellan wasn't too sure of the fact.

Void squirmed in his pocket and a soft trill informed Q'ellan of the arrival of W'lleni before the shadow of Iaoth did. An impressionistic image of a large brown shape looming in his vision from Void accented W'lleni's words to Q.

"Of course you can." He spotted W'um looming and gestured to the other two. "Come on. W'um may not be supervising so strictly today, but the old man has some good ears on 'im." Q almost flinched as the old word slipped out, but it would likely go unnoticed by the others. It wasn't as if they knew that his occasional clipping of words was him regressing into Hold-like ways.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@RaynePOTM @Red I finally did it. Here you go <3

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